First Look: Gisele is Max Factor's Newest Face

09/02/2008 at 12:07 PM ET

Courtesy Max Factor

She’s already one of the world’s most famous models, and now supermodel Gisele Bundchen is poised to expand her reach even further into the world of beauty. Cosmetics brand Max Factor just announced that in celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2009, the Brazilian model will become their latest face, replacing Carmen Electra, who’s had a three-year run with the company. And although Gisele’s ColorGenius Face Collection campaign won’t hit magazines until October, we’ve snagged you a first look at the ad. Tell us: What do you think of Max Factor’s choice of Gisele as their newest model?

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b on

I’m wondering if people ever get tired of looking at the same models, can’t they find some new fresh faces? just a thought …

Tonya on

I love her & I thinks she looks wonderful!!!!!

Noemi on

Wow, she’s a stunner and she makes it look completely effortless.

rachel on

I actually don’t think that’s a good picture of her. Carmen Electra’s features are striking. Gisele looks bland… blah…

Angela on

I LOVE Giselle – I think she is one of the most beautiful womenin the world. I love that she is glamorous in ads & when you see pictures of her on the street she is totally normal & down to earth. I think it was a great choice!

Anita on

She’s pretty enough, but her makeup looks awful here. I wouldn’t buy it based on this!

Incognito on

I think Gisele is younger and has a great face for print. Carmen is a great actress and her sex appeal is better in action than on print.

Also, with Max Factor being as big a name as it is, I didn’t think the make up was good on Carmen Electra as it will be on Gisele.

roxana on


Judi on

Gisele, Carmen, and all of the other celebrity make-up models before them are all so beautiful! But why not use an average woman who is also beautiful, so that we, as consumers, can get a glimpse of what the make-up is really like? I know that wearing Max Factor make-up will not make me look like ANY super-model, so it would be nice to see more of a “reality” shot. Enough with the gorgeous models…. no make-up will ever make most of us look like them – ever.

Em on

In answer to b’s question– yes, i definitely wouldn’t mind seeing some fresh faces. gisele is obviously beautiful, but there are other kinds/faces/varieties of beauty out there.

i’m not overly impressed with this ad either. it could stand to be a little more imaginitive, as this photo could be advertising almost any product.

April on

i don’t like her, i think she looks two plain and she thinks she beautiful and i don’t see it.

ModRepub on

I agree with some other posts…..same old, same old. Why not use a pretty unknown?

Dawn on

She is just beautiful to look at…Hate her!…LOL

Jonathan on

Max Factor’s choice of Gisele Bundchen has the new choice is awesome, and it’s great that Carmen Electra had a three-year run with the company! Also, the new pic with Gisele was good, etc.

C on

Love it – love her! I think she’s GREAT!!!

Danielle on

Can’t they give someone new a chance to millions???

Dwayne on

I have never seen what is so great about Gisele. Her features are not striking…rather plain jane. Her body has no curves whatsoever. I saw a tranny once who has the same shape body she has. I personally would have chosen someone truely beautiful with womanly curves like Miranda Kerr.

V on

I think she is a beautiful women but this picture makes her look cheap with the boa looking thing and the poor make up job.

Me! on

I dont think she is pretty at all! But ill take her boyfriend! Mmm

Jenny on

I think she looks terrible she is not even pretty we want carmen back. gisele needs to stick with what she knows best walking around half naked thinking she knows all about football. duh!!!!!

Dana on

I’m sorry, but I have never found her attractive.

editor on

I don’t understand what the hype is around Gisele. I don’t find features all that pretty. It’s not really dainty or feminine at all. So she’s tall, but so big boned it’s not all that sexy. She’s way overpaid.

kate on

she looks gorgeous!! I think shes fabulous!! But I keep wondering, when is she gonna marry tom??!!

Amy on

She looks great! Plus she gets free make up for 3 years. I just hope that they won’t use all of the crappy faulse eyelashes like Mayballen aids do. So fake!

lea on

I really do not think she is that stunning.
She has a nice figure, but there are many other “faces” that would be more appealing.

