Would You Wear Ripped Tights Like Miley?

01/06/2009 at 11:25 AM ET


Miley Cyrus is certainly playing with her good girl Hannah Montana image these days. Yesterday, she stepped out in L.A. with boyfriend Justin Gaston in little more than ripped-up tights with large holes and a long T-shirt! We applaud Miley for being a typical teenager and trying out new looks — who didn’t try all the latest trends in high school? But, for those of us who are past the 18-year-old mark, we’re not sure we could pull off this hole-y look. We want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear ripped tights like Miley?

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Elda on

What DA????

alketa on

I would never wear those tights..what is she thinking lol..ugly..Is that Amy Winhouse??!?

Yvonne on

Like they said, she’s a typical teenage trying out new looks…she’s doing well for herself and isn’t on drugs or anything crazy like that.



rebecca on

by the look of this, you could never tell that she has all the money that does

Dee on

How in the world did she put those things on????

amanda on

yeah miley is so pretty she shouldnt be dressing like a bum.

Pamela Smith on

She seems to be headed down the same road that Brittany Spears did. I hope not. Brittany was and is a beautiful young lady and Miley should learn from her experiences.

Von on

I wore this trend about 6 years ago when I was a teenager myself in high school. Now over the age of 18 and with three children of my own, absolutely not.

Tony Bellew on

Shes young.
let her wear whatever she wants.
Its a phase.

How many people didnt wear goth type clothes, makeup or even ear/nose piercing.

Let her do as she pleases.

kegger on

I would never wear those. She looks homeless

anissa on

Miley i love u but,why?

Kelly on

No, but then again I am 44. If I were 16, heck yeah I would. Probably it would be good if the writers got got the fact that she is indeed only 16 and not try and treat her like she is a contribrutor at Vogue.

Jamie on

When I was 14 in the 80’s I dressed like Madonna with the bow in the hair, ripped shirts and black rubber bracelets. You are supposed to look stupid and silly. It’s called being a teenager.

Rachel on

This outfit is neither modest nor cute for any 16 yr. old. She is already turning into a hollywood teen like they all do….it’s like they get tired and bored to look like pretty normal girls so they try every new fad and trend. The ripped tights look trashy…sorry, but they do.

jacey on

why even where tights at all?

A on

I did that….for Halloween. Though good for her being her own person.

Becky on

That look is supposed to come from high school? It looks more like it came from the corner. Nice boots. Is that where she hides her condoms?

t norene on

Of course if I were her age again, I might try to dress this way but I have to say when we girls started to wear Levis the world was shocked. I like to think my friends and I were risk takers in our clothes, but we couldn’t wear jeans to school, like today. My kids could pretty much wear what ever I would allow them out the door in , but clothes are personal and I think we all need to just chill.

surgerylass on

Miley’s photo is reminiscent of the Britster.
When your dress is shouting a loud attitude more than likely other changes will follow. Her attire is screaming of disrespect for everything she has built. It shows she no longer has interest in her clean image and she is changing it. Hmm, teen ager, exageratted attitude, … what could be next? Not hard to guess.

Cyndi on

I suppose if I was 16, I might think that was cool. I personally wouldn’t wear that, but I have never been fashionably daring. :)



ggg on


Lizzie on

she looks like she wants somebody in her pants or tights…its just ugly!!!



LBW on

Now that is just ugly.

Emily on

No wounder Nick Jonas has broke up with her!!

anna on

she look a hot mess , but on the other hand dont she always?

Steph on

You would think that with all the money she’s making she could afford a decent pair of tights. Did she think that this looked cool in the mirror??

blair on

what the…

Milly on

Not for me…I’m too old for that
but she can get away with it because
1- she’s a celebrity
2- she’s young

ava on

regular tights would have definitely improved this look. huge holes in tights kinds of defeat the whole purpose of wearing tights in the first place!

me on

who cares u dont have to wear it

Unknown Nobody on

No, but I am a guy.

HannahP on

Wow. I want to know how long it took her to get those damn things on. You know, with out ripping them completely apart!

robynlove on

yeah but mabye not THAT ripped

maggie on

this looks absolutely ridiculous it looks sleazy and trashy !

neilosjay on

milley is really cool. I would defo wear those tights, even tho im a man!!! <3

Amanda on


Ohioan on

Why bother with tights at all if they look like this? There are better ways to set trends, ways that might even flatter.

