Move over Becks: Victoria Beckham to be Armani's Next Underwear Model

10/29/2008 at 12:08 PM ET

Matt Baron/BEImages

Following in her husband David Beckham‘s hugely successful footsteps as the face and stellar body of Emporio Armani’s underwear collection, Victoria Beckham is stripping down for the venerable Italian designer. She will debut as the “worldwide testimonial” for Emporio Armani Women’s underwear in the Spring/Summer 2009 campaign shot by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. In a release, Giorgio Armani said, “Who better than Victoria Beckham to launch our new global Emporio Armani underwear campaign? Victoria is a style icon, a dynamic lady whose influence and recognition will add great excitement to the continued international growth of our Emporio Armani women’s underwear business.” Tell us: What do you think of Posh as underwear model?

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Melissa on

She’s so ugly…what is the big deal with her? The only good thing she’s done is pick a hot husband!!

Mrs. Brace on

I supposed she’s ok for the “Less than 80 lbs” group. for a real woman who does not starve herself to get into a size “0”….no! Armani…you can’t tell me that most of celebrity women are that thin!!! and we ALL know that what was a size 4, 20 years ago, is now a size 2 or a 1. To say you wear a size 1…’re still anorexic! She needs a good meal and a little bit of hair.

Kevin on

and the jealous comments begin from the all the ladies..I love it! She’s hot…admit it

Lisa on

She’s beautiful, successful, and has a killer body. Why not her? GOOD CHOICE!!!

Nicole on

She needs to eat like 500 cheeseburgers!!! Being that skinny is just not healthy.

Tammy on

The thing I find least appealing about her is the fact she never smiles. How can you go through life never smiling?

monica on


Laura on

She’s WAY to skinny…take a look around, how many women actually look like that…even in the circle she travels in.

annie on

Why is it you can’t dislike someone or find them unattractive, without being called jealous? The only reason I would be jealous of Posh is she has a hot husband. I honestly find her horrible looking. I would rather be 100 overweight than her size. She looks disgusting!

Di on

First of all, in the picture here what is up with her face being ten shades lighter than the rest of her body… looks like Haloween. Secondly, she NEVER smiles. Third… she is too thin to represent ANYTHING for the average person.

Kate on

Stop Hating! She is pretty and always seems to be a good and supportive mom and wife. Plus I don’t want to see some overweight girl in Armani underwear spread all over my Vogue magazine.Being thin and pretty sells. That’s life. Get over it.

Alzaetia on

Oh, God! Please, please don’t show her in her underwear!


Posh is HOT & Becks HOTTER!!! So all you haters bests just Shut-Up!!! :)

Di on

There is THIN and there is TOO thin…. she is TOO THIN.

Kim on

Who are any of you to pass judgement on what she looks like, how much she smiles, or what she should or shouldn’t be a spokesmodel for?

Di on

And I to do NOT want to see SKIN AND BONES in an ad……. GROSS.

Sandra on

The only thing I am jealous of is her bank account, and being able to work with the MAN of fashion himself. Other than that, I agree with all other remarks. She is hideous, fake boobs, and no smile.

Charlene on

I have to say that I am very disappointed. She does not promote a healthy living style for women. I really think we should have ACTUAL sized women doing ad campaigns. I for one will not be buying anything that she models.

Robin on

Victoria Beckham is attractive woman and may be a very nice person, but her body is nowhere near the “average”. It is not healthy for most women to try to be or maintain anything close to her size. Using her to represent an ideal does not send the right message to young girls.

stephanie on

i think she is awesome! i think it was a perfect choice!

griffin on

Victoria is a nice looking lady, but to me she does not fit the class expected by Armani. Women want role models not just who are a size one, too small by anyone’s book unless you are 12, but also that give back to community. Her look is the same in every picture…to harsh and edgy.

Pamela on

I think she’s beautiful! The only thing is that she is so thin, girls will look at those ads and will want to look like her. That’s not healthy. She should gain some weight before she poses for these pictures, otherwise she will create a bad influence for young girls.

