Katie Holmes Really Loves Her Pegged Jeans

08/07/2008 at 03:03 PM ET

Humberto Carreno/Startraks; INF; Ahmad Elatab/Splash News

It’s been hard to miss Katie Holmes‘s recent style switch-up since arriving to New York to start rehearsals for her Broadway debut. Gone are the chic dresses and sleek bob — instead, Katie has been sporting a shorter, wispier ‘do and tons of baggy denim. In fact, we’ve spotted Katie in the same pair of baggy, pegged jeans multiple times in the past week! Turns out that they are the $360 “Barracuda” style from the celeb-fave men’s Prps line — in fact, David Beckham swears by them (and wife Victoria borrows them from him literally!). Prps is even coming out with a women’s style for fall based on how much women love the men’s line, appropriately called “the Boyfriend.” We know Katie is onto a huge fall trend here — she’s not the only star we’ve spotted in baggy jeans lately — but we can’t quite get adjusted to her new look! We want to know what you think. Tell us: What do you think of Katie’s new look? Do you love her jeans as much as she does?

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Stephanie on

I miss the chic Katie. I hate the pegged jeans. Baggy I can handle, the turned up bottoms make me think of high waters.

Tanya on

I’m definitely NOT a fan. I used to wear a similar style when I was in seventh grade – 20 years ago! I’m loving her chic new haircut, though.

Vicki on

I love the new hair – it makes her look her more mature! I also like the laid back look. She makes fashion look comfortable and accessible!

Karen on

This is a style I never thought I would see come back. I remember when it went out of style, and I had a hard time letting go of it. Now I wonder what was I thinking! It’s awful!

Amy on

The rolled up jeans look very 80’s. It does nothing for her. HORRIBLE!!!

tine on

I love her looking like a real person. She looks much more comfortable in these clothes than many of the other styles she’s been seen in lately.

Ugh on

This style went out 15+ years ago…lets keep it that way.

Rhonda on

She is starting to look like Tom

Nikki on

I can’t handle the “tight-rolled” bottom! Reminds me of middle school.

Beks on

It’s like Jurassic Park. Katie’s like Mr. Hammond, trying to bring back from extinction the rolled jeans look. But like Ian Malcolm said, rolled jeans had their chance and nature selected them for extinction.

Leave the rolled jeans in the past Katie! Or they just might get free and cause horrific terror on unsuspecting people!

who cares on

who cares.

Isabelle on

UGGH!! Didn’t we all learn about the travesty that is pegged jeans when we were in junior high? Her hair looks fantastic, but the jeans have GOT to go!


I don’t like her new look at all! She looks better with longer hair!

Melissa on

Definitely not a fan. I wore my jeans the same sort of way in junior high…in the very early 90s & have the pictures to prove it! (LOL) This wasn’t a hot look back then & it certainly isn’t now!

pepper on

this look didn’t look good back in 1986 when i sported in, sorry Katie but it’s gotta go.

Jean on

I like the top part of the jeans. They look comfortablee. But the rolled up cuffs? Blech. Get them tailored, Katie. You can afford it!!

amber on

Love the hair – Hate the jeans!

They make her look like a bag lady!!

kayla2 on

Not a fan of this woman or her style; to me she continues to be a “Stepfford Wife”, baggy jeans or not.

Tiffany on

A hot mess!! This is not cute. She has fell completely off.

Jessica on

She looks like she’s taken a giant step backwards in her journey to be the fashionable wife of a mega-big and mega-crazy movie star.

Amber on

I think her new look is horrible…she looks so OLD, and she isn’t. The short hair is horrible. I can’t believe that as hot as she was when Tom fell for her that he would like her looking like this…blah!

Uggggly! on

get rid the jeans. love the haircut!

T on

Someone give that girl a donut. WAY too thin.

robin on

I think they look like maternity jeans. Katie, anything you;d like to share?

Christine on

The 80’s are back!!

Wendy on

I wasn’t crazy about her short hair but it was much better then it is now! Also the pants are awful. I can’t believe that I ever wore mine that way but I was 11 so it wasn’t that bad. I hope she stops being so much older then she is. And a side note get that bottle off your toddler!

Sarah on

Love the hair, hate the pegged jeans!

Vicki on

Hate it! It’s ugly and it doesn’t look attractive at all. If you want to go short, Please, don’t do it like Katie Holmes. This is not the fashion way to go!

Lauren on

I don’t see how these jeans flatter anyone but stick-figures like Katie Holmes Cruise OR Victoria Beckham! Therefore, I don’t see them catching on in the fall. The baggy “boyfriend jeans” look has been done already, and certainly we recognize the 80s tight-rolling. Yikes!

Wendy on

i love katie! i like the jeans on HER! :)

HB on

One word: stupid

Judy on

Give the girl a break! The jeans look good with sandals, but not the heels. Love her hair.

Sum on

LAME! It was cool in the late 80’s early 90’s. Somethings should be left in the past…

D on

there’s some styles out there that are SO old, but whenever they come back they look great and chic and trendy. This is NOT one of those!!!! this is an AWFUL look and doesn’t look close to anything good looking. The only thing it looks like is that Katie (i do love her) has a screw loose and she’s not trying to set a trend, but something is wrong with her and very strange lately!

