Tim Gunn on Katie Holmes's Baggy Jeans: "I Don't Get It"

08/27/2008 at 02:15 PM ET

James Devaney/WireImage; Inset: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Tim Gunn is never shy about his opinions on Project Runwaycalling a dress a “pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park” isn’t exactly holding back. And when PEOPLE talked to the debonair fashion expert at the Tide and Downy Total Care Launch Party, he expressed his disapproval of Katie Holmes‘s recent penchant for fall’s new baggy jeans. “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think she’s in a dip right now. I can’t explain it.” Gunn actually sees the adaptation of the new look as a move back towards her younger look, saying “She ascended from this tomboyish waif look to an incredible sexy sophisticate. We realize how much style she’s capable of. I don’t get it.” But for those of us who are digging Katie’s baggy look (also spotted on Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston), Gunn does give us hope. “With the right shape, it can work very well.” — Jessica Gold Haralson

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Anna on

I agree! Katie is so pretty and she can afford MUCH better clothes than that! You know you’re in a slump when your 2 year old dresses better than you!

Lauren on

Right there with you, Tim. I have absolutely no idea what she sees in those hideous things, let alone why she wears them every. single. day. Yuck.

Dawn on

She said the jeans are her husbands! I’ve been married for 23 years and I wear his clothes all the time. When his away from her maybe its her way of being closer to him.

Terry on

She clearly is wearing “theatre” clothes, the devil-may-care wardrobe associated with stage actors. If she had arrived at the theatre in her soccer-mom clothes she would have looked extremely out of place in that bohemian atmosphere. She is dressing correctly for her job and the fellow stage actors with whom she is probably socializing.


Poor Katie is wasting her youth by looking like a 45 year old bag lady! Its really sad to see.

jodi on

I think it is a move in the right direction. I think it looked very fake the way she always dressed out of a fashion magazine. People should be able to wear casual street clothes too! Even Katie Holmes.

Sera on

I love baggy jeans! Thank god she’s wearing something other than those stupid skinny jeans! It’s called variety people.

Joanne Johnson on

Katie holmes is an ugly no talent loser. Her loser husband is buying her a career. The both suck

D on

I don’t get it.
Why would somebody with all of that potential dress like that all the time. I can see it ot play with her daughter in the park but i think she wears these jeans almost every day. I also liked her hair in a bob.
I thought she had matured into a beautiful sophisticated woman.

D on

oh my god! katie isn’t wearing designer clothes?! oh my god!!! she’s wearing something comfortable for once?! it’s a pair of jeans. nothing more, nothing less.

observation on

I’m with Tim – lose the ugly jeans already!

Kim on

I’m sorry, but those can’t be Tom’s jeans. He is several inches shorter than her so she would not be able to cuff them.

habers on

i love her and think she is adoralbe….dawsons creek is in her forever…haha, but those jeans, honey, just dont roll them up to be highwaters! and aren’t boyfriend jeans supposed to be sexy in a way???

J on

I actually like them, not sure if I like the pegged leg though – it’s something I did when I was in junior hight school and loved it then but I just cant quite love it. But someone else stated the pants are Tom’s and if that’s the case maybe she pegs them so the shortness of them isnt as noticable.

Kelli on

I don’t think that it is the jeans that makes it look funny it is that she ‘pegged’ her jeans like we did in junior high. That’s what I hope doesn’t come back. Maybe I’ll pair them with my jelly shoes……………..

lms on

I agree, is she not allowed to have a casual day because she is famous??? She is human just like the rest of us. She should be entitled to wear what SHE likes not what the rest of the people judging her 24/7 like.

Theresa on

Look people, anyone who grew up in the late 80’s knows that tight-rolling does NOT need a comeback. jeans, fine, baggy, fine too but for crying out loud NO tight-rolling.

Kimmy on

I have nothing against baggy jeans but the last time I rolled my jeans like that I was in middle school – 15 years ago! That should tell you something.

drgnldy14 on

I love Tim Gunn, and have no idea why he is wasting his time on Katie Homley. She and her husbad Tom Snooze need to get a life…and do it some place far away. Can’t stand them, and am sick to death of seeing them in every magazine out there.

Hot Momma on

All I can say is, the only time that I wore that look (and my height, weight, build same as Katies for most part) is when I was preggers. Too big for my clothes not big enough for materinity. In her block long closet, I am sure she has baggy dresses, leggings and shirts….but that would tip the public off.

Seriously, People? on

I love the bit at the end “But for those of us who are digging Katie’s baggy look…”

I can not see how this “style” is appealing to ANYONE. It reminds me of the rant Cher had in Clueless about how guys in the ’90’s fall out bed into their clothes, plop a hat over their greasy hair and expect girls to swoon.

And I’m with Cher on this. I don’t THINK so!

Daisy on

I don’t see anything wrong with the look, if you want to look like a 12 year old boy. And it’s never a good look when the knees of your jeans are walking 6 inches in front of you.

Cammie on

Just because Katie is a rich star doesn’t mean she can’t dress the way she wants. If you wanted to wear those jeans nobody would be all up in your case shooting criticism at you.