Stacie on

Nowadays, the “average” person is about 20 pounds over-weight and, honestly, it grosses me out. I’m a size 0 but eat and exercise regularly. People should go run on the treadmill instead of wasting time making nasty comments about Victoria Beckham.

Zara on

She is a stunning woman, her face is interesting and different, and pleasee she is not scary thin, well not to me and i am a woman who is naturally curvy.

Most of all, she has a banging body for a mother of three, and is perfect choice for this, Armani will get ton of publicity.

I love her style, and how humble and sweet she is, read any of her interviews, not one of our American celebs is that honest and self-effacing like Mrs Beckham.

Cant wait to see it.

gates on

I used to think Armani had taste – I am so tired of hearing about the Beckham’s – She’s not attractive – she doesn’t smile, and she needs to do something about her gaunt look – it is way to sickly for me – & it’s definately not going to make me want to go out and buy Armani underwear!

Lystra on

She should have been named scarry spice because she scares me. Most of her pics she looks disgustingly thin and which she is proud of. She reminds me of one of those as bad as this may sound, starving children from the 3rd world countries. She seems to be obsessed over David too, never letting go of him.

Stacy on

I think her diamond ring may weigh as much as she does….
In my opinion she is way too thin. There is nothing to her body but skin and bone. I think she is attractive looking (in the face) but her body looks that of a 12 year old. Is that who should be representing women in underware adds espcially in today’s society where eating disorders and body image is such an issue? I don’t believe so.
In my opinion someone like Jennifer Garner or Jessica Biel (or someone with some muscle or tone) would be a much better image.
I’m not speaking out of jealousy of her at all; just the fact that it is not healthy to promote that image to women.

lolagranola on

seriously, look at her. do we really want to see her in her underwear?

Wendy Harmon on

Posh knows what she is doing,never smiling keeps her in the limelight all the time.she loves all the attention and thrives on the spotlight. i think she is ugly and to thin.

G. on

How about a lot less of every one who is rich. I am not a hater and I am happy with my life, but rich people do not have any real problems. This past week has been a real testimony to people with real problems and sadness…like Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew being slaughtered. How about all of the rich people coming together for a second and being grateful instead of bragging about the next million dollars that they are getting ready to make…

Rebecca on

Please, its not like any of you go out and buy Armani underwear to begin with….pfffft…

I like Victoria mostly for her personality and great sense of humor. Stop being superficial and judgemental. Its not all about looks.

sharkman on

She is beyond hot….jealous women should zip it….how could anyone miss how sexy she is???

Miriam on

Well I guess Mr. Armani likes to have a scheleton showing his underware. Why don’t you pick a woman with real curves like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian or JLo, they have great budies and look like they have a good time eating their veggies.

Wanda on

When will people realise that women come in different body shapes, from thin as Mrs.Beckham to curvy as Jennifer Lopez.Why even vilify someone because of their weight?Or how they look?Judging someone dosent define them, it defines YOU!!!

She is thin, was thin and will always be thin, its just how she is built and how she maintains her body shape by running every day and eating healthy.Get over it, besides she is a Style Icon like Armani said, and all around fashionista.

I think she is a truly beautiful woman, because she is not a classic boring conventional looking, thus faar more interesting.

I cant wait to see the ads, and billboards with her.She is going to ROCK it!!!

Stephanie on

Armani can get someone a lot better looking to model is underwear. She needs to gain some weight. And no it is not jealousy. I am 5’5″ 115 lbs and look damn good. There is nothing to be jealous about I will be the first to say when there is a good looking woman she is just not one. She has a boy hair cut, never smiles and is skin in bones. If she smiled a little and gained at least 15 pounds she would be very attractive.

