Robert Pattinson Cuts His Hair: Love It or Hate It?

12/22/2008 at 10:45 AM ET

Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Finalpixx

Say good-bye to Robert Pattinson‘s sexy tousled locks. The Twilight star caused a major frenzy when he stepped out this weekend with a new crew cut. Though he may not have the long messy ‘do that won us over, we think he looks just as hot with the shorter ‘do. The second installment of Twilight doesn’t begin filming for awhile, so hopefully the longer locks will be back when Edward returns to the screen. We want to know what you think, is Robert just as sexy with his new crew cut?

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Rebecca on

I thought that he was cute before, but his hair always bothered me. Now, he looks so gorgeous! HOT!

Leslie on

I think he looks very sexy either way but I love the other look!!! I hope he doesn’t have short hair for the up coming sequel New Moon. Chris Weitz keep it real like the book… U will have very upset fans.

lindsay on

he looks so sexy

April on

He can do no wrong!! Short hair, long hair..doesn’t matter. And before everybody gets upset, I’m sure it will grow out by the time filming start in mid-March!!!

Electra on

Same here, his hair always bothered me, but now, wow! much better!!

Chrissy on

I think it’s great. It gives him a more mature, relaxed look. I know some would think the whole roll-out-of-bed head is as relaxed as a person can get, but the way it was consistently playing with it, gave the impression, that it was a lot of maintenance.

Violet on

Yes, we all know he is amazing no matter what, but I loved his hair long! Especially in the pic you posted. That is his long hair at it’s best.

Brittany on

Get rid of the scruffiness and he will look much better! But I do like to cut. Looks good on him!

Bonnie on

Rob’s hair looks good both ways. But how can he cut his hair and play Edward Cullen for New Moon. Edward can’t grow hair back after cutting it. Hope they won’t need him right away for filming.

kaylee on

what a stupid choice. Its not that he looks bad but really , doing away with your trademark is usually not the way to go.

Rachael on

He’s hot no matter what!

Jessica on

All of you who don’t think his haircut is hot are crazy!! He is so absolutely manly and gorgeous!!!!

amy on

ahhh, he finially did it!! i love it! well, he looks beautiful no matter what. his hair will be long again come march when he will be filming his scenes for new moon. sigh.. love him..

Alexandra on

His hair looks awesome either way. By the way People Magazine, New Moon doesn’t start filming till March.

Megan on

It looks great either way.

Verena on

always like him :)

Anonymous on

Well…I guess he still looks good but I miss his hair it was so original I hope he grows it back!

Krista on

People change their image all the time. These characters will have to mature away from their teenage image. I think Rob’s new cut will make his character more manly and strong. The article mentions that the movie has started filming, so I believe that means his hair will be short. He is good looking in my book however his hair is styled.

Tiffany on

Whatever makes him less creepy. Yeach!

margo on

the long hair is true to the twilight novels.. i really hope that he has longer hair when new moon comes out…hes not Edward Cullen with a crew cut…it just doesnt work for me…

Anais on

Now he looks like Jestin Timberlake… Some may find it a good idea…

Leslie on

I am a HUGE fan of the books, but I think he is sooo ugly compared to how the book describes Edward! Definitely should have found someone better looking to play him!!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn on

They won’t keep his hair buzzed for New Moon, it makes him look to old. With that being said, I think he looks amazingggggggggg either way :)

MJ on

Now he looks human.

Kay on

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if he cut his hair! He looks so HOT either way but I hope it’s longer for the movie!!!!!

Kaylee on

NO. He is not cute to me anymore! And he’s going to look like this in New Moon? Can someone call the ambulance becasue I think I might pass out or have an anurizem or something along those lines! HOW COULD HE!? I dont care what his hair looks like, but I dont think he should change his hair if he’s playing Ewdward! not at all do I like this.

Jesus is the ONLY reason for this season,

Jennifer on

Like all things, it takes a little bit to get used to. But as long as he smiles, then it’s okay. He’s probably one of those people whose hair grows really fast, so as long as it’s long for the filming of New Moon, that’s fine. Hollywood hair stylist can do a lot these days. Rob – no matter what, you still look handsome! xoxoxoxo

Neetsie2000 on

He looked freaky before with the hair. Now he looks like a serial killer.

Madi on

um………… i’m a little speechless. i didn’t even think that it was the same guy!

KP on

Loved the long hair!! Hopefully it will be long again for the movie!!

annom on

HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT…now he looks just plain and American.

Jenny, Louisville, Ky on

Why do men with great hair go and cut it off! He looked fab before…not so great now!

marcie on

omg i liked the long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so sexy but i dont like the new hair (tear)

Christa on

I think short hair looks great on him. Way to go Robert! Besides, he said himself that he doesn’t want a trademark anything, he just wants to be himself, and if this is him being himself, I say, kudos.

Kathy on

I think his hair was really bothering him and I was sick of reading about it. I’m sure he’d look good bald!!! Luckily, if you don’t like it, you know that HAIR GROWS.

rayray on

much better! some guys where long hair well…his looked greasy and gross to me.

Jessca on

He is gorgeous no matter what he does….But he needs to grow his hair out again to play Edward, his look was perfect in Twilight!

Beth on

FYI – New Moon didn’t start filming last week, People! It starts in March. Check your facts!

Rob looks hot regardless!

Kendy on

I don’t care how he has his hair, he’s just sexy.

Lalunah on

I think he totally ruined himself!!!! I will wear black for 7 days to mourn this loss….

Tara on

Okay i loved his hair before he cut it . I hate it he looks so old ewww!!!!! I’ll just have to keep my memories about him with hair oh well!!!!!!!!!!

Meagan on

Thank goodness! His long greasy hair was ruining the my image of Edward…..he looks so much better now.

Mofo on

oh. my. lord.

hotness is defined in that picture.

me likeeey

i heart himmmmm!

Rebeca on

omfg i cant believe he cut his hair!

oh well he is sill hottt ♥

Sandi on

I loved his hair in Twilight but then it just got wierd. He is a gorgeous guy. He doesn’t need to cover that face with all that hair. I love the cut!

Honeybee on

WOW, he looks really grownup and sexier than ever! Looks a little like JT don’t you think? HE’s just HOT – –

maritza on

The guy is just hot!!!! Nothing can take that away from him…..

Amy on

I’m with Lalunah. It is a dark, dark day.

Becky on

I don’t think he’s all that hot anyway..Yes, I know that’s just me..

Aplin on

his face is still the most beautiful face!

Myriam on

I’ve never laid eyes on anything more gorgeous in my entire life.
He is gorgeous. His hair is gorgeous.
The man is just… beyond words.

Sabrina on

Omg He LOOKS S E X Y any way but is this gunna effect his role of edward in da other movies???

Me on

He looks clean now.

UnintendedChoice on

The man can do no wrong- GORGEOUS


Kimberley on

It wouldn’t matter if he was bald, he would still be HOT, HOT, HOT!

Devin on

I have to say that he looks a lot better with his hair cut shorter. wonder what made him cut it hmmm?

JO on

Now if he could just do something with the eyebrowns….

Cat on

Who cares?? Its not like he’s curing cancer or something.

Alanna on

He looks horrible!!! He looks like an old man…this does not suit him at all and he needs to grow it back for the new twilight movie….if he doesnt than I will not go and see it because it almost looks like he is a completely different actor.

Liz on

For me, he has been consistently unappealing. But it’s pretty amusing the way he’s constantly trying to slap his fanbase in the face. How many ways can he tell you all to ‘go away’?

greenbean on

either way! swoon

Burnsey on

Looks just like he did in Harry Potter. Cedric Digerby Lives!!!

Erin on

It looked nice before when it was well-styled, but usually it just looked strange. This looks SO much better. And maybe before they start filming the next movie, someone will invent something that will let him look like his hair is longer than it really is… oh wait…

Bree on

His hair makes him hot, but his singing makes him SEXY!

Tammy on

yuck! he was way hotter with hair!

Monika on

I don’t love it or hate it. I just love him. I liked the longer hair bit more, I think.

Kaylee on

No, no, no – hair is beautiful and all guys should have some (unless they are in the army). Just because it’s in style to have your hair shaved off doesn’t mean it looks good. He looks like every other goofy shmoo on the streets now.

Susan on

In the pictures without sunglasses, he looks like a less “hound dog-look” Jake Gyllenhaal. He now looks like he knows what a shower is.

Маргарита on

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Karen on

I love him either way, the short hair looks cleaner though lol but in the end he is SEXY!

patti Laskey on

I love it short too! He is just sooooooooooooooooo HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

He looks just like my husband when he was younger!

Lynn on

Rob looks great either way! He obviously had it cut for Parts Per Billion, which starts filming after the New Year! The Sex Hair will be back before you know it!

Jennifer on

I like it now. He definitely looks more kept and, as my brother put it, “less stoned.” You look good, Robert, you look good.

Kaylee on

The long hair was totally hot, the short hair is just ok.

L on

he should’ve just washed his hair instead of cutting it all off..

laura on

He looks HAWT!!! Gourgeous!
I think that won’t be a problem in New Moon because Edward’s character is not present in most of the book. They HAVE to keep the bronze locks, just like Bella calls them!!!

Маргарита on

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KT on

I agree with Rebecca. The touseled hair just bugged me. It was like he was trying too hard to be cool. Now he’s cool and smokin’!

Gina on

It doesnt matter to me if it cut or not it doesnt affect his smile and his voice. He is an awesome singer.

Ellen on

He needs to go and get his money back.. thats an awful haircut. I love it long but if he is going to get a short haircut like that, at least let somebody do it that can cut hair.

Nicky on

He ALWAYS looks HOT!!! Give the guy a break, anyone that has had longer hair knows it’s a real pain in the ***.

Chi on

He could shave bald and still be totally HOT!!

Jules on

I hope it grows back before they shoot New Moon!!
He looks fine, I will probably get used to it.

(he’d look better without the sunglasses!!)

oh well, he’s still gorgeous.
Personally, I liked him better with his Edward hair than his long normal hair.

Here’s the scale:

BEST: Edward Hair

SECOND BEST: New Rpatz Hair

THIRD BEST: Old long Rpatz hair

WORST: His hair when he was on ELLEN (UGH!!)

Marry Me Rob on

Lord have mercy! He should be illegal.

L on

JULES you are so right!! His hair on ellen was disgusting!

Ter-Bear on

Probably not the best move since he’ll be going back to start the next movie soon. Hope it’ll be able to grow back before filming starts, otherwise he won’t look like Edward is described in the books.

angie on


Rob’s new do | I Heart Edward on

[…] Check out this pics and vote here […]

Cass on

No fear ladies. I’m sure it will grow back before March. His hair seems to grow fast. People waste too much time worrying about the small things. Give the guy a little credit. I don’t think his carreer is going to the dumps becase he cut his hair. Maybe its for his role in Parts Per Billon. Calm yourselves. It is just hair.

Mari on

When you are that sexy and Handsome I dont think it much matters what you wear. People are going to find you sexy in anything… He looks great either way to me :)

Jasmine on

I dont like it,
his hairs what put him togethor in a way
i dont know i mean ya hes still cute i guess
but his hairs was like the cherry on top on the cake ahah!
but seriously it better grow back for new moon or im goona have to slap somebody lmao!
edward cant have hair like that for new moon its just :| no dosetn work!

Jenn on

As long as its back when they start filming, who cares.

Jasmine on

K ya so my other comment obvisouly didnt work
so here it is again.
I dont like his new hair, its just not him
his hair is what kinda made him in a way his hair was the cherry on top of the cake
i mean i guess alot of people like it but for the Twilight fans im pretty sure most of them dislike it, he cant have hair like this for New Moon it just wont work aha it better grow back, and if it dosent :|im goona have to slap someone aha!
but ya i seriously think he should grow his hair back :)

Kasey on

I love Robert, I love his hair long, but short is ok too. He can not go wrong in my book, even if he is 10 yrs younger!!!

katykat on

it’s sad, but it’s okay.

Jen on

He looks like Leo DiCaprio! :D That is a very good thing!

Rachel on

I think Sexy Robert looked better with his long hair. When i saw the movie his hair was what won be over. But whatever it’s his choice, he’s sexy no matter what!!

You Rock Rob Pattinson !! <3 i love you



Mackenna on

I like robs hair but not as much as before. Rob will always be the hottest man alive(no doubt about it) but it not him.

Mari on

Just a thought…The thing I think people forget is that He is just a regular guy on a day to day basis. Im sure he doesnt live his life in character..He should be able to try a diffrent style like everyone else… Dont you think?

maddie on

looks better besides his long hair was gross..he would go weeks without washing it

Penny on

Is this really the same guy??

Mrs.Cullen on

rob is hot no matter what i do miss his long hair

karisa on

I love his sexy long hair. I’m not really digging his new look. He now looks like anyother celebrity, but he is still good looking.

katie on

nooo he looked so much sexier with his old hair!! but he is still sexy anyways

janette on

I can’t really tell with those sunglasses on. But either way i like it. He now has a kinda rugged look about him. I just hope that it doesn’t look that different for the movie.

Melissa on

He’s hot either way, but the scruffiness needs to go and so do the girly shades!

amanda thacker on

well i loved his hair…it was a part of who he was and it was sexy…but its not his hair that makes him who he is….i think its his personality…he has a great personality….thats what makes him…HIM…his hair will grow back but he will always be ROBERT….and he looks great with the new hair…i love it…at first i was sad about it but looking at it and hearing about it…he is still the same guy….

Approve on

Approve? And what if we don’t? what a dumb question.

mackenzie on


mackenzie on


Nyree on


kristie on

anything looks better than that mop he had before. He was always messing with it. Looks awesome. Now, can someone please get him to shave? :)

Kristen on

Omg its different but its totally hot! No matter how he cuts his hair or if he doesnt hes going to look sexy.

Liz on

Saw him around shopping and he looks fab! Love the hair, love him. Such a sweetie!

erin on

i like the new hair do, but could he possibly shave once in a while…the scruffy thing just doesn’t work for him.

Rachel on

His hair in the movie was hot, after the movie it looked like he hadn’t washed it for God knows how long…. NOW I LOVE IT!

Marie on

I hate it. ):

Taylor on

With the beard, he looks like Spencer Pratt from the hills. If he got rid of the beard, he’d look hot.

Elizabeth on

He kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhal now… he was desperate to cut his hair for a while, glad he got the chance!

krista on

he looks amazing! he can pull off any look, but he looks better with shorter hair.

Tiare on

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oh no! he looked WAY better with his long wavy hair!!!! BRING IT BACK :( lol :)

Mj on

I think the long hair was the best. He is a very sexy man regardless but the long hair just sent him over the edge

TwiMom1 on

Loved the hair the length it was for filming Twilight, but not later as it got longer….now, I love it cut short! – though, if he would shave the face a little bit it would look 500% better too…

Veronica on

Hair does not make the person. Personality does.
As long as your heart is in the right place, things will always go your way. And just my opinion, but I think celebrities have a right to change thier outlook if they wish without public opinion trying to judge it.

TwiMom1 on

I believe it’s for the new role in Parts Per Billion too, folks.

RobSten on

He’s like a younger Brad Pitt. He can look scruffy and still look hot. Now that his face is all visible, he’s even hotter. Damn Rob! How do you do that? No matter what you do you still look hot.

thaiprncs on

HOT…HOT…HOT! He still melts my heart.

Emilee on

He Is so Gorgeous! I love him either way. But now We can see his gorgeous face. He is so Sexy like that. haha. I love him anyway.


anglegirl13 on

Wow! That is all I can say

Christy on

Even if he dyed his hair bright pink, he would still be amazingly beautiful!!

Ashley on

OMG!! i love it!! hes so F****** SEXYYY!!! im so happy he cut it :D

Kayla on

Ok I love Robert he is so sexy!!! But what made him so sexy was his hair! I miss it!!!

AmandaB on

Photos should have been similar. I want to see his eyes in both pics. Side by side, they look like two different guys.

Nadine on

OMFG!He looks like URGH!!!i forgot he name!
But ugh!i dont like it idk how people could like it =/
I Miss Edward’s Old Hair :(

Kayla on

Robert is the sexiest man alive! But what made him so hot was his hair! I miss it! If he does not have his hair in New Moon I will be VERY upset!

Kayla on

Robert is the the sexiest man alive! But what made him so hot was his hair! If its not grown out in New Moon I will be VERY upset! TEARS!!!

anonymous on

It looks washed! Good job, Rob!

Kayla on

Ok he is so hot with long hair!! He looks so old and ewww!!! with it short. If its not long in New Moon ill die

Chrissy on

He’s so HOT, I don’t care what his hair is like… Just come and take me away, pleeeeeease

Kayla on

Ok I love his hair long! I hate it short! If he has it short in New Moon. I might not even go see it.

Mrs. Kayla Cullen on


Josie on

He looks sooooo sexy either way!

Cass on

Thank you Mari!!!!! perfectly said. I have no clue why i even came back to check these comments, but people, you are out of control when it comes to this guy. Of course he is a great looking man, but must we tell him he looks bad or good. We all know he has paranoia issues as it is, now he is gonna worry that some crazed girl is gonna shot him cause he cut his hair. When you get your hair cut, do people tell you that it looks bad and you should have left it the same? Let the guy be free to be himself for crying out loud. I’m not trying to be a biotch, but we are scaring this poor guy.

Jennifer on

Maybe the girl that plays Bella will hate it so much she wont come back to do the other movies….we can only hope

Twilight Movies, Photos, Discussions and More on

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Livie Cullen on

WOW…..I like it a lot!True it’s different then his sexi long locks but makes him look much more manly!

christina on

I loved his hair before,it was perfection, but now this hair style. well i can honestly say its not bad, but im mostly mad because all that gorgeous is gone.Also it wont be long before its back anyway so….i cant wait to have him back in the states for the next movie with his beautiful and perfect hair.
love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen on

Rob looks so sexy! I can barely breathe right now!!!
I love the new ‘do!

Candice on

I thought that nothing could make him any more beautiful that he already was. I stand corrected.

Tammy on

Even though he looks great both ways…I think its his hair let him do wat he wants with it!! He probably got tired of everyone making a big thing bout his hair!!

MaryAnne on

i think he looked kind of girly with his long hair. now that he cut it, i think he looks more mature and guyish.

amiee on

i prefer the twilight hair but either he is FIT.

Sophia on

he looks sexy no matter what short or long hair, but his new hair cut is HOT i hope he grows his hair out for the sequel( new moon) though because the way his hair was for edward was amazing :D

DeAnna on

OH MY GOD!!!! What was he thinking? I do not like the new hair at all.

Sydney on

at first i was like wtf did he do to his hair!?! now i’m starting to love it, yeahh i miss his wild and crazy
sex hair.. bt it’ll grow bak out in no time :D
he can pull any style of hair and make it look sexy!

LeeLee on

awww man his pretty brown hair is gone *sighs* all well he looks good either way as long long as he doesn’t go bald. but overall it looks good something different to tryout

Fabs on

Haate it, its not unique anymore
Many dont seem to agree and I know its his life but I dont find him ANY atractive any more.

linda on

Rob Pattinson looks sexy both ways…………He is just gorgeous

Alyssa on

i personally loved it long..but either way hes still hotttt =]

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Jen K on

Thank God, that hair was disgusting. But he’s still not hot.

MTV'S WOMAN OF THE YEAR (twilight fan) on

Robs gravity defying locks were his trademark, and now they are gone. I all but had a heart attack when i saw his new do. IT IS ABSOLUTELY COMEPLETELY HORRID. His long hair was so great. NOW HE LOOKS HORRIBLE. I swear that if he doesn’t grow it out in time for New Moon then i am going to go and kill him. (not really i’ll just get angry) Sigh.

jelly on

he looks gorgeous either way…i think the other hair was more dramatic..this cut is sort of sporty..i do lke th othe way tho..

Christy on

Rob looks hot no matter what, but I am definitely loving the new hair!

Nicole on

He looks so sexy.. and clean :)

courtney on

i like his old hair better but it is sexy no matter what!

Madi :) on

Oh, why did he have to shave off his beautiful cascading locks? The hair made him adorable, but now he doesn’t seem like him anymore. And his choice of sunglasses; Oi Vey!

chelsead on

i think he looks hott both ways ;)


kyra (: on

he looks rockin.
& for all the haters
hatin on him- he looks hott!
& you would love him either way
if you were his true fans.
so keep sippin yer
cause we still love rob.

Lauren on

I like it long, but it had been looking a bit too greasy lately. I think the short cut is good on him too and it will grow back out! :)

Haley on

its not that i don’t like it,
i would like it if he was just some other actor
but he isn’t- he is edward cullen
and he totally killed that when he cut his hair
that is just my opinion….
gross for rob…

Aspen on

He is GORGEOUS no matter what he does(:

Shantel on

I love his hair SO much better now that it’s cut. He just looks so sexy with short hair. ;)

Lety on

He looks gorgeous either way…
It’s too bad though, I would’ve loved to run my hands through his messy hair.
He should definitely keep the fuzz going though. Loving it!

alexx on

i agree with kaylee without the hottness. hes sexy with his attitude and ya know his edwardness but i mean lose the edward image and he loses everything.. pattenson? come one!

Amber & Sam on

OMFG HOW COPULD HE DO THAT TO US!!!! me and my best friend are screaming at the top of our lungs because of rob’s new hair due! OMG he still looks gorgeous (without the glasses) but omg how could he cut off his gorgeous hair!

Leocis Nadia on

omg, he looks older with his new haircut.
it’s a big no for me. he’s moooore handsome with his longer hair. and of course it must be blonde. it makes him looks so hot!

Amber & Sam on

omg! im crying! what in the world was he thinking?!? i cant belive he did that! i do think he needed to cut it but i was thinking maby 1.5 INCHES AT MOST! stupid stupid stupid, well IT BETTER BE BACK

Megan on

LOVE IT either way! I would still snuggle with him if he wanted.

Noelle on

Wow. I thought I would hate his hair if he cut it because I love it long, but he still looks hot. I guess this just proves that Rob can pull off anything!

Nichole on

He looks great with the new ‘do!

Mitzi on

Hate it! And I have serious doubts as to this really being him!

Juniper on

WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!? HIS HAIR WAS AWSOME BEFORE AND NOW HE CUT IT. NOOOOOOOOOO. HE WAS SO HOT WHY DID HE DO THIS?????? i hope it grows in by the next movie or else that will suck.

kami on

Rob looks fantastic both ways. He is sooooooo

Juniper on

NOO WHY DID HE CUT HIS HAIR. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL BEFORE. HE WAS SO HOT. i hope it grows in before the movie or else that would suck.

Nicole on

WAY hotter now!!!! hes smokin!!!! but he looks good either way. ;D

Tory on

You do all realize that he is starring in 2 other movies besides New Moon…right?

Skye on

Okay, I absolutely LOVED his hair, I can’t believe he got it chopped off…he looks so so so….. bald :( and it makes him look ALOT older! And also vampires arent meant to change! I know he isnt a vampire but whats going to happen in NEW MOON!
Still I’ll love him no matter what but Gosh, I dont think I can get used to it lol

Juniper on

nooooo. he was beautiful before

Maygun on

He’s gorgeous either way. But I do say I prefer the clean-shaven face and tousled hair. We all know it will grow back before filming for New Moon starts.

Gabby on

You guys are pigs. you can’t tell a person by the way they have thier hair. honestly it is his choice, and who are we to tell him he doesnt look goood. it is his hair let him do what he wants.
P.S he looks hot either way.

Leah on

I think it’s gorgeous. Rob could do anything and still be the sexiest man alive.

julie on

i really LOVE his hair both ways. he’s so GORGEOUS with either hair cut. the only thing is the pic your put up of him with short hair is ugly. i saw some different ones and their alot hotter.

loveee him <3333

Sian on

I think you should start a whole new Twilight merchandise craze: Team Short Hair and Team Long Hair! Oh and Team Switzerland. Hehe I would so laugh. I think I’m still in shock about his haircut lol! No but I can’t make my mind up until I see a better photo than the paparazzi one, like smiling and no sunglasses and less beardy. At first I was like omg nooo! But now I’m starting to see it looks okish but not Edwardy.. if the plan was to stop people being so obsessed with his hair then it totally backfired as now he’s gonna have this whole internet craze of how many milimetres his hair has grown each day and whether that’s a good thing or not!

Maria on

I love robs new look he looks more mature and even sexier if that’s possible. And for all those that are worried his hair can grow back by the time new moon starts filming so chillax LOL

Serenity on

he looks kinda like brad pitt :D
{in a good way}
i like his hair better this way

Kelly on

Rob looks great either way…….besides…hair should never be your “trademark” He is handsome period!!! Besides…….it just shows his killer smile even more!!! I am a sucker for a great smile. What’s better is his down to earth personality and humor. Gotta love a man like that.

Chelsea on

I think he looks ah-mazingly gorgeous with his new hair cut!!

Andrea on

I love his hair either way. :)

renelin on

i think his hotter than before..but i think he also needs to it…☺

Mariah on

i love it

Sarah on

I’ve always loved Rob and his hair was great before. He looks even hotter with short hair though! LOVE IT! :)

I wonder what they’ll do for the New Moon movie though, I will barf if they make if wear extensions or *shudders* a wig.

Anyway, yes, Rob is sexier than ever! I love you Rob! :)

Daliforever on

Um… isn’t his hair his trademark? And he cut it off??
Plus I liked it before, now he blends in with all the other crew cuts.

renelin on

he looks hotter than before..but i think he needs to shave…love it♥..☺

Spunky New Hair Cut « Spidurmunkey on

[…] Vote on whether or not the do works for you HERE. […]

Daliforever on

Oh and how is he meant to pla Edward Cullen in the upcoming sequel if he has his hair cut? A wig or something? Hope it grows in time.

Lissa on

Rob is gorgeous no matter what he does to his hair, but I must say I LOVE the new cut.
He has plenty of time to get it to ‘edward’ length so no worries, but I hope Weitz leaves it natural and not over styled as in twilight.

Kimberly on

I think that Robert looks great either way. It is his decision ultimately to cut his hair. Besides it is just hair it is not like it won’t grow back for all of you adoring overly obcessed fans!!!:-}

Carrie on

Come on now girls…cut him some slack. We all know how frustrating it is to have to fix hair day after day after day. It looks good and it doesn’t change who he is.

G. Ryan on

I’m loving the new look. I think it makes him look older-a bit more mature, which makes me feel a little less dirty for lusting after him, considering I am seven years older!!

G. Ryan
Twilight Mom

Britta on

I love it!!! I think it’s way more sexy then before! I kinda only thought he was hot as Edward… but now!!! WOW!!! :)!!!

Bella on

I dont like this hair veyr much really, we all know him for his amazing”SEX HAIR” what is he going to do for new film New Moon, wiht short hair? , And the main question, Why?


sasha on

The man is a greek god and is perfect. You need to show the heathrow airport photos.

jan on

Rob’s an actor not a model. He looks amazing with black hair as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. I love all of the looks he’s had in films. Infact his geek look in Bad mothers handbook is one of my favourite looks

zsazsa on

He’s hot either way. But I prefer the long messy hair.

lindseyy on

I feel so bad for him, he can’t do anything without people freaking out about it! poor guy :(
hahah, but i like it better short for him. he wont be playing with it all the time.

Alex on

this man can NEVER EVER look ugly! i liked his “old hair” better but seriously….he is HOT and they will neverrrr change!!!


Elizabeth on

I actually like it. He doesn’t look like a little boy anymore.

Sabrina on

Calm down people (no pun intend), it is just a cut hair, like hairdresser’s always say “It will grow back!” And he he looks good no matter what.

mRs cullen on


Sabrina on

Calm down people (no pun intend), it is just a cut hair, like hairdresser’s always say “It will grow back!”

heather on

well, hopefully he will grow it back soon!

Mixy on

Pfft, he always looks good. Doesn’t matter.

Haliey on

Rob , what have you done !?! You were so sexey ! Your cute now but why ? I cant even see your eyes in that pic . Please grow back your hair !
lots of love

caitlin(cullen) on

I really love it, is other hair really botherd me, great look for him….he’s edwardlisious

but my only concern, is what submit entertainment will think

will he have his sexy edward hair back by the time they start filmimg in march close call!!

and i totally aree, spunk can not go wrong!:)

ha ha, heres my number

because i need help….finding my own rob ha ha

that was sooo corney, but ssssssssssssspoooooo true!

Chelsea on

He is sexy no matter what.

Kelsey on

I think he looks really good, his hair was not his trademark and by cutting it he showed that it doesnt define him plus he looks good no matter what he does. Dont get me wrong I absolutely loved his hair long but I agree with whatever he does and dont freak out over New Moon im sure it will have grown back out enough before filming begins in March.

Chelsea on

He looks sexy no matter what. <33333333333



jill on

ahhhh i hate it.he looks cute for a guy in his 30s or 40s not a 22 year old.i hoper it grows back for shotting.

Danielle on

He was always good looking with the long hair but i thought it was getting a little but out of hand and greasy looking. i LOVE the new haircut. and anywhere between what it is now and what it was would also be okay.

mo on

i like it a little
i think he looks a bit like david beckham now from when eh was in Bend it Like Beckham. idk its alright but i miss his hair

Kate on

No!!!! I can’t believe he cut his hair!!! I loved his hair the way it was!! It better grow out for New Moon!! I mean he still looks great and it doesn’t look bad it’s just that it looked so good the way it was!!

Mary on

Breathe people! his hair will grow again
And he looks hot this way

Cloudi on

Well i kind of like the long hair better but i dont hate it.But anyways its not anyone elses opinion that matters if he likes it then he can have it.

Brittany on

I honestly, LOVE HIM SO MUCH with his short hair. I think it makes him look more clean cut. but he still looks like rob. which is scruffy :] so i love it so much.

hes a great actor too, haha

elizabeth on

robert is sexy with his long locks and the short ‘do!
i LOVE him no matter what kind of hairstyle he has!!!! HES SOOOOOOO FREAKIN HOTT!!!!

Linda on

Its not that i hated-hated his hair before its just that it was annoyin seein it all very undone @ times, but n-e who i LOVE his new hair cut hes always gorgeous,.. annnd im pretty sure he’ll have his hair grown backers by the time “New Moon” comes around,.. :D

maysie on

He can go bald for all I care – I still LUV him!!!

Lisa on

Holy lord! steamy, piping boiling Hot!! I don’t mind his haircut, he still looks sexy to me. Anyway, will they put his hair on ebay? I will buy it though. OMG, i am not obsessed but this guy is sexxy. Mum, did it is just get hot?

I love you Rob. “sighs!

Kim on

Are Robert and Nikki Reid dating ?!?

Tiffani on

he cut it friday or saturday
i like it and to all the people who don’t like it believe me it will grow out in no time.

Emmy on

I love both hair cuts either way but i hope it grows back by march for new moon there will be ALOT of upset girls…..but on the plus side he still looks hott!!

Lisa on

You kidding right?!! Nikki Reed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don’t mind him darting her but at the same time I’m like noooooo. please don’t let this be true. Robert, I love you, ok, please, I know i sound obssesed but please someone british at least, God, idk, i’m confused.

devin on

i loved his hair i hope it grows back soon i am soo in love with him but until his hair grows back i dont know what i am going to do!!

Liza on

The man can do no wrong! The new do is super sexy!

caroll on

I loved his new hair cut. He’s as hot as he was before. And with those glasses….really HOT!!! Can’t waut to watch Little Ashes!

April on

He looks so hot before now i dont know hopefully it’ll grow back before new moon

Annabelle on

I hate the new crew cut.The long hair made him HOT!

Amber on

I like it either way. Its his hair. His life.

Starr on

He is gorgeous, period. Long hair, short hair, whatever!

Lynn on

I think he just got sick of people talking about his hair…it made sense for him to get rid of it. If I were him, I would have cut it as soon as the movie finished. He does look mad sexy either way, though…

Ariana on

I loved robs old hair but the new hair is really great too. Ijust think that his hair better grow back out for the next movie New Moon or there will be tons of angry fans!

Joanne on

From a older woman perspective. He was beautful before the cut and now he is handsome with it. He also make me feel less guilty for my leering.. LOL

Vanessa on

Love it! it just needs to grow back in time for New Moon, or then I will hate it.

jenn on

OMG!! The only thing that i didnt like about him was his hair, but now he is just so perferct.

bae on

He looks older with the new do. What will happen to the 17 year old edward cullen with the new do??:D

Britney on

He looks so damn sexy. I mean he’s always been gorgeous but now this man is SEX.

Angie on

OMG!!!!!1 I hate his haircut, He looks creepy and doesn’t look like dat sweet Edward i know. I want his longer beautiful hair. He looks better with it. I want EDWARD!


Camille on

NO!!! I loved him with his sexy, messy hair!! He was the perfect Edward! He better grow it back out for New Moon!!

Katelyn on

I think he is still friggin gorgeous. i love the hair both ways. and honestly if others dont thats fone with me cuz it means less competition. haha. he cant go wrong!

Samantha on

the picture on the right doesn’t look him… his chin is smaller, his nose isn’t as pointy, his upper lip looks bigger, i donno if it is him i think he looks beautiful!

maddie on

I think a part of me just died inside. For Twilight, the hair needs to be back. Although Jasper is my favorite (I won’t start a debate here), the main character needs to be the main character. Which means he needs to LOOK THE PART!

Arletta on

I am a hairstylist n i LOVED his hair before, it was hot and sexy!!!! his new cut is still sexy on him or course….but i prefer the longer shaggy hair hands down!!!!!!!

Keri on

YUM!!!! I don’t care what his hair is like, he’s HOT! P.S. Lucky for us he’s very talented too!

Rose Ann on

robert looks gorgeous either way, but his new haircut makes him look cleaner, fresher, younger. aside from that, we can now his glorious face clearer. XD

ashlee on

i hate his hair now he was freakin hot before if his hair is not the same in the next movie i will swich to team jacob

Katie on

I don’t care how his hair looks, I’d still do him!

