Exclusive! Meet Victoria's Secret's Newest Angel: Marisa Miller

09/16/2008 at 05:00 AM ET

Seth Browarnik/Startraks

Victoria’s Secret is adding another Angel to its roster: Marisa Miller, the first all-American beauty to join the VS ranks since Tyra Banks‘ departure in 2005. “It’s like a dream come true. I’m so excited,” Miller tells PEOPLE. “It’s so cool too because my sisters and my mom and I are longtime customers, so to be an Angel is pretty surreal.” Miller, who walked in last years’ Victoria’s Secret fashion show and already shot several campaigns for the company, is also proud to break the mold in terms of body type — she’s curvy and just 5’8″. “When I started modeling, the more androgynous look was in, and I remember seeing on casting sheets, ‘No girls over a B-cup size,'” says the California native, 30, who is married to Hollywood producer Griffin Guess. “I was like, well, that’s not me! But I can’t do anything about it. I have to find my own niche.” In the end, she succeeded: “I am who I am, and I found people who love that.” Tell us: What do you think of the choice of Marisa Miller as the newest Angel? — Charlotte Triggs

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gina on

she’s beautiful, sounds sincere, and i’m sure she’ll make a great angel.

but breaking the mold? give me a break, she’s a busty blonde with blue-green eyes. it would be breaking the mold if the new model was a minority.

excuse me while i don’t call cnn.

sarah on

What kind of twisted world do we live in when a Victoria’s Secret model is considered “curvy” and “just 5’8”?

ella a on

she’s cute and good for her for being different. if you want to call it that — but whatever. it’s victoria secret. if you’re tall, skinny, and beautiful…and can walk in 4 inch heels – you got the job.

ash on

gina, I completely agree with you… She is beautiful and her sincerity is something I can’t question, but she looks like every woman on the cover of every men’s magazine that I have ever seen. Show us someone different. Rounder, darker… DIFFERENT!

Olivia on

She looks like a twig, not what I would consider “curvy”. The only curve I see is her chest. Her hips, thighs, etc. are all stick thin.

V S on

I think she’s pretty boring… I love Adriana.

spck79 on

Actually, at age 30, she’s pretty old to be a model so I guess I would say that it is breaking the mold.

Chelsea on

I think Its Fabolous!!! She’s Closer to a Real Women, Then The Other models. I just think its great!!

Emma on

She’s alright. Not cut out to be a model. What, VS ran out of models who actually fits the criteria?! Please…

Christina on

I think she is pretty and will show off the Victoria’s Secret items wonderfully. No matter what Victorias Secret is NOT going to hire Plus size models to show off their stuff.

Kim on

I am excited that she got chosen. I think that she is shaped more like “real” girls, and I am shaped like her as well. I always notice her more in the catalogs for that reason as well. Good luck Marissa!

b on

Boring!!!! thats curvy … ? Looks like just big boobs to me, whatever…

Vanessa on

I love that she is 30 years old. She looks amazing… but a little Jessica Simpson like.

heather on

the only thing curvy about her are her implants. give me a break! and the only “real girls” she looks like are the ones with eating disorders. give me a break people.

alex on

congrats to her:) she is very pretty and seems very down to earth:)

fan on

She was a JCPenney model and other catalog clothing companies. I think she is a natural beauty.

Jennifer on

Breaking the mold if she was a minority…you obviously don’t know who all the models are and don’t know where this country is headed.

Julie E on

I know it’s sad but these days she would be considered curvy for runway. Those girls are unhealthy thin. I read an article where one of the models was told the look for the season was anorexic thin but they didn’t want her to actually be anorexic. The fashion world is insane. Marissa looks like a healthy thin girl, and yes that is possible.

Mama_Mia on

I think that she’s beautiful. However, I’d love to see more exotic women in these catologs…
There Brazillin, Mexican, NAtive American women even bi-racial women…
I’d love to see the day when there are more ethnicities to grace the cover of Victoria’s secret…………………….

