PEOPLE Readers Sound Off on Pattinson's New Cut

12/29/2008 at 12:21 PM ET

Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Finalpixx

Call it the haircut of the year! When we asked readers what they thought of Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson‘s new crew-cut, we were inundated with responses — 2,271 responses to date. Our poll shows that a slight majority of you actually prefer the young actor without his signature free-flowing hair, with 56% saying they love the new cut. Click here to take our poll and sound off — you’re in good company!

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Missy on


Anna on

I think it looks great! But isn’t he going to have to grow it back out for the second movie??

Cam on


Shelbi on

Oh my goodness gracious, he is gorgeous! The new haircut is wonderful! It looks so much nicer, and cleaner! Keep it up, Rob!

Maddie on

Okay I really want to like his hair cut but I just dont love it! He isnt edward anymore and ppl who r gonna tell me he isnt edward hes robert, you can all shut up!!

Delilah on

I LOVED his old hair! It was like his trade mark!

Kelly on

He could be wearing a clown wig and still be too gorgeous for words.

Stephanie on

I love the old hair! Mmmmmmm…..but he looks good regardless.

Anjali on

I get why he cut his old hair. It was becoming too much of a thing. But I miss it so much. It was so hot!! I can’t wait for him to grow it back!

Jessie on

I think he looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

JulieBaby on

I still think he is gorgeous!! yumyummy!!!!!!

Megan on

The new ‘do kind of makes him look like a hung-over Lucas Grabeel…

Heather on

It looks good! This way he doesn’t have to use as much hair product as before. ;)

anya on

relax people, his hair will grow back..

long hair/short, he looks YUMMY either way, and I still want to take him home LOL
and oh, he can sing to me too :)

Kelsey on

I really like this new cut. I definitely loved the old one too, but this one is just organized and gorgeous! He looks amazing! Though, I do hope that his hair will be back to the way it was for “New Moon”

steph on

he is sooooo sexy no matter how his hair is ..!! he is just perfect..! lovely<3!! love u rpatz

Lauren on

I think his hair looks great! but you think for the second movie he would have to have his hair long again.

annie on

He looks much better. I have seen him in Harry Potter with shorter hair too, he looks much better. This hair style is just alittle shorter than in Twilight (and he looks GOOD as Edward in Twilight!)

Amanda on

To be honest, i don’t like it… He just doesn’t look like his self.

Rebecca on


Aiyana on

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? He’s not my eddy bear anymore! he’s just robert. why would he do such a thing, all i can say is I’m devastated.

Cassie on

I think i would like a hairstyle in between short and long for him. I think the first style was to long and the second is to short.

caz on

All his hair cuts are gorgeous. Havent you see his Salvador Dali black hair cut. You need to do a full article on all his performance hair styles. I like the short one in The Haunted Airman too. I dont get fans shock as hsi Dali hairstyle is very different too.

Sarah on

I think he would looks exy anyway. But i did he likes he long hair lots.

Sarah on


isadora on


MJ on

I’ll take him however I can get him.

Charlotte on

Don’t exactly hate this cut, just doesn’t look as exotic/sexy as before. However, long or short, David Boreanaz(sp?) is still top vamp!

jelly on

He is sooo gorgeous either way! The short cut makes him look like a man and i like it!! lol

Bethanie on

I definitely do not like it. It completely takes away the image we know him as. It’s nice that he decided to clean up but at the same time, they’re making another movie so he needs the hair. It’s his “thing”. He’s gorgeous no matter what his hair looks like, but I just think the longer hair is more him.

Leslie on


Jen on

I think he looks good both ways, however, for some reason I found the messy hair super sexxxyyy :)

amanda on

I like the new hair cut and the old It’s his choice what he wants to do so anyway he has it looks good to me .I just think it has to be easer to take care of it now .

AshleyL on

He looks sooo much better with the long hair. With the short hair he goes from unique and different to some average looking guy you could find any where lol.

cj on

still a hottie,, but like i said before the eyes tell the story,,,and i have never seen so much passion in someone so young..may it allways keep that…

Frenchie on

I love the new look. Calm down people, he has till March to grow back his edward hair. It will be all good for the next movie.

Monika on

Either way, he can send me into the twilight

Paige on

I dont get why everyone is making such a big deal about a man cutting his hair. I mean its just hair, trust me people, it WILL grow back.

Yesenia on

I’m happy he lost his “trademark.” If he wants to be taken seriously, he really needs to be able to adapt. Can’t have him being Edward in every movie.

Crystal on


Love the hair in the movies, but in real life it was just disturbing THIS.. is much better.

Yes, I am sure he will have to grow it back out for the 2nd movie, but this is just wonderful!

Crystal on

he looks like Jason Priestly. I don’t like it :(

Dani on

I think that he is handsome and charming with any haircut that he chooses. It is a good thing actully,is easy not to be recognized with that hair. I just don’t understand why the teenagers and even more older women care so much, i mean, yeah he is beautiful and all, but he doesnt even care. To bad, for me, i’m too far way, who knows, maybe if i lived in hes neighborhood, we could meet each other… rsrsrsrsr. (yeah right!)Maybe if they come here to Brasil to film the sequel. who knows? rsrsrs

Alison on

I love him whatever his hair is like & i can totally understand why he finally cut it.

