Eva's New Look: All About Being One of the "Housewives"

07/16/2008 at 05:00 AM ET


The new hair cut, the slightly fuller figure. Eva Longoria Parker is citing her Desperate Housewives character needs as the reason for her new look. According to her personal rep, Eva is reflecting a change in her on-screen character Gabrielle — who goes from her usual sex kitten to an over-worked housewife with kids in season five. “She’s making herself look like that as her character has let herself go. Gabrielle has gained weight and cut her hair,” Liza Anderson tells PEOPLE of Longoria Parker’s character. “She’s a worn out mother with two kids.” Longoria Parker was pictured on a European vacation — notably on a yacht off the coast of Italty — looking minutely larger than normal, prompting the usual rounds of pregnancy rumors. Anderson chalked this slight gain to Gabrielle’s woes. “And even that was not enough. She’s also wearing butt pads and a stomach pad to play the part.” And did Longoria Parker enjoy the method-eating? “This is a lot of fun,” says Anderson, “but as an actress.”

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Krystal on

Thank God that she didn’t cut the hair because she actually likes it that way!!! Her hair was soooo beautiful and now she looks so different. Not to mention the dress……what was she thinking? I still love her though!

lily on

Eva is already too skinny, I don’t see the weight gain.
I am large so I know what a large person looks like and it’s not EVA.

cherfer on

“Let herself go?” She probably weighs 125 lbs. The horror!

christa on

Hey I am a real “desperate houswife” with three kids. I think Eva looks great even with the short hair and a few extra pounds. I would switch places with her in a New York minute!! I have to admire actresses that are not so hung up on the way that they look that they would “ugly up” for a role.

Rachel on

OMG! she looks like a good breeze will blow her over…weight gain my foot.I love how most of american housewives have “let themself go”.Hair is cute though.

Hank on

She still looks great and I really like the hair!

Licarra on

Are all of you serious? I noticed immediately she gained weight. The photo of her on the yacht…it showed….still beautiful…not liking the hair though….Sorry to be so sinical. she really is great!

Staci on

She doesn’t weigh close to 125, more like 105. I’ve seen her. If you really look at the pictures, she just doesn’t do ab exercises and is a bit flabby there.

Meg on

cynical. don’t you people have a dictionary?

emily on

so to look like a mother of 3 you have to “let yourself go” and cut your hair & gain weight?!?!? i find that insulting. she looks amazing, as do most “real” mothers that i know!

Bella on

I noticed she gained a little weight and I thought she looked BETTER! Keep it!

Peggy on

I like how short hair and a few extra pounds is associated with being a mom and “letting yourself go”. I’m assuming this article was written by a man.

Ange on

OMG Why would she cut her hair? It was so pretty. Couldn’t she just go with the non-combed look or even curlers. Such a shame.

DB on

She looks quite pudgy– I think this is all a bunch of BS– she just gained weight cuz she probably isnt taking care of herself. She is still pretty but you cant be pudgy when you’re in Hollywood. Sorry– I know a lot of people wouldnt agree with me, but I think she looked better before.

Heather on

So, in order to seem like she is reflection a Real housewife, she has gained weight an cut her hair, seeming to let herself go? Is that what people think happens to REAL housewives??? So sad.

Holly on

People wonder why some many people including stars have eating disorders. She is still very tiny. Reporters like to make it seem that 10lbs is a major thing. And the hair is hers to do what she wants. Geez!
A note to any young girls that might be reading this-Most Men do not like skinny. Men think women as skinny as Angelina, Lindsey, Eva, Brittney Murphy, Paris Hilton, etc are to skinny. They dont like it, that dont want to look at it. Be happy with yourself and dont become a skeleton.

Michelle on

So…..unless someone weighs 95 pounds and has long, luxurious hair, their NOT sexy? Give me a break. This world is so shallow. Her hair looks great. Change is good.

Shannon on

You noticed immediately that she had gained weight? Perhaps I don’t stalk the stars enough, but she hardly looks flabby. This kind of thinking is exactly what is wrong with our society. Obsessed with weight. She looks fine, which is good, b/c her stardom can be attributed to her beauty. This is Desperate Housewives. Not exactly the pinnacle of great acting. If we had higher or ANY standards of finding talented actors, rather than just the most beautiful people, nobody would even know who most of these actors/actresses are.

Diana on

For reals?? Oh, just announce the pregnancy already!!!