Jacinda on

I have never been a huge fan of Miley, but my opinion on this look has nothing to do with that. I think she’s simply trying to get away with wearing a t-shirt without anything else on. Or else she’s going for the whole “I can’t afford new tights” look.

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devi on

i would wear tights with holes in different color.

katherine on

no way. no afence 2 all you miley fans,[ & miley, and her friends, and family,] but her new look is very tardy looking.

Anonymous on

I’m a teen, and let me tell you: Miley is NOT a typical teenager! “Typical teenagers” do NOT wear ripped tights EVER, in my opinion. MC is just making herself look cheap. I suggest she get a new stylist (if she has one already, that is)!!!

Kayla on

I dance for an hour and a half everyday and 4 extra hours 3 days a week and i have to wear tights. Sometimes my tights rip and make holes on accident. I wouldnt wear them THAT ripped though.

sabrina on

To me it looks like she just got lost in the woods and snagged those tights everywhere! They just look silly. Why doesn’t she try those leggings that Lindsay Lohan made that are all ripped, but at least have some symmetry?

Koko on

Who was it that said this made Miley an original? Obviously you forgot that Britney wore the same pair of ripped sockings every single day early 2008. All that Miley is doing is copying the Britney formula of sleeze to worm her way into your wallet.

Anna on


cuestacuesta on

no that looks whorish, besides who would want to dress like her?

sarah on

yah right those things are fugly

Molly. on

Never in a million years. If I wanted to show that much skin, I’d wear shorts- not tights that my dog could have designed.

blah blah blah on

it’s Official miley have LOST her mind what in the world is she wearing??!!! how did her parents let her out of the house drissing up like that

doow on

I just think she’s trying to be cool, with this ripped panty’s… and she’s trying to be hanna beth!
wich she’s friends with

Tyler Nicole on

I like it.

Jennifer on

My children are fan of Miley. They sing, and dance and love her alot. Therefore, I’d like to see her dress like a princess more than this.

brianna on

totally i love that style its kool difeerent and styelish

Christina on

I think it’s pretty funny that everyone thinks that Miley Cyrus is the first person ever to wear ripped tights in public. It’s not a new thing! It started in the 70s with the actual (not the bastardized current) Punk era. They did it because it was shocking and new. Miley Cyrus did not invent this look.

Amma on

She looks like a skank…and she is.

Anam on

YA sure i’d wear that… IF I WAS CRAZY!!

Ce on

omg…how hoeish
my mum would kill me if I left the house like that

Don't need to know on

Miley, what in the world are u thinking? I’m not a fan of ur music but I love ur style, but now I’m having second guesses on u. Throw thoes away cause they look like they need to be. Sorry.

14 Year old in US

Emily on

She looks hoe-e.
Thats what she is a hoe.
And hoes wear clothes like that.

Emily on

Looks like she
just stepped out of the bedroom
with Justin.
Like she had to hurry up
and get out of the house.

kAyLaaaaa on

she looks like she went from a good girl to totally punked out!!!!! i have 2 say i was never a huge fan but i LOVED her style, but this is just emberessing

sidonie on

that looks terrible! very unclassy and grungy looking.

saranwrap on

i wouldn’t and i’m her age.

jasmin on

ripped tights are amazing
dont be jealous that you cant pull it off ;D

gogo on

lol..if she takes them off i’ll put them straight back on

Lacy on

i think it looks awesome! she totally can rock ripped tights

Beanstockd on

[…] The ripped tights. She just likes to wear ripped things. She likes to start trends, all […]

Vanessa on


Mimi on

I think she looks amazing… those tights are a statement… she rocks them.. regardless if you would or not. Leave the poor girl alone, don’t you have anything better to do with your time??

and for the record, i just ripped holes in a pair of my tights just to piss off people like you

unknown on

umm actually “anonymous” typical teenagers wear ripped tights all the time. that’s whats “in” right now. i wear ripped tights, not only because it’s or because miley does it. but because i like it and i’m pretty sure last time i checked i was a typical teenager. i’m not a huge fan of miley but i do think it’s cute, and it’s really not that trashy, i mean look at ripped jeans and short shorts reveal more skin than this, get over it people.