Alyssa on

I think Robert Pattinson is really sexy, but I think longer is better… I hope it’s longer before New Moon, or they might see angry fans with pitchforks.

tanya on

His short hair is just as appealing. He did get in the habit of constantly wrestling with his hair. Now his hands are free to do other things….

nicole on

i agree with one of the previous comments that his hair was his trademark.. i thought it looked great before now its just eh

elsiee on

how could he have done that?!?!? im sure that this will be a major upset. he looked so sexy before. why now? hopefully it will grow back! i love you, rob!!

charity on

i don’t like it he was so hot with his hair longer
grow it back please!

stormy on

i think he looks HOT!!!!!!!!!! either way he looks like a vampire with hair he looks like a soldier without either way he is still the hottest person ever

Naeema on

I loved his Prince Charming locks, it worked great for the teens. The crop, however, will work great with the ladies.He brought sexy back!

Rachael on

HECK NO! He looks way HOTTER with the longer hair!

Driguerra on

I was looking at Rob’s picture…I use to say..Can Rob get any hotter?…omg…YES HE CAN!!

abrandnewcolony on

either way- hot.

Sarah on

Robert will always be hot, no matter what lenght his hair is.♥♥♥

Morgan on

He is still way… hot!

taylor on

he looks really old with his new hair, and like every other actor, his hair made him. he looked different from everyone else, but now he’s exactly the same as everyone else. also, he’s way less sexy now. but the most annoying thing for sure is that he’s a clone of every other guy on the earth.

Sarah on


Mackenzie on

I really like his new hair-cut but I will always love him the same. I have to admit though his new do is soooooo hot!

Mackenzie on

I will love him more than anyone will ever know. I love him so much I don’t think it’s possible to love him anymore than I already do.

Priscila on

Yay! now i wont complain about him never brushing his hair! and if he use to call that brushing his hair, he’s crazy

leigh on

i hate the new hair
it looked better before
is it maybe for a new role????
he looks like a different person
i say bring back the longer messy hair!!!!!

amanda on

Honestly, I think he can do whatever he wants and shouldn’t have to worry about other people’s opinions. If I want my hair, I don’t go out and consult the “paparazzi” or my “fans” before I do it. I just do it.

He will look handsome either way, so I am a big fan of both. And people stop worrying: they don’t start actual filming till March or April. Hair grows fast.

It’s just hair ;)

bie_162 on

He look kinda like Justin Timberlake with that kind of hair cut….

Kateltn on

i like his hair i think but i can’t decide when you can’t see his whole face cause of his glasses. btw his hair was like his signature thing like u know the crazy just-rolled-outta-bed bed look that was like his signature look but whatevr he is still really hawt!

Lauren on

I love Robert Pattinson so much!!! I loved the long hair, and when he played with it I basically hyperventilated. But I like this too!! He’s gorgeous regardless!!! And FYI his hair WILL GROW BACK!!! New Moon isn’t set to start filming until the middle of March so he has time to get it back, and from what I’ve seen, his hair grows quickly anyway!!! He won’t be allowed to have this hair for New Moon anyway, the whole point is that the vampires aren’t supposed to look different, after all, their frozen at whatever age they were changed. Anywho, I love Robert and he’s still perfect to me <33

rosy on

OMG! i cant belive he cut his beautiful hair!! well he still looks hot though=)

Skippy on

I think he looks great! I don’t think he WANTS that to be his “trademark”. There is nothing wrong with having many good looks. Look how many different “dos” Brad Pitt has had and pulled them all off!

Jubilee on

No. Fail. Epic fail. He ruined Edward. I still love Rob, but he shouldn’t have done that. He ruined it.

Diana on

Rob Pattinson looked great before – signature locks were hot. He’s still great, but I hope the touselled hair is back for New Moon.

M.E.G on

I liked his hair b-4 because now it doesnt even look like him!!!!It makes me and my bffl Lex DEPRESSED!!!!:-(

Carolyn on

i prefer him with his hair, but seriously with hair or no hair we twilighters will still love you Rob! ^,…..,^

Jennifer on

O my cullen.
i actually LOVE IT. i loved his trademark hair before, but hes the same sexy guy whatever way you style his hair. my friends have been telling me all day he got his hair cut, and i was worried, but holy! he can pull off anything apparently! but i will miss that trademark style of his! haha

Bella (No really, it is) on

Oh maaan! I loved his hair. It’s one of the many things that made Robert unique, and not to mention undeniably sexy! Still sexy, but I’m really gonna miss the hair.

Wendi on

I think he looks just as fine. He’s a grown man, he can cut his hair if he wants. He’s about to do another movie soon and maybe he just wanted a different look. I don’t blame him. Go Rob!! Be your own man. You look good either way.

brianna on

i think he looks even cuter but he looks like brad pitt a little o well brad pitt coulndt pull taht of lol i love u ron grow ur hair out

Skye on

I think it’s brilliant not stupid that Robert cut his hair. Robert’s talent, passion, and wit alone are enough to make us all love him. He doesn’t even need to stoop to such low levels as manipulating through trademarks. He doesn’t want to be known for a hairstyle. It’s insulting.

wookie on

oh my gosh! he’s so hot! i’ve always wished he would cut his hair coz he looked so untidy with the hair he had before… he looks so hot now!

Carousel on

It makes him look older and scruffy. Mind you didn’t like his orginal hair it was too long I guess this is a minor improvement?

Cordelia on

Robert Pattinson can do no wrong. He still looks absolutely gorgeous with short hair. I think it’s ridiculous that people identify him solely for his hair. I mean, it’s HAIR, come on! We should focus on his incredible acting skills and charisma. He’s said it himself, he doesn’t get the obsession about his hair. Rob doesn’t care about conforming to the Hollywood status quo – more power to him!

Amy on

i hate how he had to cut his hair. The hair was crazy and looked like a vampires look. the director is a jurk. who would think about cuting his hair.don’t get me started about taylor.they want get a new jacob black. that is just wrong, taylor is hot and he is perfect for the role. the director is a JURK!:( (i’m sad)

KC[: on

Kay. I gotta say it’s not the best… But I can live with it. He’s still TOTALLLLYYY HAWT<33[:

ayen on

He looks co clean and fresh! LOL! I like it better than the i-never-wash-my-hair-do! LOL! sooo HOT!! now im liking him…

Amy on

Jk about my comment before. i luv his hair both ways. i am just mad.

Emma on

I think this looks really good on Rob, he looks so different! A little like Justin Timberlake…
I hope it grows back for New Moon or there’ll be a fan uproar… *blocks ears*

Marielle on

that’s good btw.! it doesn’t look like robert pattinson.

Ruby on

I though that he was HOT!!! Before Dame!!! Where has he been all of my life.

Justine on

um.. i think he looks less like a stoner
so yeah i love the new cut

Madeline on

I love Robert any way I can have him, I like his shaggy cut, but yes, it would look better cut, but not this way. Unless he’s going for a military movie, I want my Eda\ward/Rob back. It would make me feel better if I could see him without his sunglasses on….either way, I will never stop wanting him, he is the one I want to never be without….


Stephanie on

He looks even more beautiful with his new hair cut. He is just so gorgeous and sexy!

desirae on

robert’s new hair is ok..
because he’s still handsome to me…

Lauren on

Rob looks hot hot hot either way love his hair how it was before and after

hot hot hot

sagha on

hes hot like always,long or short,im still in love with him !

sagha on

hes hot like always,loving it fr sure

Alica on

I miss his hair!!!

Loren on

heloh!!!!!!!!!!!!!it looks so good!!!! at first,i’m so curious why my classmates are so crazy about him and the movie, but now i know why………Its COOL…hi….

Kiki on

short hair is great, he looks like a real human. But i prefer the long hair for Edward Cullen

Pattinson cuts his hair! « In Memoriam on

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megan on

i loved his hair before, but know he looks kind of to different. Don’t get me wrong, he is still the most hottest person ever, but his hair makes people know him. it’s his trade mark. it is kind of sad to see it go. i still love you Robert Pattinson……….

Mrs.Pattinson on

I love him so i dont really care! He looks hot either way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa J. on

Oh my gosh! I LOVE his new hair! I want to run my fingers through it..
I love you Robert!

Nichole on

he looks like a wannabe colin farrell, i mean he is hansome… but he’s NO colin!!!!!

Nichole on

he looks like a wannabe colin farrell, but colin is much sexier

romy p. on

I think he looks hot in either way. i personally think he looks great..and who cares its his hair.

About Time... on

Thoought he would never do it…i’ve been wanting to cut that messy do of his…it was just annoying and gets your attention more than the person itself! Now…he looks a lot better….

Pugnacious Princess on

Rob is more than a haircut. He is an actor check out the Little Ashes trailer. Right now he is still genuine and humble which makes him absolutely delectable.

justine on

well…’s not edward and i don’t no if there is anyone hotter then edward.But for Rob it “works”

Mrs.RPattinson on

Golly it’s just hair; it will grow back and who really cares anyway it’s hair personally he looks gorgeous either way.This one makes look a bit more mature.More handsome and sexier than Colin Farrel.

Claire on

This man will look drop dead gorgeous with any hair cut. No doubt.

Destineeツ on

I think he looks gorgeous either way!!

meg on

Rob luks sexy in any hair cut

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kayla on

he looks great either way, i hope this doesn’t effect the twilight saga too much. & hey, he really doesn’t have to worry bout washin it now :) but he’s amazing regardless.

Kaitlyn on

I just love him. He could have pink hair, and I’d still love him. <3

Danika Cullen on

HATE it!!!!!!! I loved his hair so much!!!! And what about the Edward character hair!!!!! What if it doesn’t grow back!!!!!! I miss his beautiful wild hair!!

chels on

he’s hot both ways but there is something sexy about a with long hair that can pull off the “i just rolled out of bed and dont give a F*%$” look. i say grow it back!

Amanda on

I mean….
It’s kinda cute ,but his hair is his signature look….. Edward has long hair so how can he play Edward for New Moon?… i will LOVE him no matter what it’s just a weird choice. YOU STILL LOOK SO VERY SEXY!

Gorgette on

I Think His Hair Was Hot Before, Not So Much Now But I Still Love Him!!!


alison on

i can’t belive he cut his hair!! ya i know anything on him looks awesome but he left his twilight trademark even though he had it before! anyhoo it looks great but hopefully it grows out before new moon is being shoot that would mess up edward in so many ways.

Elizabeth on

Two thoughts:

1) Robert Pattinson is very handsome and looks great with long hair and short hair.

2) That he must be going crazy having people analyze his every move. I feel bad. I know that’s the price movie stars pay but it seems so out there. Anyway, I wish him all the best.

bella on

i still think he looks y even if he cut his hair but he should not do it agian… and should growit out before new moon

Juliet on

I loved Rob’s hair before, but somethimes it was too messy. I love the short hair. Very sexy!

Mrs.RPattinson on

he might have had cut because of parts per billion or he might just had cut becuase he felt like it either way he still looks gorgeous…

Sabrina on

Whoever liked him for his hair definitely has issues. He’s a masterpeice of godd! <3 I absolutely love his acting and personality.

Yes, his hair was hott! But come on!! It’ll grow back. To me he’s still a babe…EVEN IF HE WENT BALD! So, i think he’s still hott. I mean, who could resist that guy! :D

I’d still do him!
(wow, i can’t believe i said that, haha)

Francesca on

I lyk his hair either lked sexier before but now its neater..HOT FTUFF…lol…i luv him x x

Lindsey on

I thought he was kind of cute before but now he is hottttt lol

JTB on

OMGGGGG he is so hot i think i am going to die hes so hot wowowowowo

Claudia on

o.m.e! i think rob’s new hair is ok… i LOVED his long sexy hair wayyyyyy bettr… hopefully it’ll be grown out for New Moon! i love him either way… if his hair isn’t grown out by movie time i mite just have to fall in love with Taylor Lautner…

Emily on

Ok, I think Robert looked very sexy without he cut. I feel as half of “him” is gone. We all knew him from his hair, smile and looks… But the hair?! I mean, it’s up to him. Hopefulyl it grows back to the way it was before the next Twilight film begins yet again. I feel horrible. I still love him though, I think he is amazingly cute and sexy :) Hopefully it grows back! We still love you Robert Pattinson!

Alyssa on

He looks way older. I miss his old hair. ):

Auzhane on

he looked sexy with his hair wild but now he just looks hot. but he cant go wrong niether way hes still my man.:)

ingrid on

i liked his hair long better! he looks older with short hair! I hope it grows back when they film new moon. edward with short hair will NOT please the fans!

Brittany on

I liked his hair before better, but I wasn’t always fond of his hair choices. I totally don’t like this new hair cut. But he can still be MY Edward any day! (:

Bella on

I think he looks better with long hair! I hope it grows out by the time they start shooting New Moon, because he doesn’t look like Edward…

rebekah on


KellyLovesJonas on

I HATE IT! I loved how it used to be all crazy,wavy and gelled in different directions. Now he just looks like a normal dude. HIS HAIR WAS HIS TRADEMARK AND NOW IT’S GONE! WHY!?!!? All i Know is, he better grow it back for New Moon!

Kate on

His poor hair!!

Chloe Cullen on


Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

twilight series fanthe1st on

dude what were you thinking hate it

AveryLee on

I’m sure he cut his hair off because so many people made a huge fuss over it.

Krissie on

I think its Fabulous!
He says He didn’t really like his hair Very much,
And Everyone is seeming to touch it and Grab him for his hair.
But, I liked his hair Before and After Its like WOW! ahaha(:
I’d say hes always looked Clean but with his new hair hes more than better.
I’ll always be Robert’s Fan.
and It doesnt really matter hair is hair and i hope It will grow Back.
I like his hair.

Hannah on

He looks AMAZING no matter what length his hair is!!! m

gigi on

i think he will always be the most gorgeous man ever
but i looooovveddd looooovveedd looooovveedd his hair !!!!!

anna on

Oh my God… Why the hair? we’d rather you cut off your arm than your hair!!!



stacey on

i LOVE it.

twilight-fan on

I loved it more when it was long, but he stays cute! so I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

rere on

I think he looks good with both. but i liked his hair better when it was long… But it is HIS hair and i think he can do what he wants… the 2ed movie wont start for a wile. So i think every thing is going to be ok…

ely on

OMG I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW IT!!! i think he still lookes sexy but i like the other doo better he looked extremely sexy..i dont know iwhy he cut it..there are videos in youtube about his hair it s something that made him ,him….he looks older now wow im still in shock!

Samantha on

He still looks good. Though he kind of looks like Mattew Perry in that picture.

Jen on

I don’t think he looks cute with his short hair. I mean in all he was SO HOT in the movie with long and I CAN NOT see Edward Cullen with a almost buzz cu hair style. And I WISH I could not see Robert Pattison with short hair. It just makes him less appealing to me.

Jessica on

I HATE THIS NEW UGLY LOOK! i mean its cute and all but NOT for him!!!!!! i luved his old look. it was soooooooooo much better and thats what made me like him. ive never seen the movie but he is sooo cute. i regret not seeing the movie i really do wanna c it but i have NO time. i really wanna c the movie 2 c how cute he is and look and admire his old hairstyle. so ya these are my thoughts

Lily on

WHAT?!?!!? R U SERIOUS! NO way. I hope thats photo shopped. Dude i mean in ray bands I thought he was a god. BUt now…. (shudder) WHY!? WHY?!

Brianne on

Oh my gosh. Be still, my heart. What a tragedy. My day has just gotten worse, tenfold.

Dana Morita on

I loved his hair before. But now, he looks just like any male actor D:

sarah on

I love Rob with cut hair he looks soooooooo so so gudd. i thought he was handsome before but now he is smokin’!!!!!!!

Kryztyn on

i think his old hair was his signature look. but either he’s amazingly HOT! i like this haircut now.

Kaley C on

Wow. As if I thought he couldn’t be any more amazing than he already is, haha.

Carina on

He is hott no matter what (:
i love him !
woo go robert[edward]

Lisa on

I love him all around who cares about hair its his eyes and jaw line (please lose sunglasses and sahve)

Emma on

I LOVE IT! he’s sooo effing hot! he can’t make himself ugly! I LOVE HIMM!

Nennamyenne on

I love the new look! Rob’s new haircut makes him look older and still as sexy as ever!

Karla on


Anna on

OMG!!! NOOOOOOOO!! He looked so good with it crazy. He still looks super sexy but im going to have to get used to his new do. Its nice and it looks more healthy but its weird not seeing him surrounded by all that hair. I think its hot

Tasnia on

Hey! I think the haircut looks horrible, but deep inside if Robert thinks its a good idea I think so too! Although the long hair won many girls over! He is still cute though! :)

briana on

I miss his long hair he was so sexxii and now he he’s just plain hot

hazel on

i luv him sooo much.but im not really feelin tha hair.but it is his choice so im not goin to dis on it.

Brooke on

OMG the people who think he is hotter now are CRAZY! he is horribe now… I LOVED his hair and now its gone!

Kristie on

CLEARLY this works so much better for RPattz. He looks like he can maintain it better himself, and you can concentrate on his gorgeous face now more than you could with that Super Sayan On Crack Hair.

KAY kay on

Rob look so gross now! He wuz so HOTTTTTTTT with long hair omg it better grow back or im not going to see the next movie he wuz at least a7 or8 with long hair now he is a 3 to 4! if he losese the beard and grows out his hair he is mine!

Kelly on

OMg i love His new hair cut!!!!

he looks good both ways, i still love him!!!!

Kay on

KAYkay shutup !now he is a 7 I think? or is that rilly him I hope not I guess he wuz pritty HOTTTTTTTTT with long hair so I hope that wuz not rilly Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lourdes on

He looks amazinggg (:

I love it for Robert Pattinson, but for Edward Cullen I like the long hair.

I hope he grows it out for New Moon, but the new one looks great for him (:

malia on

i hate it

crizma on

long or short hair doesnt matter.. he looks hot and gorgeous with both!! but i wished on the next movie it will be the same… and i like the movie so much that i’ve watched it everyday until today..

Tiffany on

I think he is genius…his hair causes all this ruckus…yes ruckus. so he does what everyone is least expecting. Genius.

valerie on

he is very sexy no matter what its all about the eyes !

april on

he’s so cute!!!! i think his hair is hot either way!!! im hyperventilating just by looking at his pic!! woot woot!! way to go rob!!

katie on

he always looked sexy but in sum pics his hair was a little crzy. now he still looks sexy but he looks a little to much like brad pitt. but hes still a sexy beast

katie on

i think change is always good and its sumtin different but it wouldnt b the same if edward looks like tat so i hopw his hair grows bac quick. but no matter wut i still want him for christmas with as little close as possible on.

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Robert Pattinson girl on

Robert ses he will grow back his hair for New moon dont have a heart atack!!!!!!!!!!! his word for good he told me to tell you people so u know

LuAnn on

The man is beautiful and interesting. His hair does not make him. I like his hair any which way! I do think that this would be easier to maintain shorter. I am just happy to be able to see those beautiful eyes and face. That is where it’s at!

Amy on

Who cares!!!

Amy on

He’s still a scruffy english boy!!

Marissa on

I say either way he’s sexi! Doesnt matter wht he does, he’s robert pattinson. but i do agree i hope its long for new moon.

Ela on

I liked his other look before cuz when u saw it u wanted to just play around witt it. but this one’s cute

Kendall on

Hmm…Well, I must say that I miss his longer hair, but I don’t think that he really knew how to style it himself, so sometimes is looked a little, well, off. Although when it was styled nicely, like in the movie, he looked amazing.
It’s not that I don’t like his hair now, he still is super gorgeous, but I definitely would not have recognized him. He always will look good, though.

Katie on

I don’t like his hair long or this short I like it at a medium length. His long messy hair was sexy sometimes but others it was like whoa what happened. Know that its short I dont know I’m not used to it yet but, medium seems to fit his face shape much better. See-

It’s still a little mussy and sexy but he looks like he actually got ready that morning.

JayneS on

I think he still looks handsome.

i mean it was kinda of stupid to tell him not to cut it in the first place. i mean if anything they should’ve let him cut it sooner that way when fliming begins again it would have grown back.
besides telling someone in their twenties not to do something is stupid…..we do what we want in the end hehe

Katie on

I don’t like his hair long or this short I like it at a medium length. His long messy hair was sexy sometimes but others it was like whoa what happened. Know that its short I dont know I’m not used to it yet but, medium seems to fit his face shape much better. See-

It’s still a little mussy and sexy but he looks like he actually got ready that morning.

let’s hope it’s a good one « on sleep mode on

[…] other news, Robert Pattinson had his hair cut! Goodbye messy Edward ‘do ;c Haha! Happy Holidays again to everyone :) No Comments so far […]

Isabelle on

i just drooled a little.

that’s a lie.

i just drooled a lot.

Mrs. Pattinson on

I think he looks ok. I LOVED the old do. I fall for guys who have messy and long locks. Robert’s hair was amazing before. Now I don’t hate it, I love it too. But I miss the old ‘do. He just lost his trademark. :'(

AnaFlora on

MONSTER how could he cut his beautiful long hair, why Robert WHY….hes still hot that will never change but NOOO hes way better with long hair

Tabitha on

It is his hair and he can do as he pleases with it. Personally, I think he is attractive either way and his new hair cut is rather becoming to him. He is still Rob and his hair will grow out before March.

themoonisdown on

hot hot hot… besides it’s hair! who cares, it grows back! he needs a new outfit though…

angelinaxox on

His hair was starting to get too messy and annoying. I happen to think the real change he needs to make is to his eyebrows. They drive me crazy even more than his hair did. Anyone else bothered by his eyebrows or is it just me?

anakaren cullen on

He doesnt look bad but he looked better before
still in love with him:/

fanpire on

Long hair..short hair.. i don’t care..
he always awesome n fabulous for me!!!

caity. on

NOOO i loved his messy hair…aannddd in New Moon he has MESSY SHAGGY hair nawt a shaved head ughhh this is horrible!!!

Merista on

he looks so adorable and HOT..!!!

pinky on

It is not that i h8 its just I got used to his looks in twilight! thats why. . .

lyric on

i think its hawt!! he looks soo much better, and it will grow back out in time for the filming of new moon!!hes still amazingly sexy and i cant wait to see new moon its guna be just as amazing as twilight is!!!

shamrific on

about time!!

he looks so great..

but will it grow back for the nest movie?

i mean edward cullen’s hair was like gorgeous right??

Caitlyn on

I think hes sooo hot both ways but really I dont blame him for getting it cut, everyone on interviews always ask about his hair and why he always runs his hands through it.

I love him always

pixistix913 on

Hate it, hate it, HATE IT!! gag! I personally do not think he was meant to play Edward in the first place, now he’s messed it up more! This is why I’m glad I’m a team Jacob….

Kate on

So Rob is completely amazing either way. You can’t ruin someone just by cutting their hair.
He looks very hansome. Oh and I was wondering about the new moon thing… Won’t it be grown back out by then? I always loved his hair.

Anika on

NO, I’ve already seen it .. but now I can give my opinion. NOT,
I love RPattz I love him!
But I also loved his hair
and now.. ;E
Ah well, he’s still sexy of course

Anais on

OMGEE what did he do to his gorgeous hair?? WHYYY IT WAS SO GOLDENNN!!! i hope it grows back!! hate ittt whyyyyyyyyy

rendy on

i loved his hair longer. it made him look more like edward. i hope its grown out by the time the next movie starts. it might look better if he took the ugly sunglasses off.

-major twilight fan

sweethatredmau on

He looked too old in that picture having short hair. i don’t know, or maybe it’s because of the sunglasses. :D whatever. still love the long messy hair. :)

briana on

i love robert pattinson no matter what. i like his short hair, even though i love and adore his long crazy hair. with either one he looks hottt!

bekah on

He will look hot no matter what he does.
but i like his long hair better cuz that was wat made him different and sexyyyyyyy.
as long as its long for New Moon im happy :)

rob pattinson is the hottest man alive !!!!!!!!!!

RPattzLover on

just as hot as before <3

Hannah on

I loved his hair long!!!!! Hopefully it will grow back for New Moon!!!!!! He was so much hotter with longer hair!!!!!

Destynie on

Nooo!!! hw was so HOT!!!! but thats all gonee
but he still looks good

i think he’ll be butter if he had long hair

diana on

He is hot no matter what his haircut is. I do like the shorter hair.

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dani on

i think he looks good no matter what because he can have a mahawk for all i care thaqts how much i love him

Hannah on

I don’t like his new hair!
he’s hot before**

Sara on

I think Rob is hott no matter what he does he is && always will be declivous!!

SavageBeast on

From the pics I’ve seen so far he looked much better with the longer hair. Maybe when new pics come out I might think differently, but not right now. I defintly wish he would have kept the longer locks!

Mariah on

Ewww. Omg he looks like a 40 year old mannn. He need’s to shaveee!

monica on

he still is HOT, but why would he cut off his gorgeous hair it was his signature thing that everyone matter what he does he’ll still look good..i just hope his hair will grow back soon!

Ana on

i love his long hair why oh why did he do that… though it is his hair

but i will kill the director if he doesnt have the same long locks he had!!!

i love you rob

i love you Edward

i hate you choices but still love you

sharinna on

All I can say is that with long or short hair he can still bite me all he wants…lol

aubrey cullen* :D on



Gabriella on

I HATE IT!!! OH. MY. GOSH. what was he thinking? i lived for that hair and he cut it all off…i’m devastated!! i honestly cried when i saw his hair for the first time!! AAAH!

Dawn on

HOT!HOT!HOT! Post more pics PLEASE!!

ayen on

he looks much as gorgeous and hot as before…


I love it he looks good with long or short hair!!!!! He is so IT!!!!!! OMG!!!!! HOTTTTTTT

Katrina on

I loved his hair before but this look is a lot more sofisticated and looks neater and cleaner. Besides as lo9ng as it grows out in time for the sequal i have no problems with this look.

Mai on

Rob looks hot either way! but this takes some getting used to. i have a soft spot for his Edward hair from the movie though.

lola luis lover on

he looks like a old man YUCK!!!

Brandy on

He looks like Jason Priestley, from the original 90210, in the photo with short hair. He’s still so HOT!!!!

Stella on

He’s not the same without his hair! i hope it comes back before they film New Moon!

Maritza on

I think he still looks GORGEOUS! Besides it’s his hair. Are people really tripping because of his hair?


Rachel on

All i can say is he BETTER have long hair by the time they start shooting New Moon!

Stephanie on

Robert Pattinson looks good no matter what. With long crazy hair or short he always looks sexy. I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!! TEAM EDWARD FOREVER!!!

Becky on

even if he was bald he would be hot

but i loooove the new look

Drea on

o m jesus!!
still hotttttttttt

anonymous on

looked better with his hair grown out….BUT it will always grow back….but who cares people? MY GOSH.

Delaney on

he looks so much more beautiful. this really is much better. you can see his gorgeous face and pretty eyes better :) plus its just hair it will grow back for new moon in no time. hes a guy… it grows fast

Tia on

i don’t know what the uproar is about. I like his new look. His look before was just for the movie. He looks a whole lot better/cleaner with it chopped off.

get a grip. on

get over it! hair grows back even after you’re dead!

Lauren on

I like it. =] IMO, he looks much better. It’s really cute. He looks normal.

Emily on

Like, his HAIR! It wasn’t so signaturific. And I mean, like… they totally on purpose made the new hair picture bad qaulity so they could totally kill it, you know? How cheap is that?

meghan on

I love it! he looks much more clean and mature.

Amanda on

I love the new look! It could have been a bit longer. so as to add some style, but still better then the longer locks!!They were nice, but now super sexy!

Lilyy on

Im so dissapointed

Katie on

I feel that the old hair was defining him as Edward; the fans have to realize that when he walks around he is not Edward Cullen but Robert Pattinson. I love the fact that he chopped off his bronze locks and gave us a picture of him not his character.
I Love It.

Paige on

omg i looooved it long! But no matter what he’s still going to be hot. No wait… not hot. HOTT TO DA MAXX

Victoria on

He looks like this hot teacher at my high school.(with the short cut!)

Rachael on

Oh, no! I saw this, and freaked out. I can’t believe it! I loved his old hair! This looks too military. I can’t stand it, sorry. :(

Kate on

His new cut is HOT! I loved his hair before the cut, but I think the new style makes him look more mature, sooo hot!

Sedona on

No! I loved his hair! =( why did he do this?!

Krissy on

I think he looks better now! He’s just frickin’ georgeous!

Haley on

This new hair style makes him look mature and very sexy. It’s a new Rob and I must say that I like it!

twilightluver♥ on

ughhh kinda mad he cut it but he will always be my luver!!!! ♥♥♥EDWARD♥CULLEN♥♥♥

Sandy on

I thought he was cute. I never liked the movie, or books. I thought his hair was too big for his head. now he has that sexy marine look!

stefany on

oh god. i love his haircut!!
but taylor lautner is still hotter then him !!

Miranda on

I like him better with shorter hair! You’re able to focus more on his face now instead of being distracted by his hair! No worries people, hair grows back, and it will be long enough by the time they start shooting new moon =]

Mel on

I think he looks great no matter what he does to his hair.

Stuart on

I like the new do!

Yossarian on

How does this even qualify as news? Get a life. Or not. Yall are definately entertaining the rest of us.

alicia on

He is a human being just like the rest of us, let him live his life. There are so many more important tragic things going on in the world that people should be paying attention too. I love seeing his face just as much as the next person, but seriously this should not be making news, I’m pretty sure if Robert Pattinson is the type of person he portrays himself as, he would think this entire topic is ridiculous. Merry CHRISTmas.

DeSha on

I am a big fan of Twilight but not a fan of RP. But my cusins are and they think he’s cute no matter what he does. So I hope Kristen likes it!

Jillian on

I like his long hair in the Movie, but it never looked as good outside of the theater, it always looked like he just woke up, I like his short do, but i also like it long

missy on

who cares what someone does with their hair.. its theres… geezee let people be people and leave them alone about stuff i dont even know who the guy is and never heard of him. first impression long is… he looks arrogant and short he looks like a scrub… but whatever… im sure cutting it made him money right…

Alicia on

I Hate It. I Liked It Before He Decided To Chop It All Off. But I Still Love Him And Im Still A Huge Fan!!!!

mary on

omg i hate it!!! he was soooo friggin hot b4 i miss it =(

tierra on

man i dont know why every one is goin all crayz i like the new doo he dosent look like a hobo i mean hes cute either way

Lyndsay on

Wow! He looks soooo different! So cute!

olivia on

hmm :/
he loooks cute :]

mike on

My wife and I liked him in the movie and what he does with his hair is no one’s business but his own.

Susan on

New cut is VERY nice. Now he needs to shave!!!

Lori on

Robert is HOT! HOT! HOT! The old hairstyle distracted from the finely chiseled features of his face. YUM!

Joanna on

OMG he looks HOT but i thought he looked WAY better before with his crazy unruly hair ;} but he looks HOT anyway you cant mess up a face like his!! I <3 it both ways!! but to me before was better but he still and will ALWAYS look hot to me

Ruslana on

I am noone to judge his actions, but i love what he did with his hair. Even if he kept it the way it was some fans would get upset becuase it would grow out. I totally respect hjis actions and i love his new do. Rock it how you rocked ur other do. I know you will

P.S.T.M.F-P.S TO MEAN FANS, even if you are mad at him and dont like his new do and dont respect his do, it will grow out eventually. Remember that

Ali on

I love Robert Pattinson and his hair before bothered me and now that he cut it SOOO SEXI!!!!

sandra on

i think he looks really stupid and i dont really like him any more

Penny on

It doesn’t matter to me as long as he’s still the HOT Edward that I fell in love with>

Smurf on

lol xD

Jessica on

He’s still gay!

Phialin Fernandez on

Pattinson’s hair is OK. When someone is that beautiful, he can’t go wrong whatever he does to himself.

Katie on

I love it either way! He is so hot with both haitcuts but the long hair is more Edward and the long and short hair is Rob! Rob is so sexy!!!

daniella on

well he looks more sexy with his long lock,but his new look he look more grown up but he still a HOT vampire


THATS SOOO NOT HIM!!!! they look totally different. If you look closely you can tell that its not him.

Sam on

I loved his hair long, but he’s gorgeous anyway he has his hair

John on

Good! Now he looks like a dude.

Jaclyn on

That is SOOO ugly!
What is he going to do for the next Twilight movie now?! Wear a wig?!
Ewww god please say he isn’t going to!
It looked SOOO much better before!

peedin on

whatever he does with his hair, he is still drop-dead gorgeous

Emma on

Wow, he actually looks like he showered with water, instead of booze, and washed his hair with shampoo. I LOVE IT!!

jin on

he freakin looks like a brad pitt wannabe.
so not originnal his old hair was so original

Elle on

So much better and alot hotter. His other hair done the wrong way made him look weird. Now he looks good! LOL.

Kiara on

I love it! Its clean and much more masculine looking than that mess before. I think guys with sorta longish hair look like girls and wimps.

Christy on

I like his old cut better.He is still cute in his new due.But it is his choice.I think the fans should`tbe upset.And I love when his old hair was brushed in the movie Twilght.

Jamie on

EWH ! he looks absoulutly
terrible .. his locks made
him gorgeous . now, he’s the
average star. I hope it’s not like
that in new moon !

Callie on

He looks way hot still, but he no longer looks unique. So now he is just another regular celebrity. Atleast it actually looks clean.

robyn on

ummmm, i liked his hair before, it made him stand out from all the other guys. i really hope it grows back before they start filming

Em on

He looks hot either way.
But people hair does grow back.
In three months, I bet he’ll hair
will be like it was before.

Katie on

URG! i think he is SUPER hott, but now he just looks less hott. People will began concentrating on his hair instead of his other amazing features! i dont like the change. I thought he was sexier before

Robert Pattinsons' Wife on

OMG I think he looks even more gorgeous. Im mean he was already hot before but now he’s even hotter. I love the way he looks both ways. I just love him. If people are his real fans they wouldn’t care what he does with his hair. Oh and I love Robert Pattinson.

