Oprah's Obama Inauguration Dress Plan: It's All About the "Vision Boards"

11/04/2008 at 01:58 PM ET

Jemal Countess/WireImage

Oprah Winfrey has been one of Barack Obama’s most outspoken supporters over the course of his campaign, and she’s already planning the next step — what to wear to his inauguration ball! Winfrey called into N.Y.C.’s Power 105.1 Radio Station this morning to talk with host Ed Lover, and revealed her sartorial plan for the big night. Turns out that she not only already has the dress, but she’s been planning it since February with “vision boards”! Winfrey explained, “So help me God, I am looking at it right now…. Actually I started in February. I was speaking with Michelle [Obama] and Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver — we were all doing a big rally out in California. At the end of the rally Michelle Obama said something powerful, ‘and I want you to leave here and envision Barack Obama taking the oath of office’…. I created a vision board. I had never had a vision board before. I came home, I got me a board and put Barack Obama’s picture on it and I put a picture of my dress I want to wear to the inauguration.” And with votes still being cast around the country, the dress has already made its debut out of the closet! “Last week I said to the stylist, ‘Take it out of the closet. Let’s take it out. Let’s hang it up, and let it air out.'” Check out more political fashion choices by clicking here.


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Jessnaz on

Just like we shouldn’t judge Obama by his race, we also shouldn’t judge McCain by his predecessors. Every new President wants to do things differently and learn from their predecessors mistakes. Don’t claim that just because McCain is a Republican like Bush that he will make the same mistakes or can’t push the changes we need to revive our economy. That’s like saying since Obama is black he will be another Malcolm X. McCain has voted outside of his party numerous times. Every candidate regardless of party affiliation deserves the opportunity to prove themselves.

K.D. on

Some of you people sound so ignorant it’s a shame. I’m voting for McCain/Palin because they have ‘morals’….yeah right. McCain is a big fat liar and Palin can’t even control her household. Daughter pops up preggers unmarried at 17 and her demon-seed 8 year old (or however old she is) daughter is flicking the middle finger-ha!! Morals…I’m so sure!
Obama never said he didn’t support the troops, he just doesn’t support the war, like most level-headed Americans.
And I commend Oprah for having a ‘vision’. Most of us live without hopes and dreams that’s why you’re so bitter and nasty and low-lives.
“Kelley” said it right: Only God is in control and I hope it’s His will for Obama to win.

Obama/Biden “08”

Tammy W. on

I’m sick of 1) people claiming I am not voting for Obama b/c of his race. He does not have the experience necessary. If he were white, he would have been laughed out of the primaries. And 2) sick of people ripping on Palin. I’d stack her whit and wisdom against any of you critics any day. She is smart, and strong, and gracious, and women should celebrate that instead of listening to the idiot-run, liberal media. If you are looking for an idiot to beat on, take a close look at Biden! My word! Every time the man opens his mouth idiocy spews out.

CJ on

What exactly does our “country stand for”, Dana? Last time I checked, it was freedom of religion, equality for all, a hope for a change of scenery, and a fair shot at anything you set your sights on. I’m pretty sure that’s what Barack stands for..what part of that is not the American dream, pray tell? I’d much rather have a young man with much charisma running this country than some anger stricken 70+ year old senior citizen with an air head for a VP.

Jo on

Niclole, YOU sound like such a racist to me…if someone doesn’t like Obama, then they must be white??? Give me a break and get off the race card…it’s old. Obama has scary, radical ideas, and he is disgustingly pro-abortion in every single possible aspect. He could be purple for all I care, but his views are not for me…get over the whole “white/black” thing…HE IS HALF WHITE…people seem to forget that and make everything about race…please.

G on

Do you guys realize how rediculous you sound. Americans are so high on their politics, but listen to you!! obviously there will be good and bad things about eachside, but really, if you cant recognize what your choice for the last 8 years has done to your country, once so powerful, strong and respected…well maybe thats the problem.I dont think its about if Obama is black, or if McCain is a racist. Honestly, arent you open to change to get your country back in order?? I do think that celeb endorsements are stupit tho, honestly, celebs have got to stop being royalty!! Good luck to you guys. hope things work out and turn around! desperate times call for desperate measures sometimes!

Rebecca on

This is exactly the sort of arrogance that makes me run as fast as I can AWAY from the Obama team.

Mark on

we NEED change!!!!!!

OBAMA/BIDEN all the way!

Cheryl on

Amazing the amount of venom this campaign has brought forth. Such low comments and name-calling. Our country needs unification regardless of the blue or red factions and whomever the next prez is has to accomplish that. A task far harder than the economical situation. Vote Obama so that he puts a liberal on the Supreme Court since Palin takes womens issues back 40 years!

Dwight-Boy on

I don’t care what Oprah or any of those liberal Hollywood types say about politics. They don’t have a clue. It’s all about stroking their own egos and hers has grown larger than she is!!!

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