Natalie Portman's Cannes Dress: Love It or Hate It?

05/22/2008 at 02:53 PM ET

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Natalie Portman always takes the edge off of her daring design choices with her innate elegance, and her wardrobe of Chanel and Lanvin at Cannes has been nothing short of gorgeous. But when she hit the red carpet for the AmFAR benefit at the legendary film festival tonight, we had to do a double take over her cut-out white Givenchy Haute Couture dress! There’s something so Jetsons-meets-Swan Lake about the sculptural creation that we just wouldn’t expect from Portman. We love that there is a young star who is always willing to take a red carpet risk (and can pull it off!), but we want to know what you think! Tell us: What do you think of Natalie’s dress? Do you love it or hate it?

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Brittany on

Love it.

sandy on

OH MY GOD, what was she thinking, that is the ugliest dress I have seen her wear!

tammy on

HATE IT!!! Besides, you can’t pull off a white dress with black shoes! Someone should have stopped her from wearing that disaster!

Kari on

I think she looks absolutley wonderful. would i wear that? No. But hey more power to her. Not many people could rock that, but she does.


I love the dress. Natalie is one of the few ladies who can pull it off.

Lindsay on

LOVE IT…Natalie is a stunning girl and this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

tammy on

HATE IT!!! What’s up with the black shoes and white dress? Someone really should have saved her from this disaster!

tammy on

Hate it!! Someone really should have saved her from making this tragic mistake! What’s with the black shoes?

marion on

i actually like it. More because not just anyone could pull it off. Go Nat.

gwennie on

Freaking love it! Its fun and unique and she’s young enough to pull it off. Besides, its Cannes, they have alot of fun with fashion there.

Allison on

It’s different, I’ll give her that. But don’t hate. You know she’d look good in a potato sack afterall!

Jalaine on

Hate it! It looks like she is wearing toilet paper. Yuck!

Johna Lutz on

She can pull anything off–she is beautiful.

Johna Lutz on

Love it! She could pull off a paper bag if she wanted!

Linzee on

Love it more than anything i’ve ever loved!

laura on

Love it .interesting design,looks great on her, like all the dresses she wore

meera on

I absolutely love it. She looks so stunning, and so high fashion! Beautiful!

gina on

Love it. If I would look that good in it…I would wear it. And you can definitely do a white dress and black shoes…where did that rule come from?

Anissa on

I Love it! It’s what Cameron D’s origami like dress should have been:) She looks amazing!

Dina on

Natalie Portman shows sophisticated,arty,GLAMORUOUS elegance and taste ,PERIOD!!!!!!!!
C’mon AMERICA!!!!
Red carpet’s in USA and others are full of kitsch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie on

Honestly, how many people could pull off this look? seems like only ONE person and that’s her! love it!

Kristen on

I love it! I think she is so pretty!

Dina on

Natalie Portman shows extremely sophisticated and arty taste and glamourous elegance,BRAVO!!!!!
Red carpets actress,are usually ,along with fashion journalists /commentators,full of kitschy taste and lack of education,knowledge about what is beautiful and elegant!

Ru on

LOVE IT!!!!!! she`s an amazing actress,beautiful and elegant…this dress realy look good on her!
i agree with the shoes:a miss!
Go Nat!!!

rebbecca on


Ashley on

On her, the dress looks amazing! On any other average person like myself, it’d most likely look pretty silly.

Erin on

It’s gorgeous. A little off-beat, but she makes it work. The shoes however… hmmm….

Megan on

LOVE IT! It is a work of art. She looks stunning… as always.

Cucumber eyes on

i would never think of this dress as a beautiful if i saw it, but on her it looks great and i love it :)

Mylisa on

I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! She looks beautiful as always. That dress looks like fun;]

Hetal on

I think it looks FABULOUS on her! she pulled it off gracefully, kudos to her!

Cucumber eyes on

hmmm… i saw other pictures of her in cannes and it seems like all her dresses have those frills… red one on che premiere,blue one on the screening of wild blood, purple one on the opening night… i love the dress and the way she looks in it is amazin but when you see all other dresses she wore it’s just not original anymore… it makes you say (yawn)more frills oh no, c’mon take a brake…

Dana on

You want to make a statement on the red carpet, you want to get noticed and stand out.
I applaud her……She was obviously noticed!
She looks great.

