Taylor Momsen: From Gossip Girl to Supermodel

06/25/2008 at 11:57 AM ET

Demis Maryannakis / Splash News

She’s may be just 14-years old, but Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen can add another line to her quickly expanding resume. Following in the footsteps of stars like Mischa Barton, the young actress has just signed to IMG Models, the agency confirms to PEOPLE. No word yet on any cosmetics or fashion contracts in the works, but we’ll keep you posted as her modeling career develops. Tell us: Would you like to see Taylor in ads?

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KTG on

I mean, she’s cute. But she’s no different than any other little blue eyed blonde girl that we see in our ads every day.

I also think she’s a little young. Let the girl at least be 16 before tossing her into that industry.

Pinky on

I have to agree with KTG, she is no different than any other girl trying to break into modeling. She has the benefit of being a recognized face from GG, but that’s it. As far as her age goes, she’s already in the gossip mags and on television. I don’t think modeling will add anything that those two don’t. Good luck, Taylor.

Shelloo on

I would rather see Leighton Meester…Taylor Momsen bugs me for some reason.


I think this girl has fantastic looks! What a great opportunity and I think whoever disagrees is probably just a little jealous.

--- on

taylor is really pretty and totally has what it takes to be a model.
age doesn’t have anything to do with it and just cos’ she’s into modelling doesn’t go to say she’ll be a coke addict. she seems very grounded.

alice on

looks, mediocre, talent, mediocre, she’ll be gone when gossip is gone.

holly on

14??? Seriously, this is what is wrong with hollywood. disgusting.

Sofia on

She’s really pretty and a good height. She deserves it!! I agree with KTG about her being a lil young, but if she’s mature enough to star on Gossip Girl, I think she can handle the modelling too!!! Good luck to her :)

amy on

I think its cool that she wants to jump in and have a great work ethic. She is just making her way into the world and I think that she is very brave to go out and try to model. Gossip Girl is no easy task and i bet that she can handle modeling just as well.

Kristin on

Nothing special. This girl is cute. Someone like Marissa Miller is gorgeous. Big difference.

Lexi on

What’s there to be jealous of Molly Mae? KTG is right. Typical, unoriginal blonde haired, blue eyed 14 year old. She’s such a yawn.

Jane on

Well..to me it honestly doesn’t matter if she’s in Ads…I mean it’s not really gonna make me wanna go buy anything that she’s advertising though.

margot on

I wish the best of luck to Taylor and hopefully her acting and modeling career will work the way she wants it to

Ohioan on

Taylor is pretty but not unique. She’s also way too young (and looks young) to inspire me.

kari on

good for her and all but i mean i don’t know she is only 14 for heavens sake she could do this all in a few years but i think that it might be better for her to get to have a real childhood for at least a little while longer

susan on

she’s a beautiful young girl, but she doesn’t seem much of model material. she’s defenitley a bit young for this,but after all, she already is an actress. i agree with kristin, there’s nothing really special about her. no special thing about her that makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd. i think if anything, she would wait a coupla years, then go into the modeling business, when gg is done.

shanny on

Hollywood make it seem like anybody can become a celebrity easily

reallifegossipgirl on

I think she would be a cool commercial girl and like modelling for stuff like chain brands and netrogena not high fashion runways though,

Katy on

she’s technically the right age to be primed for the hollywood modeling industry.

also, if she has strong ideals, maybe she’ll bring something new to the modeling industry.

or maybe i’m just drunk and crazy.

jason on

she is cute and looks good to make it. but it would too early for her to compete with top girls,, wait for 2-3 years. probably!

Carm on

I don’t think she is going to be like some serious model like Adriana Lima or Gisele. I think when actors sign with modeleing agencies its more for like endorsements and stuff. Cover Girl, Neutrogena, stuff like that. And regarding her age, she has been acting for quite some time now. Hello. She’s Cindy Lou Who! She’s been in the business for a while and probably knows how to work it. Shame on those who would suggest that she will turn into some druggie. Don’t wish that on anyone.

Gen on

I agree with most of you she is too young, and there is nothing special about her look. What I want to see in a model is different from anyone else, and someone that looks beautiful with out make up and hair done. I don’t think she would look as good with out makeup and hair.

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marti8 on

She is a very pretty 14 year old who, in pictures, looks like she’s 25. Note to the make-up artist. SHE IS 14 YEARS OLD! Lets not make her the next front page news of an underage girl at an over 21 club smoking and holding a drink. Taylor, enjoy your teenage years.

Kerry on

I would have thought at least 20 something. Seriously. But she is pretty.

Alice on

I can’t believe she’s only 14!

allie on

She is gorgeous! But the question is does she have the potential?
That is for us to see…

Katie on

I think she should wait it up a few years. Just look at the other girls who’ve started young. Brit and Lindsay are just out of control. Miley is being pulled in that direction as well. Unless her parents have a very firm grip on her, I’d be scared to see what will happen to such a cute and talented girl.

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nshesaidthis on

it’s just personal taste, but i don’t think she’s very pretty. i’d much much rather see blake lively or leighton meester in ads. i think lively is beautiful and her hair is amazing. and i think meester actually kinda looks like one of the current juicy couture models. they look more sophisticated and mature. but what else do you expect from a 14 year old? she’s SUPPOSED to look immature. and i don’t really want to see an immature model sporting high fashion. and again, i don’t think she looks unique/fierce enough. she seems sweet, not fierce.

Nikki on

Don’t like her, i don’t think she’ll b a good model! But anyway good luck!

