Travis Barker Remembers His Friends With T-Shirts

10/10/2008 at 02:04 PM ET

Starbux / WENN

In light of the terrible plane crash that left Travis Barker and DJ AM badly burnt and four others dead, Barker’s Famous Stars and Straps clothing line is producing exclusive T-shirts in memory of the former Blink 182 drummer’s personal assistant Chris Baker and security guard Charles Still. The shirts were designed by pro skater and Famous team manager Felix Arguelles and Famous art director and artist Maxx “maxx242” Gramajo. All the proceeds from sales of the shirts will benefit the memorial funds set up for Chris Baker and Charles “Che” Still. A source tells PEOPLE, “Everyone that is a part of the Famous family are really close, so Chris and Che were brothers to everyone. The shirts were made to honor them and support their families.” The memorial T-shirts will be available exclusively at and at The Fast Life store in L.A.

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d on

I think its a wonderful idea for the memory of the people who died. I pray for their families and for Travis and DJ AM to make a full recovery.

jessica on

Things like this prove how much of an amazing person Travis is.

Such a loving father and friend.

I am so glad DJ AM and Travis Barket survived the horrible crash – my condolenses go out to the families of those lost.

Teena on

Wonderful idea, hopefully they keep them well stocked, I have a feeling they are gonna go fast. My prayers and thoughts are with all of them.

Anonymous on

Yes. It is a lovely thought, but what about the pilots’ families. They’re likely the ones who need the additional financial help. They truly are the forgotten victims simply because they weren’t famous.

Jonathan on

A very nice thing to do. The shirt looks really nice.

Katrin on

Yes, wonderful idea, BUT what about the rest of people who died in this horrible crash??? Why some people should be remembered and others forgotten?!!! So, STUPID idea!

Beth on

i agree with everyone before the t-shirts are a nice idea, but you have forgotten the others who perished in that awful crash. Just because they were average people and not famous or near and dear to you they should be remembered as well and I think money from the sales of those shirts should go to those family’s as well.

Wendy on

I agreed that the others need to be remembered. But, shouldn’t their own families and friends be doing that for them?

Mickey on

nice idea but I agree with everyone else. What about the pilots families…. You know, the ones that aren’t famous or rich

April on

It is a good idea. the shirts are great. And to those who are complaining that the others need to be remembered as well.. You are right.. HOWEVER their friends need to get up and do it.. These were Travis’ friends.. he is doing something.. let their friends and family take care of it, just like Travis and DJ AM are doing… Things shouldn’t always be handed to you.. get up and work for them. This is what Chris and Che’s friends are doing for them to honor and remember them!

Mary on

Change the shirt! Recognize the others who died as well. Great idea!

Jared on

WORST IDEA EVER! Why are there lives more important than the others that died. The crap happens all the time and it makes me sick. Everybody’s life is equal.

STUPID idea!

ohgirl73 on

Beautiful idea!! For the others who lost their lives, it’s possible they weren’t friends of Travis’s. I don’t think he meant any harm in producing a shirt for his friends. He is in mourning, and lucky to be alive. GIve the man a break!

Stephanie on

It is a great idea and doesn’t matter if Travis was friends with the pilot and co-pilot, they would not of been on that plane if it wasn’t for them. They have families as well and should be remembered and helped, none of us know their situation. The proceeds should go to everyone involved in that crash.

Lostwithouthim on

For those of you say that the shirts should include others: These two young men meant soooo much to the people who are doing the shirt, this is their way of paying tribute. Yes many lives have been changed due to this tragedy but the friends and families of the others lost can pay tribute in their own way. Neither Che’ or Chris were rich financially but the were rich in what they gave of themselves and the love they had for their friends and family.They have parents, grieving families and loved ones whose lives will never be the same. So the shirt is a tribute by friends/family for friends/family….Please keep your smart remarks to yourself.

April on

Get well soon Travis…..your fans are behind you all the way!

Wendy on

COME ON PEOPLE, GIVE TRAVIS A BREAK!!! He’s doing it because he lost two very important people in his life, NOBODY said he wasn’t thinking of the others!!!

Gina on

Four people died that day not just two!! How self centered certain people can be.

Meg on

Thank you Wendy and April for pointing out that these shirts are perfect as is. I’m sick and tired of people looking for handouts and expecting rich people to take care of the poor.

Art Vandelay on

The crash was probably the pilots’ fault… Travis knows this and doesn’t want to honor their failure.
His friends weren’t at the controls when the plane failed to fly.

jason on

Nothing is stopping the pilot’s families from coming out with T-Shirts.

Stop being so negative

summer on

for those who are so offended that he isn’t recognizing the other people in the crash why don’t you send some money to their families.

Anonymous on

The memorial t-shirts are a wonderful idea.

The naysayers should stop and consider that perhaps the pilots’ families have received donations, but the donors asked that their donations not be made public.

Don’t assume everything and everyone famous acts or thinks in a superior manner.

Steve on

I have read many of the comments and I agree- What about the other people who perished. It seems like a selfish act on their part. They have the celebrity status to make a difference for the other families. Design a shirt for the two pilots who died…come on guys!

