The Scoop on Suri Cruise's Custom Made Roger Vivier Shoes

10/08/2008 at 12:50 PM ET

Ahmad Elatab / Splash News

Katie Holmes loves all things Roger Vivier — from her sunglasses to her purse (check out her new one!) to her fabulous shoes, she’s a loyal customer. When we caught Suri admiring one of mom’s red pumps a while back, we had no idea she would end up with a custom pair of her own red Roger Viviers! Bruno Frisoni, the creative director of the French luxury label and pal of Tom and Katie, made Suri her very own pair of iconic buckle flats (made famous by Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour). Sadly for any budding fashionistas in our own lives, these are one-offs just for this little trendsetter. Reps for Roger Vivier tell PEOPLE that “we do not have a children’s line nor are we starting one.” See more of Suri’s fabulous life on PEOPLE’s Celebrity Baby Blog by clicking here.

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dees mom on

…and THIS is news ??? another spoiled celebrity baby….i guess if you got it, might as well spend it on your kids !

Traci on

She’s a pretty little girl but she’s so spoiled. I hope that they discipline her so that she doesn’t grow up to be a beautiful monster.

zombie_hands on

How stupid!!
Katie didn’t know what Paris fashion was until she met Tom. She’s a fraud.

kim on

Suri certainly is dressed adorable but what’s up with Katie’s wardrobe lately? My grandma has cuter outfits.

sc on


Deena on

I am so sick of Katie Holmes. Her fifteen minutes were almost over until she married that quack but FAMOUS Tom Cruise. Cute baby, though. Spoiled, but what else is new?



Diane on

She’s an adorable toddler, but there are so many children that go to bed hungry every night. I wonder how much those shoes cost?

brenda on

I agree with Donna…everytime you see Suri she is wearing little dresses with no jacket and Tom and Katie are wearing sweaters or coats. What is up with that? Maybe instead of putting her in designer shoes they should buy her a sweater or a jacket.

susan on

Who really cares? When money is no object, why not be indulge? This child is so young, I highly doubt she understands the cost, maybe she just liked her mommies shoes. That this is even a topic of discussion is silly.

Trixie on

Has anyone ever seen this child smile??? She always looks so serious and miserable.

Katrina on

I agree. This kid is really spoiled. She would be so much more adorable if she had something on from Target. The money spent on her clothes and everything else she wears can be spent on clothing and feeding other needy children. Take notes from Angelina, Katie, and send your money to the needy.

Mamma on

Not for anything, those shoes (and most of her other shoes) are so inappropriate for a toddler. The reason Katie is always carrying Suri is probably because she can’t walk in her ridiculous shoes! You can even see in the picture how badly they fit. They’re adorable… but not safe!

Jennifer Henry on

Why are they always carring her and why does a 2 and a half year old still have a bottle? Let her go a bit!!

rapunzl on

To the person that said “Katie didn’t know Paris fashion until she met Tom” and called her a fraud…I feel compelled to actually comment to you. I didn’t know fashion until I started reading fashion magazines, my mom didn’t know real fashion until I showed her, and YOU yourself weren’t born with this gift or any other…it is a learned thing. Don’t be jealous because her closet makes you want to fall over it’s so amazing.

cc on

I do not understand why anyone would spend this much money on a pair of shoes for a child who may be able to wear them for what maybe two months, and with her wardrobe she probably has 100 pairs of shoes. These are the most selfish people in the world who would spoil a child to this degree. When Suri grows up she will believe everyone has to give her what she wants when she wants it, this child will have no idea of the real world and it is a real shame. I feel sorry for the POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL. As parents they need to think about this little girl instead of themselves.

k2 on

We all need to be honest; if we had the means, we’d do the same thing. We all want the best for our children and we spoil them; even if it is with 10 pairs of shoes from Wal-Mart or Payless.

The little girl never smiles or walks because there are always CRAZY people w/ cameras running after her and her family.

I’m sure she is just a happy, smiley and normal child @ home with her family and the people who really care about her well-being.

Children should not be discussed on this website ~ they are all very innocent. Let’s all try to follow the Platinum Rule.

