Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Goes Back To Blonde: Love It or Hate It?

12/24/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Jeff Vespa/WireImage, INF

Just over a month after the birth of baby Bronx Mowgli, new mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is back to her famous blonde hair. The stylish mom debuted her new light do yesterday while holiday shopping in Beverly Hills. We love seeing Ashlee with this sunny color — just like her famous blonde older sister Jessica. Tell us: What do you think of Ashlee’s blonde do?

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Showing 146 comments on

I think it’s okay… the red/brunette look was more eye catching…

Ashley on

I like her hair both colors. The red is more rock n’ roll though.

xoxo123 on

the picture of her with red hair is a bad pic but otherwise i think that the red was way better

Maria923 on

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lexi on

hate it. she should have stuck to red hair. i realize now that blond is a bad colour on her. GO BACK TO RED!!! BLONDE IS NOT YOU!

Ohioan on

I liked Ashlee better as a redhead. Red hair looked great with her skin tone and was more unexpected. Blonde, unfortunately, just looks tired and played out.

Bubbles on

I prefer the red, but kudos to the stylist who toned her hair to that blonde. That’s pretty amazing that it is that light and non-red!

rei on

she’s way better w/ red hair just like hailey williams of paramore. blonde is kinda boring

destiny on

i like red hair better even though that is a horrible picture and most comments agree red is cool. but to shake up blonde add red highlights

smith on

she looks good with dark or light, but i think she looks even better with dark hair

Julie E on

Red looks better. Blonde washes her out. Plus, there are so many blonde chicks out there. She stood out more as a redhead.

bri on

OMJ!!! i love her hair in both colors. i love her, her baby, her husband, and her music too!! they are such a cute family

Pamela on

I like the red better, but she’s so beautiful she can pull off both.

facial on

I hate her with red hair. With blond hair she looks hawt!!

m on

I think that she was better with RED hair.

I LOVE FOB!!!!!!

KIM on


Rebecca on

I like Ashlee’s hair blond, she looks sweeter, nicer and calmer. :) Love ya!

Leah on

hr hair looks pretty either way bt i like the red rock n’ roll look bttr.

ErikaFromItaly on

Red hair was fantastic!

Betina on

It looks the best blond, but the red/brown looked good aswell :D

Laurie on

I absolutely loathe it. I loved her red hair it was so unbelievably pretty. I have seen her change her hair to many different colors but I believe that her red hair was definitely the prettiest.

Crystal on

I definitely love the red hair. Blonde is kinda boring. But it is more fit for being a mother I guess because the red is very rock-n-roll.

hobo hair on

And I grew up thinking Ashley and Jessica were related to Bart and Lisa until somebody told me I was wrong.

carol on

the blonde is adorable…she’s a beautiful mom either way

Towanda on

I Love the Blonde, a lot softer look!:)

johnny on

i think the black hair when she had her single peices of me. she was hotter there than now.

Danielle on

defff like the blonde hair better

Marley on

BLONDE most definitely.

The red was way unnatural and looked freaky and unattractive.
Blonde is so much more pretty and natural and fun without being too crazy. :]

Katie on

I like both but i like the blonde better on her!!!

xoanjuuxo on

uhmm the red hair is more sexyish buh i think that the blonde hair suits her skin tone more. the red was kinda too bright..

linds on

it’s cute! i think it’s cool that she changes up her hair every now and then.



Noelle on

I liked her as a red head, but eh, her hair looks natural, but I’m not sayin’ I prefer her blonde.

Ash on

I like the blonde, but the red was a good color on her

caroline on

i really dont think she looks good with red or blonde. i think that she needs to go with brown and some caramel highlights…

Kristinee on

ew she looks like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bshe looks better with red hair not blonde. ew

Cass on

Thank god!!! I love Ashlee when she’s blonde! I was waiting for her to go back! It’s about time!

C on

I can’t even see her hair color, it’s covered by her LONG CHIN!!

jj on

love it!! looks much more sweet!

aj on

i think she looked fierce with red blonde is not really different

mo on

red def!!! blond is boring cuz a lot of ppl have it but red is unique!!