Keep up the good work RP

Corie on


teresa on

I love his hair it looks better

Jessie on

He Looks Great. He’s one of those guys that can pull off both the shaggy and short hair style.

jess on

i dont think hes cute at all in general.

Julia on

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!He looks UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate It! UGH WHYYYY

Savannah on

HAIRGATE!What does it matter? He’s Robert NOT Edward (haha)..the man can cut his hair if so chooses!! No wonder he’s freaked out by his sudden celebrity status!! He cuts his hair and the fans crucify him! The fans should leave him alone..

Allison on


sam on

yeah seriously you guys over obsess with him just cause he was in twilight, hes not even good looking at all.

Brittany on

I hate it! It’s horrible. He’s ruined himself…I mean…it’s not Edward anymore. His old haircut was sexy but this…just no.

Tamia on

hot,sexy anything else 2 say

Kylie on

You can’t polish a terd.

Pam on

That is like one of the best pictures of his hair longer – usually it was just a mess and he was always fussing with it. The new cut looks great on him.

Louise on

The boy looks good any way you look at him; he’s just one of those people that look undeniably gorgeous without even trying.
Hence the heartthrob status!

Camilla on


Patricia on

If he looked hot before he looks 50 times hotter now. very very very SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

Mari C on

Come on is just hair, it will grow eventually.

Kelsea on

He looks gorgeous either way. He could be bald and he would still have amazing bone structure, and strong jaw.

Bri on

Edward’s a D-bag and Bella’s an uncharismatic bore.

To call her the object of everyone’s obsession is ridiculously laughable but I do enjoy the irony that everyone’s favorite vampire is a glorified pedophile.

ps – congratulations to Stephanie Meyers for crafting the female protagonist as a medley of every female stereotype in the book…passive/aggressive, indecisive, manipulative, selfish, illogical, irrational, and utterly devoid of meaning or purpose without a man at her side :o)

lil on

he looks too generic now. just another pretty face. his hair gave him power.

shelby on


JoJo on

He’s gorgeous regardless. I luv his old hair and his new hair! Either way he is still sexy

schaefer on


shelby on


Jessica on

Okay, here’s the deal. He hated his long hair. He’s wanted to cut it forever and the studio didn’t want him to. Also, he was getting pretty nappy with that long hair that he never washed. (Maybe he did it on purpose… we’ll never know.) At least now when he doesn’t bathe regularly we won’t know since his hair is shorter.

On another note, I think that he can still do fine with the filming of New Moon. He can some hair extensions for the first couple of scenes that he’s in before he dumps Bella if they don’t want to write in a haircut into the screenplay until later. (Jacob did fine with hair extensions. They can make him look just like before.) Also, if they are going to show scenes of where Edward is during the time when he has left Bella then it totally seems reasonable that he is an emotional mess and has chopped off his hair and is living in a hole somewhere trying to forget about her.

Rebecca on

He looks good ALL the time!!

jamie on

he is still completely gorgeous, but i liked his hair long better. but nomatter wht he does, he will ALWAYS be the sexiest vampire EVA!!!!

pepsiluv on

I think he’s a hottie! i think he looks even hotter with the short hair!!! he seems to be the kind of guy who doesn’t like trends, his hair was becoming one so it had to go, makes sense…

Freda on

I think it’s a good look for him, he looks gorgeous either way, though I personally prefer him with his locks……SEXY!!!!

Kali on

it doesnt matter what hair he has… he will always be AH-MAZ-ING!! =] p.s. Marry me? =]

Norma on

He is so freaking HOT!!! LOVE HIM!!!

Norma on


Caitlin on

He can still bite me any day of the week!

jj on

It had gotten way too long. I don’t blame him for overcompensating a little bit, but I do like the clean cut look.

sam on

he’s fugly no matter what

sml on

i think he looks gorgeous with or without- but hes going to have to grow it back out for new moon that starts filming in march

Kate on

Yummmmmmyyyy! ;)

Edith on

I actually think he’s gonna look great with short or long hair. He is sexy with his signature locks and with short hair, it’s different that’s all. I’m totally into that actor… <3

Amber on

Umm…it looks great…all of the people talking about it growing out in time for the movie are idiots. Filming doesn’t start til March and Rob’s character Edward isn’t even in about a THIRD of the story, so it’s possible that he might not even film his scenes til April…PLENTY of time for it to grow out! silly people…lol

Smiley on

It looks hawt.. but vampires don’t change, so he has t grow it back!!

katie on

i love his new hair! he seems so much happier. i mean if someone told YOU you couldn’t cut your hair…you’d be pretty pissed…especially if you wanted to.

love rob! and his new hair! :)

Lisa B. on

OMG.. I love the new do!! He is hot with long hair or short hair!!

Heather on

I LOVE HIS LONG HAIR SO MUCH BETTER, but it does look good short, So much sexier with it longer… Please grow it back… I LOVE YOU ROBERT WILL YOU MARRY ME…

Nicole on

Thank god he got rid of that ridiculous hairdo…the shorter looks way better….not so styled.

