Forget the Cabinet Picks! Barack Obama Chooses His Inaugural Tuxedo

12/05/2008 at 04:26 PM ET

Mike Segar/Landov

Future First Lady Michelle Obama might have had a hard time picking between designers like favorites Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon or star-favorites Reem Acra and Marc Bouwer for her inaugural dress, but President-elect Barack Obama’s tuxedo decision was simple: Chicago-based Hart Schaffner Marx, according to WWD. The men’s suit company has been in existence since 1883 and is one of the first American companies to have unionized workers. President-elect Obama has been wearing Hart Schaffner Marx suits throughout his campaign. Anyone can get a made-to-order suit from the company (or pick up a ready-to-wear style at department stores), but for the President-elect the company will go to him at his home in Chicago. Now about Michelle’s dress again….

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Amanda on

I think Mr Obama is one of the most sharp-dressed men I have ever seen. Nice!!

Rhonda on

Sure he is, but shouldn’t the country be more worried about the state of affairs then what the president is wearing.

Angie on

This is Rhonda… not CNN. If you want an address of the state of the country- go elsewhere.

Pamela on

Very good point Angie! I agree with you. People is a celebrity and fashion site.

Mary on

Rhonda, this is a FASHION blog, not CNN. Of course we readers care about what he is wearing :)

fleur-de-lis on

who cares what designer Obama’s wearing to his inaugural ball? he’s got a country that’s in deep trouble to worry about.

Kerri Walter on

Yes, Rhonda, please leave the Obama. Bush that mess up the country is going to live in a BIG HOUSE AND GREAT COMMUNITY. People, please tell us what he is wearing. After 01/20 the man’s life will be really crazy. God is his strength.

Christine on

I think it’s significant that the president elect chose an american company with a long history and a history of valuing it’s workers. Good for HSM!

Sharon on

Americans want to know everything about everyone and that includes fashion of the rich, famous and the President-Elect the next First Lady!

disappointed on

kerri needs to read up and learn the english language and also bush didn’t ruin the economy, the democrats did so please and also wait till obama is in office and actually does something before people treat him like a god..who cares what he is wearing.. he’s the president not brad pitt

AmandaB on

To Rhonda… You only caught the fun part of the story but missed the larger points: 1) He’ll be wearing a brand that any middle-class guy could wear, and Hart Schaffner Marx has been making all-American quality clothing for men since the late 1800s. 2) Like it says in the story, HSM is one of the first American companies to have unionized workers. Both of these speak to his loyalty to America and to those who supported his campaign. Smart dresser. Very smart man!

Lynn on

He looks great and I love it when he smiles…the kind of smile that lights up a room. Let’s not forget how much he brings hope for our future and how he can silence a room of many in attendance hanging on to his every word of optimism and determination to bring us together as a whole.

With that, I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around how we as adults send our children to school with what we deem as good manners, patience, and tolerance for others and yet not two blogs into a simple discussion, adults (in the modern day) turn what could be a stimulating exchange into a mud slinging fest (almost everytime it seems)…very sad.


Monica on

He´s classy and Hot!

Diana on

Really People, really? I think his picks are more important that what he’s wearing. He is not a celebrity. Come on, you can do better than this



upstateny on

When they auction off their inaugural outfits and donate the money to charity I’ll be impressed.

Pete on

Ladies, ladies, ladies!
Can’t you value Barack and the rest of us guys for our minds?


Who cares what the jek will be wearing..Get him off his pedestal people..He has not one thing as he has not set foot in office yet…When he does you people who back the loser will be the first one’s WHINING how much more screwed up the countyr is!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA you people will get yours…He is going to screw America up as he could care less about the USA

J.R. on

Ha-Ha!!! I agree with Pete….but no seriously, it is important what he wears because not only is he representing himself, he is representing America and the American people…all of us. So..his wardrobe needs to not only reflect his personal style but a style befitting an American president.

funny on

“disappointed” thinks Kerri needs to learn the English language but he/she needs to learn punctuations.

It’s PEOPLE.COM for christ sake…

if you don’t like what you read…

move on!!!

Azkat on

Can I just throw up now? Who cares what he is wearing.

Travis Jensen on

Our country is in the toilet and you folks are worried about this dudes’ threads. He looks like a pimp. Is Airforce one gonna sport spinners now?

lester on

he practces what he preaches.