Courtney on

HATE them!

wohorcwo on

If they truly WERE her husband’s jeans, she wouldn’t have been able to roll up the legs. They already would have been at ther knees…

jen on

even if she looks like a bum, i’m sure they’re still designer.

she’s trying to hard to fit in, as usual.

the peg roll sucks, period!

CutestBuddhist on

Those pants cannot be Tom’s – just the length alone swims on her….can’t imagine shorter Tom being able to wear them unless he cuffed them just like she does.

Just Thinking on

OK… they look like Tom’s. BIG deal… I’m sure she could really care less what TIM has to say!

lojebo on

LOVE this look!!! She wears it well (as does Posh and SJP), and has inspired me to get a pair—I get nothing but compliments when i wear them! Come on people, it’s just a pair of jeans!

H on

Let the woman be comfortable for once…good grief, can’t a person just do what they want without being under a magnifying glass CONSTANTLY?? And for Joanne Johnson – sounds to me like you are either blind or jealous , and I would have to say it is most likely the latter…Katie Holmes is one gorgeous woman and I am quite sure that you will never compare to her on your BEST day, nor could you (I am quite sure) ever do her job. Save the insults for another venue lady.

Jessica on

In no way are those Tom’s jeans since Katie is taller then Tom and she rolls them up unless Tom likes to wear jeans 10x to big for him. Others around the net are saying they are actually from her play.

elaine benes on

I think she looks cute.

Julieanna on

Leave her alone!!!!!She looks good in whatever she wears.

marie on

loves it!

marie on

loves it! i absolutely adore katies look right now! her hair and jeans and just everything! it males her more real. i think that once she got married to tom she felt pressure to be glamo all the time bc hey its tom cruise! and i think that added to their weirdo public opinions but now i thinks shes fallen into herself and being passionate and free of the anxiety and pressure. im sure her daughters helped with that. i for one am falling in love with the cruises.

Heather on

It’s called BEING COMFORTABLE!! Why would one want to wear high fashion every single day? I think the look is cute and comfy, perfect for chasing around a 3 year old all day long!

Torri on

Geez people, give her a break. So, she’s not dressing up? We all have days like that. And she’s got a husband, so he’s the only who needs to see what she’s got under neath all those baggy clothes any way….

Sari on


Since current trends have been regurgitating the 60’s/70’s/80’s, i bet someone who manages her, be it her manager, her husband whatver..who researched and said Hey! this trend existed!..So..lets make publicity by having Katie start the newest trend..YAAAY!!!!…which unfortunatly didn’t happen…Come on, you didn’t think it was planned, even when her “best friend” skinny mini Posh (who lets face it doesn’t do baggy)-did!!! Oh the price of fame…or the hunger for it! HAHA..nice try you two…it wasn’t that easy this time to fake/create reality.

Jonathan Bodack on

Katie Holmes baggy jeans aren’t so bad! Also, Tim Gunn is entitled to his opinions about who has the better style and about jeans, and I loved his comment on the last episode of Project Runway, Wednesday, August 20, when he criticized Blayne, etc.

diana on

Katie looks great!
when i first saw her in those jeans i thought…
“wow, she IS human~”

Abby on

Who cares. She’s simply dressing comfortably and looking like a normal person for a change. I actually prefer her like this than wearing stuff that makes her look Tom’s age.

Brandi on

Love the look!!!!! Especially with the hat!!! She can pull it off if your tall. But short people we will look very dumpy!

jan on

jeans stretched in the knees never looks good – but slouchy doesn’t work with the expensive black purse. play the whole role!

Diana on

Yeah she also needs to stay away from black! I am sorry but since Tom i think she has looked horriable with her short hair and black get up.

Lily on

God forbid someone dresses casual.

Diana on

Also if they are Tom’s jeans maybe she needs to go shopping. I am happily married but you wouldnt catch me in my husband clothes!


I don’t think the problem is so much the baggy jeans. I think the problem for me is the tight rolling of the jeans. Welcome back to 8th grade at the creek Joey.

violet on

Where is it written that one must ALWAYS but beauty before comfort or personal taste? Myself, I think it’s healthy to let go of one’s appearance once in a while. Having the need to ALWAYS look perfect is uglifying, and not natural. I give my external appearance downtime regularly and as a result is that I look more refreshed and beautiful when I emerge from it. Honestly, I think the sniping and intense critiquing of others is due to people not giving themselves a little slack now and again. I applaud people who alternate looking “perfect” with looking ho-hum. It’s by far a more healthy approach, if not the norm in our pressure cooker superficial society. Think about yin and yang.

ali jones on

she looks cute! leave the poor girl alone please.

Calli on

Katie is ugly. The jeans are ugly.

Ryan on

It’s a MAN, baby!!!

“She” has finally completed the transformation into an ugly boy.

Carrie on

The jeans shouldn,t be the focus. What about those ballet slippers? Or whatever they’re called. I hate them! They don’t look good on anyone!

ellen on

It isn’t the baggy jeans that are tacky. Its the ridiculous tight rolling at the bottom that should never be considered fashionable EVER again.