Tian on

Great. This is what society’s dictatorship on women’s bodies has come down to: A few pounds (barely that) more on a size 2 actress and everybody yells “She’s letting herself go!” When will we finally stop obsessing over the female body.
I am a size 14 (UK/size 10US) actress and can only laugh at the “Method Acting” thrown in there. Actresses are not required to act in Hollywood, they are required to lose weight or don a fatsuit as directed.

Angie on

I think she is Tony’s pregnant “Housewife”! The truth will be told when the baby bump is “really” showing! I can’t believe that People fell for the story that it is for Gabrielle’s role…Time will tell.

bee on

Wow! Miss Anderson makes a pathetic spin doctor. Too funny! So Eva has a new hairstyle that did’t get the ‘public’s approval’ and she gained a few pounds. Big deal. People change. Women’s bodies change every day. Sometimes we like to experiment, so we get a new haircut. We’re only human! Except for perfect Eva of course. She only looks like a ‘frumpy housewife’ on purpose. That’s the kind of actress she is. The best.

Gina on

She is a beautiful woman…But she was so thin that putting on “a few extra pounds” looked like nothing on her….Anyone who thought she looked heavy in the yacht pics has to be crazy…She still looked very thin…No wonder our teenage girls are so neurotic about their weight.

VL on

Whatever. I think the show stinks…and if she thinks this is a way of looking “worn out” puleez – It is ridiculous.

polly on

As a big fan of desperate housewives, i have to say I’m glad she’s adapting her ‘look’ for the part!
I think that some people need to understand that loving your body means regardless of size. Lots of people are naturally skinny, by taking out your jealousy by saying people like ‘Lindsay, Paris…’ are TOO SKINNY. As long as your healthy, it’s ok.
It’s not a grammar lesson, so stop being so pedantic.

tania23 on

All of that hair was probably extensions anyway!

Karyn McDonald on

How funny that we now catorgize “letting yourself go” as a tiny woman with short hair.

What’s next? Fat will be someone who weighs over 115 lbs??

Tammy on

Why does she have to be fat to be a worn out mother? There are other ways to portray a tired worn out person (dark circles under the eyes as one example).

Andrea on

I’m sorry, but do ALL housewives have to look fat and nasty? I don’t think so! I work full time and I’m a full time mother and I’m not fat and nasty nor have I let myself “go”. I love DH but I resent the fact they are depicting ALL housewives are like that!

Sandie on

I find this extremely insulting. She cut her hair. OK it looks preety good. But ‘gained weight’. Please! she is still thin! I’m sick & tired of this bill crap put out there by the magazines saying someone has ‘gained weight’ when that particular person is not even close to what the general population weighs. How sick are you People!

Night on

I can’t stand this woman. But…Fuller figure? What? She is very thin, and as far from a over-worked housewife as one can get. If she wants to know what a real housewife looks like I’ll invite her to my house!

Viola on

Why is it when you see a picture of Eva and Tony, Tony is ALWAYS on his phone? Who’s he texting??

Aran on

Fuller figure?? Gain weight? I don’t see the weight anywhere. She looks fine, I would like to have her figure even with the gain of weight.

thebenevolentdictator on

Unreal? Let herself go?

I have a three kids, a bob, and weigh 140lbs at 5’9…and I think I look pretty good. How ridiculous are these comments?

Jeffrey on

Speaking as a guy, very few mothers, if any, that I’ve known have “let themselves go” after having one or more children. Either they didn’t look good before they had kids, or their looks don’t slip when they have them. While I’m at it, maybe this will make some ladies feel good, Eva Longoria is almost the last woman I find sexy: too small, looks like an elf, sorry, not talented. And her new haircut doesn’t help.

Arch on

Gaining Weight and cutting your hair short, doesn’t equal an worn out housewife.

I don’t watch Desperate Housewives. Is Eva the front runner on the show? Is she the reason a lot of people watch the show?

Yes, some woman can eat anything and not gain weight. To some people, these people are born skinny. But in the long run, a lot of them gain weight. Some turn out to be shaped like their non-skinny mother. That’s how I believe that Lindsay and Paris will turn out. In my opinion, these two women and more have gotten too skinny and pictures don’t lie.

