Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn Line Hits Kohl's!

07/18/2008 at 03:12 PM ET

Courtesy Kohl’s

It’s the battle of the celebrity designers! In the same week Rachel Bilson and Justin Timberlake appear in their own ads, Avril Lavigne debuts her line! The rocker chick’s Abbey Dawn juniors sportswear line is now available in Kohl’s stores near you. Avril’s first clothing line is definitely filled with her signature style — from rock ‘n’ roll printed T-shirts, plaid shorts with pocket chains, suspender tees, tiered mini skirts and even hoodies. The best part is that nothing in the line is over $40 this season. You can shop Avril’s whole Abbey Dawn line right now at kohls.com Tell us: What do you think of her line? Would you buy it?

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Kim v on

I don’t like her much, but I do like the girlie punk look. I’m a little old for it now but if I were a few years younger, I would probably check it out.

Gen on

I don’t like her music, or her style to young looking for her to wear

Jane on

Well it’s nice that Avril is expressing herself and not just designing a line like some other stars, where the clothes have no originality or uniqueness.

It’s not exactly my style, but go Avril for being true to herself and her style, and not just blending in with the rest of Hollywood.

kristie on

you can already find all of the things she “designed” at any hot topic store.

Wendy on

i’m so checking it out at Kohl’s , plus i love Kohl’s!

Socialite Dreams on

lol, i agree with kristie….just like with LC’s line looking like the plainest things from Forever 21, i’d imagine that avril’s will just look like the same “want to be different and cool” punk stuff from hot topic


cutiee on

yea i would cuz her style is realllyy kewl >.<

Claudia on

Heck yea I would! If it fits right, and isn’t way overpriced, then definitely, I like the look of it. Not a fan of her music, but she’s got taste in clothes…

Fashion Frenzy on

We like her style. :)

Lisa Mari on

I don’t like her much either. Also, I would never buy her clothes because what she wears herself is not that cool. Khols sucks too! The quality of the clothes at Khols is crappy and they are overpriced. Even though Avril’s line is supposedly not priced over $40, I’d rather shop at a good will or thift shop where I could get better clothes for a fraction of the price. Who would buy her clothes… no one even buys her music?

G.M. Powell on

I would buy her line (I thought the hoodie with the ears is adorable), but I am assuming that I will not be allowed to, or will my 13 year old grandaughter, because we are not a size 3. Come on, make clothes that we goddess sized women can wear. We probably would spend more money on the clothes than the so called “normal” sized would. And there are a lot of us out here. Hear out voices, and you will get our money.

AuRevoir on

This stuff looks cheap and it doesn’t really stand out. It looks like something you can buy for 7.99 or 5.99 dollars in some cheap mall, inside a pile of no-more-fshionable clothes.
The only thing I save is the tee with the suspenders design which is pretty cool.



Night on

These clothes look like garbage..one wear and they will be on the GoodWill pile. This girls star has burned out…maybe she should think of going to college instead of making boring teen music, and designing clothing for 12 year olds.

rednexmama on

Wow, let’s go party like it’s 2003! Could this crap be any MORE dated?? I was willing to give her a chance, I was, but this is the kind of stuff that even my 12 yr old niece from a hick town in Alberta, Canada, wouldn’t wear because it’s so out. And she wears t-shirts with Tinkerbell on them.

Jackie on

I looked at the line and I see nothing special or original about what she has to offer.

LRS on

i dont like it and any of those pieces shouldn’t cost more than $10

Erock on

Does anyone actually care about Avril, anymore? A line of anything from her seems slightly non-relevant.

azhley on

i dont like she just copied every shirt ive ever saw at hot topic. i think she will cheaping khols image…….

angie on

sure, under these conditions:
1) i’m a 13 year old
2) with no taste
3) and it was still 2002.

Rachel on

i LOVEEE avril!!! her music is AMAZING! and for anyone who says “her 15 minutes are up!” obviously don’t realize that she has 3 successful albums! (that took wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more than 15 minutes!)

some of the clothes are cute, but its not really my style, so as much as i love avril, i probably won’t by her clothes…. just concert tickets!!

Liz on

Oh please. The girlie punk look has been out for such a long time, really.

Anna on

I think her new line is great! I like most of it, but not all. I already bought some, actually. :)

And its great that the clothes are cheaper than other celeb clothes lines.

Tracie on

Not in a million years. This type look would look totally stupid on me. I know people it would work for, though.

raderlover86 on

The only thing in her line I would buy is the pleated skirt and the skull hoodie. Everything else I could find elsewhere for a lot less money.