Danny on

I just wanna say that there are more important things in this world than Ashlee Simpsons hair color!But just in case-i love red hair-it has more personality!

Tiffany on

I like the red hair better than the blonde. She looks sick, too pale with the blonde hair. The red gives her great contrast.

Lauren on

She looked better with red hair….it made her look sexy; and it made her stand out.

Amanda on

I really don’t like either. I really liked her black hair that she had for a while. It suites her better. But whatever. She started out a nautural blond. Go figure she would end up blond.

Jack on


kiki on

ashlee is beautiful in any hair colour she is blonde,brunette,black,red..

ratchet on

Blonde is almost always better. The red looked too fake.

tami joyce on

I love her as a blond!!!!! I think that her hair is beautiful and I love her style. But, I think the red hair makes her look much older and her nose more pointed. The blond gives her face a soft look!!!!! And Girl, you can rock golden locks and have way way more fun!!!!!!

Tabitha on

I like it better as blonde, she just makes a good blonde.

Sea on

I honestly really like her hair. I think her being a new mom will bring some changes with the new baby

ily05 on

Both pictures are really bad, but I think it looks ok either way. Red’s better, I guess…

Brenna on

No no no no no!
I hate it.
I mean, she’ll always be cuuuter than her sister, but…
The red hair just made her another step above her. And not to mention it was gorgeous.
Go back to red, Ash.
Come on.

kristine on

Shes beautiful, but with blonde hair she’s just.. blah. Red makes her stand out more. I think she should have stayed blonde

Darby on

ooh… shpulda stuck with red… it’s more bold

Matt on

I like the blonde alot better the red is okay but not with the lipstick she chose but she looks best with the dark and rich brown she use to have

tiffany on

i dont like her hair either way. red makes her look really ugly and blond makes her look bleached out and stupid.

Iris on

She looks ugly either way. gross

lmarj on

That picture of her with blond hair is hideous. Why do women always change their hair color and/or hack their hair after having kids? They end up looking older, and just…drab. She actually looked really nice with her striking red hair.

rhiannon on

the red hair was so much better on her, besides, theres way too many blondes in that town, everyone looks the same there. its better that she stands out

annonymous on

neither! Brown or black loos the best! =)

Ayzlin on

Glad she changed the red. I was getting boored with it. Love the blond!!

Genny on

I think the redish hair was better for her

d on

I like her BLONDE!!!!!!!!.. she should stay BLONDEEE!!!! It is how she looks best.. all the way around!!!!!!!

emi xxx on

I like the blonde better. Although the red made her stand out more, it was un-natural looking and washed-out. The blonde is her natural hair color, and of course it looks the best.

elizabeth aerinne on

I think i liked her better with the dark red hair, blonde always looked so washed out on her just like it always lookd horrible on nicky hilton.

indycar01 on

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Melina Mejia on

I loved the red hair. I think going blonde makes her look like 16 again. She should go back to red.

Nelly on

Hi Everybody,Ashlee is good in blond hair,but I think she’s fain in ever color of her hair..

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Thanks to everybody

kat on

the blonde is 100 times better! love it. she looks so much better now. also, the way she styled her hair when it was red — super straight and in her eyes — was ghastly. it always looked greasy and unwashed.

manda on

i dont like either one. i dont care for ashley

LB on

Eewww either way, I think she should go brunette. Both colors are too extreme.

Taylor on

I deffenitely like the redish brown hair better! The blonde hair didnt look right on her! Yuck!!!

Delilah on

Eh, brunette was better. Red was the best.

Kelly on

It looks like she bought some collagen while holiday shopping too. She’s still gorgeous though.

mela on

I love it! I think it looks more natural with her skin tone.

Cassie on

I like the blonde better. The red didn’t look great!

Frenchie on

I like the red better(not that pic.. you guys chose a horiable picture) but the blonde is not bad.

kelli on

she looks so much better with blonde.

