Gwen's Newest Gig: Uniform Designer

09/12/2008 at 04:51 PM ET

Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

Uniforms aren’t exactly what comes to mind when we think of trend-setting star and clothing designer Gwen Stefani. But the L.A.M.B. founder has just announced that she will launch an exclusive line of work-wear for W Hotels. Starting this fall, female staff members at the luxe hotel chain’s Gerber bars in the W lounges throughout the country will be outfitted in the custom L.A.M.B. design. And Gwen’s touch is instantly apparent: the black jersey dresses combine a fitted ’80s silhouette and asymmetrical styling with ’60s seam detailing and side vents. When creating the design, she knew it would have to not just look good, but be functional for active employees. “I wanted to design a super cute dress that I would be excited to have in my own closet and approached it in the same way I think about my clothing for a tour,” she says. “We’ve designed a sexy and comfortable outfit for these women to wear out on their own stage every night.” Tell us: What do you think of Gwen’s latest designs?

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Cameron on

I have seen some awful uniforms but those are super cute… those are some lucky ladies.

Gwen Stefani’s new uniform design | Celebrity, Fashion, Beauty on

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D on

I love Gwen and I would be so stoked if she designed a uniform for my job…

J on

Are all the employees a size 2?? This might not look so amazing in anything bigger.

Linda on

The uniform is too short to be practical. In addition, it will not flatter anyone who is over a size 4. It will also be unflattering to anyone who has big arms or who is older. It’s like a throwback to the days of when airline hostesses had to stay under a maximum weight in order to keep their jobs, only this uniform will lead to a slightly different kind of discrimination–that of the avoidance of hiring women who won’t look good in this style.

cynthia on

I wish she would design nursing uniforms.

D on

Yeah…like others said, it’ll look great on certain employees within that size/shape, but not all. Who is going to wear it, anyways? The maid staff would probably look terrible in it…or make it look terrible, depending on how you looked at it.

Jane on

I don’t think she had the “average AMERICAN woman” on her mind when she designed that short dress. You better weigh 110lbs to be employed by the W.

Ally on

To those of you who commented that the staff at the W better be smaller than a size 4…I guess you’ve never been to the W. They are all hyper attractive, tiny and the very least a size 4.

» Gwen’s Newest Gig: Uniform Designer on

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Me on

it is too short, vents will expose thighs once person sits down. Depending on the material it might be tough to wear for women with wide hips and small top. What about women with larger bellies? What if you have chunky knees?It reminds me of glam 60ies stuardess outfit. I am not overly exited. I think Gwen should put an emphasis on words attractive, professional, practical rather than sexy and comfortable. Hotel staff should not exude sexiness. 3 out of 5

Kesha on

Doesn’t this sound like “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead?” Just sing already…

maggie on

you have to be tall and skinny to wear that and what if you’re cold? I know I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it.

Jonathan on

Gwen’s latest designs look good! I wish her the best as a Uniform Designer!

cynthia on


anon on

The W living room is an uber-trendy bar. These uniforms aren’t for the cleaning staff. They’re for young, beautiful size 2 women serving drinks to the uber-trendy. Great design.

Batya on

I love Gwen’s style. What a wonderful thing for the ladies at the W.

Mary on


miranda on

I think they are super cute but would only be practical if all the female staff were rail thin

Ola on

Totally chic! I think it is an excellent idea. The status of W hotels will be very good if the employees look like they just walked out of Saks. This dress reminds me of an Yves Saint Laurent from fall of ’06.

Gwen Stefani To Design ‘W Hotel’ Uniforms | Gwen Stefani : Just Jared on

[…] Gwen Stefani To Design ‘W Hotel’ Uniforms Fri, 12 September 2008 at 10:54 pm L.A.M.B. founder Gwen Stefani will launch an exclusive line of uniforms for W Hotels bar staff, reports People. […]

Laura on

I guess it is ok if you are a size 8 or smaller.