Sarah on

Ok I’m not saying that the new look is terrible. I do like the clean cut look on him…bu he’s so NORMAL! One of the main reasons why I loved him as Edward and Robert was because he was so unique! Now he’s just another hot guy (very hot might I add!)I don’t understand why people with great hair cut it! If you have good, perfect hair…just leave it alone! Regardless, I still think Rob is the sexiest man ALIVE, but I think he should have kept his long hair. Can’t wait for New Moon! Keep up the good work RP!

Megan on

I HATEEEEEEE it. he was so sexy before. He should grow it back out asap!

Mari on

I’m a sucker for hair, so the longer hair is much, much better, most definitely.

Morgan on

He looks great either way. But for the Twilight movie.. I love how his hair is in the movie lol

Faye on

Oh my gosh
He is UGLY
I dont know why people are in love with a fictional vamp o.e;

Audrey on

He is YUMMY! Hair or no hair… those sunglasses need an upgrade in a major way….but, still Sexy, as Edward and Rob!


I am in Total shock i dont know if i like it or not but he looks HOT!!!!

MC on

What the freak wow he looks horrible!!!! He was hot with longer hair and now he looks like…I don’t know but completley diff and I think he should have kept it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not a bad hair cut it just doesn’t look good on him and transforms his face so it doesn’t even look like him…sigh

Robert on

I am glad you all like my haircut. People Im sorry but i am dating. Please don’t stalk me with all your love mail.

Anyways Yeah I do have to grow it back in for the next one but hey!

Tammy on

i think he looks really good. and he look like justin timberlake.

Robert on

I am loved lol

Melodizzle on

I love his gorgeous long locks, but I’m sure most would agree with me that Robert Pattinson is probably the Sexiest Man Alive with or without the hair!

rendy on

I like the long hair better… Why did he do that!

Chrissy on

I love the new hair!! Yummy!!! :D But hes still sexy no matter what :)

nia on

i like him both ways.

Nia+Rob= love ;]

ebony on

He’s a great new actor and I can’t wait to see more of him in 2009…It’s just hair

Elizabeth Hester on

i don’t care what anyone says, he is gorgeous no matter what!

Rennie on

OMG his hair looks SO much better!! He looked gross with his hair the other way. It always looked greasy like he never took a shower, which is not sexy. He actually looks clean now. Whoo-hoo! And amazingly hot to boot ;-)

jessica on


Jeanne on

I think his hair looks way better short than long. I thought his bed head look was awful. His hair looks much cleaner and suits him way more. The bit of scruffiness is kinda hot too :) As for his Edward, it doesn’t say anything in the books about Edward having long hair, it just said it’s tousled, which can be done with Robert’s short hair as well (maybe not as well, but can still be done!)

Desertisle on

Rob always looks great!

Jamie on

I think the new haircut looks really good. Besides, he has plenty of time to grow it back out before the next film starts.

unintendedchoice on

I’m wondering when everyone is going to get over his haircut! He looks amazing, obviously, but let’s talk about something new- Like maybe what he’s doing with that guitar we saw him run off to London with!

Lauren on

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deb on

good grief WHO CARES about this guy?

Arlene on

Noooooooooooo,i loved the long hair better.i mean hes still gorgeous anyways! but it’s ok,he’ll def have it long again jus in time to start shooting the 2nd movie,those things take long anyways.

Alexandria on

i think it looks icky…..
i love his old hair….♥♥
i dont get y he cut it if he has to grow it back…….?

musaclover on

i dont lik it i liked it long

Lindsay on

It doesn’t matter what he does with his hair, he’s just hot. End of story.

Lisa on

Soooooooo Fine!! I love him either way!!

Dana on

The guy is genetically gifted and his length of hair is an incidental, short or long, styled or shaggy, he just has that “IT” quality.

Franny on


Chelan on

I loved his hair before. It was so sexy! But i like his new haircut too. I hope he grows it back in time for New Moon! GO ROB!

Carol on

It amazes me that people are nicer online with thier opinions about a hair cut, than the same people are to each other in person.. Boggles the mind what is important.

Claudia on

He looks so hot and so sexy either way!

T-Money on

I love the way it looks in TWILIGHT! Not too sure about the buzz look!

Jacee on

Dude, he’s frickin’ hot either way!!! I kinda miss the old locks, but I can see why he did it. People were making such a big deal about his hair that I’m sure it must have gotten on his nerves. Plus, it looks a lot cleaner now, which I definitely like better. But if Rob really wants to get my heart pounding, he’d cut off that horrible facial scruff and keep it off!!! I have never seen Rob (or anyone else for that matter) look sexier than he did in the prom scene in Twilight! I nearly lost my mind, he was so freakin’ hot! But he will definitely have to grow the hair back out or wear a wig for New Moon because Stephenie Meyer’s vampires can’t cut their hair. Like their skin and other body parts, their hair is indestructible and cannot be cut.

Jesilicious on

Rob looks sexy with or without his “sex hair”… nummy!!

i luv rob pattinson on

Okay, i heard that he is planning on growing it back, but either way, ITS HOT!!! luv that guy <3<3<3 :)*

Maigen on

I would prefer something in the middle…

Summer on

Kelly, I absolutely agree with you! He is going to be gorgeous with any type of hair. I prefer him with his signature “Edward” ‘do. Just to run my fingers through all that hair… Mmmmm…..

Hot no matter what!

sandra on

Looove the new short look. GORGEOUS!!! It will have to grow back for the next movie, so no fear for all the fans of the longer look.