Erin on

Pete – I’d love the opportunity to value a man for his mind. Still waiting…

Sarah on

Geez, everyone. It’s been said before, but this is an ENTERTAINMENT site. Last time I checked, People wasn’t staffing Woodward and Bernstein (for those of you who are a bit shaky on journalistic history, they broke the Watergate scandal that forced Nixon to resign). I don’t know about you, but I’d expect to get hard-hitting news about Obama’s political news from a publication that doesn’t select a ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ every year.

Looking forward to seeing the tux!

Jon on


Joe Belding on

Who’s Brad Pitt?

rhonda forte on

You have to give it to him,he looks very handsome in his clothes. Now about the country,give him a chance. Ask yourself What is Bush doing? After all we can only have one president at a time. If you want help this instant, go help Bush move out!

disappointed on

and to ‘just had to say something’ I’m not an uneducated person as far as politics. Before you start throwing around uneducated don’t throw it around to and ER practioner. Thanks. I’m sure you don’t even have a degree.

A Proud Democrat on

disappointed needs to explain to me how the Democrats messed up this country when it was a drunk driving, draft dodging, shady business dealing Republican that was ruining this country! LOL You guys are RIGHT! is a CELEB/FASHION site. People like disappointed are just hating because their fossil of a candidate did not win!!!

Kerri on

Disappointed, thank you for correcting my english. What do you mean by Bush didn’t ruin economy, and there is only one God, and Obama is not the one. You don’t know how it feels to lose your job and home, so please go and rest. The whole world knew that Bush and his team ruin the economy.

Jenna on

Personally, I am SICK of all the Obama hype. The man stole the nomination from Hilary, and everyone treats him like he’s a saint! He’s just a man who happened to weasel his way into the White House, because of dirty politics and the color of his skin. It’s all just so ridiculous!

Betty Banks on

In August issue of style watch photo of selita ebanks in jacket, belt, jeans and multi-color shoes. Who is the designer and where can I get those shoes! Thanks.

Italiatraveler on

Since Palin spent soooo much on her clothes and lost, why can’t we all just be happy for the new President and his wonderful wife no matter what they wear??????

David from San Diego on

God bless Obama … it must be tough to take over a bankrupt country after Bush spent eight (8) years destroying us. And I think it’s cool that he’s wearing HSM. It’s not too ostentatious. I will buy some HSM suits now that I know the new President wears them. (Sorry, Hickey Freemen.)

kate on

he still makes me wanna puke.
he will never look good. no matter what he wears

Carol on

As a retired Hart Schaffner employee, I am so proud that our new President will be wearing our product at his inauguration. HSM has a long history of excellent employee relations. In addition to offering a living to so many Americans, after WWII, HSM hired refugees who were forced to leave their home countries, trained them, taught them to speak English and took an interest in their families. Glad to see our new President appreciates an good, American company.

Amanda on

kate and jenna – don’t be sore loosers! and don’t hate the player. hate the game. the problem with hillary and john was they were paying no attention at all to the “jr senator” as john so loved to point out too often. they both thought they had no one to worry about but each other. WRONG!!!

Pete on

Ladies, JR and Erin too-
Obama has style that goes beyond clothes, and Erin, he values women!
Does anybody remember his observation during his 2004 Keynote address? ” I stand here today, grateful for the diversity of my heritage, aware that my parents’ dreams live on in my precious daughters.” Grammarians, how’s my punctuation?
My own 3 daughters are each unique, individually talented and smart and have disagreed with their father. That’s cool.
I’m also an independent Republican. Barack Obama posed a poignant question to the American people when he asked, “Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?”
Clothes don’t necessarily “make the man”, but I look forward to an individual who will take the time to present a crisp and credible image to the world and a passion for excellence and human dignity before our nation.

sandi1960 on

Kerri, I am sorry you are having problems due to the economy, but until everyone actually looks at what got us here, we will never be able to fix it, and blaming Bush for it all is foolish and shortsighted. We are experiencing the results of the past 16 years now. BOTH parties are to blame, Clinton, Carter and Bush, plus all those in Congress during those terms are responsible.

Unless we acknowledge it, study it, own it, we will simply fall deeper and deeper into the hole.