Joey on

I love her all her music Ive been rocking out to her since her first album “let go” she awesome. I love her old an new style. All her music is just wonderful. Shes not to young or to girlie shes perfect

isabell on

i love avril and i wish if the shop kohls was in sydney but it’s in america but avril can you please have you tours in sydney i’m crazy about you!!!!!!!!!!

pop punk princess Amy on

I love avril style and music she like the best damm thing!

I would so buy her stuff if it was in england but it ot it in america! she awesome!!! I love her! All her music is just wonderful. Shes not to young or to girlie shes perfect!!

I been a fan of her since her frist albem and i have everyoe of her songs on my phone!

Rock on avril we right behind you! Well i am and her tour was great!

nicky on

I love abbey dawn clothing and Avril. I went to her best damn tour on April 13th 2008.

jenny on

i love avril so much i’m a big fan of her’s i mean in style & songs i really dont know why u guys (not litrale)..hate her she’s soo damn cool

Harley Quinn on

First of all her clothes are NOT original, she’s copying most of the styles that were already out just putting her name on it. The purple zebra hoodie, it’s been done. The suspenders printed on a t-shirt, it’s been done. Yeah and like I haven’t seen a plaid miniskirt before.
Second putting skulls and “rock” on a t-shirt does not make it punk. If you were really punk you would be creating your own style and not buying someone else’s, especially at a store like Kohls.
And really? $30 for a purple tank top with cheep studs on the neckline? REALLY?! And she calls her clothes original and affordable? Please who really spends that much on a tank top. It probably cost them $3 to make that and they want $30.
You’re better off at a thrift store.

christina on

i LOVE. Avril Lavigne and her clothing catalog totally rocks.,, i want KOLH’S to come and to Cyprus as soon as possible

annie on

yeah i would totally buy it
its awesome

Jess on

Im not sure what avril lavigne most of you guys are talking about but i love avri lavigne. Her music is really good, she started a career at 17 and unlike most rockers she didnt get stuck in with drugs or drinking. also she has a great style, great voice, and a great career/

Alice V on

i think her style rocks. she dosent have the hollister t-shirt, big glasses look most girls do. she has originality. im totaly checking it out. -^_^-

Rain on

Why are people posting rude comments about Avril?

She’s a good woman and a talented singer. And her sense of style is very independant and confident. I love it; I just bought one of her outfits myself, at Kohls. She’s very promising.

Jen on

My 10 year old hates all the pop music and consequential clothing lines of Hannah Montana and the ilk. She loves Avril so we went to Kohls to check out the line – I bought one shirt… I’m still an 80% off rack / thrift store shopper at heart. She got the winged skull shirt. Glad I checked before we left, the shirt fabric is cute, but see-thru and needs a tank under it… the other shirt I had to put back on the rack because she’d be sent home from school… the text on the shirt includes the word dam*n.

tiara on

i love her punk rock girlie lock its cute

tiara on

i love the punkrock gurlie look!!!

Casey on

No worries. London already fashionized punk with The Sex Pistols. Little Avril here is just trying to bring “fashion punk” back – for some ungodly reason. Hot Topic is now at Kohl’s. Aren’t scene kids enough?

avril lavigne's #1 fan on

Avril rocks she can rock a punk look and she is the best singer out there I love her clothes I find her so nice and stuff and I love what she has put in her new abby dawn collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AVRIL’S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dani on

I like the clothes, especially since schools are really crackin down on what we can wear. I couldn’t get away with the skirts, but the rest is great.

avril fan on

you guys leave avril alone shes like only the best and better than you!

Holly on

Abbey Dawn clothing is really cool and well made.Avril Rocks!

Nikki on

I like her and her style!!!

cierra! on

i like avril but her cloths not as much there ok if ur blind or somthing….

jovis on

i love her style! and her music! and im glad that she made her own clothing line!