Katherine on

Her breasts look fake. Her tan looks fake. Her face looks like a snake.

stacey on

Not a very flattering pic. She looks like a walking candy apple. Her head is HUGE!

Susan on

Who on earth cares which “curvaceous” or “busty” or whatever bimbo has been granted the privilege of serving as the next poster girl for male drool buckets and slobber rags? One of the many sad things about this girl’s generation is that it’s fallen hook, line, and sinker for the notion that it’s somehow an “honor” and a “privilege” to be turned into a pair of pushed-up boobs in high heels.

Melissa on

Since when do big boobs make a woman “curvy”?

chrissy on

Are you guys just now noticing her? She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit and yes, she’s 30, but has been modeling for a while. She’s hardly new, even to VS. She’s also a surfer and yea! an All-American model for us to be proud of.

tiffa on

5’8 at 115 pounds is very far from “Curvy” I love her and think she is a perfect all american angel..but breaking the mold… thats a bit much.. 5’8 at 135 would be breaking the mold or even 5’11 at 135 would be breaking the mold…

chrissy on

Emma – not cut out to be a model? hahaha That’s why she has been so successful? Do you guys know anything about modeling? She has been on the cover of several magazines and landed the most coveted modeling job of all last year with SI’s swimsuit cover. And she has been with VS for years already, just now making her an “Angel”. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t comment.

Missyvonne on

She looks old…You can tell that if she wasn’t wearing make up she’d be very old looking. Very common california 30 year old with botox. LOL. Adriana is still at the top of my list. I like fresh faced early twenties in bras and panties. Not some 30 year old looking cougar!

chrissy on

Missyvonne – you think she looks old? Do you know how successful she is already and that she’s been modeling for VS for years? She has a lot of freckles and she surfs, but old? Come on…

ollie on

You wonder why she became the latest Victoria Secret model….Come on you guys……duh, she’s married to a Hollywood producer! Get the picture?

Jenn on

Just 5’8″ and cury?!? Are you kidding me? I’m 5’3″, apparently extremely short by VS’s standards, and 120 which must mean I am voluptous as well! VS if you want to see a “REAL” model check out Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

chrissy on

Ollie – she just married him about a year and a half ago and she has been with VS for many years. You guys really need to educate yourselves before you post.

Lema on

Marissa is alright. I was a bit suprised that she wasn’t already an Angel, seeing that she’s got so much coverage in the VS catalogs. Either they give her WAY too much cleavage in the catalog photo shoots or she’s got a big bust, but she comes off looking more x-rated than the other VS models/Angels. I think she should just stick with Sports Illustrated, she’s not as versatile as the existing/former VS Angels.

Ashley on

I LOVE her! She is the prettiest model I’ve seen from VS. Congrats Marisa!

Sugrbean on

How come I’m the only one confused over whats so NEW about her? I’ve seen her in the catalog a 1000 times. I suppose being an angel is like the hall of fame for their models, but shes definitely not new to the line.

chrissy on

Sugrbean – I think People should not have presented her this way. It makes it look like she’s some newbie to VS and she isn’t! She’s so successful already, and yes that is kind of their “Hall of Fame”. I love her!!!!

Erica on

To the person who mentioned that VS would never hire a plus-sized model…that’s because they don’t have anything to offer plus-sized customers. Us fatties just like to sit around in granny panties and soft cup bras with no support. So many companies are missing out on a huge (pun sort of intended) market by not offering plus sized clothing/intimate apparel.

willow on

this girl rocks! She has always been my fav in the VS catalogs for a long time. She was discovered surfing in CA, not binging and purging in hollywood. She can represent us CA surfer girls all day long. By the way, I’ve met her, and you couldnt find a more beautiful and sincere person. Congrats!!

willow on

by the way, for all you posting comments about how shes not that pretty or she looks to this or to that, wheres your modeling contract??

chrissy on

Willow – I agree! Thank God someone else here knows who she really is. She is my all-time favorite!