Kia on

I think she looks cute.

Kirsten on

She is dressing like a normal person and looks cute and comfortable. Just because she is an actress doesn’t mean she has to walk out of the house every day looking like she’s headed to the Oscar’s! And why always pick on Katie? Look at the Olsen twins – they look like anorexic, coked up bag ladies. And why does Tim Gunn always dress like a butler, hmmm?

angie on

Maybe she would like to be comfortable for once

A on

Tim, I love you, but you’re “in a dip right now” if you think there is something wrong with Katie’s outfit.

Debbie on

Is it me or has Katie joined the “Stepford Wife’s Club?” Who knew Tom was so crazy and that he could have Katie under such a spell? She was so young and pretty looking with the long hair and now her hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Maybe it’s easier to maintain? I don’t think so, I think Tom is “koo koo” and has some sort of spell on her. He’s molding her into a prim and proper “Stepford Wife.” She will always be pretty but a bit too conservative for her age. That’s my opinion anyways.

Tamara on

Nobody is disputing Katie’s right to look and feel comfortable, but there isn’t any reason she can’t do it stylishly. This isn’t about looking comfortable: Katie looks sloppy. There’s a reason this look was left in the 80’s and it’s far below what we’ve come to expect from the usually-sophisticated Mrs. Cruise.

Alisha on

Who gives a sh#@! Wear what ya want, girl. You don’t have to be ALL THAT 24/7. If I were her, I’d wear things and do things just to pi$$ people off anyway. At least her a$$ nor her pub hair is hanging out the top of her jeans like the girls wear their jeans nowadays. I suppose that’s what you folks call fashion now. LOVE THE LOOK KATIE!

Mary on

Can’t the woman wear what she wants when she’s out and about? Just because she’s famous, doesn’t mean she needs to be “on” all the time. Does this guy always dress up when he goes out? GET A LIFE DUDE!

Lisa on

If the jeans are Tom’s-no wonder she has to roll them! They would be too short on her otherwise! It still looks terrible regardless.

Kaby on

She looks like an idiot to me!!!! And anyone can change their look with a stylist!

Spencer on

Katie would look good in anything…and nothing! (grin)
I kinda like the jeans on her.

Shannon on

yes, shes allowed to dress down and be casual and comfy, however looking like a slob is another story. No one is saying she has to wear designer jeans, but lets try jeans that fit?!

Jan on

Leave the girl alone!! Why is it that a person cannot wear comfortable clothing without being ridiculed by the media?!

Heather on

Brings a whole new meaning to the term “Getting in someone’s pants” if those are Tom’s jeans….

Mary on

Wait, what about the tight-rolling? Please tell me she’s not trying to bring that one back. Baggy I can deal with, but not that WITH tight-rolled jeans. Maybe SJP could pull that off, but not Katie.

Diane on

What cracks me up is that she says they are Tom’s jeans. I call B.S. on that! Have you seen them side by side? There is no way she is wearing his jeans and then rolling them up…his jeans are way too short for that. Give me a break. Another sham in the Cruise family.

Carolyn on

Oy Vey! such a cute girl ,in just the most unfashionable jeans I’ve ever seen, unless you are repainting your house!

Sally on

She’s trying too hard to be Vicoria Beckham, on whom the baggy jeans looked great.

abc on

at first it didn’t look to attractive but i’m actually kind of liking it now. it’s different from the millions of skinny jeans (which are still cute too but EVERYONE is wearing them).


Give the girl a break! It must be tiresome not to be able to go out in jeans and a tee without some worthless fashion nazi making catty remarks about you. Just because you have money and are a celeb dosent mean you are not like everyone else. I think the jeans are cool!

Melanie on

There’s no way those are Tom’s jeans. He is much shorter than her, so why would she roll them up. Plus, way to baggy to be his. He is a really tiny guy.

Liz on

Baggy – fine. Pegged – AWFUL!!!!!

Lauren on

…a way of disguising a baby bump?????

Monica on

It’s a time to dress-up and a time to relax. we can’t always walk around like we’re walking down the red carpet. It’s okay to let your hair down Katie being a mom, wife and actress is a busy lifestyle. So relax when you feel, you’re more human that way and not a dress-up doll.

Kate on

I LOVE HER JEANS! She is super cute.

julia on

check out Current/Elliot boyfriend, jeans and you’ll see where the $200+ jeans most likely came from. there also available thru chickdowntown.com

HauteMommaStuff on

[…] From People.com: […]

Carolyn on

I totally agree with Tim. Katie was rushed into becoming such a sophisticated woman as well as a mother and wife so quickly, that she never fully finished her fun young life. She’s enjoying her time in NY with her career beginning again and I think she’s telling us, “I’ll dress the way I want, when I want.” Good girl Katie!