Linda on

my daughter loves this line, the thing is I have yet to find anything worth buying in the store or on line, the availability is limited!!!!!

ellan on

hay i love your style avril abby dawn i will love to by it. your music is grat so is your styil

sweety on

Im 15 and I totally love her outfits. I actually went to Kohls and bought some.

rokrgrlsc on

okay some ppl need to shut up i love avril lavigne she is awsome and her clothing line!!!!!!!!!!

kalea on

i think it is totally awesome because like well if you just wear what everyone else is wearing well sure thats trendy but some people dont want to be like exactly the same as everybody else its called expressing your style so dont judge someone with there clothes just think boy they have way more nerve than me to be wearing what they actually want so next time you see someone wear something that they want to wear (and i dont care if its a bunny costume or something just)just if you cant bare to look at it than don’t but at just think at least there expressing there style and say thats totally awesome seriously im not kidding

Star on

I actually work at Kohl’s, and although the whole “singers inspired clothes line” is going on, I can also side with the people who don’t think this line is the best. I know, because I have to look at the stuff on a daily basis. One person said that the word damn is on a shirt: I’ll have to check that out and maybe bring it up with corporate.
And, for those who say it’s so “2002”, I have one thing to say to you: There is no more in and out styles. It’s the new millennium. Style is out of style!
But I will say some of the other stuff we have at Kohl’s actually looks a lot better than this. Too bad Juniors is just a little to small for me.

kristy on

i wonder that any website expect kohl’s that could buy abbey dawn stuff(can ship to hk)??

jaime lynne rowen on

i love avril i went to her concert and she was SO good i love her i have all her c.d.s and im going to get like all her clothes . I LOVE YOU AVRIL

avril jr. on

avril i love you i want to meet you so badly i have all your cds and i went to the best damn tour you rock i hope you can read this so that you will know me i cant wait to buy ALL the stuff fro your clothing line !!! ily AVRIL <3

Destiny on

I love her so is soooooo PIMP!!! Her style is so me and my BFF!!! WE HAVE SOME OF HER CLOTHSE LINE ABBY DAWN! AND I HAVE ALL OF HER CD’S

liz on

I think avril/kohls had a good idea with it…but it kinda reminds me of when people like raven symone come out with their own line at macy’s of “thats so raven” clothes..its wierd.
but i like Avril.. this line makes her soo much younger than she is tho

Naomi on

wow what a bunch of jealous haters; can’t stand to see someone with a unique style actually make it in life. i love avril’s style and her music is awesome….she’s got my full support

Reenie on

I really like avrils music. And i think her girly punk look really soots her look. (:

Reenie on

I think Avril is amazing….i really like her music and i really like her style of clothes because its differnt to other celebs’ lmao..(: Aril You have my full support lol x lyl

Eleanor +& Reenie (: on

WE LOVE AVRIL LAVIGNE!! we both think she is unique in her own way. ROCK ON AVRIL x
( L )

pia on

I Love Avril Lavigne,
And her style is so amazing!
I love it.
but I cant buy somthing from her styling line.
i’m from the Nederlands and I don’t can’t buy i :(

greetz…. pia(A)(L)

Koiji on

I love her.
She is such a
trend setter!!

blah on

I kinda like that skirt and top and tie. I usually really like her style, but other than that outfit she is wearing now, this line sucks butt

tricia on

ilove avril

4ever more power avril^^

Francy on

Ciao amikoni


X informazioni contattare l’e-mail…………. PRIVACY.

ALLA PROXIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kendra on

I for one LOVE Avril Lavigne and she is my favorite singer and I have all the Abbey Dawn clothes so hahaha I hate the haters

KillDoll on

I don’t really like her music but I looooove her new collection of clothes(Abbey Dawn)

Jennifer on

I like Avril wearing style coz she wears the fashionable clothes and also mostly she always wear black. Black is my favourite color so I like her dressing style. Her style is really fantastic, awesome, boss and I like her alot.
HEr clothes is really really awesome and fantastic.Her clothers are really perfect and I like it.

mary on

i love avril lavigne abd can`t wait to rock abby dawn…. i think the prices should be lower.
45 dollers for a plaid skirt?!
should be wayyyy lower..

terra on

omg i love avril’s new clothes line i live walking distance from a khols so i have alot of her collection…. i hopes they get more and more clothes of it…. <3

tj on

i just love these cloths i got the pants with the zippers on the ankles and the ones with the skull on the back left pocket and the red and black tiger striped jacket with the ears and the shirt with the skull and cross bones with the pink bow i just love it so much keep rocking avril

Kendra on

I have that shirt :)
The skirts at my towns khols didnt have my size

Ashley on

i love avril lavigne and i love her new clothing line Abbey Dawn!! i am getting some of her Abbey Dawn clothes!!

Nikki on

I totally love Avril! I already bought a purple shirt, lightning strike neclace, and yesterday I bought a hot pink and black jacket that is rockin!