Tricia on


Olesha on

Barack Obama has made history; to some people what he is going to wear to his inauguration is very important. It is the day Barack will be sworn in as the first black president of the United States. Yes, it is Bush’s that F***** up the economy with spenting $10 million a month on a war that was unnecessary. I see that people are not talking about the soldiers that lost their lives and the heartache the family is left with. Stop trying to say that is is not Bush’s fault because it is. Barack Obama will be our president whether you like it or not so get used to it. If you got a problem with it take it up with GOD. God bless America and Barack Obama

oloriire on

Easy easy Rhonda. Aba. The man hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Would you rather he worked hard for the country in tank tops and fatigue. Every one knows he has a lot of work ahead of him, and we expect him to do it. I believe his preparation includes looking very very nice. I want him to look real nice. He must be very appealing to the American people. The man is very handsome you know. He must also look his best. He is very patronizing. Let him dress to fit the occasion. Don’t be impatient with the man. I am afraid you might ask him to step down on his second day in office. He did not make the gas price go up Rhonda.

oloriire on

I have really never seen anyone look so dignifying and ooooh so handsome in those wow! tux that the president-elect is wearing or is going to wear. I personally believe the American will agree on this. The presidency has always included fashion.

oloriire on

Rhonda, work can wait. Everything has its time. I believe Obama will clean up a lot of mess made by you know who. It took 8 years to create this mess. Where were you? Obama worked hard to get to where he is today. I believe you will agree with me that the man needs to prepare for the office and that includes what nice things to wear. You would not wear a T shirt to your own wedding Rhonda. Or would you? I think you are getting ready to champion Obama’s exile tomorrow. I believe you have a different motive, and its not patriotism.

chele on

Girls, Plezz, he looks so good in just his white oxford/polo rolled up to his sleeves-he doesn’t need the tux-he will change this horrible economy-and it doesn’t matter what he looks like!

anne on

Pullleeeeze… I voted for McCain. I love Sarah Palin. And I can say that I think the Pres elect looks great in clothes and I’m interested in the style of Washington to come. Even a news junkie like me can appreciate the ‘soft’ side… As others have said..this is, not cspan! Happy Christmas y’all

Anna on

Nice to know he can take action when it comes to tuxedos, but not on anything that matters. This is definitely his most significant accomplishment thus far.

How nice that Sarah Palin is crucified for thinking about her wardrobe and Obama is congratulated. Even though Sarah Palin is not responsible for the entire country and Obama is.

denise on

get real, the lady that says bush did not ruin the ecomony, the democrats did. who has been in office the last eight years? get real lady.

Meesh on

Quot blaming Bush for everything who cares about Obama he doesn’t deserve to be president he wasn’t even born in the united states he falsified his birth certificate he was born in Kenya so on to the next subject

Anna on

Every Girl’s crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man

get your facts on

to the people that say bush is to blame….technically you are wrong. the problems started with clinton to begin with. therefore the problems are the democrats fault…someone with actually knowledge should run the country…not someone who needs on the job training and only got the push he needed by oprah…if she wouldnt have backed him he wouldnt have won…

Phoebe on

Rhonda, it just shows how ignorant people are regarding Obama. They’d rather marvel over his latest poop than what he has to do in the world. I agree with you, these media sites are obnoxious in shoving the latest scoop in Obama dream land down our throats.

Yeah this is, but really do we need to know every last detail of this man’s pathetic personal life?

Simply Amazed on

After reading all of these posts, I am convinced that it’s the American people who made this country what it is today. People who can’t get along and be decent and dignified with each other. Look into the core of your existence and then maybe problems can begin to be solved. But we all know that’s not going to happen, so we reap what we sew. We always want to point fingers at one person or another; collectively, mankind has made the world what it is today. We’re all human beings; why can’t we all just get along. Does anyone have the answer? Or do we thrive on turmoil? I’m not a preacher, I’m not a protestor and I’m certainly not a crazy person. Is there anyone else out there that sometimes wants to scream “Stop all the bull****”?

Suzanne on

I have always had a problem with the amount of money that we spend on the Inauguration. But, we have to show the rest of the world that we are okay. It is important that we have a united front when it comes to this one time every four years. From what he wears to the activites involved, unfortunately it is all necessary to show the world that we as a nation are strong.

bob on

The man should be making better cabinet choices rather than an obnoxious twerp and the wife of a former president called COLLUSION……but it means A LOT to me that he is wearing a suit from a company who unionized many years ago when unions were prevealant and meant something……you people who wave the Change Flying Flag really are missing the point…..maybe you should have decided before you voted for him what you wanted changed and asked how HE is going to do it!

