Hayden Panettiere's "Wake Up Call" with Candie's

07/16/2008 at 12:16 PM ET

She’s one of Hollywood’s hottest superheroes, and now Hayden Panettiere is setting her sights on singing — and she’s letting Candie’s in on the action. The footwear giant has just announced that as part of the Heroes actress’s second season as a spokesmodel for their juniors line, they will feature Hayden’s first-ever music video, “Wake Up Call,” as a television commercial spot. And although the single from her debut album won’t be available to download from iTunes until August 5, she’s giving PEOPLE a first look and listen. Find yourself craving the styles she shows off in the video and print ads? You’re in luck. The items will be available as part of Candie’s back-to-school collection exclusively for Kohl’s. You’ve seen, you’ve heard. Tell us: What do you think of Hayden’s single?

See Hayden’s print ad by clicking through!

Courtesy Candie’s

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Meg on

I’m not quite sure…it is kinda good.

fabunni on

It sounds like she has a nice voice, but I don’t like the song. Is it reggae or something?

Colleen Trogdon on

Surprisingly, I like it. She’s got a nice voice… not all bubble gummy like some of the recent wannabes.

Allison on

Its okay. I guess she has a nice voice, but I like her way more as an actress. I don’t think she will make it very far in the music business.

April on

100x better than wannabe Heidi Montags stab at 15 more minutes!!!!!!

Go Hayden!

Keely on

I think it sounds like everything else. Can’t anyone do anything original these days?

Morgan on

Its pretty good considering ive never heard her sing before. I like it, wish i could hear all of it though to know if i really do like it or not!

Angie on

Um, her voice has been TOTALLY computer generated! Has anyone heard her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner from a few months ago?! She sounded like a cat that was being strangled to death, and now, surprisingly, she sounds WAY different. Sheesh! Stick to your day job!

Bmore Babe on

I don’t know how anyone can tell what her voice sounds like- it’s all digitized, so it sounds like every other manufacture teen pop star. Perfect for a mass marketing campaign.

lil on

I love her! Go Hayden, way to use the beat. I dig the reggae infusion. Way better then Heidi!

Kim v on

Someone at ONTD compared it to Paris Hilton’s Stars are Blind, and I think that is right on. It’s pretty cheesy and sounds over-produced like the rest of the pop tarts.

Hayden looks good there, though. A lot like Heidi Klum.


Sounds like Paris Hilton. Ick!

Jane on

Ok, so I got through like 10 seconds. It was so amateur. Just the typical I wanna be actress trying to branch out and be a “mini-mogul”….whatever. Not liking it…stick to acting. Not impressed with that either, but it doesn’t make my ears bleed.

Alanna on

I didn’t care for it. It reminded me of Paris Hilton’s first single 2 years ago. Her voice has like 5 other voices singing the chorus with her! That tells me she can’t hold it on her own . . .

kara on

I thought she sounded really good, but i wasn’t really into the song haha

Lucy on

Yeh I like it! Dont really like the song that much but with a different song her voice could sound amazing!

zoey on

i dont like it. we all know she has a great voice, from singing with disney channel. but this is song is too young for her, she becoming a grown woman. buying her own house, succeful relationship, rumors about an engajment?? this seems very bubbly and airhead, and we all know she can do better! cant wait to here the other songs on the album.

genevieve on

nothing we haven’t heard a million times before.

Tina on

I think she sucks. She is not unique and her voice has been worked over by a crappy producer. she needs to stop while she still has some dignity

nunya on

she cannot sing. what is with all these ppl dropping cds with no musical talent?

Jen on

Very catchy. Name me one artist who has not used digitizing on some level at one time or another. That sound is very “un-bubble gum”. Good Job Hayden. I thought she did great. I like what she brings to young hollywood.

Jen on

She sounds ok, but what is up with this acting-music trend?

Hollywood–here’s YOUR wake up call: Just because you can act, doesn’t mean you can sing, and just because you can sing, doesn’t mean you can act.

And just because your famous, that doesn’t mean you have any real talent.

Grogan on

the song is alreddy stuc in my head, but haydens really into showing her boobs and butt and being sexy now

Grogan on

song is alredy stuck in my head, but now haydens really into flaunting it

Grogan on

wake up call for all you hatin hadin she rox

Kat on

We have a saying hear in the UK. ‘Jack of all trades – Master of none’.
Unfortunately this is what the tween market will buy into so Hayden will sell a truck load of CD’s.
Hope this song is no reflection on the entire album. We’ll just have to wait & see.

Brynn on

So so so so so stupid

Lauren on

After listening to the song’s entirety, I really do not like her voice. Honestly she should stick to acting and not try to be one of these actors trying to make it big in the music business as well the acting industry.

Kim on

I love it and I have been a fan of hers since Guiding Light.

jordan on

it sounds VERY Rihanna and her voice is really good and not processed or fake.

boogerbear on

I think that she sounds like Paris Hilton!!! She does not sound good. She is trying too hard. I used to like her but she is turning into every other celebrity. It’s either one or the other.. but everyone needs to sing and act! That is so annoying!