Cassy on

I like her look, minus the skinny jeans. Plus, the clothes are cute and affordable. I’ve actually bought some of them. I don’t like her music but I have no problem with her, she’s pretty and people are just jealous because she’s famous and can pull off her look and still be hot.

monet on

bored with her music.some shirts okay.don’t
like her clothes.see i’m a skater punk.

joemomma015 on

i love avrils clothing line! as a matter of fact i’m waring a pair of her “Abbey Dawn” jeans right now and i love them.

Avril Lavigne designt mit ihrer Fashion-Linie Abbey Dawn die Girlband Queensberry | Klatsch + Tratsch nur vom Feinsten on

[…] das Style-Vorbild für die Popstars-Band “Queensberry! Hier habe ich für Euch den “Queensberry”-Style designt by Avril Lavigne gefunden. Bookmark Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte […]

gresa on

i love avril

Jenna on

I love Avris Music and her style
so I will get something Must likely!
I had I look I think it
looks cool its so my style

yara on

i like her style

Jazzy Pha on

have it all!!LOVE IT!!!

me on

Avril’s clothes there ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! but SHE has a better style =[

tori on

i would totally buy her clothes shes my style and ive been a fan of her all my life. I go to her store 24/7 my mom hates them but i tell her to shut up I LOVE UR CLOTHES AVRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emo girl{tori again!} on


PS I TOLD U IM A FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

courtney on

I love her taste in fashion plus i love her music.
I don’t care what all you low lifes below me say about her…..her music can be soothing and expressive just like her clothing…can’t find this stuf just anywhere you know!

brooke on

all u posuers need a life. avril lavigne is awesome. so are her clothes.

Claire on


Muriah on

You people are crazy!!! Avril has the best music and the best style around! Not that I would actually wear some of her clothes such as the ones showed in the picture above. But she does have some great and cute tops.

Miki on

I luv this clothes line sooo much!!

seth daley hater on

avril lavinge is the best and everyone who says her clothes arnt good enough ur allllllll idiots cuz they rock

Andy on

when i heard dat she made her own line and in kohls i went all the way to hieleah and omfg i luved it i bought a sweater dat is blue with pink skulls everything in dat clothing line describes oh so beautiful me and her for my reward for honor roll my mom said dat she is going to buy watever outfit i want from dat line i luvs avril her makeup style and muic

cheese cracker on



her style is peeeeeerfect

myob!!!!!!! on

i love her i sent her a letter

najeeah on

avril rules! i do like her hair honey blond better than light blond like it is now but shes still pretty if you don’t like avril lavigne f*** you!

sharlene on

omg i love ur songs

Nuw on

Forget all yall lamez who dont like her cuz i love her clothez

Meaghan on

I just bought the plaid yellow and black skirt with the yellow top that has chain neckaleces painted onto it. I love these clothes deffinetly my style

Bleh :] on

i disagree with lisa mari!!! i love avril lavine she rocks and so do her clothes as well as her music! she has helped me through somany cisesis and if u have anything nice to say i say dont say it at all cuz ur soooo wrong.

Sierra on

I love the Abbey Dawn clothing line!!! It’s sooo awesome!!!!! And people who are on this site that dont like her music or anything like Gen and Kim V then you shouldent be on this or buy n her clothing line Kuz she roxxx

taylor on

i love her sow much even her clothes and her music and all the peopel how say that shis not hot your suckkk and you dont even now what is mean styl that why you dont like her and you now what she feel the saym about you hhhhh

vicky on


Lori on

I think anyone who thinks her music sucks is dumb. She’s cool and intelligent snd her music is great! I love her style and I wear it from Kohl’s…..I love Kohl’s because of her.

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[…] and will be a cuddlier version of the singer’s own rock…"; var twittleystyle="1"; A year after launching her Abbey Dawn collection for juniors at Kohl’s stores, punk princess Avril Lavigne is extending […]

simonaa on

avrill!You are so very cooll!!!:*

tori on

When is she coming out wif a new album i havnt heard from her in a while I LOVE HER she has tha best clothes well hot topic doez too but SHES AWSOME

suzyka on

avril 4ever in my heart….

