Sneak Peek: Madonna Stars in Louis Vuitton's Latest Ads

12/04/2008 at 02:50 PM ET

Courtesy Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton

For weeks, rumors have been swirling that Madonna would be gracing Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign. The French fashion house has remained mum — until now. Her Madgesty will indeed appear in the Spring/Summer ’09 ad campaign that will hit magazines in February 2009. The star is shot by legendary photographer Steven Meisel (who infamously collaborated with Madonna on her Sex book) in a sultry French cafe setting. When it came to choosing the new face, designer Marc Jacobs wouldn’t have it any other way. “I wanted the campaign to be very bold, very sensual and very atmospheric. To carry off all these references and all its sophistication, we needed the ultimate performer — and for me, that is Madonna,” says Jacobs. We couldn’t agree more. Tell us: What do you think of Madonna’s Louis Vuitton ads? Do you think she was the best choice?


Courtesy Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton

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Sarah on

Ew. She is not attractive, her music sucks and she is so old. Please Madonna, retire your tights. No one wants to see you half naked, anymore.

Kate on

I’m sorry. She’s ugly.

Ohioan on

Unfortunately, Madonna will be turning me away from LV products. Is that a hole in her hosiery above the back of her right heel in the bottom picture??

Cori on

I think she looks fierce!!! I hope I look half as good when I am her age. P.S. LOoooooove the handbag.

Violet on

I just think she is too skinny! She looks anorexic in the second one. However, I still think she is an amazing performer and an excellent choice for a brand like Louis V

Szabina on

Sarah! She can still pull this look off so get over it!

SLH on

Of course, she should be their new face. Jacobs and Vuitton are classic high style and so is she.

Sure, we want to hate her, her unaplogetic bad behavior, etc., but you can’t deny her style. She’s an original.

Jan Wells on

Madonna is a fabulous woman in her 50’s. She doesn’t look it. Madonna keeps herself in amazing shape. I would like to be in half the shape she is! I feel that Madonna is an inspiration for anyone who is baby-boomer age. Obviously this other posting is from someone who doesn’t have the remotest idea of what an older woman as accomplished and yes, ATTRACTIVE can bring to Louis Vuitton. We baby boomers (or any person with class and taste) are the targets who can afford Louis, she can’t.

Erika on

I think Madonna looks great in the ad. She is the perfect pick. She is always interesting to look at, she knows exactly how to pose and use her body and now that she’s gotten older I’m more intrigued by her mysterious yet flamboyant posture. I love the fact that we are seeing her out and about more. We always want a little piece of the material girl.

Oh, and anyone who thinks otherwise are just haters. I notice that everyone who comments on this blog has a problem with everything.

No one is perfect, let’s see you do it better.


I happen to know this person is the one of the brightest, most creative people in the music world. She is NOT old.. her music does NOT suck, and you apparently have no taste. Regardless, I doubt if you saw all of the things this woman has done– as I believe you may be in your teens/20s.. am I right?

orangie912 on

yeah. She’s perfect. She’s got it ALL.

Angela on

He should have picked someone that has some class. She should realize at the age of 50 she looks ridiculas in some of her get-ups.

Slater on

Ok, I understand the woman is old… we all have no choice but to age… BUT WHEN YOU LOOK THAT GOOD at 50…. there is no shame in showing it. STOP HATING ON MY GIRL!!!!!! MADONNA ROCKS!!!!!

Tanya on

I agree with with Cori. She looks amazing for her age. I think she is too masculine and muscular for a women however the pictures look good.

Mary on

It’s too bad she refuses to spend money on closing that horrendous gap in her two front teeth. She looks old and worn out to me. NOT attractive and from what I hear of her lack of personality, even uglier.

Fern McCuish on

People should be praising her, not criticizing her. She looks great for her age. Stop the jealousy already!!

Tj20 on

Madonna look hot.

Diane on

Madonna needs to accept the fact that she is getting older and move on…stop trying to dress like a twenty year old. Britney or someone else in their 20’s can pull off that look but not a 50 year old face- I don’t care how thin someone is.