Leigh Ann on

Beautiful…yes…but like someone else mentioned, a “fresh face” is needed. I am a gossip hound and I read the tabloids and etc. and personally, i am tired of her face! There are so many beautiful girls out there, why did they choose this one????

Leigh Ann on

Incognito, Please let me know what Carmen Electra has done to become a “great Actress”????? I am just curious…I must have missed something

Anna on

A supermodel lands a major cosmetics contract…how repetitive and boring. This photo is both unflattering and politically incorrect…faux or not, fur is out.

luvinlife on

She is truly overrated, what does Tom Brady see in her? He left Bidget Moynihan and his baby for that manly thing? Seriously, if she weren’t famous and I saw her on the street I wouldn’t give her a second look…

rose mary on

She’s not going to inspire me to buy max factor products,sorry.

Miss M on

Great Choice! She’s beautiful, its hard to go wrong with a face and a body like that!

Sil on

Pretty for a tranny, looks very mannish and harsh. The boa just tops off the tranny tackiness.

Julie on

Of course she’s beautiful but what motivates me to buy makeup is how it can make everyday people look fresh faced and balanced. I woud rather see before/after pics.

Susan on

They should find an ordinary looking girl and make her up to look like Gisele or better, then maybe I’ll consider buying Max Factor.

Paula on

Not impressed – but then again, I don’t use drugstore makeup.

Lis on

If you need a model to convince you to buy makeup…where is your self confidence? Make-up your own cares how they look..I think everyone should be happy with their own appearance before taking the word of some supermodel..(I am a model too…)I mean..I am tall & skinny like them too…but it is really starting to sadden me that people take so much to heart how these women look..have some self worth!!

RT on

Gisele is overrated and lacks charsima… I think Rose Byrne should come back and be the Max Factor girl again. After all she graced magazine covers from 2004-2006 and she has more personality and natural beauty than this woman.

Esme on

I love it. I’ve always liked Gisele,and missed her since she quit VS. Gorgeous ads,and hopefully she has to go on talk shows promoting Max Factor!! lol

Elizabeth on

It doesn’t matter to me what she looks like cause her choices in her personal life are not good. Taking a pregnant woman’s boyfriend away and leaving her to raise it on her own. Nice! Tom Brady is ridiculous as well.

Andrea on

Bravo!!! I love this picture and I think Carmen was just as good though!

Tammy on

She looks like a dude in drag! I don’t get the fascination with her (him).

Sally on

Max Factor still does testing on animals – they should be boycotted.

Alicia Valencia on

Gisele is a gorgeous woman. For a long period now, there’s been a movement to reduce the number of models used to promote/market products and to instead use celebrities (think, Gwyneth for Estee Lauder, Salma Hayek for Avon, Ashlee Simpson for Skechers, etc.) However, it’s nice to see a model like Gisele being the face of the cosmetics giant and not another celebrity. It makes sense.


Is she even wearing any makeup?

Chaunsey on

i find giseles features to be very masculine looking..
not to mention the make-up is very dull.
when you’re a company called “max-factor”, you would think they would try to enphasize the colours a little more than this.

sarah on

Ilove her, she is amazing…perfect

Gen on

The thing about her is that she looks the same with and without makeup. How many models look good with and without. NOT MANY. The makeup she wears does nothing more than play up her true features. Which is the way it is supposed to be worn.

Lana on

The bets of the world!!
She looks so gorgeous!

kate on

Max Factor tests their products on animals. I think she has enough money that she shouldn’t be supporting a company that still performs unecessary and painful tests on animals all for the sake of cosmetics.

Kathy on

She is so pretty,i think she is perfect *-*

S on

I agree she does look pretty, but I am ready for some new faces!

la on

I just don’t like her. The only reason they are using her is because of the tabloid headlines she gets.

chrissy on

What is this advertising? How to look like you are wearing no make-up at all? She looks gorgeous, but what are they selling here? Love her, but there is a thing such as over-exposure…that goes for models too!

rss on

cheap, tabloid celebrity to market cheap, drugstore makeup. Match made in heaven, maybe?