Mallory on

I think he did it to give himself a break from Edward, and for people to realize he ISN’T Edward. Although we all are obsessed with both, I’m sure it gets old. And does everyone REALLY think it won’t grow back?

svana (rpattz obsessed) on

Omygod. i saw this b4 and i was so sad. he should of sold it on ebay! probably worth millions

Cecyy on

ohh my! x]
R pattz just screams ‘SEX’
i love it <3
love him ;]

Jessica Vaughan on

wtf wtf wtf. he looks sooo much better with long hair.

Jaime on

o.m.g. he looks HORRIBLE!! no, im not a hater. he just looks BEYOND sexy with his longer hair. im sry to all of you who thinks he is still gorgeous. I HATE i repeat HATE his new ‘do.

makala on

omg i thought edward was freaking hot with long hair but now hes ugly with short hair.hey edward let ur hair grow back out!

Anna on

ROBERT! WHYYYYYYY???!!! WHYYY DID U CUT YOUR HAIR???!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOO PERFECT BEFORE!!! (i still thiink your amazing and i <3 u) A

Alright, please grow it back!

Nikalaylie on

he’s hotter than he was before!



steph on

I actually thought he wasn’t very attractive with the hair. He actually looks decent now!

Shana on

omfggggg im soooo maddd! but he still looks hotttt! but ughhh im mad

Stormlight on

Looked better longer. But maybe now at least he’ll actually start washing it more than once every two weeks. Ew.

Raye Lynn on

He looks much more American :(

Lyndsey on

OMG!I think its looks terrible he looks like a bum or something,IDK I just don’t like it,I like his other hair way better,he looks sexier even though it was like all messy but it still looked good ya know?IDK I’m just not likin the short hair on him

Ria on


caroline on

i really didnt think he looked all that good before in the movie with the PALE makeup he did but i didnt like his hair before it was kinda Hot but now he looks totally different i couldnt believe it was HIM.

ma.christina aniceto on

robert pattinson’s old hair was much better because he looked older in his new haircut.

Sarah on

ooh I love it!

Jes on

Are you kidding me?? Besides the fact that Rob is ridiculously funny, he probably smells like rainbows and sex… who cares if he cuts his hair? He’s adorable, and now even more so (since I don’t look at him and think, “Boy, do something with that hair!”)

jules on

honestly as an aspiring hairdresser i think that a low maintenance hair-do is the best way to go ^^ i loved his hair long but as chrissy said he was always messing with it it was probably hard to keep up with it. honestly hes hott either way lol but if its easier to just wake-up and roll out of bed while hes not on the big screen then why scold him for it….i would do the same

Alana(: on

I hate it!
Okay, I loved him in the Twilight(<333) movie, but this is terrible.
All the books always explain his hair flowing in the wind, and about it having that beautiful shine to it. Now you CAN’T see it!
I’m mad!

Amanda on

Omg! It looks so much better long. Maybe in the middle of those two would be really cutee. The short hair is just ugly. Why Robbert, why?!

Valerie on

OMG i can’t believe he cute all his hair off!!!!!!!!! he looked a lot of better with hair but he looks k right now!!!!!:((

Abigail on

noooo! i used to love his hair!!! his hair was gorgeous!!! now it’s…it’s… T_T

WaterSeraph on

Personally, I think he looks ugly either way.

Tatyyy on

Hmm…at least now, he doesn’t have to worry about washing his much =]

RebeccaCullen on

omg!he looks hotttt<3i liked his long hair better,butt oh well he still looks BEAUTIFUL(:<3
it’ll grow bak anywayy <333

Brianna on

omg! i hate his hair now! The New Moon filming is only 3 months away! How can he be Edward Cullen with out his hair!

Kiana on

He looks gorgeous either way but his hair always bothered me.He looks better with it cut.
For those of you that haven’t read Nwe Moon,Edward is barely in it so added the time before they start filming plus time not in the movie,it will grow back.


UGLY!!! he was ugly before and now he is beyond butt ugly. He wuz soooo wrong for the part. I can’t believe they actually chose him. Everything is wrong with him, his hair, voice, looks,and smell (chuckle) but he is a born idiot so this is all I could expect out of him, getting a worse then lousy haircut. HE IS SOOOOO WRONG FOR THE PART OF EDWARD!!!!!! that is all.

hannahbananaaa♥ on

omg he is wayyyy hotter now(:
i didnt think he was cute b4 bcuz of his hair but i lovee his new hairrr(:
i just hope he grows it back b4 new moon filming

Kizzle on

Oh Robert Darling, no matter what you do, you’re screwed. :P

I personally LOVED the crazy, curly, locks, and I choked a little when I heard that he had cut it off. The perfectly-tousled hair was gorgeous – but the nice thing about hair is it grows back! See you in a few weeks, Robert! ;) (I actually love him no matter what his hair looks like, but seeing as I too have crazy hair, I appreciate it when it’s casually messed-up. :D)

-Kiz :D

Nena on

Robert is still hot no matter what.
long or short hair
he is still the it Guy!!! beat the zac efron. :]p

Tracy on

okay, robert pattinson is ugly, he always has been to me.
i don’t get why some people think he’s SO hot!
he’s is so ugly. his new haircut makes him look less drunk, and more mature. i don’t really care at all.
his new haircut also makes him look more like an old man.

Brittany on

I didn’t like his hair too much in the first place, it was too long, which made him look like he didn’t care. Now I think it is a little TOO short… I do like it better than the long hair though!

rae on

He is still very sexy. I lve his hair of course as messy as it could be, but he is certainly still as good looking with it short. Go Rob Pattinson!

Rachel on

I love both styles!!! Its good to try something new every once in a while. I do hope though that he will return to the tousled, sexy look for playing edward, for that is edward’s look. On the other hand maybe the crewcut or a different style is Robert’s look. He could have pretty much any hairdo and I still would think HE IS SO GORGEOUS, HOT, AND SEXY!!! That is just my opinion.

LeslieAnn on

He has already started filming for New Moon, !(:
How in the world will he be able to play it off?

This is nuts. But after all he did have a mop growing from his skull.

He looks like a teddybear now. But i bet they are going to show him getting his haircut in a Barber shop in the movie?

I have’nt read the series, heck! i’m on the first book still on like page two;hundred!
So much TENSION!!

Tara on

He hadn’t cut his hair since they filmed “Twilight”, it wasnt nearly that long in the movie. He has just over 3 months to let his hair grow before the filming “New Moon”. His hair will be fine in time for the next movie.

Jasmine on

he looked soooooooooooooooo much better w/ long hair. how dare he cut it off. now im gonna have to deal with my whiney friend who loves him. good greif!

Priscilla on

I think he looks great! but why everyone makes such a big deal when a celebrity gets a new haircut?! doesn’t EVERYONE does that? well just a thought.

Danica on

I always thought he was ugly. But i think the shorter hair is a little better

brianna on

He looks sexier without that mop! but he was sexy before too.

Olivia on

Wow Robert!
You are just as hot as you were before.
You never let us down.(;

Maddiie on

he sexy baby. he is HOTT ! with or without the hair. :)

dominique on

he was ugly before and he’s still ugly… i guess it is true.. money make ugly people look good.

denyse Free on

I love it. I always like his hair, but it kind of bothered me.
I loveeeeee it now! much better.

sommers on

omg!! what happened!! he better grow it back!! i still think hes hot!! but the hair made him HAWT!!

Kelsey on

Why did he do this to me? WHY!?!?! I loved his hair before! He was so darn hot!!! I can’t believe he did this to girls that were big fans of his “Edward Cullen” hair!!!

April on

I like both hairstyles he looks great either way !!!

Carolina Martinez on

well i have to agree that his hair looks alot more decent than ever… NO im not saying it was bad before…but come on it doesnt hurt to have a comb go through there. but hey his head his deal! Roberto I’m on your side!

athena on

i think it’s halarious! haha..i looked at it and i started cracking up! good job “edward!”

James on

You guys are really annoying. He can do whatever he wants with HIS hair! If it doesn’t grow back by the time the next movie starts filming then the director will wait for him otherwise, they’ll choose a new person and make a horrible amount of money. Hair grows back fast…

jodi on

hi my name is jodi this guy were talking about is gay anyway about me i wana loose 10 pounds outta 200 for my new years resolution

Charlotte on

I think he looked sexy either way, but i like the other one better

chelsead on




sashagrey on



April M on

he looks soooo much better. why is everybody whining. he probably got paid to cut it. he’s probably working on another film that requires him to have to short hair. you complainers have no life at all.

Lucia on

It would look way better if he shaved that stupid beard. But I liked his shaggy locks better.

kaitlyn on

i mean wow he is more hotter than ever love u rob!

Nikki De La Garza on

I think he looks good both ways. As for the movie, I think his hair will grow out in time. Also, remember he will not be in the movie as much as he was in the first one. The character Edward Cullen only comes out in the beginning and the end. So, all they need to do is just film his stuff later.

John on

OMG! He is so hot! Love him so much, HE IS MY HERO!

kat on


kaitlyn on

he looks way cuter with his new hairdo!


again here I am to say WRONG CHOSE!!!! the people who chose him to be Edward are so brain dead. Edward is sopossed to be a lovely, handsome, pale white, beautiful voiced, god, not this washed up peace of trash. sigh, oh well guess I’ve got to live with it, nothing I can do about it. sigh (again) hope they choose another Edward for the second movie. NEW MOON!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

lisa on

he is still sexy no matter wat

John on

OMG! He is so hot! HE IS MY HERO!

Courtney on

he look horrible he should have stayed with the red hair

emma on

UGLY!!! he looks like a bum. :[
i hope he has long hair in the second movie!!!

Paola on

Ehh I dont like it. It makes him look old. Maybe its just the camera its not nice and colorful like the other picture. lol He should definately keep the longer hair for the movie!!!

Kristen on

Seriously, I think he looks good either way. But i gotta say the new look does make him look very sexy ;)

Amy on

Rob is soooo hot both ways.

chris on

He looks human now….the hair was such a distraction…

Marilynn on

I think he looks A LOT better now, he’s cuter without hair <3

Nancy on

Personally, I think he looks a lot better. I was not exactly a fan of his “bum off the street” look before, and I really don’t think he’s all that great looking, but whatever floats your boat. He looks presentable now.

Mrs. Pattinson on

well anyways i loooovedd your other hair better but this new hair style is HOTT too ! soo keep up the good work robert ! HUGE FAN ! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH ! &+ LOOVE TWILIGHTT !!<3333

–love always,

ffa_purple on

OMG, he looks so cute.. but he did look better with long hair.. :'(

Darsie on


Angel on

LOL OMG I LOVE IT! But I’d have loved it more if there were an option for his hair in ‘Twilight.’ I mean, that’s gotta be the best hairstyle on him so far. LOL. He kind of reminds me of a Brad Pitt Jr.? xD

Wiley on

Well I don’t HATE it but his messy hair was PERFECT for his vampire role. He looks good with this one, too. BUT, I love the messy hair better. Sorry.

cat on

Leslie i agree completely with u!
But still he is hot!!!!

Tamara on

Well, for all the people that fussed about his hair always being a mess…. You can’t really complain now, can you?

But, I think it looks nice.

sue on

i liked him b4 but at least he still has the gorgeous accent!:) yay!

Sara on

He’s pretty hot either way!

Andrea on

no matter how short his hair is, i still LOVE him!!!

deb on

HUUUUMMMM…looks just like John Mayer did with is beautiful locks…doesn’t look bad but like a previous post…part of the “trademark”….

small on

Well, i think he can do watever he wants with his hair. Seriously people, itz HIS hair. How would you feel if strangers are telling you how to cut or not cut your hair? As for the role, i am sure they will figure something out, a wig couldnt be that bad. Alice and jacob are wearing wigs!

Becca on

Im very sad that he cut his hair off. what happens if it doesnt grow back in time for the movie. No one is going to believe Edward Cullen in a wig. It would look to fake. I am a big fan of Robert Pattinson i have been since Harry Potter. But cutting his hair probably just broke the thousands of teen girls hearts.

nicole on

Hair grows back… Love either look he is just hot period. Can’t wait for more of Rob!

P'lod_the_Alien on

Now maybe he can do something with the eyebrows too.

Danielle on

I think he can be a hot guy when he’s more put together. Like in the movie. I liked the hair longer, but maintained and spiked up with his shaved face. His character in the movie was beyond good looking. So I’d say I’d like it better somewhere in between the 2 pictures.

courtney on

his hair was hot but now it lookes like crap

no where, no how on

a. some of u people r scary w/ ur thoughts.
b. w/ long hair is betta. he looks like an old man now. jeez.
c. it would be betta is we all could see him w/o the scruffy mask, which some of u may want 2 prove me wrong, is so not cute.
d. the few of u who think he looked betta long, & i’m w/ u, need 2 get over it. his hair will grow back. but then he may cut it again. but until then, try 2 be supportive as fans r, 4 whatever choices he makes. that’s what fans r 4, right?
e. and 4 the few of u who think that u have a chance w/ him, count how many girls there are in the world, how many r celebs, and how many he sees fawning over him every day, and how many girls he gets to know personally. when u find the odds, tell me, and i will give you the %. my estimate is around 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (x999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 which is times that 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times that 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999) you get my point, right?

no where, no how

Megan on

He looks Really sexy bothe ways!!!
But i loveeee his long hair!!
I will prolly have to get use to his new do.
But hes still HOT to me =D

kelly on

He has sexy eyes, but for “Edward” from the books, he should have his hair longer.

summer on

he yous to look so naste hi did not look cute or sexy look better than that an i tell him.

Ria on


Sara Lee on

Ha ha!! What a doofus! That will destroy his popularity!

Sarah on

I think it looks sooo cute. He looks good either way. The reason people are so mad, is because they are so caught up in the Twilight character. HE’S NOT A REAL VAMPIRE! And New Moon isnt shooting for a while it’s going to grow back. We need to be worried about the Jacob character…We should love him also, he’s probably gonna be recasted!!!

nina on

eewww!!!! that is so gross! i loved him because of the hair. he was so hot. not anymore!!! he better grow it for the movie!

kate on

i like it.
he had a bit too much hair before

Amy on

Yikes, he doesn’t even look the same. Pretty dull now with the short hair.

trisha on

he looks dumb

Rachel on

I think he shouldn’t of cut so short. I didn’t really like the long look but I don’t really like this look either. It makes him look less Edward Cullen-y. Lol :)

Amy on

Oh let these girls cry and whine. He is hot either way. I would shake him all night long.

tiSh! on

He lookkkss wayy better like this!!! the new hair cut suits himm <3

Destany on

OMG!!!!!!! what did he do to his beautiful hair! he looked way hoter than now with the new do.

LiiSA! on

love his long hair in the movie. and i dont like the cut at all. when he had long hair he had personalitiy, now, he looks soo ordinary and boring. and he needs it back for the next movie!

Joanna Coham on

Omggg he still looks gorgeous!!! ok yess his hair was better before cuz it was so different…but he can still pull it off!! come on guys whatever happened to liking someone for who they are?? lol i still like it..besides itll grow out <333

Maya on

Whoa!! He looks so different it doesnt even look like Robert Pattinson!

Angel&Ashleigh on


krystel on

rob is indeed iresistibly hOt! cool.. gorgeous.. :) GODDAMMIT!HE LOOKS LIKE GOD!!!!!iloveyou!!

Jeenie on

Haha! That looks so much better, in my opinion, but i am speaking for the world… WHAT A DOOFUS!!

mazie on

It looks super disgusting… seriously it is extremely gross!!!!!

kiersten on

he was hot,sexy,and gorgeus,either way.but he should have the long hair,cause he is even hotter and dazzels people with the old look instead the new look

AmyLee:) on

ahhh he should’ve left it alone. but either way he’s still stunning. not many could pull off his old hairdo, therefore i prefer his old hair. :(

Amber on

I like it either way. And it’ll grow back.

meghan on

He’s still hot, but I HATE his hair now. Y did he cute it?

Janice on

Okay. Why? That look does not suit him. He looked more innocent without the cut….hopefully he will grow it back out again.

Jalisa on

I commend him for cutting his hair. He looked amazing before and still does now, but i think it’s great that he cut it because it shows that he’s not just going by what everyone says. He does his own thing and he’s not gonna keep his hair long just because some magazines thinks it’s his best look. He’s absolutely beautiful.
and i’m sure it’ll be back before new moon before people start pissing on themselves!

dee on

people shouldnt trip.
he looks drop dead hott!!

Rebecca on

It’s his hair to do with what he wants. I think he looks good either way.

shaney on

he looked hotter with the hair!!

Vivian on

Gosh wat waz up with the new do. i mean its nice and all but he looked way cuter when he had his long hair.

Timmay on

I hate how they have only a love it or hate it reation… I still can’t stand the dude, but at least he doesn’t look like some stoned tool anymore

antonia saez on


elizabeth on


Leslie on

I love the new look, very mature and almost that military clean cut look…very sexy

kayla on

hes SO much hotter now. yeahhhh, id totally beat (;

Waffles on


Brianna on

Hey i personally LOVED the hair BEFORE and i am a little upset but come on people HE’S STILL GORGEOUS IN EVERY WAY lol and besides im sure the hair will grow back by the time they start shooting NEW MOON :D so im very happy either way.

Phyleen on

Everyone should like him,weather he cuts his hair or not.Changes don’t really matter you just can’t stop liking someone if they cut their hair or whatever.Then youre saying when he has his hair long you’ll hang with him and if he has it long you wont come on,really.

Denise on

Whether or not he should cut his hair is a non-issue. The man has the right to cut his hair, for crying out loud! He will be fine for filming! Let the poor guy change his look if he wants to!

Sabine on

i totally loved how he looked in Twilight, but that looks gross! He looked sooooooooo cute before!

Stephanie Ivette on

Ahhh! Rob is so hott. :]
His hair looks qood either wayy.!

morgan on

he was hoter befor i am in shock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it needs to grow back ,but i got the book today

Elena on

No matter what he does with his hair he is still hot and sexy!!!!!

Nadia on

OMG!!!what happened he looks like brad pitt now!!! his old hairstyle was origional and now he chopped it off like jessie Mcartney!!! =(

Sophie O. on

He’s NEVER looked hot!!!!!!!!!!!

ashley on

omg i hate it he was hot before! he better not have that hair cut in new moon! im so mad! i used to love him! i have a poster of him on my wall. i wish it would grow back. i feel bad for him! he is kinda ugly now! but i still love him!

casi on

I loved the old hairdo, so much more daring, free and dangerous for a vampire or for him. This new one makes him look like ordinary joe. So sad.

allyson on

everyone needs to calm down. because its just hair. if they really liked him they wouldnt care if his hair was short or long. hes gorgeous either way.

kristen on

Oh my god!!!! I cant believe he cut his hair!!! I loved his hair, darn it! He was so sexy, i hope it grows back out by the time thay start filming New Moon!!!

katie on

why would he do this? hes from london, his hair was differrent and amazing and now he just looks like a regular everyday hollywood star!!! i hope he doesnt keep it this!!! i loved his original hair!!!

shyanne on

he looks hot either way but when his hair was long he was so sexy!!!!!

karina on

I think he now looks ORDINARY… still nice looking but he got rid of something that was his “look” & caused mass hysteria and made him look so cool & sexy and allowed him to become soooo OMG popular!! He has superstar status because of his “look”… Someone posted here earlier & got it right by writing that he got rid of his trademark… where is his agent? publicist? manager? same thing happened when “felicity”(keri russell?) cut her hair & the tv ratings for her show plummeted…her new contract had in writing “DON’T CUT YOUR HAIR”!!! I DON’T THINK HE SHOULD HAVE CUT HIS HAIR…

jazzmin on

his cut should not matter hes still as hot as ever

Skyler on

I say he looks a little like Mike Newton from the movie, but he is still gorgeous and I will love him either way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah on

He looks like he’s trying to pull off a JT look. I loved his hair before. The curls and beautiful length brought out his beautiful eyes. Those shades are not doin’ it for him. His eyes are fantastic and mesmorizing, and if he’s gawna wear shades, get some nice ones that compliment his face shapr. His other hair style also brought out the eluminous shape and structure of his face. His facial hair and new cut take away form that and make him look older than he actually is.

Taylor on

Rob is THE perfect Edward, and i loved his hair. It’s sad that he cut it, but he can pull off anything.

Alex on

OMG!!! Im soooooo sad, I loved his long hair… Hes still hot and hes still Robert but I miss the long hair already!!!!!!!!!

Lisa on

It’s true that sometimes it’s the hair that draws fans in, but honestly i think he looks fine either way. I don’t know why fans are so mad about him cutting his hair. It’s his hair so he should be able to cut it ot not. He has the right to do whatever he wants with his hair, so people stop stressing about it. Robert, you will always be attractive to me! ;D

Brooklynn on

i dont like his shorter hair but hes still hot

Marissa on

I’m reallyyyy mad……i literally screamed wen i saw the new look…he was soooo H.O.T. with his all over the placee “edward” hair and now it looks soo TIPICAL….nothing special….he’s like my fav actor and is on my wall in five places, my comp backround, and my cell backround! i REALLY REALLY hope he grows the hair back b4 new moon….and i read the book which is awsome so director STICK TO THE BOOK!

Suzanne on

If the second picture was without the shades and he had shaved and was smiling like in the first, maybe you could tell something about it. Sorry, but in reality the second picture does not even look like it is of the same person, and no, I don’t think he looks good.

Josephine on

His New Look Looks WEIRD His Hair Looked A Lot Better When It Was Long.. And His DO Makes His Look A Lot Older Then It Was Before And It Looked Better Before Than Now..

rachel on

omfg y did he do tht he lookd way better with the long hair :”(………….but it is ok………he still looks hot :)

sandra on

The length of his hair will not change the fact that Rob is one fine looking man.

Jennifer on

He looks sexier now

tori on

Okay i absoluyley love him, but the look personaly is not all that hot. he looks way better with his hair. i mean he is not going to jail, no need to cut it off. he was sexy the way he was.!!!!!!!!!!!!

shyanne on

he looks hot either way but the old look made him look SEXY!!! it better be back before new moon!!!

martina on

Omg thank god lol i thought he was gonna be like bald.Hes still cute[:needs to shave though dont like the facial hair[:

Brooklynn on

im so f**king mad that hair dosnt look good on him he looked better as edward

Cheyenne on

He was just as ugly before, he ruined most of the movie anyway, GET OVER IT!!!!!

melisserr on

hate it!
he was way hotter before….=/

Josephine on

His Hair is So Ugly.
It Loolked Better when it was long well thats what i think.

princess on

urgh!!!!!!!!!! gross he looks werid hate it!!!!!!!! hate it!!!!!!!! hate it!!!!!!!! hate it!!!!!!!!

Maddie on

i hate it!!!! his hair was the only thing sexy about him and now thats its gone he’s ugly! also the 2nd pic dosent even look like him so how do they know its really him!

Clairisse on

oh well..
hair grows back
but damn..

Layla on

OMG! He looks good, but bd at the same time! He looks kind of like Brad Pitt now!

Twilight fan on


Rachel on

He was complaining about the length and he always was touching it. It looks cleaner and smarter. Edward is barely in NM so I don’t think it will mess with filming.

mandy on

oh. my. god.
that looks freakin’ horrible! I don’t know what’s wrong with the 60% that like the hair now, but y’all need mental help ASAP!

Jessica on

:( i’m a little disappointed with the new hair, but i wish he took off his shades. Then I would be able to see his BEAUTIFUL eyes~! :3 but i like the hair now too. :D i hope it grows back soon though

Ariella on

Rob is still Rob, changing his hair doesn’t change his acting skills. It looks good ^_^



Carli on

I still think he is one of the most sexy guys on the planet but I loved him with his long messy do! It made him look so much more sexy and have that kinda I am a good guy but I can be bad look! I hope it grows back before the filming starts in Mid-March.


his hair was sooooooooooooo cute, it pulled together the whole look of Edward Cullen!!!!
He already was a horrible Edward, the only thing that was good about him was his hair. now he’s gone and cut that off too! SERIOUS ISSUES I TELL YOU!!!!

baylee on

i never liked his other hair……. this is much much better but he needs to lose the facial hair :/ but still so adorable

Alessa on

Yes, Edward will look the same as in the first movie but either way Rob look Smokin he looks more sophisticated with his new look!

Angelica on

I think he looks sexy.

just plain gorgeous!! i’m lovin it

vanessa on

He loooked better with the other hair but he ruined his look!!!

Josie on

IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! I always said he had a big head, and the hair flying all over the place made him look stupid. NOW he looks good! Almost looks like a young Gerard Butler(love him!) Good job Robert!

shelby on

he looks great; as always, but it’ll look alot better when it grows out a little in a few months,not as wild as before,so i think it’ll look great for New Moon’s filming.

niki on

Hate it.. didnt like either.. but when it grows out a little it will look better… its just a little too short.. but i love him <3 :)

Rebecca on

I love it! His hair would have looked good before if he showered more but ti think this will be great after it grows out a little bit! Good job Robert!

Leslie Velez on

wow i love your house. I dont care what they say you look cute and i got 200 things about you too.

natalie on

i dont like his cut it is soooooo gross
he DOES NOT look as HOT as he did in TWILIGHT
news 4 u ROBERT: leave your hair longer like u did in the movie!

C on

finally, it looks clean.. like both looks but this better!

kierstien on

his hair looks okay but i like it alot better the other way :)

Gabriella on

I thought his hairdo before was a mop. It looks so much beter now. Hoott~!

Lindsey on

very simple.
very rob.
very sexy.

selina on

HE IS SOOOOO UGLY NOW!!!! he needed a trim but not a buzz cut!! he looks like brad pit in those shades and butt ugly!! he better be wearing a wig while filming New Moon!

Alexa on

It doesn’t look bad but Edward will look different in New Moon. :( If he keeps the beard it hot. without its just okay. Im still sad he did it though

Hannah on

I don’t care what he does, he is still gonna be fine :) i like the new doo better :)
Hahaha :)
he is fine though!

anne on

He’s not that attractive to begin with. To each his own I guess.

Jessica on

WHYYYYYY! He was sooooo perfect…now he has a tiny flaw….but….he is still gorgeous…=]

Elisa on

Its always nice to do something new with your hair. BUt when it comes to actors and actresses you always have to double think on what might happen in the next film you are going to star in. Robert shouldn’t have cut his hair in the first place cause it’s going to ruin the next movie and what ever the makeup ppl are going to do for him to TRY to fix this problem its not going to work in the first place because we as in the audience will know its not real. He should star in the next movie tho at least to finish the saga.

Scott W. on

UUUUHHHHHHH…… WHO CARES!? It’s just a celebrity and his hair!

Julie on

I always thought that Robert’s hair was perfect the way it is. But I really don’t think that the hair makes a difference. He is still Robert and we all love him no matter what.

Though I have to say I like his old hair a lot more but I guess I can live with his new do’

Rachel on

I’m not sure why it’s such a big publicity thing. It’s just hair and it’ll grow back..
personally, i liked his hair long because it gave him an image..
but seriously, things are slow if someone’s making a big deal out of a hair cut.

yo meli, read this ! on

ello .

Alicia on

OMG!! Robert is sooo fine,sexy,hot and ALOT of other things! im am sweating!!!!

I <3 rob 4r ever

Marie on

sorry to disappoint everyone, but its hair, it grows back.

Elisa on

oh and its just hair it will grow back. and maybe next time he will think twice before cutting it.

Scarlet on

OMG!!!!!!! What?! he looked sooo hot b4 now he looks weird but whatev! it will grow back… right?!

kayla on

he use to look drop dead gorgeous but now ewww but by the time they start filming in the middle of march he will look better

Jetana on

Wow, people get a grip on yourselves! So he cut his hair off, big effin’ deal. It’s just hair, it grows back! I THINK HE LOOKS JUST AS SEXY NOW AS HE DID BEFORE HE GOT IT CUT!!! They don’t start filming New Moon for a couple more months so there’s a fairly certain probability that it’ll grow back before then; so take a large chill pill, sit back and find something constructive to do with your time instead of whining about someone getting their hair cut. You’re supposed to be fans- be SUPPORTIVE!! What has this world come to when someone can’t go get a freakin’ haircut without it causing a chaotic frenzy?!? Even if it is a celebrity who is under the constant scrutiny of the public.

brandy on

he looks fine either way

Karen on

wth he looks freakin hot with his new hair cut!!!!!!

foo! on

hey arlene!!

Lexie on

i looooved his hair the other way..
this way = not hot like before..
but i dont care unless he has it like this in new moon. That can NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT happen.
it has to stay like the books ! that i agree on.


Stephanie on

Come on it’s only HAIR!!!!
It will grow back,he looks
good both way’s!!!What if he
had to go bald for a movie!!
Then what!!!! Get a grip!!!

C_Ronaldo7 on

I think he was ugly with the long hair, but now he is kinda hot! But not as hot as David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo!

ashton on

OMG! i loved his old hair!
he looked soo hot!
the nwe hair is ok and satisfying
but the old hair can never be

melody on

his hair is stil gorgeous. he can pull off whichever hair do there is out there! this wil be easier for him too its not going to take time for him to fix his hair & he doesnt have to hide it in his beanie all the time. daaaamn he’s hot.

connie on

I love the new cut, I always like a guy with a short clean hair cut

wednesday on

he looks so average now, just like every one else in hollywood looks. he probably changed his look so he wouldnt be recognized as much in public by annoying fangirls.

Maria on

Robert looks gorgeous either way. He is after all Robert Pattinson not Edward Cullen. So I dont see what the big deal is. He can do whatever he wants with his hair. Maybe he even did it on purpose. Like saying hey maybe this way I can get some girls to like me less or something lol… yeah right like that’ll happen!

Rebekah on


lizzie on

i think he looks like jasper in the movie,i hat e it this way but i will always love him no matter what.By the way the movie rocked and with the new hair cut he wouldn’t look like a vampire.

maria on

he shouldnt have done it is all i can say. i mean “edward” was insanely hawt and why? well his hair la duhrr. so in new moon if its not the same hair then the movie will thro me off because of “edwards new look”

just in my opinion tho.

Nora on

i loved his hair in twilight but when i saw him out of twilight his hair was ok but but i wish he would keep it the edward way but his hair now is hot too hes hot either way i mean have u seen him

Erica on

I like it either way but I fancy guys with longish hair better. :D

Samantha on

He looks good either way :D

Amanda on

I think he looks A-MAZING! Gorgeous!

Jamie on

I thought he was ugly with the long hair, but now he looks “normal”. David Beckham is still the hottest!!!!

Brit on

Like the hair, hate the glasses

dallas on

i am still in shock.
but he still is very hot.

Megan on

are you kidding me he looks amazing!

stephanie on

liked his hair befor he cut it

Samantha on

True that…Well as long as he likes it :) not always about us you know

Diane on

He still looks HOT no matter what he does to his hair. It will grow back before New Moon starts filming. So you don’t have to worry about it. It’s his hair.

Leslie on

I loved his old look. He looked so hot in Twilight! I hope he keeps it longer for his next movie!!!! I do like the clean-cut look on some guys but he looks better shaved and with longer hair.

Ashlie on

Ahhhhhhhhh! It’s horrible! He looks to much like Brad Pitt!! Grow that hair back out boy!

Shivani on

omg. of course he is still cute, but he looked even more gorgeous with long hair!!!!!!!

Maria on

he still looks hot but his hair was his trademark.
omgg i love him. he’s the furture father of my babies<333
he’s so sexyy.

Clarrie!! on

hahaha…. well this is deffinetly a new look for him . i dont like it very much. but the picture is kinda blurry and he deff needs to shave. so i would have to say sory but i liked it before so grow it back. but maybe the picture is just bad. but as always you are gorgous!!!

Reba on

I loved his hair! he still looks awesome though!

emma on

noooooooooooooooooo hi-hi-hi-his hottness!!!!! its goooooooneeee!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ='[='[='[='[='[='[

kaddyshack on

i hate it.

Rachel on

It’s just hair, it will grow back!!!! Looks good to me!

Baller on

I hate it!!!! He needs to grow it back

Alice on

I kinda think he looks good but It doesnt matter cuz he’s still very sexii:P

alexandra on

He looks so cute in his new style and fine if u ask me and any of u haters hate on it wAT ever he looks good and he is so sexy any ways so haters fall back.

eydie on

i honestly don’t know who this person is, sorry. but just looking at both hair cuts, they don’t even look like the same man. the long hair is sexy. the short hair looks like a million men you’d see on the street. it really amazes me how beautiful people insist on uglying themselves up.

Justina on

Oh My Gosh! No! He needs to grow back his sexy hair! Why in the world would he do this to me?!

Bethany on

I think that his new haircut looks okay. It’s not exactly my favorite though. He was always playing with his hair and it really bothered me. Now theres not much to play with.

sydney on

he is soooooooo hot in the movie….. now ew. he needs to grow it back out….. he was soooo sexy!!!! :(

peace around the world for generations on

arlene kiss my butt heheh
justkidding =)

lauren on

umm.its ok i guess..
nothing beats his gorgous bronze locks
but it will grow back

Ebony on

I think it makes him look older and more manly. I don’t know how this will work with the next movies but i’m sure we’ll get used to it. He’s HOT regardlessly, and I can’t wait to see the next movie.

nancy on

he still looks hot !

Anymonous on

Well he doesn’t look so bad….Just a little bit of getting use to..Though i will miss his old hair.

Bonquiqui (remember me) on

Yooo my home boi lookin sexiii!!! =]

Brian on

Come on people it’s just HAIR! It will GROW back! Personally I think he looks good with the new haircut!

Kaylen on

i guess he looks ok but i luved his long hair. plus 4 sum reason tht hair cut makes him look fat.

SM on

Hair grows and his was not what defined him. I miss his old hair, but if this makes him happy then its good. He is still him and still looks good. Nothing to freak about.

Lola's mom on

My seven year old daughter is a huge fan of Edward and she loveees the new do and she loves him!!! I personally think he is HOT!!!

Chelsea on

I thought he was hot before, but now he looks YEARS older. He lost his hotness.

