Sarah Jessica Parker Looking for New Home for Bitten

11/26/2008 at 02:57 PM ET

Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

Mega-chain Steve & Barry’s has been having financial woes for the past few months, including multiple bankruptcy filings, which has led us to wonder what is happening to their star lines? Remember, Amanda Bynes, Stephon Marbury and Sarah Jessica Parker have all designed affordable fashion lines for the stores. caught up with SJP last night, who revealed she is looking for a new home for her Bitten line. “We have a lot of home offers,” Parker said. “We have to make sure that any partner we enter into an agreement with wants the same thing for the brand as we do, which is to serve the customer first. You know, it can’t be about commerce, it has to be about the customer, and we have to see who’s really willing to be that generous.” And not to worry, she’s keeping her original commitment to affordable clothing — the majority of the line is under $20. “Now, more than ever, people need all things that are about economy,” she continued. “So I want very much to continue it in the right way. So we just have to figure out what’s right for the customer, and how to do it in these economic times.” We’ll be waiting and watching!

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bubblegum on

Did anyone purchase anything from SJP’s line? I saw a few pieces online, but wasn’t sure of the quality. I would appreciate some feedback! Thanks.

frugal fashionista | on

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Helena on

I completely forgot she had a clothing line.
That’s not a good sign.

Jaz on

Looks likes somebody’s been “bitten” on her dress. fashion links for November 28, 2008 on

[…] Sarah Jessica Parker Looking for New Home for Bitten Mega-chain Steve & Barry’s has been having financial woes for the past few months, including multiple bankruptcy filings, which has led us to wonder what is happening to their star lines? Remember, Amanda Bynes, Stephon Marbury and Sarah Jessica Parker have all designed affordable fashion lines for the stores. caught up with SJP last night, who revealed she is looking for a new home for her Bitten line. “We have a lot of home offers,” […]

fashionistik on

lovely dress! love the cut up style on the sleeves, very unique. almost reminds me of this one i saw at .. she has a huge sale right now. 15% off everything with promo code “SHOPNOW”

fashionistik on

lovely dress! love the cut up style on the sleeves, very unique. almost reminds me of this one i saw at .. she has a huge sale right now. 15% off everything with promo code “SHOPNOW”

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resamac on

I got a couple things from her line.
I wasn’t impressed.
The jeans didn’t fit flatteringly. (I bought off ebay we don’t have a steve & barry’s near where I live.)
I bought a sweater, which was kind of cute, but too short. I got the project runway trapeze dress. (Was actually nice. Just too short, and it didn’t look good on me.) And a bag, which the seam was ripping out of and I had to resew it.

A on

I give kudos to SJP for keeping the prices low and not hopping on the band wagon of over priced celebirty clothing lines. It may not be the best made but for trendy items, you typically won’t wear them for long.

EChizzle on

Good point A. I bought a few things for my daughter last year. The items for my daughter served their purpose as they were for her school uniform. I also bought her a peacoat and a purple swing coat for myself for $20.00 each. The quality of the coats are pretty good. I bought a nice hat and scarf set to give it a “new” feel this year. Love it. I hope she finds a buyer. I enjoyed her line.

LBW on

Those clothes were too cheap and too flimsy. Maybe she could sell then at the dollar store or she could do what other stars do when their clothing lines fail and write a children’s book!

Meena on

When the economy is taking a nosedive and your retailer has bit the dust… maybe now is not the time to relaunch a line of clothes no matter how affordable they are…

Aimee on

I really like most of her line. The quality was better than what you would expect for the price point. I did, however, make sure to always wash in woolite. I hope that they do find a new home that is more easily accessible to the masses. Or at least if they could sell it on-line.

kimberly on

I’m not sure of the quality either. I’ve looked at her line and didn’t find it to be that durable.

Ruth on

It’s too bad that someone who is as concerned with fashion as Sarah Jessica Parker is chooses to dress her child so shabby – the poor kids pants are always too short, his shirts look mishapen and nothing fits. I am not saying dress expensively – just stuff that fits.

Rebecca on

I bought several pairs of jeans from the Bitten line and LOVED them! They look great, feel great, and have held up great! I would have purchased more pieces but the store here closed.

Lindsay on

I have a couple of her jeans & have really liked them. They’ve worn great & I think they are cute on. I had a couple tshirts also, but they kind of got stretched out & didn’t look as great as I wore them.

Claire on

I got a bunch of stuff from her line a year or so agoo–and I still have most of it. Really comfortable, really cute… I hope to see more!

Heather on

I’ve purchaced a couple pieces from her line, I have a Steve & Barrys near where I live. I would recommend the t-shirts, they’re really cute and comfy, but the rest of the line never really fit ME personally really well. Not to say they won’t for others. Of course its not of the quality of Marc Jacobs, or anything from Neiman Marcus, but the quality seemed pretty reasonable for the price.

Deborah on

I bought the black and white coat from SJP line Bitten and love it. It is very warm and well made and has been a great addition to my wardrobe.