Kate on

I find it very insulting that they would portray Eva as letting herself go to play a mother role. OMG, you can’t even see a difference. And if she even thinks that cutting her hair and putting on ‘what like two pounds’ is letting herself go, well then she’s insulting the real housewives of america. And we wonder why so many people have eating disorders, b/c there’s people like her saying that weighing over 115 lbs is letting yourself go. Whatever. I hope she gains 30.

sissy on

i dont think she cut her hair and gained weight for the show, thats just a cover up. she could just use pads and a wig to change the way she looks. she cut her hair because she wanted to, duh.

Pearl on

I am a large person(2xl) and I would love to fit in a dress like that. She looks great! My husband always says, when he hugs a woman, he would rather feel some cushion rather them someone who can poke him with her bony elbows or shoulders.

Betty on

I think the “letting herself go” part needs to be seen in perspective of Eva’s character on DH, and not as a cliche of all houseviwes. In previous seasons, Gabrielle was a narcissistic trophy wife and ex-model, and the effort she put into her appearance was equivalent to a full-time job. So for the character, to gain 5lbs and get a sensible haircut IS to let herself go.


I think Eva looks fabulous. She’s so tiny the new haircut just makes her look even more adorable.

Kim v on

Uh yeah, if that is their idea of “letting herself go”…? I don’t even know what to say to that.

pam on

i am a housewife and a mother of 2 kids, I weigh 110, I just got done walking on the treadmill and will be having a healthy breakfast soon, I don’t think alot of women let themselves go but it is hard raising a family and finding time to work out and make healthy food choices when your screaming child wants mcdonalds and your so tired and hungry you go for the burger and fries. I think Eva looks fine but I think she is pregnant, I seen her in several mags looking like she has a bump. Well it will come out soon. Love the hair.

Kat on

So, if you cut your hair because you want a change…that means you’re letting yourself go? Who decided that?

jen on

her hair is naturally short. She wears extensions. I met her in NYC a few months ago and she is not shy about admitting her hair is extensions.

grainne doherty on

i tink eva longoria looks gud anyway. she’s real pretty and has loads of style 2 boost. i really like her.

Buddy on

It’s really sad that is considered gaining weight and letting herself go. No wonder women are so jacked up with their self esteem.

Anna on

The hair and weight gain, not an attractive look at all!

Abby on

Yes, she’s gained a few pounds.So what. If I was getting paid what she makes on Desperate Housewives, I’d gain weight and shave my head if they ask me to! She’s still gorgeous.

mari on

She looks good either way. I think this is rather sophisticated and nice. Lets face it Eva is beautiful regardless of what she is wearing on her head or her body. I think gaining an ass will double her beauty and get all the BBs gasping.

amy on

Why does everyone assume that if you have short hair as a woman it’s not sexy? I had long hair until I was in my 20ties chopped it off and have had it short for the past 10 years. I get told ALL THE time how great it looks on me and how sexy it is. Sexy is standing out and being different…not looking like a cookie cutter of everyother starlet out there! GO EVA with your bad self!

Donna on

she is “letting herself go” because her character now has two kids? how insulting. I have three kids, two teenagers and a 2 yr old and I know I dont just let myself go. I knew there was a reason I didnt watch this show

Cassidy on

Slightly fuller figure? She’s skin and bones! I would kill for a figure like that.

What? on

OMG, what is wrong with this country?
She looks amazing! She actually looks healthy now and very beautiful. Why is it that in order to be sexy (according to society) your collar bone and ribs need to be showing. Curves are sexy!

Richard Bellamy on

I will be your fan not matter how you look!
You Rock! Keep up the great work

Joy Marie on

OMG! why do people think that mothers can’t look AMAZING! that is a complete SLAP in the face…. the reasoning for her being NORMAL and EATING… and go get extensions because you look to OLD!!! now husband may really get TWO SEx KIttens!

Gen on

She still looks good, but I don’t like the hair.

Tina on

what happened hereee ?? omg i like evas hair way better before when it was long… and she should have worn some stomach pads cuz she looks kinda big in that dress.. i still luv her tho..

Gen on

I am a mother of 2 and I have to say that I take care of my self, and I do look good. Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean we all look tired and worn out. I work full time and have a full time job of taking care of my family, and I don’t look the way they are trying to portray.

Tina on

Yeah,right! She’s probably pregnant in real life but, of course, it’s too soon to tell people. She just got married and she’s older than her husband, so I don’t believe she would put on weight just for the tv show. We’ll see.