Rachel on

curvy – really? how can you say that you’re curvy when you’re a size 2? that’s ridiculous

Danielle on

I have to agree she is pretty, but harldy new. She is definitely not breaking the mold. someone said it right VS would be breaking the mold if it was a minority. VS is great but could be SUPREME if they would actually have a model who is the REALITY of what is really out there. 5ft 4in maybe 150 lbs, with boobs and ass. then VS would be really breaking the mold. showing me a blonde blue eyed california girl is so over rated and played out in my book.

Shelby on

She’s gorgeous! Congrats Marisa!!

Also, those of you upset about VS & modeling not being diverse… obviously haven’t checked out ANTM or any other type of show or magazine. They are VERY DIVERSE.

And to those who think she should be shorter to break the mold.. I am 5’1 myself and it’s just a fact of life that runway models need to be tall- it just looks better. It’s like saying we need to let fat guys try out for quarterback. It defeats the purpose.

Don’t be jealous girls!! She is definitely model material! Way to go!

chrissy on

Danielle – Marisa doesn’t have blue eyes. They’re hazel. Be happy that an All-American surfer girl is an Angel now. :) Tyra was a minority and pretty curvy btw.

Megan on

Of course she’s curvy – she’s got a great chest and butt . Nice curves, not flat and boyish figure. Many people confuse curvy with plain chubby or fat. That’s what those people call themselves as an excuse I guess. In many cases you look at those women and you want to say, honey that’s not curves that’s rolls of fat !

Lava on

I love marrissa miller!! I have seen her in so many magazines and read interviews with her. I just love her freckles and her sweet smile!!

Renee on

Um, hasn’t she been a VS model forever? Is there something different about being an Angel? She’s always been in the catalogs.

jennifer on

Have any of you even seen the VS catalog, there are alot of minorities in there, Gisele, tyra, adriana…. you’re all jealous, she is beautiful

Jenn on

She’s absolutly beautiful! Does anyone know who the designer of her dress is!!? Its the same dress Audrina Patridge wore for the VMA’s! I LOVE it!

alice on

she’s not curvy, just very lean and well endowed

CJ on

Chrissy, are you her sister or something? LOL! Relax.

I’d have to agree with the statement someone made about girls aspiring to be a pair of boobs in heels. This was her dream come true? Really??

She’s ok. I’ve seen her around forever as well. VS has lots of minority girls, especially Brazilian.

Keisha on

LOL.. Sarah you read my mind!! Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian ( i hate to mention her name, too!! LOL) are curvy.. She is just tall with boobs!

lori on

She is the newest Angel. Hasn’t she been a mode for VS for years????

chrissy on

CJ – Nope, not her sister. haha I just get frustrated when people say “she’s not model material”. They obviously don’t know how successful she is. I think once you land SI Swimsuit cover, Maxim Hottest of 2008, several covers for various magazines and you’ve been with VS for years – you can say she’s model material.

Seriously! on

Seriously!!!………CURVY!! She is VERY thin and I’m sorry but I would never call her curvy, shes beautiful, and above average height – so to say shes breaking the mold…. give ME a break!

joe on

It’s about time they have a woman that is larger then a B cup. The world is not made up of small breasted women.

Kym on

People is a little slow with this “exclusive” news. Marisa fans would know she was named an angel 6 months ago,and has been With VS for years.
She isn’t even the “Newest Angel”that would be Doutzen.Congrats to Marisa none the less.

Kim R. on

Thats what they call curvy??? Look at her arms and legs!!!! they are sticks! I don’t see any curves! At the chest, thats about it!!! They say the average womens size is a 14…well if thats true, then she hasnt broken any mold, because she is skinny with long blonde hair, like a barbie doll, your typical model type. Nothing different there. Makes this woman who has real curves upset that you would even think that you are “curvey!” But she is pretty, Most men will love her!

Erin on

Wow, why are so many of you mean?

Jonathan on

Marissa Miller, 30, the new choice for Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Angel sounds very good! I wish her the best with that distinction! It’s interesting that she’s one of the new ones after Tyra Banks left in 2005!