Rylee Jay on

I’ve never liked guys with long hair. So now i like Rpbert even more then i did before. and thats saying a lot lol! But i really do love it!

meli is ballin' on

haha .

bella on

I HATE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denielle on

he looks older, more mature..i barely recognise him! (:

Mariah on

yeah, i totally agree with almost everyone…his hair kind of bothered me because it was so messy all the time. like, in twilight, i liked it…but in interviews and stuff, it looked too different.
now…WOW! he looks just as sexy if not more.

Colleen on

I think he look really good with his new look and rugged and clean cut all he needs is a new wardrobe to go all long with it.

kierstien on

well i love the Twilight novels ive read all four,
Rob did amazing being Edward in the movie and im crazzzzy over him and am a huge fan but him cutting his HAIR!!!! what was he thinking??
o well once a fan always a fan.

cindy on

the guy is hideous regardless of his hair style

caitlin on

His hair was great before….now it’s okay. He better have long hair again for the next movie though!

italia on

i think he was more cute with long hair i hope that his hair can be back 2 normal when new moon comes out!!

Becca on

gah! i don’t like it he looks sooooooooo
tamed i liked it wild!!

crystal on

He really shouldnt of cut his hair and he needs to shave I like his old look waaaaay better

ayla on

omg he looks HORRIBLE!!


Well, i think he look’s so freaking hideous now.
he was sooo much hotter with the long hair.

Emily on

WOW…..He Looks Older Than He Is……Damn….I Liked It Before

Anny on

it doesnt seem bad but those glassess have to go

italia on

he looks hot in both ways u r so hot!!!!!!!

Stephanie on

i like it. but his long hair is better! (:

Rob Pattison on

Why is everyone so judgemental about me!!! Its my hair I can do what i want with it. GEEZ

Carla on

I ♥ it :]
it makes him look like Brad Pitt

Chenelle on

NO!!!! HATE IT!!!! the other look was his like look! He looked so hot now its just eh, i dont even have a word ugh!

Mari on

don`t worry people it will grow…he still look veryyyyyyyyy GOOD!!!!

crystal on

I think he looked waaaaaaaaaaay better before he cut his hair

Robert Pattinson on

Do NOT diss the new do’ .

J Coggins on

He looked better and more marketable before with the longer hair. It was a unique look on him and very stunning before.

Sharaun on

OMG. I didnt even recognize him. I think its ugly. HE should hve not cut it!

kristen on

yyyyyyyyyyyy????? i loved his hair before i mean don’t get me wrong his new hair is good but i loved his old hair ! lol r.i.p. longer hair of rob pattinson

Colleen on

I mean’t to say more rugged and clean cut

Emili on

he looks amazing either way, just like differantly.
Hope its back for new moon!

peace around the world for generations on

arlene is a butt head!!
just joshing

amber on


Demize on

I really think it looks better cuz the whole long hair do is nice but sometimes at certain angles it doesn’t give that EDGE in his facial features… so sometimes ill be like yeah he looks hot here and here its jus a maybe… but with the new look I really say he should go for it, it gives that EDGE!!

alexandra on

he looks so sexy any ways i love his hair and all ya haters back off u all ways hate dats y they call ya haters ♥♥♥ i love him he is so sexy god dam

Arlene:P on

i’m bringing sexy back .
lol !

Andrea on

omg he looks so hotttt both ways…. he looks like brad pitt in that picture (: Idk why people are going all crazy he will grow it out by March.. besides it’s his choice… fans cant rule his life.

jordan on

his hair looks ugly! i cannot see why he cut it for

isabelle on

long or short doesnt matter to me.. he’s exteremely HOT whichever way!!!!!
i watched the movie for sooooo many times..

Alexis Fernandez on

I hate it!
Iove his hair the way it was before!!!
: D

Lindsey on

thats.. different..
but hes sexy either way

Rose on

OMG he looks soo sexy n hot with either hair dos. But now he still looks sexy n fine as well.^^

Jessica on

I think with this hair is the only way he looks hot, long hair is definitely not for him. it’s ok for the movie but in real life, dude keep your hair short

Jodi on

hes hot either way but i would love to run my hands thru that tousled hair… mmm hes yummy!

Christin on

yes!! he is gorgeous!! but personally i think he is wayyyy hott with the longer hair && to be edward cullen he HAS to have the long sexy hair!! but he def. is fine either way!

Akanksha on

He looks a lot like Brad Pitt… not the beloved Rob Pattinson, and with his long hair, he really pulled off the Edward look. The long hair gave him that boyish charm that Edward, at 17, should still have. Please tell me his hair will grow out before New Moon!!!!!

Sophia on

Sure, I will miss his long and sexy hair but he is still smexxi. Short hair or long. He will always be smexi

Juan on

his long hair was kinda his thing. its sad to see it go. but w.e it will grow back.

Ross on

The new doo is awesommeeeeeeee! I want to know what he did with all the cuttings…i would totes make a little coat for my hamster Evee out of them so it could be just as adorable!!!!

Kacey on

I liked his long hair because it was very funny to watch him play with it.

Kitty on

Not bad, now if we could do something about those eyebrows!

Hannah on

I loved his hair before!! I looks okay short but much,much better tousled!! It looked sooo cute! I hopw it grows out by March…

anneamarie on

i absolutelyy love his hair shortt. he looked like a bumm//frankenstien person wit it long. it was badddd looking. hes definitelyy hot with it shortt…nawt so much with it long

poop on

do you really want to hurt me?

Emylee on

Not good for the next movie. Not good not good not good! Argh!

Kelso on

I loved his hair long… :[

Mackie on

yay he was sexii b4 but i
luv da new do..

naureen on

I think Rob’s new haircut is nice. at least its not flying everywhere in his face. haha. i hope it grows out a little bit b4 the new moon movie

Alexandra on

Finally!! im so glad he cut his hair, hes was cute before, but now he looks hot!

Linnea on

Omg! what is the big deal? he cut his hair…so what?? Most likely, his hair will grow out for shooting in Mid-April.

ReBeCcA on

I loved his old hair, but his hairstyle is his choice. Did you see how long it was? Would you like to have really long hair in your face when you’re a guy? It doesn’t look bad. He’s still gorgeous. And I don’t think he should get extentions, he can wear a wig plus his hair will grow out again; no worries.

Zee on

It’s his life. He can do whatever he wants with his hair.
I think is suits him really well.
He looks more mature and … manly ?
IDK. He just looks really hot.

JJ on

i absolutely LOVED his hair before he chopped it… T^T

Lydia on

Oh. No.
Rob’s hair before was well, like, I don’t know, I can’t describe the joy it brought me. Now he looks like Justin Timberlake with a sinus infection. Not good. :(! I miss his beautiful sexy manly long locks and now he looks like when me dog got a skin infection and we had to chop off all her hair. Ew. Okay, so it’s not as bad as it could be, but for serious, yo, not happening for me.
I’m sure the hairstylist who did this, while feeling guilty, has collected his chopped hair and is making billions off of it on Ebay by now.
Goodbye, beautiful Robert’s hair. We hope to see you again soon.

Becky on

Like the hair but what’s with the sunglasses!

madison :) on

omg my mouth fell open when i saw it i have to admit but he is still so amazing he really can do no wrong even with short hair i still cant stop looking at his picture lol

Elli on

i think its absolute hotness
but i will absolutely miss his gorgeous locks

caca on

arlene kiss your huge butt!!!!

Kacey on

I thought his long hair was really cute in the movie, but in his everyday life it was just funny to watch him play with it! What Heidi Klum said about his hair on the Tonight Show was hilarious.

caca on

do you chain hang low ?
cus mine sure do .

Renee on

I’m glad he cut his hair. He’s had the same look since he was Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire. Hairstyles are always changing. If you can’t accept that then you probably have a mullet and will do so forever! LOL

Becca on

I love his hair cut <3
Definitely much better

kira on

this is so stupid, he was ugly b4, he’s ugly now. y is everybody getting so up in arms? b4 he looked like he was struck by lightning xD

Sarah on

I like it better now. I think it looked kinda stupid when it was all long and freaky in the picture…

marissa on

he looks so much hotter with short hair. i didnt really like him with long hair and i think short looks way better on him

patty on

idk why… but i i think he looks way hotter with this hairdo …idk ive always loved him but idk i think this is so freaking hott to!!!!

A.J on

OMG~!~ i mean its not that bad but i think he looked much better be4

mswiggle2003 on

I think he looks old with the hair cut.

Samantha on

does he have a picture without those shades??,,well,guess it kinda makes him look more hollywood-like,,,but im not sure whether it fits him more,,darn those shades,,^^

kori on

he was cute before now he looks totally ugly

mary on

he looked alot better with the long was different.

Michael on

Great ! He no longer looks like a gurl & his hair screams to me to run my fingers up his neckline!

Joe on

OMG! His new look is so cute and the scruffiness makes him look hot!lolz :)

Melissa on

He looks great either way.

Jacque on

He was sexy in Twilight, but now he looks more mature and gorgeous!

Teke on

I think it was stupid

Danielle on

Seriously… upset fans? Grow up! Tons of stars have their hair a certain way for a movie, but they’re not bound to that forever… plus if they do not start filming till mid-March it will be long again…

Chelsey on

I Love guys with long hair but short hair isn’t that bad either
either way the new do isn’t so bad just not as dreamy as b4!
smart thinking to, it was a way that fans noticed him very Fast
now he just looks like a Normal guy
which i’m shure he loves being Free from fans ALL OVER THE WORLD!
lol smart thinking Rob!

Blair on

Ok, definitely looks a hundred times better… and those shades… :) Yum! I still don’t think he’s that cute though. Sorry, I’m still in love with Daniel Radcliffe :)

Jessie on

i liked his long hair but either way he’s still HOTT=]

Teana on

I think he looks so much better with longer hair and he looks so different with the short hair but I still Love him!!!!!!

Alexa C on

He is his own person. You wouldn’t care if the guy at the grocery store cut his hair so why would you care if Rob cuts his? Whatever. Its JUST hair.

zoe on

he looks way older with his hair short =/ can’t decide if i like it or not

Colleen on

I’m kinda sad that he cut it, but either way, he is still fine!

nicole on

i think he looks hot now!his hair was 2 outta control b4.

bianca on

his hair! ahhhh, still looks hot either way

Kayle on

And I thought his old hair looked bad!!!!!

meg on

I actually think it looks better! LOL, I never liked his hair long unless it was styled the way they had it in twilight. I think the shirter hair looks a lot better with his strong facial features =) And people need to chill about the whole fact about the New Monn filming! New Moon won’t start filming until MARCH! His hair will have grown back by then!

Nicole on

I think this doo looks terrible, he shouldv’e kept it the way it was… At least before he looked like he shaved and showered…the doo gets a big fat boo & two thumbs down

Rachel on

i lovex100 it!
he is like at lot hotter now!!!!!

tina on

i think it was really stupid

haylee on

well he looks okay but i like him better with short hair

katherine on

he still looks awesome no matter what but will it grow like it used to be when the time comes to film new moon in like just 3 months? i hope so. but he looks gorgeous!!! but i miss his dazzling hair!

Izzy on

Robert is totally adorable!! There is no way that is him..the face shape is totally different!That guys chin is smaller and his nose is wrong!! If it is Robert though…I’m sad..His hair was beautiful!

Nikki on

Well I liked his other hair much better.
He looks fine with new hair.
I really hope his hair is back by New Moon or many people are going to be upset.

KelseyLynn on

haha are you kidding me..why is everyone so obsessed with SOMEONE ELSES hair. its their hair..i really dont think he gives a damn if you “love it or hate it”. BUT i think hes sexy either way.

Sam on

I like his new hair, but I perfered when he actually did something with his old hair. Like some of the styles he had for Twilight.

Victoria on

I pesonally hate it.

katherine on

he still looks awesome! but will it grow like it used to be when the time comes to film new moon in like just 3 months? i hope so! but he still looks gorgeous no matter what! but i miss his dazzling hair!

J on

He looks great no matter what…MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

Kasia on

i like it, because i read somewhere that all the attention he is getting from his twilight fans is really bothering him. this is good because those who hate it will lay off him for awhile, at least until the next movie starts filming..

ximena on

OMT!!!!(oh my twilight) I LOVED HIS LONG HAIR!!!!!! but sometimes the messiness bugged me but still. i really like his short hair even if he were bald he would still be the sexiest man in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!! I♥U ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Lay on

i wonder if he did that to get people to lay off him
rumor has it that he wanted he didnt want to film new moon becuase of the crazy fans \
i am a fan myself and he is an incredible good looking sexy guy and the haircut dont look to well but he still looks good edward is a good guy and i think and hope the hair will grow back

moral of the story
he probably did it to make his looks look not as good to make people lay OFF HIM
respect people(just becuase hes a star dont mean you need to smuggle all over him like a blanket in bed)
thankyou if you agree with me e-mail me at
thankyou so much

Valeria And Ariel on

OMG! WE CAN’T BELIEVE HE CUT HIS HAIR! He Used To Look So Much Hotter With The Wilder Hair! Uqqqhhh! I Can’t Believe He Did That =[

bella on

Robby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How could you chop off all your pretty locks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!You have destroyed your HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Make it grow back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(PS. Bella is leaving you !!!!!!!!!!!)
~my bro.~

Taylor on

how dare he cut his hair!!!!!He isnt Edward without the wavy bronze hair!! No wonder he left Bella in Eclipse,he looked too damn ugly!!!

Nicloe on


Emily on

I liked his old look better. But this one’s okay. He didnt get ugly after cutting it, believe me, he’s stil gorgeous. But his old look was definitely sexier. I hope he grows it back and keeps it that way for New Moon!!

alyssa on

i love him no matter what,
sure his lucious locks are sexy and they only add to his hottness, so
what if he cut his hair!?, he’s a hottie.
and a great actor. it’s his hair he can
do whatever he wants.

nicci on

hes still beautiful but i LOVED the long locks.

Pooja Desai on

With this hairdo..he looks more like a warewolf..i like the hair but his long hair was much better compared to this hairdo..

alisha on

he lewks different but still hawt!!! XD


ew i hate it it look so much better before

reem on

i think it’s sexy ,, and i love it like that ,, much better than the one b4 actually
but i hv to agree ,, he better grow it back for new moon ,, or it will be sooo off !!

JacTwist on

Either way, he looks like a troll. Unless he’s playing Edward =D

Claire on

OMG! He ruined like his whole look he looked wayyyyyyy hotter with his hair. What a dumb choice.

eliz on

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cristy on

Robert rocks the long and short hair!!!!

Cheyenne on

I think he will always look sexy no matter if he is bald.

Marcela on

Whoa. Those pictures look nothing alike. Obviously. But I think that he was better off with his hair, a.k.a. his trademark, but either way its not so bad.

leighanne on

yur beautiful bhut grow ur hair back out!!!!
i love yu!!!!

aimie on

well he destroyed edward all over again….and he looks like a brad pitt wannabe…

candice on

HE LOOKS HORRIBLE. no offense to all of you who are in love with him, but i liked him with his beautiful hair before. I WANTED TO RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH IT BEFORE IT WAS GONE!!! even tho he is a horrible actor (could show some more emotion) he does need to continue in the Twilight series, and no one will buy him wearing a wig! he will have to wear extensions or grow his hair out pretty dang fast!

haylee on


Kiki Pollard on

NOOOOOO Robert O-o

Why did you do that *crys*

your hair was so sexy, now.. it go bye bye

your still sexy though… but… still…

I still think you look good though.. i no agree with it.. but.. what ever works for you…^^

love you XD

rebekah on

i think that it is ugly i think he shoundn’t have cut it

alyssa on

oh and he leaves bella in new
moon not eclipse, true fans
shouldnt care about his new hair cut
leave him alone

Judy on

I ALWAYS think men look better in longer, tousled hair. He’s too good-looking for the crew-cut.

alyssa! on

I love robert pattinson.
but I love his other hair tons better.
hopefully in new moon he will have the long hair!
-xoxo..lovingg edward<<33

amanda on

omg i cant believe it…BUT I STILL LOVE HIM…itll grow back :) i hope so its hot XD

annna on

I think he looks ugly with his old hair the new haircut gives him a new look I still dont think he looks hot but he looks better

Adam on

Man! he ruined his awesome locks! now he looks like a pubescent justin timberlake

U-no on

Compare his chin in those pictures, look closely…

Lizzy on

I HATE it!! loved his messy sexy hair now its whatever!

Beverly on

I love it! Remember people, he’s hardly around in New Moon – there will be plenty of time for it to grow out!

Kristy on

… He looks great either way, but better with the longer hair. I must say he looks way better now than he did in Harry Potter.

But wasn’t he a great pick to play Edward?! Exactly how I pictured him in my mind when I was reading the book.

mercedes on

i loved his hair before but now i LOVE it sooooo much more. i love the books and the movies!!!!!!

lane on

NO!!! Robert, i loved your hair. it was so awesome! well, its just hair, your still you. oh well. grow it please! i am your biggest fan! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Jenny on

I just dont like that actor =P plus hes not attractive 0_o

Mark on


HotMama on

He is sooooo much hotter with short hair. Yummy!!

Kosi on

I like this new haircut, but I hope its long for New Moon. I just can’t imagine Edward without it.

Maria on

Umm Wow! He kind of looks like Brad Pitt. either way he is still the most wonderful guy on earth and its okay it’ll grow back and I’m sure we’ll still love even if he were to go bald. Robert great job experimenting with your hairdo but you should stick to your old one. Still love you though.

Neomi on

Heaven forbid he cut’s his hair…. don’t worry… last time I checked it grows back….. I’m just saying!

Matt on

How is this sexy? He looks like any other plain white boy….no? dime a dozen. damn.

katelyn ferrill on



~Katelyn Ferrill~

Taylor on

wow,i got Eclipse and New Moon mixed up…i guess my friends were rite when they said that u can only go 3-4 days without reading Breaking Dawn before u go insane…lol

Amanda on

As long as it grows back long enough for Edward in the movie then I am prefectly alright with it….

Sam on

Who cares??, why not go outside and see how you can benefit the world instead of worrying about this douschebag’s hair?

Nikita on

Its his hair, he can do what he likes with it.

Steffa on

Go Rob! This is the perfect way to get those obnoxious Twilight fangirls to FINALLY leave you alone!

Cristy on

Long, short…he’s hot, enough said!!

Broken Dolly on

I really loved this hair before it made him look very sexy!! But now he cut all of it off and now he looks ugly, boring, and not sexy at all!!

Nina on

Rob could wear a paper bag over his face and still look hot to me. It is just hair, nothing more. It will grow back. Plus he looks sexy and mature with his crew-cut. To the speculations of whether it will grow back in time for the sequel ‘New Moon’ is neither here nor there. I certainly didn’t watch the movie for his hair.

kim on

i loved his hair tht was one of the things tht made him super hott now hes not soo cute at all :(
i hope he lets it grow back out!

nicole on

it just doesn’t look like him!!! he shoulda left it!!! ugh!! oh well if he’s happy then its kinda okay…but still……!!

Emy on

NOOO!!! Why? Why would he cut it? Does he realize that he is Edward Cullen? Vampires don’t change!

cait on

good for him. maybe a few psychotic little girls will leave him alone now.

Maddie on

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it!!! what the crap is he gonna do for NEW MOON????
i will NOT let them put him in the movie!!! he will look like crap. UGH!!!! i am soooo mad!!!!

U-no on

While the cut looks good on him, it also makes him look like every other guy in the crowd…no trademark whatsoever. Very standard, just different for him, I suppose.

Debra on

I think he looks hott either way…..but he needs to get rid of those ugly shades and the scruffy crap on his face.

lara on

the hair is nice…makes him look neat but it would be better if he wont grow hair on his face…

L.... on



julia on

he’s hot either way :DD !
but i don’t like his beard

Brian on

Why the frig. are fans in an uproar? It FREAKING hair and NOT even yours. Get over it people, let him live a life, even though, apparently some of you dont or this wouldnt be a problem for you.

Steffa on

@ Emy: Grow up already! He doens’t have to live as a character he plays!

Heather on

Thank you! I’ve been mourning his hair since it got way out of control. Men usually look better with short hair so I cheer for him.

Susan on

Robert is handsome enough, he would look good if he were totally baldheaded! It’s HIS hair, HIS choice. Leave the guy alone, for Pete’s sake!

ann on

ive always loved him because his eyes and i cant see them and its very frustrating because i feel like i dont know what he looks like even though i do!



Manuel on

mmmmmmmm, he look saucey before now he is just a cold dish…still good but not quite as spicy

Kristin on

it’s okay, just as long as his hair grows back by the time New Moon is out! That’s it, just grow it back.

Morgan on

oh my gosh.
he still looks cute.
but i LOVEDDD the long tousled hair.

understatment on how he looks cute.
he looks so much older and more mature.

but i miss the long hair.
it better be back for New Moon.


kristina on

he’s still dreamy, both ways. (=
but, i honestly think the old hair looked better. how can he play the part for new moon? i hope they dont replace him, ill cry if they do! no one else can play edward cullen!

Ana on

OOOMMMMGGGG he looks so diffrent! I love his hair before but now it looks ok maybe if they get a diffrent picture then I’ll see If I like it

Cat on

i think it’s okay. But i loved his signature locks. Oh well, he is still AMAZING !!

Nicole on

All I want to know is why people care so much. It’s just a stupid haircut. Though I like it better than his hair in Twilight. Bleh.

Mackenzie on

Well, his hair was outta control, and im happy he got it cut. but i’m kinda suprised its THAT short. you know?

Nani on

I don’t really care about how it looks on him, more about the hair itself. When it was long I couldn’t stand the fact that he never washed it…right now I think short is better because it’s clean…maybe he’ll actually take care of it now.

rui on

he should cut of his beard it will look better

Kaitie on


Jorge on

It probably won’t smell as bad now that it’s short. He said it himself that he goes forever without washing it. That’s just nasty…but it did look better long.

jet on

he looks better, fresher and more mature, he’s every inch a hot superstar with that new do… NICE HAIR, BRO ! MABUHAY KA !

Benni on

Hey! Now he doesn’t look so ugly!!

Mishalyn on

i like it longer but as leslie said it should be like teh book New Moon.

Jackie on

Why,Robert,why! I loved his old hair it’s what made him,him! I wonder what they’re going to do for Twilight because Edward does not look like that.

Toya on

I love it I think he looks hot either way he has his hair.

Nikki on

aw come on! i loved it long! he actually looked like Edward Cullen! now he’s trying to look like Emmett Cullen.

Carla on

I hate this haircut. He looks like he is going to enlist for the Navy! And it makes him look much older, which isn’t good because he is playing a immortal 17-year-old vampire who never ages.

Liza on

His hair was getting very out of hand and seemed to even look a little on the greasy/dirty side at times. It must be very low maintence now. Which would be great for a low maintence person (as he seems to be). It does not take away from his handsome good looks!

kayla on

I loved his beautiful hair….
now im depressed :\

hailey on

he is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT no matterat he does with his hair

Jace on

Well…Kerri Russell tried this also
Here’s the deal….He was doing his own thing
and had the tweeners liking his butt.
Now…He looks like any normal decent to
good looking guy.Ready for that out of college innerview?…His career came and went…How we knew thee Robert.

Kristin on

I don’t think Kristin Stewart will be interested in him anymore…kidding. He killed Edward’s look.GROW IT BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

Danielle on

He looks horrible. He was such a sexy beast before. The hair and the shape of his face .. mmm. Now he just looks….blah. He had a look, and he should have kept it >.<

Marisa on

I think no one should dictate or care how he cuts his hair! It is HIS hair and he can do whatever he wants with it.

twilight geek :) on

it betta go backk!
ahhhhhhhhhhh :( oh well. its just hair :)
i liked it better long tho,it was smexy ;]

Veronica on

Man _sigh_ _moan_ He looks HOT now if theyd just do something about his eyebrows. And the “drama” probably got started by some group of preppy girls who have never even seen Twilight. I SAY much better. SO HOT

coco on

i don’t hate it , but i think the other hair style looks better. its not just his hair that makes him who he is and if he wants to cut it by all means let him cut it. he is a very nice funny person and that is that is what makes him him. BUT HE IS VVERRY SMEXY!yum yum

Emma on

Are you freaking serious?! He was so SEXY before! This is an OUTRAGE! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! Rob is my anti-drug! There are over 75 posters and pictures of him on my wall! I am heavily obsessed! Did he consult anyone about this retarded decision? I don’t think so! *Crying…* Why? WHY? WHY MUST THIS WORLD BE SO CRUEL???!!!

cristina on

he looks ok, but i prefer his long hair he is still hot though

Liz on

He probably got it cut for a role in a movie, or he was just tired of the long cut, whatever, HEHEHE!!!! The pic of him with his short hair is not the best, the glasses could go. Otherwise, he is very good looking!

Laurie on

I like his hair both ways

sammi. on

i think hes still amazing looking. his hair was totally worse in bad mother hand book then here. i happen to like his hair in all its stages.

Laruen B. on

i like it before but i mean he looks great either way! i hope it grows out before New Moon b/c then he will look the same!! He’s suppperr hot!- lauren brown.

Megan on

he look’s sexy either way. ;)

Karoll on

I think he look gorgeous,he looks more mature i give him a 10+….

Stephanie on

While I think that he looks goo with this new hair cut, it just goes to show you how much we look at a character. What I mean is that Robert plays the role of Edward so well but part of the characters signature was his hair. If the movies were all done I don’t think people would have such a problem with it but, since they aren’t the fans just are expected him to look the same. I mean he is playing a vampire who doesn’t age.

Overall Robert looks good but I hope his hair is a little longer before they start shooting New Moon.

Ari on

His hair looks great! But keep the face clean shaven. He has some fine facial features that get lost with all the fuzz.

lizzie on

i love it!
i think he looks amazing!

Jessica on

Oh em gee….no way.
I hate it. Grow it back Rob…it will do the people much more good.

Melissa on

I never personally liked Robert Pattinson all that much.
I thought he was perfect for the role of Edward, but I never thought he was as hot as everyone else did.
But.. if I had to choose, I like his short hair much better.
His longer hair used to bug me a bit.

candice on


Alicia on

I HATEEEE IT!!! it makes him look too much like daniel radcliff << and he is UGLY!!! i liked his hair longggg!!

cait on

hahahahahahahhaha his haircut is the biggest thing to hit christmas since jesus being born. i hope he’s able to get a laugh out of all of this madness and realize that most of his stalkers are fickle.

Maranda on

Bad Choice. He looked HOT before. . But now he looks UGLY. He also looks like Brad Pitt.

Taylor on


Jen on

Aww, i think he looks so cute! I like his hair long or short! =D

Riley on

he looks a lot like jason priestly playing brandon walsh… just older

Shalyn on

He looks beautiful either way. I still hope he has his hair back for New Moon. :)

candice on

okay enough of this “he looks more mature” crap he looks OLD!!!!



kelseyyy on

Omg! I love his new hair! I think he looks amazing!

Mia on

WHAT?!?! His hair is what all the actors in the world would DIE for. it’s what made him unique. and now HE CUT IT?!?! i am so mad. pissed off actually.

Collin on

I thought that he looked great with longer hair….Now he just looks generic. He doesn’t really stand out anymore-Lets just pray that he grows it out!!!!!!!

Catherine J on

Its his face that makes the celebrity a memerable celebrity. Most people remember by the face. Yes, The hair is everything; but its not. It just compliments his facial features. I don’t understand the part of everyone wanting his hair the same by New Moon. Everyone gets haircuts, so it’ll be more realistic if his hair changes.

(this is only my opinion, there is probably alot more i have no idea about.)

Breeana on

whatever i think he looks sexy with his hair
and i think it’s i love him either way lmao

Meg on

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I LOVED HIS HAIR.. and now.. it’s pitiful. ew… gross. I miss it!!!!

Alison on

I miss his old hair…:(

Kathy S. on

Now he looks clean! He always looked greasy to me, like he hasn’t washed his hair in weeks. Nice clean cut look! Good Job!!!

Katitax on

Come on people stop with “how is going to make the movie without hes hair”,He looks really good he really need a change,Plus even if he cut hes hair the day before filming they would find the way to make him look like in the first movie,that what wig and hair extension are for.

Marisa on

I think Robert still looks good, although I don’t see why he cut his hair.

ieleigh on

He is hot no matter what he does. I loved his long messy look but I also like the short hair. He can do no wrong. He has plenty of time to grow it back for New Moon so don’t stress! His hair looks like it would grow back quickly anyway so I think there is nothing to worry about :) peace and love!

G on

i think he is going for the brad pitt look! i wonder if he’ll look like that for new moon…. he probibly will since new moon comes out in like september or november.
well anyway i think he looks really hott both ways!!

Kellee on

He looks WAYY!!!! betterr
before his hair was plain messy i hatedd it
it always bothered meee
but i like it now,its cute :DDd

mia on

He LoOkZ oLd :d

kelly on

why be upset?! It’s his hair. He can do whatever he wants.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD HE DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PUT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE TAYLOR AND I AM GOING TO M. A. D. MAD IF THEY REPLACE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on

OMG…. i cant believe he cut his hair he is not as dreamy anymore but he still breathtaking…..what will he do when New Moon comes to be filmed and extentions wont do you see how taylor lautner looked with those dreadful extentions and now rob wont look as edward anymore and no were in the twilight saga books does it state edward with a buzz cutt what was he thinking:(

karina cullen on

ome!! it doesnt matter how it looks he is sexy and hott either way and if u read this edward cullen i love u with all my heart!!!

<3 edward u complete me!!!!!!!

arret on

damnn he looks so much better without all that crazy hair…he had me take a second look at him ;]

shannon on

It’s HAIR it will grow back.

Ali on


My Christmas is RUINED!!! Thanks, Robby.

ivy on

i love wat he did with his hair i love it!!!

Carole on

It doesn’t look horrible. But i miss his old hair. I love him so much. And i miss his hair. this makes me sooooo sad,

Jessica on

I really liked him with the longer hair, but i’m sure they’ll bring the longer hair back in New Moon. i mean i’m sure they can add hair extensions right? if he shaved then he wouldn’t look that bad. long haired edward come back!

mina on

My husband died! The man I always thought was sexyhotalicious is dead! UGH!!!!! I hate you Robert Pattinson! I want a….. a…… a DEVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [SOB SOB CRY CRY!!!!] UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OR GROW YOUR HAIR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!

trixie152003 on

Before he had a distinctive, interesting look that set off his expressions.

Now he looks exactly like a gay clone, circa 1980, or any gay guy living in a small town. Heaven knows we can never have enough of that look. Did he get the Timberland boots to tuck his jeans into as well, or did he update to Uggs. BORING

cindy on


mercedes. on

he looks sexy either way. But i Love him with long hair. I hope he grows it back out for new moon (:

chels on

I cant blieve he did that! I hope it grows back for 2010 for New Moon. Ill wait. I lyked his hair b4. But itz o.k. 4 now!

Chloe' on

i think hes absolutely BEAUTIFUL no matter what!!If he wanted 2 cut his hair then I’m glad he did..I’m gunna love him anyway! =]

lorie on

well i like the long hair, although the new look seems nice just like an ordinary heartthrob.The vampire look is extremely handsome and sexy, it matches his role and his profile, hope it will grow fast before the filming of New Moon.

chick on

ohhhmuhhhjesus what happened to sesssyyyy timeeeeeeeeeee?!?! .))):

iskate on

he is not gorgeous/sexy !

idk who yur lookin at

hes ok but not that much.. okay !!!

he lost his trademark !!

he should’ve left it how it was !

GRRR /=<

Star on


Rak on

Ewwww. His new haircut is terrible. He looks like a loser now.

sharon on

I hope it grow back for new Moon!

kelso smitherino on

i hate it! he looks like an @$$ either way, but this is worse!!!!!!!!!!who does his hair?! they are retards!!!!

Madison on


Brandy on

I’m sorry but Robert Pattinson is still hot no matter what.

Expo on

I think he shouldn’t have cut his hair!! How is he supposed to play Edward?!?!?! I LOVED HIS HAIR BEFORE THIS!!!! *cry* WHY?!?!

Amanda on

I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care and…Oh yeah, i really don’t care. It’s just hair.

Joanna on

He could always grow it back, dye it, and play the lead in an Adam Ant biopic.

Mon on

I like it! Hes a loud to cut his hair!! A dude who is looks like that is cute anytime with any hair style!

Jenna on

that doesnt look look him at all!!
but i guess we’ll have to live with it. *gross*

Franz on

I hate it………………too simple.

icykre on

I think it looks damn good!! Great choice! He doesn’t look like a baby anymore, he looks like a sexy man. Love it!!!!!

casey on

AHHHHH i love him in twilight.

i REALLY love his hair better shorttt shooooooot :))

lizzy on

i am getting used to his hair kind of but i just dont think that he is edward cullan without the locks they were so beautilful and went perfect with his beautiful eyes so hopefully he lets it grow out by the time march comes!!

Karoll on

Hahahahaha some lil girl make me laugh with her comments,plisss he can do whatever he wants with his hair….By the wayyy he look really HOT….

Emily on


Becca on

He looks good either way… but… Come on, really? He had gorgeous hair! I haven’t the faintest idea of why he would cut it. I mean, yeah, sure, at sometimes it looked a BIT too long or too scraggly, but that doesn’t mean cut it all off!

guadalupe on

i mean,
if someones really gorgeous they can pull of many looks,i think he pulls both off.
i like both looks and hair grows, whats the big deal?

Nicole on

I think it looks good either way. I mean come on people why be so angry over someone cutting their hair; besides HAIR GROWS BACK! So get over it all ove you that are so upset.

Maggie on

THANK GOD!!! While watching the movie, I was so irritated every time he came on the screen. It looked like he stuck a fork in an electric socket! I said that I wanted to jump in the movie and chop off his hair (like the guy who played Jacob. Eww…).

The only thing to do now is shave, because cavemen are not sexy. lol

Lourdes on

i rather have robert with long hair cus hes way hotter and with short hes just hot

Karla on

OMG! I don’t know what to say he looks great either way but he looked super hot with his long hair aww I’ll miss it!!!!!!!!!

Ashley on

He looks hot no matter what but I loved his hair before it made him hotter and now he is just like normal men everywhere that is scared to have that long sexy look.