Gwen Stefani To Design ‘W Hotel’ Uniforms - Celebrity Secret Gossip on

[…] L.A.M.B. founder Gwen Stefani will launch an exclusive line of uniforms for W Hotels bar staff, reports People. […]

elizabeth aladham on

Gwen is a froth of bubbling creativity and I applaud every concoction she produces, as a musician or designer where ever she leads i will follow. many blessing on her and gavin’s sweet family.

Gwen Stefani To Design ‘W Hotel’ Uniforms | Photobasket Celebrity | Go Fug Yourself on

[…] L.A.M.B. founder Gwen Stefani will launch an exclusive line of uniforms for W Hotels bar staff, reports People. […]

Smile More on

Love Gwen Stefani. Love the dress. Will have to go to the W Living Room to see the final result. Cool!

andrea on

Honestly, I like it as a dress..
but for the average women workng in a hotel.. i do not see what is functional about this.

celina on

nice and very unique!

go gwen!

Hmm on

I guess she couldn’t design something flattering for ALL body types. Besides, some women don’t like to wear skirts or dresses to work.

Hey Sante on

Can you keep that to yourself and stick to the subject please?

To anon and ally on

Sorry us non-perfection women who aren’t a size 0 and don’t work at a trendy bubbly club don’t care for the “uniform”. Most of us who are commenting on practicality and comfort are thinking about just that. I didn’t realize that W is a “it’s a skinny, attractive girl thing, you non W goers wouldn’t understand.”

Sorry we don’t all fit into your hooters girl look and attitude type of job. Give me a break…

John Lee on

Oh look. A Little Black Dress. How original.

mellissa laviolette on

hi i really like gwen’s sense of fashion, i can’t wait to open my W magazine and see those wonderful outfits in real life!

Hotel Employee on

I work in a higher end hotel and these uniforms would be terrible to work in. No matter where in a hotel you work, you should be able to step in a assist a guest with anything, including shlepping baggage. Yes, everyone does it. Or should be! The front desk agents at my hotel are permitted to wear flats with their uniforms (which consist of a brown suit jacket and knee length skirt). Would these dresses look professional with flats? Is this just another way to put a woman in heels to stand all day???? I’ve never been to a W but if they are forcing employees to wear these uniforms I certainly could not work there. And as many have said, the cut is definitely not for the even slightly overweight. And where is the new male employee designs??? I guess they are wearing their same old pants. Figures.

Helen on

Lets hope that the women wearing the uniforms are young and attractive. I can’t see older or heavier weight women necessarily wanting to wear this uniform. Does it also suggest that women need to look or be treated like sex symbols in order to work in the leisure industry.

sheila on

I think Gwen is very talented. I am not put out by the size of uniform. I am not a small woman by no means. But I am very happy with my size and my self. congratulations Gwen, you go girl!!!!!

I Need My Fix on

[…] see the design on People click here.  Imagine wearing a designer outfit to work every day that you don’t have to pay for?  How […]

Red Sky on

Its cute design if you are a “Size 0-2”,most hotel employees are not built to wear these sizes.Most “Hotel unforms” are usually the “Tuxedo’s black and white” both men and women.

Janey on

Fantastic – now, what about the men?

M.T. on

Lucky ladies!!!!

Trudy on

I don’t care about attracting glances of passing male strangers and being the object of their passing fantasies. . . also prefer the Nat’l Geographic type of guy of substance. Dress design is cute but way too short..why? There are other levels to live at and it’s so much more freeing and peaceful.

Lexi on

Adorable designs!… but what pregnant women, women who’s religion won’t allow that type of clothing, or women who just aren’t comfortable in that type of clothing?

Julie on

I actually like the lines and cut. And here comes the but…I agree that it’s not terribly practical for sitting down. I don’t think there is one person alive who would be really excited about standing all day, and standing in heels all day. ICK! Plus…in this picture provided – ones legs have to be about 8 feet long. What if you are tiny and only 5’0″? What if you are plus size and wear size 20? WHat if, dare I say outloud, actually have cellulite on the back of your legs? What if one’s arms aren’t toned and skinny? Are you going to be denied gainful employment for all of those physical reasons even if one is entirely qualified for the position? I to would like to konw what the men will be wearing…

monica on

way too sexy of a dress for a house keeper I dont think is practical.