OkieLadie on

For all those complaining about lack of minorities in modeling, get real! That’s what you see the MOST of because we must be politically correct!!! I’m not saying to not have any diversity but statistics will show that their are more minorities by percentage than in the general society. And quite honestly, I am sick of having it crammed down my throat that because I am an average white woman with dark blond hair and blue eyes, then I have committed a crime against all minorities. Yes, there are lovely women of all colors but too many of you minorities are so focused on your own agenda that you don’t realize how far to the extreme you go and you are more racist and elitist than I am supposed to be. It’s all about YOU! No, it’s all about US! And when we quit playing the race card to get special considerations and just earn it, then it will be an equal world.

Heather on

She isn’t new. She’s been a model for Victoria’s Secret for years…her head looks big in the picture.

alexa on

Marisa Miller is beautiful to be sure and seems very sweet, but I have to agree with the others who’ve pointed out that this girl is still rail thin. I’m sorry, but being shorter than average supermodel height and having larger than B-cup boobs does not a “curvy” girl make.

Just keep the blurb focused on her American-girl qualities and her excitement to be a new Angel; don’t pretend she’s breaking barriers. Furthermore, don’t pretend she’s breaking some mold at Victoria’s Secret! How can you cite Tyra Banks–who is actually curvy–as a former angel and then claim Marisa Miller is bringing some new aesthetic to their catalogs?

Lori on

OkieLadie you are my hero! Well said and couldn’t agree more!

Flightbo on

I’m going to have to get my wife to subscribe to VS again……Marisa is HOT

K.C. on

She’s beautiful, but been in VS for many years. Nothing new here. And if she’s considered curvy, 99% of the female population in America is fat.

LBW on

She is pretty, but she looks like all the others. Same hair, boobs, nose, teeth. She and Heidi could be sisters. Exotic would be good, kind of like Kim Kardashian or Asian.

chrissy on

Flightbo – don’t you get Sports Illustrated??

Jen on

How is she VS’s “newest angel”? I have seen her face (and body) in VS catalogs and online for years now. As far back as I can remember. Was she just promoted to one of their main models? And if so, who cares?

g on

I love that they are using a “shorter” girl who is not a stick, and frankly, old for a model! A model getting a job like this at 30 used to be unheard of!

Sandi on

She’s precious, she’s American, she’s real, she’s beautiful. . .

Schmanki on

What is the comment, ‘just 5’8″ ‘ supposed to mean? I’m 5’8″ and I am usually the tallest woman anywhere I go. That’s breaking the mold?

kitty on

I love Marisa Miller! she is my favorite model- it is so nice to see an angel with attainable proportions! hot hot hot! it’s about time they made her official.

Donna on

Well, I’m nataually thin, so I take offence to stick thin. I’ve never called a fat person, fat, or even break it to someone who thinks they are curvy, when they are just plain fat.
The model is pretty.

Katie on

Marissa Miller is gorgeous! And its great that she doesn’t fit the stereotype of the normal model. But she does look way older than 30. Maybe closer to 40.

Tina on

She does not break the mold. Every girl at V.S is skinny, tall with big boobs. A plus size model would be breaking the mold.

claudia on

If she is curvy I’m a cow, amzing the only thing curvy about her is the gigantic fake boobs.

victoria on

i think she’s totally sexy & pretty, but totally agree with sarah… shes not that curvy or average height at 5’8… she just looks like another VS model, that’s all.. nothing new.

toni on

i think she’s beautiful… i think this is the same girl that has been in the VS magazines for a while now, and she does an awesome job of modeling VS underwear, bras, swimsuits etc. and when i hear people say vulumptuious/curvy, i think of a women who is a size 8,9,12… not a size 0. you would think that they would want a women with a bigger bra size, so that this way she can fill out their bras a lot better. but you can usually tell the difference between real and fake breasts… she has real ones and that’s about the only thing that’s “large” or “curvy” on her. But – yes, congrats!

but i love adriana myself! she’s just extremaly beautiful as well.