Brenda on

I agree!!! Let’s get some new blood in there. We need to have a 30/40/50 something woman showing how makeup can really help. Use less glamour and more reality!!!

morgan on

I’m sorry.. but I think Carmen Electra’s pictures were all WAY better.

katie on

She looks nice but the ad doesn’t do it for me and they should’ve kept Carmen because the company is more “edgy” and no offense to Carmen (who is awesome!) Max Factor is too low for Giselle… she should be doing Chanel or something! Not Max!

Allison K on

For as beautiful as she is… they could have made her look more stunning. She looks quite pale and almost tired… they should have done more of a dramatic look for her eyes… but as usual she still looks gorgeous… they could have just done a little bit better

Bleep on

I agree with Judi … it’s about time we see more realistic “models”. Of course, everything looks great on touched up photos of “beautiful” models. We’re all just being set up to get frustrated that we don’t look like them … we need to teach our daughters that just being the best YOU you can be is being BEAUTIFUL.
HEY make up companies … I dare you to use a regular person in your ads!! You might just be surprised.

Diana on

When you have money you can look beautiful. While Gisele is a beautiful women, come on Max Factor lets get ordinary women on your list. After all we will be buying the product. We all know that all of the pictures are “air brushed” to remove the imperfections. No one is that perfect. Lets run a contest and get some regular every day working women a chance to show you what we’ve got after all consumers like me make companies like you profitable and what they are today. The phot has to much pink, needs some dazzeling lip color.

Amy on

OK – I think ya’ll are obvoiusly very jealous of an extremely physically blessed woman. It’s like eating an oreo – they’re just yummy. Undeniable. Kind of like Gisele. She’s just undeniably beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to look like her? I compliment Max Factor and Mr.Brady on making a beautiful choice.

kitty=) on

yeah, brazillians do it better. no wonder shes one of the top models that makes more money!!!

rachel on

she would be nothing if she hadn’t gotten her start as Dicaprio’s girlfriend. Now she’s mostly in the news due to Brady. If she’s such a high-fashion model, why is she selling a drugstore product.

Sandy on

Sorry, but they need new models, She is ugly!

Sarah on

Seriously people, without all that makeup on, she looks like a dude. She has quite the manly face.

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CandiceM on

Definitely a bad choice. Max Factor is fun and edgy. I would expect to see Gisele model for Estee Lauder or Lancome 5 years from now… I think MF needs someone younger and edgier. What about Rihanna?

Courtney on

UMM! First of all, It DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE SHES WEARING ANY MAKEUP! Gisele is not the right choice for Max Factor at ALL. MF is edgy like Carmen, not Gisele.


Heather on

Never did understand the fascination with this woman. Her face is plain at best. Not by a NOSE should she model in beauty ads!

V on

I am not that impressed with this photo. She looks tired….half-closed eyes are NOT always sexy looking, sometimes they are just tired looking. The make-up colors washes out her gorgeous complexion, and like so many others have commented, she looks like she could be selling anything. Being such a major make-up brand, Max Factor could have came up with something much more striking than this. Carmen Electra’s ads, even being as over-the-top as they were, were at least memorable. This is not.

Vickie on

Gisele is beautiful – why not use her!!

Tree Hugger on

She is absolutely stunning in this photo! Kudos Max Factor!

justcuz on

i’ve never really been that amazed with Giselle. she’s physically perfect but somehow still boring.

toni valenti on

i agree with Judy. I would like it better if I saw real women, you know, the women you see on the train in the morning or in the supermarket or when you’re dropping off your kids at school and it’s raining and you just dropped 33 chocolate cupcakes….real women, living real lives in real make-up. Giselle is a stunner, but it takes an army to get HER to look that way — I see it and say why bother it’s out of my reach.

KimberlyDi on

I believe they are going after a more “natural beauty” look. I prefer that look and believe the ad is simple and classic.

Jess on

Cate Blanchett anyone?

TheFacts on

Gisele looks like cross-eyed goose. She’s the definition of butter-face. Why anyone would want to draw any attention to that face is beyond me! Put her in thongs and take the picture from the neck down!

kathy on

I need a barf bag

Gail on

I don’t see what’s so fascinating about Giselle.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Max Factor used unknown
everyday women who are attractive?? Not necessarily the plastic surgery California women, but, rather a savvy career woman with New York City sophisication/flair, or a attractive teacher, nurse, or soccer mom?