Wake up people! See the light! She’s not a human earthling being! She is hiding her true identity beneath her sexy exterior just like in species movies~! She is wearing the baggie clothes to hide her alien appendeges which are molting and will eventually fall off forming new symbiotic replicants. Then she will resort back to the form fitting sexy look. That’s how they duplicate/repopulate! Tom knew all about Katies shedding flaking knee areas and was told by the ScienceCardinal go ahead that she was the chosen one. Soon they will take over our entire planet and enslave us all! ! !

Rocky on

Who cares what she’s wearing. All I can think about is getting her clothes off!

Babz on

I think Katie looks great. The jeans don’t look that baggie. The whole ensemble looks great to me.

Jim on

Who cares Tim, look at your face in the circle. Close ups obviously aren’t your thing ehh.

Nancy on

Katie looks great! Let it go, people…

KitKat on

OMG! You all need to leave Katie alone. She & her husband and baby are the MOST BEUTIFUL PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD. I just totaly love that family. Just leave them alone, enough is enough. I am so freakn’ scared they are going to separate b/c you horrible people.

LOVE YAH KATIE, TOME AND SURI. Your family is way better than that mixed up Joli-Pitts whatever family.

Teresa on

Who cares?!

quesia on

no big deal, she’s just out shopping! she’s not at the social event of the year. yes, she’s beautiful, and stylish, but can she wear a comfy outfit on a comfy day out? c’mon people!

Mary on

There’s a difference between looking casual and sloppy.

Stephanie on

I agree. I think this is the WORST style ever. It looks ridiculous. It’s not flooding where your pants the right way

Joanie on

If they were Tom’s like some folks are suggesting, she wouldn’t NEED to roll them up! (snort)

stpats on

What is up with Katie Holmes? She’s got all the money in the world and she has been looking 15 years older than she really is! Get better jeans (talk to Posh), get a better hair style and get those teeth straightened (your husband did)!

Ely on

Tim, find a real job, let any one dress the way they fell confortable, just think how much each of those pants or hand bag cost, she has what many of you may be don’t have, job, money, family, carisma, and what ever she dress she looks fantastic. Also you forgot some times they have to change ther look to avoid paparatzis.

liz on

i love the jeans. i live in ny, and i see them on a lot of people who look comfy yet kind of edgy. she’s not wearing the skinny jeans and the stiletto heels. so what? i think she looks casual, cool, and chic.

Elizabeth Hart on

Those are “designer” jeans (PRPS jeans) and the cost is around $360 a pair!!!! Yes, $360 and they look like that!!!

Heather on

I think she’s doing it to fit in more with her Broadway co-stars. Do you really think people show up to rehearsals wearing Prada gowns and Jimmy Choos?


Do celebrities have to look perfect all the time? She might not have felt well or was PMS…ing!!
Give her a break!!!

Megan on

I love this look! I think it looks really great

amber on

I am sorry but this is foul, this is not a good look for anyone.

Mickey on

I agree that she is probably just trying to fit in with the theater folks. Actually, it’s refreshing to see her look like a normal 20-something mom. The swanky designer outfits are a bit much for a day in the park or at the toy store. And I am sure her fellow thespians would not appreciate her showing up in an Yves St. Laurent suit like a prima donna.

Agalag on

Doesn’t matter what Katie wears, she’s still gorgeous! I will admit after seeing her in “Mad Money”, that she is certainly not the best actress, but she is a very attractive woman–a classic beauty! Cruise is lucky to have her and I think he knows it. She could shave her head and wear a burlap bag, and she’d still be more beautiful than 99% of the population!

mykee on

I really dont mind if Katie Holmes is wearing baggy “tomboy” jeans because honesly people she made it a fad already. As to what Tim said that he doesnt get it….well I do get his point for Katie has already transformed to a very sophisticated dresser, very Jacky O. I must say but to see her back to square one again is bit….dissapointing. But that’s her style. Kudos to Katie and Tim…love ’em both!

Karen on

…maybe she’s so gorgeous it doesn’t matter?

Andrea on

I agree with Terry. This is normal dress while in stage rehearsals. She would look like an idiot if she showed up dressed for the runway. It would not be appropriate. To be honest, it’s kind of nice to see her look more like a normal person than a mannaquin. Katie used to be cute and then she got more and more severe and looked plastic, like Victoria B does. They live in a strange world!

sharon on

To MR. Gunn it’s a choice to choose how one dresse’s, right!? Just like you choose your sexual preference, she chose to dress down .
Maybe no one has to “get it” maybe she just wants to dress down sometimes……like all of us do. She looks cute and comfy. And 99.9% of the time Katie is dressed to the nine’s, so give her a break!

kate on

ummm, who cares? why can’t she wear whatever she wants, if its comfy? personally i’d hate to be famous and have to spend hours in the mirror before going outside for fear of being told my jeans were too baggy. whatever, katie…you look great!


Gotta disagree Tim! Back when I was young these were the only things they had and was happy when you had a good figure and could find better fitting ones over the years. Nobody looks anything other then like they are getting ready to work in the yard or on a farm even lovely ones but they have every right to wear what the heck they feel like, and you are a good opinion source but why tell them with the right shape it works-it doesn’t it is just comfy!