Erin on

To Alexa – When they are refering to Marissa being the first All American since Tyra Banks I believe that they say that they are talking about a born and raised American girl – not her “type” of beauty. Why do people feel the need to judge a person’s appearance? Is it not a personal preference? Not everyone prefers blondes but is it necessary to attack her physical attributes? Why take the time to write in such mean comments? That’s just rude. Some people find her attractive an others don’t.

I don’t think that VS has models with implants. Remember the time that someone called Tyra’s fake and she proved on national tv that they weren’t??? I could be wrong but if they do and Marissa is one of them then she has a great surgeon.

danalynette on

Since when is she ‘new’ to VS?!?!?! Marisa has graced the VS catalogs and runway for a VERY long time. I know I have seen her for at least 4 YEARS modeling Body By Victoria collection. I LOVE MARISA MILLER-Not since Stephanie Seymour have I been so excited about an all-American VS model. She’s an avid surfer and has killer abs to prove it!

Amanda on

I really dislike her as a model. She’s just incredibly thin with huge fake melon boobs. I never buy any bra or swimsuit she wears b/c the clothes look so distorted on her that I can’t ever tell if they would look good on me.

Bad choice VS. Stick with girls like Adriana and Miranda.

Ali on

LMAO!! Women really never get over their grade school days, do they? And the ones that are the most vicious, hateful and condescending, are the fugliest of all. There’s nothing wrong with this girl at all. Although, models typically are way too thin, she doesn’t have bones jutting out of her skin. It’s about time VS had an All American girl again. And hooray for models that have bigger than an A cup without having to use a GEL-FILLED pretender that disappoints men once it’s revealed. Go Marisa!

Monique on

I think Marisa is pretty. Marisa will be able to walk the thin line of being liked by women and loved by men. She does remind me of Jessica Simpson. I find her to be far from curvy. Marisa is like all other Hollywood figures – small body/big head…but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she is pretty and will obviously do well with Victoria Secrets – good for her!

Marissa Miller Is Victoria's Secret's Newest Angel | Latest Gossip, Celebrity News and Paparazzi Photos | Scandalist on

[…] diva is taken. She has been married to producer Griffin Guess since 2006. [Photo: WireImage; Source: People.com] Marissa Miller. [Photo: WireImage] Marissa Miller. [Photo: WireImage] Marissa Miller. […]

j jackson on

I have seen better. she has a big head and she looks like a man to me. I guess the casting couch is still in effect.

Beth on

She’s GORGEOUS and has been both my husbands and my favorite model for a long time! Congrats to her!

Elizabeth on

When I saw her on Sports Illustrated I thought she was pushing 40! Then I saw her on Ellen and still thought she looked way older than 30! She looks like a typical model and I wouldn’t remember her if I passed her on the street.

shoegal on

A Faith Hill look alike is NOT breaking the mold. C’mon!

cheryl on


Jasmyn on

Curvy? haha seriously? now dont get me wrong we dont want a disgustingly large woman flaunting around in underwear and then we’re supposed to buy it. but just like Whitney from ANTM. she was “plus size” but she had a great form.

come on VS

Hahhaaaa on

Chrissy – You’re beginning to freak me out?! You constant need to correct everyone is amusing. It sounds like you have a little crush on Marissa.

Mz Reyes on

She kind of reminds me of a young Faith Hill…..

Caitlyn Nicole on

shes acatually really pretty!!

Vivian on


i think shes pretty but shes not that amazing!
I mean, if your going to put an angel in the Victorias Secret models then she has to be like SUPERRR HOT! :)

Captian Obvious on

“A minority”
Not playing the race card at every turn…..now that would be breaking the mold.

asarmie on

wait… isn’t she already a vs angel? is this news?

Captian Obvious on

“A minority”
How abotu not playing the race card at every opportunity now that would be breaking the mold……..