Sharon on

I would like to thank all of you who made comments for some very entertaining reading on a Saturday morning!

Tami on

Do you think that Obama wants everyone to know what he is wearing?? I dont think so, it just comes with the whole package.
He is a classy man and I wish him and his family the best.
Will be toasting the day he takes office… long time coming.

Meesh on

the next subject is not Obama thats for sure I didn’t vote for him I would rather have someone real classy like Mickey Mouse and his Misses Minnie

Lisa on

I don’t object to People covering what Obama will wear. I love hearing about clothes and fashion. But I object to the title of the article. Fashion is fun, but the cabinet picks should not be forgotten. We should have fun, especially in hard times, but we need to keep our priorities straight.


Thiis for Meesh, stop being a player hater even Mickey and Minnie got a little black in them come on LOVE your BLACK SISTER AND BROTHER IT WILL BENFIT YOU IN THE CHANGES WE SEE NO COLOR

bigbonjovifan on

He does dress well. I noticed that during his campaign.
GOD BLESS HIM & HIS FAMILY! I am really praying for them.

Dre on

who the @#%& cares about what this man wears… shouldn’t the focus be what he is going to do for OUR country?!


this is for Meesh, stop being a player hater even Mickey and Minnie got a little black in them… give Mr. Obama a chance you might be surprised a change is coming have a Blessed and Happy Holiday. I personally think whatever he decides to wear he will wear with style cause the man just got it like that.LOL

Jenn on

Oh my god. For all the republicans who are on here being sorry losers, get over it. You have another 4 years with Obama as president. So there’s going to be a lot on people over the years I’m sure of what he wears or his wife wears. We can’t help it there great dressers! This is Your gonna see fashion info!

nearlynormalized on

President Obama would look fine in anything he wears…Glowing is an apt word to describe how he carries himself.

Lola on

I agree with rhonda!!

Nancy Huber on

Doesn’t he have enough on his plate without having his clothing critiqued?

Sylvia on

Disappointed: Who did you say needs to learn the English language again? I’m no expert, but then again I don’t go around criticizing people.

Donna: You are right, he has not taken office yet. I think a lot of people forget that. As of now he is only the President-Elect, and just like McCain would be doing at this point in time had he been elected as president-elect, there is nothing he can do for now. People tend to forget that the first 2 years that anyone enters into the office, the new President is having to deal with the policies put in place by the previous President. I would imagine just like any other job that anyone comes into, you have to clean up the mess from the person before you in order for you to get on track.

Regardless, I hope you are right and things don’t get any worse, but if they get better will you have the guts to say “I was wrong”. Oh and do not forget that when Bush took office the federal budget had been balanced for 3 consecutive years and was on track to balance again in 2001. We had a surplus of 236 billion dollars, the LARGEST in history. By 2002, 2 years later, we were in a deficit of 158 billion dollars. We have hit a record deficit of 455 billion dollars. In 2008 the Bush administration spent 2.98 trillion dollars when the revenue was only 2.5 million dollars….. And the list goes on and on. So tell me again, who do we blame for the economy?

Danielle on

I think it is refreshing that a president will buy his clothes at a reasonably priced store. I was at the website and I, myself, would buy my husband clothes from there. They are classy and well priced. Bravo, Mr. President!

Sara on

George Bush is 1000X better than Barack Obama will ever be.

Karen on

o yea and i also thought tht Pete had a bunch of good points and disappointed needs to get ovr her (or him) self and move on. If u dont like it then Y R U ON THIS SITE????? sometimes ppl dont make sense. *sigh*

Linda on

To all of you who blame Bush for ALL our problems now, how shortyour memories are. No he has not helped our economy, but the people who advise him let him down, and neither has he single handedly gotten us here. It has taken the help of some prominent democrats. Dodd, Frank are the first two who come to mind. Yes our budget was balanced under Clinton and we had a surplus.We also got rid of welfare under Clinton, by the pushing of legislation by the republicans. However, Clinton didn’t single handedly balance the budget. It was led by the Republicans under the leadership of Newt Gingrich. Clinton just happened to sign them into law. Like it or not, those are the facts folks. There is blame to go around to BOTH parties in Congress, so for those of you who hate Bush anyway, nothing no one says will EVER change your minds about him. Yes Obama is president-elect of ALL of us now, and I wish him the very best to lead our country as we need it. However, he is not GOD, so I don’t expect him to be able to please all the people all the time. That’s a fantasy wish. I deal with reality, not fantasy. Our markets have always run cyclically, and they’ll never change so we always have the possiility of the ups and downs. It’s always been that way and will always be so. Get used to it, it’s a fact of life. Don’t whine and take responsibility for yourselves as we are our government in case any one doesn’t understand who our “government” is. I did not vote for
Obama as I am an independent and do not believe he’s ready to take on such a job, but we’ll see how he does and give him the benefit of the doubt. All eyes will be watching with bated breath.