Carol on

Posh is extremely thin – far from “average”. However, so is her husband – far from “average” as far as his body is concerned. How many guys have a ripped body like his? Not many!

tina on

Ever hear of a person being naturally thin? Apparently not. From the comments I’ve seen, most of you lack the understanding of genetics and the role it plays in weight gain. Don’t assume things you know nothing about. Not every thin person is anorexic. Don’t hate.

dee on


Areli on

i can say i can realte to victoria
cuz im madskinny,well not asize 0,im asize 3, but im skinny.i think theyshould put somebody else,shesnot the one, somebodyskinny like paris hilton,or curvy like beyonce, or somebody like hayden panettiere

puchie on

i am so tired of looking at her, it’s ridiculous.

Julie on

She has the perfect modle body, but I hope that she would smile a little. She is pretty, but she would be a lot prettier if she smiled once in a while. At least look like you are having fun. change the image a little bit as well.

tina on

What is average? People come in all different sizes. So telling someone that they are too thin to model shows ignorance.

If a young girl can not tell the difference between maintaining a healthy lifestyle (which she should be taught from her parents/guardians) and harming your body for the sake of trying to look like someone else, then she needs counseling.

Flynny on

She has a good body…but she bought most of it. And seriously, she is too tan…it looks nasty. And what’s with the boy cut? It looked prettier when she had the cute little bob.

asm on

She’s hot, but waay to skinny. Maybe if she gained like 20 pounds.

sharkman on

Pucie- shut your eyes….love all the comments about her not smiling….didn’t know all of you were friends with her……

Samantha on

all you other women need to stop hating. youre no one to judge her! if she wants to weigh 80 pds..who cares??? worry about yourself!! I think her being the new model is AWESOME!! she definetly is a style icon..esp with the bob she use to have.

Zoe on

The only thing that makes Victoria Beckham attractive is her bank account. There are million of gorgeous women, why pick this plastic looking, fake everything, unattractive, insecure woman? Pick Heidy Klum; at least she is hot!

K10 on

Let’s face it – right or not, you’re not going to see any major fashion labels willingly using larger women to model their lines. Not anytime soon anyway. Since they’re going to pick a stick figure to do it, it might as well be Posh. I don’t see what people have against her … there are so many more hateable celebs out there that do so many things wrong (Amy Winehouse anyone?). Posh’s only offenses include not often smiling and being a ridiculously hot mommy. I say good luck to her.

Joanne on

I agree with De, if she is going to be modelling underwear, doesn’t that mean she has to have a bottom to put in them?



dee on

Tina ever watch the e true hollywood story on the beckhams? Vitctoria is not genetically disposed to be that size. She was a nice size 8 but freaked out about it and stopped eating regularly.

Mark on

Women all seem to hate other women and rear up their jealous nature. Victoria Beckham is stylish, very attractive and classy…unlike many other women who have no appeal at all.

Polly on

Does anyone else think she looks like a cartoon character from a Tim Burton Movie? She has that funky “suck in my cheeks, turn my head pose” that reminds me of his Nightmare before Christmas Movie. BTW, the Olsen twins must be taking modeling lessons from her as well, they have the same Tim Burton pose as well.

Miss Thompson on

As anyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think Posh is a fabulous choice for Armani. And I do agree her husband is very handsome. But it’s not about looking super-skinny or healthy, Armani is after all, high fashion (and Posh IS high fashion) and if they chose Posh as their #1, then i guess they know what they’re doing. The Beckhams are a very glamorous couple and an even lovlier family, she deserves it…

Samantha on

Her husband is HOT she is NOT!! girls/women who would be purchasing the Armani underwear are wealthy and of “normal” weight and proportion..Posh doesn’t represent any part of that population…she’s bordering on anorexia and is an icon for young girls who worship her husband, thus, thinking that she’s something special…which she is not!! save your pennies (and nickles and dimes) ladies…these will cost you your whole allowance and more…

nicole on

She’s obviously anorexic. I liked her when she was about 30 pounds heavier!! And I’m trying to understand who’s going to want to look at her in underwear with her pelvin bone, hip bone and ribs sticking out. Gross!