Ali on

To spck79, Missyvonne, and Katie………

If you think 30 is old (lmfao!!), I would LOOOOOVE to see pics of you guys at 30 so you could put her to shame. After all, she is so nasty at 30. Oh yeah, when you turn 30, please do America your civic duty and stay in your nursing homes so our little young tots don’t have to vomit at the site of seeing you slobber your way through a meal at a restaurant! Thanks for the laugh!!

Kristen on

That’s great! I once tried to get into modeling, and at 5’8″ I was told if I grew another 1-2″ I could get a “chance.” It’s nice to see someone who isn’t 5’10” and 110 lbs make it big!

Kris on

Elizabeth….trust me when I say…..she wouldn’t remember you either, sweetie.

Janet on

I can’t understand where all the “new”-ness is coming from. I haven’t read all the posts, but this girl has been modeling for VS for years now. She deserves it, and I am glad to see some one from the USA get it. Everyone seems to be from Brazil or something anymore.

nila on

she’s pretty as far as American goes, but not exotic. This is why you hardly see this type win miss universe pageants or reach supermodel status, just mere fact of the industry.

hi on

you guys are just jealous

gina on

okielady and jennifer,

what world do you live in?
any guilt you guys may have for being made to feel inferior as a white person may be valid. but try talking to the millions of indian, african american, asian, middle eastern, etc., girls that grow up in america wondering why there are more people on television or magazines that don’t have features like them than those that do.

any person that doesn’t see how skewed pop culture is to white america obviously needs to open their eyes. for every lucy liu, halle berry, and jessica alba, you have twenty famous white actors/singers/models.

wutever on

nothing special,,adriana lima is IT!!

megan on

i am happy they are actually having an all american woman be the face of the campaign. it make us feel like we dont have to be from brazil or some foreign country and have an exotic look to be considered beautiful.

AK on

Since when is 30 old? Not sure what that post is about, I am 26 and think 30 is a great age. I think women should encourage each other!

alexa on

To Erin–I wasn’t in any way saying there was something wrong with her appearance, in fact, at the beginning of my comment I thought I made it pretty clear that I think this girl is gorgeous. My comment was more aimed at the person who wrote this blog entry, and it was more a suggestion that they should have elaborated on other topics they introduced, rather than writing about how she’s “breaking a mold.” That’s all. It also has nothing to do with her look–I said all-American “qualities,” and not “features”…those words aren’t synonyms.

I wasn’t being rude, and the only judgment I made on her appearance was simply that she is not “curvy.” That aside, I’m not sure why you’re lamenting the cruel injustices of judging people based on their appearances when discussing a woman who makes her living off her appearance. She’s a model…most people judge her based on how she looks.

Girl-from-Jersey on

wondering why you did not post my comment?

g on

“she is too old”” that comment is sooo stupid. 30 for a model is not old at all. What do you want to see a 13 year old with lingerie on? Give me a break. she is beautiful and isnt any different than any of those other models-

Shelby on

Just wanted to repost my previous comment because it looks like some people overlooked it :)

Shelby September 16th, 2008

She’s gorgeous! Congrats Marisa!!

Also, those of you upset about VS & modeling not being diverse… obviously haven’t checked out ANTM or any other type of show or magazine. They are VERY DIVERSE.

And to those who think she should be shorter to break the mold.. I am 5′1 myself and it’s just a fact of life that runway models need to be tall- it just looks better. It’s like saying we need to let fat guys try out for quarterback. It defeats the purpose.

Don’t be jealous girls!! She is definitely model material! Way to go!

Girl-from-Jersey on

beauty is within…

Natalie Juengling on

I met Marissa Miller August 22, 2008 at Harrahs Casino in New Orleans. She seemed pleasant. Our picture came out beautiful as did her autograph. I think its great we have an American girl as a VS ANGEL.It’s been long over due. Congrats to Marissa. Hopefully she will frequent NOLA more often….

from one model to another…

Natalie Juengling

Girl-from-Jersey on

i cant believe my comments wont be posted :(

Vinny on

What Ms. Miller forgot to include was that she was a size B, but had implants so she could become more lucritive and a VS model. I was there when it all happened.