Jamie on

I don’t understand why people are saying that all the DH characters are being portrayed as being frumpy and “letting themselves go” obviously a lot of you do not watch the show. Bri is a mother and she has not “let herself go” in any way and neither have Katherine or Susan. I don’t think the show is portraying all housewives as being frumpy and letting themselves go, but lets be real…a lot of new mothers do (look at how Lynette was portrayed in the beginning of the series).

Also…it is just a T.V. show. I don’t think it’s supposed to be an accurate reflection of housewives, more like the extremes.

SoNotHollywood on

This is what is wrong with society today. FULLER FIGURE MY ARSE! I do prefer her with longer hair.
I can relate only to Kim Kardashian (as far as body size, not the “tape”). I think she’s a good size. Most might not think so but I’d rather be bigger in areas but happy, than skinny, always trying to please others and chewing at the bit for freaking piece of lettuce.

catrinaluedtke on

She had hair extensions!

Corinna on

I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Bodack on

Eva’s new hair looks good, and it’s great that all of these changes were used for her to portray her character five years into the future, etc.

Julian L on

She should stop stuffing her beaver toothed face with food

GC on

Fortunately for her, people are naive enough to buy that line. She is not perfect, although she likes to act like she is. I was stunned by the pictures on the yacht, her abdomen and her backside had a lot of cellulite. I was stunned because from the way she acts, you would’nt expect those imperfections. Wait a second… maybe she is a good actress.

AuRevoir on

Well I think it’s crazy talking about her “being no more in shape”! She’s perfect! I do NOT understand at all people discussing about her getting fat.
Maybe her belly is not the most tonified EVER but she’s gorgerous. I would cut an arm to be like her :)

Brandi on

So basically, if I cut my hair, that means I have “let myself go”. Come on, get a grip. Your hair doesn’t decide this people! Geez, let’s make everyone think that cutting their hair is a horrible idea! It’s bad enough we have girls thinking that they have to be skinny to be accepted. Do we really need to start something like this on top of it??

Judith on

I think she looks pretty either way. I saw her in that bikini. It looks like a “baby bump” to me. I am also a “mom of 4.” We mothers know!!!

jazzy g on

i think she ‘s covering up somethng else! you know how you don’t want ot talk about it until you’re futher along!

Leticia on

Who says that you have to be fat and have two kids to be an over-worked housewife or mother. I’ve seen skinny women with only one child who look worse.

Jasmine on

Weight gain!?!?! Where?? We wonder why children are worried about their weight at and early age.

ssckatt on

I don’t care what the excuses are for her “new look”, she has been slowly changing in the past year for the worst and there have been all kinds of excuses, like “oh I am cooking and eating during the writer’s strike, that’s why I have gained a few pounds”. Yes, she is getting to naturally be like her screen character, a mom who has let herself go, only hers is happening without trying or doing any thing intentionally, so they are changing her part to fit her in. Eva is going to be a burned out has been after this season. What is next? I don’t believe a word of it. And I still think we will see the pregnancy coming on also, they had to change her character’s physique to adjust to hide her bump during filming, then the real story will come out. No Eva we don’t want to see you pregnant, gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice on

Eva looks fantastic. She’s clearly growing up-and is a great role model.

Cannot wait for next season of the show. Eva is a great movie actress also.

Jade on

Eva looks fabulous no matter what she is wearing.
…….°o O ° O
………….. °
…………. O
…………° o o o O

M on

Lighten up Meg. If a person can’t spell “cynical” , how will a dictionary help them?

sf girl on

enough about the weight and hair, although she is not looking great to me. what about the body language between her and tony — not good at all…

Julie on

Are you kidding me?!?!? What planet are these producers from that they feel a housewife with kids equates letting yourself go??!!

Butt pads? Give me strength! You could bounce a quarter off my heiny, and it got this way from housework and chasing said kids around!

RI on

I think she doesn’t look half bad. Ok the hair i don’t like that much but who says that tv stars can’t put on some weight. People who say that people in Hollywood can’t be pudgy that’s wrong. People come in all differant sizes and they are all special. Good For You Eva Longoria !