Jennifer on

It looks like some ladies are a little jealous, If you could look that good you would !!! Don’t hate her beacuse she is beautiful – Embrass it !!!!

courtney Wendt on

Angela, Learn to spell the word ridiculous before you start calling someone ridiculous. The same goes for the rest of the haters. I suspect they are the same people who walk around in Lands End clothes and Crocs…..No imagination and no appreciation for a woman in her 50’s who can rock what probably can’t.

Dorothy on

Louis Vitton fashion line is just so over the top kitchy and bordering on the trashy side. But somehow Madonna who is so grand and over the top makes the add look very attractive. Still I would never ever buy anything from that brand the fashion taste is just not there for me.

Gina on

AMAZING! LOVE the ads! Madonna Rocks!

Toccara on

First of all, Madonna is the QUEEN B of music. She’s one of the original Don Diva’s who has been able to have longevity in this business. Call her what you like, but don’t hate the player…hate the game. Madonna looks good for her AGE. She’s no longer in her 20’s or 30’s… for those that are hating…..don’t be mad. You only wish that you could look HALF as good. Ugh. Disgusting haters. And you WISH you could be in a Louis Vuitton ad.


Like it or not at 50 Madonna still rocks! I can only hope I can look half as good Madge looks – the woman is a legend in her own category!

Rainna on

I dont personnally like Madonnas music.. but i cant deny her style and class. She is bold and i think she is a great person to Louis… you guys can try and hate… but you wish you looked as good as she does in her 50’s and had the money and success this woman has.. she is an icon

Care-less on

Wonder if the hypocrite Madonna will let her kids see these pictures………

Ms. Jazmin on

I think Madonna looks FABULOUS!
Everyone is scared of aging and I am too and I’m only 23 yrs old. Eventually everyone will age and wrinkle and whatnot..but at her age I want to look that good as well. As for her not having class. SO WRONG. This woman is classy and her wardrobe is amazing! She pulls off the most wicked outfits. She is in such great shape and she looks really healthy as well. I don’t know why some are saying that she’s anorexic. She just takes care of her body.

Anyway, Madonna is fabulous and some of you are just jealous!

Samantha on

Oh God, I’m so sick of seeing Madonna everywhere. I’m turned off LV because of this. Madonna is weird, old and has too much power. Who cares about her anymore? She cant even sing.

denise on

NO She’s entirely too old, my mom would smack me for saying that, but She looks like an alien. She’s entirely too skinny, and her muscles are just scary looking. They might as well have gone with Cloris.

Allison on

She’s the last person that needs to be modeling LV. When I think of LV, I think class & style, both of which she’s lacking.

Joe on

These pictures are very well done. M looks thirty years younger. She is probably thin from dancing two hours at a time during her always sold-out world tour. Sarah and Kate need to get a life. I guarantee when they reach their 50’s, they will not be as accomplished or look as good. Haters be gone!!!

Superkitty! on

I’m neutural, I hvn’t been a big fan of Madonna however I don’t dislike her either. Be honest, she looks great whether you like her music/behaviour or not, she’s always ahead of the trends …. A lot of people especially women are jealous of her … sorry Madonna!

dyann on

You go girl…Madonna, not “Sarah”. Great match,
Madonna and Louis Vuitton. They needed to turn their ad campaign up a notch. Madonna is amazing. Always exciting.

Natasha on

If MaDonna’s music sucks why is she still around? And my guess is when you reach 50 you will still be working until you retire. Why can’t she still work until retirement age? She has always been a trendsetter and it’s obvious because designers still look to her. She is awesome!

tiffany on

Hmm..she looks cool enough..I think they should have asked Britney or Christina Aguilera though!

Colleen Meyer on

The negetive comments must be from the selfish generation. Madonna you look awesome. You go girl!

ab on

I think Madonna looks amazing! I can’t believe she’s 50! I hope to look that great when I am her age! It’s nice to see ads with fabulous older women! It’s a shame the bags are still too expensive, though!

DC on

I’m not a huge Madonna fan at all. I think she’s musically past her prime and has to revert to technology to make her music better (i.e. Cher’s “Believe”).

Saying that, she pulls off the look and attitude required for these editorial shots fantastically. You people have to understand that in these shots the model is palette upon which the masterpiece is laid. They’re not selling Madonna, they’re selling the attitude that comes along with their vision for LV handbags…and Madonna strikes a perfect chord on that.