Lisa on

When she first started off in the band, she had nice curves and was beautiful. Now, she’s starved herself down to the size of a 12-year-old (she even says she shops in the children’s department), had fake boobs stuck on the 12-year-old body so she would have boobs after shrinking down so much, and eats little more than a bit of fish and veggies if you go by reports. That’s not healthy. That’s someone who has issues with control. And definitely not someone who should be a role model, or model.

rodeomom on

She is to thin and by far not pretty enough… Eva Mendez or even Brooke Shields would have made a better undie model, they have curves that count…

JK on

This is a horrible idea. Like anyone needs to see a stick figure wearing underwear – manequins have more curves than her….check with me again when she gains 30 pounds. Or to really impress me, find a truly average-sized woman to model!!

John on

I have heard that the 2010 model has all ready been named, reports are it’s a toothpick. What’s the difference?

jenni on

Helen – You’re one to talk about being a role model! I hope you aren’t raising children to call people they don’t know ugly in the face and body…Armani is a high end designer, of course they want someone who’s going to look great in their product – not all advertising is about pleasing the masses. Its targeting the people who will be buying Armani underwear. As someone in the advertising field having her join David as the face of Armani underwear is brilliant. They are a beautiful, fashionable and well-respected couple. Smart business move in my opinion.

JG on

She is gross. I think the idea is for her to advertise to women who will buy the underwear. I don’t think it will entice anyone, except Katie Holmes who seems to be channeling her.

Lisa on

I love her. She’s got great style & a good sense of humor.

Tosh on

I think V. Beckham is hott! She is definitely a style icon and how cute is it that she and her husband are underwear spokemodels for the same brand!!!

Keep doing your thing Vic!

Janessa on

Seriously- this is a joke, right?
Back to laughing my you know what off-

BM on

im going to have to agree with jealousy comments. All the comments from the women sound so caddy! Get a grip! she is famous, hot, fashion icon as stated. shes perfect! its not at all about being too skinny if you ever pay attention the woman is about as big as her 9 yr. old son minus the heels. She’s petite thats how she is supposed to look. I would much rather see her doing an underwear ad than some 100lb. overweight actress…lets see Kirstie Alley do this one! yea right! get over it ladies…..signed..not at all jealous woman in OH!

Kimberly on

To annie…

As a person who IS 100 pounds overweight, trust me…you would definitely rather be her than me. I’m just sayin’…

Lisa on

Sorry, even in my wildest of dreams would I NOT want to look like Victoria Beckham. She’s got too much boob for so skinny a body and she looks HARSH! Sort of like a thumbtack.

Jon on

Posh will be great as an underwear model!

lis on

All this is doing is “buying into” the too, too skinny trend. I just feel so sad for the little girls growing up looking at these abnormally thin actresses…what are they to think? And the little boys, too…they’re going to think all women should be 80 pounds and plastic-looking. America is just so into looks and weight anymore it’s sad…

Joanne on

Hey kimberely go on a diet you fat pig

Kimberly on

That’s cute, Joanne. I’ll go on a diet when you go back to school.

erin on

I think shes gorgous, and alot of people who have posted comments are inconsiderate. She’s worked hard, has awesome style, and just because shes thin (I’m a double zero.. does that classify me as anorexic? no, I eat healthy and work out… maybe something those who aren’t happy with themselves, like the people who have posted should consider) doesn’t mean shes unhealthy. I think it was an excellent choice for a well put together family. It’s about fashion, try not to be so judegmental. You go Victoria! can’t wait to see the shoot!

Brandi on

First of all, I am a woman with a little extra baggage to love, but I still think she is beautiful. I am not jealous of her, nor do I want to be her. Every woman is beautiful in their own way. I think people are cruel to judge so quickly. Leave her alone. If anything, you people are jealous of her self-confidence.

Get a life.

Jennifer on

WHAT makes this girl so special??? She is NOT that cute and she is way too skinny – as with most celebrities ( should half of them be in that category) they are way overrated!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE, you want a REAL celebrity? See Mr. Will SMith –

nestor on

posh is perfect. She may look super thin in pictures but in real life she looks healthy and normal. You haters have not seen her in person because if you had you would eat your words. Go posh!