Julian L on

she’s a hippo

Cheryl on

As an REAL over-worked mother with 2 small kids, I am highly offended that the show/ Eva Longoria’s preception of motherhood is:
“her character has let herself go. Gabrielle has gained weight and cut her hair,” Liza Anderson tells PEOPLE of Longoria Parker’s character.“She’s a worn out mother with two kids.”
There are PLENTY of us out there that are STILL fashionable, maintain our weight, and style our hair…. all while maintaining the household, taking care of kids, taking care of a husband, and working a full time job. They need to come into the 21st century!!

Offended on

This article is written by a jerk. Gaining weight in a marriage with kids is a sign of a responsible, overworked, caring mother and wife. Short hair has nothing to do with “letting yourself go.” I could go on and on, but this Hollywood numbskull writer wouldn’t get it.

Why Are All These Hollywood Chicks So Fat? | Blog Archive | Vh1 Blog on

[…] that slender waist and tight butt – they’re massive! Another fattie freaking everyone out is Eva Longoria. The tabloids were spazzing recently because she’s been packing on a pound or two, and has […]

Monica on

Who really cares ?? She is such a camera hound . . . always looking for her next photo op. Why do you think she’s always hanging out with whoever happens to be the “it” girl at the time. She’s the worst and can’t act her way out of a paper bag !!

Victoria C on

I give this marriage 3 to 5 yrs tops. When it comes to celebrity marriages I’ve been right 99% of the time in predicting divorces.

amazed! on

I love how she immediately feels the need to explain herself. “It’s for a character..” So what if she did gain weight in real life?!! Shows how much she feels she owes to the world! She looks like a worn down housewife?!! I’m twenty two, and thin, this girl is like 105? And she let herself go? So if we cut our hair and gain NORMAL weight (’cause some of us in reality world want to look glowy and healthy!) we are worn out, fat, and ugly women?!!! This is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve ever read!!!

anonymous on

Even with the slight weight gain, she’s still skinny as a rail and looks great!

Megan on

Eva is beautiful! She could wear a brown paper sack over her and she would still be Hott and able to pull the look off. Her hair looks amazing. Plus short hair is in right now

kiley on

So nice to know that Hollywood sees the typical housewife with kids being haggard, slightly overweight, and not caring much about their hairstyle…
While this is probably more accurate then having a woman who’s never had kids play a mother of three it’s still insulting. ..
A lot of housewives put a lot of time and energy into their appearance. I know at the soccer field and at daycare women are always sizing each other up.
I hope her publicist comments didn’t rub anyone else the wrong way. :)

Courtney on

I thought she had gained some weight…I thought she was pregnant!
Guess not!
I know some people are confused by the whole thing, but I think it will just make it all the more interesting!

Shel on

TO BETTY (page 4): Thank you for your comment! While reading the previous postings, I was going to post what you did. But after seeing your comment, now I don’t have to. =) Finally, someone who understands the “letting herself go” concept for Gabby. You explained it perfectly! Thank you for having some sense. You must be a true DH fan like me.

Shel on

TO MARI (page 5): Eva already has an ass. That is much of what, I believe, makes her sexy. She is tiny and thin…but curvy, at the same time. It seems that is also the reason that many men think she is sexy. She is thin, but curvy – the best of both worlds.

Nannette on

What. EVER. I was so deeply offended by this that I simply had to comment. I’m sorry, but when exactly did cutting your hair into an adorable bob translate into letting yourself go?! If this is “letting yourself go” then sign me up. Sheesh.

I am disgusted with the media and the constant barrage of lies regarding the standards women are supposed to hold themselves to. Absolutely. Disgusted.

Shel on

TO THOSE OF YOU RIPPING ON LICARRA FOR SAYING THAT SHE IMMEDIATELY NOTICED EVA’s WEIGHT GAIN: Give Licarra a break! She simply said that she noticed Eva’s weight gain. She didn’t say that Eva looked fat or large or flabby. She simply said that she noticed. Which makes perfect sense. A 10-lb weight gain is not as noticeable on someone who weighs 140 lbs, but a 10-lb weight gain is definitely more noticeable on someone as tiny and thin as Eva.

Deb on

Shes pregnant – it is so apparent!

TTM on

Hasn’t she heard of wigs and fatsuits? Her body was perfect before and it’s a shame she has added weight. It won’t be as fun to see her at the awards shows since clothes won’t look as good on a large frame. Her face is still flawless. I like the long hair and small figure much better.

SR on

Since when is sporting a short bob a sign that you are letting yourself go? She cut her hair because her friends Katie and Posh did.