Ashley on

I love her close cause they are goth/punk/emo and i was emo and now i am just punk/goth and i love her close and songs,THEY ROCK=}

nikki on

i luv her clothes i bought almost everthing from here

Petulkaaa on

hi…i am 13 years old and a like avril lavigne….but…i from slovakia…and here abbey down dont…:(she sing just in america and aengland???because ion slovakie dont..:(AVRIIL COME HEERE ON SLOVAKIAAA:(

Alex on

I USE to be a fan of hers, but that was like in six years ago. Anyways, her clothes line is pretty cool. My friends and I like all the peace signs and skulls and that odd punk look. So, yeah. Except I kind of agree it’s simalair (I can’t spell simalair?) to Hot Topic’s style. She’s not nececassarily HACKING it. Just think of it this way: Atleast she’s not going to ‘steal’ the Fred idea.:P

sabrina on


starrylixeandrew on

i love the way avril dresses she is awesome!!!

starrylixeandrew on


Irma on

took my daughter school clothes shopping at Kohl’s and bought some of Avril’s clothing line…really cute styles….thinking it would be better not to have the vests attached to the blouse that way u can use it w other tops …other then that Kohls had a great sale..love Kohls!!!

preeksha on

im a g8 fan of avril..i really lik her songs n her music n also her style…but its unfortunately for those fan who do not hav the chance to buy the abbey dawn clothes..:-(

Kaitlin on

Stop Hating on Avril Ya jealous Haters She Rocks ;P

holden on

i love her!!

avril lover on

i love avril lavigne and her style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus hur music is sooooooooooooo awesome i have all of her cds and 4 of hur shirts and two jackets shes sooooo kool i also love her pink streak in her hair and its my dream come true to acually see her in person but i know that will never happen i guess ill have to keep on dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3

Jaime on

Hey i think avrils clothes abby dawn is like the best my closet is full of just abby dawn . i love the skulls and wierd prints when i am older i want to be just like her. and her perfume line is the coolest it smells great and looks great too. good job avril . more please ;)

Jaime on


victoria ; } on

i like most of her stuff but some of u people r commenting how u dont like her or her music why r u lookin at this then??JUSt my opinion though

makayla on


Lil Smith on

i really like her style that like the only thing i pretty much wear for my stlye and thing but i really like i dont like her singing because i think she cant she for my opinion so yeah.

hayal on

evrıl seni ve giyiniş biçimine bayılıyorum bunları neden detaylı şekilde anlatmassın bilmem ama senin büyük bir hayranınım bunu bil

seni seeeeeeeeeeeeviyoruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

Don on

I love Avril and she is not only beautiful, but her music is total genius. All of her cds were brilliant. He style rocks and she is without question the best female artist in music. Her clothes look great and any girl would look better in them.

gunjee on

i love avril lavigne. i can you music.

Alina on

How come Kohls got rid of Abby Dawn clothing? They got rid of her whole section too! So sad :( I was looking forward to buying new stuff but now it’s all gone.

sabrina on

I love her clothing line!!! It’s my style!It’s like she knows exactly what I want! I love Avril!

julia on

omg i think she’s awesome!
and i LOVE her style <3

RUA on

i love you avril

Lavynia on

I like her a lot ! She’s my ideal! My favourite celebrity!! I adore her style and her acting way and her songs too!!! I love her since I was 10 years old!!! She’s cool because she’s different form others and has her own world that’s different from others!! I luv her so much!!! I try to act like her and dress like her!!! I adore her!!! Avril 4Ever until Never!!!! Luv her Abbey Dawn line too it’s pretty cool

Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn Clothing Line is “Rock ‘N’ Roll” | Celebs, News and Gossips on

[…] been almost three years since Avril Lavigne debuted her clothing line, Abbey Dawn, and though various looks have come and gone, the brand’s message has stayed the […]

My Blog » Blog Archive » Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn Clothing Line is “Rock ‘N’ Roll” on

[…] been almost three years since Avril Lavigne debuted her clothing line, Abbey Dawn, and though various looks have come and gone, the brand’s message has stayed the […]

alexis on

I like avril lavigne because she rocks. I wish I could meet her. But the clothes she makes are awsome so I would were those they are so cute even though I dont have any but I would still recamend you would buy them because there awsome!

alexis on

i love avril lavigne more than any body else dose because when i first herd of her she was my favorite out of the blue i wish i could meet her so much it would by a dream come true and i wish i could her bestest friend ever you know i wonder if she would read all of our conments that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(your number one (1) fan of the whole antire world alexis)my 2 web sites are(1)www.wix.com/bluebubbles06/vampires-rock
Thank You for listening to meeeeee! peace out!

loujaine on

avril lavigne I’m loujaine I’m girl Ilove you I’m from tunis Ilove you<3<3<3<3<3

obat tbc on

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