Mamma on

They are always carrying her because:
1. she can’t walk in those damn shoes!
2. she is basically a fashion acssesory to them, and carrying her makes for a better photo opportunity.
My heart breaks for that child. What a sad world she lives in.

Andrea on

What does she need shoes for??? She is always being carried, does she even know how to walk?

Bunnie on

Nice. The rest of the world is in total turmoil, millions have lost their homes and retirement accounts, but we get to read that Katie gets her kid’s shoes custom made. *rolleyes*

Mamma on

BTW, if she liked her mother’s red shoes so much, I think they sell red shoes at Payless.

Joy on

So she is wearing lovely shoes. Is she also still wearing a diaper and using a pacifer and bottle too?

Seems those things are in her pictures too. She is too old for that. Maybe mommy and daddy should spend more time on that than getting her designer clothes.

fk on

What’s the big deal?
They probably didn’t pay for the shoes….Great PUBLICITY for Roger Viviers.

Enjoy your shoes Suri!!!
Put mud and cookies and ice cream in it; there’s more where that came from.

Elle on

If I had loads of money sure I would buy my child really cute things too. But I think the line gets crossed when the cute things that are being bought for ones child are NOT FUNCTIONAL (I am certain she owns plenty of functional stuff too but it can’t be total chance that all she is ever photographed in is dresses and “slipper” type shoes). While the shoes that she wears are no doubt excellently made for her feet, they just NEVER look very practical (nor does being put in dressy, dresses all the time either). I would much prefer to see adorable Suri dressed like Mommy in FUNCTIONAL clothing for the majority of the photo opts and once in a while in a really over the top pair of designer shoes and dress. My favorite photo of Suri is one where she had pigtails or a ponytail and some pants, top and sweater. Still sweet, but age appropriate and practical.

Nicole on

From what I have read, fashion designers often give celebrities clothes, shoes, etc. in hopes that they will wear them and they get advertising/publicity from it. I would guess that the designer probably gave these shoes to them so that Suri would wear them and be photographed with them and their would be publicity for his fashion line (even though I understand they don’t normally make children’s clothes/shoes). It is sad that we don’t ever see the little girl smiling or laughing. Katie doesn’t seem very happy in her pictures either most of the time.

marion on


Karen on

I hate how Katie has redefined herself. Her hair was more flattering when it was longer. Her recent choice in outfits have about the same appeal as many ill-fitting off the rack Wal-Mart designs.

It’s amazing to me that the clothes she’s wearing are so expensive! They don’t look it.

Suri’s adorable, but I also worry she will be overly spoiled. I feel sorry for her in that you can tell she hates the press, even at her young age.

faith on

There are lots of children born in rich families who are very smart, socially & environmentally conscious.
They can not help it if there baby blankets cost $10,000.00. They were born into that life and that is all they know.
But they are still wonderful people.

Elle on

Agreed – No doubt given for publicity. I am sure that she wears really functional stuff most times, it would just be nice to actually see her in it from time to time.

Gema on

The economy is collapsing and this is NOT news… the child is a spoilt brat and her parents do not have a clue…why not spend that money with a proper charity to help educate and feed some children… God help us all when that child grows up… SPOILT

Adler on

Why is Suri always wrapped up in a blanket? Can’t her parents have a custom made designer coat made for her?

CJ on

Can I ask WHY you people are on this web site reading this stuff if you don’t care, if you think it’s stupid ect? If you find stars spoiled, if you find them extravagent then STOP reading about them, my goodness! I read this stuff to get my mind off serious matters, I sure don’t TAKE this serious, if you do, then man, you are out of touch with reality! And please, STOP calling this child names, you have NO idea if this little girl is spoiled, if she will grow up lacking charachter so please people, pick on people your own age and leave the children OUT OF IT! Its a pair of pretty red shoes that I AM SURE they got for free as a gift! You would keep a child from a pair of pretty shoes! Shame on you hate mongers! Go suck your lemons!

Jonathan on

Suri has nice shoes, etc.