Rhonda on

Please reread what wrote. I stated the man looks good. I just don’t think stating the mans fashon is more important then his job. I hope the cabinet reflects something we can all agree on!!!!!

proud democrat on

To all Bush lovers:
George Bush is the most evil man in the world next to Bin Laden. Ohh I forgot he has ties with his family…No wonder we were never able to catch this guy. I hate Bush for everything he has done starting with our troops that he innocently sent to get killed overseas for his PERSONAL WAR and finishing with how messed up our economy is thanks to him.

Go Obama!!!

Librarian on

This is a fashion site, some people are interested in what others are wearing. I’m not gonna blame all republicans in poitics for our economy now but lets face it-Bush screwed up. After 9/11 (when Bush came into office), everything went downhill…give Obama a chance, he can’t do worse than Bush. Who on earth tells children that they don’t have to be an A student to become president??

roy on

I just hope he doesn’t end up having a zipper
problem like Slick Willy did.

Mandy on

Who cares what he wearing. he probably spent 1 million easy on that tux that he will wear for 4 hours and never wear it again. if he says he cares about our ecomnmy as much as he does buying a millin odallar suit is the way to prove it.
Go McCain!

Paige Ross on

i would like to point out that this tux is a Nordstrom exclusive, you can only get it there.

roy on

Here’s a fact for all of you. Bill Clinton cut our
military budget, he used the money to finance some
government jobs. Unfortunatly when he left office
so went most of those jobs. The terrorist thought
America was weak after those cuts, thats why they
attacked us on 9/11. We’re lucky we still have men
like George Bush, who have the b—s to go after
the bastards, so we don’t have to fight them in
our own streets. Iraq did have WMD’s. Saddam ship-ed it to Libia. Kadaffi turned it over to the UN
and the US. Saddam gassed his own people, plus the
shi-its’, the sunnis and the turks. History will
prove all of this.

Emma on

Hey, I wonder what toilet paper Obama will use while living in the White House. An expensive brand like Charmin or will he use an affordable no name single ply paper? Mmm?

Karen on

Emma, who the crap cares what friggin’ toilet paper Obama uses? seriously, you’re screwed in the head or something.

Karen on

Emma, who the crap cares what friggin’ toilet paper Obama uses? Everyone is talking about who cares what he dresses like but now TOILET PAPER???? i know i’m probably speaking for many people when i say you need to get your priorities straight.



beth on

And I care about this because…… oh yeah, I am too busy trying to keep my JOB and pay my bills. Thanks for telling us though, I will rest easier tonight!

Holly on

You are all to critical of eachother. There is so much negative energy around each of your comments. Lighten up! The world needs more peace and that starts with each person being peaceful, not verbally beating eachother on a message board.

Archie on

That’s great! Likely, he will get a hair cut, also.

becky on

I am just thrilled to know the news! Now I can sleep nights!

Sondra on

Of course this is, and of course everyone included is worried about the future of our economy. The tuxedo is just a small detail, and I am sure everyone of you is worried about what to wear each morning before going out, shouldn’t Obama wear something nice for his first day as president? Yes, we all are so deep and not caring about fashion…Stop being hypocrite you average american! As far as the “disappointed” comment, it wasn’t the democrats’ or republicans’ fault to waste all the money, but simply a person, just like us, acting as a president, but truly a spoiled beginner…soul searching anyone?

HA HA on

Disappointed – while you were bragging about how educated you are with your degree and impressive career, I think you meant that you are an ER PRACTITIONER, not PRACTIONER. “Practioner” isn’t a word. Maybe you should learn how to spell what you claim you do before you attempt to be high and mighty. As someone with an Ivy League degree, I am embarrased for you.

Emma on

Karen, you have sadly MISSED THE POINT OF MY COMMENT.