AnnieJ on


Kristin on

The jeans are cute but why oh why is she pegging them? It physically hurts me!

Beth on

I like Katie’s sleek, chic look.

Everytime I see a star wearing jeans this way, I flashback to junio high, 18 years ago. Who needs to relive that? What’s next, mile-high curled bangs again?

Sandra on

note to Rhonda: looks like Tom? excuse me but Tom wouldn’t be caught dead in jeans like that – he is tooooo sophisticated – but I do like Katie’s hair and her tops – not crazy about those jeans

thickalicious on

That’s not TOM?!!!

jennifer on

She looks especially ridiculous in the third pic, wearing the red heels with the gray tshirt and purple cardigan. What’s up with all that mess?

Holly Fax on

I hated this look in the early 90’s, and it isn’t any better now! Most women don’t want their legs to look bigger and shorter…

Lori on

I also did this in 7th grade 20 years ago also. We called it tight rolling. It looked stupid then and it still does now!

Abigail on

Uh- purply-pink cardigan and red shoes? No. And she wants to be really stylish, she can get a pair of jeans that button up at the fly and zip at the ankles…. b/c that would be VERY 1984.

Sometimes ugly and out of style is just ugly and outta style.

Mel on

Pegged Jeans are horrible, baggie jeans are ok thru the legs.

kitson on

who wears fuschia tops and red shoes??? i realize some people say her style is evolving….but is this who she really is??? she seems so different now…what happened to the girl who used to buy people cupcakes???? i

Mikey on

I can’t stand those baggy jeans and the fact she wears them everyday. She has plenty of money to switch up her clothes. Now let’s look at the shoes..Red with fuchia! Since when does that match?

browneyes902 on

She looks like a frumpy old lady, and she is getting frumpier by the minute.

Claire on

All that money and this is what you choose to wear? Wear are the high tops and jeans tucked into your socks look? Might as well also go back to acid wash!!! Interesting how she became a “classic style icon” when she hooked up with Tommy Boy. She’s adorable but no one really knew who she was when she was with that hottie Chris Klein. Tom influence. Right, Kate?

Min on

I think it has all been said about the rolled up baggys, but what about her shoe choice with the pants? Bleck! In all but pic two I have no idea what she was thinking.

Amy on

Are you kidding?? Pegged jeans?? Obviously she just wants to stay in the spotlight, why else would an ultra-rich celeb sport the same jeans over and over? Attention!! It’s so sad, and immature. This is a style that will HOPEFULLY not be catching on again, but if it does I guess I can peg my 7th grade daughters jeans for her just like I used to do at her age!

Jen on

I think this in hilarious!! We were talking about it at work. She is so cute, love the do and the clothes. But STOP pegging the jeans!! I can’t believe we did this in the late 80’s and 90’s. It certainly doesn’t need to come back!

melanie on

yep, she is looking more like tom everyday. especially with the new haircut posted today, 8/7.

karen on

Who care about the jeans…it’s just great to see Katie looking like herself again!

Maigen on

I miss the old look as well, she looks like a bag lady. I could do without the short hair as well. She is much more attractive with long hair and polish.

Penny Lane on

This look is absolutely disgusting! It didn’t look good in the 80s and it definitely does not look good now. I used to like the way she dressed but recently she’s been wearing clothes that make her look a lot older than she is. Isn’t she in her 20s?

Suziq on

I loved that look back in 1987 when it was popular.
Not to date myself, but I wouldn’t wear it again.

Not to mention $360 is a crazy amount of money to pay for jeans. How come she’s not wearing DVB brand?

Nana on

I feel that Katie Holmes tries too hard to be a fashon leader, and most of the attempts are aweful. And is she trying to look older on purpose? She looks at least 10 years older and just plain terrible. What is she thinking?

Lily on

This look brings me back to Elementary school in the 80’s but just like parachute pants this style should not come back. I do seem to remember doing that to jeans that weren’t as baggy although I don’t think that would make it look much better. :)

kelley on

The pegged jeans are from the 90’s. I did that back in high school. Her hair is cute though.

Ranae on

Ummm, no. The baggy jeans are fine but the rolled up at the bottom are very 80’s and take me back to High School. I hated the look and still do! I like Katie Holmes more Chic. This latest look is definitely a little too sloopy. However, at least she is getting a style of her own again versus copying off of Victoria Beck. Now, just to get her own hairdo……

Judy on

The look was stupid 20 years ago and it’s still a stupid look but at least it was a stupid look for teeny boppers then, not supposedly adult women now. Ditch it Katie, it’s the equivalent of the cap worn backwards on men, it says a lot about the level of intelligence!

erin on

seems to me that she is trying too hard to start a “new” trend. it is like she has the mentality that she can bring back something so tacky and people will do it because she is who she is…Katie Holmes. ugh.

Miss V on

Katie looks like a grandmother now that she’s with Tom!!! She’s only 29 years old & has short fugly hair that makes her look twice her age, & her style of choice is by far hideous!!!

