POLL: What Do You Think of Prince William's New Beard?

12/29/2008 at 01:11 PM ET

Anwar Hussein/WireImage(2)

Perceptive royals-watchers have noticed that the Windsors have a new addition to the family — Prince William‘s bushy facial hair. The heir to the throne has been sporting the sea-captain look in recent weeks, with photographers catching a clean-shaven Prince Harry and a noticeably shaggy Prince “Hairy” playing soccer on Christmas Eve. Wills even snagged runner-up in the Beard of the Year award, given out annually by the Beard Liberation Front to those who give the facially fuzzy a good name. Prince William joins other high-wattage names who’ve taken to letting their inner lumberjacks out, including Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. Tell us: What do you think of Prince William’s new beard? Vote in our poll below! –Michael Y. Park

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will's princess kristina on

i dont care if he has hair all over his body…i would still marry him anyday!! lolll

sharon on

YUCK!!! He looks like his Dad

cornchips on

i think he looks very manly…i like it!

John on

Glad he’s doing what he wants and not he public. He a bright young man that will adjust to the situation. This is a temporary adjustment, but being royality he will perform as such.

Princess on

How on earth does he look like his Dad?!?! I think he looks good, not many men can pull off a full beard like that and he does it well!

jessie on

He looks like his ugly father with the beard.

Penny on

Either way, he is a very handsome man. I think that his mom would be very proud of who he has become!

Lizz on

Beards are WAY sexy. As you get older, you appreciate them more, I think. My boyfriend grew a beard and he looked so hot and masculine in it that I begged him to keep it. He got lots of compliments on it from others, too. Trust me, girls — the older, manly look will take precedence over the little boy look one day. YUM YUM! KEEP THE BEARD!

Jenn on

ICK!! He looks so much better clean shaven. He might look okay with a goatee, but not a full blown beard

Used to think he was hot on

Not anymore. He doesn’t care what we think anyway.

SCH on


Von on

The beard makes him look much older. I don’t like it. On a random note: Is it just me or does it look like he’s started balding? I know balding is hereditary and his father has it, but maybe I’m just hallucinating.

clarissa 337 on

Oh Prince William!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would do him. Yesssssssss!
He has always been sexy.
Even if he wasn’t a Prince but poor lower class dude.
Love the look (he will always be a nice guy. Just like his mum!)

Sue on

He looks like Barry Gibb!

melyssa on

he does not look like his dad at all!! He looks just like his mother! She was beautiul and he looks gorgeous with the new look!

Lisa on

I dont think it looks completely horrible but I do think it ages him too much. He looks way older than his 27 years. I think he could pull off a little scruffy or as Jenn suggested, a goatee.

jkay on

it makes him look older, and makes his teeth look more yellow.

Shawna on

EWWWWWWWW! I think he looks too much like his Dad with the beard…SHAVE IT!

AC on

he looks like his dad, including the balding spot at the back…eeeek!!

Karen on

To a couple of you ladies that wrote in and asked how in the world can he look like his Dad?! You’re right! I’m asking the same question!But anyway…he’s a very nice looking young man and he looks good either way.

Kali on

Ewww! he looks like an old man!! hahah time to shave that baby off!!

Vee on

It doesn’t matter, either way he’s still yummy!

alfreda on

The beard makes him look like Jethro Tull.
Lose it.

carrie on

I think Prince Charles looks very distinguished,
his appearance to me is eminent.

JP on

1.) He’s got that Jim Henson thing going on now. 2.) look at his hair line in this picture, is it a trick of the light or is it slipping back (getting bald at a young age) [now that’s a look to go for]{sarcasm} ;-) JP

Livka on

the beard is horrible!
but no he doesnt look a THING like his father- he really looks SO much like Princess Diana.
Harry looks like Charles
but amazingly Harry is hotter than William
[Will’s losing his hair]

Betty on

No way does he look like his dad I see alot of him mom in him. He is a very nice and good looking young man.Just let him be his self.Also his younger brother is good looking as well. For young men they care and help lots of people just like their mom did.

Jax on

I think he looks like Henry VIII. It’s his face and its not permanent, I say he can do what he wants with it…

Tauna on

It’s a keeper

Molly on

Who cares about the beard? Check out that bald spot!

rendy on

it looks like he’s doing what he want’s to do and that’s great!

Rosemary Payne on

I agree with Jenn. In fact, he would look great with a goatee because he has a recessed chin and the goatee would give balance to the length of his face.