Lulu on

She’s got such an ugly face and a terrible sense of “style”.

cats on

I guess Katie should just wear elegant dressy attires all the time??????? this is ridiculous….

Enid on

You go girl!

Nana on


blue on

So Gunn wants Katie to dress like a ho or wear gowns to rehearsals or errands day and playdays with Suri not the casual comfy look.

Pardon me for laughing out loud.

Baffled on

I am baffled too….I do not get, I think the only possible explanation is she is trying to dress down as horribly possible so Tom can fall out of love with her, i don’t know…this is just wrong…

Donna on

better topic than her jeans is when will she break free from being Tom’s stepford wife?

Catie C on

I think they might be Tom’s jeans?

Shari on

Who cares if she has jeans on. There are more important things to worry about than that. She looks great no matter what she has on….

Greg on

Maybe she likes to dress comfortably once in a while, without some moron publicity seeking old has been gay guy making stupid comments. Get a life.

Becky on

I am so glad it’s not just me who thinks those jeans are hideous. It reminds me of 1990- the “roll up” look. SO out and I hope it doesn’t come back! Katie is a beautiful girl and was looking fabulous. I can’t believe she cut off all that beautiful hair! She’s kind of looks like she doesn’t care how she looks anymore. Someone that rich shouldn’t have an exuse to look less their best.

Jen on

She looks like Samantha Ronson.

Jake on

Those can’t be Toms. If they were, they would look like shorts on her!

DJ on

Nothing wrong with wearing comfortable clothes. But, why in God’s name, does she roll up the legs?? That looks really hideous.

teresa on

MY GOD she is human….She is a beautiful young woman and working on a play. SHOOT her for not being the perfect made up woman expect her to be…She looks like an average human being. Good for you KATIE.

jenna on

Maybe katie needs to wear her husband’s clothes as she has spent toooooooooooo much money on Suri’s $500 a pop dresses fromm Bon Point!

Julie Canada on

Maybe this pic was shot on Casual Friday on Broadway. lol

Seriously, I would imagine Broadway rehearsals are pretty grueling. Why not be comfortable?

kim on

The way she dresses now, it almost gives her a boyish look. But….. maybe Tom likes it :)

Kiki on

How come it’s a new trend? Japanese girls over here wear jeans like that all the time. Since… forever?

Victoria on

Someone get this girl some scrunchie socks and high top shoes to go with her french rolled jeans and hat, she is obviously trying to resurrect the 80s.

bianca on

I totally get it!

Amanda on

She gets my vote…..

yoyo on

I love classy chic Katie but I love her even more that she’s the girl next door. My goodness one cant get glammed up everyday.
Good for her for looking like the everyday girl too. Tim Gunn lost it and some loonies here need to worry about more impt.issues like domestic problems in America and the world.

Olivia on

I had no idea being casual comfy is a crime.

mom on

Im a girly girl so this is not my favorite look on Katie but we have lazy days that we dont really care how we look. We want laid back look.
I know many tomboyish athletic women that are in love with Katie’s fashion right now. Thanks to her she can appeal to all ages and preferences in fashion and not just be one sided elegant.

tvgal on


Sibi on

leave her alone and the media and photogs should give her peace and privacy especially with her hubby and Suri

go usa on

I disagree on this one,Tim Gunne.

Jan on

I like them on her, I was tired of seeing her trying to dress for the stupid fashion magazines. This looks much more youthful, fun and relaxed, why not! At times, when dressed up, she was dressing much to old for her age, looked like she was in her late 40’s or something. She’s young, mix it up, have fun!

DJE on

I agree, this look is so ugly, however celebs think they can start a new trend and it is ‘fabulous’! Half of what they wear is just hideous and the rest of America is just laughing their asses off, not with them, at them!

cheers on


karen on

get a grip? let her be who she is. what would you be without that stupid looking shirt and tie…

Shel on

TO VIOLET (page 5): What you wrote was well said! =)

Gina on

I usually agree with Tim but not on this one!

Erin on

This is why I love Katie Holmes….she dresses for herself not to please the critics.

Sarah on

Leave Katie alone…even if she is wearing sweatpants, sneakers and a t-shirt like the rest of America….who cares!! Before you judge her, look at yourself…scary, isn’t it?

DJ on

She looks like a male hipster from Echo Park. Tom likes guys, I guess.

dana on

very cute

xfiles on

Tim Gunn: jeers
Katie Holmes: cheers

Maggie in Batman: jeers
Katie in Batman: cheers

joe on

It’s simple!She feels that she is in control of Tom Thumb now,not the other way around.Soon she will walk away.

nana on

seriously there’s nothing wrong with this. People are dying and suffering and awaiting nature’s wrath and some just worry about Katie’s “comfortable” fashion. Get a grip,people.

Sydney on

I agree with Tim Gunn! I don’t see this 80’s fashion blast from the past look coming back in style! It’s just Ugly! Katie what’s wrong with you girl. You look like you just walked off a FARM after milking cows or goats!