Chloe on

I personally didn’t like the red on her. To me if your going to dye your hair at least make it look somewhat real. Hers just looked above fake, she looks better as a blonde.

Lauren on

I think she should pick a color and just stick with it. i like the reddish brown.

Go with the natural on

She needs to color her hair color as close to her natural hair color, which I believe is brown. Is Ken Paves doing her hair? I used to admire him, but after Eva Longoria’s horrible bob, and now this……
no thanks, Ken.

clarissa 337 on

She’s hot no matter what.
Still a RICH LOSER!!!

Meitar on

I prefer the red head. it’s more unique then the blond.

Monell on

Red hair is prettier on her. The blonde makes her look plain.

Kelley on

RED!!!! it was more her, now she’s back to being Jessica Simpson’s sister.. i dont like it..


I Loved her hair when it was Black. it was so much better than blonde

queensmartass on

She looks like every other forgettable blonde now. As a redhead she was absolutely stunning; as a blonde? Blah!
Must add my kudos to her stylist however; excellent work on producing that shade of blonde.

MC on

I think the red was more flattering and fit her better….

Rennie on

The blonde hair isn’t that bad, but it doesn’t really suit her coloring. I really liked the red, and I loved it when she had black hair. She should definitely stick to darker colors.

Elle on

She looks like Kate Hudson with the blonde hair now!
I thought her red was gorgeous!! Most people make fun of red heads but she makes it work!!

Rosie on

Naw!!! She looks much better with Red. The Blonde makes her looked washed out, cuz she is fair skinned! Rock that Red Ashlee!!!

LaLa on

I like the blonde better than the red but she really looked good when she dyed her hair black herself

Kate on

I love it blonde. I think she is so cute.

Lindsay on

both pics are bad. she can pull off red, which not many people can, but the blonde is just prettier.

i luv rob pattinson on

she is NOT a good red-head, whats with ppl changing their hair color? they look FINE how they are

Daisy on

Well I don’t think her hair is famous for being blonde. It seems to me she was a brunette when she started sing and then became a blonde. Looks better, no so vampire scary.

colleen on

she looks much better. actually younger but cleaner and not like such a messy waif. good job, she finally did something she can be proud of.

CJ King on

I think she looks better with the red hair. A lot of celebrity girls are blond right now, and it’s hard to tell who is who. I wish she was still red, so I could know who she is. Blonde is overused, but red was her trademark. Hopefully she’ll change it soon.

Rachel on

i loved the red hair, but blonde looks nice to. Um, why does she look like Brittney Spears in the blonde pic? Is that her inspiration?

Lexy on

Blonde!!! Natural, is always better! Besides, Blondes have more fun right!?! lol Just Kidding, I think her and Jessica both look good blonde!

Alyssa on

I love her with blonde hair…and i figured it wouldnt be long after the birth of Bronx that she would dye it!

M archeline on

I absolutely adore miss cherie with blond and red h6air

lara on

Well Ashelee looks stunning in the blond look but just a little older but her red head made her look much younger or maybe its just the fact shes not wearing make up who knows?

chives on

Red looks better, she looks older wih red hair

drew on

Im kind into the red it looks way better
blonde is so… commercial

})i({Mariepie on

Too many blondes in this world. Red looked more edgy and risky.

erin on

everyone is blonde these days.. i much prefer her with red or brown hair.. it just fits her better i think… even if the blonde is a natural color or whatever

Erin on

I hate the red. I don’t know what it is about her, but her red hair always looks greasy and dirty.

JLS on

Honestly, if she’s going for a motherly look, I like the blonde. If she wants to be a rock ‘n roll looking girl- red. But she looks good either way. She definitely looks more motherly in the blonde hair. Love it!

Cindy on

Blonde is a MUCH better color for her….Keep it Ashley!

Yani Grif on

Im not sure I like it
The red made her features pop
and it brought out a certain beauty in her

Joanna on

The Red ALWAYS looked so good! and the black, I hate the blonde….

Diana on

I wouldn’t mind the blonde too much, but it’s kinda boring and monochromatic. She should probably do something with more dimension; this is way too drab.