Jules on


karina on

love the dress!!!! she looks very beautiful in it:))))

Jess on

I love it!

karina on

love the dress!!!! she looks so beautiful in it:))) she can pull anything of:)

Meredith on

love it

Sandra on

I love it!!!!

tina on

I love it!! It looks like a dress I would put on a Barbie when I was young! It’s adorable on her and she looks beautiful!

Nancy on

That dress is just gorgeous!!! Every woman should have a beautiful dress once in her life that is so special it can only be worn once–that was definitely one of those dresses. If I were young and rich, I would fight to have that dress.

Patti V. Gardner on

It looks like a reject from her Star Wars wardrobe!

Jennifer Monteiro on

Love it. She looks so pretty. When I was in France I saw alot of dresses with cutouts. I would not wear this but, she pulls it off fine.

Pamela on

LOVE it~~!!!

Patty on

i think she looks quite pretty in the dress, but for some reason the shoes don’t look right to me. i don’t know if it’s the style of the shoe or the color.

Edmari on

LOVE IT!!!!!!

JAC on

LOVE IT!!! She could wear a burlap bag and be preciously beautiful!

jen on

ewwwwwww it looks like shes wearing a napkin!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna on

I love the dress…especially with her make-up and hair. She looks stunning.

Katie on

I love it. It’s very 80s Barbie. I would totally wear it!

Regan on

Love It! Very Sexy!

Polina on

I LOVVVEEE it, shes gorgeous and looks absolutely stunning in that dress.

Leah on


Monique on


Ray (a girl, not guy) on

Love it! it’s so cute!

kimmie on

I’d give her first place for the toilet paper bridal shower game! Don’t squeeze the Charmin

Sabrena on


Christa on

I think Natalie looks spectacular! Not everyone could pull this off, but with her petite frame and dark features, she looks amazing! And yeah, where did the rule come from regarding black and white??? I think some of you gals need to renew your subscription to Vogue. Absolutely lovely!

Anonymous on

Love it

Isabel on

GORGEOUS! wow, i really love that dress. i think people need to be more receptive to fashion risks. this is definitely not some lame strapless little black dress…

glenna on

she is so lovely. the dress totally hides her

steph on

Love it. Look at her perfect face- she’d look good in a paper sack! She gets away with it!

barbiebabe on


Valerie on

she paid for this dress??

Nichole on

I wouldn’t wear it, but let’s face it I couldn’t pull it off. She has a beautiful build and she is dainty enough that she can make the look work ! Good for you Natalie, way to be daring. However black shoes with a white dress, a big NO No !!!

jody on

HATE IT!! All you notice is the big fluff – you are so stunned you don’t even bother to look at who is in the atrocity. YUCK!!!

Kim on

i hate the top but really love the bottom.

samanthaaa on

I believe this dress is pretty, but i would much prefer the bottom longer with the puffyness, but again it fits her & i think she looks super (:

Rina on

The dress is chic,she is chic,in my opinion she just re-invented edgy with a classical touch of poise.
Natalie Pulled it off, and I think this should be in one of the best dress lists ever.
Natalie you look wonderful

cf on

I love this look! she looks so pretty and the dress is fun and flirty

Lisa on

I like the shoes with the dress since the dress is so busy.The shoes are simple yet pretty. Am I missing something, I thought black shoes go with every color?

Anonymous on

I love it!

Holly on

love it

Stella on

Love it. She looks amazing and classic.

stacey on

LOVE IT and i actually even like the black shoes with the white dress it offsets beautifully. i’d wear it if i could get away with it lol

Julie on

Nat could wear a paper bag and look gawwwgeous. This dress is simply a knockout. It’s fun, flirty, and very Hollywood. Two thumbs up!!

alex on

she is so pretty, but the dress nononono!!!!!!!!!

Marsha on

I love the top and would have liked the bottom if not for the slit up the leg, BUT the top and bottom do NOT go together! The bottom should be simpler to show off the top and vice versa. Make two dresses out of this: one with the top and a longer, straighter skirt and another with the bottom (minus the slit)and a less complicated top.