Love the old Kate better!

Lauren on

Hate the new look. She looked much prettier before she married Tom C. I liked the dark flowing hair with the innocent face she had when she was with Chris. Now, she is clearly a young lady who has no idea who she is anymore. She has gone from a SAD attempt of looking like the very chic Victoria B to looking like a sloppy version of Tom C twin. I think Victoria B was having her hair cut and picking out her clothes for her and now Tom C is doing it!!.. Awful, just awful.

Jonathan Bodack on

Katie’s new look is interesting and nice. Her jeans are nice, and I love them as much as she does, even though I’m a guy, etc.

April on

She looks like CRAP!!! Those jeans remind me of my Jr high School days….tight rolled jeans……give me a break!

Lauren on

She has that look like she’s just let herself go. I used to be such a huge fan of her! She needs to grow the hair back out and dress like she used to!

Jonathan Bodack on

It’s great that Ben Stiller says that Tom Cruise has the moves in Tropic Thunder, and that it was funny, even though it wasn’t in the script, and it’ll be interesting to see Robert Downey, Jr. in the movie as an Africa-American Soldier, which looks hilarious, etc.

Debbie on

I think her jeans and look are T A C K Y !!! Also, it makes her look like a plus size. Instead of trying to keep up with or start a trend, you need to consider how it looks on you.

Jonathan Bodack on

It’s great to hear that Katie Holmes loves her Pegged Jeans, etc.

Claudia on

Not digging it. What is she trying to do to herself? Can she no longer afford to changes her outfits? I like the old Katie better. The chic look and this “man” look doesn’t work for her at all. She is also aging herself tremendously. When she goes chic she has entirely too much make-up on and the outfits are too old for her. This “man” look makes her look old and matronly and completely not sexy.

Angie on

UGH! I hate that style. As everyone has already said- it went out of style YEARS ago- and it needs to stay out of style. I realize that every few years fashion comes back in… but this is one of those things that NEEDS to stay away. I wonder if the celebrites just think “Let’s see if I can make x come back in style” Just because a celeb is doing it- doesn’t mean it looks good…

Lisa on

If she’s going to pin-roll her jeans, she ought to at least do it right!

Barbara on

The pants look horrid!

Mike on

I think this look is the look of a young woman in NY City who doesn’t know how to dress herself. My guess is the people who usually dress her are not there to do it and this is the “real Katie Holmes style”. The rest of the time her hair and clothes look like she is trying to be the clone of another person. Yes, David’s better half! The pictures above actually remind me of a look that Nicole Kidman minus the pegs had at one time. Except Nicole pulled it off and NEVER looked like a slob.

Tammy on

Ok, so I read the first page of comments. I was bored. I loved the baggy pants, it makes real women (past size 4) look fashionable. But, do we really care. Three hundred plus dollars. Try the salvation army. $10.00 max. If all of the hollywood girls would do this, they along with the rest of us could send LOTS of money to the empty food banks here and around the world. Now that’s a subject worth reading 8 plus pages.

stella on

Why doesn’t she also wear white socks pulled up over the rolled up bottoms, to complete the 1985 fashion we all used to sport? Better yet, neon socks! Wow. Obviously she could benefit from “What Not to Wear”.

Amy on

Ok tight rolled jeans went out in 1990!! i HATE this trend i think its so UGLY!! Why dont they just bring back hypercolored shirts while they’re at it….anyone remember those??

Tegan on

Baggy jeans aren’t trendy…they just make you look like your pants are too big to stay up. For Katie Holmes, they just emphasize how disgustingly skeletal she is.

mia on

I hate that haircut she looks like she aged 10 or more years
she used to look great with her long hair and young and now she looks old and cold

what happened to the smile she used to have all the time and she hardly ever touches her husband when before she was all over him,

L on

First- two words: Hypercolor t-shirts.
Second- She looks bottom heavy, not booty-licous. And we know she has a booty in those pants somewhere.
Lastly- heels? No no no Mrs. Cruise, not with those jeans. You need some x-tra tuffs.

Nicole kid on

I think that she might be hidding a pregnancy under those baggy pants.

Hillary on

Some things should remain in the past and tight rolled jeans are those things. I’d rather see big hair and baggy sweaters instead!

Pamela on

What is she thinking? She can dress comfortably while still wearing something that flatters her. Those jeans do NOT flatter her at all! She has an amazing body…she can wear anything, yet she wear jeans that look 3 sizes too big.

Rae-Rae on

I was born in the ’80s so I don’t remember when this was in style… but it is absolutely terrible! There’s a reason it didn’t last (and a reason my generation doesn’t know about them). Adorable hair though.

Emily on

Good grief! I appreciate her being much more comfortable, let’s face it ladies, we all need more comfort, but this is not the right direction. If she starts wearing socks and pulling them up above the jeans, we are going to have some serious issues!

Chris on

Love the jeans, hate the hair. She has way gone downhill since she married Tom. Also has anyone else noticed that her 2 1/2 year old still has a bottle? My kids were off of those before they were a year old?

L on

Love it! Looks comfortable and good. She looks great all dolled up, but also casual. Way to go!