Jaymee on

I really really like the new haircut! He kind of reminds me of Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood) with his new hair…which is really good!

Katie Miller on

Or maybe that means that he isnt coming back for the second movie…


Leisl on

Ok, I don’t mind the haircut, he’s still gorgeous. I’m in love with Edward, the character, not Robert Pattinson, the actor. But both are hot, hot, hot.

morgan on

its sexy…but he better grow it back for the next movie because he isnt edward without the hair!!

Kelli on

I don’t like it! I can’t wish to run my fingers through it anymore!

Bri on

I think it is very Bittersweet. I love the new haircut it makes him look very hot and edgy. However loosing that signature hair is a major loss also.

bully on

he looks like a match anyway…huge ugly head skinny body…not to mention that the guy CAN’T act even if his life depended on it….damn…overnight sensations that came ang go after their 15 minutes….well he’s at 14 and counting…..

Trazey on

Ummm he can grow it back for the next movie right??? Isn’t it out in November, he better HURRY!!!! He kind of looks like Tobey McGuire right now – so, NOT HOT

Christy on

Either way he is still fabulous to look at. Ahhh

Kaitlyn on


stefanie on

I like his old hair better, the new haircut sucks

Veronica on

Robalicious…..yummy both ways.

Sharon on

I prefer his old look better, but those of you thinking it will take less product to fix it now. I watched him in an interview, he was asked if he really didn’t wash his hair that often, he replied that sometimes he doesn’t wash his hair for a couple of months. After a while it cleans its self.” So there goes the “use less product theory”.

Bekah on

I love it!!!

ashley on

i dont care what his hair looks like. He’s hott and sexyyyyyy!

Kate on


Sherry on

STILL not that cute.

Ti8ffany on

It definately makes him look older but I still fail to see how shocking it is?!?

Summer on

I like the hair….. He made a few comments about how his hair was all people talked about so maybe he is telling everyone that he is more than just hair. Either way I think he looks much more his age and he will just have to grow it out again for New Moon.

nonia on

He is butt ugly either way. Taylor Lautner is WAY HOTTER. Only in the movie is Rob hotter. In real life he’s a bum.

Ash on

Rob P. is a butt. Either way, he is ugly. Every girl who thinks he is cute, hot, etc. needs a reality check. Taylor Lautner is way HOTTER than him. Rob looks like a bum.

Courtney on

seriously. it doesnt matter.
he is F-I-N-E! <3

milly on

he looks good with the new cut…but loved him soo much more with all that messy hair…hot!

amy on

He looks perfect no matter what hair style he has!

Martina on

omg i miss his hair i fell in love with every part of him. and now that his lovely locks are missing, its almost like a part of him is missing as well! im excited for the hair to come back for new moon!

Tray on

Long hair, short hair… he’s ugly either way

Alicia on

Hmmm…let’s see..

He was ugly and smarmy looking with long hair and now he’s ugly and smarmy looking with short hair. I’m not seeing a difference. And that smirk in the first picture just sums up everything I hate about this boy, he’s an overnight sensation who now thinks he’s a king.

As for him being annoyed with people only talking about his hair, that’s something Patrick Dempsey has put up with for the last 5 years and yet you don’t hear him making a big deal about it. “Rob” has to get over himself.

It blows my mind that anyone is obsessed with a man who admits his person hygiene sucks, not to mention an obsession with a book series that paints women as needy and pathetic without a man.

cece on

Long hair, short hair, does it really matter? The guy is hot!!!

maggie on


Melanie on

I’ll take him either way.

Cassidy on

Oh My Gosh! I think I am going to switch to Team Edward now. Mmmmmmm

sally on

ohh my jonas he looks so ugly..why did he cut his beautiful hair.heyy wait a minute; he kinda looks like what my dog left in the backyard.

Cassidy on


Daina on


sally-soda on

Oh! my! jonas brothers!!!
why did he cut off his beautiful hair.he looks so hot back then.

Kayla on

He’s ugly. I dont care what his hair looks like, he’s still ugly.

Alyssa on

OMG….i like it but he cant be edward with short hair..darn..looks like they’ll have to replace him!

Becky on

I don’t think it’s a question of “Love it” or “hate it”. He looks good both ways, it’s just a preference of if you like shorter or longer better.

jj_schwinn on

It doesn’t matter what he didn to his hair…he is still sexy!

susie on

In all honesty he looks great. I’m glad he cut it, even though he’ll have to grow it back out for the next installment of the Twilight series. As for the fans that are upset because “he’s not Edward anymore!!” good god, he’s an ACTOR not a character in a book. Rob is allowed to cut his hair, get piercings,tattoos or whatever the heck he wants it’s his hair/body.Give the guy a break and enjoy him for his shyness and being real when most actors keep their mouths shut or act like they are better then everyone around them.

Jon on

Interesting to hear how people responded to Robert Pattison’s new haircut and with the old hair.

Jon on

Congrats to Chyler Leigh and Nathan West on expecting baby No.3!

Mackensie on

well i like his haircut but i absolutely loved his long hair!! he looks good with short hair, but he looks so SSEEXXYY with long hair.

Rhoda on

Call me an older fan of Robert’s.. AHEM.. I think he looks amazing! It shows off how absolutely stunning his face really is..