Lillianne on

The Charter company should do for their own like Travis and Blink are doing for theirs. Charity begins at home.

Carley on

First off – Gina, your comment was not logical in any sense. Regardless of whether or not Travis honored the crew, his actions surely could not be deemed “self-centered” being as he’s not profiting.

Secondly – Yes, FOUR people died. Very sad. However, DJ AM and Travis have the right to honor their friends only. It was very traumatic and many of you will never know what it’s been like to go through something like that. Give the guys a break.

Thirdly – It would be nice to see the other two victims honored as well. While the families could do something to tribute, we all know it wouldn’t be nearly as successful due to the fact that two celebrities aren’t endorsing it. They are famous and have influence, something the families of the crew don’t have.

Again, however, this is Travis’ and DJ AM’s choice, they should not be looked down on for it, it’s a nice gesture.

Delta on

I agree with Wendy–the pilots’ friends/family should do things for them…Travis is doing things for the people HE knew…Great idea and I hope people buy lots of tshirts!

Cella on

I don’t understand why everyone can’t just be happy that their doing something nice for the families of their dear friends that died instead of focusing on what they aren’t doing. People are so jaded…I swear.

lauren on

it is soo sad

Charna on

It is very sad that four people lost their lives that day. But, Travis can make shirts for whoever he wants. He is not obligated to design shirts for the other two people who died. I agree with some of the other posts. For those of you having such an issue with this you should really start sending donations to the other two families. Besides, how do you know that Travis didn’t already do that?

Renee on

For those who are bad mouthing Travis and DJ am. Shame on you! Are you guys digging into your pockets to donate to the other families? Are you purchasing t-shirts… come on! Because of some of some of the comments like those is why some celebrities are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. And , as far as I can tell his security, and personal assistant were not rich and famous. Do some soul searching before you point your fingers.

Anne on

Some of you people are missing the point…Travis Barker didn’t make the t-shirts because those two particular victims were “famous” (which is not even really accurate.) He made them honoring those two men because they were close friends.

Chels on

Can you please tell me who sells the black jump suits that everyone is wearing right now I love them and want one so bad.!

mom on

i agree with april. travis is stepping up in support of his friends family. the company that owned the aircraft should have life insurance on their employees specifically for this type of incident. the charter company should step up in support of their employees families. my prayers are with everyone involved with this incident.

Carolyn Mittag on

I think what Travis is doing is wonderful. However, I agree with the others that he should remember the pilot and co-pilot also. They were not famous and I am sure not rich but they died doing their job just the Chris Baker and Charles Still. So something should be done to show that Travis and DJAM care.Maybe not a t-shirt but at least acknowledge that they also perished.

Barbara on

You are right, Travis is doing a very nice thing. However, the one’s who are forgotten don’t have famous friends like Che & Chris do and I doubt if the pilot’s family made a t-shirt it would sell as well as the one Travis made. I think that is the point everyone is trying to make. Yes, take care of your friends, but other people also perished and their lives are not worth less than anyone else’s. No one is asking for hand outs, just fairness.

VL on

Their friends/families can do something too…

– no harm done.

m. on

you know, they forgot two other people.

i think its great that theyre paying his friends respect, but there were two other people in that accident.

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really on

so if someone had a family member who died on 9/11 and they’d like to raise money for them, they have to make a t-shirt that honors all 3000 victims?

get real.

Stephanie on

Are you serious you are tired of the rich taking care of the poor. If it wasn’t for middle class people and poor people these movie stars and musicians would not have ANYTHING. We are the ones making them rich so to give back to the average person should not be a big deal to them because without “us” they would be nothing. That is the dumbest statement I have heard. Grow up. Your obviously a spoiled little rich brat who has NEVER had to work for anything and without mommy and daddy you would be nothing.

Stephanie on

The government gave money to all of the families who died in 911 not just a few of them so before you make statements do your research.
What travis is doing is a great thing but he should acknowledge the others that died. No one’s life is more important then anothers.

Coradon on

Some of the comments you guys are posting just make me want to laugh at you.

At what point, from the crash until today, did Travis assume responsibilty for creating a memorial for the 2 people not his friends? He chooses to remember his friends via a T-shirt. At no point whatsoever does it make him a bad guy for not doing the same for the others.

Some of you others are have said that this whole thing smells like an attempt to get a free hand out from Travis on behalf of the 2 lesser known dead. Not once have I seen or heard anything about their family or friends complaining about the T-shirts. The only complaints come from the people on here who KNOW what Travis should be doing.

Get off his case and let him mourn in whatever way is best for him. No one has the right to tell him what to do, or make him feel guilty for not doing what they want.

Patty on

Travis should be ashamed of himself. Even tho the pilots were not famous and it has no been determined who fault it was, money also should be going to everyone.

mel on

I think it is AWFUL that you had to go through this but i am so thankful that you have a higher power and voice to bring recognition to burn victims. God bless you.

flo on

im very sadden by what as happened to theses people. dj am and travis barker are very luck to be alive. good bless the families of those who were lost.

flo on

i think these shirts are a great idea! and i agree that the other victims should be remembered among them also. after all ,they died together.its not about being famous or not, or rich. its a death and it takes whomever it can.

