Crimped Hair is Back -- Will You Wear It?

08/13/2008 at 09:12 AM ET

Cousart/Ramirez/Rios/JFX; RD/Leon/Retna

When we first spotted Christina Aguilera on a photoshoot with wild hair, we chalked it up to an over-the-top editorial look. But when Tyra Banks hit the streets of N.Y.C. to tape her show with a bevy of gorgeous models in perfectly crimped hair, our worst suspicions were confirmed — along with pegged jeans and neon colors, the ’80s revival is bringing back crimped hair. We retired our crimping irons with our scunchies and fingerless lace gloves a long time ago, but considering that we’ve even seen this trend on the haute couture runways of Paris, we might not have a choice! Tell us: Will you crimp your hair? Do you like the look?

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Jen on

I don’t like the way Christina did hers, it’s way too crazy/poofy…but I think it looks really elegant on Tyra…I’m not sure if I’ll wear the look only b/c I have short hair and I think crimping was meant for long hair.

Amparo on

With highwaisted belts, neon color clothes, crimped hair coming back does remind me of the good ol’ 80’s fashion, but I don’t get too excited since I’ve seen this stuff coming for years very slowly. Now, if I saw celebrities rockin’ L.A. Gear- that would worry me more than the crimped hair =}


this is a complain nothing to do with the picture, why was the format to viewing pictures changed, is so annoying having to wait for a new window to download just to see a couple of pictures.

Ohioan on

Crimped hair has always reminded me of pheasant feathers. Tyra looks okay but Xtina looks awful. Plus we all know that neither of these ladies’ hair is real – Xtina has practically made herself bald with all of her hair treatments, and Tyra is probably going down that same path.

Lauren on

On Christina it looks scary
On tyra its cute

but i dnt think it’d look good on me

Monibrow on

Oh gosh is dead poodle hair back in style?
There isn’t a chance that I would wear that.
If everyone starts wearing that then I’ll be forced to believe that everyone is following mindless trends.

Gen on

I have to say it does look good on Tyra, but Xtina I beleieve it was for a photo shoot, and it fit the photo they were trying to do. I have really long hair and I don’t think I would do this.
So 80’s

Danielle on

I’m more into the waving iron than the crimping iron. Does that count?

Rebecca on

I hated 80 style when it was the 80s. Please, don’t let it come back!

Sonja on

Horrible! It wasn’t pretty then and it isn’t pretty now… it makes the end of the hair look scraggly and ewwwww…. no. I loved the 80’s and their are a lot of the fashions that I would love to see come back…. that, is not one of them.

Milly on

Ah the 80’s…everything does come back..huh?
I like Tyra’s…Christina looks
I did it back then and it looked cute but then again i was a pre-teen…now?? i don’t think so :D

natty on

Christina looks like Linda Hogan!

pls on


Lisa Lee on

Christina looks like a freak, I love Tyra but not the hair. This is one style they should never bring back.

Jill on

My worst fear has come true….crimped hair is back…UGH! Are we so desperate for fashion that we need to go back rather than creating new trends….

Amy Ray on

Crimped hair was awful in the eighties, and it’s awful now. Hopelessly bored celebrities will do anything to try and trendset,and I do mean TRY.

Pat Kivela on

Oh sure. After over two years of colouring, blow drying and flat ironing, let’s crimp it! Let’s totally *!@#$ it. Maybe next year, pulling it out at the roots will be in and maybe, just maybe we can then visit the Sinnead O’Connor look.

Lam on

Not if it looks like either of those two!!!!



Mackie on

Twisted (sister)XTina! Maybe she could remake “we’re not gonna take it” while she is at it!

Rachel on

I crimped the heck out of my hair back in the day. I would do it again, because I loved the 80’s, except it takes FOREVER to crimp your whole head properly!

erica on

i crimped my hair. it is so hard to do, you have to make sure each section of “crimp” follows the other! Like putting up wallpaper!! LOL
I like Tyra’s,
Xtina, c’mon, why even ask?

Fashionflyz on

I did not crimp my hair in the 80’s but I totally crimped my hair about a year ago (so did I bring this trend back). Mind you, I did not crimp the whole head, just a few select strands for a hint of drama!

Stephanie on

Oh gosh no. I lived it in the 80’s and nearly lost all my hair because of it. LOL It’s no more attractive now then it was then. As for Christina, why is it that high end designers make the models look as far out as possible? Real people don’t dress like that. LOL

Anonymous on

Hmmm…it’s actually NOT back. Wow, these pics are really not convincing. Try again.

Kim on

Are you sure this isn’t Linda Hogan, maybe a younger version?

Andrea on

I’m all over it! I still have my crimper!!!

Teneisha on

I think that Christina looks frightening and, while Tyra looks great, I don’t see myself wearing my hair like that. It reminds me too much of Barbie and her friend Kyra.