Mary on

YUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. He is unrecognizable! The stubble doesn’t help.

Tiff on

huy y’all, he’ll grow it out in time for the next movie!!

steph on

thank you little baby jesus.

Micheal on

I do not really see what the big deal about this guy is. I do not think he is cute at all. The new haircut makes him look like a predator, creepy.

Lou on

He looks great! And it’ll grow back…no worries!

Maria Ren on

He’s gorgeous, regardless what his hair looks like.

meckee on

i like his old hair better. but either way.. hes handsome!! how muck for his cut hair?!! XD

neika on

I liked the old hair better he doesnt look like edward anymore but i still love him.. :)

Kenzie on

I dont think this man is the least bit attractive.

Elizabeth on

It’s ok but he was way more Sexy with longer hair hopefuly he grows it back out!!!

Ashley on

I think he looks much better without the hairspray much sexy without the hair!!!

sarah Meade on

i love it short and he is so hottttttttttttttttttttt with his new hair cut.

Lenita on

No, no, no, no, no…….. What sis you do??? I loved those locks….

Boliver Shagnasty on

Masture adults couldn’t care less. You guys need to stop worshipping stars and do something with your own life. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. CRAP LIKE THIS IS WHY THE ZOORABS WANT TO BLOW US OFF THE PLANET.

Marsha on

WHAT DID HE DO? Why would he cut his hair like that?

Greta on

He was so much hotter before he cut his hair. Such a shame

Cecilia on

Either way he puts it, is still him. So people need to stop judging all these famous people cuz its the stars choice. By the way Love any choice he makes. He can bite me whenever he wants!!!!!

Heidi on

Ok I dont see what the big deal is about his hair, ITS JUST HAIR!!!!! LOL! People are freakin out and it will grow back by March.
I mean I think hes a hottie either way, but I liked the longer hair alot better, but everyone needs a trim every now and again.


rene on


bellat swan on

ahhhh!!way ayo!!
panget iyang hairdo!!
i dont like it!!

Katie on

Its not that I like it but its growing on me.

Abby on

he’s geogeous no matter what, you got to give him that. but his hair was his trade mark. I like it both ways. HE’s georgeous!!!!!!

cc on

Hmmmm… Can i keep him??

Katy on

I like the old one better!

Mili on

He is so HOT!!!!! He looks better than before…either way he still looks good enough to eat.

Sadie on

Omg…regardless of what he does he is one of the sexiest guys ever…i love the new look but the scruffy hairy look was incredible as well

alabama on

He still looks good to me..

alabama on

I think he still looks hot.

Amanda on

Yaaay! He went from ugly to semi-ok =]
I give it two thumbs up!

Megan on

H-O-T!!!!!! Still plenty to run my fingers through, and DAAAAAMN I’d LOVE to run my fingers through it!!!!!

John on

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kelly on

he really is a nice guy. wow ya know there is one out there huh who knew!

jamie on

well, i guess he doesn’t look TOO bad, just not as great as before…i liked the longer sexier curlies though hahaha. can’t wait til it’s grown out again…

sunsmile on

He still looks so cute! He can get away with anything!

Jane on

I loved his old haircut, it was his trademark. He didn’t like it though, and I’m glad he got it cut because it is still sexy! He looks so much crisper and cleaner.

angel cyn on

Well… My opinion k? No matter how he cut his hair, or change his hairstyle he still is Robert Thomas Pattinson… =)…… But For my opinion his hair look nice though….=)

myndee on

What is there to complain?? Look at him!! He is hot!!

myndee on

What is there to complain?? Look at him…he is hott!!

Agent1 on

I agree with maddie he needs to stick with the old hair! IM SO ANGRY AT HIM I COULD SCREAM! HE DOESNT LOOK RIGHT NOW! ARG!

Agent1 on

I agree with maddie she is right he should keep his hiar like it used to be! HE LOOKS WRONG NOW!

})i({Mariepie on

I’d bang him. Hahaha

Agent1 on


breanna on

I kinda like it. I just hope he lets it grow back out for the next movie.

Agent1 on


elizabeth on

honestly, he looks sexy with or without the locks….

its robert pattinson, he wanted to get it cut people, lets move on.

Arielle on

personally he looks 1000000000000000x better with out it! it is just hair and it WILL grow back. anyway he is ROB not EDWARD! GET OVER IT EDWARD IS NOT REAL!!

Leslie on

He is SEXY either way however I do prefer the long hair on him!!

Mackensie on

Robert Pattinson will always be sexy. i like the new cut, but the long hair is very SEEEXXYYY!!! ;] i deff. want him to grow it back out.

Anna on

I think that he looks HOT either way! But I think that his old, tousled, bedhead hairstyle is what made him so….sexy. Not that he’s not sexy now! ;)

Top Posts « on

[…] PEOPLE Readers Sound Off on Pattinson’s New Cut Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Finalpixx Call it the haircut of the year! When we asked readers what they thought […] […]

becca on

im speechless. he looks so hot!

Edwards Grl on

Sorry to tell you all but Edward is already in love with me. He already bit me and I am his vampire spider monkey! Our skin sparkles together in the sun…close your eyes people we are BRIGHT! Short hair or long hair I am still his personal brand of herion.

sunia on

i think rob doesnt look bad at all i alslo think his hair looked the bset in twilight nothing can compare to the movie hairstyle i fellin love with it!