RC on

Ick……not only does she look like she’s at least 40 years old, those pants have GOT to go. They are unattractive and ill-fitting. I can’t imagine spending as much as she does on clothes and yet looking as awful as she does.

Sarah on

Well, pegged jeans went out of style a long time ago. And as famous as Katie is, I don’t think she can bring them back. Bad fashion choice. Love that haircut though, it is very cute.

JA on

Three words: Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

C’mon Ka-tie!

sharon on

OMG…i Hate the hair and the jeans…..YICKKK…why :S

Vikki on

I think She is spending to much time on her clothes and not enough on her 2 + year old still sucking a bottle !

kimberly on

Who gives a crap about what she is wearing?? I am so sick of hundreds of pics showing what she is wearing, and asking what we think…It’s stupid.. I’ll tell you what I think about her daughter that is over 2 years of age, still sucking on a bottle..Get rid of it…I would be absolutely embarrassed to go in public with her sucking on that stupid bottle…

Lisa on

I am not a fan of this style at all. I wore this in high school. I’m not a big fan of her shorter do either…and what is with Suri still drinking out of a bottle? Every picture has her holding onto a bottle. I’m not expert, but isn’t that a little old??

Andrea on

Does she pin them too? Holy balls, this is a style that should NEVER EVER come back. I remember being on the bus when I was in elementary school and girls pinning their jeans. YUCK! What is she thinking? She doesn’t need more publicity – that’s all I can think of as the motivation to wear them like that. ISH!

Coco on

YUCK!!! YUCK!!!!YUCK!!!!

angie on

I don’t really care for any of her new looks she was so so much prettier and cuter when she first started dateing tom. Now she just looks to old for her age!

Stace on

I think I am having flashbacks to 5th grade-9th grade lol! Wont catch me doing it….takes too long to get em just right lol

Jaime on

Um… they are so 80’s. Not liking at all.
And the 80’s… they weren’t a fashionable era.

Dottie on

I like the way she looks in the second picture.

Tiffany on

All I need to say is EWWWW. I think the rolled bottom is RIDICULOUS looking and the baggy thing is totally unflattering on someone with such a cute figure.
The third picture is just plain AWFUL. The cardigan thing, the shoes that clash…. what is going on with her??

Erin on

I love everything she does! She is truly the next Jackie O!

Jobi on

I’m happy that she looks more comfortable with herself. She looks like she likes what she’s wearing and that’s all that matters.

Casey on

Hair looks better in this natural style. The jeans are all bagged out at the knees and look terrible — for $360 yet! Did she forget to pack another pair of pants???

Karen Cooper on

Who really cares what she wears???? Is it really that big of a deal?

doreen on

Whats worse is her shoe collection. Would you ever wear bright red shoes with a magenta colored top?

Ashley on

You heard it here first… She looks pregnant! These jeans aren’t a fashion statement (which is a good thing, because they are not fashionable at all), but a way to hide that belly!!!

Mark my words…

Autumn on

Tbank goodness I am not the only one! She is looking more and more like Tom all the time. Top Gun anyone???

ld on

It’s AUGUST in NYC!!! Why is this idiot wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts every time they take a pic of here there? It’s AUGUST for goodness sake! What is wrong with her? And why is her 28 month old toddler STILL drinking from a bottle? She needs some parenting classes.

Brooke Stone on

Burn Those God Aweful Jeans and that Horrid Oversized huge pink Sweater Thing. YUCK!!!

Elidiana on

I love this look.She has a great body,she is tall and this look fits very well.These clothes are for here ,for her age.She looks her age with jeans and sportive clothes.With classic clothes she looks older than she is actually.I am her age and i love jeans, i have plenty of them,and i still buy new jeans.

Laura on

This look is HIDEOUS! It does nothing to accentuate her fabulous body. This is one style from the 80’s that should NOT come back!

Jamie on

OMFG…. hideous. I draw the line here. The “TIGHT-ROLL” was bad enough the first time around in junior high. I can vividly remember the first time I went out w/out tight-rolling and it was pure freedom! Never again. Sorry Katie!

Jamie on

STOP…HAMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t resist… is Vanilla Ice gonna pop outta those jeans?!

Patti on

I really like Katie Holmes. She is gorgeous no matter what she wears.
The baggy jeans definitely look comfortable and I can understand the attraction but but I don’t get the rolled up bottom. Looks wrong to me!

Shadow on

Love her hair…hate the jeans!!!!

terri on

LOVE THEM. They are comfy and look kind of 80’s- effortlessly chic and sensibly stylish. I think Katie is demonstrating her wide (literally too!) fashion sense through mastering the fussy dressed up realm, and the relaxed, dressed down styles.
You rock Katie!

lean haris on

I never thought I’d see the 80’s trend of rolled jeans be worn by anyone who was unfotunate to wear them in the first place. Besides their horrendous look, they are quite cumbersome to keep together… roll, roll, roll… too tight, not tight enough… roll again.

Samantha on

She looks dumb. Who cares what she is wearing anyway?