Anne on

Okay, she is 50. Have you had a really good look at her????? The arms are disgusting. Really disgusting. Yes, she is a talent, but how far do you take it? Get in The Groove, Madonna. Act your age-gracefully.

Amber on

I love it. She’s an icon and looks amazing for her age. I wish I could look that good at 50! The photography is incredible… very mysterious and sexy. I can’t wait to see it in the magazines.

Patty on

As a 53 year old woman, I can say that if you younger folks are lucky, you, too, will be 50 one day! Madonna looks beautiful in these pictures!

carrie elizabeth on

At 50 she looks better than many women in her 20’S AND 30’s. I saw her on stage in Vegas a month ago, and she looks amazing, sounds amazing, and has more energy than the energizer bunny. I’m 20 yrs younger than her, but I think she rocks, her music is awesome. She is a woman with class and attitude, and that’s what makes her unique. She has no problem expressing herself. I love her. She’s the best!

Milly on

Please do you know how many times this picture must have been retouched just to make her look half decent. I love her music but it’s time to retire those tights and cover up.

Peneye on

I think Madonna is a phenomenal artist able to transform herself each decade and keep current, but judging from those poses, I think the ad campaign tag line should be “You don’t have to be a lady, to carry Luis Vuitton.”

Liza on

Madonna looks great!
She is the best looking 50 year old woman on earth!

carlos on

Cyndi Lauper would of been a much better choice

peter on

She is classy and beautiful. people that do not like her our just jealous or mean.

Jen on

Old or ageless, trashy or tasteful, Madonna is overexposed.

Amanda on

I think that Madonna is a very poor choice for LV’s new campaign. I do not find Madonna synonymous with “very bold, very sensual and very atmospheric,” which apparently is LV’s positioning strategy for this campaign. The brand is oozes class, sophistication, and style, characteristics which the brand image of today’s Madonna fails to portray. LV should focus on more youthful spokespeople to project their image to consumers. Using Madonna reflects poorly on the brand. Tsk tsk to the fashion house… where is my Coach bag?

pam on

as long as she isn’t wearing fur-I hate people who wear fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T on

Alright Lisa, just because you supposedly “know” this person doesn’t mean you have the right to belittle the opinion of other people. Because in my opinion she might not be old but her music does suck and I happen to have some pretty good taste in music.

Iirna on

she looks great for her age.
she’s a distinguished artist.
she’s an amazing performer.
but she is hardly what i would call “classy and sophisticated” — something, i believe, LV should’ve considered before making her their model.
but they’re riding the popularity wave she herself has started (and even her divorce is benefiting her, although, that, too is being done in poor taste, which is not entirely uncharacteristic of Madge) — and they definitely do not care what any one of us thinks on the matter.

SMA on

Madonna is NOT interesting, talented, or attractive. She IS egomaniacal, overpaid, and uninspiring. I wish she would just step aside already.

smithie on

madonna is just icon.
1.her energy is unbelievable
2.everybody lookin like this at the age of 50 must be just glad and confident
3.her hard work and discipline take her to the highest heights
4. she seems to be a great mom

and btw….i like that ad,everything about that just describes advertised product. no one tells you must be beautiful to be in the commercial or ad but present thing as well as you can

Stacey on

For all of you saying hateful things-Let’s see what you look like when you are 50!!!

Trisha on

I think it is a matter of taste. I am not a huge Madonna fan and personally don’t think she is the right look for them. I think someone classy looking would have been better.

Topper on

Please, for god’s sake, get out of the mesh tights, put some clothes on and go home. Complete and total has been. Ugh. So boring. So ordinary.

Robye on

She is the perfect choice for any campaign. I would rather see her be the face of LV than the current wanna be tarts that grace the gossip magazines. LV is a classic staple to our society and i think the same can be sad about Madonna. Her accomplishments and charity work cannot be riveled by anyone in the media.

rmitchl on

I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one who finds her totally unattractive.

EChizzle on

She looks great! LV made a good choice.

Claire on

Madonna is 50 and FABULOUS. I can only hope to have her fierce and very toned body when i’m her age. You should see her in concert – at 50 she still knows how to bring-da-house down. So, stop hating on her cause she is and will always be HOT!!!

Jennifer on

I think it’s a great ad campaign! While I do not agree with her morals of late. . .she still is an image that’s great for fashion and she’s in fabulous shape!!!!!!