Kimmy on

He is handsome either way!

paola on

i think it looks nice but it makes him look older…i prefer the long sexy hair lol

Krystal on

WoW!!! I Can’t Believe All That Hair Is Gone Now!!!

I Just Wanted To Ask Someone If Robert Cut His Hair For His ‘Up And Coming Movie Role’ For “Parts Per Billion”?? Or Did He Cut It For A ‘Change’??

If Anyone Would Know And Could Help Me Out With This ‘Question’ I Have On Robert’s HairCut That Would Be Really Great!!!
Thank You Very Much!!

Susi on

Perfect (L) I love him, he is gorgeous, sexy, handsome… I’ve never feel what I am feling for him to another person *_*

Bettyrose on

He’s still looks like Rob !!! Yummo!!!!

Alyssa on

I like it. I still think his long hair is sexier, and more Edward Cullen, but this new military buz looks good on him to. I guess I’m a little biased, I love him anyway he wears his hair!

Emily Cullen on

Omg!!! i can’t believe it!! ahhh gosh!!

Emily Cullen on

OMG!!! I CAN’T believe it!!!! WHY!!!

Amberlin on


Brooke on

I absoulutly adore his new hair cut. i liked it both ways. His hair isnt the only thing that matters to me though. He can have it anyway he likes and it will not bother too many people. I love his hair and him.

.:: IntoxicatingScent Have You Found Yours? ::. on

[…] missed it. I only found out about it now because I saw this headline on People’s website: PEOPLE Readers Sound Off on Pattinson’s New Cut. I cannot believe that people actually spent time debating whether he looked hotter before or […]

Yamilex on

i lubb it.!! its soo hott.

TwilightADDICT on


Ansley Clower on

OH MY GOD!!!!!


Kally on

I loved his old hair! It just made him! OMG!!! im gonna cry….well i feel like it.

daniela on

i think he look hots both ways i think he can get away with everything really but won’t he have to grow it back 4 new moon the sequel of twilight?


I HATE IT! But I think I (and every other girl in the world) would still love him just the same even if he were bald!

Jen on

Okay, why does everyone think that he HAS to grow it back for the second movie? Technically, a vampire could cut his hair…. it just wouldn’t grow back.

Tammy on

It doesn’t matter what his hair looks like.
He is a Fabulous Actor and being hot just helps him that much more. :) He did a terrific job in twilight!!!!!!!!!!

Skyfa on

Honestly, I couldn’t recognize him with the new cut. I think he looks better with his new cut cus it’s so much cleaner and nice. I also liked his hair wild cus it made him look like Edward and I thought that was his trademark hair. But he still looks handsome regardless.

Paula on

Lindo! Como sempre!

erin on

It’s definitely a tribute to his face, that I can’t even pay attention to his hair!!!

Monica Smith on

OMGG i love him if he was bald but i sis love or extremly obbsesive over his old one because it was more EDWARD but know hes still sexyy in an like rough way :D

Veeeee on

awwwww damnnnn i liked the old one..its so wavyy and prettyyy

Vanessa on

Ummm who cares about the cut. I like either way. As far as everyone asking “Doesn’t he have to grow it out for the movie?” Yeah, but Edward is hardly in New Moon. He’s in the beginning and end. I know the movie studio said they wanted more of Edward in the movie cause Rob Pattinson was the biggest thing about Twilight but, still he’s not gonna be in it much. So when he starts filming New Moon, could be at any time. They film different scenes of the movies all over the place depending on whatever is easier. They don’t film it in order of the storyline. So, he might not be shooting his part for New Moon for months. Again, it’s just hair. I can’t believe people are freaking out about this. Guess what, the dude is an actor and he’s gonna be changing his hair A LOT for different movies. That’s the way of it.

jess on

you know.. no one even knew who he was before twilight. and yes he is ROBERT and not edward. he simply plays edward. i loved the old locks.. but the new one suits him too.. he is a normal person just like the rest of us.. who cares what we all think about his hair? as long as he loves it..

lauren on

i agree
he is just a normal person.
how woulld yuuh guys like it if every time u got a hair cut or sumthin like that people made polls on it. how would yuuh like it if poeple braged u out every day for somthing you guys do in everyday life. he is just like us exept he has just a little more.just because he played a guy in a movie that was perfect in every way doesnt mean he has to liove up 2 it in reality. it was just a movie. he is a guud looking guy i have 2 say but just cuz he makes a decision on a defferent hair cut doesnt mean u hav 2 brag him out. remember he is just human. :)

EJ on

Love it! So much cleaner and neat looking!
He also looks more mature and less drugie.

Angel on

He’s still dreamy and all, just he’s not unique and definately not as “edward” anymore :(

hope he grows it back for the movie

Renee on

My gosh!! He looks so much hotter with his hair cut! :) Although, I did like his hair before :)

Cortney on

Robert Pattinson can go bald and he will still be as dreamier as ever!

Tina on


Its just in the first pic he has make up on, no beard, and sharper cheek bones, but once that little stubble is gone he will look EVEN BETTER! :D

myla on

I gess is very cut, like always, for me it’s Ok, he’s incredible and he’s a incredible actor too!