Christine on

Awful clothes and shoes. I am 39 and I would not have been caught at my local mall wearing the outfit on the right during any month or year of my existence. It’s old ladyish, 80’s, unflattering, fattening, and cooky. Come on sister, you are married to freaking Tom Cruise! The hair is cute but she has a nice body, nice long jeans a la hip, a bit flared, was always and still is a much nicer for ladies.

kris on

The jeans look hideous. Katie looks terrible lately. Pale, sickly, run down, etc. She looks like she never sees the sunlight or sleeps. She needs to grow her hair out, get some sun, wear a little makeup, and throw out those ugly jeans.

Renie on

Love the haircut but not the pants. Love the handbag, too. Who’s the designer/brand?

Maria on

I miss her long hair, her carefree spirit and her HUGE smile. We never see it anymore…:(

Katie M. on

I cannot believe that a fellow Katie could be wearing clothes like these! They are not flattering, not stylish, and most of all not for anyone not living in the 80’s. Please let Katie come to some of her senses and at least grow back out her once gorgeous hair too!

Rita on

Katie always looks great!! Love the hair, like the jeans. Rock on Katie!!!

Roberta on

I don’t care what she wears as long as she gets that bottle out of Suri’s mouth! I was excited to see a photo of her pushing Suri in a swing in a park. No bottle in Suri’s hand but, low and behold, Katie was holding it! Could someone please buy them some sippy cups?

Kathy H on

Fortunately when this look was in vogue the first time around, I was already past the age where it was appropriate, a fact for which I was very grateful as I loathed the style then. Rolled-up cuffs look like you are wearing ill-fitting hand-me-downs and that you cannot afford to have them altered. I’m still shocked and appalled that so many of the awful 70s and 80s styles are coming back – did we not learn anything the first time around???

I do like her shorter, whispier hair, although I do think her hair is a bit short. I don’t advocate she go back to the long locks she once had, but a nice shoulder length style would complement her nicely.

I still say the original Katie Holmes is long gone and what we have now is this Stepford Wife -Cruise Wife creation that bears little resemblence – in style, personality – in any way – to the ‘real’ Katie Holmes. I keep thinking she’s going to wake up one day and realize she’s under some spell where Mr. Cruise is concerned and will grab Suri and head for the hills. I can’t imagine anything worse than being married to Tom Cruise.

Nonetheless Katie, do yourself and all of us who have to see your picture every day and lose those horrid jeans! You have a wonderful figure underneath all that extra denim, wear something that flatters you and shows it off please!!

Jamie on

She looks like a freakin IDIOT. Trendy?? I think NOT. Is this what the robot Scientologists are wearing these days? LOL

claire on

I miss the cute Katie Holmes. why is she aging herself?? She always looks tired and her hair short AGES her!

Lara on

She’s a working mom, cut her some slack. As long as they are healthy and she is a confident and loving mom to her kid, that is what counts. If she has that, who cares what type of jeans she wears!

Katie Holmes’ cross dressing | GossipBoulevard on

[…] They are apparently called “Pegged Jeans“. I dont know what that means but Im sure it has something to do with Tom’s […]

Nat on

love it!!

JP on

she looks absolutely ridiculous…….

Jobi on

Katie Holmes is hiding a baby bum.

Stella on

I got one and its very comfortable….

cheers on

I love the Katie evolution. She is so classy and daring. That is fashion as in taking risks. Even with the ups and downs if you love it stay with it.

Hannah on

Thank you Katie for thinking of us womankind who are on the tomboy and athletic side. You took care of the feminine ladylike classy women so now its our turn.

emergency on

Is this style out now?

Which stores and what shops online?

My daughter wants one.

Gina on

Not a fan but it fits her. So jealous this girl can look good in anything even in those weird jeans and short do.

dolphins on

Katie reminds me of the Jackie O days and even when actresses like Ingrid Bergman,Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn sported the shorter dos marking feminism back then.

I love when women can look beautiful channeling their female and manly instincts.

Tina on

this look is terrible and i cant stand it. it makes her look so much older than she actually is!

Angel on

I don’t like Katie’s new look at all! In fact, I compare it to Paris’ new slob-grunge look…Seems like some ladies can’t help but copy their man’s style…So NOT a good idea! :)

Majo on

i know i should hate it but… i think she looks really cute! i dindt like them at first but now i think those jeans look good on her… i think they´d only look good on really skinny girls though!

KCW on

Loves Katie’s jeans! They look very comfy. Too bad she looks like the spirit has been sucked out of her. She looks older and older and more and more sad with every picture taken.

Shannon on

Only Katie could get away with this look– anyone else would be put on the “worst dressed” list!

gail on

Im getting one to go with some nice shoes I have.My friend at church looks so chic because she is so tall like a mode.

liberal on

As Posh would say “its Major” from Paris Hilton ” its hot its cool”.

Veronica on


nerd on

Im for it because Im the type so shy about my legs. Good job Katie.

Robin on

I LOVE THEM! And, I think she looks fab! It’s nice to see her ‘casual it down’ and be a little funky like she used to look. This is L.A. people, where EVERYTHING goes. I have a 25 year old pair of Levis that are my favorite jeans ever. I tried them on today and rolled up and they look just like this and I LOVE THEM STILL! They just need a little patch on the butt. Katie, you look so great, keep it up!