Krista on

Sorry, babe but you don’t have the “right stuff” anymore. Madonna looks harsher, colder, and more rigid than ever – not the epitome of stylish sophistication. Motherhood certainly has not changed her in terms of being classier and more refined. Even a good British husband couldn’t do that! I wish Madonna would go away. I feel so badly saying this – I know she’s a person with feelings! But you asked!

Christina G. on

Sorry Miss Sarah, your small-minded comments are nasty and mean. But in the end they say more about you than about Madonna.

Ash on

wow – some of the negative comments are harsh! Madonna is the queen! She has more style, class, experience and talent than Britney could ever wish for. Without her team Britney looks like well,a trashy chick wearing cutoffs and walking barefoot in a gas station washroom! REMEMBER? That is the REAL Britney..the one who dates paparrazzi, the one who drives with her baby on her lap, the one who shaves her head and gets a tattoo for fun! There is NO comparison between Britney and Madonna, only wannabes! And yes, I do hope Madonna is riding A’s rod! He’s hot and rich just like her.

Lookinggood on

I think she looks great in these ads — Louis has an edge in them!

Lex on

She is hideous and far too thin, which ages her. She absolutely looks her age. That said, the ads are nice and airbrushing works wonders.

Madonna Is The Face Of Louis Vuitton ‘09 | The Celebrity Truth on

[…] courtesy Louis Vuitton.  Taken by Steven Meisel (via People). Leave comments and share this story below: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where […]

Susan Gordon on

I think Madonna is a great choice fo the Louis Vuitton ads.

She’s edgy and bold — obviously what the ad wants to convey.

I’m tired of those saying she’s old, or that she looks good for her age. Fifty isn’t what it used to be (and everyone better get used to it!). You can be vital, fashionable and attractive. She just looks good period. Also, most women in their 30’s through 60’s can afford and wear these bags — not girls in their teens or 20’s.

Nachosmom on

God awful. The clothes are as ugly as she is.

Cricket on

I think she looks fantastic and an inspiration for women 50+ which I happen to be one. She’s edgy, provocative, beautiful and sultry, I love the ad. I haven’t always approved of all of her work, but she is a woman of power and fame and I am sure she has worked her butt off to get where she is and for that I admire her! Way to go Madonna, and she has a new hot man to boot! You go Girl.

Jamie on

Eww… is right. The bag is way hotter than her. She has wrinkles and bags under her eyes.

Meagan on

I have watched her career for 25 years and she is AMAZING!

Have you ever even seen her perform? How can you judge if you are completely ignorant to how much talent she has?

I recently saw her in Atlanta…OMG! She puts on such a great show. At 50 I can only hope that I am half as fit as her. She dances through the whole entire performance while singing and sounding AWESOME! Let’s see you ROCK the house…didn’t think so.

Oh and one more…
Why is everyone on her age all the time. Bottom line, her world tour has been SOLD OUT! That should speak for itself.

She doesn’t care what people think or say about her. She LIVES her life.

Amy on

It cracks me up when big fatties sitting at home behind the security and anonymity of their computers write scathing things about celebrities who obviously take impeccable care of themselves.
Jealous losers.

KGJ on

Some women get so jealous over how successful Madonna is (Sarah). If they opened their minds then they would appreciate this living legend rather than feel the need to drag her down. She’s done more for women’s lib, gay rights, and encouraging people to be themselves than any other celeb in the last 20 years. Some just aren’t smart enough to realize it…

Bella on

k, the pics look nice xcept MUST she have her legs open? Just once can she be proud w/out looking like a ho?

Benny on

Madonna looks hot! everyone needs to get over it, So what if she is 50 I would love to see all these haters at 50 I can bet they will not look as hot as Madonna better yet not even closer. madonna go on with your bad self.

s on

She is A-MA-ZING. i’m 32 and wish i have her body and her style. she rocks the ads!

Breal on

2 words for all them haters: MADONNA RULES

LBW on

Her butt is as tight as a wall. I wish I could lift my leg like that. I’m not into her music or her style, but she is a marketing genious.

Alicia on

Madonna is FABOULOUS, people need to stop hatin on her.