Mel on

he looks gorgeous either way, it’s those glasses that bother me lol

Vonesha on

OMG! How can u love this cut?! He was so much hotter before. Hopefully his awesome hair from before is back for the next movie. And i really hope he doesn’t think about keeping this look, sure he looks more mature now but i’d rather him look young and hot, than older and less attractive. He looks more like 32 than 22, and that’s not really a good thing





Ella on

Even tho i like his hair long . its doenst matter cuz ITS ABOUT HIS GORGOUS FACE :D That makes him HOT ! and u know what i noticed with his new short hai he looks kinda like brad pitt..kinda But ROBERT PATTINSON IS HOTTER !

Kelly on

The new haircut makes him look like he could be Gerard Butler’s son or brother… (And that AIN’T a bad thing…)

justasktwilight12 on

It looks HOT !
Way hotter than the before :)

Brittany on

Aw, he cut his hair?
Im gonna miss it.

Lori on

Me thinks he’s sexy both ways. Too bad he’s wearing shades in the second pic…it’s a vamp’s eyes that do it for me!

Lina on

i dont see what all the fuss is about…
it’s not like his hair wont grow back
but in my opinion he’s perfect either way.
simply adorable!!!!
love it!!!

Lorie on

he looks better than he did before, he looks more mature. i don’t know, he’s no antonio banderas but few men are!!!

Alejandra on

OMG he is hot with his new hair, but he was gorgeous with his longer hair!! Grow it back! pls!!

Kyler on

i loved his hair long he looked so dang sexy!! its ok but loose the scuff! everything is fine but that!

Toria:) on

His hair was 2 long before…..but kno its 2 short even 4 him!! He should of not cut it that short! Hope the Twilight people dont freak while filming New Moon!

Shannon on

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW it looks soo ugly. it needs to be grown back out it doesnt even look like him.!!!!!!!!! its ugly.!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he use to be hot no its ughhhhhhh. =[

Megan on

I think it looks okay, he is still HAWT! LOL!

Sam on

As long as they don’t replace him in twilight…i’m okay with either hair do…he’s HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT

Robert on

I ROCK he doesn’t

Grace on

He’s SEXY regardless!!! Anything works for him. I will still miss the long, messy hair, but hair grows back.(Thank God!)

Denise on

OMJ!! Who the heck is that?!!
That doesn’t even look like Robert Pattinson!!
His old hairdo was WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trixie on

his hair do looks like brad pitt’s actually but i really do like his old do. but this one works too…. -_-“

Chimmey97 on

OMG!!!! I hate his new look!!! He lost his hair and grew a beard!!!! In my opinion, I think he was cuter before.

Kasi on

He was soooo hot b4 but now hes not so much…ho could he do that???:( :(

Guri on

I<3Robert Pattinson

Alisha Runyon on

Okay, the way i see it… his hair will grow back before the filming of the next film, right?! so, as long as it’s back by then, he can do what he wants. Robert Pattinson is one of the sexiest men alive. :D and NOT just because of Edward Cullen… but Robert in GENERAL. <3 hehe. i loveeee it. :D


chi on

he’s look much better with his new hairdo. sexy and good looking like the same and i think if he need to shave his hair or whatever he can do cuz its his very own hair right. ;)

gina on

uuuuuuuu…so HOT!!!

Sammie on

I don’t really like the new look if he wants to stay in the movie New Moon he needs to grow his hair back out! Stick to the book Robert! You looked way hotter before the little trim…

Roxey Love Heart on

He looked SOOOOOOOO cute with the messy hair do. I thought it was so creative. But the hair do he has now is just one U see everyday and Its kinda boring. He used to be at the to of my list of hot guys (not incuding my BF). But the list has been refreshed:
1.Ali Osman (my boyfriend)
2.Pip Carmicheal (my ex BF)
3.Jesse McCartney
4.Thomas Fiss
5.Bobby Edner
7.that guy from Twilight who always looked like he was in pain.
8.Gavin DeGraw
9.Justin Timberlake
10.Adam from Maroon 5

nelly on

omg y did he cut his hair!
he was GORGOUS b4 and different now he looks like every1 else

Jasmine on

eww its ugly!!!he was soo hot b4 that :(

Steff on

Um, i guess it’s ok. I liked the hair b4, but he’s hot either way.

Dominique on

I like his new look but, i loved his old look! I fell in love with him in Twillight i watch dat movie everyday!

Cierra on

I used to love his hairdo cuz it made him look like edward! now that he cut his hair off, i don’t know what to believe in anymore. u broke my heart robert!!!

Candicee:) on

ilovEd his hair kind oF goes with the whOle edWard look you knoW but, he lookS dang good looKin either waY.! -amAzingG-<3

Ian on

He looks downright WOOFY now.

Annee on

Speaking as someone with hair that gets as unruly as Rob’s (even with once-a-month cuts), I relate and completely understand his need to get it off his head for a while! But more importantly, it’s a great cut and it brings out his features even more. Now MOST importantly, his trademark is not his hair–it’s his TALENT–and that only gets better and better. Yea, Rob…shave off the rest; let’s see that noggin!

sally on

what a disaster!!! His hair matches with his disaster movie. Get a real boyfriend girls!

Sarah on

okay personally i love it!!!

hes like gorgous!!!! i lovedhim befoe and now its just fabulous!

shannon on

looked sooo hot before now, looks very boring and plain.

sparktastic on

I am quite tired of all the news headlines that say that all the fans are outraged by Rob’s haricut. I’ve heard most of the fans say they were ok with it and personally I don’t think Rob knew what to do with all that hair… as Edward it looked fabulous (with the help of stylists) but he just always seemed bothered by it. As long as it looks the same in New Moon as it did in Twilight I’m ok with whatever he choses!

Beth on

eeww eewww EWWW!!! Until his hair grows back, he is SOO not Edward Cullen! he looks old with short hair. and if i even thought he was sexy with long hair, i totally rethought that. Bad move, Rob- i’m NOT a fan.

gigi on

i hate it its horible yuck yuck yuck i liked him better in the movie and before he cut his hair but whatever he is still cute…………i love robert pattinson :) :)

Ash on

He certainly doesn’t look BAD with his new hair!
I think this is a mature change for him, and shows his versatility!

Jeremy on

Gay either way, his eyes say gay either way

Nicole Smith on

Can we see him shaved and without glasses to make this decision!!

Linda on

I think either cut looks good. I’m sure all that hair was getting annoying so you can’t really blame him for cutting it. I’m sure they’ll put extensions in his hair when they start filming New Moon. It’s not the end of the world.

nadias on


Abby on

omg i hate like alot alot ALOT

James on

Don’t worry about his hair in the movie. He will have five to six months to grow it back out because Jacob is the leading man now.

Gissel on

he looks even hotter!! <3

Jannet on

loving the new hair! hating the glasses. he needs to show off his eyes

Kaylin on

omg ! wat did he do? he made him look so HOT before ….. now he looks ugly !@ sorry but i like him less ! and i’m sad… oh edward (robert pattinson)PLEASE GROW IT BACK…. FAST!
love, from connecticut and all your best fans still am)
kaylin,,,, give me a bite

Emily on

I kinda of freaked when I first saw the headline, but either wat he is still FREAKING HOTT!

Sonia on

honestly, i ADORE him
and, yes, i LOVED his hair
but either way, he’s freakin GORGEOUS
i swear i’m in love with him :]
it’s not just the hair that makes him attractive
i think it’s his persona along with his looks

Malak on


Laura on

i love him with short or long hair,

i loved his scruffy hair!!
it just was amazing!
i may cry.

i still love you robert:)

Toni on

I always hated his hair. Now I love it. He looks gorgeous.

katie on

i loved his hair before! i mean the way he styled it was gay espiecllay in Twilight but i loved his hair. he looks gay now.

Lee on

He is still Hot

Annie on

Thank God…i mean, seriously. His hair looked good before but it was sooo nasty!
he didn’t wash it for like 6 weeks at a time, that’s pretty gross. At least now it won’t look so greasy when he doesn’t wash it. =]
He actually does look really good, too. So that’s a plus

But i really don’t see why everyone’s so obsessed with it. It’s just hair for crying out loud. Humans get haircuts ALL THE TIME. I don’t see why he should be any different. And it’s not like he coudl of just let it keep growing.

becca on

i guess if he shaved and got rid of those ridiculus glasses then he’d still be hot as heck but… the whole facial hair just gets to me on most guys and with him it just takes away his idk charm for lack of a better word

taryn on

i thought he was brad pit!
he looks JUST like him!!

georgia on

i think he’s hott no matter wut! he’s amazing and i want to marry him!! i luff him!

Lauren on

ok, i can’t decide if i like it or not… idk. cause i like can’t picture him being edward with that hair do…. cause we’re all used to seeing him with his messy hair style… so i can’t decide how i feel about it.

Corey on

Omg, you have GOT to be kidding me… He looks like Grizzly Adams now :(. If they don’t make him wear a wig, then Summit isn’t getting another dime out of me for those movies. The hair MADE Pattinson into a reasonable Cullen and I can’t even bear to look at him any more. I’m truly disappointed.

Katie on

I loved his messier locks, but Robert still looks hot! With a personality like his, he will always look good!

sam on

he’s still hot either way!
i don’t understand why people are freaking out because he cut his hair
it’s just hair, it will grow back people

ieleigh on

To Roxey Love Heart,
Jasper is the one who looks like he is pain, his real name is Jackson Rathbone. Just an FYI.

Mimblewimble on

As long as he doesn’t wear dark red lipstick for the next movie and continue to act like he really is a heroine addict than I’m good.

He had Elvis hair in a few parts of the movie.

I like his short look better.

jaime on

That doesn’t look like him!!!

Rachel on

Well, I loved his hair when it was long but I say I can get used to it. I mean he still sexy



Val on

I think Pattinson is extremely talented, modest, and mysterious. These are the reasons I am so very drawn to him. He is also very sexy no matter his hair cut. He could be bald for all I care, I just love his natural attitude towards things, makes him more personable. His eyes are also a major attribute-very alluring, along with his sensual lips. Again, I am drawn to his personality,that’s what I have fallen in love with, the rest are just MAJOR bonuses!

Nikki on

when i watched the movie twilight i couldn’t stop thinking how HOT robert was. with his new do he’s still hot for me.

3lisa on

he looks ok and younger but….. he s still HOT!!!!! awww he rocks <333333333333

Carey on

WOW!!!! he was hot before but after SEXY!!!!!

cancer on

He looks sooo hot with short hair. He looked good with long hair ,but sometimes i would think that he was trying to copy edward cullen with messy hair. ” we all know u put gell in your hair ROBERT” But the short hair do makes him look cool and mature. Even though im only 12 and going to turn 13 on janaury 1, 2009 i think his hair looks better short. Thank goodness they took taaylor out of twilight he not only needs to improve his body, also his acting skills.Please choose a better jacob. Jacob is fun not GAY.

Annie on

Ahhaa he sorta looks like my neighbor whom

Andrea on

Wow….I think the new haircut is hot!!! I always thought it was a bit much before….even as Edward it was too long in my opinion. I do think he will need to grow it out a little for New Moon, but it can be shorter and still tasseled. Perhaps now he will look more like he came from the time period Edward created.

Elizabeth on

He looks GREAT both ways but now he looks soooooooooooooo much better!!!

mandy on

are you girls insane hes not robert pattison anymore yea yea the personality is the same but i loved his hair i serously cried when i saw him with his new doo i really did i cant believe he cut it off i would like to know why he did such a cruel thing to me

Elaine on

Let him be…. himself.

If Robert likes his new look, then let him be.. We (fans) should not have a say in the matter.

Jennifer on

The crew-cut looks good but his longer locks look just plain SEXY! Don’t get me wrong, the new hair cut does look good, but I hope it’s long again for the Twilight sequal, New Moon. His fans will be disapointed if it’s not long.

jo on

No matter what his hair style is…Rob still looks stunning. Something about his smile that makes him look very charming and seductive

Elexis on

I think he looked goregeous with his long locks. It made me want to run my hands in his hair. In this pic, i think he looks like Justin Timberlake.

chelsea on


Morgan on

Robert is hot but, short hiar isn’t the best look for him since everyone knows him for his sexy long beautiful hair!

jen on

I think its the glasses thats making him looking ugly

Amber on

omg he looks horrible…
his hair was alot better before..

Natalie Bouhmout on

I love the new “do” its so cute and it fits him quite well. i like him with or without his long beautiful hair. but i can’t judge as long as he likes it its all good.

Cara Beth on

wow! you know it looks ok, but i totally dig the long hair….so is he gonna wear a wig for new moon or what? edward and robert need long hair…!

Randi on

He still looks good! No disappointment here! :)

Paxton on

It’s not bad but I liked it the other way. It just doesn’t look right short. Let’s hope, for the angry fans sake(me included)that it grows out in time for the filming of New Moon!!!

crystal on

noooooooooooooooooooo da world has come 2 a end (no joke)

Kayleen on

He looks completly differant!(Much older too.) I personally like his hair the way it was before… BUT it is HIS hair, and so it really isn’t any of our business in saying what he should or shouldn’t do with it… If he likes it, then he should keep it. Seriously, it’s just hair… I don’t think it will “change” Edward in New Moon.

Mystical Allen on

what is wrong with you people he looks hott with his hair like it was he looks ugly now he looks like justin timberlake

Ramsey on

the things i want to do to that man are unforgivable.

Noor on

he looks good both ways but he looks way better with the long hair i hope it grows back in time for new moon i cant wait untill it comes out next november 20

Ellie on

i think robert shouldve kept the long look,i dont like the buzz.hopefully it will grow out by the time they start filming new moon otherwise he is going to have some pretty upset and depressed fans.

Bertha on

I didn’t realize he was gay.

kiki on

ok i know that we all think he is hot but just because he cut it alittle doesnt mean he isnt still edward cullin!! i mean he is a really gorgeous man!!! i didnt even recognise him in harry potter! but wow is is H O T HOOOOTTTTTTT!

Jessie on

I’ll have to admit, I’m a little bummed right now. I loved his hair and it was beautiful. But I think I can get used to it. It looks good this way too (he needs to lose the scruff though). Either way he still looks good. I just hope it grows back in time for New Moon…I don’t know what to think of hair extensions on him…

Taylor on

Personally, I think it looks much, much better short. But yes, he is certainly sexy either way.

Wendy on

I think people might be forgetting that he’s a human being who happens to have a choice about what he does with his hair…just like everyone else does. Let him out from under the glass bubble, he seems to be able to make his own decisions just fine.

A-JAY on


Kristina on

all i have to say

Kate on

It’s his hair. He can do whatever he wants with it. No one owns him, so give him a break.

Amber and Ashley on

Hope his hair grows out befor the 2ed movie!! OK, did not expect the hair cut at all but…. He looks ok but………. not that hot.

Love Forever Twilight Fan!
Amber and Ashley,

Samantha on

OMFG!!! o-o i cant belive it!! ehhh its okay i guess.

i miss his smexy long hair! it looked soo much better on him. but thats my own opinion.

Lauren on

BIG FREAKING DEAL! I’m a huge Rob fan and I don’t care what his hair looks like he’s not my property! And neither should anyone else! He looks great anyways but still leave the man alone about it GEEZ! Good for him for doing something or HIMSELF instead of what fangirls want!

meghan on

OMGGG he looks so different!!
i neither like it nor hate it..
its his choice guys no reason to get mad over it.

Pretty on

I like his hair in the Twilight movie while it was fixed; but the messy look, i don’t like. His hair now is better than the messy look but i like his hair in the movie better than his hair now. I still love him whaever hair he has!!!

Jessica on

OMG! He doesnt even look like himself anymore!!! I soooo hate it!!! Who in the right mind would like his hair now!!! His hair was soooo sexy before and perfect for Edward Cullen!!! How the hecck is he going to pull off the look for the sequel!!!

Pauline on

I am old enough to be his mother…& I think he is gorgeous!


He’s still sexy, but not near as much.
I love his Edward hair waaay more!
I can’t wait till it grows back!

me (: on

well its okay i guess!!!!!!
i liked his hair in twilight better though….

i hope for the 2nd one he grows it out and its back to the way it was :l

Emily on

i know i didnt like long sept for in twilight cause it HAD to be long but i love it wayy better now good choice Robert:)

cj on

grass doesnt grow on a play ground….. shave the face hunny …… but the hair eh i liked it better with the bed head style but hes still sexy..

but its ok cause the eyes tell the story not the hair

Taylor on

OMG he looked hotter with long hair.
im so mad!!!
did you know that in the 2 movie there thinkin about changing the WHOLE book?!
there going to put more edward in it.
well i think im about the biggest fan of twilight
because my cusin is the auther.
well ttyl

Jessica on

I love his hair both ways. He can pull both off.

Mallory on

I think it looks really good, either way he is gorgeous.

ben on

I think he looks worse with short hair, but thats good for all the guys who have to hear their girlfriends talk about how sexy he is.. just go away Rob, your making it hard to compete.

melissa on


Kaila on

I actually like his new hairstyle. If he wants it cut, let him cut it. Now at least he won’t have some crazy, unruly hair that looks like he rolled out of bed with in the morning.

joyganda on

actually i hate rob’s new hair cut but still i love him just the same…

Sammy on

i got to admit that his hair was getting way to long!! it look good in the movie…but it just kept on growing and growing
this new do is working for him!

tory on

I love him either way so it doesnt matter about his hair…♥ i love you Rob…..


WHY? He looked soooo hot before and now hes…not!

joyganda on

i hate robert’s new hair cut but still i love him just the same!

Rachel on

Oh my goodness gracious. Robert Pattinson is the finest man I have ever laid eyes on. With or without his ‘signature do’ he’s still dreamy. He might think that all these girls are after his character, Edward, but me, I’m after Robert.

Mary on

I miss the beautiful eyebrows from the movie. Face it. The whole movie was about really great eyebrows. On everyone – not just Robert. It’s the best eyebrow movie I’ve seen in a long time. I owe the joy I got out of Twilight to whomever it was who did the ‘brows. Thank you!



Haley on

I hate it.

court on

He’s the hotest guy alive either way ;)

Sarah :) on

i like it. its really not all that bad. still love him, love the book, love the movie, cant wait till new moon!!!

Felecia on

I love the new haircut! I thought he looked great with the long hair, but I agree that this is a more mature look for him. He’s hot either way! I just really hope that they do keep the original look for Edward because as others have already said, the fans would be angry . . . honestly, myself included. But again I say, he looks great with both hairstyles. He’d be even hotter if he lost the stubble!

Loretta on

Yes, he looks sooo much better!!! Now, if he would just pluck his eyebrows….

Anna on

i love he’s long hair better but y T.T”” well he’s at least he’s still Rob. oh well guess i’ll have 2 get use 2 it i guess *go into a hole and sulk* T.T

Berlinn on

What in the world were you thinking?!
He was absolutley georgeous with long hair and even then people thought he was discusting but now that it is gone I can NOT even imagine what they will think!!
I love you!
But seriously..
Never again should you cut off you lovely locks of hair!!!

Victoria on


Victoria Leslie on

OMG he looked so hot before thats what won me over and his eyes!! BUT!!!……………now he looks like my bro what makes it bad why in the world did he cut it off did he just want to get a bad cut so that the fans would be off him more or just cause????!!!!!WHY!!!???

Gina on

Definitely still HOT!

Haylee on

i don’t like it
he looks oldddd now.

EJ on

However he wears it…. He still has a charming and magnetic sex appeal!!!

jessica on

i always thought his hair looked like an ugly birdnest!!! im so happy he cut it!!!

Katie on

He is a very good acter with his beautiful long luces hair…now he has cut it even looks even hotter than before….owwwww

sequoya on

he looks sexxy and gorgous either way…but he was wya sexxier with the long hair(=

Britt on

I loved his long hair. Now, he’s just not the same. Hopefully his hair grows out longer by New Moon.

Friday on

Ooooh…bad move.
I mean, the hair cut looks fine on him (he can pull off anything, can’t he?), but it doesn’t fit the role of Edward. He dealt away with his special “sign” (which is always a bad thing to do!).

It’ll probably grow back, though, in time for filming. Even if it doesn’t, some hair stylists can probably find alternatives.

He looks really different, though. It could go either ways.

Aleaha on


Lauren-Ashley on

I dont like the new hair. Its not bad, but he looks so much HOTTER with the tousled hair. Now, he looks like any other guy off the street. I really hope he grows it back out for New Moon!

Sexyladyof536 on

That don’t even look like him, the guys nose is to fat. So what if he cut his hair…if you say that’s him?????…..get a grip people!

rosy on

well,at least when he decides to not wash his hair for six-weeks time, it wont be much of a gross since its chopped off already.

Leah on

It’s his choice to cut it or not so I’m not really sure why people are making such a big deal out of it, besides, he doesn’t look bad at all

Lulu on

soooo much better! He looks way hotter now! People are just upset that it ruined Edward Cullen, but its a big improvement for Robert Pattinson!

Kelly on

He’s hott with long hair. He’s hott with short. Is there anyway he’s not hott? I don’t think thats possible. But he really should shave. I hate that blasted beard. Lol

Harlow on

I like it long and wavy of how he had it in “Twilight”. He looks so young and clean and gorgous.

rayna on

i miss his trademark hair it was so gorgeous he really looked like edward with it i really like it this ones iight but its not the same i hope it grows back fast cause right now i feel sad because his hairs gone robert y would u do that ur hair was perfect how it was tossled and everything :{ (tear)

Tonia on

Okay just to let you all know that this is not Robert Pattinson… Look at his nose on the first picture then on the second one and also his jaw line too looks different… But, he is still HOT!!

mary on

okay its good that he cut his hair for reall life but come on how can he play edward with that hair its so wrong in many way. edward with out the hair is not cool

Elexus on

I never really liked him before, but a closer look…WOW!! But please dude, shave!!! Lookin hot though

Xena on

I think Robert Pattinson’s hair looks good both ways & hey he’s still looks hot hot hot.I totally love it.happy holidays!

melodyyuck on

a wig is possible! ;D

Bea on

I loved the longer hair. The new haircut makes him look like an old man!

Binnie on

OMG I hate it!!!he was so perfect without it being cut!! he looks like a dork!!! Why robert why!!!!!

weezy on

he looks so not hot i dont understand why girls like him? he is not hot at all!

Maddy on

oh wow.! i loved his hair a lot better long! it made im different ! now he just has the same hair as anyother famous hollywood guy! i loved whn he always played with his hair in interviews and stuff! it was so cute.. but whats he gunna do now?
it looks good short, it just looks “safe”

rayna on

rob marry me i love u

ally on

i think that Robert Pattinson looks so ugly now, before he cut his hair he was beautiful,sexy even and now that he cut it he doesn’t even look like Robert Pattinson not just that he doesn’t look like Edward Cullen and if his hair doesn’t grow out by new moon then i’m not going to brother going to see it.

:) on

eh, edward isn’t really in New Moon too much anyways, so i’m sure it won’t effect the movie too much.
and i don’t really care about robert pattinson and his hair choices. it wasn’t too smart to get rid of his trademark, though.

Gabby on

Calm down people…HES HOT EITHER WAY! its robert pattinson come on. He can obviously still play edward with long hair cause hes barely in New Moon. They will probably start filming the scenes from the middle of the book b4 the ones with him included. Even tho his hair was incredibley hot b4 at least its not gunna get as long as a girls…he needed one sooner or later

Crystal on

I think Robert looks sexy either way…even though the buzz-cut might not be good for Edward Cullen, it looks good for Robert Pattinson. I’m pretty sure he got tired of everyone yanking his hair that he finally decided to cut it. LOL! Anyway, I still hope it grows back in time for the shooting of ‘New Moon’.

alex on

it sucks. i loved his hair befor he cut it now he looks like everyone else and he looks like he has big ears now. He was beautiful befor.

Amber on

He’s hot either way. With this new cut his features are stronger and his jawline more predominant. I like the new him as much as the old.

Naomi on

I really don’t like the new hair.
His hair was such a signature thing about him, and now it’s gone.
I really hope he grows it out for the movie, or I can assure you, there will be some very very upset fans; me included.

mary on

he was never hot to begin with so what’s with all this commotion?

Kaitlin on

I thought he was cute-except the hair before. His new do will take some getting used to but I think that the hair was better :(

Jacki on

I think he looks incredibly hot either way!!

Sue on

I think Robert looks a bit awkward with his hair so short and that makes me scared to see the sequel to Twilight. Hopefully he gets a good talk from some random fan telling him never to cut his hair that short before he finishes the Twilight series. (That’s if Robert continues the series.)

Jordan on

His hair was amazing before. I don’t know why he decided to chop it off (possibly for another movie?). Anyway… He just doesn’t look like himself anymore. >.<

Amanda A on

That guy would look good no matter what his hair looks like. With a face like that, the hair is no issue.Its just hair!!!

Amy on

I never found him attractive before. But the new haircut might be one step towards me liking him.

Naomi on

HE looks a little like justin w/ the glasses

Kristi on

Ok. I think Rob looks hot with his new hair cut. But how can he do this to the millions of girls that love Twilight and Edward Cullen? When he got the role he should have thought about that. If his hair doesn’t grow back or he doesn’t get his hair to look just like it do before it will be BAD. Because that is NOT how Edward has his hair. I still love Rob and he still looks hot but next time he should think about his fans.

Jane on

Ugh I hate it wtf its his trademark hair

now he’s just fugly;!

Sexyladyof536 on

I think he looks awesome anyway you look at it! He is HOT!HOT!HOT!

Erin Elliott on

I LOVED Robert Pattison until he cut off his hair now he looks like an pld man!

felisa on

he should juss shave and hav the new cutt which would b hott actually sexii


why why why!!!!
i looked so much better with long hair!!

Risa Jackson on

I really like his hair, both short and with the slightly long hair as well, he looks nice either way

Nana on

Wow, looks sexy : D !!!! I mean, long locks are cute and all, but he didn’t look right to me XD much better now.

diana on

LUV IT!!!!!! >.<

Tracee on

Well, even though it’s JUST hair and HAIR DOES GROW BACK, Im not to fond of the new short doo.. I love it best when its not tooo wild and floppy (like in Twilight YUMMY!).

Im still madly in love with the guy.. but I cant wait for it to grow back!

kristin on


Gena on

I like him a lot better with his old hair style. This new one looks awful, its a good thing hair grows!

josh on

You people are in serious need of new lives.

Yolanda on

Ok, I think it looks good, but for the movie I think it was a bad choice for the whole “Being Edward Cullen” thing, great look, bad idea

megan on

he is so sexy! but he needs the long hair for edward! lets hope he can grow it out by then, he is soo sexy.

Kerry on

Dudee…. I don’t know…. I really liked it before but this is different. He looks weird with those glasses..

hannah on

he looks kinda older now and before he looked a bit more approachable, available(i wish) and cute. it’s all good, but he looks older with the new do.

Kassidy on

No,No,No. His hair was totally goregeus when it was long, like in the Twilight movie. I think it looks retarded now. It better be longer by the time the start filming New Moon, or I’ll be pretty angry!

Dillon Kauffman on

do u people really care about a twilight. its horrible. edward cullen is no more special than any other guy out there.

heatherrr on

its just not him. it looks good. but hopefully it’ll be long again in time for new moon. well. what little parts he’s in.

Breyanna on

He’s hot no matter what but his hair is one of the reasons I believed he looked like Edward Cullen without it he really is going to have to step up the acting but I hope he grows it out by then if not I’m going on strike. lol

SdWild1ne on

I couldn’t stand his hair before, I thought it was annoying!! Thank god he cut it, no more “Something About Mary” hair, if you know what I mean. He looks good now.

Mel on

i’m sure his hair bothered him as well. good thing he chopped it off. it has been looking a bit limp and greasy recently. though i think he looks smokin’ with either hair! hopefully it’ll grow back in time for New Moon =)

MacKenzie ((Cullen)) on

WHY?!??! lolz, I wish he kept it longer :(.. just got a trim… but now, he’s gonna look all wrong playing Edward in New Moon.

skyler on

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED his hair before! it was soooo amazing now its like ewwww!!

Lisa on

Get rid of the scruff and shades, please. =/

Bella on

i think that his hair looks AMAZING… but i dont think that he looks like edward anymore.

Frankie on

He stood out in a crowd with the longer hair and looked more like a heart throb. Now hes looks like every other guy in town.

The long hair was much better!!

Aimee on

I think it looks okay…..I mean I’m not like “OMG I can’t believe he cut his hair!!this is tragic” I loved his hair before (but then again I have a thing with guys with luscious locks :} ) but his new hairstyle is nice too.

Lizbett on

Well he looks pretty sexy with his long hair and he looks sexy now. Hopefully it’ll be grown out by the time they start filming New Moon in March. I mean the long hair was Edward’s trademark, can’t be Edward without it. But Robert still remains sexy :D

sunchip on

it makes him look so normal now that i don’t like it

Angelica on

I love his new hair do. I just love him no matter what. He gets me so Hoooottttt!!!!!!!!

fablerules94 on

omg this is horriable he cant film as edward with that haircut, omg this is horriable, :( why rob why

vanessa on

Its Not that bad!!! i guess we are just used to seeing him with hair and not without!!! Like i mean he did look( Flamming Hot) with the hair but what can i say raging a war against his hair isnt gonna make it grow back or any faster!!

Carissa on

He looks great either way. Although I loved his hair longer, he seemed really bothered by it (he kept fixing it). I’m also really shocked at how many reacted to the new hair. It’s his hair! He can do whatever he wants with it. He is the one who has to live with it. Let’s not turn his hair issue into a major crisis. I’m sure they will be able to fix it come March. We love you Rob!

Claudia on

I didnt really like the messy hair-do before. But i loved how his hair was in Twilight as Edward. It made him look younger. His new hair-do’s not that bad. He looks more mature too.

Teri on

With the long hair, he was different. Now he looks just like any other Brad Pitt wannabe. What a mess.

samantha on

um i think that its its his hair and it looks fine, hot even. after all hair grows, so im sure that he’ll be edwardsized in time for the fliming.

monica on

he is sexyyyyy either wayy. the first picture, it says hott vampire. the second one, hott bad boy. either one is perfectly fine with me!

Jane Doe on

i cannot not stand it, he is no longer my precious edward with his new hair, i am utterly speechless. What will he do for the new moon movie that has already started filming and coming out in november 20th of 09

jesadai on

its look sbetter long but either ways his still ma babe!!!!1

rosalie on

I kind of like it. But i loved it longer bc he could play with it during interviews :)

Alexandra on

its okay nawt the best but hey at least he finally washed it!!!!!

Jen on

Seriously people, his hair looks fine, considering that it is Rob’s hair, I think ROB can decide what to do with it, Edward DOES NOT EXIST! And you do realize that he has probably already shot his scenes for the first part of the next book considering he is only present in the book in the beginning and in the very end. Let the man live his life, it is not his purpose in life to be what you want him to be, he is just supposed to entertain when needed.

Fuyuna on

His sexy is in his eyes.. And his mouth, of course..
So, whateva’ wit his hair..
Still Sexy..
Luv him so much..

Thelma on


Marissa on

He does look Ah-mazing either way but Edward can’t grow his hair back….. Hopefully his hair grows fast….

Alexa on

He doesnt look so hot with his new hair cut. Im sorry, but i really dont like it. Now when they started filming New Moon, he isnt gunna look like edward and its not going to be right.

kelly on

OMG, I LOVED his hair before, now he’s just like everyone else… what a sell out… booooo

Tiffany on

EWWWW!!!!!!!! He looks sooo ugly. If I could barf, I would, but I’m eating dinner. So :P. His beautiful locks are GONE! GONE, I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc.

Mallory on

He is cute either way. It would be nice to have a better picture of him with short hair to compare to though.

crystal on

I like it either way; however, now he look alot like Elijah Wood.

Lady Tee on

I dont think that cut compliment him at all he looks like a fake Justin Timberlake!!!! He was way more Hotter with the hair, its what really made him in the movie….

Angie on

I think it looks GREAT! And since he is only in a quarter if New Moon I am sure it will be back to all of it’s Edward Cullen glory by then!

Sara! on

I LOVE it! This isn’t the best picture of Robert because of the glasses. (He’s so much sexier when his eyes are showing.) Now his hair, and his whole look seems alot cleaner, his hair was getting a little out of controll.

Gabriella on

It’s not Robert. If you look closly at the two photos, you can see that in the second photo, the man has a rounder face and his nose is different. Also, notice that they picked a picture with sunglasses on. You can’t really tell who a person is without seeing their eyes. It’s not Robert.

Christina on

I absolutely adore his long hair, but I think it looks great either way. It’s just a hair cut people, not the end of the world, okay. It’s his hair and he’s aloud to do whatever he wants with it. It’ll grow enough for the second movie, and he’ll look, and act, amazing in it, just like the first movie.
He is amazingly talented [both in acting and in music] no matter what he looks like.
But I think he looks absoulutely gorgeous, and no matter what, he will always be the perfect Edward Cullen. Great look Rob, and I LOVE your music!! You are SOOO talented!
[oh, and do you think that you and Kristen could just maybe get married… that would DEFINITLY make my day, lol :]]]

I’m serious.

Maya on

he looked OK with his “long” hair
but now…seriously??
im not saying he doesn’t look good for all the people who love him to death
i’m just saying, that is not what i would do if i were him :))

Renee on

not to offend anyone but i think he kind of loooks like a Brad Pitt wannabe.
I loved his long hair it was so amazing .

Armando on

He makes me drool!

Ceara on

Freaking HOT!!

Stephanie on

I always thought Robert Pattinson was only okay with his looks. I really couldn’t get over the fact of his being Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and then being this hot vampire I always imagined while reading the Twilight series.

However, now that he’s cut his hair, he’s pretty hot. I think he should keep it like this.

Who cares if his hair is shorter in the second movie?? There is a short time jump to the beginning of New Moon!