Shel on

TO VICTORIA C (page 9): Do you get some sort of thrill from predicting divorces?? Yes, many celebrity marriages do end in divorce….but guess what! So, do a lot of non-celebrity marriages (unfortunately). But for you to actually be bragging about your accuracy in predicting celebrity divorces sounds kinda sad to me.

TDog on

I hope she’s pregnant otherwise there’s no excuse for that frumpy dress when you make as much money as this couple! Poor Tony got the “Bait and Switch” when he married formerly hot Eva.

Julian L on

She looks like crap now, go on a diet Eva

Betty on

To Shel: I’m glad that I’m not the only one who interpreted “letting herself go” in that way :). I am indeed a huge fan of the show, and can’t wait for next season to start.

stephanie on

I think she looks great. That look is totally her. You go Girl

lorna on

she looks great i love her hair its nice when people make changes for them selfs

Lin on

I agree with tania23 her long hair was hair extensions.
I think she looks better with a little more weight she doesn’t look like the stereotyped housewife.
She looks good to me,classier with short hair.

Jill on

Doesn’t marriage = weight gain?? It did for me!!

Mary on

Here’s a news flash people: weight gain does NOT equate to pregnancy!

I normally weigh around 110 lbs. I am blessed with a high metabolism, I eat what I want (including lots of carbs), and I exercise 5 times a week.

When I experience weight gain, it’s always less than 5 lbs. However, most of it goes to my stomach, so it sticks out, giving me the appearance that I am “expecting” something. But that doesn’t mean that I am pregnant!

How stupid do you people have to be? Yeesh.

Marilyn on

Obviously Desperate Housewifes is desperate for ratings. How hokey, take your most visible actress, cut off her hair, the same hair that is the object of hair product ads and have her gain weight? That’s what an overworked mother is supposed to look like? I’m not a mother, but even I find that insulting. And yes, by Hollywood’s standards, she’s pudgey, sorry.

ashley on

i think shes beautiful as always! and you can see the weight gain in her shoulders . but shes still gorgeous and i love the new hair. eveything new always looks weird at first. but just wait until she gets all glamed up and has it stlyed, then everyone will want their hair like hers. go eva!!!

ashley on

you know what? all of you guys talking about how skinny she is needs to take a look and see if their truly happy with themselves. im not skinny but im not fat. i have curves but that works for me. eva’s what 5’5? how much do you want her to weigh at that height? shes in shape and happy with her self. leave her alone

DB on

I think if you see her picture in a bikini (on this website) you’ll see why they are saying that she gained weight. Its all relative… I think its funny how only the heavy people have a problem with the comments. No thin person will say “its okay to gain 10 lbs…love your heavier and fuller figure…” Nobody who cares about their body would actually say that! LOL.

Whatever on

Everyone looks better when they are in shape and on the thinner side (not skinny or anorexic, but trim). If not, then for some reason in our society, you are “not good enough”. Ridiculous.

Lisa on

This story makes me sick to my stomach. First of all Eva looks like she gained about 10 extra pounds and this “look” is supposed to represent letting yourself go? Short hair is supposed to represent letting yourself go?

As women we should all just commit suicide because if this is considered the “letting yourself go” look we are all doomed.

stacey on

oh no eva, long hair is the way to go, looks much better with the typ of nose you have

Kittty on

So ugly as always! What does the media see in her?

Dee on

Give me a brake… the person that wrote a woman let’s herself go after kids had to be written by a man is absolutely right..let us not look in the mirror boys, most of you middle aged fathers with beer guts still think you can get the babes. Who cares about this crap anyway. I get sick of hearing how these poor bony actors HAVE to put on weight for a role.10 lbs OMG can she still walk with all that fat???? Get a grip bodies are beautiful in all sizes.

She Has Let Herself Go | A Mama's Blog on

[…] week I saw this article on Eva Longoria’s new look.  Evidently she has gained some weight and has cut her hair to […]

Julien on

I like her new hair cut. She’s gorgeous.

Angelina on

Eva looks so much better now that she’s put on a little weight. When are people going to learn that super skinny is NOT sexy? Women were meant to have a little meat on their bones. I think Eva should be happy with the way she looks now. She certainly looks healthier.

housewivesfan on

Gee, if size 2 is considered FAT then at size 12 I must be MORBIDLY OBESE!!!!!!

Cayouette on

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