Emy on

I find Madonna a very interesting woman. She’s been in the music industry forever and still rockin’. Her voice to me is not what we can really call a “singer” or “golden voice” but she sure is very good in marketing and still is in the cover of magazines IN HER 50’s not looking like it. She has a CLASS and is a perfect choice fo LV.

M A R on

one word is it takes fierce

Mindy on

Madonna needs to go back to children’s books, she is to old to play this part anymore. She looks ridiculus.

niki on

madonna is no inspiration

why would u ever admire someone who constantly tries to look younger?

people who EMBRACE their age and beauty are people we need to look up to

i cant imagine someone with her money to look BAD
its juts not possible so quit admiring her like she saved the world or something

shes only famous because she can be.
no music talent
no real beauty

just a strong character

R. on

For all you people criticizing Madonna for her clothes in this campaign – it’s obviously not her who chose it. Apparently the world’s top designers think she looks classy and sexy in these outfits. So the question is who has bad taste here, you or Madonna? Because Madonna seems to be in sync with Marc Jacobs.

I love the pictures and can’t wait for more of them to surface!

MC on

Ewww…gross! She’s not even classy. She’s sooo wrinkly.Get a face lift and some botox already!!! They should’ve gotten someone iconic like Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman.

Jesse on

What,she looks so hot !! 50 and still melt butter !! She is the ultimate Queen of Pop.

celestina on

good choice she always perfect, she is great performer. and singer and probably good human being.

BayBay on

ALL you stupid Madonna hater kunts, GET OVER YOUR LOUSY DUMB ASS SELFS! you all only WISH you would look that FABULOUS when you retards reach 50!!!…

Bri on

After hearing about her appearance in the new ads, I was a little skeptical (not for her age, age is just a number; it’s her masculine figure lately). But i’m surprised and rather impressed, she definitely knows how to pull off the clothes she wears and maintain a classy, feminine appearance. Good job, photographers, good job Madonna!

Patricia on

Madonna-What’s a nice Italian girl like you doing causing controversy all the time?…aren’t you a little tired amica?…The pics look tragic-poor thing at least she is mostly covered up…she is losing the terger in her skin and looks sinewy….try to start looking soft and feminine at your age Madge, put on a little weight and tone done the muscles; I do like the face enhancements…it is more becoming…Perhaps the next 50 you can be more ladylike….what a concept! Ciao

Holly on

Just the fact that two tiny pictures from the LV ad campaign featuring – yes, Madonna – has generated over 20 pages worth of comments on this site alone from readers (haters or not)…says, LV has made the absolute right choice in their new model. Love her or hate her, everyone always has a reaction to Madonna. And if you start associating LV with Madonna’s image…guess what? LV is laughing all the way to the bank. So is Madonna, in fact. And NOBODY cares what the haters think of Madonna’s age, her talent, music, looks, etc. Neither does LV.

So get over it. Or knock yourself out hating Madonna or being catty on this page, because no one cares what you think.

Madonna is an icon, a legend, and a successful and powerful woman in a vicious industry. Eat your hearts out. Or keep posting hateful messages. At least you’re making me laugh at how jealous you sound.

el on

she may be amazing, but i really didn’t want to see her crotch the first time, let alone everytime she appears in public. please put it away.

Samantha on

Madonna ROCKS!!! She’s amazing, talented, outspoken, and will make millions for that company just by appearing in their ads.

Rach on

I wouldn’t put Madonna on the bottom of my shoe…and NO I am not a hater…and not ugly… not jealous…I think she is butt bottom line …and 50’s is definatly not the new 20’s in her case…I think I just threw up in my mouth!! VOMIT!

ines on

sorry madonna, il y a mieux que vous pour representer la française et sa classe , mauvais casting, c’est du coté du bois de boulogne que mr jacob s’est inspiré. mauvais gout!!!!

ddbug on

I don’t expect everyone to like her music but you guys are crazy if you don’t think she looks good for her age. I could only hope I look as good as her in 15 years. For those of you who think she doesn’t look good, do you eat as healthy as she does and take care of your body? She may have been very rebellious in her younger years but that is not a reason to judge. Obviously she still has it or she wouldn’t be selling out at concerts. Millions still love her.

Angela R on

If I posed like that, my 12 year old, who is the same age as Lola would KILL ME! I wish she would just continue with her children’s books & come back when she’s 60. She needs to raise her children.