Yea i’d wear that its really cute!
Im 15 1/2 so i think its reallllyyyyyy cute

missy on

i think she looks vety cute and trendy.. typical trendsetter

Renee Knows on

Well its obvious the bulk of the people commenting have no sense of adventurous and unique style, and would probably buy plain generic black leggings and wear them oh so boringly. Miley is experimenting with style and knows that this is a unique trend young hollywood starlets are wearing. Its creative and far from whorish. So to those of you living with your head in non-fashionable hole in the ground, get with it and stop being a boring cliche.



Kaitlen on

i love this trend.
i want some, like really bad, and a tutu

why can haley from paramore wear them and nothing happen, but when miley decides to wear them she gets dissed?

bobs on

they look good

elgguitarrr on


Yoko on

oh wow. first off, she doesn’t look like a frign hobo dumbass, its a look that u all obviously don’t understand. second of all, stop fretting over all these celebrities outfits, i mean what do u care? it just makes these people feel self-conscious. i don’t like miley cyrus and im certainly not supporting her, i just think you shud all stop fretting over something you all obviously don’t understand.

linda on

yep, they’re cute.

Christina on

Its a free country if that is what she wants to wear thats her business as far as Im concerned it doesnt bother Me but on the other hand it sends out the wrong msg in a way when out in public dress decently the lady does have means to buy a decent pair of tights & they dont have to be the most $ pricey ones I may not be rich but I do wear dencent clothing such as tights ect in fact I get mine at bon ton or macys ect sometines you get 2 pair for $ 20 thats not bad

kaitlyn on

wow that looks awesome on miley i love her style but i dont think id ever wear that lol but its still cute on her

Stephanie on

of course i would wear them, it’s just what teens wear these days and i don’t see nothing wrong in it…

Lizz on

I could barely put my leg through my holey jeans cause my foot would get stuck in the hole…I think trying to put these on would be a mess, let alone wearing them!

Alexandra on

She doesn’t look like a ‘bum’ the tatted look is ‘in’ on the runway.

Hannah on

I have!
Only mine weren’t so shredded…
Love, Hannah

Zana on

I would never wear those. She need a makeover! Maybe im just saying that cause i dislike her idk.

Meriah on

Funny, when I was in school & I accidentally ripped my tights, I got made fun of.

Not cute, dear :)

genita on

That dress really rock…!!!! I like the style..And its amazingly beatiful… People who are discriminating Miley wearing that dress are just jealous like a child because they themselves are not good to look at if they will dress themselves like that…

Amber on

I would never wear those, its too reveling and not too modest. I agree though she is a teenager but she needs to slow down on the erm “Growing Up” she is going to miss her teeange/childhood when she gets older.

ashley on

dnt judge me when i say this but i would definitely wear those ripped leggings! lol but hey that is just my style

Kayleigh on

I think she looks super hot!

someonespecial on

i would never wear those tights

courtney on

i would wear them….but i wouldn’t pair them that way…the way that Miley has been pairing up tights lately haven’t been any good…there are some tights that can go with those boots, and it ain’t those tights…their so much more edgiee, that combat boots would be fine or edger booties at least….shiny rain boots look alike fit solid or very lighted printed tights….but let her try for herself i guess…

abbie on

i think she found the drugs.

Rabina on

Daht Shyt Look SiKk !! iWldd Wear ‘Em Any Day !

Huma on

Yeah!! i can definitely where those…after all she is my role model n i love her wat she will do i can do that too..n i’ll always support her

Janieee Nikkquh :D on

Nothinqqs Wronqq Wiff What Miley’s Wearinq(: She’s A Muthaa’Effin Teenaqer xD
She Ain’t Smokinq Weed, Sniffinq Heroine, Or Drinkkinq Beer.
Chill Nikkquhs Danqq (:

Rian LaNasa on

I would probably only wear tights and leggings going out on a road trip or a plane, or possibly a party, so i guess my answer is that yes i would wear ripped tights, mini skirt, and a cute tee plus handbag.

agirl on

No. I mean i’m a teen but it looks horrible. sorry miley!

Jazzy on

Oh God no. I have a pair of ripped tights, yes. But not as ripped as that. What she has shows too much skin. And she’s wearing a semi-long T-shirt. Which only makes her look more like a hooker. There’s another photo of her wearing ripped tights with the shortest gray skirt, blue boots, and a long black shirt which only makes the skirt look shorter. She turns ripped tights into a hooker fashion.

Are You Loving Miley Cyrus’s Cut-Off Shorts? | USA Press on

[…] Cyrus has been known to wear some questionable outfits in her day, but one of her latest looks is leaving us a bit puzzled, […]

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