Belinda on

Its hot on stores so its a fashion hit not miss.

heart on

love em’

Leilani on

Mrs. Cruise does not “owe” us, her visual appeal. If we appreciate that she chooses to dress in beautiful things, often designed perfectly for her, then great. If we need that stimulation, museums, fashion shows, and fashion magazines do a brilliant job of offering us that fantastic art. Those who work in every aspect associated with clothing fashion and the industries surrounding it, are to be applauded for their craftsmanship, even those creating baggy jeans. Thankfully, Mrs. Cruise probably realizes the true importance of being “the gift that is in the box”, not the beautiful wrapping in which it is presented. I love to dress beautifully and truly understand the impact. I also know how much misguided attention it garners. Behave beautifully, and you will always look so. Blessing to all; whether you’re in hard-earned second hands, or hard-earned designer duds. BE beautiful.

peta on

Team Holmes all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

unknown on

** almost dies from laughter** is this a joke from Gunn? I heart Katie and her fashion.

ida olsen on

hei amerika ,I thing she look great forever baggy jeans or dress she wear,
stop complain ,she is allways look a beautiful nice women aeee,,,,

ida olsen on

remember she is nice women ,let her live on her dream,,,,

chef on

She is looking more and more like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O.

Steph on

I think she is morphing into Tom. First the hair now the man clothes…check out the recent pic with Tom holding Suri and Katie walking beside them…scary…

cynthia on

i have to DISAGREE with most of you…i think when you are a fashionista..you can wear anything even these so called “baggy-jeans/baracuda look”..she’s a trendsetter..i like how comfortable she looks while still looking very original…not evryone can wear this..so kudos to katie! and i have to agree w/ “terry” she’s also blending w/ the theater people..i think she would wear her usual chic outfits..she wont fit in the group….

alice on

Kathie is a strong-willed,self-reliant person..That s her to rule every situation..No matter for her what she wears..Poor Tom..

kat on

The fact that everyone is talking about a womens jeans no matter who she is, speaks volumes…is it important? does it matter in the larger scheme of things…of course not it is a pair of jeans on a rich celebrity who if was not rich or famous no one would care and we would not be having this conversation, people should tend to their own lives and correct that which makes them think that these type of things are worthy of a forum.

TJ on

she’s dressed in those jeans in support of her friend, Victoria Beckham. She came out with a line of baggy jeans. I would like them if she dressed better



Ana on

It’s not the baggy jeans that are so bad. It’s the fact that she’s tight-rolling them that is awful. Please do not bring back that horrible trend!!

lo on

She looks great in them. Not all the clothes must look sexy. She looks like a 15 year old girl in them.

Jenni Hartley on

I agree with Tim. Katie seems like a woman with an identity crisis and I think it is trickling down into her wardrobe and hair. I would like to be a fly on the wall in her closet. I think her husband with the Napoleon Complex mandates every stick of clothing she wears. She does clean up nicely…when Svengali Tom deem it appropriate. Now Suri, she has a wardrobe that I would kill for!


i can understand the baggy jeans maybe, they do look good on some people…however, rolled up like i wore them when i was in kidnergarten does NOT look good!! along with heels and socks some days even!!…also nasty

cristina on

She is playing a role… In LA and Europe she plays the sophisticated celebrity wife and mom. In NY, this time, she is playing the theatre actor with the sloppy/carefree look. I dont mind the T-shirt and jeans -I wear them all the time. But the hat? She looks like Lindsay Lohan’s girl-friend.

Tim Doesn’t Get The Jeans | Make My Diet on

[…] to People he says, “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I […]

Gen on

It is not so much the jeans, it is rolling them up and that hat. Roll down the jeans take off the hat, and put on a nice fitted or even a flowing shirt, and a nice pair of high heeled sandles.

dees mom on

i love, love, love it !!!!

Tim Gunn: Cindy McCain 'Looks Like She's Duct-Taped' And Miley Cyrus Is 'Too Tarty' | Latest Gossip, Celebrity News and Paparazzi Photos | Scandalist on

[…] Katie Holmes recent outbreak of boyfriend-jean-itis (the pegged look we all rocked in sixth grade):  ”I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so […]

jenna on

i dunno, tim, did you see sarah jessica parker’s jeans in sex in the city? i don’t love ’em either, but i think it’s gonna happen no matter how we feel…

Maggie on

I agree Tim, I don’t get it either.

hollywood in style » Tim Gunn Would Not Approve on

[…] understand what Katie Holmes’ tight-rolled jeans are all about. Yesterday, he told People Magazine, “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think […]

Tim Gunn Would Not Approve | Current Buzz on

[…] understand what Katie Holmes’ tight-rolled jeans are all about. Yesterday, he told People Magazine, “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think […]

Tim Gunn Would Not Approve | on

[…] understand what Katie Holmes’ tight-rolled jeans are all about. Yesterday, he told People Magazine, “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think […]

Tim Gunn Would Not Approve | Hollywood Gossip Report on

[…] understand what Katie Holmes’ tight-rolled jeans are all about. Yesterday, he told People Magazine, “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think […]

Jane on

I think she looks absolutely adorable!!! If she weren’t famous, this look would sooo rock on a non celebrity. Is she really expected to look like she’s walkin the red carpet with every na no second? Look at Mary Kate Oleson. She looks like she rolled around in her dirty laundry and wore whatever stuck to her. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL KATIE!!!