Pete on

OMG silly [old] cow why don’t she keep her old wrinkly self covered up, we don’t want to see old flesh splashed al over the magazine.
It’s time you realised your age and retired from photo shoots where the goods obviously need air brushing just to make you look like you a woman and not a man wearing a dress.

Sara "Sonny" Roth on

As a 65th birthday hinges on the horizon, I try to keep young-at-heart and of course keep a youthful look therefore, Madonna is one of my favorites and the perfect pick for Louis Vuitton’s advertisement. I admire her for her grit and determination to make her own statement regardless of what the critics say. She certainly exudes my feelings as a woman: totally exciting, mysterious, sexy and cat-like.

Dawn on

LV made a great choice. Madonna is a fashion, business and music icon. At 50 and single, she still is doin her thang! I applaud Her!!!

Noelle on

I think anything Haute Couture Madonna is the PERFECT choice!! I LOVE HER!!! She’s Awesome and gets better…Like a Fine Wine, she Rocks!!

Annalise on

Well, Jan, you have single-handedly offended a number of folks on the board. There is more than one boomer (including myself) that is educated, intelligent and able to afford LV merchandise.

I feel Madonna is a very poor choice in the sense that She had a child out of wedlock with her trainer, with whom she had no intention of having a lasting relationship with (so basically, he was a sperm donor), had another child with another man before she married him and now has possibly been named as a factor in the breakup of another man’s marriage. If my husband buys me anything from LV for Christmas, trust me I will be returning it.

Many, many years ago, right after Madonna’s first single came out, someone from Rolling Stone remarked in an interview that if there was ever anyone that would sleep around to further their career, it was Madonna, based on his meeting with her. She may not need to sleep around anymore to get ahead, but she obviously is not a pillar of good taste and class. My sister is 3 years older than Madonna and she makes Madonna look like an over-exercised, anorexic hag.

joe073217 on

what is ‘acting your age’???? what is ‘expression’? what is ‘sexuality’? madonna tackles all of these through her music and her fashion.

she’s amazing… everybody else is soooo boring and safe. madonna challenges society and its norms…. she is, without a doubt – one of the most controversial and stimulating icons this world has ever seen.

anyone who disagrees is obviously too ignorant… or too young to know what they are talking about…

Sondra on

Ines why are you pretending to speak french? Did you use a quick translator online, just to pretend that french people hate Madonna? You should get a passport first, then travel and MAYBE then, try to have an opinion on people that actually accomplished something in their lives like Madonna, including mistakes…Get a life!

Adelia on

Brad Pitt is so insensitive with Jennifer Aniston. He should tell Angelina Jolie to ‘shut up’; because Angelina felt so proud of stealing Brad from Jennifer. She should be the one to shut up and be happy that she got the man she loves (I guess).

Like I said before Angelina looks like the Joker to me because of her big mouth. She is sooooooooo ugly.

And for me, Angelina does not love Shiloh.
Brad should open his eyes.

Cathe-Rine on

Too old

Cathe-Rine on

Model… huh? who… wha….?!
I always like LV Pocket book! Nice design. good job LV!

Judi on

There are so many more beauties out there Madonna is not one So so over M She was always over rated Still a tramp

toni on

well,most designers chose madonna to model their stuff and they all sell not to mention she will be in most covers of magazines.her music and whatever she does is a sell out and she is always on top regardless her i have to say that whoever critisize madonna is only envious.sorry girls.if you can do better than her,just go out there.goodluck

Jackie on

I think Madonna looks GREAT! She keeps well for someone in her 50’s. I hope to look that good when I reach 50. Marc Jacobs made an excellent choice in Madonna. It’s funny to see how some people write negative things about Madonna, yet they are the ones looking at the Madonna ads and are interested enough to write something. If it did not interest them, all they have to do is turn the page. Keep it up Madonna. Love to see you out there some more.

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Photo Shoot « Entertainment Blog! on

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Pete on

With her longevity, Modonna’s age is irrevalent. She is and has been hot throughout all of her transformations, minus her work out mom stage. It’s great that she has broken out and is back in the world as a trend setter! For all who think Modonna looks old, just hope you can look half as good at fifty and pull off what Modonna has done at any age.

fussball on

Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

Luis Oquendo on

Just one word! Unique.

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