Shirliana Glassberg on

I think he’s absolutely gorgeous – beard or no beard, inside and out. Beard makes him look older though. Diana would have been so proud… *sigh*

Canadian on

I don’t know how many of the responses have come from Canada but, I as one thinks he looks more mature with it. However, I do prefer him without it. I don’t know why you would think he looks like that father of his, he is so much like his mother. Yes, she would be proud of him and Harry. They are exactly what she wanted them to be. However, being a Royal, I doubt the Queen will be very happy with his new look, and may have something to say about it. Only in private is he her grandson, in public he is a representative of the Royal family and she makes the decisions about this. I like his strong attitude towards all of his issues. He is just amazing.

Shannon on

I think he looks hot either way. I prefer him without though. And I think Harry has gotten to be hotter than Wills anyday, which I never thought I would say!

Linda on

This guy is too pretty to be masculin. Harry is the HOTTIE of the two…and is he HOT!

Lori on

I like him with or without the beard, but what about the hair on top? It looks like he’s thinning out a bit! OMG!

Nikki on

I like his beard, but clean shaven is better. :)

kristie on

I really don’t like this. I thought he was passable before, but this is, just ugh. give me Harry any day!

unintendedchoice on

I like a man with a beard! He looks older and “dashing” :)

Joelle on

this beard is fit for a KING! I like it, he’s no longer a baby with red cheeks…

Ken on

William oficialy now has the face of a large hairy VAGINA,

Bev on

Very cute! sexy guy..lots of charisma! but the beard is a no go! yuck!

Angeleyes Blue on

You look more grown up with facial Hair! I think it makes you hot!
Keep the beard.

Catherine on

Mr. William can have hair, no hair or purple hair – he is still absolutely gorgeous!

Princess Eileen on

He is nice like his mom. The beard looks better on him by making him look more distinguished.

Christy on

Looks like he’s growing a beard to compensate for the thinning hair on the top of his head. I don’t find it remotely attractive, 5 yrs ago he was the cuter one, now I find his brother Harry cuter.

Cindy on

Have you ever noticed that when a man starts to lose his hair, he grows a beard to replace it?
I think he looks good, though.

Danielle on

He looks hot with or without a beard and NOTHING like his dad! You can’t even compare the two.

Sky on

The beard makes his teeth look worse. Don’t they have ANY dentists in England? Have they even heard of bleaching their teeth?

Chris on

I think He looks handsome either way, but I like a man in a beard, its very sexy!

Tia on


Sandy on

Looks like his hair is falling out!

Jean on

I think he looks great with a beard but he should get his teeth whitened.

colleen on

He looks awful and his mother would be so disappointed. He looks messy, unkept and lazy. What a disgrace, royalty or not.

Palomino on

he is ugly. at least the beard makes his nose look smaller. too bad he can’t grow more hair to cover his entire face. nice balding too….

Kim on

He looks just like his greatx3 grandfather, Edward VII when he was young.

blair on

Ew he is back to being a frog- he better close the deal with Kate and fast. But who’s to say that a million girls would not still kill for that face.


Actually he looks like Diana’s brother Spencer !!!

tdzperry on

He needs new teeth…I don’t think either of those boys are very cute at all!!

carolyn on

I like it!!!

The irony is though, that the more hair a guy looses on his head the more inclined he is to grow it elsewhere. I love guys that can grow decent facial hair.

Jim on

I think if it is within regulations to wear one in Her Majesty’s Military, then why not? He’s over the age of maturity in Britain, isn’t he? Let him be the man he has matured into for once, huh! At least he’s not looking like an apeman! Maybe his father ought to try doing the same. Maybe Charles would look more regal with a beard, himself!

Dee Goddard on

My aunt always said when a man suddenly grows a beard he has something to hide… he can hide at my home anytime the cutie patootie…

amy on

he is not good looking at all anymore! harry took his place as the hot one.

Janet on

I wonder . . . is he growing the beard to cover up the fact that he is getting thin on the top of his head?

mum's fan on

The Prince has his mom’s looks but his pop’s hair gene…someone should refer him to Bosley hair transplants.

Stacie on

Wow.. It’s Paul Giamatti fifteen years ago! Lose the beard!

nicki on

nasty!! and you would think he could do something with those teeth!!

taylor on

he looks older with the beard and withhout the beard he looks like a nice clean shaving man

S on

Next time you ladies change your hairstyle, send us a pic and we’ll vote! Leave Wills beard alone, it rocks!