Lynsee on

i love it! the white looks great on her and makes her skin look radiant! it cuts a very nice shape too! i love the funkiness and edginess! way to take a risk and succeed at it!

almaha Al-Thani on

nice cute dress (love it)

Kaya on

She looks gorgeous!

Anna on

I absolutely LOVE it! It is so high fashion, something that can rarely be pulled off in real life, and she did it! I doubt that anyone could look as good in this dress as Natalie does.

erin on

OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!! it rocks…..

Jordan on

LOVE it its so cool i mean she probbly got paid to wear it i mean i wouldn’t wear it i would take some of the fluffy stuff off and it would look cool but i love the shoes!!

jahari Ware on

that has to be by far the ugliest dress that i have ever seen!! i dont get why anyone would want to wear that dress.

Jennafer on


alyson on

those people that think that the black shoes dont go with the white dress obviously do not have any style, and live inside a box!!! it is absolutely amazing and avant garde and classic at the same time. BRILLIANT!!!!!

stacy on

For some reason i love it, looks different and nothing i have ever seen on all the red carpets.

nicola on

love it. she actually looks good in it. she can pull it off
i certainly couldnt. & the shoes look fine
go natalie :)

shea on

she reminds me of DWTS. She looks beautiful in it. She’s a classy woman, she can wear anything.

Merel on

i think the dress is absolutely gorgeous
C’est magnifique!

rumpa on

she looks like a wedding cake…:S:S:S

like the shoes tho

Ann on

Disaster Disaster Disaster does she not have any friends that could’v just told her NO WAY

Susan on

OMG!! Where did she get that dress?? I LOVE IT! She looks beautiful in it and I want it!!!!!

Rachel on

Wow, she pulls that off! It looks AMAZING on her! I love it.

Leanne on

Love it – it’s like a modern art piece!!

Nesquik on

I really like Natalie Portman… but I think that her white dress is not suitable for the red carpet. May be if she is getting married… then. But it even doesn’t match her.

Beth on

Who did she channel – Judy or Jane Jetson that night????


Love it I think she looks beautiful in this dress. I love the dress itself, very nice

Zivana on

it s beautifullllllllll!!!!

Elizabeth on

I love it- this dress is so fabulous, and she wore it beautifully.

Annick on

I’m in love with this dress she looks like an angel

Courtney on

love it

Jess on

I think Natalie can definatelly pull off a dramatic look in the dress…it’s not my personal pick but she looks great

Tricia on

Love it! You couldn’t wear this anywhere but it is Cannes appropriate. Her hair and makeup are flawless and I actually love the black shoes!

Spectacular on

The dress is Givenchy and it’s fabulous.

Jonathan Bodack on

Natalie’s dress is very interesting, and I do like it, etc.

Ugne on

Love it!!!

Claire on

Love it!!!

Emily on

I’m not crazy about the dress, but she looks gorgeous. I give her a thumbs up!

Sophie on

Stunnning! Nothing short of perfect. She’s been a slam dunk the entire festival. Love the accessories and the hair, it doesn’t get better than this.

Diana on

I love the dress, its a risk, and good for her body type, but I hate those shoes!

Laura on

I think she looks great! I could never pull that off.

stacy on

love it it’s different x

Lucy on

Yay to celebrities who take fashions risks that work. Few people can pull off that dress and she definitely did a fantastic job doing it!

mary on

i love it. i think she looks gorgeous. the only thing is i can picture it being made out of toilet paper. but i like it anyways.

claudia on

I wouldn’t wear that dress, but it looks good on her and who said that you can’t wear black shoes with a white dress, there is nothing wrong with that.

Trine Sook on

It’s so cool that she’s werring that.
I think it’s a beautiful dress, because it has these detailes the whole way up. And white is the perfect choice to exactly that dress!

Megan on

Love it!!! It’s beautiful and she’s beautiful. No one should judge her or her choice.

Cindy on

I personally couldn’t wear it – but if I was her age and was in Cannes, I’d go for it. Good for her!