Fallon on

He doesn’t look bad at first jake g. popped into my head but he looks fine…..a little bit hotter them b4…..and older and put together lolz

denis on

okay u know wat
im a guy i like twilight
i liked the whole thing (the movie was a little under par but im not talking about that)
okay this is getting out of hand
first he smoked pot with kristen stewart ( search for rob smoking pot)
but now this he just wants the publicity and nothing else i think hes a self-centered creature

Kate on

I wanted to cry when I saw the new haircut; I love it longer! But I like him regardless.

Shanel on

he is so hot…scrumptious..yummy. i love him with hair and without it. everyone stop hatin.hes fine

Sami ♥ on

well, he’s gorgeous to begin with. that’s a really bad pic though, and from looking at it, I hate the hair. I’ll stay open-minded though…..

alexandra on

i love his hair both ways…. before it was sexy because it was the type of hair you could run your hands through but now its sexy cause you can really see his face. even if robert pattinson goes “mr. clean” bald he’d still be sexy.. he just has sex appeal.

Vanessa on

This is not a good thing. His hair was even part of the way he was describe in the book “Twilight” now he looks like any old Joe (justin timberfalls). I really do not like this look on him I hope he grows it back and leaves well enough and God’s blessing alone.

Kayyy on

OH My Robert! I dont like it, i mean he is still hot but mannnn I’m dissapointed. hopefully it grows back for New Moon.

Mythrildelight on

I think he kinda looks like a younger version of Joshua Jackson now…not a bad thing still a cutie but I will admit I do like the longer wild hair…too bad :(

Brandy on

As long as it looks the same for New Moon as it did for Twilight its all good :)

Mrs. Cullen on

I loved the old way sooo much! He’s still gorgeous but he could have asked his wife first….(me of course) -sigh- I still love him….and I love Edward even more :]

Asha on

Love it… I can see something of the younger Brad Pitt in this young man.

nikki on

i dont care about his hair much. he looks sexy no matter the hair cut! still the Edward Cullen we all fell in love with!

sybrina on

He looks hot either way…:]
let him do whatever he wants with your hair it’s not your hair why do you care so much!

brittany on

People have to remember before getting up set that the hair was just for the movie actors change all the time for movies

destiny on

omg it looks good but the other looked so much better i thought he was so sexy but he still is but thats what made him so fine before was his hair and now its all GONE!!!!!

Jordan on

short hair, long hair…does it really matter? he is so gorgeous!

Jessica on

It’s hair, it’s no big deal. It can grow back. Let’s think about real issues.

Nicole on

It’s HAIR people … it will grow back!
Thats what hair does!

Heather on

I love Robert Pattinson, & just sayig but girls he’s taken already by me. Really am not jocking, am in love.

boyzrule on

those shades don’t help his features. Needs to find a better pair.

Amanda on

Im not sure.
he was hot before and he is still…but i think that he so gorgeous that he can pull off either!…it takes some getting used to thats for sure

1412 on

Is that Brad Pitt?

Mary on

Love it. Robert is still extremely hot! I love both his long and short hair. Now you can really focus on those eyes, jaw, lips and cheekbones. He is filming Parts Per Billion in Jan. so probably had to cut it for that, and can’t blame him for being tired of girls obsessing over his hair. NM doesn’t start filming until March, it will grow back in time. Edward’s hair isn’t much longer on the sides and back. Let the poor guy do what he wants, it’s his hair!

iana on

He looks like Jake Gylenhall now

amanda on

love both ways. not digging the shades to much tho.

Mary on

Adding to my earlier comment, this short hair pic is not the best, his sexiness is in his eyes(among other things lol) Look up his pics from Heathrow Airport(he went home for Christmas on Monday) and there are tons of GREAT pics, inclusing one where he is looking right at the camera. HOTTT!!!!

Adrianna on

hair is good but he sort of looks like lucas grabeel from high school musical

Sarah on

Sexy as crap either way!!

Andie on

I am so upset he had his hair cut. It could have been trimmed a little. I thought his longer hair made him look mysterious, dark and sexy. Whyyyyyyy!!!!

alicia on

omg how can you girl not like his long greasy sex hair????????

are you all out of your mind….?????

the sex hair was so damn hot.. there is nothing like a sex hair… beautiful man!! lol lmao

no but forreal i loved his hair b4 he better let it grow out!! i didnt even no about the twilight books before i watched the movie and i fell in love with him…lol… i thought he was so damn sexy then i read the books…

hes just so sexy… i would love to rip his hair out there would be nothin to hold on to lmao!!

i want his sex hair back!!!

alicia on

all i no is that he needs to be sexed up!! lol by ME hahahahaha!!!! he just so damn sexy!!!

Leia on

He is still so sexy, no matter what. But-as a twilight fa, i liked his hair long.

Still love ya rob!

pumpkin on

He looks better… He was never my idea of Edward anyway, so short or tousled….it’s whatever…

Pam on

Now he has his hair straightened out – how about an eyebrow wax ! !

Andi on

Oh my gosh!! He cut it all off!! He is still a total babe! xDD

Trinity Gladney on

He was always cute, but the haircut isn’t working for him but I still think he’s wickedly awesome!I guess the “Edward” hair-do was what made him more “want-able”

Chase. on

I bet he just did that for attention,
but really,
you were right,
it’s more of a
“hollywood” haircut.
just another “wow” newstory…

jessica on

seriously. everyone needs to stop freaking out. he HOT either way. an his hair will be grown back out by the time new moon will start shooting. its not gonna kill him. an if its not grown out by then. well. then he’s jus gonna hav to jus kepp cutting it until all the movies are over. SO GET OVER IT! he can still be hot!

Avi on

Thank you Robert! Finally!


wayyy hotter now! XD

heartsyhawk on

It’s his hair and his business…but I think it looks horrendous and would tell him so to his face. Ew…short hair and facial hair don’t work for him…

cheyenne brazier on

he looks so UGLY NOW wrong choice robert

January on

I agree with just isn’t the same without the long,wavy hair.hope it grows back quick or he might lose some fans

Heather on

I like him both ways but I agree that he shouldn’t be trying to recreate his look right now. I don’t know about you all but I am so still in the twilight zone and I still want him to look like Edward. Just me.

Rachel on

hey stupids!!! that doesnt even look like him!

Sarah on

people, esp celebrities change their image all the time..
he is HOT

Camellia on


Lucille on

I love the new Robert Pattinson. He looks good with longer hair and he looks good with the shorter hair. Makes him look even sexier.

Kat on

He looks SO much better without that greasy, high maintenance, and distracting hair. Don’t get me wrong, he was sexy before, but now he’s HOT. Snaps for Pattz.

theresa on

i like his long hair WAY better. i hate his new looks super ugly!!!!!

Jackie on

I think that Rob looks good both ways! But, he looks cleaner with the cut. Good choice Rob!

Jennifer on

He looks older with his new hair

Isabel on

He’s hot! Hair or no hair :)

Nikole on

i think he definitely pulls this look off. he has his own look now. more in likely he was trying to differ himself from what all the teenage girls like myself tend to consider him as, edward cullen. but i like htis look alot more. he looks very comfortable with himself. and as long as he likes it thats all that matters :D

Cindy on

Wow he is giving me a flash back to Brandon Walsh from 90210 in the 80’s.. :)

Tyana on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW……….. You girls are so gross! He is so disgusting he doesn’t wash his hair and he is a horrible actor in the horrid twilight movie…. That chick and him and basically the whole cast except james and the other bad guys were horrible actors and that movie was CRAP-tacular

Mikhaile on

If there are people who are mad that he cut HIS hair,then I strongly suggest that person see a therapist as soon as possible,because they need lives of their own.

charmaine on

– I think your hair right now is much better
than the past
– you look more gorgeous and sexier

bethany on

i dont like it. he’s had that hair since he played cedric in harry potter and the goblet of fire. and im not used to seeing him without it. i personaly dont like it but if u do.. rock on.

James on

I’m sure he wanting to cut it. Imagine every single person commenting on your hair. It would get rather ignoring. I would cut my hair too if it shut people up.

Cassidy on

i liked him more before because he looked like a whacko but hes still hot

CeeCee on

I think he looks so mature now, he was kinda wierd looking in that other hair but stil cute, but he looks great now. :D

Ericka on

Don’t really think this is even the same guy…either way, get over it! If someone chooses to get a haircut, then the rest of the world should deal with it!

bambi on

Robert looks good as a scary,pale vampire, so cutting of his hair,which can grow back, isnt a big deal.He still looks good.

amyslays on

its funny how many people flip over him cutting his hair.

one. hes 22 years old. hes a grown man. he can cut his hair if he wants.

two. everyones worried about new moon. its three months away .. calm down.

three. he has a NEW movie hes filming before NEW MOON. called PARTS PER BILLION. if you were a true fan of his, you would know what his up coming projects were..

but since i suspect most of you were just into him for his hair, i guess you wouldn’t know this.

his hair will grow back. its just hair. i think he looks incredibly sexy no matter what he does to himself.

Carrhid on

Who is this guy?
Oh, that dude from the Twilight Movie.


What’s the big deal?!?!

Melanie on

i love his hair now! he looks so much cleaner
he has 3 months to grow it out, so i hope it grows out fast. but i think he looks better with short hair. cleaner and sexierrrr. but i also like the long hair too.

kaitlyn on




Jairo the genius on


Eleina on

I will admit I loved his hair before. Why did he cut it. Now he looks like any other Hollywood actor. I liked his old hair, it was original and him. Oh well. I just hope it grows back soon.

Jairo the genius on


Eleina on

Once more me. I just want to say that kaitlyn totally rules and that is my opinion exactly. WHYYYYYY!

Mimi on

Sexy Banged ni Orang…!!!!!

Bikin gw Merinding kalo liat mukenye…

(Want to know the translate? email me…!!)

marcie on

I think that everyone deserves to wear their hair the way that they see fit. It is Roberts hair after all. If you don’t like it that’s just the way it is. When they start shooting New Moon after all we don’t know what they will shoot first maybe the seens that don’t include Robert so much giving his hair more time to grow and if not then I’m sure they will think of something that will work. Ater all that’s what they get paid for. Once again I like both looks the new hair cut is great so just chil out and enjoy the holidays!!!!!!

nora on

i realy love rob! he is a very good actor! i think he is really hot!but wut is gona hapin now? most people loved him for his hair! now it is all gone! i am not sayin his hair cut is bad, it just makes him look diffrent, and much older! cant wait untell his hair grows back!

Jess on

I love it! He looks awesome either way!

marcie on

sorry for my spelling in the previous entry it is very late here and I should be asleep.

Jocelyn on

I’m digging his new hair, but I don’tttt really feel those shades….

alyssa on

how could u hate the new hair dude it looks better then the messy whateve ‘do…my opinion

peace out girl scout!! <3 edward cullen!

jason on

yeah hes coool…but omg please loose the shades..wear some shades that are fly looking..geez dem glasses were a turn off for me idk about u…yeah the hair was a shock for me too…but hey its a free country..if the dude wants to cut his hair..let the man cut his hair….hes still sexy tho…

Kelly on

I love his long hair and especially when its all done for Edward, but he’s super hot even with it short. . .so don’t get mad becaue it will grow back :)

tess on

super love it! he looks more gorgeous. he’s sexy no matter what. his sex appeal is still there…so, what’s the fuzz?

jason on

first of all ewwww…wuts wit the glasses dude…when i saw that of course with the new hair cut..that was a big turn off for me…im sorry..the haircut i dont mind…but the glasses..omg…am i the only one who sees it..i mean i know i may not have a good fashion sense but i do know when something dont look rite…and that glasses gots to go..dude u is living in the now not the 1980’s dude..

MJB on

This is news???? LOL You all need to get a life!

Almina on

Good thing for Robert, but for Edward…? Dunno!

Amber on

I think it looks horrible. I mean the longer his hair was it made him look younger, but now that he has his hair short, it makes him look alot older. thats why it looks bad.

let it grow back out.

Sarah on

He’s only in the beginning and the end of New Moon, but the entire middle features none of him, so i’m sure if he made the cut it was because his scenes will be filmed last and he’ll have time to grow it back. besides, it was getting much longer than it was in the movie anyway — it was time for a trim.

Tyson on

That was a stupid choice robert made, I mean, look at him!?! And hows he gonna play Edward now? I hope it grows back soon for New Moon

Kasia on

In my opinion, Rob looks better with his cut, and he reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal ;)

kay spomer on

I think he looks great with shorter hair. His hair always gave me a weird vibe. I don’t know, it was just too messy. I have a thing about that, but I can see why a lot of women liked it. I don’t care, he is super hot either way. Did you see his eyes?! Wow!!!

Sasha on

I prefer the longer hair, but he looks good both ways!

Munira on

new hairdo or not
it looks good both ways:)
He should let hsi hair grow back for new moon
not the same with the short hair:)

Who Cares on

First reaction to seeing this picture . . . Aww.

Obviously he’s a good looking guy, and he’ll look cute/handsome/hot regardless of his hair. I just really like the pictures I saw of him holding his guitar. Hope he keeps up the music stuff as well. :)

Uhhh on

I don’t know what everyone sees. He was okay in makeup for the movie but without he’s not that attractive. With or without the hair he’s still got a weird nose and a long face.

Who Cares on

I forgot to mention, I like the “scruffy” look–the beard, mustache, and whatnot. Looks good.

Bah on

What’s up with everyone drooling over this guy? just look at him, he’s an average joe, especially with short hair. In the movie he wore more lipstick than the home-alone kid, even more lipstick than I do! I think this whole thing is one of those school-girl crush that will fade out pretty fast.

Anne on

it doesnt matter..Robert Pattinson will still be Robert Pattinson,Edward Cullen will still be Edward Cullen and no one will ever change that!

Ew on

Ewww why is everyone all into this guy? What’s with everyone liking the Lurch from the Addam’s Family show deal? Has acid rain fell and burned everyone’s eyesight? I guess the standards for a male heart throb has gone way down.

Jac on

It’s about time he took a shower and got a haircut. 100% better. Keep it up, Rob!

hmmm on

hahahah Lurch, That’s so untrue! he looks nothing like it! compare!

hmm… I guess you’re right, they’re so alikeLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!OLOL!LOLOL! longfaceman

weird on

Weird my posts wont show, yet I follow all the rules posted down here under “SPONSORED LINKS”
I cut down 2lbs of body fat and then 42 lbs of body fat and my posts still don’t show!?! What am I gonna do with this bloody mess now?

amanda on

he looks way cuter!!!
rawr! Lol

Ashley on

MMMM omg, he’s so gorgeoussssss. I love the new haircut, he was always hot but the hair before was um… lets say less than attractive? lol, BUT noooow.

*bow chicka wow ow*


maidah on


Mel on

Hey girls..give him a break! He can do whatever he wants with his hair, not conforming to what people say. I love both hairs…

amber on

He looks like an idiot he was a fitty before,now he is just plain ugly

margaret on

mmm he kinda looks a little more mature but the hotness, still there ;)

lykz on

he’s still hot..cute..and.. gorgeous.!!

tanty on

i dont like!
you look so old..

sai on

wow! now im thinkn hes lookin hot!!!
he finally got rid of that twilight look.
now he doesnt look like a child.
hey there grown up!

not a fan on

he is still very ugly, my god what do women see attractive in this fellow? Lol, he has a deformed looking face, he cut it for his boyfriend ricky martin.

Brie on

I like him both ways…but my mum saw the “Edward hairdo” photo and said, “OMG! He is way sexy with the hair and the blue eyes!”

therese mae on

It doesn’t matter,his still HOT!

Teresa on

With the shorter hair he looks more like his Harry Potter character Cedric Digory. Hope he lets it grow out, or he won’t look like Edward anymore.

theresemae on

It doesnt matter,his still HOT!

Nicole on

I’ve never been sure what the fuss was about this dude. Sure he looks kinda hot in the vampire make-up (who wouldn’t?), but without it? Not so much. His previous hair was annoying and his current hair is really no big whoop either. Let’s talk about his eyebrows, shall we?

Almina on

Good thing for Robert, but for Edward?! Not so much! I agree with Nicile about his eyebrows, they look hilarious!

Noey on

I think it’s alright. Short or long, it’s just hair. it will grow back. Go Rob! woot!

mercedes on

I agree with Rebecca – he looks so much better with short hair— now – I can see him as a realistic heart-throb for the movie — before he just looked a mess.

CHaRMaiNe on

I feel Rob’s hair cut is totally AWESOME. While watching Twilight, Rob’s hair was kinda disturbing. Anyway, he has his rights to do whatever he wants with his hair. & I think it looks lovely now.

jinny on

he looks so COOL!

Allison on

i loved his hair before. it fit his part, now he looks like brad pitt.

Allison on

i hate it now. i loved the way his hair was before. it fit his part as a vampire.

#27. All Hair Robert Pattinson « xoxo on

[…] not. But that doesn’t stop fans from feelling a slight betrayal in the change. People.comhas helpfully added a poll to its website for opinionated hair-istas to vote on how they feel about […]

Katherine on

So its not the best, but heck, if he went bald i wounldnt care ;D

New Moon fan on

I loved his twilight hair but he had trouble fixing it once he ended filming twilight…remember him at Ellen’s show?
I like this shorter do almost as much as his Edward hair…because he doesn’t need to fix it..

Nadela on

He looks neater

evearlmine on

people need some changes. just when it’s new, it’s a matter of “not used” leading to have the “weird” feeling. but exactly, there’s nothing. i do like both!

Carol on

it doesn’t matter..he’s still HOT! and i love it!

New Moon fan on

Rob, do us all a favour and PLEASE SHAVE!
The beard lessens your sexiness
other than that…i love you!

Maggie on

Are you people nuts?! How could he do that to his hair. His hair was so beautiful. And how he ran his fingers through it in all the interviews I watched. Oh my! I’m very sad he cut it off :(



Aimee on

i love his hair in harry potter. his hot!!!!

Alex on

He looks very sexy with his two different styles but i think i would preffer his hair before. i kind of think he looks like brad pitt in that photo … scary.

sunshine on

awww He looks like a scruffy bum. GROW IT BACK!!

KIM on

LOVE IT! Now he doesn’t look like reject from the 80’s Duran Duran!!

mb on

A Much More Mature Look

Rolling Eyes on

Good choice. I can’t wait for his other films. I think that’s really why he cut it. I can’t wait for Little Ashes to come out.

ihatethatguy on

Who cares if he changes his hairstyle?!he still looks like loser

Freya on

He said himself in J-14 that he hated his hair; It always stopped him from getting into clubs because he always looked like a bum. He looks GORGEOUS either way though!

Joanna on

Anyone who does not understand how he can do with out his hair cut. Its great publicity for someone new as him. I would have my clients do just the same!! He is already created so much buzz with this that he is on front page of yahoo. It’s more publicity stunt than anything else. Great job whoever his agent is.

BeccaBleu on

I don’t know why people are upset about him getting his hair cut. First, its his hair he can cut it if he wants. Second, guys’ hair grows faster that girls. Third, his hair was getting pretty long and most of the time it looked like an attempted fro. I think he looks better than he did with that too long, messy hair.

Lauren on

Okayy, well he looked really good wityh long hair, as he also does now, but i prefer the long hair. Just thank gosh there not shooting the second movie yet cause that would ruin the movie. So any just saying he looks good in that picture just i like his hair longer.

Dawn on

I love it! It almost gives him a Justin Timberlake look…..He definitely is bringing sexy back too! yummmmy!

emily on

he looks a bit bad in photo and his new hair is not that pretty and thats what i think !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey on

Robert Pattinson could work anything.

Mia on

I think his old hair do look better. The stubble and the shortest is weird looking to me. I think he trying to steal Justins style because I think that is what he is doing.

But I like the old Pattinson better~

thisucks on

his old hair was better

Rocky on

he looks likes he is cross-eyed. hahahaha

megann on

okayy, you were georgeouss befor and you still are.
i think the glasses ruinedd the holeee pictuure!
yourr so hot either wayyyy..

brooke on

i hate his new look..
he looks like an ugly version of brad pitt
his hair better be long in new moon..

Cassandre on

im not an edward fan but i am a robert fan. he is one of the few men i will ever find attractive (Jasper,Carlisle, the boy down the street) but i think that the reason all of these girls are so mad now is because now instead of looking like forever 17 edward cullen he looks like a man (and notice how hes not sparkling in that bright rays of sunlight) But hey i still love him.

brooke on

okay.. so i hate his new look
it looks horrible
i loved his old look..
plus now he just looks like an ugly version of brad pitt..
he should have kept the old look.. it fits him

megann on

likee really your soo fn hotttt!!!
ahhh, sexyy.
but the glasses just make you look shyco, and weird.


gladys on

This gut looks like him but I don’t think is him….no is not him I see the difference on his lips,chin and nose.

Jessica on

I love his long hair i want it back! now he looks so orignianl jsut like every other guy in hollywood. his other hair made him original. i miss it =[

Biri on

I just don’t get why people are bending themselves out of shape because of a simple haircut!!!!!!! We are forgetting something here, its HIS HAIR!!!!!!

marie on

i think rob pattenson looks better without the haircut and i cant wait for the other twilight movies to come out!!

f3redblue on

He looks so mature now…

jaymee on

am i seeing a young brad pitt on the right? haha! he’s still hot in his new ‘do, he looked mature though, but he was probably right in one of his interviews when he said that the people are in love with the character of Edward Cullen and not with him.

eydie on

you know, i have taken a long, hard look at both pictures and you know what? these are pictures of two different men. notice the picture of the long haired man, how his face is wider and angular. the lips are different. the eyebrows are different colors. the man on the left has five o’clock shadow and it is dark. the man on the right has blonder facial hair. the base of the neck and into the chest is wider on the man on the left. these are pictures of two different men.

Gina on

I can’t believe all the hype about his hair. It’s HAIR. I know it’s part of his signature but come on girls, he’s much more than a hairdo.

And as far as New Moon goes, Edward is hardly in it and we all know that they don’t film movies in sequence. I’m sure he’ll be okay by the time his filming starts.

Take a deep breath!

kaya on

i dont like his new look…..Robert u looked so sexy with ur hair full n now u chopped them not happy at all.

Molly on

LOVE the new look! Maybe now he’ll start washing his hair!

lala on

He doesn’t look like a “rocker” anymore and I don’t like his new hair and his mustache.. very common and he looks a little old.. damn dude, why did you cut your hair?!?!?

teagan on

you look so ugly why in the world would you do that to yourself

MJ on

hairstyle is fine but surely i’ll be missing his “trademark” and the way it dazzles me..
he makes me remind of leonardo dicaprio in blood diamond.

MJ on

his hair is fine, obviously, any hair suites him but i’d be missing his “trademark” and the way it dazzles me. he makes me remind of LEONARDO DICAPRIO IN BLOOD DIAMOND

jaimi on

he looked good before but now he looks awesome! he really looks like a 20+ year old actor. i think he should lose the beard, but i guess it evens out the loss of hair on top of his head. lol. nice choice robert :)

Alicia on

I don’t necessarily hate it…I think if the picture qualities matched, and the pic on the right looked less like it was taken 10 years ago, it might not look so bad…

Kristina on

I love his new do, he looks very sexy. However it will not work for Edward at all. Other than that I think it looks great and hopefully it will grow back in time for New Moon, since he is hardly in that one anyway.

jacqueline on

it doesn’t matter. short hair or long hair. he looks so handsome…and sexy too.

Ellie on

i really like the new hair!!!
hes georgous

Becca on

Come on people, its hair.
i think he is great either way..
lets not make a huge deal because he got a

FlipChick on

I always thought his hair looked greasy & dirty. The new look makes him look sexier, and cleaner! :-)

Kiki on

His hair was getting out of control. Maybe it will help him stop looking like a sexy bum.

Maddie on

I am a huge fan of his and I cant believe he did that. I mean sure he looks cool but his trademark look was waaaaay sexier. I had dreams about him now only nightmares!



Shawna on

Okay, so I totally loved his hair long. And when they said he cut off all his hair and I kind of freaked. But this isn’t that bad and I’m sure it will grow back in time for “New Moon”. (BTW this is a really bad picture of him.)

fee on

I would have to say that I am lovin the short hair. I think that he is not all that cute with long hair…sorry ladies i know many of you will not agree.

Stephanie williams on

I think he is hot no matter how long his hair is. But for a confortable thought to all the fans: don’t worry it will grow back, I promise. And he will as gorgous as ever. Go Team Edward!!!

Jeanea on

Rob hasn’t always been atractive to me. When i first saw him i struggled to see him as my favorite character but looking at him before and after makes me realize just how handsome he is. i don’t like the new hair cut but it looks okay on him, i guess. i don’t really car for short hair much but hey, it’ll grow back. plus rob already sorta looks like a hobo at times so if he want to chop off his hair who are we to judge… wait were freakin fans dawg! haha but seriously its his hair. let him be.
ps. hate to say this but it looks like fame has taken its toll on rob…well there goes the neighborhood. -_-‘ …yeah.

Naz on

his choice in eyewear is what should really be the issue. this isn’t the first time i’ve seen him in unflattering glasses, including the movie

pokey on

OMG! It’s a just a freakin hair cut. People there are more important issue going around the world. Who gives a S***! of what someones hair looks like. BTW he is still smokin hot lol!!!

Ariel on

I luved Robs long hair but he also looks sexy with his short haircut. I jus luv him.

Kiki on

i think he can do whatever he pleases but in my opinion i don’t think he looks quite good this way tho the way he had his hair when he played edward cullen was gorg. he shouldn’t have cut it he looked better with the long scruffy look

michaele on

well its ok look a bit…. maturelike justin timberlake BUT…. can he shave he look like a cave man just being freed out.. from somewhere

Charmaine on


Melissa on

No worries about his hair being long enough for filming. Three months is plenty of time for it to be back to “Edward” length if his hair grows anything like my son’s hair.

He had stated that he was dying to get it cut. Let the man enjoy his reprieve! He looks great!

daisy on

he’s hot, but i like the long hair better. hope he grows it back for the movie….

mistie on

i love his new look he was cute before but still he still hott no matter how his hair is!!!!!!!!!

megan on

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!
why would some one that sexi could off all of that hot hair i mean that is wat made him Edward Cullen
it better grow back out for new moon

nelisa decena on

people always want change.i don’t disapprove of robert’s new look, but i’m still dreamy of his twilight aura…he looked so mysteriously sexy in that tousled hair.maybe not this soon to change hairstyle.but i love you still, no matter will still grow back anyways…so np :)

Lorin on

Honestly who cares! It’s HIS life, not his fans. Can Americans concentrate on far MORE important things like saving our country?!

Brianna on

I like it a lot. He looks more mature. That picture of him isn’t flattering though.

Nicole on

I think he looks normal now, which is a good thing. His hair looked fun to run your fingers through but now he looks more like a man then a young boy. Good choice sexy

karen on

whoaaa.. hair looks gud to him! i dont think we have to worry if his hair gets back ob or before the filming of new moon,,it’s his character that counts, though..

really love him! whatever his looks might be..

Heather on

I thought he was good looking before and the hair cut looks great,but it would have been nice to have the picture with out sun glasses. Personal opinion I like to be able to look at a persons eyes.

Amanda on

I think the new look is hot,he looked good before but now I think he looks even better and I can not wait to see him in New Moon!!!!!
Go Team Edward!!!!!!!

Jessie on

Relax girls. It’s only hair and it grows back.

Stacey on

I like the short hair; the sunglasses – not so much. I do hope it’s grown out for New Moon though.

Kristal on

He’d look better with the new one were he to shave. Either way, he is absolutely gorgeous! :D

Mystery on

It’s his hair he can do what ever he wants to do with it. Would it be fair to say if a man had a comment on a womans hair if she let it grow long or short & he say’s that’s stupid. How would you react? Honesty would you say tough get over it? So Pattinson has the right to say the same thing Oh,well get over it why get mad over someone elses hair?

Lala on

U LOOK COOl but u looked better with long hair!!!!!!!! But you still look hot

Kayleigh Green on

look at his nose and lips… not him!

Raquel on

he is hot no matter what

Katy on

i hate his new look. he was VERY HOT and now he is VERY NOT. his long hair made him edward cullen but now he just does not look like edward cullen. how is he going to play edward culllen in the sequal to twilight new moon? HATE IT

Eleni on

His hair was way too unruly, and he needed a change, I’m proud that he went against Hollywood type and cut off his hair! Why are fans so outraged that he cut his hair? That’s just so selfish, he has to manage his horrid locks, so why not make it easier to handle?

OMG, Robert Pattinson Cut His Hair!? « *~icedlemontea~* on

[…] probably not. has even posted a poll for opinionated hair-istas to vote on how they feel about the shorter more […]

stacy on

no matter what robert is still hot
hair or no hair
i love him no matter what he does to himself

stacy on

no matter what robert is hot
hair or no hair
i still love him the way he is

Liz on

He can bite me anytime, short hair, long hair, even no hair.

francesca on

ahh robert, what did you do?!

a few months till filming for new moon starts..

i guess it’s a good thing there’s only a little edward =X


Brittany on

His hair looks good no matter what.All of you who say his hair looks bad short and want ot to grow back are stupid.Of course his hair is going to grow back…it alwaays does( at least thats what usally happens). HE obliviously thinks it looks good or else he wouldn’t have done it and your not a true fan of his if you disagree with him.

Jenni on

Horrible! He looks like a lazy slob now who can’t be bothered to shave or comb his hair.

Tegan. on

His hair looks really gross and greasy in the first picture. I personally think he is not cute at all, and he just doesn’t fit my image of Edward Cullen. ): Also, I was very disappointed with the Twilight movie, it wasn’t true to the books. Even the tiniest details like the fact that she has a laptop and fast internet in the movie, and in the book she has a crappy, old computer and dial – up. And than there is more major differences, that really bug me.

Jennii:) on

hes beautiful:)
even with his hair cut offf.>!

Sueki on

I think Rob looked gorgeous with long hair in the Twilight movie. But when I would see him in real life interviews, his hair always looked kind of crap to be honest. Too fly away and it made him look kind of clownish flopping every which way which way.

I LOVE the new ‘do, Rob! And do not listen to those who superficially claim, “but hair is his trademark.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Hair is just hair, people. It grows back. You should be looking at the guy UNDER the hair!

Danielle on

What is wrong with you people long hair is friggin hawt!!!i hope he grows it back out for New Moon that roll has to have long hair no matter!!! So you guys need to get it straight lol he looks good with short hair but not as good as he did before!!!!!!

Stephanie on

He looks just as hot. Either way he is finnne.

Old Lady Fan on

It’s just hair and it will grow back.

Catrina on


Beavis on

i hate it. it makes him look really old and hairy…. its ugly.
you cant be edward cullen with hair like that!!!!!!

Lily on

I luv the short hair and either way, i do think he is perfect to play Edward! Go SHORT!

Rebbeca on

I think he looks ugly both ways. Just because he was in Twilight people are fawning over him. Twilight is a terrible book. Why does everyone love it so much. I can say this because I’ve read all the books and they are all terrible. The movie was a low budget cheap show. It doesn’t seem any better.

Lily on

SHUT UP REBECCA! it is such an awesome book and while no im not crazy about the movie, u still need 2 keep some thoughts 2 urself!

Kali on

I think it looks great:)
his hair will grow back, dont worry!

beth on

i love his new hair,its fresh.!he looks even sexier now.!!!(:

Missy on

I think he looks damn hot no matter what he has on his head!

Sonya on

I love his hair. I hated it before. Now he looks hot.

nerdy on

he looked like a drugged out loser before. now he looks halfway civilized.

Samantha on

wow, he looks better with the short hair


janalie on

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you made me cry i hate it but i love him ahhhhhhh help me ahhhhhhhh (sniff) ahhhhhhhhhh help him please get him a wig ahhhhhhh that hair cut makes you see no bronze ps twilight obssesed here is my friend’s thought on it:

it looks so bad. you look so much better with longer hair ps im planning to read the series 10 times pss my friend has read it 48 times

LD on

Does he still smoke? If he does it doesn’t matter what he looks like or how long his hair is. He’s gross!!

Katie Geerts on

I say if he likes it then he should stick with it if not then he can change it, just because he’s famous doesnt meen he has to have every thing the way the fans like it, but I do like the plad shirt, hehe

Angie on

that’s what i’m talking about!
i used to think he wasn’t cute at all.
but now! he hey hey!, could there be a sexier vampire!

Megan on

He is way sexy either way. Personally, i like his long hair better but his short hair is fine too.
I don’t really care that he cut his hair… that’s his choice but what are they going to do in New Moon? I will be mad if his hair is short… that will completely change the movie.

Caitlin on

Its just hair. Everyone needs a new look some time.
I like it alot and I also liked it long.

Katie Geerts on

I say if he likes it then he should stick with it if not then he can change it, just because he’s famous doesnt meen he has to have every thing the way the fans like it, but I do like the plad shirt, hehe, theres just something about plad;)

EMMA(: on

OMG; so hott.
maybe not as hot as it was before.
but it is still to die for!

Katie Geerts on

I say if he likes it then he should stick with it if not then he can change it, just because he’s famous doesnt meen he has to have every thing the way the fans like it, but I do like the plad shirt, brovo, hehe

Melissa. on

Don’t judge him,
seriously if you hate it thats to bad
we all have to cut are hair sometimes
and thats the choice he wanted,
we have like no reason to judge him
hes still adorable :]

Mae on

I think he looks hot either way too. I always thought he looked hot even before Twilight. The hair is just an added bonus. It’s just a haircut. It’ll grow back.

Laura on

I don’t care, he was hot before and he’s hot now :) Although I do agree that he should grow it back for the new movie.

yousillygoose on

Ooh the old ruffled mess was better. :] But he’s still cute.

Laura on

I really like it!! It doesn’t look like his hair has a mind of its own anymore!

And it’s only hair! It can grow out for New Moon. All will be fine for the Twilight franchise.

Rachel on


Robert….Robbie-pie….Sexy Man-Beast….Edward….what have you done?

Sigh….Maybe it’ll grow on me….
(no pun intended.)