Indiana on

She is way to young to be getting into the model industry. You need to be mature and be able to handle major rejection. I do not think she is at that point yet. She is pretty tho.Maybe in the next 4 years or so she will be able to handle it. Modeling is probably the toughest industry. This is not the time to be getting into modeling. She should focus all her energy into acting.

k on

I had no idea she was only 14! Though that’s about average for acting/modeling (Mila Kunis was that young when 70’s started, models are almost always start in the 13-16 range, etc.) I think this is a smart move on her part. Success in the entertainment business can be gone in a flash, she’s just taking advantage of every opportunity while she still has a chance. Good for her.

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hannah on

Whoever says 14 is young is just dumb. Modeling careers usually end at 21! Wow, your smart.

Taylor Gemmill on

Taylor has an extremely classic look that i believe will make her stand out on the runway these days, and the fact that she is only 14 makes it even more impressive.

Sarah A. on

CHEAP publicity stunt. C’mon, what happened to IMG’s standards?

Anne on

I think she’s way too young to be a model – it’ll screw up her perception of life. She also is kind of gawky and has a strange nose. Seeing her modeling for a product wouldn’t make me want to buy it.

Erin on

She looks like she’s 20, which is gross.

But she is gorgeous and I love the show and I love her character and I am rooting for her =]

I think she will make a great commercial model

Lola on

I think that she is way too young to get into something like that but I also think that if I had the oppurtunity to do it as well then I would take it too!

Ama on

i think she will make a great model! but dont u
have 2 be 16 2 b in runway shows??? she may have to stick 2 print!!!

Kelly on

I agree with Holly! She’s too young to be made up and dressed like THIS. It’s not pretty! It’s just gross.

Allie on

For some reason i just cannot stand this girl, she’s doing kind of a good job in GG, but she’s such a TERRIBLE actress, and if u wanna be a model, u GOTTA KNOW to act even just a little bit.

She just bugs me, and it’s not like i’m jealous or i envy her, but i seriously cannot stand her!!

Samantha on

Models should have that special thing that when u look at them u just say ”Damm, that girl is a model”, they just have that special look, but Taylor Momsen? There’s is Nothing special about her, maybe now, while she’s on Gossip Girl, she’ll make a couple of campaings and ads, but when G.G. will be over, her carrier as a model will be over too..!!

MJ on

Reading the comments to this post its blatantly clear how many people are jealouse of her… I think shes stunning and good luck to her

She reminds me of Maria Sharapova a bit

Elaine on

“She’s really pretty and a good height.” -Sofia

I see girls like this everyday. I’ll admit, I would enjoy looking the way she does, but really? She’s average.
Not to mention her age..being 14/15 in a world where the youngest are commonly 19? That makes no sense.
And she is too short to be a model. 5’4″? No. You’re required to be, at the SHORTEST, 5’7″.

Really, when Gossip Girl ends, Taylor won’t really be around until she gets another movie/show role.

Jay on

wow i cant believe she is 14 she looks way older
im suprised just two years ago she was in saving shilo thats amazing i think she needs to tone it down a bit, ya know enjoy being a kid and stuff. oh well shes still pretty

fluffyang on

she has a pretty face. big deal. Pretty faces work half the time but as time goes by, won’t she just be another bland under aged adolescent trying to make it big. Good luck but I don’t think it’ll last.

fluffyang on

Plus. She needs a nose job pretty bad. And I definitely agree with Kelly..can you believe that Miley Cyrus is older than her..DRESS YOUR AGE! With all the at pressed make-up on, it is disturbing!

Justyna on

she looks a little bit older than 15,
but she is tall, and she is pretty.
shes fit for a model (:

Aleksandra on

On the whole picture, she is very typical blonde hair blue eye. A little on the thin lips and her eyebrows are so funny and disproprtion the face. She is of 15 years ad sign with IMG. IMG has a height preferred of minimum 5 9. Taylor is listed as 5 8 which means she is probably 5 7 myabe even 5 6.5. An undeserving she has snuck her way into modeling industry.

Saad Rizwan on

well…. just saw her in Paranoid Park…. looks awesome….. and is just built to be a model…..

Riku on

I think shes adorable. I love her character in Gossip Girl. I love her!

JD on

she’s totally pretty enough, but is way too young! but, as for the ‘pretty grounded’ comment, the pictures of her hosting kissing parties are everywhere, so maybe she should wait a while or she’ll just end up like most other young actresses!!

jess on

heya taylor im your biggest fan im 12 and u r my romodel i abosoulutly love your clothes on gossip girl and im getting my hair cut tomorrow night exactly the same as ur’s in gossip girl lol jess xxxxxx

abpk on

i think she’d do okay.

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GG on

I like Taylor. She is a bit mean according to the media but she is great. yer, she is like any other girl, but I would defiantly look into stuff she advertises (I plan to buy the perfume she is advertising). I think it has something to do with her body. She is known for having the thin body (which I want) but the rest actually got criticized for being fat, when a stylist for the show said that they can put on weight if they want but that’s why people invented granny undies. But they are all pretty.

registration on

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Tammy on

Wow i cant believe she is 14 she is looking to big for her age but all d same i luv her and i think she will do very well’ so u guys should stop been Jealous lol.

Gavin on

How is she ‘too young’? If she was a criminal she would be old enough to be responsible for her actions and tried as an adult, yet she is too young to model clothes?

She is a beautiful young women, I sense a degree of jealousy.

LindenOBerkeley on

Thanx, Gavin…

Too much is made of her youth, especially given that she has had an acting career for fourteen years, a modeling career for three, and a music career for two. Not mention that she graduated from high school at fifteen.

At her age Alexander the Great had conquered the known world (Gay in the military kid that he was).

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