Bea on

I am so sick and tired of seeing pictures and articles on this child. Why doesn’t she stop drinking from a bottle? Why isn’t she seen playing with other child? She isn’t royalty. They are creating a child that will feel entitled, and better then everyone else…….what does that mean? We’ll be reading about her in 15 years and she’ll be acting out from this overprotective, unhealthy child rearing. It is unnatural and quite strange.

Deborah on

She is being carried because there are always tons of aggressive people sticking cameras in their faces whenever they are in public. I would carry my daughter in the same situation. As far as the coat, my kids have always refused coats. Wrapping her in a blanket and carrying her keeps her warmer and away from all of the photographers.

mommax2 on

The shoes are very nice. She doesn’t care what kind of shoes she has on and I do not think any of you who call her spoiled have spent time with her to know if she is spoiled. Seems that you are just wanting her to be spoiled to make you feel better for the ill feelings you have due to the fact that you can not afford $1,000 shoes for your toddlers. I think I would be holding my chld every time I was out if I had odd people snapping shots of me and my child when were out and about. Come on, are you bad people with brats because you buy your kids things from the mall and not Wally world? Maybe that is what people think of you because you have more money then they have. This is a little kid you are all talking about, she has no controll over what she has on. And her parents want the best for her just like we all want for our kids.

elen on

extra money on a little pair of shoes is no different then these celeb’d buying $9000 for a purse they use for a month then the next new look comes out…how many children could have been fed on that?

Lori on

And the American people are losing money left and right. Hollywood can kiss my ass!

Joybell on

You people are unbelievably judgmental! She is a CHILD! Lots of little girls like girly frilly dresses – even toddlers! I don’t see how the shoes are inappropriate as long as they fit her. As someone said before lots of children do not like to wear coats or jackets – I myself hate them and avoid them as often as possible. Why is it that if people do not like a celebrity then everything that celeb does or does not do is unacceptable! They are human beings! They are not perfect and neither are you! How many of you commenting on their parenting skills have perfect children and have done everything perfectly in raising your children? NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! Leave them alone to do what THEY think is right for THEIR child! What they do is none of your business or mine.

Rose on

In a world with so much poverty and people hurting by the horrible economy it sickens me that Katie flaunts their silly excesses that way. Really, it is pitiful!

ashleivh on

I can’t tell if it’s Tom holding Suri or if it’s Katie! *lol they are sure looking alike lately.

BabyGirl on

I have always wondered about that!! You ALWAYS see these couples wearing long sleeves and/or coats/sweater and long pants, yet their kids are in t-shirts and shorts….Maybe once you are in Hollywood so long you just become a cold person…

Plus, i loved Katie back in the D Creek days….what happened to her??

Abby on

Sure she’s cute, and the shoes are adorable. But seriously, this child is going to grow up to be so spoiled nobody will be able to stand her! She’s probably never heard the word ‘no’ from her over-indulgent parents. When will people realize you are not doing your child any favors by getting them everything they want? Sure TomKat can afford it, but that’s not the point. Maybe they need to look at how people like Paris Hilton turned out and rethink their parenting skills..or lack thereof.

tina on

And we wonder why these young celebrity children grow up and turn out like Paris Hilton!!!

me on

I think that if they can afford it why not!
I mean if i had the money to buy my daughter and spoil her the way Tom and Katie due, it’s my business and no one else..
It’s not there fault that there is poverty in the world.
Poverty has, and always be there…
So whatever they do with they’re money is up to them and stop being jelous cause, you can afford to have what they have…

Annoyed on

Katie still looks sloppy and is looking more and more like Tom and all..her clothes are terrible these days…not very sophisticated. Her and him side by side like identical….and not in a good way..


she may have some grown up shoes, but i just saw a recent (within the month) picture of her with a baby bottle! while on the subject there is a picture today of brad and angelina and pax and he (pax) is sucking his thumb!!!!!!!!c’mon all you wannabe moms, get your nannies to help these kids kick the habits!

elen on

i don’t think there is anything wrong with the girly dresses she wears i think she is adorable the red shoes are cute too i just hope when they are done with them they go to charity katie could use some advice from her daughter on how to dress age appropiate

Ohioan on

Doesn’t Suri ever walk? I always see Katie carrying her. And here, she’s in a sleeveless dress, and Katie is covering her with a…towel? Come on. She has custom shoes but no coat.

mj on

Katie looks horrible in this picture. She looks really old, I had to take another look and re-read b/c I thought maybe it was her moma.

v on

they are cute BUT
uhhh… suri’s a kid. she’ll grow out of them in like 3 weeks. what’s the point?