80s girl on

Is it just me, or does Katie get older and older looking everyday? (And, no, it’s not just because she IS getting older. Please don’t go there… it’s not the point.) Anyway, each haircut and change just makes her look several years than the previous look. She generally looks fine to me – just not age appropriate. I guess she has to play Tom Cruise’s old woman…?

Sophie on

I don’t understand why everyone cares about appearances. Give her a break! She has other things to worry about. I actually like the look.

April on

I have hoped and hoped that with past styles coming back, the pegged jean look would NOT ever ever ever return. Don’t help bring it back Katie!

jenny on

i don’t know if she looks more like a guy or a lesbian just gross to me

Irene on

Katie looks relaxed and comfortable.

Anna on

Reminds me of middle school. Enough said…

Emily on

way kewl

starbucks on

Yeah baby the 80’s. Katie brings rolled pants sexy back…..

gothamite on

She is pretty as always. I hate this look only because I cant wear it. (lol)

on a sidenote: Lots of people missed you in Batman because you’re a better actress and so much more hotter than Maggie Gyllenhaal. She didnt exude chemistry with Bale too.

paula on

Im having Jackie Kennedy dejavu when I see Holmes.

Samantha on

I like the jeans and her haircut.
But I love Katie more.

Alice on

U-G-L-Y, this is bad. she is starting to look like a man. Some people in hollywood are way too trend crazy. They live and feed on these trends, even if they are ugly, stupid, and ridiculous. Why would any woman want to wear these manly, dated, baggy pants. Fashion is suppose to make you feel sexy, not dumpy and frumpy. Some trends are cute, but this one is down right absurd.

cls5527 on

I haven’t seen rolled jeans since the late 80’s maybe early 90’s if you were still a child. This look is awful/

Tina on

What a dweeb! Not all trends should be followed, unless you’re a sheep with no mind–or style–of your own. The only thing worse than this was seeing her at the beach (with her toddler) in heels. Give me a break!

stars on

I think this look would look a lot better if she didn’t roll them up like that. Baggy jeans actually look kind of nice on ladies, with fitted tops. But when you roll up the ends, it looks messy and weird.

Amanda on

She does kind of resemble Tom! I hadn’t noticed it before. And she does look a lot more comfortable and her hair is great. The jeans, though, have got to go. Pegged jeans were popular when I was in middle school. It was a mistake then and it is a mistake now!

dj on

must buy

abba on

Rock em’ Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

delta on

I think she’s a doll very much like Suri!

Mera on

I confess Im a Katie Holmes copycat from her shoes,hairdo,makeup,jeans,purses and her sunglasses. I just cant have my own Tommy.

I got hooked with cupcakes because of Holmes.

jollibee on

Im curious more about her sandals and Dorothy shoes.

MizzJ on

Ugh, this look is terrible. This is something that the parents wore on Dawson’s Creek! I hope this trend doesn’t catch on.

Leigh on

I love her look. Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Stepping out of the typical starlet box? Props to her for trying something new. And JCrew is doing the same thing. They’ve had photos recently of models with the legs rolled up. She very much looks like the fashion plate she has become in the past couple years. Go Katie!!

Leigh on

coco on

so 1987!!!!!! blah!
if girls start to wear this now I’ll freak out…Hollywood got it wrong again.

Kors on

I am finding she looks frumpy lately, she used to dress so chic. And there’s something in her face that is expressing sad in alot of pics. Wonder what’s up with that…? Even though her hair looks good short, I thought it looked better long and was more age appropriate.

Louise on

The jeans are horrible. It’s not flattening at all. I love katie’s hair though, very sleek.

Amber on

I love that she is doing the more casual look but did she borrow these jeans from Tom? She looks like his female twin lately. Also, why is Suri at 2 years old STILL USING A BOTTLE?!

Gen on

Okay,come on Katie what is wrong with you, I never really liked her style anyways, but this is bad. If she is trying to attract attention, well its the wrong attention. Victoria please help her, her hair not good, she looked way better with long, or even the 1st cut she got. I am supprised Tom has let her get this way. Girl needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!FAST.

Gayle on

Wow, Katie is so beautiful. I love seeing her BE who she wants to be despite the microscopic criticisms from others who apparently feel compelled to try to take that away from her. On one hand it takes strength to maintain confidence when so many are trying to undermine it – on the other hand it’s easy to see the ease with which one can simply ignore the petty minded whose lives are not what they’d like it to be and because of that feel the need to tear down those whose lives they think are better than theirs. Rock on Katie in your comfort clothes – I express my fashion self in “comfortable” too!!

Susan on

Love the way she looks and think she has incredible style. Lucky she can pull off rolled up baggy jeans. Please let readers know where they can buy these jeans!

Chic Mommy on

What happened to her style? I have 4 kids and manage to look more together than that?!?!
I liked the old style!
She looks as if she couldn’t find anything else to wear for the day and just threw something on from the “whatever” pile!

gwennie on

NO! Nonononononono!