Judy Craft on

She is way too skinny and she should try smiling once in awhile.

Nana23stars on

Well, since Armani only targets the chosen “elite” anorexic, useless to societey type non-role models, I guess she fits the bill. But personally, if my grandaughter looked like that – I’d take her and force feed her a few cheeseburgers and milkshakes. I used to be a size zero and I can tell you, I felt like crap all of the time!!!!

kim on

while i have to agree with some that she is NOT hot at all,(on top of being way too thin), i have to disagree with others. just because she is that small DOES NOT mean she is anorexic or has an eating disorder of any kind! being a size 0,1,2, does not imply ANYthing. i myself am tiny. (small boned, 5’2″) i myself wear a size 1. but the LAST thing i have is an eating disorder. i eat fairly healthy but do not deprive myself of anything,and i bust my butt 7 days a week to stay in shape. i weigh more than i did 20 years ago,but i was 100 lbs (soaking wet) in high school, but thats just how i was (am) naturally. just because you are not stick thin & were born the way YOU were does not give you the right to judge anyone for their size! no wonder why she never smiles! everyone is so mean to her! give a girl a break!

Molly Mae on

She’s a perfect fit for the new campain! She takes beautiful pixs…cant wait to see them! Who cares shes a size whatever, she’l look hot and thats what’l sell.

Shana on

Doesn’t she look like a bobble head doll in this pic?

ShawtyM on

Her head looks like a ballon. doesnt even go with her body. She should learn to put on her makeup a little better..body is all tanned and her face pale as a ghost..she can be the next Casper

Melissa on

I don’t get why if you’re a woman and you think someone is unattractive, you’re jealous. Jealous of her money? Yep. Jealous of her amazingly hot husband? Absolutely. Jealous of her 12-year-old boy-shaped body? Nope, sorry!

Kelly on

It is beyond ridiculous for someone to say a “real woman” is a certain size. I am small. Always have been and always will be. I have hips, but that’s about it. Can you honestly say I’m not a real woman simply because of that? No. I am who I am…and I am just as “real” as my size 6 friend or my size 18 friend.

If you don’t like Victoria Beckham, that’s fine. You don’t have to. But please don’t bring down other women just because of it. We all come in different shapes and sizes ~ deal with it. :)

Lee on

They are both hot yet in their own way. He IS fine hot and she is eccentric hot. What is the big deal? Armani it is a global brand and they have been world travelers and are popular in many countries. This comes from a female weighs about 10-15 lbs (I’m 5’6 and 113) more than Victoria and I am not jealous at all Kevin-and neither is any other woman who is posting. Keep in mind any woman of any size is NOT jealous just because they have an opinion about something or disagree with something and the excuse automatically being they must are haters or fat. Get a grip buddy and grow up. EVERYONE is entitled to his or her own opinion size is of no matter.

Yes, compared to bugly famous people she is a good looking woman, but in an eccentric way a more polished look rarely seen in the U.S. She definitely exhibits interesting couture style and has class and some people see that as being a snob yet, those same people have never been to Europe or seen how classy Europeans famous or not really dress and carry themselves either.

M A R on


Sue on

of all the beautiful women in the world this is who Armani comes up with? Must of been some type of a deal breaker for her husband to do the ads.
Can tell you I won’t buy that underwear with the ugly person as the model.

Kellie Long on

I am 55 years old and considered still pretty “hot” for my age. I have seen many beautiful women over the years, “Posh” doesn’t make the list. Of all of the current “stars” she by far is the worst looking of all. Horrid! Would make a great scary Halloween Costume!

Angie on

Well… what can you say… She is the kind of model that will make girls wanna be like her… a stick figure with a head to big for her body. Girls will want to be like her and there we go again with girls throwing up to be skinny like her. What happened to normal shape and sized models???

cheryl on

way too skinny and not pretty

Anjas on

suppose she really is anorexic, why would you be so critical and hative of someone ill?!
i’m not her fan but the bitterness is disturbing.

cheryl on

and there is no way i am “jealous” of victoria beckham.There are so many beautiful non-anorexic models and actresses out there,why her of all people?