Angela on

With everything going on in the economy, it’s hard to understand how this qualifies as news.


Pepper on


Erm maybe because, I dunno but it could be she has a blanket?! I’m just throwing it out there.

laras on

wooow.. it sure is good to be rich!

laras on

My God, would you people stop hating! If you’re as rich as they are, you would buy your children all the finest things too! That’s not spoiled, that’s just being a good parents wanting the best for the kids!

I love Katie, she always looks great and appropriate.. she does looks older than she actually is, but it’s great considering she’s now a mother and married to Tom Cruise who is much older..

Gerianne on

(I tried posting this before and didn’t see it so if it appears twice, my apologies.)

I’m sure these celebrities get freebies from designers just so the designers can get their names out there for free, and the celebrities who dress their kids like this don’t care that their children are being photographed. If they cared, they wouldn’t be parading them around dressed in designer duds in the first place. There are hundreds of celebrities out there with families you never see in magazines and on the web because they shield their families from this. What I wonder more about is where are Tom and Nicole’s other two children? Who do they live with and where are they when Tom and Katie are out and about with Suri, and Nicole and Keith are out and about with Sunday Rose? Who’s with them??

kf on

The shoes were a “gift” – they didnt have to spend any of their millions – just like all the clothes… they are donated by designers
must be a rough life – the rich continue to get richer and get things handed to them while the middle class continue to struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Ayzlin on

Oh whatever u guys! So what if Suri wears fancy stuff? Her parents are rich so they can afford it. Stop hating on the family. You don’t walk around with them 24/7. All you see is pictures. How in the world do YOU know Suri is not being diciplined?? And I would be carrying my kid around too if everyday when I put my foot outside these reporters would gang up on me and my child! DUH!!

denise on

what I find ironic is that celebrities talk about those less fortunate and how the government needs to help people. however, these stars are making millions (although I’m not quite sure for what as movie ticket sales have dropped) and yet I wonder how much they actually pay in taxes?

I must admit that I have often wondered why Suri is rarely photographed in a sweater or jacket yet her parents are ALWAYS wearing some sort of outerwear.

ssckatt on

I think the real question is: Why doesn’t the designer donate shoes to charity for needy kids, they could probably make a production run to produce numerous pairs of shoes for the same as it cost to set up to make Suri’s one pair. It sounds like the little girl was just accepting a gift from the designer, so it’s not her problem that he gave them to her. He put Katie and Tom in the middle here, are they going to cause a scene and turn down the gift? I think a few people should sit up and take notice here, be a role model for once, and quit exploiting our children

jack russell on

I just think that katie is dressing like a boy. she is a young woman with a nice body. Why is she trying to hide it. Do you think Tom is so jelous that she has to hide her beauty to keep him from acting happy.

JC on

Has it occurred to anyone that they did not pay for these shoes? They were probably given to Suri because Katie is such a loyal customer.

patty monilla on

People…get a grip….this is just celebrity gossips….if you are not interested….dont read it =) people open these up in the first place…..becuase…well…people are curious… it what you what you want.
there are only two people who made sense…and that has to do with suri wearing a jacket! now thats undersandable…..
and YES, if you HAVE IT…you spend IT!
the reason they buy these….is becuase they CAN!
as long as what people do doesnt hurt anybody else. why not? peace!

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my view on


Angiesucks on

Katie was attending fashion shows in Paris and New York long before she met Tom. As for taking an example from Anglelina please those kids of hers look like street urchins.

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It’s very sweet to see how Suri Cruise adores her mother to the point of emulating her shoes via Roger Vivier. Good read.

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