The hair is fine, but the jeans? Allow me to reiterate:


Bob on

Definitely not stylish. For style, check out Posh or Lucy Liu.

EChizzle on

I like the peg jean look on her. It looks cozy, casual and laid back. The hair style is cute. I could never pull something like that off.You need height to pull that look off. I could never pull that off. I’m 5’2 and 106 pounds. I would feel too skinny. Yuck.

Amelie on

This look isn’t her best. I hope the rolled jeans don’t make a mass comeback, the style was bad on the first go around … let it die!

Ohioan on

I wouldn’t have minded seeing her in this look once, but three times in a row? Come on. She looks like a slob. Her hair cut is a mess and has no shape to it. Why not just wear some jeans that fit – we know she has some! – or maybe she really is turning into Tom, wearing his clothes, getting his haircut…who knows what’s next.

Robyn on

Totally awful! I hate pegged jeans!! She looked so much better with the sleek bob and more fitted clothing.

Heather on

I hate those jeans with a passion. What happened to the girl next door Katie? Ever since she married Tom and became a mom she has just gone down hill in looks. She has aged tremendously.

» Katie Holmes’ cross dressing CELEBRITY SLAMMER!!!: on

[…] They are apparently called “Pegged Jeans“. I dont know what that means but Im sure it has something to do with Tom’s […]

Astro on

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Melissa on

Ummmm the tight roll is NOT COOL. It died in the 80’s and it should continue to lay to rest. It is not cute.

Jodie on

UGH, burn them! You look butt ugly Katie.


Yuck…yuck, yuck, yuck. Where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them?

Anna on

I remember those baggy jeans over 25 years ago, when I was in junior high. I loved them! However, it is not for everyone – they look best on skinny women. They do look good on Katie Holmes’ figure – tall and slender.

Layla on

Those look like jean colored sweatpants. It’s as though she is continuously trying to accessorize a pair of old sweats. Comfortable, maybe. Fashionable, never.
Yes, she is starting to look a lot like Tom. Ditch the 80’s jeans, that bulge in the front is not flattering.

Irie on

seriously, I hate when trendy people try to bring back the old styles that are from when they were a kid- she is the same age as me and I know that she wore her pants like that in 5th grade…why bring it back??

but the hair looks fab!

Stephanie on

Well, $300 plus for those? They look like something my mother wore when she painted our apartment in the 60s!

LRS on

i just saw rachel bilson sporting the same style and it looks baaaad, but on katie i think it looks alright (though i do hope this wouldnt be a trend). And i love her new hair do!

Bran on

wow- she looks so silly in those pants…

BB on

Chantelle on

The jeans are awful looking! I don’t care how much they cost-I wore my jeans like this 20-count the years…TWENTY years ago in jr. high!
I thought it looked good then but it really didn’t and it still doesn’t look good now.
Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you can dress yourself…

Jenna on

i like her hair, but the pegged jeans have got to go. i never really bought the whole “chic” katie look, so it is nice she is “dressing down” if that is what you call it in $300+ jeans! It would be nice to just see her in a pair of jeans that fit her and a flattering tee or something. she doesn’t have to go back to her slob style, but she shouldn’t be poshing it up to be a victoria beckham copycat either, which is exactly what she was. the poor girl. i think she is confused and probably doesn’t know what the heck she has gotten herself into with tom and is just trying to find herself. (NO person raised in church or not, if they are in their right mind can possibly believe we all come from aliens and are awaiting a transformation to a higher celestial power. she must be so freaked out at what she has done)

jeni on

She was so much cooler before she married that freak Tom Cruise…we miss the old Katie! and put the jeans back in the closet next to the leg warmers and hair krimper please!!

BAM on

She looks horrible. She has always been homely but her new haircut makes her even uglier. The outfit is stupid and she is a nobody.

missi on

I believe we called those “donut cuff” jeans back in the day…just say no Katie!!!!

Christina on

I love Katie’s look. Since we all know that trends complete their circle of coming back around, I feel that she is being fashion forward and ahead of the curve. We all know that we will wear this look, right? By the way, LOVE her new do!!!

Dance Girla on


Heinous on

Hopefully this isn’t a fashion statement, just a sign that Katie’s been too busy to get to a laundromat/dry cleaner lately.

lecraftygirl on

i’m sorry, but if she were just a regular person, glamour would have blocked out her eyes as a huge DON’T.

Alisa on

I love the jeans and her new style. PRPS looks soo hottt and I cant wait for it to come out in womens.im counting down the days!!
Way to go Katie!

EC on

Not too sure about the rolled up look – but I don’t mind it. Love the baggy jeans!! They have been in for years overseas – and alot of the trends that become popular over here can be seen overseas before..and they are soo comfortable :)

sylvia on

I miss the old Katie – remember the cute girl with the long hair!? She looks so old now I can’t believe it’s her. And the jeans are so not a good look.

Ann on

Those jeans are ridiculous. Is it that little Scientology alien dressing her?

janae on

where can i find the baggy jeans victoria beckham is wearing in would you wear those trends?