Brianna on

He’s sexy no matter how he wears his hair<3

Love him!

Jennifer on

Give me long, greasy, unkempt, nappy hair any day over a short, preppy boy crew cut. (:

Cynthia on

He looks hot either way! We all know to stay true to the Edward in print he will have to grow it out again!

Jennifer on

When i first heard it i was SHOCKED
The loong hair is so rob
and his new hair cut it so genric.
but either way i think he is sttill
a fruckin huunk! i mean he is smookin’ either way
even though i perfer his singurature one of a kind hair.

courtney on

i loved his old hair its what made him :( hopefully he goes back to his old do even if it was like sex hair :P

Embur on

May I Ask Someone Did Robert ‘Cut’ His Hair For
A Movie Coming Up Right Now??

Or Did He Just Want To Cut It Off To Do Something Different??

If Somebody Could Get Back To Me On This I Would Really Appreciate It Alot!!! Thanks!!

Saya on

I’m sorry, but I don’t like it or I’m just not used to his short hair yet! I love Twilight!!! XD Can’t wait for New Moon movie!!!

Mikaela on

The new haircut is OK, but I prefered the old one!

Jesse on

umm NO! ok robert is known as edward, it is
who he is now. its bad to say but its true, people only like him form being edward, the only other movie people recognize him in is harry potter and he wasnt really big in that either, his hair cut is nice, but its just not him, he old hair is what all teens what to know him as, not like this. if they dont get a nice wig for the movie, they wont have many people coming to see it. even tho edward really isnt in new moon, hes still part of it!

sonia on

ohh!!! why did he cuted his hair! I LOVED his haircut!

catherine_chaos on


Amber on

He’s hott either way!!!!!!

hannah on


Maggie on

I wonder what he did with all that hair…he should have sold it on eBay. I would have bought it.

kebs on

i think its okay, but he has the freedom to do what he wants. as a twilight finatic, i hope it grows out before the second movie.

оlga on

very cute…)))
but previous one was better (my opinion)

Elizabeth on

i miss his mess of was his LOOK,and now it just looks like every one else >_<

Rachel on

EWWWWWWWWWW?! why would robert do that to his beautiful hair?! gahhhhhhhhhhhh i loved the old cut better. now i definitely think jackson rathbone(jasper) is hotter then robert pattinson

lyndsay on

I’m glad he cut of but he shouldn’t have cut it as short. Now he doesn’t look like Edward Cullen but he still looks really hot. Next time he shouldn’t cut it so short!

Catey on

I love his long scruffy looking hair. i think the new cut is just a little to drastic. if he didnt have the most beautiful face i have ever seen he would not look good but he does so lucky him

robert thomas pattinson will look good no matter what he does!

BellaDonna on

I love Rob regardless but did prefer his ‘Edward’ mop just so I could run my fingers through it when he kissed me…..

mery on

I think what make Rob so special is his personality not the hair…he can make everything he wants…he is still unique!!!

iris on

i love robert’s new hair cut….he look sooooo…cute!!!,,an ideal hearthrob…

luv u!!..muahhhh….

Jess on

(with very stuck up accent)

amanda on

I want to say I love the new doo, but I just cant. His free-flowing hair was what made him Edward Cullen. How he’s just Robert. lol. Oh well, we will learn to love in in time. It won’t last forever.=]

Kelly Y on

i hate his new hair. he needs to grow it back and get rid of the beard and mustache

Tess on

DUDE!!! he looks amazing! with his long hair, he looks 22, but with this he looks older, but still SEXY all the way! is he growing it out for the movie????!!! he’s not edward without the hair!

lindsay on


shelby on

well now maybe he’ll wash it once in a while…jk. we all loved his old hair but i like this one too. i think i like this better…idk

lia on

He looks amazing with his new haircut even thought I loved his hair before this hair cut.
He looks very HOT.

savvy on

dude he needs tht for the second movie anyways even tho it looks ok on him now! the way they did his hair in twilight was so hot and if he cuts it it wont work out cuz hes suposed ot b the same thru all of the books!!

Emily on

I agree with Kelly… no matter what, he will always be incredibly handsome :)

Saklea on

He looks soooooo much hotter with longer hair like in twilight. Please grow it back, Robert T_T

Jordan on

i dont like his haircut it just doesnt go very GOOD with him!!!!!!!:(

Chelsea on

I agree with Kelly!
he could have no hair at all and still look good

Jessica on

I personally love it , and it will grow out eventually :)

Kate on

I reaccon his hair looks better long. But he still is gorgeous anyway

Jade on


Carla on

he looks better with the hair in the 1st picture
like ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo much better

courtney on

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I hate his new hair cut but love him either way so it doesnt matter!!

Jessica on

So Hot!
Now if we could just get him to shave!

kailey on

omg i loved his hair before he cut it. he looked sexy but i like it now too he looks even more sexy but he needs to grow it back before newmoon comes out or i will be really mad

Kiara on

Omg…. Nooo….

katieee'cullen on

ide like to sayy i like his new hair but i dont i think hes awesome in the movie and everything but his hair was like his trademark he has to grow it backk !

itzel anahi on

that you are handsome

mel on

he looks like every other boy now :( the signature long messy mop was way better

Lauren on

Mr. Pattinson is incredibly sexy either way. In my opinion, I like this look better with shorter hair because he actually looks like he took a shower instead of the greasy messy hair. I enjoyed his longer style as well but not when he confessed during different interviews that he hadn’t washed it for quite a while. EW!

kt on

people are gunna hate or love it… personally he is still hot no matter what he does to his hair. And sure he is public eye but shouldn’t his hair be his and people quit spazing over something so minor?….