MK on

Ummm absolutely not!!!!!!1 It’s still as bad as it used to be!!!!!It’s horrible!! I would never wear it!!!!!

Patricia on

I use to crimp my hair all the time back in the 80’s. I still have my crimping iron and have crimped my daughters hair many times. I love the look on Tyra. I would do it now for going out dancing or hitting the night life. Halloween is a fun time to crimp.

Spyder on

Heck yeah, I still wear my hair crimped on occasion, but it looks more like Tyra’s…I am not into the helmet hair thing.

gggoodness on

I love crimped hair! I still have my original crimping iron from the 80’s, when I was just a little girl in spandex and lace. You know that this new 80’s craze won’t last for too much longer–so I for one plan on soaking it up and enjoying it while I can!

Penny Lane on


Roxxie on

Christina’s hair doesnt really count because it was for a photoshoot, but Tyra looks hott!!

Nonie on

Tyra looks cute, Christina looks like the bride of Frankenstein

Ashley on

HAHAHA. I like how just because Christina Aguilera and Tyra Banks had crimped hair, it’s suddenly ‘back’ in style. Remember when Christina Aguilera had that hideous crimped hair around the time of Lady Marmalade? Well it was ugly then and it’s ugly now. Sorry, but this is a stupid trend.

Lisa on

Ugh, I dislike crimped hair so badly. It doesn’t flatter anyone although Tyra did wear the hair “style” (though that is to kind a term) better than Christina who looks way too over the top.

I do remember envying my 4th grade classmate when she crimped her hair. However that style should never make a comeback.

amy on

Christina looks like a zombie bride aka hideous tyra i think pulls the look off and looks good doing it i personally would not wear only because i’m twelve an would look stupid and like a six year old i personally think that a regular person wouldn’t be able to pull that off and would look stupid it always seems that some stuff only looks good on the celebs in my opinion the crimped hair should not come back.

Gisele on

Not in a million years!!!!!

MarQuita on

I Love Tyra’s Hair!Christina looks like a wolf woman!But I love her.Her hairstylist should be slapped!I would wear this if it looked good as Tyra’s

Oh NO! on

I never follow trends anyway, but I hope this one goes away. Fast! Christina’s hair looks terrible. Tyra’s hair isn’t quite as horrid, although she looks like a drag queen in this picture.

who cares on

Crimping hair went out in 4th grade, along with leggings and mary jane shoes.

aislinn on

i for one am never going to crimp my hair… nobody should aspire to look like a human accordion. *cough cough* christina! *cough cough*
it looks good on tyra, though. very elegant–not wild like christina’s “windblown poodle” hair.

Kim on

crimped hair is not flattering on anyone.

HotSnot on

I thought this was Dog the bounty hunter’s wife!

Stella on

Tyra looks good :)

Red Sky on

It’s not cute!The “Poodle Hairdo” not very attractive.The 80’s look is coming back-no thanks.

Sam on

NO! I love the 80’s as well, I grew up in the 80’s but even back then with long hair I wouldn’t do that to my hair. I think it ranks right up there with spandex.

elizabeth on

the idea of having to peg my jeans, wear jellies, and crimp my hair mortifies me. i was 8 years old once and that was sufficient. WHY are we bringing this back?

moomus on

I think Tina looks fantastique. If you’re going to crimp it, you can’t pretend it’s elegant. It’s a no BS teenaged wild child throwout from when punk went suburbia. Think Valley Girl apres the Valley. Tyra looks apologetic.

Rosie on

No, I will never sport crimped hair. It just screams “bad hair day” to me.

Jules on

Heck, no!

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[…] Crimp it? Crimped Hair is Back Will You Wear It? […]

Kaitlin on

I honestly would never wear crimped hair it looks so unnatural like you put a dead animal on your head…I dont think it looks flattering on either one of these girls or anybody for that matter.

Dani on

I’d probably only crimp one or two strands of my hair.

paris on

christinas is out there, and although its good to be edgy that looks scary, as for tyra her hair is okay but i dont like those bobby pins attached to her look, shes not ten years of age

Heather Smith on

No! What is the point of intentionally making your hair look dry and frizzy?!

catherine on

ooh i love it. i used to crimp my hair years ago in 8th grade

Rita on

I think crimped hair only suits certain women, Tyra’s looks good. I have quite long dark hair and am keen to try this look again, loved it when I was a kid in the 80’s, so would like to dare to do it again. Aching arms and ednlessness! I don’t think it looks that bad – come on it cannot be as bad as the mullit!! :-/

I also used to put lots of platts into my hair after washing it, take them all out the next day with a similar effect – better for your hair and cheaper!! (especially for little girls)

Just DO NOT bring back the big shoulder pads – or the mullits!

Happy crimping!

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