Lisa on

Breaking the mold??? Looks like another carbon copy to me. I look forward to the time when models represent real women.

Lisa on

Breaking the mold??? Looks like another carbon copy to me. How about a short woman with some real curves? or perhaps ANYBODY who looks real. I look forward to the time when models look like actual people and not androids.

Rally on

Miller looks ugly and boring to be victoria’s secret. They should find someone else to do better than her. Nothing special about her. She looks fake to me.

Kelsey on

It’s about time! She’s been in so many of their catalogs and runway shows and was always a standout for me.

Missyvonne on

Chrissy, You need to get off her nuts. Yeah, she’s not that bad, but damn… I’m just saying there are OTHER models who are YOUNGER and PRETTIER than her who should be modeling underwear. Yes. She is pretty, for a 30 year old. I don’t care how successfull she is. Give other girls a chance then. Fresh new faces. Not the same blond surfer girl look. Exotic is way more interesting to look at. She looks like somebody’s mom. She isn’t Tyra. She isn’t Adriana. Get off her nuts.

maddy on

she seems perfectly sweet and nice, but if thats “curvy”, then what’s the rest of the world?

Kris on

Breaking the mold? haahaha… A normal person would be braking the mold. VS should use avg. size people one in a while.

Heather on

I think she is beyond hot! I have been a huge fan of hers since she graced the pages of the J. Crew catelog in a swimsuit. What I would do to have that body…..

Ola on

This girl is hardly what I call ‘curvy’. She has a tiny ass, absolutely no fat on her torso, and nasty fake water balloon boobs. Seriously. Curves should be natural and soft. Check out how she looks in a bikini…then look at Kim Kardashian. Now which one is curvy?

Janie on

Ewww..I’ve seen other pics of her, and she looks like a bobble head, fake tit, leatherface…

They should of gotten a prettier, more natural model…

Patty on

I think she’s great! She’s always been one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models. She seems so down to earth and really has that girl next door look that I think a lot of people can relate to.

ashley on

curvy? seriously???

Tamara on

I agree. If VS wants to break the mold, maybe they should hire a plus-size model as their next Angel. A 5’8″ blond with bigger than a C-cup is a baby step, but hardly revolutionary and certainly not worthy of “breaking the mold” accolades.

Ali on

Good job! She is gorgeous and not like all the other models. If you look at her in the catalog she is toned and athletic looking!

You are one of my favorite models!

Rachel on

That’s great that Marisa is an Angel now!

Kim on

She looks just like Jessica Simpson…nothing new, nothing changed. I think VS will “break the mold” when one of their models looks more like Queen Latifah or America Ferrara…now that’ll be a day worth reporting..finally!! A model 90% of us can relate to!!!

Lindsey on

There is a reason why models are models…because they look better than the average person. There job is to use their looks to sell the clothes. Who wants to look like an overweight person when you put lingerie on…nobody…you want to look like a supermodel.

taoblinks.com » Blog Archive » Marisa Miller Is Officially A Victoria’s Secret Angel on

[…] Miller has finally earned her wings. The “curvy” blonde has been named one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angels, and is the first all-American […]

Yumiko on

Kim, I completely agree with you on the Jessica Simpson thing. Some women sound like they “get off” on looking at sleazy females. EWWW!

Edith on

I have seen her in VS magazines for a looooong time now! I dont know whats so new about her.

Kactus-Kat on

Ok, first – she needs her hair cut & dyed BADLY. Second, if she wants to be considered “CURVY” she would have NATURAL breasts, (like Tyra), and NOT her FAKE BOOBIES – that is NOT all-American!! (Of course, unless you live in California or Texas). Tyra is just about NOW the size she should’ve been when Victoria’s Secret let her strut the runway! Personally there is NOTHING, when looking at this picture, I see as a typical all-American girl. In fact, what IS an all-American girl? We work VERY hard teaching our daughter that no matter what kind of woman she grows up to be, she is beautiful. She and HER sisters & HER mother may use this story, but I have 5 sisters and a mother who would NEVER step into V.Secret. You see, the secret is they are as ABNORMAL A CROSS-SECTION OF WHAT AN ALL-AMERICAN GIRL than just about any other retail store I can think of!