Britney8328 on

I think Katie USED to be so gorgeous, NOW she just looks horrible her hair, her style, its all terrible … We can just call her Katie Homely !

Andrea on

All I have to say is “frumpy 60 year old school teacher”

Amy on

Y is everyone giving her all the credit for this new hair cut?? Kate Gossling (sp??) (John and Kate +8) has had it FOREVER!! and its always been cute.

sparky on

She looks like she’s 46.

Nic on

this look says she’s given up and no longer cares

Karen on

If I paid $360 for a pair of jeans…..I would be wearing them all the time too!!!!

Maggie on

OMG Katie Homes needs to get rid of these jeans. I think the baggy look is so not classy. She should try skinny jeans or something that at least fits her body better. I’ve got this great pair of jeans from House de Lux in NYC- you should check it out sometime if you’re ever in the city. Their jeans fit so perfectly!

jasmine on

If she likes her jeans, more power to her! It’s not all about being stylish…I mean she’s a mother, a wife, an actress, ALWAYS in the spotlight, she should be able to wear her favorite jeans if it makes her comfortable. It’s not really that big of a deal…they’re only pants!

jasmine on

Plus, I always felt that the chic style (even though I like it) never seemed like “her”. It always felt fake and forced to me.

shannon on

Hey everyone look its Captain Caveman.

Dody on


mari on

tine honey, no normal person would wear pegged jeans unless they are walking along the shore or relaxing on a boat :) the stars who are into this trend should fire their stylists. by “resurrecting” this style it shows their lack of creativity. either that or they were just to lazy to actually use their brains :)

Celebrity Opps » Blog Archive » Crimped Hair is Back — Will You Wear It? on

[…] gorgeous models in perfectly crimped hair, our worst suspicions were confirmed — along with pegged jeans and neon colors, the ’80s revival is bringing back crimped hair. We retired our crimping […]

Godammit, I’m Mad! » Blog Archive » Fashion Victims Unite! on

[…] you find yourself craving those stupid rolled-up boyfriend jeans that Katie Holmes has been bothering us with? Don’t worry, you’re just reacting like a consumer, […]

Heather Smith on

These jeans are horrible. They do nothing for her great figure!

RinM on

Those are hideous… Please don’t let this catch on!:X

doglover on

looks good on her

sm on

Katie looks hot no matter what and what she wears always sets a trend…..

Antonia on

I’d love to see a return of the happy go lucky girl Holmes seemed to be in 2004. Marriage to Tom Cruise and instant motherhood has taken its toll. I rather suspect that taking a breather from the fashion icon she has become is rather healthy. Remember, Katey, it’s the inside of the person that matters. A happy person inside can wear anything–their spirit still shines through.

I also think it’s unhealthy to dress her daughter so flamboyently. Put her in some nice Hanna Andersons, Baby Gap, etc. It’s insulting to the children in this country that go to bed hungry while Suri is dressed like a queen.

Kinjal on

I lvoe them. Where can I get a pair??

Shopperati -- Your Link to Great Shopping on

[…] now: We’re back to baggy. And if you’re a slave to Katie Holmes’ fashion sense, pegged jeans, too (photo from […]

Mindy on

She looks like Tom.

popology » Blog Archive » Pants Party on

[…] Katie Holmes Denim Debate 2008 Katie Holmes Ditches Skinny Jeans for Boyfriend Jeans Katie Holmes: Jean Watch Continues! Katie Holmes Really Loves Her Pegged Jeans […]

Helena on

I love IT:)!!! its the New look

mjausi on

I don’t like everything she is wearing, but sometimes she’s just the best with what she puts on. These jeans are sure one of my favorites with high or flat heals.

Laura on


I never would ever think to wear high hills with those pants, I think they look wonderful and comfortable, I totally copied her stile..
and guys: That rolled jeans are just a great great idea!!!

Jeanne on

I love the baggy-pegged jeans! I have the same style as Katie..and believe me..the style is conformable. But Katie can throw a really cute Cardigans or just regular shirt. Amazing Katie! I support you!

14 of 250 « The Pretty Year on

[…] (at which point I was apparently already waaaaayyy  behind the times).  I pegged my jeans.  Yes, it’s being done!  And it looked cute on Scarlett Johannson, so why not […]

heather on

she looks so much more comfortable, and like she really is being herself here

big and tall on

Love Katie…but in this case the jeans defenately not a good fashion statement,does do nothing for her.

14 of 250 « The Pretty Year on

[…] 1991 (at which point I was apparently already waaaaayyy behind the times). I pegged my jeans. Yes, it’s being done! And it looked cute on Scarlett Johannson, so why not […]

The 40 Year Old Intern « Perils & Parallels on

[…] pegging one’s jeans at the ankle for that unflattering tapered effect was cool (and no, not two years ago when Katie Holmes was doing it—I’m talking about the FIRST time around). I also told them that I have two little boys, […]

Would You Wear High-Waisted Jeans like Katie Holmes? | Joiner.ro - Indexare gratuita feed-uri RSS on

[…] back in 2008 when Katie Holmes started rocking rolled-up, baggy jeans in a look that even Tim Gunn didn’t […]

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