Jane on

I think she looks down right sweet! If it were a non celebrity wearing this, no one would give it a second thought. It’s practical and age appropriate. If anyone should be criticized for poor fashion sense, take a look at Mary Kate Oleson. She looks like she rolled around in her dirty laundry and wore whatever stuck to her. Katie…you look beautiful. You go girl!!!

ryan on

She looks to me no matter what she wears.

fanboy on

My girlfriend follows the fashion of Holmes. I have to say Mags in TDK was a failure because she’s no Katie Holmes. She didnt make the character interesting nor she ignited against Bale and Eckhart. Why will those guys be in love with her? I know Im not but with Katie she can warrant our love. Mags is also not pretty. Nurse joker was more sexier than her.

silvia on

i also agree with Tim Gunn…Katie is so young to be looking so old!what the heck did Tom do to her that she doesnt want to dress up anymore!he sucked the youth rite outa her!i love Katie but lately ive noticed shes not the same Katie her fans know and love!wake up Katie…put on some makeup baby! :)

Anita on

I think she looks adorable, and as someone else posted, fits right in with the NYC theater scene. She looks real now. I’m sure she won’t be wearing jeans to her premieres. Just about all the other stars live in jeans, why shouldn’t she?

rebecca on

i like it
at least she can pull it off
i dont cant see anyone else looking good in their husbands jeans

Pam on

Casual is fine but this look is downright sloppy and unattractive. Baggy jeans are one thing – these jeans are huge and worn out. And the main reason the look is bad on her: She’s very long waisted and they make her look very bottom heavy. I don’t know why anyone would go for a look like that. She can look “Theater appropriate” without looking like a mess. If she can’t achieve a middle ground between sloppy and sophisticated, then she’s no fashionista.

laras on

i think she looks great!

frances on

I think Gunne needs his eyes check. Also this was not a glamorous occasion but just ordinary day and she was rehearsing.
Worry about fellow Americans in hurrican Gustav
not Katie Holmes.

Sally on

I,for me is so delighted we get doses of sophisticated and casual Katie. This woman did nothing wrong dressing comfortable and casually.
Tim Gunne and some are insane to forget these are regular people that dont need to dress up formally everyday.

And some who think Katie used to be young well Dawson’s Creek is sooooo yesteryears. We all grow up and get old and so does Katie who is so beautiful and classy.IMO.

catherine on

she always looks good to me….

Rummy on

she looks so old… she’s so pretty dressin so ugly… i feel like slappin sense into her.. she’s tryin 2 hard 2 b upto tom’s standards n she’s just makin a fool out of herself.. i can’t to see who he ends up playin her with, watch it b sum young long haired sexy, girl….

Tiffany on

A beautiful lady. Her career,fashion and personal life as much as I hate to encourage the media and paps is quite intriguing. Tom and the kids are special and beautiful too.

Suri is just the precious one in Hollywood babies.

Veronica on

I think Tim Gunne is wrong.

moviegoer on

I love her style taste and she’s a true fashion and kudos to her for taking risks.

I also confess that I was mad that Katie ditch Batman but having seen the film its no wonder she didnt care because the writing on superhero heroine and girlfriends remains generic and pathetic. Rachel Dawes was just a body bag.
But overall nothing beats the original Rachel Dawes by Katie Holmes. Maggie was a poor clone and no heat between her,Bale and Eckhart.

Marlen on

I like it, she wears what she likes,

Bella on

I think she actually looks very good.She looks comfy and who cares if she’s not wearing skinny jeans?she’s going to a play rehearsal, you don’t have to get all dressed up for that.

rss blog » Blog Archive » Nina Garcia’s One Hundred Must-Have Fashion Essentials on

[…] for you and not worry about what’s the newest thing. So what’s her take on the new “boyfriend” jean? “I am all for borrowing and stealing from the husband or boyfriend, so I like it.” As […]

who cares on

I dont mind the bagginess, I mind thepegged bottoms. I love comfy, flared jeans. I don’t like skinnys though.

Dana on

I think she is looking more & more like a boy!!

Melinda on

Amen Theresa…tight rolling does NOT need to come back…how aweful was that!??! Katie is very pretty and has grown up a lot…but the baggy jeans make her look so sloppy!! Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica Parker were photographed wearing similar baggy jeans..OMG! How awful they looked! For 3 very pretty women…that look was not for them…I agree with the whole dressing casual to be comfortable…but really…a pair of sweat pants would have made them look better.

Debbie on

i think she is pregnant. A lot of women in their early months are wearing baggy clothes and or their husbands jeans, they don’t like the maternity style and don’t want tent dresses. If she isn’t then that big black top is too big too! She has no waist!