Anonymous on

On Natalie I think it is a knockout! She looks terrific.

Linda on

I LOVE IT! She took my breath away!

Savitri on

I love it. I think she looks gorgeous! The black shoes is fitting too. She has dark hair, dark shoes dark hair. She looks really good in this picture. She’s always beautiful but this is more. Love the hair and I wish I have her eyes :D

Gillian on

I think it is stunning! It is a bold choice, but she is in Cannes and you need to make an impression, so she gets away with it!!!

Heather on

Love it!

truejbfan14 on

i think she looks OK, not her best outfit. but it’s unique, cause on almost anyone else, it would look horrible. pretty much what everyone else is saying on here. she’s one of a selcet few that looks good with outfits like these.


PA on

Tres Magnifique!!!!!!!!!

katie on

ok well i love it and i think that it brings out her shape and her color!!! i love it so much

Therisa on

Love the white dress with the black shoes, they contrast each other! She looks gorgeous!

katie on

ok well i love it so much and i think it bring out her color and shape and i love it alot. but there is one little thing it looks like something that my mom wore on her prom and i think that hmy mom wore mt grandmas dress

katie on

i lov eit and i think thta it brings out her shape and he color. but there is one little problem it looks like what my mom wore to prom and she wors my grandams dress

Kiwikat on

Okey, evidently the fashion rule of not wearing black shoes to white dress slipped her mind, and with any detail in black that would have been forgiven, but no belt, no hair flower (thank god that would have been over the top) in black. So shoes were a mistake.
However the dress is like a mixture of a layerd cake and a cancan skirt. Dashing, daring and albeit different. Nonetheless I like the dress.

Angie on

I LOVE the dress! It’s so different but still gorgeous! It looks great on her, too!

Patty on

Love the dress! The shoes should have been a cream, ivory, or nude shade, black just doesn’t look good with that type of fancy dress. TOTAL CLASH of COLOR :)


I don’t think its that bad. I wouldn’t wear it but I’ve seen alot worse than that.

Stephanie on

Love it. To me it’s fun and def haute couture. There’s no way it could be pulled off in MY world, but in Cannes, she rocks it.

Fiorella on

LOVE IT! and what’s with all the comments on the black shoes? Don’t these hillbillies know that black and white is a classic in ANY combination…Geez!

Yelena on

Love it! She looks amaising!

amanda on

i like it on her. it’s a daring thing to wear but she pulls it off well

Linda on

LOVE IT. she’s beautiful, talented and breathtaking.

Liz on

Love it!
She looks absolutely stunning.

If you had the means and could pull it off than you would love it too!

jacky on

she looks really HOT!!!! the dress itself is a bit strange, but it looks really REALLY hot on her!!! way to go!!!! Very glamourous!

Lauren on

Natalie Portman is a natural beauty. She can pull of anything. I mean she shaved her head nd was still one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

alex on


black shoes woudn’t have been my choice though

Elizabeth on

Dude you can wear black shoes with a white dress. Duh….black and white. LOVE IT!!

Denise on

I think it really looks good on her. Not very many could pull that off.

Mo on

I LOVE IT. It’s funky and unique. It’s creative and artistic. It’s mature yet childish in the same way. I think she really pulls it off…the whole gracefulness of it reminds me of a swan. Maybe if her hair were loose and wavy/curly, it would be better, and she could have chosen a better shoe, but all in all I love it. Very reminiscent of a fairytale.

Maria Baricevic on

I absolutely love it! She is the epitome of elegance and this tops the chart for that! She is the most beautiful and elegant woman in Hollywood, and she is a superb actress. The black shoes work perfectly with her hair, her eyes – with some heavier liner that she pulls off effortlessly. Flawless….how could you not think this dress is beautiful and classic and isn’t perfect for and non her. Givenchy Haute! Come on, this is not Jetsons in any manner.

Danielle on

I absolutely love it. It’s so much better than those cookie-cutter dresses everyone else wears, and it’s looks on her.

CC on

The dress looks like was just sewed wrong, and what was she thinking wearing black shoes…wrong wrong wrong.