Briana on

I am just confused with her face and body not matching?

Briana on

OH…and Joanne, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. People like you are horrible..and if I had to are no stunner…

Cortni on

I agree with the comment on why can’t she smile? If I was David Beckham’s wife I would never stop smiling. Well, a girl can dream ;) Anyway, no she does not represent the average curvy woman. But hey If I was that skinny, I would show it off. And just because some girls on here don’t like her doesn’t mean they are jealous. You go Victoria! Don’t hate her but don’t love her either.

val on

She’s ok looking, but she is not naturally thin.
She have been picked because she knows how to sell herself and she does have a good sense of humor about everything that said about her.
Besides who on here can afford Armani underwear in this economy. I’ll stick to my Hanes.

"D" on

OMG! Stop all the “small boned” “not anorexic” CRAP!!!! SERIOUSLY! It’s so freaking old already! How long have we been hearing this BS from all these losers trying to justify their mental issues?!!! Soooooooooo annoying!!!!
Regarding Victoria, her style is fine with me.
Is she a fashionista? a fashion icon? Yes!
No, I DO NOT want to see her in her underwear for crying out loud! That would be sad and a torture to have to see!
Just ’cause a person has style, doesn’t mean they’re right about everything including weight issues and so on…
I agree with whoever posted the comment saying a mannequin has more curves than her! Don’t people use mannequins to replace a real woman? If your skinnier than that, you seriously have a PROBLEM!
To model underwear a woman has to look like a woman, they’re not hiring an obese person right? so why hire an anorexic looking person?! Extremists are ridiculous, what happened to the in-between healthy look?! If you’re gonna model undies you better have some BOOTY and LEGS to show off! Poor Victoria, serious airbrushing and other techniques will be needed…

kim on

she is a beautiful woman and she fits the “fashion world’s” idea of fit….but unfortunaly her look doesn’t represent the average woman. she just appears very unhealthy
and at times unhappy…
but hey looks can be deceiving maybe she’s happy, healthy, and married to a really hot guy….

MT on

I don’t think she is qualify for it, when I look at a model, I look at the face first, she does not have the look, then i look at the body which she is way too skinny and her boobs are fake, if I see her in the advertisement I would not look at it the second time.

Lisa on

Although Posh may be internationally known, she unfortunately does not have any sex appeal, and I believe this is important when modelling underwear. It would be nice to see someone with a little more flesh on their bones and some womanly curves modelling pretty underwear.

Stiletto on

What do any of you who are care about her health? She looks good!

gery on

I think V. Beckham is a good choice : it’s a good thing that women in their thirties being married and having kids can portray feminity and advertize sexy lingerie! But she is such high standard!
Every woman would like to have her husband as a huband, but does every man feel attracted by Victoria’s fierceness, excessive self control, never smiling composure ? Is she eating, cos the thing with lingery is…curves!

TravlinJohn on

Euro-trash…… Is the woman ever NOT posing?

Vanessa on

I think she is beautiful!!!! Great choice!!! I am sick of everyone saying how skinny she is get over it! News flash ladies there are some of us who also wear a size 0, I consider myself average.

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caitlin on


Hugo Cardia on

(ling. portuguese)
Achei super legal sua resvista,pela que eu não saiba falar inglês!
Abraços a todos os amigos americanos.
Favor entrar em contato por e-mail.