Katie and Paige on


zak on

I hate it! it took away from his youthful look. It was the idol of all teens now it is gross. like my history teachers hair!

Sara on

I don’t care if he’s BALD! As long as he’s in New Moon. Please tell me the rumors of him not being in New Moon aren’t true!!! He HAS to be Edward!!!!

lily on

I heard from the news in Monster Radio RX 93.1 that Robert Pattinson will use some hair extensions since there is no possibility to grow his locks that he was known for.

April on

Forget about the hair!! What’s with those UGLY sunglasses!!

Caroline on

I absoultly love his new hair cut!! even though i love the shagy hair! but i love this new look!! good pick Rob!!

Chloe on

Omg noooooo!
why did e cut it??
he is soooooooo much better looking with free floppy hair!
And with new moon in post production….he mite not have it fully grown and back to its ‘edward’ style!:(:(
x x x x

Samantha on

im very disapointed.. i like his old hair and i know its within his rights to cut his hair but how is this going to affect New Moon? I he wanted to cut his hair he should have waited to do it..

Mandy on

Love the new hair. HOT!

Chelsea on

I really think Rob can pull this haircut off, he looks goodddd :))) yummy.

No One on

I will always love ROBERT but with his new haircut he should really…..shave that stubble. But if he doesn’t that will be okay

No One on

i like his hair cut


No One on

love da hair hate da stubble

Beka on

i think that he is hot but his new do isnt working for him i cant wait for it to grow back i mean how can he be edward when he has like no hair?

Rebecca on

Hey. His hair is cool in his new do but it was better before. I like it both ways so people stop talking about his new hair cut like it is a madger drama. Yes sure his trade mark has gone but he will probably have to grow it back for twilight so keep your hair on. :)

Arya on

I love Rob and his haircut but i hope it’s longer by the time New Moon comes around. I don’t think vampire hair grows haha but he looks amazing as always :)

Gina on

OMG!!! what did he do ! he doesnt look sexy anymore , i dont see that sexy crooked smile he always does with his nice hot long hair. i love the Edward look better i think its more him cause in all of the other movies he did he always had longer hair, but not as long, i hate it but i can live with i guess ??

home loan on

Lovely. Great site.

Bea on

he looks much older…,I don’t like that much,but I love him anyway xDD

ashley on

WHY WHY WHY did he do that its not right its going to ruin the next movie NOOOOOOOOO!

Jan on

Look beyond the length of the locks and the smoldering smile, there is a rather unique, musical old soul under it all. I imagine that is the REAL Robert P. Just my opinion…

Bella on

I think he looked sooooooo much better with the long hair
But is still hotter than hot can ever get
He will always be my fave vamp!!
no-matter wat he does 2 his hair
besides i lllllooooovvvve Edward
i love robert

Amanda on

soo sexy no matter what!

Pamela on

Sure, he is the most handsome guy with or without it, but every guy in Hollywood and elsewhere has this haircut, it is so generic. 99% of guys cannot carry or grow their hair like the long, thick sexy version of his has was. If it is not broke, don’t fix it, leave perfect alone…
No matter how long his caeer is, women will never get tired of him running his fingers through that thick beautiful hair.

Lah on

It doesn’t matter how he got his hair cut, he always looks sexy

angie on

i think the new hair looks great, it instantly makes him look older and much more mature! and i never really got the long hair thing anyway lol

amy on

i think he looks adorable either way. he cut it because people are so obsessed with his hair. hes a rebal and i love that! hes gonna wear extentions for the new moon

courtney on

I like his old cut better but hes hot either way.I cant wait till he grows his hair back out for his next movie New Moon.Roberts gorgeous no matter what.

Amy on

ooo it does not matter his hair style! he is HOTTTTT either way!!!!!

Zoey Diaz on

i love David Boreanaz in the TV Series bones, he is really a great actor.~:,

Eva Campbell on

David Boreanaz and that girl from Bones would really make a great a couple.’;’

John Ali on

i like Bones and i also like David Boreanaz*’-

Sebastian Sanders on

David Boreanaz is definitely the best actor for Bones,,:

Gas Detector : on

the leading of Bones and David Boreanaz should get married together-*’

Activated Carbon Filter on

i love Bones and David Boreanaz, he is good looking and i can say that he is talented ~**

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[…] Pattinson, who came onto the scene with his trademark untamed tresses, gave fans a rise when he chopped his hair in 2008. Since then, the brooding actor’s lush locks have been the topic of much scrutiny: a […]

What’s Up with Robert Pattinson’s Hair? « Heptanews * Entertainment * Politics * Opinions * U.S. * Technology * Health * Leisure * World * Sports on

[…] Pattinson, who came onto the scene with his trademark untamed tresses, gave fans a rise when he chopped his hair in 2008. Since then, the brooding actor’s lush locks have been the topic of much scrutiny: a […]

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Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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