Mrsmarv on

New line of WORK WEAR? Who’s working in those outfits?? Looks like you can’t bend over without showing your panties. AND what about a body type that doesn’t look like lucky Gwen’s?? I think W Hotels will be losing a lot of employees if their work force is forced to wear those uniforms! Still to designer clothes, not uniforms OR get real about the uniforms Gwen!!

Hanna on

The dress needs a pair of sleeves (short or 3/4), longer length (around the knee) and flairs out a bit like an A-line shape. It will still be stylist and more sophisticate. Also, do the employess have to be in heels all the time? Don’t think so. I do not think this design will flatter women with real curves and not so tall.

W Had a Little L.A.M.B. « on

[…] Read more here: People. […]

Curly on

If people would take the time to read carefully and properly they would see it says the women working in lounges are going to be wearing this dress. The dress would be appropriate for that. I highly doubt the cleaning staff would wear such a nice dress.

Maurine on

This uniform is for “Living Room lounges” female employees. I don’t know what a LR lounge is, but hopefully they won’t have to bend over. Since it has side vents, I’m sure knickers will be included in the uniform or shorts. I’m sure they’ll get nice tips wearing this.

I don’t find it particularly attractive, but it’s better than some uniforms I’ve worn in my day.

Celebrity Spy: Photos, Pictures, Images, Spy Shots » Blog Archive » Gwen Stefani’s Uniform Designs on

[…] on her fashion designing gig. The founder of the L.A.M.B. clothing line has taken on the task of designing uniforms for the workers at the W Hotels. Gwen’s take on the ensemble: “We’ve designed a […]

Celebrity Spy: Photos, Pictures, Images, Spy Shots » Blog Archive » Gwen Stefani’s Uniform Designs on

[…] on her fashion designing gig. The founder of the L.A.M.B. clothing line has taken on the task of designing uniforms for the workers at the W […]

jacque on

I love gwen but if she is going to design work clothes they need to be comfortable and realize that the average size of a woman is a size 12 and is 5’4. I have NO DOUBT she will forget that

Max on

I think it’s great, every scrubber should own a sexy frock.

Gwen Stefani’s Uniform Designs | Gossip Entertainment on

[…] on her fashion designing gig. The founder of the L.A.M.B. clothing line has taken on the task of designing uniforms for the workers at the W […]

whenyourebored on

It seems a little to sexy and short for an employee. Doesn’t give of an air of professionalism for sure. Plus not every woman would look great in a mini skirt all day. Especially when lifting.

li on

Ha, comfortable? BS. I’d rather be dead than have that call girl outfit as my uniform, yuck.

Gwen Stefani Designs Uniforms For W Hotels: Celebrity Gossips on

[…] has pictures of the design. What do you think of Gwen’s new fashion venture? […]

FashionGrail on

[…] Source […]

FashionGrail on

[…] Source […]

Gwen Stefani’s Uniform Designs | Celebrity, Celebrity Videos, Celebrity Photos, magazine, go fug yourself, gofugyourself on

[…] on her fashion designing gig. The founder of the L.A.M.B. clothing line has taken on the task of designing uniforms for the workers at the W […]

MY Fashion Frenzy on

I like the concept!

*** on

Well i work at a W hotel. The girls are no more then a size 6 and are in great shape. This is so much nicer and is much more classy then the ones they have now. They look like street walkers. Sorry girls.

*** on

ps– guys this is a bar in the hotel.