Tanya on

I have a few items from the Bitten line and they are all very nice and good quality. I live in Canada and so have to shop for Bitten when I’m in the USA. I would love to see her line come to Canada. :)

BigBlueToe on

The quality is poor. I purchased 2 pair of pants, neither fit properly, and they wore out within 6 months. Her shirts do not wash and dry well, either.

RetailKates on

I bought a Jean skirt last year for $10 and it is the perfect jean skirt, wear it all of the time, and get compliments on it all of the time. I have bought some things that I haven’t been as excited about, but when you pay $10 for a shirt, do you really expect it to live through more than the season that it is popular in? I think that she is still taking time to perfect it and maybe with a new home she will be able to reach more people and introduce some new products and styles.

. on

Dont waste your money!

JessD on

SJP definitely NEEDS to get Bitten out of Steve & Barry’s. I purchased one of her puffy jackets…it’s so cute and quality is, eh, ok…and one of the buttons came off. I called just to see if they had it in stock so I could exchange it, and the manager, Saeed, told me in about the same words that I was “Sh*t Out of Luck” and that Steve and Barry’s was bankrupt and nobody cared about my button. I was SHOCKED! Not only that as a customer I was being spoken to like this, but because Sarah Jessica actually has these people representing her and her clothing!!! If anyone knows where she receives fan mail, please post. I’d love to send over a little note to give her an update.

Rebecca on

I love the SJP line for Steve and Barry’s. Unfortunately, most of the stores are officially closing today. I hope she is successful in finding a new home for the line.

Megan on

I worked at Steve & Barry’s we sold her line and not only is the clothing dependable, arrordable but it is also very stylish.

I along with alot of my family members and friends own most of what has been sold of her clothing line.

Makeup Chic on

I LOVED BITTEN. The prices where excellent and fashion should be affordable, i loved that could have a budget and get everything you needed. Love SJP and BITTEN.

BubblezGirl on

To Bubbles – All of my jeans are by SJP and I LOVE them. The only problem I’ve run into is that the zippers go bad after 6 mos. They wash up really nice and are of good quality.

Roni on

I’m a 40 year mom and grandma. Bitten allowed me to afford a much needed wardrobe update (my Christmas present from my husband). I had a lot of fun picking stuff out and didn’t feel guilty about how much I spent. Thanks SJP, for letting me start the new year feeling great!

Mimo on

I bought a few cute dresses and shirts from her line, They were all very cute, good quality and I got tons of compliments!

Lauren M. on


I actually have quite few pieces from SJP’s collection. I love them! They’re good quality and they’re priced well. :)

NW Girl on

I must say I was disappointed when Steve & Barry’s closed doors. For those of you who don’t know…quality does not always have to be in the price tag. Sarah out did herself with her affordable line. I’ve spent upwards of $200 on slacks and have not necessarily seen the type of quality I have in the Bitten line. They are by far my favorite slacks, tops, and tees. I had a hard time with the jeans, they just felt like they were made for someone with no shape. All in all I loved the line and am looking forward to someone picking it up.

Ester Perry on

Purchased a pair of bitten jeans, Fit great. Would like to puchase more. Were can I get then now

Bri on

I bought her houndstooth coat more than a year ago and it’s still together and getting me compliment after compliment. Looks much more expensive than it really is. Can’t beat a $20 coat that I’ve been able to wear for two winters so far.

CaseyB on

I need her line to find a home soon size 2, short is so hard to find!!!

Christen on

Here line was sold at Steve&Barry’s But that store closed in January. She should sell her clothing at Target.That is a great place to do it. I’ll bet they would welcome her with open arms. Or she should start her own stores.

Nina on

I loved her clothing line. I was so disappointed when Steve and Barrys went under. So relieved to hear shes looking for someone else to carry her line. The fit is great, quality and price. I hope to see her line else where soon.

Lil on

I’m actually wearing her pants BITTEN rigth now..the come in pettie/short which is great b/c i’m short..don’t have to cut them..and the quality it’s not that bad..don’t get me wrong these aren’t pants u’r wear to a very formal event..but to work in and hang out in..they are perfect…and they were like 9 bucks which is rigth along with my budget given that i’m a financially struggleing college student..(don’t mind the miss spelling)

Deb on

I love the Bitten pants. They are well made and the sizes are made to fit normal people. The shoes – not so much. I like the styles but they don’t hold up well.

Tink on

The Bitten line of clothing is adorable. It is decent quality for the price. The only reason you cannot currently buy this line of clothing is Steve & Barry’s (the store that carried the line of clothing) went bankrupt. I have several pieces, and I love them! I can’t wait until the line finds a new home!

Teresa on

I bought a few items that were hit or miss. I think the jeans do not fit well and run small. T-shirts are ok but also run small. Dress pants material feels cheap quality. Coats were ok surprisingly. Shoes fit ok but not ideal for comfort. Everything is cute and in style.