Dalia on

I think it looks good on him. He’s getting older and the clean look just makes him look like a kid, so i think he looks good. If he wants to keep his beard i think he should at least try to keep it nice and clean and tidy. But come on, who ever said that he looks like his dad is seriously blind. Prince Charles has nothing on Prince William. I think the beard makes him look Handsome.

Elizabeth on

YUCK! He looks like his father another YUCK!

Will on

The beard makes him look handsome and distinguished. A face befitting the crown he will one day wear.

gabi on

He looks great with the beard, more handsome. But I really don’t care. Btw he doesn’t look like his dad at all, he is the same image of Diana. Harry looks like his dad a lot.

Tales of the Scruffy Prince: To Beard or Not to Beard? « In Memoriam on

[…] Vote for the beard (or not) here >> Tagged with: People, Prince William « Twilight beats The Dark Knight on ROI. […]

JaneK on

He looks like a Bee Gee!

Jill on

It makes him lokk old and hobo-ish

Jill on

It makes him look old and hobo-ish

jojobananas on

Hopefully he will never look like his dad..i think he looks as handsome as ever!

Tiffany on

The men of the Royal family have always worn beards. It’s only recently that they have gone clean shaven. The beard makes William look like The Queens Father George VI. I like it. It deffinatley brings out the resemblance to his Royal ancestors.

Anna on

I personally don’t like the new beard on Prince William. It lies too flat against his face! He doesn’t look very prince-like either, he looked better clean-shaven.

katie on

ughhhh. why do celebs have such bad ideas sometimes. no. no. no. he looks horrible. shave the beard! PLEASE!!!!!

Janet on

two words, Bee gees

Diana on

I have always been a fan of Prince William, but between the balding and now the attempt to grow hair on his face instead has really turned him off in the sexiness department!!!

mimi on

get some new teeth or whiten them or something. you look nasty no matter what. the older you get, the more you look like prince whimp charles. you have the money, fix it now. or get over it.

featherbookseries on

As Austin Powers said… “Grrr baby, Grrr.”

featherbookseries on

Plus… makes his teeth more… becoming…

Just Me on

I hate facial hair! Although, in my opinion, there are a few men who can pull it off. Will is not one of them.

Marie on

in no way does he look like his rat faced dad…he takes after diana…but he just needs to say no to that beard.

Greg on

I think there must be a lot of 12-13 year old girls on this that don’t like the idea of the prince being too old for them. The Beard makes him look distinguished and ready to wear the crown.

Maybe it is because I’m a man, but I don’t understand all the women who seem to like their men to look like women. Long flowing hair, clean up all facial and body hair. Tweeze and pluck. next you’ll have him in make up.

kelsey on

He looks good but i think a clean cut shave makes him more presentable, and being the prince of england he might want to look more clean and serious. the beard makes him look like he went out partying and didn’t have time to shave. SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE

Beth on

It emphasizes his thinning hair and something about it gives me the creeps…

blackpearls on


lisaaaa on

I’ve always thought Harry was the hotter/cuter/more handsome prince anyways, never understood the appeal of William. Oh well, I don’t like it, but my opinion doesn’t matter really, and I just don’t like beards in general.

Barry on

Look, Its another one of those Gibb brothers.

King William? on

Kings usually have beards, what do you expect.

Savannah on

He looks fine either way, but the beard makes him look more grown up and responsible. Personally, I don’t think he looks hot in either picture but the beard is better.

AliLou on

He was definitely cuter without the beard but with the beard he looks so king-like!
Before I could never picture him as the king of England or Wales or whatever he would be king of, but now I totally can.

Unbiased on

He looks nothing like his father. He looks just like his mother! I like the beard. Give him a break. What choices do men have like women to change their appearance and not look strange if they do. So, he grew a beard. If he likes it, that’s all that matters. He could shave his head, or dye his hair red, or let it grow to his shoulders. I think the beard is something fun for him to try without going overboard. I say “go Wills”.

Graziela Miranda on

Sem barba e com leve clareamento nos dentes.

Elda on

He looks so much like my ex Boyfriend!! YUMMY!!!! I still love u Randy, NOT!!!

CJ Springs on

He’s still quite a handsome man…the spitting image of Princess Diana

RoseCityNative on

I like it. Has anyone else noticed that he looks like Czar Nicholas with the beard?

isis on

he looks soooooo sexy with the beard all rugid and hot, looks sexy beautiful without it but with it it makes me wet, gimmie some of that
I love you Prince William
P.S I can be your new mistress

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