Elyse on

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I would be able to tell the difference between a song by Hayden, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, or any of the others young starlets that think they can sing. I guess it’s probably because their voices are so digitally altered that they all end up sounding the same?

Hayden should probably stick to acting.

ali on

She is good, better than Heidi Montag. BUT! She is a great actress and should stick to that. Her voice is still being screened through a computer just like all of the other poptarts out there. Acting was her first claim to fame and should be her only, if she wants something new, she is pretty, model!

Katelyn on

YUCK!! sorry hayden, but you should stick to acting!!! =(

Robyn on

Yeah I Like Itt :)

She Sounds Good <3


sasha on

I really like her voice! it is very hip/chill and cool:) and it is a fun song too:)

Nick Jonas on


Shannon on

This is horrible. The song, the music, the singing- horrible. The only thing that was good was her makeup.

Ali on

WOW! Not what I expected at all. I thought it was cute:) Go Hayden!

natalie on

She’s a great actor and seems to have a good singing voice but her choice of music SUCKS. Sounds like to me it is a combo of reggae and rap, two of the most hated type of music in my book.
That album of hers will flop, i certainly will not buy it.

natalie on

she’s a great actor and seems to have a good singing voice but that song of her stinks and her album will definitely flop as I won’t buy it.
her music seems to be a cross between reggae and rap, two of the most hated types of music in my book.
sorry Hayden, you chose the wrong type of music to put out.

hanan on

its good i like the song and the video and her voice

cutiee on

sounds prettiii good :D

Jules on


Kelsey on

uh it’s okay, nothing to special about it, it’s kinda BLAHHHHHH

cynthia on

like her voice i just don’t think the reggie sound goes with her!

Pat on

Inoffensive, mindless over-processed fluff. I can see my little niece or her friends falling for this kind of track since they are just 9, but I don’t see many people who know music getting excited about it.

Sarah on

She’s so annoying – such a poser.

Tina on

the song is okay.. but i would never buy it.she will not make it far in the music business.

martha on


gayle on

She’s darling! My grand daughters are cheerleaders and love her! I hope she doesn’t fall into the sleaze trap that Hollywood sets for pretty young girls.
As for the song? It’s catchy! Although I prefer Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, Eminem, and Bob Segar, this tune is not so bad, eh? I was tappin’ my toes…

Anita on

I Love the beat .I think she will sell alot at Kohl’s.At least she is looking at the poor folk who can shop at a normal store and not the rich snobs who spend 5,000. for a purse.Instead of spending that much help out a poor family that is starving in the good USA.

Shel on

I’m not sure what I think. I will have to hear the rest of the song, as well as the rest of her album, before I can judge. I agree that her voice sounds digitized and a little over-produced in this song, but it is hard to really tell from just a 30-sec clip. I do think there is potential, but the rest of the album will tell for sure. Her rhyming “rock/rap” style in this song reminds me of Avril Lavigne.

sierra on

i like it!..but its just kinda of like all of the other pop starts trying to make it big with singing!..but i have to give her props way better then hedi montag!..lol

Grogan on

LOVE it how do you make that smiley face people

Alex on

I love it!

Grogan on

i usually dont like rap but hayden makes it great

sophia on

1 word = AWFUL

Jenn on

I miss the days when No Doubt was what the tweens and teens would listen to. They could rock it, plus Gwen can carry a rockin’ song with some femininity without a close-up of her ass.

As for this…eh. Not great, not bad, just eh.

It's okay on

Hayden looks a little sleazy in this video to be marketing clothing to teens. Kohl’s should clean up their act, not “dumb down” to society. So what if sex sells; it’s not what I want for my daughters.

Waldo on

“this is your wake up call, this is is your wake up call, so wake up, you better wake up” amazing lyrics, worse, she probably hired someone to write them

SV on


Maria on

Don’t like her, she’s not cute, fake hair, she hardly ever smiles… She can go

stacey on

I agree, not an attractive girl unless she has the makeup caked on, extentions put in. Her time can be up anyday

Claire on

um…. REALLY?!

melissa on

i think it sounded good. why shouldnt she try just like everyone else? give her a chance! nobody is forcing you to buy her music

Jane on

She sounds better than most Hollywood actresses that are trying to be singers. (Heidi Montag! Ugh!)

Lauren on

I like it…it’s different and her outfits are muy bonita!

Ava on

very catchy summer tune. on the down side, it reminds me a little bit of that song paris hilton recorded a year or two ago.



bill on

Sounds like she trying to be Fergie

Elda on

Anything she does or promotes, i’m for it!! luv her!

kelly on

I think it is bad, Really bad. Her voice is plain and the beat is bad. Also, she is doing an add for teen girls at kohl’s and she is wearing the clothes in a way that looks trashy.

J on

Wow, I’m shocked….she actually sounds pretty good!! Nice going, Hayden! I’m glad she isn’t another Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff.

Nicole on

i love her voice but i don’t really like the song

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