Jennifer on

I love Bitten. I was very upset to learn that S&B closed. I am happy to hear that the line is still available. The quality was better than expected. I have to do some on-line shopping now!

KJ on

I bought multiple pieces of hers. I absolutely loved the way her jeans fit. I made sure to by multiple pairs before the stores closed. I am not so found of the shirts, they tend to shrink and be low quality, you have to be careful when washing, cute, but almost disposable.

The jeans were a steal for 8 bucks, the shirts were not worth more than 8 bucks. I am sad to see the jeans gone, I can’t wait to find a store that will sell her jeans.

Christina on

I have a lot of my wardrobe from SJP’s Bitten line, though it doesn’t look quality, it is! They are extremely comfortable, affordable and the prices are extremely amazing! I totally recommend it to anyone

Barbara on

I have several BITTEN articles of clothing……….love them! Wish I had bought more jeans before Steve&Barrys went out of business. My daughters both love the clothing too. My younger daughter has several coats that she adores. My older daughter likes the jeans and shirts. The shoes seem very narrow so we don’t have any shoes. Wish SJP would find another store SOON to carry the BITTEN line.

c on

I love, love, love the line. It’s a great value and very cute!!!!

Angela on

Both my daughter and myself love the Bitten line of clothes. I was so sad to hear that the Steve&Barry’s stores had shut down. Please, SJP, don’t let us down…find a new home for your affordable line!

Jessica on

I used to work for steve and barry’s and I purchased everything that was cute from the Bitten line…I never had any problems with the quality of the clothing. Especially the jackets. They’re great. I noticed that the Dear line by Amanda Bynes didn’t hold up as well though. Her clothing ripped easily. I was constantly returning items I bought from that line. I hope they find a place to sell bitten again!

hannah on

Der er ingen tvivl om at kvaliteten stemmer overens med priserne. Det er ok, men man kan godt mærke at det er billigt materiale, det betyder selvfølgeligt ikke at det altid kan ses ;)

Jessica on

This may be a little late to respond to the previous comment, but I love her bikinis. I am very curvy, and I require large bikini bottoms, and trust me, I am very picky. I found that with her line the swimsuits fit great and look amazing! I am now in search of some new styles, but I am having problems online. Also, the quality is very good considering the price. The material is soft and does not cut into the skin like many bikinis. Hope that helped!

Kayla on

I loved her clothing line. Sure, it wasn’t the highest quality you’d find and it certainly wasn’t couture. But it was fashionable and affordable. I saw someone mention that the jeans didn’t flatter them at all. Well, aren’t all jeans like that? They’ll flatter certain people and not others? I have a ton of her jeans, because they were the only brand that looked good on me. And I could buy them for $9 during Steve & Barry’s end of season sales. I’m really disappointed the store is going out of business, it was a favorite of mine. Not only did I love Bitten, but I bought Venus Williams’ sneakers and active wear and the occasional Amanda Bynes piece.

Nicole on

I love her jeans!!!!! I hope she finds somewhere else soon… does anyone know if there is a web site where we can buy them??

Jamie on

The boy cut panties are the BEST BEST BEST ever, they don’t show panty lines and they don’t go up your #%@!!!!!! I was about to go get more a while back and ran out of time, and now I am at a loss! They are nice cotton with a lace trim to make the ultra comfy and sexy! I am going to hunt them down some how, any help?????

She was even wearing them in the movie, Sex & The City. When she got in bed she had the gray ones on.

Rachel on

When I was in Sears a couple weeks ago, they were running her commercial. I don’t know if that means anything but possibly she chose Sears to host her clothing line. Anyone know?

blumist70 on

I have several pairs of her Bitten Jeans “love” them. Her clothing, however is cut small so you may have to go up a size or 2, I am normally a size 18/20 & had to purchase size 22, but I love how they embrace my curves.

chelsea on

i love bitten clothes and was sad when it wasnt there anymore cant wait for more bitten clothes.

Chan on

The clothes were pretty much my style–mostly neutral colors, alot of cute sweaters and button-ups. NOTHING hoochie or whatnot. And ALL affordable.
Considering I haven’t heard any recent news about it, I’m starting to think the line with never be re-launched, which is saddening since it was the FIRST place I went to buy clothes.


Nina on

I have a couple of pairs of bitten jean – they are wonderful.

Daniela on

I bought some pants from SJP’s Bitten line and I LOVE them!! I’ve had them now for over a year and people are asking me where I got those pants from cause they look really nice!! I am actually trying to find a store or online store where i can buy some more!!?? Any ideas??

Marian81 on

Her jeans are the best! I got 5 of them! I hope some store pick up the brand…:)

juju on

my mothere and i are plus size and we found nice stuff in there…the quality of the cloths we good i still have a pair of Bitten khaki’s

Cole on

I love this line and I hope she finds a place I want it back!

Katie See on

I love her line Bitten and wish I could still buy them. Her clothes were great quality and were a great price too/

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