Coco on


Anna on

Ashlee looks too much like Jessica now. Jessica is the bubby country star, and blonde fits her perfectly. Ashlee is the edgy punk-rock star, and the red fit her and her personality perfectly.

Jena on

SO much better…the red was awful. The blonde looks a lot more natural. Too bad she didn’t fix it in time for her wedding photos.

mimi on

so what………….life goes on with or without ms. ashleeeeeeeeeee simpson. btw, what has she done lately>

featherbookseries on

At least she doesn’t look like spider-man’s girlfriend anymore…

Kimmy on

i think she looks best as a blonde

Anonymous on

I think both colors rock on her. her red hair was more of a rock n roll, but her blonde hair was more chic and sleek. Anyhow, she still looks amazing.

Anastasia on

I think the red was a lot of fun, but you guys have to remember that she’s a new mom and all her time is focused on the baby. She’s a natural blond, so it makes perfect sense that she’d go back to her natural color. Less maintenance.

kelsey on

She can pull of both looks but each has there own good things and bad things to them…The red is unique and really brings out her features but it kinda makes her look punkish, the blonde is cute and a fun, flirty, look and it brings out her stylish side but it kinda makes her look like she is trying to hard to be her sister, jessica which i know she isn’t but she does really look like her as a blonde… i would go for something more in the middle of the two, maybe a brown or darker strawberry blonde. they would both look nice and giver her the perfect mix of both of the other colors.

Sara on

neither i think black is hotter

Sami on

I always have preferred her black hair. Maybe its just me. Either way, I didn’t really like either. :P

Mallory on

I like the red better. The blond looks good too but the red seems more of a eyecatching statement.

kim on

Rock your own hair color! No need to copy Jess! Why were her blonde locks famous? I mean, she looks alright blonde, but I like the red better. She looks a little washed out blonde. If I could look good as a red-head I would work it! especially in Hollywood, where there aren’t that many red-heads (but a lot of blondes).

Corinne on

I like her better in red hair but blonde is not so bad either =)

Rose on

I think she should go back to red hair she looked so great!

Marissa Leigh on

I actually liked the red way better . suited her more .

Pinkrose4234 on

I loved her red ahri! It made her complexion seem so mush more fresh and alive, now her face is sooo washed out.

Danielle on

I definitely like the red on her. It looks so much better on her skin tone…the blond washes her out!!!! The red hair also made her different she looks just everybody else!! GO BACK TO RED BLOND DOES NOTHING FOR YOU!!!

Alice on

I like her better as a blonde but its better when its just a little darker than that shade.

Lori on

Ashlee is a beauthiful lady and she looks stunning with any color hair.

Barbara on

Ashley is far prettier with the blonde hair. Both of these pictures aren’t good. But when her hair was blonde before she was a knockout. Prettier than Jessica to me. The red hair is more rock and roll but it did nothing for her looks. Ashley is beautiful as a blonde. It is a very feminine look that goes with her new chiseled nose!!! Way to go Ashley!!!!

Courteney on

I think she looked better with red hair. She looks fine blonde, but I prefer the red.

Cane on

RED RED RED. What was she thinking???

Donna on

Love her as a blonde, more softer look for her, more natural.

k-spree on

IMO, i dont think that blonde pic does her justice.

She looks nice, with darker blonde hair and goregus with red, but i think that although platinum does not look bad, it doesnt look her best either.

Amber on

blonde makes her to pale. She rocked in red.

amanda on

i like her blonde and red, but i think blonde suits her better.

mel on

i like the red better!…i dyed mine exactly the same red when she did…and have kept it. seeing her with red for so long i realize i dont like it blonde. im stylist and yes props to the person who colored it the well and not making it fall out. :)

burr urie on

i love both hair colors.
but i think red really works for her the most.

D on

I loved the RED, she owned it, it was very original and unique now she just looks like everyone else and anyone else.. ;(

catherine on

i love it know she is way sexier than her sis

river isles on

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