Sarah on

OK i thot he was cute with all that fuzzy hair….but now he looks SMOKIN’ HAWT!!!! he send chills crawling up my bak wenever i look at him!! I LOVE U ROB!!

keke on

omg it his his hair get over it..he can do what he wants with it..personally i think that he looked like a durg addict with it long..he looks way more mature nd way sexier

twilight hater on

ew. this guy is hidious either way
he makes me want to barf =p

Shelby on

his hair looks good, but how is he suppose to play edward in new moon? it looks better than b4 though.

zoe858 on

He looks much better!!!

Mary on

Ok, I think the only people that are “mad” at Robert(how dare he cut his OWN HAIR without asking his fans???!!!) are 14 year old teenyboppers that think he is really Edward Cullen and that he will marry them. News flash…He is Robert Pattinson, NOT Edward Cullen. His true fans support him in whatever he does, and he has a *LOT* of ADULT women that love him. It’s not just teens. He’s 22 so it’s ok, lol. He is a very talented, charismatic, drop dead gorgeous actor. He is no more Edward than he is Salvadore Dali(which I can’t wait to see him portray in “Little Ashes.” His performance looks very impresssive.)He even won the award for Best Actor at the Strasbourg Film Festival for indie “How To Be” which looks hilarious. He is a complete breath of fresh air in the movie business, which is why he is getting so popular. People just like him. Look up his hilarious, self deprecating interviews and you will see that he is not his hair. If you follow his career at all, you would know that he is playing a 21 year old “normal” guitar playing guy opposite Dennis Hopper in Parts Per Billion, shooting starts in Jan. I’m sure the haircut is for that, plus he said himself that he couldn’t stand not being able to cut his hair for so long. Let’s give him some slack, although I do have to say that being front page news on Yahoo is very quickly making him a household name, even more than before. He is headed for skyrocketing success in Hollywood. He can do no wrong no matter what his hair looks like, he is sex on 2 legs! It won’t be long before we see him on the cover of People mag. as SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.

sara on

I am so sad he hads the best best best and dreamest hair I ever saw I defanitly think that this will effect his role as a “former” Cullen vampire, I believe that his fans will be stolen by jacob well thats my opinion:)

Jessica on

i think is new hair style looks really great.
but i still like his longer hairstyle better but oh well he still is cute :))

sonya on

His hair is okay. Take off the sunglasses! I want to see his eyes! :)

Kiowa on

I think he looks good.Either hair style works!But,I think when they start filming New Moon,he should have his same hair as in Twilight.

Katie on

i think it looks good. his hair looked like a rat’s nest at the red carpet premire!

emily on

i thaught he looked good with the hair what is he going to do about the new movie the hair just made it work

emily on

never mind he is hot with the hair plz grow it back

Tracey on

with his short hair, he looks just like Justin Timberlake

Leeanna on

it’s alright guys! he’s a vampire and vampires live for a very long time. he would always have time to grow out his hair in his life ;)

Tani on

He looks great either way, although I do like the longer hair. Of course for fans of Twilight, bear in mind that Edward is missing for a good 300 pages of New Moon. Given that movies aren’t usually filmed in sequential order, he will probably have some extra time besides those three months to grow his hair back.

carmen on

I think he looks a lot hotter now

kristina on

why did you have to cut your hair i loved you my cuz and i fight over you i still love u

shelomoi on

I thought he was cute before buy now he is so gorgeous. He’s blazing. So HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Sue on

His hair before looked like an oily mess.
This is MUCH MUCH better

nancy on

I get it–how surreal to have people in love with you for a fictional character–probably just needed to feel like himself again in the real world– these actors are more than just products you know and hair grows back for roles but he has to live and breathe as Robert not Edward. I say good for him!

bonnie on

Good grief people, it’s hair, it grows back! Give the guy a break, he is hot either way. Noone has any idea exactly when they are actually filming the second movie, it’s hollywood if it doesnt grow back ( highly doubtful) they can still give him some to wear! You wouldnt notice the difference. Some people get so involved in the character they forget they are characters. Rob is a real guy he only plays a ficticous character. I am a huge fan, I work in a bookstore and see his beautiful face everyday, sell the books and all of the other Twilight merchandise, He has my vote either way!

Lilyy on

i hate it

Amy Miley on

I like the new look but I have to say how is he supposed to grow it all back in 3 months. Because I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t really want to see him in a wig in the new movie and vampire’s hair always stays the same length so I hope his hair grows back and soon.


Now he looks like everyone else. Boring.

Jennifer on

I never thought he was cute, but with this new haircut he looks 100% better

Ashley on

looks like a dork either way… i used to turn down guys that looked like him in high school

sara on

Some of you guys are dumb…

it’s hair…it grows back

tori on

you people forget that hes doin other projects too and he might need to cut it for that and hair DOES grow people dont worry its not the end of the world!

vicky on

i think he still looks HOT, but his hair is his signature look he had that hairdo since he wuz in harry potter

Dawn on

i hate his new look i thought he was way hot before

Alex on

He looks good either way… but ugh… i like his origional better. If only h e wouldnt have cut it so short! But yah.. make it longer for new moon.

Kamalani on

I HATE IT!!! He looks like ugly justin timberlake ewwwww nasty grow it back out dude! plz!?!!!!!! I LOVE UR HAIR LONGER!!!

Nina on

The guy can cut his hair if he wants to. People need to stop making a fuss. He’s goodlooking either way. For all we know he might’ve had lice. lol hoTT lice of course…=]

mike payne on

I like the cut as the cutsie boy star locks are always a bit much but never have and never will like the scruffy face look. Psychologically, men who have a need for facial hair are generally hiding something they do not wish the world to see and that really bothers me. I know that I do not know Robert and probably should not make what can be assumed to be a generalization; but – a scruffy face indicates someone I would not generally be comfortable around. It makes me nervous, is not personally attractive to me, and I will always wonder what is wrong in his life that he feels he has to hide his face.

riicullen on

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! hes still good looking but his hair was the edward hair! what about new moon

Kaitlin on

i loved his hair and i think he looks great either way. he has that scruffy rugged look with his long hair but his short hair gives him a more brad pitt clean cut look. i hope it grows back before they start filming New Moon.

Erica on

the hair was just kind of there..he still has that super cute smirk..totally makes you weak in the knees…hair will grow if he got like a nose job…theres no turning back from

so i guess its a thumbs up :)

Armani on

I think Robert looks sexy either way…..he could do anything with his hair and still look sexy as ever!!! He is super hot

suz on

For heaven’s sake! It’s only HAIR! Of course he’s just as hot! His new “do” takes nothing away from his sex appeal!

summer on

he looks so hot!but i liked him more with the other look.hope in new moon he will have his hair long because i have immagined edard cullen with long hair.

sky on

I think his “new do” is completly idiotic! Besides the fact that he CAN NOT look like that in the next movie!

Sarah on

It definitely looks WAY better…

Emma Watson on

hey, just letting you know tom felton is soooo much hotter than robert pattinson. should i leak a secret???? i am going out with him.

ps to all those who think i am not the real emma watson F*CK u

Jade on

I agree with sky… I mean, what was he thinking?

Arianna on

NO! Rob what were you thinking?!?!?! You look much better with the other haircut. This new one SUCKS!!

Desiree on

WoW! ok so i cld never see why girls thought he was sooo hot but with his hair gone i fully see it. (whistles) =]

meggg*(: on

eww eww eww ewww ewww :(
i liked his hair wayyyyyyyyy better before he cut it.
now he looks way older :(
i absolutely hate it.
he is not a heart throb anymore :/

Emma Watson on

hey, just letting you know tom felton is soooo much hotter than robert pattinson. should i leak a secret???? i am going out with him.

ps to all those who think i am not the real emma watson thats just too bad

Zey.Tavia on

I loved his longer hair much better. The cut and color was gorgeous on him. I certainly hopes it grows back fast.

Lacey on

I like his hair short i really couldnt deal with the long bed head look. I just hope he grows it out by the time he starts shooting New Moon. I mean seriously Edward Cullen can not have hair that short!

Melanie on

I like it. It makes him seem older. My goodness, you people act like hair doesn’t grow back in three months. It’s only freakin’ hair! Get over it. It will be grown back in enough time where it does interfere with filming of New Moon. Don’t fret. Rob’s hair grows pretty fast.

lena on

i think his hair was much better longer!!!!but he still looks ok!!!i hope he has long hair in the next sequel!!! it would be better if it was longer!!!plus im sooo happy that they might replace jacob i never really liked him much in the book or moooovie!! but if they replace him i still dont like his personality,in the book he makes me mad!!!!

Morena on

Honestly, girls… If you saw him on the street I’m 99% positive that you wouldn’t go “Oh my gosh! He’s gorgeous! Blah, blah, blah..”

He’s just an average looking guy who got a haircut.. Seriously, calm down…

You should be worried more about global warming or starving children in Africa… GET REAL.


I liked his hair long… but he looks great either way. Sure, it was his trademark, but maybe he wanted a change for a while. It gives him more of an, American look, I guess you could say. lol. I’m pretty sure it will grow back for New Moon and he’ll be the same, perfect, Edward Cullen. He’s still hot. lol.

Beth on

He looks gorgeous in both ways! xox
His looks are remain the same :D

Jasper is MINE on

I am sooo with you Arianna. He doesn’t look like someone I would hang out with any more!

Jasper is MINE on

Morena I like your grip on things its very refreshing!(smiles)

rose on

i dont like it , he look s alot better with long hair

Melanie on

I would Morena because I’m not shallow. Now if he looked like that and had a screwed up personality, I wouldn’t give him a second glance.

Besides, I like my men average.

Elise on

Yeah, I like it better short. It makes him look more mature!

Addie on

I love it. Before his hair irritated me, because birds looked liked they were nesting up there. And Now, not so much.

Sammie on

I love it. Personally he looks older and more mature. With the other hair do, yes it fitted him in twilight but he looked so young, I mean what about any other upcoming movies he wants to go for, they could say he looks too young but now he looks handsome and mature. So ladies, grow up.

Kayla on

i’m a little confused as to why his haircut has anything to do with him playing the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. Did anyone watch that movie? Because if you did, you’d know that his hair wasn’t the tossled, longer, style in the movie that he just chopped off. His hair was a little longer, and more of a James Dean style than his newest haircut. But hair grows back. Get over it.

andreea on

he looks gorgeous anyway

Taylor on

I like his long hair ALOT better but6 if he shaves that peacvh fuzz it wouldnt be HORRIBLE!! But he is still that cute vampire.

fe on

i think he looks so bad her looks like a old guy he should never cut his hair like this ever again. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!

DeAnna on

He looks so much better with short hair. I thought he looked UGLY before. But now..He’s better…Still not as sexy as Brad Pitt in Intreview With The Vampire. But hey.. He’s cute.

Natalie on

i liked his old hair. its very cute but not on him.i just hope its back in time for filming new moon!

Kait on

WOW! His hair looks great! he looks so much better now. And ya his hair will grow the time they’re going to start filming. HE IS SO HHOOOTTT!

Haleymay on

He looked way hotter with his locks now he looks ugly that was a very bad choice for Mr.Robert pattinson aka hottie Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie on

Ugh I still can’t find the answer but he did it, he got rid of his gorgeous lovable hair. Tho he is absolutely beautiful in any kind of way, I did preferred the old look but it doesn’t matter the look doesn’t make the person. AND! I’ll be looking forward to my heart beating again since now it’s frozen with absurd shock. *sigh*

Alina on


jackie on

Robert looks good either way. I think the new hair style is hot, and people should stop debating whether his cut his hair..was good or bad.

Stefanie on

I think he still looks Hot with his short hair, but I totally LOVE his longer hair! But no matter how long or short his hair is I can’t picture anybody else playing Edward!

Dana on

He looks so hot like that. He kinda looked silly before. Now he looks super hot with his new hair cut.

Sarah on

His hair was gorgeous when it was styled right. But he’s a beautiful man any which way you put it. And I actually love RP because he’s so down to earth – nothing to do with Edward Cullen :).

Dotty on

He looks better with that beautiful long hair! I hope he grows it out for New Moon!

Rachael on

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His beautiful hair!!!!!!!!! well… he is still HOTT!

DesireChrist on

Who cares!!

Kristine on

The new look is somthing to get used to. Though it still looks very sexy on him, i will miss the longer hair!!!

Kat on

Umm Hair grows back if i remember correctly. Some people/whiney teen girls are ridiculous, WHO CARES it will grow back anyways!

Josie on

Its cute.
His new hair gives him a very mature look.
His old hair was cute too=]
But whatever floats his boat”]

Kelsey on

he wuz so cute b4…now…IDK! y’d he cut it??? :(

Anna on

I HATE it. I loved his hair before. Now he looks just like another one of those short haired stars. His hair is one of the things that made everyother teenage girl fall in love with him. Now that he it is gone, he is not as cute. I hated his beard thingy. I don’t know what it was but it was never completely shaved. It looked gross. I think he should shave it off and keep the locks. That would make him 99.9% perfect. (The other .1% would be added if he would smile more.)

Alexis on

He still looks very hot, i loved his hair before but i still love it now.
I dont get how he is going to flim New Moon bc he doesnt change in the book ?

autumn on

i think he looksjuss as sexy, but still before he was really hot…now heis juss okay.
im sure the hair will be back for the next movie..

daniela on

much better the long hair was just too much. the scruff? excellent!

Kristy on

Really is HIS hair! I am sure he knows what he is doing as far as his filming of the “Twilight” sequel. I think if everyone kept going on about my hair like the fans and press have, I would want to wack it all off too. Cut him some slack. His hair has nothing to do with who he is. It does not affect his acting abilities and it certainly will not change the fact that he is a wonderful musician and vocalist!

Melissa on

I love robert,
he still looks gorgous
though i do like it better long

Breg on

you can’t run your fingers through it anymore! But still looks hot

BobV97 on

thats not him

LaToya on

i love the longer hair..
grow it back please. but your
still hot lol

Amry on

He is beautiful no matter what.
but his hair was unbelievable.
so different than other guy’s just like his personality.
he is hot now but he was better before.
i wonder why he chopped it off……

Danii on

Well,Its Not That Bad,I Mean Its Just Hair,It Will Grow(:

sahra on

i think he looks gorgeous with or without his long hair.Its up to him to get rid of his them. And don’t worry they’ll back for the next twilight.

Jessica on

Either way he will always be sexy lol
I like it, its like the movie slowly growing on me.

Remielle on

i miss his hair ='[ hes still SOO HOTTT!! but how is he gonna play EDWARD???

Cami on

i dont care either way he is still sooo damn sexy! Hottest “vampire” still!

Darrin Rowan on

The real question is…are his tangled pubes shaved too now?

Betty on

It`s okay,but it makes him look too old

Tarael on

It’s the hair on the face rather than the hair on his head that is bothering me. It looks so unkept. He is still hot whether he had hair on his head or not. Also we have to realize Edward and Robert are two different people. Edward had hair because of his character description. If Robert Pattinson wants to cut off his locks so be it. *^.*

karyna on


nicole on

He is so Hot! No matter how long or short he’s hair is!

Darrin on

If you ran into him and said ” I voted for your new hairdo online”, he’d say, “you’re pathetic…now go watch my movie again so I can make another million you loser”.

Nicole on

If you say filming starts in March, and it is December, hair grows approx. a half inch each month, so two months equals 1 inch. It wouldn’t be long enough for twilight and he would have to have extenstions.

Colby on

Wow. That’s a change. And surprisingly I LOVE it. I’ve always been a fan of short haired gys but Rob Pat’s hair was an exception. I loved the tousled look. But now he’s definitely a total babe. Besides ladies the hair is coming back. It is trademark and by the time New Moon comes out it’ll be back to it’s terrific-ness! Two thumbs wayyy up! =]]

Delia on

he looks good both ways but considering the fact that he is playing Edward Cullen, it might have not been the best choice, at this time. truthfully tho, it looks really good on him. i prefer him with his longer hair but this hair still looks good on him. iot makes him look more sophisticated. ^_^

Elaiana on

I heard he said he cut off his hair because there were too many dumb girls obsessing over it. I think he was right.

Duong on

absolutely HOT! =]

Tina on

I heard he took all his hair he cut off and made it into a pillow and he sleeps with it every night…next to his cat and ipod.

Erika on

My friend and I both agree: He needs to keep his hair relatively long.


Kanye West on

I heard he think I sing well. I think he must have stuffed all that hair into his ears!!!

pinky on

I lost my hair to chemo a few months ago. It had been one of my better features, but it was surprisingly easy to let it go. When your options are die of cancer or live with side effects, the choice for me was clear. Losing my hair was a small matter.

What I’m trying to say is: Nobody should “be” their hair. Leave the guy alone. He looks more sexy and grown up this way. He should do some videos singing the blues before it grows back out again; this look is perfect for that.

Savannah on

I thought that he wasn’t that great looking with wild hair, but now that he got that cut off, he looks smexy. :)

50 Cent on

I be likin’ him with longer hair…. and I’m tellin ya’ll he’d get a lot more action in prison…. cellmates like somethin’ to grab onto when you’re “payin’ up”.

Emily on

He looks ugly either way. I guess the short hair would have to be an improvement though so he won’t have as much trouble actually washing it now. The long hair is just dirty and gross.

Amy brown on

I dont think he is all that…. Call me crazy but there is just something ugly about him. Maybe it was his ugly hair. He is alittle more tolerable with his hair cut. I think maybe its his face. Who knows. I have seen much better looking guys in H-wood. Call me old school but Brad Pitt still is still hot much hotter than this guy.

Cecilia on

That is not Robert Pattinson you are stupid if you can’t tell those are two different people.


Kelly on

I completely agree with Mary. And I could not have said it better myself. Its like no one really cares about his other roles other than him being Edward Cullen. I too am looking forward to seeing Little Ashes. Anyone who hasn’t seen him in Bad Mother’s Handbook or The Haunted Airman should. He is great in those as well. As far as his hair goes…I like his new look. I just think he went a little too short. But what alot of people dont know is that he has been wanting to cut his hair forever. And contrary to what people may think he had to get permission to cut his hair. That is what happens when you are under a contract. But I knew once his Twilight premieres and appearances were over he was going to cut it. But I am a true I love him either way.

anna on

He is the meanest person in the world for cutting all of his hair off like that. I cried for like, two whole hours when I saw it.

Paty on

Ok, so he cut his hair, i’ll grow back. I think he can do whatever he wants with himself, I still love him, but i do kind of miss his hair.

Random Person on

I never understood what people saw in him.

Now I do!

Tom Cruiser on

His HAIR? You’re lookin’ at his HAIR? I’m checkin’ those sa-weeeet glasses he’s got on! Those are the same ones I wore in Risky Business in the 80’s! Way cool! Bettin’ he don’t look as good as I do in tighty whities though….

abi on

he looks kind of like justin timberlake now.
but its still hot

Kacey on

So much better. He actually is attractive this way.


PATY…. you’re gonna miss his HAIR? Are you kidding me? How do you miss HAIR? He’s not gonna miss anything about you.

Diva on

Have you seen the newest pictures of him in PEOPLE magazine? He shaved it ALL OFF! He’s completely BALD now!!! He says he wants to be the new Bruce Willis….and that vampire movies are way lame. He gonna star in Die Hard 5….

Caitlyn on

He looks good both ways. I think that the longer hair slimmed his face a little better. but his face is bigger with the shorter hair but both cuts look good on him. I do agree how is he going to play a vampire with locks if he has none? That is not how any of the books were written but maybe they’re play it into the fact he’s toturing himself because he hurt Bella by taking his locks.. We’ll all have to see

Rosa on

Don’t get me wrong… I loved the old hair style, however there was just something about it that wasn’t quite right. His new haircut suits him… though perhaps a little longer? Anyway, He looks fabulous no matter what he does. :c) He just better have the old haircut in time for the next movie… Edward with a buzz cut just won’t do.

Sydney on

EEEEEKKK!!! i liked his hair 1,000,000,000,000 times better long. now while im reading the rest of the twilight books, im going to have to picture Edward Cullen like that?? I dont like his hair short at all.

AMY on

He’s SOOOO HOT! He’s so hot he had to shave his head! I’m hoping he’s still hot after that…and maybe he’ll cut off his whole head next! Then we can put it in a jar with Formaldahyde and stare at it lovingly… obsessed fans would do…. and we can put a jar next to it with his hair clippings… and burn them in effigy… like a vampire would!!!!

Faith on

Its just hair…whats the big deal ?!?!?! He will still be an awesome actor and still super sexy!

just in case the people who are upset haven’t figured out…Hair grows back!!!!!!! Rob is his own person…if he want to go shave his head bald and put a big ass tattoo on his head he can do it. Who are we to dictate what he does?!?!?! Calm Down! LOL!

camile on

he’s always gonna look great..but this hair makes him look more like brad pitt..well to me but it is better than before

AMY on

Ladies, ladies… we all know men like things shaved. Take the hint from Robert… shave those kitties!!!


Y did he cut it?:0 he looked super HOT with it long! I think he pulls it off tho!<3!!

ashley on

hey well i think edwads new haircut is ugly. I personly think he looks better with his afro looking thing. No matter wat he does he will always be hot.

jj on

he’s cute….too bad he’s not black

TT on

OMG i dont like his hair. it was better wen it was longer!! :(

Anita on

Didn’t you girls know his long hair was a weave? It’s not real!!! This is his real hair! Ask Cher!!!

Robert on

I love how superficial you all are! Very Hollywood! We all know it’s how you look that determines what kind of person you are… it’s all about ME! (and MY HAIR!!!). Now, lets keep along those lines…all you girls with anything less than a B cup…let’s step it up! Get a breast job today! It’s about how you look! And get into the gym…that ass-fat ain’t gonna cut it! And your Brittany “pooch”…we’ll, it’s OK on Brit…but it makes you look fat. And if you don’t like what I wrote…then stop making a fuss over this guy’s hair…. or wait….you can just admit being a hypocrite.

Paige on

i’m not loving it but i’m not completly upset about it either…


He’s HOT…and I’m HOT… we’re all HOT. HOT HOT HOT. And you’re NOT HOT. NOT NOT NOT. And that’s why I like his HAIR.

Brianna on

He still looks hot but………… he looked WAY hotter with his longer tousled locks. (He still takes my breath away.

Melanie on

I think he looks pretty hot i just hope his hair grows out before they start filming New Moon. I really want to see him without his glasses so i can take a good look at him. Anyway i think hes hot either way.

Jennie on

I love his hair alot better long but he looks soo hott eather way.

Lovin’ the long

Faris on

Now he looks Man no girly hair

emily on

I CAN’T STAND IT! He had grogeous hair; it was long and shiny and just beautiful. It looks bad now. :-(

Becca Bby on

ok, i have 4 reasons to why that guy on the right isnt robert pattinson. the left picture robert has a freckle right above his right eyebrow and in the right picture that guy doesnt…hmm..
2.robert pattinson has a small upper lip and a medium bottom lip and the guy in the right picture,his lips are the same size.
3.this is obvious people, they have different nose sizes, the guy on the right has a small nose when robert in the left photo has a rather long nose.
4.the guys head in the right picture is really big and roberts head in the left photo is normal.

those are really ovbiouse reasons to why that guy on the right is not robert pattinson.
honestly i think he looks like justin timberlake.

and so, to all the other robert pattinson/edward cullen lovers out there….the guy on the right is NOT robert pattinson. and he did not cut his hair.

BlackenedHeart182 on

I reallly miss his old hair…
he really stood out with it now he just looks like every other ugly American guy..
But this doesn’t change the way i feel about him.
He is an awesome actor and an amazing musician!
Keep it up Rob!

kate on

Rob had sexy hair.Rob still has sexy hair. Besides when ever he freaked before he messed with his hair now he can kill that habit.

Katie Lautner on

Hey guys,

Yes I am Taylor Lautner’s sister, but I am on team Edward. I agree with Pokey. It is his hair, let him be. He is scared out of his mind of his fans. Pokey is right. Care about the more important issues in life and SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella910 on

I hate his new hair cut. He looked soooooo much hotter before. Can’t wait for him to grow it back. Go Twilight!

BlackenedHeart182 on


corina on

i always loved his hair,
but he looks fine either wayyyyyy=]

Bella910 on

I hate his new haircut. He was way hotter before. Can’t wait for his hair to grow back. Go Twilight!

Kacey on

I mean, I will ALWAYS love him either way, but I really liked his hair long, it was sexy and spontaneous!!! He was gorgeous!! But how can he have short hair AND play Edward Cullen in Twilight’s Sequel, New Moon?!?!?! Exactly, HE CAN’T!! No one else is going to play in New Moon, that would be stupid! But he has to grow it back out!!!

Monica on

well…i really liked his other hair better…
i’m just not used to his new look…
but i really hope his hear grows back!
hey, did any of you hear that Robert might of…DID it with Kristen?
i found it on Just Jared.
i think they would make a good couple!!!

Jonna on

I’ve always thought his HOT and he still is. To be honest I’m not surprised he cut his hair – everyones always talking about it. Of course there are other reasons, too, like just wanting a change… Anyways, there is not a world where Robert Pattinson wouldn’t look gorgeous!!!

Emily on

If girls are this upset over a haircut, God help him when he falls in love and has a steady girlfriend that he is photographed with. There will much wailing and gnashing of teeth and girls flinging themselves onto the ground. Robert, I am sorry but you are just not allowed any personal life and must remain in character as Edward Cullen for the rest of your life. And that includes never ever changing your hairstyle. People, get over it, he looks fantastic with short hair. Better to see his beautiful eyes and face!

Mariah on

omg i think rob looks really cute maybe cuter then before but i was also worried about if his hair dosnt grow back like if he wants it short but theyll probably stick a wig on him

i still think your preatty sexy and hot XD

bitemymoko on

Robert who?

Bella on

Rob is so amazing….he is perfect any way his hair is. In my opinion, I thought that his messy “Edward” hair was the best on him–the way he wore it in the movie was my favorite. But his new short haircut is still hot…it just doesn’t look like him! Wear’s Rob???

Honestly, though, whatever makes him happy is what I like.


I’m all in favor of cutting of his entire head and mounting it on TMZ’s lobby. Then all of his inane fans and followers can come by and run their fingers thru his hair. A tape recorder should be set up next to the head that is touch activated and can spit out “Vampire” lines or phony fellow actor praise… “She’s amazing to work with…., He’s so talented…. I love my fans and my work…”

When will you people realize he couldn’t care less about your thoughts and adoration. He’s spending your cash…and laughing at you every day. WAKE UP!!!


It IS him in the second picture because that’s the same flannel shirt he wore when he was blowing me in an alley off Sunset Blvd. You can see a little bit of my goo on the lapel.

Autumn on

I loved his sexy hair!!! But he looks just as hottt here!!!

J.Gil.96 on

i think he made a bad chose to cut it. i like it better before where he can spike it up in the front for new moon.

J.Gil.96 on


like how he put it up in twilight

Jen on

it’s not so much that i hate him with the new hair, it’s just… he needs it back. he has a much softer face with the hair. i miss it :[

Jessica on

I really don’t think he should have done that…he still looks damn sexy, but the hair was like his thing….his trademark. He most definately shouldn’t have gotten it cut….I REALLY hope it grows back for new moon. But then again, he can’t film with that hair…fans would have to prepare the torches and pitchforks.

deva on

i hate it! it was so cute before!

candice on

i think that Robert Pattinson was way way hotter when he had long hair. he just doesnt look the same at all..

Sury on

Oh my gosh he still looks super hot! Although dat long hair of his drives all of us crazy!

briana on

yeah. hes hot either way.
and i love the scruffiness. sexy!
he kinda reminds me of heath ledger with the short hair. he was sexy too. :)

Leesah on

I think that its good either way. WHen it was longer, it did look semi greasy, but it was still good. It looked amazing in Twilight. and Short it looks good too but I liked it most in Twilight.

Cassie on

I cannot believe it. He looked amazing before, why would he do this to me. Im totally depressed now, I bet he tries to ruffle his hair still quite often. That would be a funny site to see. I wonder what he is going to do about the Twilight film, surely they would not film him without his trade mark hair. Important info to find out!

aleiha on

he is so sexy river way but he better have
Long hair for new
Moon and a lot of
People will be upset

carla on

we all know he looks good either way! i like the new look though! hopefully its back when they start filming for the next movie!

BeeBee on

It’s JUST HAIR so he cit it who cares!!! Am a BIG fan of the twilight books and now that he cut his hair the sappose fans of the books are mad because he cut his hair who cares its his choice. I think he cut it so he can be left alone because to many people fallow him around!!!

Princess on

OMG. He cut off all his hair. I dont mind it for Robert becuase he looks ever so sexy but oh dear lord please grow your hair back for New Moon.

kayla on

I LOVED his hair before. Of course he is still HOT, but i am mad he cut it. However, it is his hair and he doesnt tell us how to style our hair. so why should we tell him. Hes GORGEOUSE anyways.

hayley on

Wow, Monika. You just took the words out of my mouth. I wasnt upset the tiniest bit when i saw these pics, i was just like ‘cool. Hot!’ even though i LOVELOVELOVEEEE his long hair, and dont normally like short hair like this on guys, its hair! And it will grow back! Rob is sexy no matter what. And its robs personality that attracts me to him, and makes me love him more than anything. So i dont care.

Gosh, some of you are so vain.

hanna on

i love his hair before…

Samantha on

hey was cuter with his longer hair. i mean i love guys with short hair but its not working for him. he needs he’s locks back

claire on

I miss his sexy hair!!!!!! He only has 3 months to grow it back for new moon!!!!

Marina on

his hair looks terible when it is short like this i liked it better when he had it for ed ward cullen

Melissa on

I loved him with the long hair!! But he is still hott either way!!! I like his hair short just not that short!!!

Chelsea on

iii think he still looks sexy either way, im sure if he didn’t cut it, it would have looked nasty for new moon, im sure it will grow out and look just as sexy as before before they start filmingg. but, he honestly can do no wrong, he looks sexy both ways. i love him.

faith on

i hate it he was so sexy befor now he is but ugly how can u do this to ur fans and right befor a new movie OMG UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweetie2009 on

2 words BUT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!

Destiney on

I think he looks sexy either way. I don’t know why everybody so upset about loosing his ‘trademark’. Its his hair! let him have some freedom! It will grow back in time for the second movie. So back off already.

stacerrr on

I luuh luh loovee it (:

he lookss moree fressh<3

idk he’s hott he can rockk long & shortt hairr

but I lovee his short hair moree

& im suree he’ll groww it back when they startt filming new moonn

Paige on

I think it looks like any other guy who’s famous where as before he looked different . He looked good . I liked his hair longer because he was different. Now he looks normal .


Shannon on

OMFG. his hair was kindof his trademark, and he kind of just lost some sexyness for me. I hope it grows back so we can see some REAL hottness, and plus, now theres barely any pics on the internet of his new cut. GAH! grow it back!!!!!!!!

Denise Pattinson on

I really think he looks WAY HOT!!! no matter what way, but no more sex hair :(. lol

long live HOT HOBO LOVE CLUB!!!!!!!!

Christina on

WOW short hair long hair it doesnt matter Rob can do no wrong. His new look makes him look older and more mature and clean cut. Either way he is HOT. Btw New Moon wont start filming for a few months his hair will probably grow out by then.

Katelyn on

Robert had his really good days with his long hair but i think he needed a change. He prob wanted to see if it was just his hair that everybody liked. I like them both but thats just me.

cara on

OMG!Why in the heck did he cut his hair?I loved his hair longer,now he dosn’t look as hot.

Natalie on

I’m sad its gone. He was Sexy.
It was his trademark.
But I never liked it wild and crazy how he always let it be after Twilight.
So now i think it actually looks a whole heck of a lot better. He is still freaking SEXY! =]

Katelyn on

Robert had his really good days with his long hair but i think he needed a change. He prob wanted to see if it was just his hair that everybody liked. I like them both but thats just me.

alyssa & erika on

He looked better before he got a hair cut

Tess on

I think he was HOTTNESS then and I think he’s HOTTERNESS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mady on


lee on

i hate it that he cut his hair! he looked AMAZING with long hair! now i think he is ugly! with that long hair he fit my picture of edward perfectly! now its ruined. he better have his beautiful hair back for new moon! god i hate how he looks now

AMy on

i thought he wuz hot b4 butt his hair lookd ugly nd now dat he cut it he looks way better than b4
i love u robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiff on

LOVE IT! much sexier!

Courtney on

He was hot he is hot and always will be!! THANK YOU!!!!

Kelly on

I like it!
The hair was a bit over-rated for me.
I think it will look nice for the movie.
Edward’s hair isn’t THAT long!
But he’s not in the next movie much anyways??
haha so i guess it won’t matter much:)

Haley on

What an UGLY haircut he looks so much better with his long hair i hope he didnt cut it before they finished making the twilight movies

stacie on

some one needs to stab his hair dresser. I loved his messy hiar. leh sigh, if its short in the movie their will be many riots to be had indeed.

Katherine on

you have to admit,
he had pretty sexy hair,
but he is still the same person.
and im sure by the time he plays the roll of
edward again,
his hair will be back.
actually it will be back in a few months or so.

Chrissy on

looking good b4 and after
shave the beard a lil
and you got one sexy man

jessie mason on

his hair.i love it short long

Katie on

It’s okay,a little to short for my taste. But it was just getting too long i was glad he cut it. a nice medium length would have been fine with me though….

Lauren on

But he look so lovely at least my eyes.

Savannah on

EWWW! he looks older!!

charmaine on

actually, whatever he does, he’s still handsome, fascinating, gorgeous and sexy.

Devon on

i hate his hair now. he looked cuter with it long

paige on

I thought that Robert Pattinson looked SUPER good with his messy long locks, but his buz is gorgeous too. I think that he should be able to do whatever he wants with his hair;because its his! However i totally recommend him growing his hair longer!!

Boris on

awhile ago i said that Robert’s new look was awful, but i guess i can change my mind… just get rid of the hairs beneath his chin and he will look twice as hot….

Emily on

I loved it the way it way. It looks a little weird on him. It does not fit him at all. Hope it grows back before the new movie comes in!

ana on

You know what? I really dont think that Robert looks bad with his new haircut. Dont matter what hair he has, long or short, he will always look dropdead gorgeous. Also, aside from all you fans, i love robert pattinson NOT HIS CHARACTER. They are two very different people.