W Had a Little L.A.M.B. : New York Fashion Week on

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Laurel on

I have been a housekeeper/ room Attendent on and off for years and I agree that housekeepers and other hotel departments need an update on the uniforms but, I also know alot of reseach has to be done to find the right look. I wear and outfit that is too heavy in the jacket and the pants are thin. I had worn a green dress at on time and found the dress was nice. I do know that we need to look professional not like were going on a date. I would like to see better prints as well, Dark Blue and Black don’t work. I design has to work for all size women, not just the slim. Thank you LF

Christina on

It says that it is just for the female employees at the Gerber bars in the W lounges. So I am guessing the maids and front desk people will not be wearing those. Can you see a maid trying to clean in that uniform?

Janet on

It’s cute. But I agree that it’s too short to be the only choice and could be modified.
A lady wants & needs CHOICES anyway!
There should be 3 more optional hem lengths (mid thigh,just above the knee, & long sleek).
A woman can be sexy buttoned up to her neck & ankles if she wants!
It’s all what you EXUDE!
There could also be an option of cap or 3/4 sleeves (Which I’ve always loved just for the STYLE!).

G on

Cute yes – Design great – For all shapes no. Arms, tummies, lower halves! – uh uh!! Maybe with adjustable lengths and a light bright-colored or matching high wrist-length T?

shopgirl-5755 on

IS SHE KIDDING???????????? Never in a million years would I wear that ~ plus my boss would not LET me wear something like that around our patients….

LiLa on

Love, Love, Love the dresses!!! Once again, Gwen, has done it again! Love her style! She is just an awesome woman! Wish I’d work there =)

Angela on

I disagree with previous posters about this NOT being for the average american woman.

The dress is beautiful, and it is all about the fabric choice which you cannot see in this drawing. Plus, keep in mind that this is a drawing. Of course the dress will not be that short on an actual person.

AND don’t forget, we have the miracle called SPANX which,I wouldn’t wear ANY dress without!

Gwen, you can design ANYTHING for me, I think the dress is beautiful and classy. Perfect for the job it was created for! Well Done!

Angela on

Ok, people, I’m a size 10 and I would look HOT in that dress! don’t need to be a size 0 or 2! Love yourselves and get over it already.

ALSO, please note in the description…these are designed for the hotels Gerber BARS in the W LOUNGES. THEY WILL NOT BE HELPING with luggage. so, give it a rest already.

C on

It’s amazing how many of you don’t read. Have any of you ever been to a lounge or bar? Female staff are always itty bitty with zero cellulite and wearing skirts that barely cover their rears. They are taught to kneel down rather than bend over. This would be such a classy step up. Obviously not for the rest of the hotel staff. And for those of you who prefer to play the victim in your lives, making excuses for your weight, calling yourselves ‘the average american woman’, stop and think for just a moment about our nations obestity epidemic. Way to many of us are needlessly dying from obesity related diseases (Diabetes, Heart Disease etc.). It’s time to step away from the table ladies! No need to be a size 2, how about a size healthy!

trish on

I love been but did she think that not all of the workers would be able to wear this uniform without a personal trainer. Also pregnancy and bloating would be a real shocker, this is not something an everyday woman wants to wear to work, it’s very sexist too. It’s a great date little black dress and been is the queen but I’d be self concious in this little number. All the best workers.

Perfumes | Find, Bid & Win on

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Diana on

For The purpose of “luxe hotel chain’s Gerber bars in the W lounges throughout the country ” the design is very fitting!
Its a great mixture of different details. Very stylish! Very Gwen!
I’d make sure i was under a size 4 for this! =)

Gwen Stefani designing uniforms for W Hotel bar on

[…] L.A.M.B. looks would work, tooContinue reading Gwen Stefani designing uniforms for W Hotel bar Read | Permalink | Email this | […]

Gwen Stefani lanza una colección de uniformes para los hoteles W - Hiper Moda on

[…] | people Más noticias sobre: Diseñadores, Mujeres, Vestimenta Tags: cantantes, celebridades, […]

monica on

love it.
i’d like to be a w hotels staff member just to wear that super cute uniform!

Worn Through » Newsflash on

[…] Gwen Stefani will design an exclusive line of work-wear for W Hotels staff. Click here for details. […]

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