Fancy Freedom on

I see some folks are still bitter that Repubs lost Thank u for keeping the information fresh and relevant.

valerie on

It always amazes me to see how people are so bitter, mean spirited and just plain ugly with their comments.

The story was about Obama’s choice in his tux and it turned into a political rampage for some others.

Yes, we are all concerned with the state of the economy, remember it was in this state well before Obama even considered running for president. No he is not God, but just a man who had taken on a job that has alot of problems that he is expected to turn around. No, it will not happen overnight, within months or even years, but give the guy a chance to get into office before he can begin to really start woking at it.

I think he and his family shoud be able to enjoy the inaugural events and the past 43 presidents and their families have.

Come on American people look into your own souls and expel some of the hate that you carry and maybe you can begin to see the good in somethings that you may not agree with. God Bless you all and I pray God keep the Obama Family safe from the many hate mongers. Have a Merry Christma and A Very Blessed New Year.

Sandi1960 on

Sylvia, as long as Americans are shortsighted, nothing will get better, and people who think like you will ensure Obama’s failure.

Bush had to contend with 9/11 and the bust – both of which cost billions. It is doubtful ANY President would have been able to keep a balanced budget under those conditions.

If one looks at history, one could clearly see we are now experiencing the results of 16 years of policies, not 8. The reality is, until we stop the Bush bashing, we can not get better. We need to realistically look at what got us here in order to really correct it.

While I hope Obama is sucessful, I fear people like you will make that impossible. History shows us clearly the first new deal extended the depression, yet we are acting like that is the cure. Why? Because the media has been having a field day bashing Bush, therefore no one is looking at the cause and effect.

Already Americans are fearing terrorism according to Rasmussen. I also find it puzzling how the Democrats in congress are getting a total pass on the economy.

Tell me how you can be the chairment of the Ways & Means, Banking committees for 2 years, be on those committees for 20 odd years and be allowed to say “I didn’t know”.

Well if they did not know, they need to be fired. They certainly should not be the ones who now fix it. Especially given the laws they are now blaming for this mess are the very laws Carter and Clinton passed during their terms.

I am not saying Dems are the only ones to blame, but I am saying they are equally responsible. If we opt to ignore that little issue, no one can fix what is broken, not even Obama.

terry on

Sounds like sour grapes to me Donna. Things can only improve with Obama in the house-it does not take a genius to see what a mess Bush has made.

Karen on

Emma, i COMPLETELY got it. i just thought it was STUPID!

Danielle on

Did anyone even look at the website the tux comes from? No, you didn’t. The most expensive tux is $795, I believe. Not one million dollars. And I highly doubt he will only wear it once considering his position. You people are wacked.

Joie on

Who cares?

Joie on

Oh, and this for fashion not Poltics!

Pauline on

The country is in deep trouble because of Bush so why blame Obama!!

EChizzle on

Whatever he chooses to wear will be fine. He is one handsome charismatic brother. Since this is an entertainment and not a political site, I am going to ignore the ignorance and the ish of some folks. God Bless our new President and his family.

It is going to be a long and arduous 4 years + for President Elect Obama. I wish him the best because if he does well then we all prosper.

Elda on

Poor Rhonda, everyone is just ganging up on her!! Geez, that’s what blogs are for! if you you don’t like what someone sais, then stay away from the blogs! i didn’t vote for the guy and don’t care for him but i like the suit!! Go Rhonda, Go Rhonda!!!

robert t on

Good for Obama. As a previous 1957 graduate of Morgan Pack H S Obama is doing the South Side a great Favor R T

emma on

he is one snazzy guy :)

Norah on

I would like to know why my last comment was not posted? It was a comment pertaining to the picture. Please respond I would be interested in what your response could be other than the obvious.

Blake Rogers on

Barack Obama is the best democrat president in my opinion. he makes the best judgment and foreign policies.. ‘

Kieran Adams on

Barack Obama is the best democrat president in my opinion. he makes the best judgment and foreign policies.. `

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Brianna Lee on

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Diane Pearce Votes for Obama Again on

All I know is that I am working at a large Pharmaceutical corporation in Clayton NC and I endroce Barack Obama with all my heart. I encourage all my friends and colleagues to say yes for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

Diane Pearce Loves Barack Obama on

Just wanted to say that I am working at a big biotherapeutic corporation in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my energy. I encourage all my friends and colleagues to say yes for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

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