Kelsey on

I love this dress. I think it has a sorta rock n roll twist on a frilly, romantic dress. And she took it one step further by wearing black shoes with a white dress proving that she has the panache to break fashion rules and look hot doing it.

jordan on

it works for her she looks gorgous, it is a daring choice

Jennifer on

lOVE IT!!! but only on her and maybe a few other people!

Darcie P on

love the dress, although the ruffles could be a lot less.

Elena on

DonĀ“t like the dress but she manages to make it look elegant and stylish…Thumbs up for her…

Jennifer on

Love it! I think the fact that it is white makes it work. Any other color would be too much. The fact that she is such a classy girl helps too. Anyone know where she got her shoes? I probably can’t afford it, so maybe a good knockoff? LOVE them.

Christina on

It’s so cute on her! And I love the black shoes. White shoes would have drawn the eye away from her pretty face and the dress.

Maud on

by the way tammy, you commented three times…. gay much! hello, she looks good in the incredibly unique dress, who cares about the black shoes, get the picture?

Kelly Bocast on

I must say that the dress is very interesting to look at. I don’t think you have be perfect and look the same all the time.So more power to Natalie and I think that wearing something that looks different is what makes each person unique. To me ,Natalie is beautiful no matter what she wears!

asma on

waw love it !!

hanouf on

love it !!
she’s in france !!

Najah on

That dress is gorgeous. I am a little confused about thwere the fabric is goving on the torso but other then that she looks great. Her make up is also flawless

paaaige on

no one could wear this but her.
she looks amazing in it.

Hannah on

Love it, it’s totally gorgeous!

Dianna on

Love it.

LC on

I am in love with the dress, and also she is someone who can truly pull it off. Greatttt dressss

Gemma on

love it someone else would have totally ruined it but she is one of the few people who can pull it off

Mary on

Hate it. It looks like one of those tissue paper decorations that wasn’t quite completed.

Jennifer on

Love it!

Nat on

Love it…she has exquisite style!

Larson on

I love it! i think she looks gorgeous in it and she’s so young and fresh so it really works for her. it would look terrible on anybody else.

Natalie on

I Love it, everything about this dress is simple fabulous, its edgy, its sexy and it really looks good on N, the black shoes contrast the white and separate wedding from party, its abstract and i love the falling strap on her right shoulder. this dress on N looks spectacular she always knows what to wear and how to make anything work.

laura on

I love it on her. It’s modern.

Marzipan on

Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t believe it has caused a stir – that is how predictable evening wear has become!

cherie on

its such a beautiful dress, a really very interesting choice!

christina on

its ok.. a lil to fluffy for me

Katy on

Love it! It doesn’t look like a dress that would look good on anyone, but she can pull it off pretty well!

Jane on

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! She looks so gorgeous in it! More power to her! She completely pulls it off! She is such a beautiful girl and that dress is just dazzling!

Natalie on

Love it

Pamela on

love it – classy and edgy

Jaimie on

Love it!! Unique dress with crisp lines, and really amazing. Personally, I like the black-and-white trend.. somehow it works!

Stacy on

Love it

nobody on

she looks so pretty. anybody who says anything bad about her is just jealous.

Lynithia on

Love it!

kaylee on

love it

luannero on

I love her dress! It’s funky and rock and rolly but at the same time, the color is so classic. But I love her red dress more.

L on

Love it!

donna on

love it. it’s so sculptural. wow!!! don’t hate because you can’t carry it off.

Kim on

LOVE IT!!!! The black shoes are just fine, anyone who doesn’t know you can wear black shoes with a white dress probably still thinks you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day!

Courtney on

Love it!

danette on

LOVE IT, LOVE IT L-O-V-E I-T!!!! She can pull it off and she pulled it off perfectly. She let the dress do the talking by keeping her hair, makeup and accessories simple. I actually don’t mind the black shoes they are simple enough to go with this and go with her hair.

Chloe on

Well….Natatlie is one of the very few who could EVER pull off such a high-style dress. I don’t see why you’re all slamming her because it has RUFFLES! Some people dont read vogue…:)



I saw it in a magazine and i’ve just been searching for ages on the internet looking for it! Luuuuuuuuush!

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