Jenah on

I kind of like it and hate at the same time,but he also looks so mature and kind of sexier.

Lauren on

I think Robert looks so hot. His hair before though was his look. I hope it grows back before the movie or his character won’t be the same

Jenny on

He is hooooottttt! But plez get rid of the sun glasses! Those are so ugly!

Renee on

Good looking kid, he sort of reminds me of Gerard Butler with his new haircut

Saydae on

I think he is hot either way.

Carly on

I thought he was hott before but now Robert looks drop dead gorgeous!!

still not as hott as Kellan Lutz.

but still HOTT!!

Emily on

In my opinion Rob looks great eaither way, To me it looks like a replica of brad pitts hair but anyway, I like it, He looks great. I just hope it grows out before New Moon begins filming. Fans wont be happy if Edwards beautiful bronze hair is gone!

Skye on

Good God! That’s a lot of posts o,o! Anywho, Robert is Robert, thusly can do no wrong period. I love him any which way he chooses to dress himself or style/not style his hair. It’s a culmulation of a great many, many sexy traits of his that draw us to him, and not just his hair >.> Besides, have you SEEN the Little Ashes trailer?! It looks phenomenal. Robert is an entirely different person all together. It’s like he channeled Dali himself! He’s incredibly talented.

Misti on

OMG Robert Pattinson Looked So Much Better With His Hair… I Was Like WTF?! He Was So Gorgeous In Twilight (Along Side Jasper XD) And Does Anyone Remember Him In Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (LOL I DO!!!!) He Was Cute In That Movie, Right Up Till The Point He Died!!! LOL(Harry Potter Is Cutier) Anyways Dude Lose The Hair! Or Should I Say Grow It BACK!!! And Lose The Scruffy Beard, It Doesn’t Work!!! I Want Handsome Edward Back!

jillian on

i think that he looks good eather way but i will miss his long hair i just hope that it grows back by the time new moon starts he just cant be edward cullen without his hair

Dana on

HATE IT. His lovely locks made him who he is. Looks terrible. It needs to grow back before the next movie!

yulie on

still and always gorgeous!

Nurul Naseron on

I guess it makes it easy for him since he would not have to spend so much time in the shower, washing his hair, now that its already short (he hates washing his hair!)…

Nevertheless, he still looks cute with his ‘Edward’ look (to me). Not saying he’s less cute now but he looks old, don’t you think (not that I’d turn him away if he comes knocking…LOL)

Amanda on

He is gorgeous either way, but I definitely love the long locks on him. Basically he can do no wrong.

Tom Hlas on

I think his new hair cut is real hot. Now he just needs to shave a bit.

joan on

…i love his old haircut compare to new one…he’s look so handsome on his old haircut..

Susan on

I think he looks sexy no matter what he does to his hair. I have liked him since he played Cedric Diggory.

Aly on

Maybe if he shaved i could like it more, i like the way his hair looked in the movie not how it does n that pic

Amanda on

He didnt look that cute before, but hes very cute now and lots of people ONLY respected edward but not robert and i tell people that hes himself and HE can do whatever HE wants!!

Sarah on

I don’t know regardless of hair this dude, I saw him on Leno and he was acting very strange, like he was on drugs. He couldn’t keep still and he was like rambling on and mumbling.

Susan on

I guess most of you people haven’t heard of that little invention called a WIG??? He’s an actor, for heaven’s sake. If he needs longer hair for the movie role, you don’t think they’ll put a wig on him? The long hair was a huge, gelled out mess. Who knows? The long hair may well have been a wig itself.

joan on

…i love his new haircut compare to new one,he’s so handsome on his old look..

Kayla on

he will b hot no matter wat but the long hair was much cuter than short :(

Secret on

Well he defffinitly needs his hair back in march. Even if it dosent grow back they can put a wig on him. I think he is sill cute either way he should of cut it in the Recording of the first Twilight. Hes still cute though……. LOVE IT

Renee on

I didnt think it was possible, but I think he looks better this way.

McKayla on

OMG,,, The endd of the comingg,,,whyy did he do thiss,, =(

alyssa on

I love robert pattinson ether way. He looks sexi still but his long hair was hot

Jen on

He’s very handsome either way! I do like the crazy hair tho… It’s unique:). Can’t wait till the next movie!!

lola on

he looked ugly either way and he will screw up new moon which i will b very upset about someone should have stopped him. he looked the best in the goblet of fire and i dont even like harry potter. why did he choose twilight and the sequel to screw up?????????????????? grrrr i hope he reads this!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WAS NEVER HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beatriz on

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!i love robert he’s the most hottest man i’ve ever seen in history i would want to marry tthat guy(robert pattison)my room is covered with posters and pics of him and since i have baby pics of myself you can’t see them they are covered with robert and kristen pics (bella & edward omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wish i had his phone number !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im in the lola land with robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda on

I think he looks fuzzy now. I am not thrilled with the sunglasses, but I think his new look brings him back to earth. He doesn’t have the vampiric appearance anymore. Maybe that’s what I loved so much about him…

Mel on

I think that it is Hot but i dont realy LOVE it or HATE it He still is Realy HOT!!!!!

no one on

I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! r u serious??? it was the only good thing about him!! HE SHOULD GROW HIS BACK! AND UNTIL THEN…NOT GO OUT IN PUBLIC!!! AHHHHH!

Cassie on

Awe… I liked his hair. He still looks hot tho. But i hope its grown in for the movie.

Kelly on

I like the cut; his hair was way longer than it was in the movie. They don’t start filming for another couple of months, and Edward’s barely in the next one, anyway, so who knows, they could film all his scenes last and by then his hair will have definitely grown out again, anyway.

luvvy on

I HATE IT.grow it back. til then…don’t go out in public.

maria on

Robert look good both way! His long hair stole my heart though!!! But if this hair cut is what he likes than we shouldn’t complain. He still has a great face and a sexy body! But don’t worry fans, it will grow out in time for the next movie.

Samantha on

Omfg. like he doesnt look that bad but i really really really liked his hair. i really hope that he has long hair in New Moon cuz that will just ruin the movie. but i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT HE NEEDS HIS LONG HAIR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin on

he looks soooo much better the new way. but i think it should be the same for the next movie

Jamie on

Much better….he doesn’t look like a cracked-out Beethoven!!

Brooke on

In my opion: I HATE IT! he looked sooooo much better with hair.

Katie on

he looked like a potato face to begin with… now he just looks like and old creepy potato face. >.< he’s so ugly he doesn’t deserve to play edward.

ldrbaby on

he reminds me of.. justin timberlake…

olive on

It doesn’t matter, he still HOT!

kimmy on

he looks hot either way no matter what he does to his hair

Courtland on

I like it long it looks better short is ok but i hope it grows back for new moon

Emilie on


Naedee on

Good Goddess! what freakin hot man! Lordy! I would have left those locks alone. Imean, that is part of Edward Cullin. Grow it back baby!

Sarah on

Look I really liked him before, but now he looks like an ugly rodent.


Terrizzle on

He’d look hot in a red wig… or bald… or with a comb over… or…

Face it: Rob Pattinson’s just HOT.

4thehair on

He looks a bit like jake gyllenhall, which isn’t such a bad person to resemble… I’m impressed that he would cut off his “trademark”; he doesn’t seem to be someone who likes labels, so doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed by his hair! Much better, more mature… and CLEAN looking!

isabel on

i love Robert’s hair in twilight as Edward…he’s very cute…i think short hair is a no, no, no,/….
well just for me…

jackie on

he looks drunk in the first pic. i think he looks ugli in both

Nikki1808 on


Anna on

i hate his old look, most of the time he looked like a drunk ((though he was pretty cute in twilight)) I LOVE HIS NEW LOOK!!!! he should onnly grow it out for the movies then cut it again ^ ^ i think he looks adorable with his new haircut

zeeemanchick on

So i was never one to drool over Rob, but this is just gross. I loved his hair before. It was the one thing i liked about him. Now he just looks like a fat Brad Pitt!! Bleh!!!


OMFG!!! NNNNNNOOOOOO! his long hair was wat first pulled me into him!!! And now his sexii hair is GONE!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! so not kool! It better be back for NEW MOON!!!! even if he is barely in that movie!!!! but I still love him!!! ugh it is hard not to!!!

Marlene on

The picture with the crew cut shows a snarl, the one with the longer hair has a sexy smile.

Adrielle on

sorry Robert…i thought he was HOT in the movie…i dont really like his hair cut!!! I cant wait to see it grown back. =(

Bethany on


That sure did catch my attention! I personally prefer the longer hair on him but he can work it either way. I want it to be longer for the New Moon movie because he has to look different than “Jacob”.
But honestly it’s his hair he can do whatever he wants with it.

Lola on

It will grow back!!! (Hopefullly):(

josie on

rob,s new look make him more hot and sexy he,s real man…………

Alicia on

C’mon, he looks way better like this, his other haircut made him look drunk. Besides, just because he plays edward cullen doesn’t mean he can’t do whatever he wants in his life. Afterall, it’s his life not ours. Heck, if he want’s to go bald, go ahead, we can’t control it. Besides, he should’ve known the caution of playing a role like this; craxy fan girls will expect him to be edward not some normal guy, though I feel they’re just as stupid in believing he’s their edward when he just plays the part…Geez…Get over it, he looks much cleaner and not drunkish…And stop thinking about yourself, he doesn’t do stuff for all of you, he has a life you know…

zeE on

you are cute with your nu hair, but I like before. I feel I lose my Edward! why u cut ur hair? Is it because you are lazy to wash your hair! I will do it for you !! ;)
I hope you don’t have short hair for the up coming secuel, nu moon!

Lola on

It will grow back. He looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH better with the long hair. That’s what made him cute.

Nicole on

I think his Twilight hair is beautiful…. but he is still beautiful with the short hair. :) I DO hope it grows out in time for New Moon.

Cindy on

I loved Robert Pattison’s long locks, but I think he is hot either way. There is more to him than just his hair.

Charlene on

What drugs are you girls on now a days? Just don’t get it. To me his an odd looking man, the shorter haircut just accentuates that. I guess the way his hair did look is better than the emo haircuts that use to be big.

Manny on

Sorry hi lool like any body.
Before he was xexesiii. now yest like any b.d.

Manny New York

Naedee on

WOW, that Emma Watson can sure use grammar check and learn to capitalize when needed. I’m shocked that so many people have identity crisis’s on here, meaning (Emma Watson) GROW UP! Turd…

Joy on

Hair is hair, it will grow back. But he does look very cute.

linds on

ooh, yum! he looks great. his hair was getting a little too long before. and as long as the edward hair is back in new moon, i’m cool with rob’s new ‘do. he looks so so so SEXY!

Donna on

I LOVE the new rugged, bad-boy look! He’s MUCH hotter, since the new doo.

twilights4good on


Sue on

Liked the long hair. He had a look that was unique.

Now he looks like everyone else on the street.
(But maybe that’s what he is after? a little privacy?)

Cassandra on

I barely recognize him..took me a while..I’m such a dim-wit! Uhm..he looks nice..his messy hair bothered me..I was hoping he would cut it soon..and he did..

Angel on

He looks like a serial killer now.

kelsi on

i cant belive he did that!!!!!! it looks awful!!!! idc wat u ppl think if it looks nice this is mii story and im stickin to it!!!!! he is ssssoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGLY!!!!!!! it just doesnt fit him!!!!!!!!

carolyn on

if i ever got the chance (highly unlikely) to rub this adorable head i’d more enjoy his “Twilight” hair but he is such a cutie he looks good anyhow!

rebecca on

ugh he was soooo hot before why did he cut his hair it was what made him but now it just doesnt look right i mean he could have kept the style just make it shorter but whatever thats just my opinion buzzcuts arent right for him but whatever

Mc on

i prefer his old look

trixie152003 on

It’s so good to see these stars re-discovering the gay lumberjack look so popular long ago. He’s even wearing the lumberjack shirt. We’ll keep it a secret, but Justin Timberlake can’t pull it off either, and should have stuck with his longer hair.

Compared to the gay clones they emulate, they’re not much to look at, but it’s a much higher standard.

Edward needed to SHAMPOO his long hair occasionally, which he admitted he didn’t do (just like Johnny Depp, who supposedly smells). A little shampoo & conditioner would have been a better choice than such an old, dated look that adds 10-15 years to him, and apparently he’s not going to age well.

Marlene on

Liked him before, but now he looks good enough to be able take him home to meet the folks

cristy on

noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! i hate the new looks!!! i love his old hair style…. TO: robert please retain that style you had before looked soooo yummy on it!!! ahhhhh makes me melt each time i see your old hairstyle…. :) ;)

Haley on

He looks gorgeous either way but I still wish he had kept the Edward Cullen look. Many fans will be outraged, but they just got to realize that Robert isn’t a one note person lol.

Erika on

Alright, well there’s a lot of things I can say about Robert Pattinson. But I cannot express how releived I am that he cut his hair. He looked absolutly stunning in twilight, but everytime I would see him in a magazine or something, his hair would be a complete mess…it was very unattractive. If you have ever read any interviews with him, you would know that he is a complete bum and does not like to do his hair every day. He even said that sometimes he can’t get into clubs because the bouncers think he looks like trash….and he did. The new look makes him look more mature and less like a bum. And no one should be stressing on whether it will grow out by mid march (when they start shooting new moon)because thats a while away.

k,, I’m done.

happy holidays.

xoanjuuxo on

omg…this kindaa change i didnt expect. lol..uhmm i voted dat i hated it bu now dat i think about it…he looks kinda sexyy in his own little crew cut kindaa way…lol…uhm buh i think dat i liked dee sexy tousled hair better. i think dee picz made a diff, too! he looks like he about to punch someone…rofl!!

Lyndsey on

umm well i like it but its just not the same. it looks like he is way shorter tho. and he sorta lokks like brad pitt with the glasses on. but i still LOVE him!!!!

Maci on

i love shaggy hair right now he looks bad i just hope his hair grows fast but he will always look good. i know it doesn’t make since.but he made the decision not america but i prefer america

Evil Green on

how can u peeps think he is cute. UGGGG!!!!!!!!!! the books were awesome, but he does NOT and i repeat does NOT portray Edward Cullen in the LEAST. As i said before EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salina on

EW. The only reeason why you guys are going crazy over this guy is because you haven’t seen that many British-or reek for that matter- men trust me, once you have seen about 5 your opinions on this guy will chnage….ew…he looks like brad pitt w/ his new updo…i don’t really like his hair anyway but the long messy look is waaay better ;]

Zack on

Loved his hair before. Now he’s just another gay boy!

Becca on

i LOVEE it!
its perfection. he looks much better this way.

Jo on

I think he needed a hair cut but not that short. He looks like everone else now. Don’t like his look now at all.

nuesha on

edward cullen sucks

Aynaa on

Everytime I see him, he just get cuter and hotter. He can pull any look off. Can’t complain. Love him.

Noelle on

I’m kinda glad that he cut his hair ‘cuz so that people don’t have to go rattling on about
“Oh his hair is so sexy today.” and the next day,
“OMG, his hair looks nasty.”

With short hair, nobody should have a complaint about his hair, it should stays as is, unless he dyes it.
I hope he doesn’t.

Keira on

Personally, I loved the tousled look. Not a lot of people can pull of that kind of hair, but he sure could. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is very sexy with the short cut, but I still love the longer hair.

natasha on

um…i am not a twilight fan…so much…but i think he looks better with it shaved…like chrissy said he looks good and mature;]


Haley on

OMG!! Why did he cut it? he looked so much better with it longer. i hope the cut wasnt for the next movie.

Jessica on

I love it both ways, and I’m fairly confident that he’ll be growing it back out for New Moon. Either way, he’s gorgeous, and he’s rocking it short.

mel on

its not terrible i guess…the sunglasses kinda didnt help…he looks older…i still like the spiked thing in Twilight a lot more though…he is still pretty hott

Taylor on

I bet he feels better. Most guys can’t handle long hair for too long.
Good choice, buddy.

Brian on

Ohh Robert Noo!!!!!!! I thought you were so hot before!!!!!!!

Tina on

This man just exudes sexuality from everywhere. His voice, his eyes, his mouth…so his hair being cut matters little to me. He is still the sexiest man walking around right now!

nickjonasluvrrr on


no one on

he looks ugly either way, but I hated the hair before.

Andrea on

Wow! He is SO MUCH sexier looking with the short hair. The longer hair always looked TOO wild/bedhead-ish. The cropped locks is the way to go for him. I will say that the shorter hair doesn’t show off his chiseled face as well but- that could also be the chin scruff he’s sporting.
I LOVE the short hair!! :)

Fabby on

i really like his hair before! This hair cut ris not bad though….. but he cant be Edward with out the hair….i better grow out by March

Erica on

obviously, he is still incredibly hot, but the long hair definately looked better on him

Matisse on

What is wrong with everyone?! It is true that while we still love Robert Pattinson(he was in Twilight, how could we not?) we loved him more with his old haircut. Maybe it was high maintenance(name ten guys who don’t do ANYTHING with their hair in the morning) but it got the message across. He is just a fun, relaxed guy, who happens to star in the movie version of the best book series ever! I will always love Robert for his talent, and I think it doesn’t REALLY matter how he cuts his hair, but really, just give the guy a break.

Davy on

Are you kidding me? Who cares? I can’t believe this is a newsworthy topic. I also can’t believe that it is in the same league as the recent celebrity deaths.

Emma on

Not all guys can make long hair look good, but Robert, on the other hand definately can! I liked it better when it was long, but i’ll just have to wait for it to grow back!
-Emma Lynne XD :) XD ;)

Jada Nicole on

He used to be so cute. Now…… idk
I still love him no matter what happens….
The hair is alright but not as sexy as his Edward Cullen hair

Liz on

GUYS HE S STILL HOT!!! Love him!

kristen on

ok i love his hair before know it looks ok but i loved it before

Ivy on

I think he still looks hot. but I do hope his hair isn’t short on new moon.

Katy on

:( Robert please never cut your hair that way disapoints me that you didnt keep your sensaitional hair that everyone adores.But I guess you still look fine ;)

Hannah on

i still think he looks hot no matter what.
yes, i loved his old hair.
but, people, it’s just hair.
it will grow back in time for new moon.

... on

i think that both looks are nice, but the 1st one is more vampirey…

AC on

omg is he crazy!!!!! i <3ed his hair b4 sobbbbbbbbb lol but he’s still 2 hott 4 words

courtney on

omg.! i love him either way… but i think he looks way better with hair.! omg wow…dident c that coming. ): but i still love him<3 ♥

monica on

it looks OK but the pictures of the new hair isnt as nice(quality wise) as the old hair..

Miranda on

That’s not Robert xD
Not the same chin;; cheekbones;; or head shape.

The shades are so you can’t see his eyes because the other persons eyes aren’t blue like Rob’s. I can’t believe anyone could believe this crap for a second.

cherry on

he still looks hot!!!!!!! no matter what kinda hairstyle he’s in….

pie107 on

He is SOOOOO not cute!! X_X!!
srry but not my type, but i’ll give him a plus for cutting that mess that he calls hair off his head!! Oh by the way HE CANT ACT!!!

AC on

i wish he had his long hair but @ least it’ll grow back… that’ll b good. haha

jen on

I love the hair but hate the sunglasses. He’s hot though…can’t wait for New Moon!

Brittany on



Daysha on

Well I am only 12, but I think that no matter what, Robert Pattinson’s new look is not going to change him or the way I think of him, yes, some of us are worried that the locks we love are gone, but will that stop us from loving him?? But, if you only like him for the hair, SHAMES ON YOU!!!
Dear Robert,

Lady Ms Rob on

Much more masculine. Very sexy indeed!

Nyssa Cullen on


Cheree on

I love the new look!! He is so much bettr looking than the messed up look.
Nice Job Robert!!

Patti on

I don’t care if he even has a buzzcut or a mohawk he always is looking hot!!!!!

Katie on

I realy don’t like the new due. It doesn’t even look like the same guy. Robert was so hot and now hes not. He looks so plain so boring uck.

Frances on

OK… i hate his new hair…i was in love with his hair…omg i cant believe that he did this…

ali on

i think he looks like Brad Pitt now.

Jordan on

I mean I love Robert to death, i always ever since i saw him in Harry Potter, I thought he was amazingly good looking. But I swear his hair is a major no no! But then again ive always liked guys with long hair. But see when he had long hair, and all that.. he looked like he took care of himself, But in that picture with him and short hair, its..its..-shrugs- its wrongg!! But don’t get me wrong he looks somewhat good. But not the Robert, I loved.

Taylor on

he still looks sexy but it does not really look like him i like it better longer the edward cullen look

Shana on

Still hot.

hannah on

i hate his look, old or new. i think he looks UGLY no matter what his hair looks like. he just made himself look like a 35 year old

Pat on

What happened to Felicity when she cut her beautiful curls????????She lost her audience.
He doesn’t look special anymore. Just another guy with that stupid shaved hair look. BTW short hair is OUT. If your gonna make it in this business, you have to play connect the dots, and cutting his hair was a stupid mistake if you ask me.

S.L. on

Pretty sure he doesn’t care what I think. lol Yet, I approve. The hottest thing about this guy is that he doesn’t realize he’s hot.

Nicole on

I think it looks okay. I mean i really loved his long locks but it’s up to him to do what he wants and I’m sure his hair will grow back before New Moon but you’ve got to cut him some slack for doding what he wants i mean it is his hair.

meagan:] on

i like it! i think he was cute with it long too.

Christie on

It’s hair. It’ll grow back. People shouldn’t make a big deal of it. He’s gorgeous either way.

Angela on

Much better with this haircut. :)

jasperluver on

i think his hair is stupid now. i think his hair was his whole career i mean y wuld u cut ur hair tat was so sexy.

Mimi on

Okay, he’s sexy, always was sexy, always WILL be sexy, but I think he should’ve kept his hair the way it was before. I liked it when it was longer

Sara on

I think he looks amazing either way. I am a bigger fan of his short hair. Kudos!

April on

I think he is hot either way. But the I do need to say the glasses gotta go, they don’t suit him.

sarah on

i think he looks kindof like brad pitt in that pic

Me83 on

Um…do we have a war in the Middle East and a massive recession going on. Perhaps some things are more important than whether or not someone’s haircut is hot. No one makes a big deal out of it if we get our hair cut. Seriously.

Maria on

He is totally gorgeous i like it, looks very sexy.

katie on

I think Robert’s new do’ is fine. I really loved it when his hair was longer for Twilight but I guess it is ok! His face as always is still hot as ever!

McKaley on

he is HIDEOUS. what was he thinking. if u like it then u have lost ur mind. he looks so sexy with his hair long!

Shannon on

I think the new hair makes him look older and more mature. i wasn’t crazy about his hair before (mainly cuz i dont care for long hair) but this is just damn sexey!

Kimer G. on

What about twilight? hes in the process of filming a new movie, are the gonna put those lame extensions in his hair like they almost did for the movie twilight? he doesnt look ugly, but i sure miss the long hair ):
nooo, Rob!
p.s. what’s Bella gonna think? lol.

-team edward! <333

Catherine on

In my opinion, Robert looked sooo much YOUNGER with long swaffy hair. But now… he’s turned old lookin’. Isn’t bad for his role?


Alex on

His sexy greasy hair!!!!
he is still sexy i guess but i loved his hair!!!

Josmari on

He is a handsome guy and he can look good in both styles but my personal preference is the long hair I find it sexy and elegant with his facial features, the crew cut makes him look very sporty like a college jock…

Sarah on

I like the new look better because with the long hair it seemed to get out of control, not to mention that it was even longer then when he filmed being Edward. if he had kept it at the length and styled it, then I would have a harder time deciding. Plus, like everyone else keeps saying, it will grow out by the time filming starts and if not, there are hair pieces!! We all have to remember he is ROBERT, not Edward!!!!!

Alyzza on

i like it alot. he looks cleaner. and it;ll grow in time for new moon to be shot and hes barely in it so it wouldnt matter uch. but hes hot.

Daysha on

(P.S. It will grow back!)

kiki on

his hair rocks both ways long or short he still looks hot he still rocks me out he is definitly gorgeous now.. love his voice his hair his body everything..

Fran on

He looks like Chandler Bing aka Matthew Perry with his new cut but he still has those gorgeous blue eyes under those shades.

sabreena on

i liked it

les on

looks hotter either but needs to lose the shades, not hot on him.

kesley on

edward is so sexy

:O on

ew please.
imagine if his hair isn’t grown back by the time
they start filming New Moon…
they’re going to have some VERY upset fans…
i cant wait haha

mychael on

he was hotter with his hair crazy in twilight i like the messy look better but either way hes still hot!:)

Kate on

Take your sunglasses off…

Mickey on

It looks good both ways but I like him better with long hair. But what about the role of Edward Cullen? Stephenie Meyer said he had good length hair and it was BRONZE. His hair does not look bronze here.

angelica on he crazy?his hair won me over.and now its gone!I cant beleive it.he shouldnt have cut it.He looks so much older now.and thats not right.He should totally grow it back ocut

Lucy on

well, will always think he is hotly hot, but i must say that i loved his hair long.

janiree on

omg hes looks hotter…even tho the tousled look is better…but hey he looks sexy either way…

Christina on

I agree, he has always been hot, but the messy hair wasn’t woking for me, i like the new do

Summer on

hes always been hot and i think his hair looks just as good now but i dont like his glasses i hope it grows out before he has to start filming

Marivep on

I dont like the new cut at all….he looked so much better with his adorable locks!

Nina on

Ugh i like him better with the long hair the short hair is just….ugh!

Alora :] on

Holy cow!
oh my f-ing god!
i HATE it!
it looks so bad!
now he looks like some hobo u see on the street’s!
he was the most HOTTEST guy ever with his hair going every different direction! Now he looks like my brother!
he needs to shave and grow back out his hair!
i hate it!!
He does not look like Edward Cullen now!
he never did!

Melissa on

Ok well i don’t see wht the big deal is he’s going to have to cut it sometime and love this new look the other just was ok but it was kinda gross how it stayed when he would run his hand through it but thts just me. but i really like this new looks but his hair has to be longer like before for new moon.

roro on

i liked him better with his hair but i still like him now i just hope he grows his hair back for new moon. loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu
edward culiin

Melanie on

No! How cann he do thiss? He looked soo gorgeouss. I mmean he still is..but HE CANT!

Roxanne on

Robert looks gorgeous no matter what type his hair style is. Don’t worry Bonnie, he has plenty of time to grow it back before “New Moon” begins filming. Happy Holidays to All!

Faith on

I think he looks great no matter what…..for anyone that hates it geeze it’s just hair it will grow back….

Natalie Burgos on

His hair wass the best in Twilight because his hair in the pic before he cut it looks to raggidy and messed like he didn’t brush it.It was ok but in the movie he was hot. I think he looks best with short. SEXY!!!!

Lexie on

It’s a new look, i think it’s good fer him. I have no worries fer New Moon, because boys’ hair grows a lot faster than girls’. I can’t tell with the shades though. He should also shave his beard. He will always look hot ( :

Paige on

I dont understand the uprorw abotu him cutting his damn hair hes still a good looking guy, I bet he didnt think people would be freakiong out like this lol

alexis on

i don’t care what any body says Robert is hot and will always be hot and it doesn’t matter what his hair looks like or how bad he sings he will always be hott!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaja ador on

It wasn’t like at first sight when I knew all along that he will be Edward…but I learn to like him…he’s a goodlooking guy.

Hope to see him again in New Moon with a better director.

savannah on

i think he looks SEXY either way !!

Negeen on

omg!!!!!!!!!! he looks okay but the whole reason he was HOT was because of his hair and now thats history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but he still looks OKAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

jess on

dude noooooooo
why and how could he do that?
he looked so good
now he just reminds me if *cough* chad michael murray *cough*
bring back the pattinson bedhead

Jessica on

Even though he cut his hair, i still think hes just as sexy =)

Roxanne on

Robert looks gorgeous no matter what hair style he chooses. Don’t worry Bonnie, he has plenty of time to grow it back before “New Moon” begins filming.
Happy Holidays to All!

Taylor on

Eh…his long hair gave him that sexy out of the bed look but on the plus side of his short hair, it gives him a more…i guess rugged look, i love it and hate it…

Jennifer on

I think he looks good either way.

ms.cullen on

i liked his hair long but i just hope it grows in time for new moon

faith on

he looks so sexy with short hair. i love him.

Kayli on

im sorry i love robbert but i think he was extremely HOT before and because i dont know his real personality his hair meant a lot to me. But i guess change is sorta good

Megan on

This is ridiculous.
the world is freaking out over A HAIRCUT!!!
honestly start focusing on things that matter

Lexy on

He look sexy both ways!!!!

54 on

I don’t mind the hair it’s those f’ing glasses that are MUST go!

Lexy on

He looks sexy both ways!!!

54 on

I don’t mind the hair but it’s those f’ing glasses that NEED to go!

nicole on

how do we even know thats really him??
besides its his hair he can do whatever he wants with it!!
christ people leave the poor fellow alone!

Melanie on

He is gorgeous, either way,
but the crazy hair was his signature!!
No matter, he is hot, and gorgeous!

J@mie on

i think it looks great!! honestly, his long hair only looked good in Twilight but now…Robert Pattinson’s really hott!!

he could get rid of the facial hair though…still super sexy though!

Lily on

His haircut is totally disgusting! I hope his hair grows FAST!!!

Samantha on

Okay I like his hair longer. The way he cut it to me makes him look like brad pitt. And I don’t really like brad. I sure hope he grows it back for new moon. He wouldn’t look like Edward without it

Rachael on

i think that his hair is sexy. but he needs to make it long again for the sequal to new moon. either way he looks very sexy. his new look makes him look mature. but his old look gave him the exotic look he needs to play the role for Edward Cullen.

cat on

now he just needs to wax those brows.

Celena on

Ugh, what is wrong with you people. Yea ima a twilight fan, but rob pat? Ew. He is okay, but thats just it, he’s no edward. And the movie…they killed it. Sorry, but thats my opinion, hair looks alot better, but he’s still not edward material.

kaley on

OMG! I dont like it!!! He looks like freakin’ Brad Pitt!!

Chantel on

OMG!! I am about to friggin’ cry. Why would he do such a thing. But the thing is no matter what he does to his hair he’s still sexy. But I just loved the other look more. Cuz he looked more like Edward in the movie… which was TOTALLY SEXY!!

Megan on

he looks stupid now. -.-‘ stupid and in need of a shave

olivia on

he is so hot i just want to kiss him.either way im happy if hes happy.

Christine on

Hair or no hair, he still one sexy guy!!! RP<3

Frances on

NO NO NO! I am sorry but if he has this hair in the sequal to his recent movie “Twilight”, if he has it in “New Moon”, I will not go see it. He is flat out stupid for cutting it that way, and I vote “Hate it”! Sorry

jennifer Ashak on

omgggg finally his nasty dirty hair he said he doesnt clean is gone :D

Lizzie on

He looks good either way, though I do prefer the longer hair.

Anastacia on

Idiot…I mean, there is a part of lucidity in that decision, it’s understandable that he didn’t want to be famous for his looks, he wanted to be famous for his talent, but he shouldn’t have cut it :( . We shouldn’t comment, though…It’s his life, not his fans’ life…and even though I hate his new haircut, I totally admire his decision :)

Kenna Shea on

y did he have 2 cut his hair!!!!!????? he looked alot sexier with his long hair!!!!!! i dont even kno who he is anymore!!!!! y did u do it Robert, y????!!!!! it better be long by the time they start shooting New Moon!!!!!!!!!

Paytyn on

i think he looks gorgeous either way so it doesn’t matter to me i still think he is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

kelly on

I guess even a no talent slob gets his face in the paper every once in a while…..

Vanessa on

ehh i like his longer hair better.
the picture with his new look doesnt even look like him. why did they take a pic with sunglasses?
doesnt really help with the voting.

Launnia on

He needs a shave

Amber on

I think that is hair now is still very sexyy.
i do miss his trademark though.
but i mean who are we to judge what he wants to do with his hair ?
its not like its on our head.
i say that if he likes it and he is fine with it
so am i
needless to say
i like his hair
i always will

joy on

i think he is still hot with his short hair and i kind of hope he will get his longer hair back before they film new moon but he is still sexy

brenda on

i lie this look better he’s a cute guy ut something about him..i dont know its like addicting to watch lol

heather on

spoiler….edward is only in the new moon for about 30 seconds

JanB on

OMG! You have got to be kidding me??? Whats the raucous about anyway??? THE MAN IS FINE!!! Whether behind Elvis Presley-like locks or regular-guy spikes! Maybe…just maybe…he was trying to shed some of those teenie-bopper fans and bring the fan base/ogling girls more up to his age. The man needs a girlfriend–he can’t wait til the 4th to get some!!! Ya know I mean?

Molly on

I love his new hair cut! It makes him look even more sexy and mature. I just hope his hair is back to the old way for New Moon because it wouldn’t make sense if his hair changed.

victoria on

He looks so better with long hair I hope it grows out before shooting the next movie.I love you Rob!

Vanessa on

ehhh i like his long hair better.
the pic of his new look doesnt even look like him.
why would they take a pic of him with sunglasses?
doesnt really help.

Christine on

ughh! no i like it better longg. in the movie it completes his character. grow it backk!

Melanie on

Oh. I am sorry, to me he looks more like a Creeper than before. :] If Twilight comes around, he could just wear hair extensions… ;]
I think (<3) Cam Gigandet(<3) had them in, or just a plain wig :P

Never liked him really. D:

My friend told me about his snippy clip, just HAD to see.

I laugh at this. xDDDD

By the way, girls, he looks about… 7 years older now. ;]

*whisper* CREEEPEERR.

Jillian on

For me the hair doesn’t make the hotness, the hotness makes the hair. Though I like his old hair cut better, he’s still just as hot to me as before. I do hope it grows out in time for New Moon though, the buzz cut look just doesn’t work for Edward.

brandy on