Liz on

When it comes to fat people, people always tell that looks don’t matter and everybody doesn’t have to be skinny. Why can’t it be the same with skinny people? Some people are just naturally skinny and they can’t do anything against it. I understand that Posh doesn’t want to do anything against it. It’s her choice and I think people should respect it. Some people are skinny, some average, some fat – live with it. Whether it’s healthy or not, leave that problem to her doctor. I personally like Posh – she’s stylish and her name will bring a lot of money for Armani. And about the smiling thing, I think there was an interview where Posh told why she doesn’t smile very much. There are a lot of people who don’t smile and they all have different reasons..
I can’t wait to see the ads :)

Bet on

I agree, there are many people naturally thin. I am one of them, it is hard for me to gain weight. It is same problem like overweight people, hard to lose weight. I believe Victoria must be naturally thin. About her smile, I am sure she does smile once in a while. But it looks like naturally she has that straight looking face. It is way she is, and that doesn’t mean she is unhappy. Most of the american people give too much importance on the fake smile, it is better be not smiling then fake smile!

Gen on

I really don’t think Victoria is right for this, she may have a nice body with fake boobs, but not her face. But I can see why he chose her, over someone else people it is all about who he is trying to target to by his line, she is a fashion icon. She dresses very well. But I would rather she someone natural, with out fake boobs. There would be so many other cel. he could have choses that have a better face, and a little more sexy. That she is not. A-Jolie, J-Lo, there are so many….

taratata on

I think she would look beautiful, the only thing she needs is to grow her hair a little bit if she doesnt want to look like a little boy in underwear. Go Beckhams!

Reader on

She is not a perfect example of a female body. Victoria doesn’t look healthy. Armani does it only for the name, because it’s VB that’s all. She looks terribly skinny sick.

AuntSteph on

I’m appalled that she has a pale face and a bronzed body. Somebody get this woman a self-tanner stat!

H.K on

I think she’s COOL!
Why do we have to be so negative?
I know several skinny girls (MOMS!) and they dont starve themselves to death.. Some people are ment to be skinny and others are ment to be juicyer… Thats life!

It looks like she’s happy with HER body ;) Why cant you be happy with yours?

I dont think its delicate when the bones are sticking out, but thats not my problem :P

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Julie on

Having Victoria Beckham as an (almost nude) model sets a very, very bad example to women and teenage girls about what their bodies should look like. Her boobs are fake and her bones are sticking out. She is a beautiful woman, but the current size she works to maintain is not something people should regard as beauty. Its a mental illness to force yourself to look starved.

xoxo123 on

I just wish she would smile…. at least ONCE

B on

Armani is a professional. HE knows what he needs for his line and company. All of you that think Posh is thin, ugly…whatever are so pathetic and with such low self confidence that you really need to pour all your emotional insecurity over someone else. Get a life.

jules on

I can’t believe that anybody really cares whose knickers she’s got on

Amy on

I don’t think having an anorexic socialite in underwaear ads is a positive role model. What is that telling our kids out there? Mrs. Beckham in underwear just doesn’t seem appealing. Come on Armani what are you thinking. Do you want to scare off customers? Try someone like Beyonce or Halle Berry. A girl with curves would suit your ad better.

Phillip on

She’s attractive enough, but I don’t see any real curves. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see her in underwear.

shirley baker on

I think Victoria is the perfect model for the underwear ads, can’t wait to see her!

jessica on

stop being jealous, I can feel just from all these comments. Just cuz you can’t get her husband…pfft.
She may not be that beautiful, but they got married because she got pregnant…with david.
They didn’t mean to get married, so lay back.
and if you’re spoiled, cute, and rich as their kids, OF COURSE they’d be mean…what rich kids aren’t?
I think she was really beautiful before all these plastic surgury, back in the days of spice girls.
and her husband is definitely hot…and a great soccer(football) player.

Madison on

Her skinny bones will definitely not show off underwear. Underwear campaigns should stick to girls with beautiful & lucious figures that are still fit to make the underwear look good!

Victoria Beckham Gets Her Underwear Shot | Luxury Specialist on

[…] in­ on­ th­e a­ct. Victor­ia­ Beckh­a­m­ will pose in­ ju­st her Em­porio A­rm­a­n­i Wom­en­’s… f­o­r th­e bra­n­d’s Sp­rin­g/Su­mmer 2009 […]

Sebastian Sanders on

i heard that David Beckham is also suffering from OCD.;;`

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