Show me someone who ISN’T MARRIED TO A HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER, ISN”T full of silicone and Botox, and air in her hair, and THEN we can talk about all-American girl.

P.S. My daughter (a college graduate with a degree in both business AND women’s studies, to me is, an all-American girl (and would die before stepping into that store!

Monika on

sheesh Kactus-Kat. Why are you so angry? First of all, Marisa is all natural. You are so quick to assume she has implants. Just because a thin girl has big breasts doesn’t mean they’re fake. I like that Victoria’s Secret has alot of different nationalities in the Angel line up. I’m happy that Marisa is in that group now. I may not be as thin as she is, but I can relate to her body because she is athletic and surfs. I think she is gorgeous.
More than anything, I think it’s horrible to see girls rip each other a part in these comments.

Jeff on

I think she’s hot

Heidi on

She looks happy and she’s beautiful. I agree with the person who said that women should encourage each other. All negativity stems from insecurity. Every person has the desire to be physically attractive, and although we don’t all get the chance to be, we should remember that every pretty person will befall the experience of watching their own beauty decline someday. This isn’t justification for the rest so much as a realization of how beneath millions of different faces and bodies, we all possess something even more significant in common. For those who pick apart her features like she’s an object, I support your right to express your opinion, but even more than your comments, what comes across is the incredibly limited criteria with which you use to judge others and ultimately, yourself. The cycles of women abusing women go back all through history. I think we are wiser than that. I admire the women who reveal it when they open their mouth–there are many, many, many more than there are supermodels. And that’s something we should all be proud of.

Heidi on

Sorry I made an error on my email I just posted.
This one is correct.

Emily on

I don’t know why you say she should be a minority, the only minority not an angel is probably Asian women. There is an African American angel, one who is latina. It is loaded with exotic women.

I like her and think she she is pretty, she looks just like Barbie not the average “barbie” blond but the real doll. Anywho what about someone more like Dita Von Teese.
Dark hair, procelain skin. Someone not tanorexic, and blond. Also an Asian mondel would be beautiful!

nikki on

I love her dress! Can anyone tell where her dress is from or whos the designer?


Azucena on

A perfect match. She’s gorgeous

Lori F on

Curvy? What in the world is she talking about, the only curves I see are her bussoms! Looks like all the other VS skinny models to me. But nonetheless, glad she has achieved her dream!!

I guess VS will never make a Plus Size line!
Tlaking about discremination.



Who Cares on

Who really cares?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Laurie on

Is she related to Jessica Simpson…sure looks like her! I guess she is “breaking the mold” because her boobs are real? In the end…cute girl, just like the others.

b on

Everyone has the right to their opinion and to state it if there is an open dialog. Its not being mean. If its too much for a person to handle then don’t partake in the conversation. If you decide to be in the public eye criticism, ridicule, etc., is part of the game, put and H on your chest and handle it.

Meri on

She is my fave VS model so I’m super excited to see more pics of her!

Alex on

I already adore her. I love the fact that she’s “old” by industry standards, “short-ish” by industry standards, and is married. She sounds absolutely wonderful.

Katie on

To Ali…

I’m sorry i was just giving my opinion; I didn’t say anything bad about her. It would be a huge complement for her if she looked that gorgeous at 40… But thatnks for being sooo rude!
And FYI: I’m only 19 so when I turn 30 I will be happy to show you pictures and I’m sure that they won’t put hers to shame but they will yours.

yxorza on

TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH! She’s amazing :)

Misia1 on

is she pretty? Yeah. All women are beautiful in their own way. But is she outstanding – NO. Looks very much the same as any other ‘star’ or model. Something new and fresh could be promoted.
VS Breaking the mold? Curvey? If they want curvey – I can show them curvey :D

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