Judi on

There are much prettier models out there and she looks half stones in tis photo. Can’t see the attraction. Time we had some new faces and I won’t be switching to max factor for this. Lots better makeup out there

Linda on

I think she looks great!! Too bad Leo didn’t take the bait! Congrats Gisele!

Claudia on

Have you seen picture of her with no make up. She looks really scary with out it.

Shari on

Gisele looks like a tranny. I don’t see why she became a supermodel. There are so many other naturally beautiful women out there. Carmen is so much prettier. They could have gone with someone else – a fresh prettier face – at least someone who looks feminine.

Wong on

She looks horrible!!!

mea25 on

her eyes look sickly. What r they selling, the fur? another perfume? they should get someone that is striking, someone that would make your head turn, like Katharine McPhee. Make u want to read what their selling.

Karina on

I just loved! Gisele is gorgeus, much more than Carmen Electra.

Sam on

They’re suppossed to be selling make-up, and I can’t see make-up nowhere in this picture but the blush in her cheeks. That doesn’t make anyone want to buy their products, and it doesn’t matter if they have Gisele, Carmen or anyone as their image, if the make-up is not good, then what’s the point?

Sam on

Oh! And Carmen adds were much more atractive than this, ’cause you could actually notice she had make-up on, and looked stunning!



Angie on

I think Gisele is gorgeous and makes being natural look good (um, how about FANTASTIC). However, whoever was the make-up artist went too heavy on the blush. Lips are great, blush is too much. She’s hot though and good choice from Max Factor; she’s gold!

catherine on

i think she needs more make-up. i don’t like the lipstick

Lesli on

Carmen’s face features, attitude, and her sexiness really brought out the max-factor makeup. Sorry Gisele, but you don’t really sell the makeup.

Suzy Q on

The problem with this ad is that the makeup artist does not know color or that’s all s/he had to work with. The blush is a pink with too much yellow in it, making it “peachy.” The lipstick is pink with a too-blue tone. And the garment is a true, balanced pink. Three different pinks…not a good look and distracting, rather than striking. Just my humble opinion, but I did spend a few years in NYC as a color expert in the fashion field.

Jen on

I think she is beautiful, you go girl!

Jen on

Her eyes are to die for.

Susan on

Well, at least now they have someone who has a neck.

Jane on

Sorry, Gisele is overblown. Find a picture of her without makeup. She isn’t pretty at all. I’m so sick of her. I don’t want to by the make-up because she is the spokesmodel.

Sunrain on

Ahh… it’s kinda tiring seeing the same faces on ads. It makes things too limited. She looks great and all, but I sit back and think (and I am sure many others do)..”Ok? what’s new?”
Time for some new stuff.. with new faces.. That’s what I think.

the name ?m on

i think it was CArmen KASS NOT CARMEN ELECTRA :)

the name ?m on


David Fundraising on

nice to see a more mature looking beauty on the pages, how deep does it go?

Natalie on

Looking at this shot Gisele just eeems to blend in the picture and it appears that she only has blush on. Whenever I see an ad of Max Factor with Carmen Electra I always get that “wow” factor and now I’ll just pass the page. Boring.

Sunrain on

It’s nice, mature and all that, but it would be nice to see something different. Different in the sense, that people wouldn’t just look at it for two seconds thinking.. Gisele..Victoria Max Factor..ok
Hey, hands down to her and the advert agents for making it look incredible. However, plenty of us, would like to see more models advertising.. other than the same ones.. it kinda gets.. you know.. boring.

Jorge Arturo Valtierra Herrera on

I totally agree with MAX Factor`s choice. Gisele is one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and she looks fantastic, fabulous and GORGEOUS in this picture. I think she will give an elegant and perfect image to the brand. She is AMAZING, and the best model in the world.

jimmy on

She’s just the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen

jimmy on

She’s just the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen!!!And she’s only 28!!!

Jack on

Gisele is AMAZING! OMG! Max Factor couldn’t do a better choice. Gisele never disappoints! Max Factor and GISELE, the best! and those ads are just gorgeous.

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