Lyndsey on

Travis Barker truly is a good person with a big heart. I agree with some other people though, why hasn’t a fund been set up for the pilots families? They are not rich and famous, and maybe their families aren’t really sure how to set something up to raise money. They are grieving a loved one and sadly nobody seems to care about them as much as the best friend & bodygaurd. Still, I think what Travis is doing is great. Good for him.

Heather on

One of the pilots was James Bland who was a retired Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Pilot. He might not of been famous, but he had an important job. The mission of CBP Air and Marine (CBP A&M), the world’s largest law enforcement air force, is to protect the American people and Nation through the coordinated use of integrated air and marine forces to detect, interdict and prevent acts of terrorism and the unlawful movement of people, illegal drugs and other contraband toward or across the borders of the United States.

omg on


Donna on

Amazing! Just out of the hospital, from the worst type of injury, and Travis does something nice like this! I would hope that the friends of the Pilot and Co-Pilot would do the same for their families. Awesome!

Donna on

First off, these pilots ,make a lot of money. Check it out! Their families are taken care of by the pilots union…

It’s not up to Travis or anyone else to help the two pilots that almost killed them, with bad judgment on take off. You can not abort a flight at that speed. No one would be dead if the pilots knew how to land a plane with a blown tire. They chose to abort take off just before lifting off. The speed was to great. Pilot error. No, I would leave it up to their family and friends to do something.

Anonymous on

I agree…the pilots should be remembered too!! Responding to April’s comment, even if the pilots’ friends and family tried to contact the press to put together some type of memorial, they would not get any publicity. And that is because they are not famous. I applaud Travis’ efforts to memorialize his friends but Travis, DJ AM, Chris and Che were not the only ones on that plane.

brenda on

I like the design and the sentiment. Both DJ AM and Travis have shone that they are good, decent men. their significant others and families have also shone their love. we need those positive examples these days. God bless them all.

Travis Barker Makes Memorial T-Shirts | Bitten and Bound on

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Ericka on

The proceeds from the sales of this shirt should be shared among the families of ALL the victims. I’m sure the pilots friends and families love them no less than Chris and CHE’s friends and families love them. The difference here is that Chris and CHE have famous friends who’s star power alone can raise more money on selling tribute t-shirts than is likely of the average person doing the same, which is why their star power should benefit ALL the victims of this horrible crash as they ALL died together.

srinivas on

your idea is wonderful.Do you Need this type of garments please visit

Ana on

Wonderful idea . . .. .

Hope he gives profits to family.

ohgirl73 on

First of all none of us what Travis and Adam are going through. Second he may have done something nice for the families of the other victims. Third profits will more than likely go to all. It’s easy to sit back and judge, but the truth is none of us know. Instead of bashing him for his good deeds, give him some credit, from what I know of him, he is a kind hearted man!

kay on

aprils right. there friends need to do something.

llllretchllll on

yeah support the families of all the victims..not just the ones who were friends with famous people

billpill on

Meh. I think all of the money made off the shirts should go to the company who lost the airplane. Those things aren’t cheap you know…

really on

Dear Stephanie,

Thanks for being a moron. It is people like you who make internet message boards the entertaining treasure trove of idiocy that they are.

You said, “The government gave money to all of the families who died in 911 not just a few of them so before you make statements do your research.”

That’s delightful.

First, please use commas; it helps to make things easier to read.

Second, you can’t die IN 911; you can die ON 911, or “in the events of 911.”

Third, what does your statement have to do with someone creating a t-shirt in memory of his or her friend who died in the WTC, and to help generate money to support his or her family now that the person is gone? What a specific person wants to do to honor someone who died in a tragedy has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not everyone gets money from the government. Your logic, or lack thereof, is astounding. My point was, a person wanting to create a t-shirt or poster or website or whatever to support their dead friend DOES NOT HAVE TO DO THE SAME FOR THE OTHER 3000 VICTIMS.

Travis is doing the same thing by creating a t-shirt that celebrates his friends and provides financial support to their loved ones who are left behind. It is not his responsibility to honor the pilot and copilot, and we have NO IDEA if he is offering them any support behind the scenes. If the airline is found to be at fault, I am sure the copilot and pilot’s family will receive money. If it was caused by pilot error, they will rightfully not receive anything. If the government wants to dole out money left and right, as you so ingeniously pointed out, that’s great too, but has nothing to do with what Travis has done to support his friends.

georgia owens on

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Renee on

Travis, and DJ AM you guys are blessed and it is great that you are extending your blessing onto your friends/team members. Think nothing of the ramblings of some bloggers who have not donated a dime to anything or anyone, but point fingers. God Bless you and your family.

lilkunta on

Travis wants us 2 give $. He is rich.
How much is he giving?
Anything less that $100 ISNT ok.

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