TheFacts on

Katie Holmes used to be absolutely adorable. Ever since she hooked up with wack-O Tom Cruise, this has all changed. She looks like a robotic, brown-haired stepford wife! Her haircut is molded like lego hair and her body looks elongated and lanky. She wears clothes that either make her look like she is 50+ or baggy and frumpy.

Elaine on

There are baggy jeans out there that are a lot more stylish or better fitting – those look as though they were pulled out of nowhere without trying them on first. I also believe that with anything baggy on the bottom, one should have something a bit more sleek and contoured on top.

Vicki on

I don’t get what the big deal is. I don’t especially like Katie Holmes because I think she has become what her almighty husband wants her to be and lost herself but I do feel if she wants to wear rolled up jeans, she should be able to without everyone slamming her for it. I think she looks cute and it’s alot better than looking like a stiff mannequin in some of the designer duds she wears. Give the girl a break for hecks sake!!!!!!!

Linda on

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Katie Holmes is comfortable in her own skin and does not feel she has to impress anyone other than who she wants when she wants….I say, good for her for being real and knowing she is beautiful inside as well as out….she’s a mother and a wife and I would venture to guess THAT is what comes first!!
Kudos Katie!!

RJK on

As a stage actor/director, I agree with Terry, below. She is (a) dressing to fit in with her current setting (typically you only “dress up” for the audition to show you are professional); (b) you need to be able to MOVE onstage during the rehearsal process (no minis, heels, low-cut tops) and (c) NO ONE should have to dress up all the time!!! At 56, I’m at the point where I only wear heels on stage now, and I don’t start until 2 weeks before opening. Jeez – you can’t dress comfortably when you’re older because you’re termed a bag lady and apparently you can’t even dress comfortably when you’re young, either. Leave it for the red carpet and other “occasions”

Este on

Those aren’t her husband’s jeans. If they were, they would come up to her knees WITHOUT requiring rolling up!

Celia S. Kiffor on

Katie looks normal, comfortable, and neat. Congratulations! This laidback look makes her look “real”. Celia Kiffor

Holly on

She looks so dumpy! ugh, I love boyfriend jeans but not when the knees of them are all stretched out and you have them rolled up!!!!! It’s a shame with all the money she and Tom have that he only spends the money on Suri’s clothes now…..

Tina on

I agree. I hale from the windycity but live in Denver the notorious COWtown, and it is hard for me to hold back the bile when I see the rolled out of the barn attire. Casual does not mean tacky.

Denim is not the problem, baggy or fitted. It is how you work it (what you pair it with) that makes the outfit. A person with true style Jackie O, Hepburn)is always fashionable whatever they were..it oozes out, look at Halle Berry -in jeans http://www.truejeans.com/jeans/asseenon/Halle-Berry-Wearing-Hudson-Jeans/644

It just proves that her ‘sophisticated’ style was never natural but molded/created but her rep’s and husband.

catherine on

i don’t get it either..she has money

Holly on

Whatever happened to being free to be you and me?
Most of you making nasty comments are probably not so hot yourself.

AnneMarie on

Whew! I agree with Tim. When I saw this picture I thought why, why, why would she dress like she’s wearing clothes that someone else gave to her. Someone who was no where near her size. I noticed that te baby was dressed the same way, in one picture of her in a dress everything was hanging like it was two sizes too big. What is she thinking? I would think she would have a better style sense than that. And I’m not saying this because she has money and I think she should be better, I know many people with out money that are very in s far as their style goes. You do not have to have money to dress like it. Look in the mirror Katie. What do you think about other people that you see walking around in outfits like the one in this picture?

AnneMarie on

I can’t wait to have Bonnie back on TV. Come on with it girl. I want to sing Happy Birthday and many happy returns. I’ll watch until I’m so old I can’t see anymore. All my Blessings to you.

sidney on

I like her style – Is the belt she is wearing from the design label Beryll?

College Candy » No Way! 5 Trends I’d Never Rock on

[…] Baggy Jeans and Heels. You can thank Katie Holmes for this one. Baggy, loose fitting jeans are for men, ladies. I’m not saying we need to wear ‘em skin tight, […]

KT on

The jeans look adorable, stylish, and comfortable. Skinny jeans and boot cut jeans used to get the same “OMG WTF” reaction, but are style staples today. The same goes for Aladdin pants; they’re ‘out there’ now, but a few more months will make hypocrites out of most style commentators. She looks entirely appropriate and chic for a rehearsal.

emma on

she looks hot! It’s a cool relaxed look. Lighten up people. It’s just a loose pair of jeans. It’s not something to get worked up about.

Lynn on

I love kaie’s casual look.

heather on

i think the jeans look great she looks casual and still chic. She can rock both the sexy sophisticated look and the down to earth look. she grew up a tomboy and there’s no way that’s out of her completely, she’s probably comfortable dressed like herself.

Martine on

I don’t get Tim Gunn, actually so that makes us even. She looked great when she was pre Tom. I haven’t liked her “sexy sophisticate” look at all. This suits her.

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