Hilary Swank's New Blonde Do: Love It or Hate It?

05/21/2008 at 09:58 AM ET

Andrew H. Walker/Getty

She may be notoriously adventurous with hair change-ups, sporting a buzz cut for her Oscar-winning role in Boys Don’t Cry, and even letting Oprah chop off her locks for charity, but when Hilary Swank turned up at last night’s Joyful Heart Foundation Gala in N.Y.C., she left us speechless. Gone was the dark brown bob she’s sported for months — replaced by a short honey blonde crop, complete with matching light eyebrows. Of course, this is likely for her latest role as legendary aviatrix Amelia Earheart in Amelia, but we still can’t get over how different she looks! Tell us: Do you love Hilary’s new hair? Or do you prefer her as a brunette?

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Kaitlynn on

Unfortunately, she added about 20 years to her look by getting that hair cut and adding that colour. Not cute!

Rebecca Rivera on

Hate it! She looks close to her 50’s with that cut

Monny on

Oh no, she looks like a middle aged congresswoman or something. This is not a flattering ‘do.

blondie on

She looks like a poor version of Princess Di. Dated and old. Plus, could she please start eating again? The starvation look is not helping.

Lauren on

Just awful… she looks about 50 years old with that cut.

I love Hillary, but thing about her is… she doesn’t have delicate features, and she’s pretty muscular. A short cut doesn’t look “pixie” on her – it makes her look older and a little unfeminine.

Danielle on

She definately does not look her age, it is funny how one hair cut or style change can make someone look older than they are. It is not a look for her.

Yamine on

I just love the pixie. But on the wrong woman it can be disastrous! And she looks bad in it. She looks better with longer, dark hair!

CS on

Hate it….It makes her look old.

Robin on

Totally horrible. She looks 20 years older. I sure hope it’s for a movie because she’s crazy if she did this to look good!

Ohioan on

I like the idea of a pixie cut on Hilary, but the execution is a bit off on this one. The bangs need to be a bit shorter and the whole cut needs to be texturized better so it looks funkier instead of middle-aged.

Sheila on

I had to do a doubletake when I read it was Hilary Swank. I thought it was Joan Lunden.


She looks like Geraldine Ferraro……..

lillie on

I love Hilary! This might not be the best look for her, but she can switch it up again. And she’s always been slender. How else could she have played in Boys Don’t Cry. Leave her alone.

brunettes rock!!! on

I’m glad this is just for a movie..she is a hot brunette and should stay true to her roots..

Terry on

She did it for a role. She’s filming a movie about Amelia Earhart.

CC on

Eh. She looks like Princess Di’s clone. That look doesn’t really work now.

Dorothy on

I agree it makes her look older the normal.

ap on

Longer bangs with dark undertones would have helped.

e hedden on

She looks old

Anonymous on

Perhaps this is for a movie role? I know she is filming an Amelia Earheart film.

Elizabeth on

She looks like she’s trying to emulate another Hillary with a bad haircut. The look doesn’t work on a 60 year old presidential wannabe. It certainly doesn’t work for this Hilary either.

Linda on

Please change it back!! She is one of the few people that can pull off really short hair and look fabulous……but blonde….YUCK! Makes her look very old and her hairdresser should have their license revoked!!!!

sabrina on

.she looks like the barber that did her hair was blind

yurania on

it looks like the barber that did her hair was blind

yurania wissar on

what was she thinking she looks wired i think she was better off with her other hair

Nikki on

Cute color the style makes her look much older though.

nicole on

she’s trying to make a huge comeback with her new ‘do.

she looks like fricken princess diane.

Christal on

She looks too old.

MVM on

Hillary has such a horsey face to begin with that any cut that doesn’t actually cover her face is a disaster!

joanne on

adds about 10 years on her face. terrible.

Gabrielle on

Hilary Swank of Hillary Clinton?

Gabrielle on

Hilary Swank or Hillary Clinton?

dill on

that’s not hilary swank, that’s matt damon

Cucumber eyes on

what was she thinking? this is disaster she looks like 20 years older…

jen on


Farker on

Why should any of you care, do you know her, does this information impact your lives in the slightest? You people are whats wrong with america.

Lynsee on

She looks like Hillary Clinton!

Anna on

She looks more like Hillary Clinton than her usual self. I loved her shade and length before! Seriously though, I thought it was Hillary Clinton when I first saw the picture!

Melody on

I agree that the hair is not flattering on her. Perhaps it is for an upcoming role?

monica on

She got the new do for an upcoming movie so its not permanent…thank god!!!

Rachel on

Hate it! This is probably the worst possible look for her! I think she looked better bald. This makes her look like shes 50!! How old is she, like thirty something?

Kristen on

Lol…she looks like Joan Lunden.

anonymous on

it looks really bad, it ages her ALOT!

Anonymous on

I bet Chad Lowe is happy he does not have to wake up and roll over and see that face in the morning any more!

Annick on

She looks so much older than she is!

misty renee on

oh i KNOW she did it for her role as Amelia Airheart, but goodness…if she is done filming she needs to dye it brown and sass it up some.

That Girl on

Maybe she’s playing Suze Orman in a new movie or something… (eeew)

melissa on

I like the hair cut and color..but not on Hilary. I think if it wasn’t blonde it might work better.

rebecca on

Cute cut….terrible color. It would be cute if she had gone brown/red.

lenora on

She is not that pretty anyway, so this makes her look even worse.

hottie on

ok well i think that she looks way to old and she needs some new clothes she looks like an old princess even an old grandma would look better than her now!!

money lover on

ok well seh looks lilke my grandma but she doesnt look that bad like what that hottie chick was saying shes just getting old thats what i think?!**&&^%$#%

mallz on

OMG i Hate this!! she is fabulous let that hair grow back and get ur amazing look back Hill!!

Deysi on

She looks very old … I like her but not with that hair colour!

Ella on

OMG! she looks like mama walsh.

Linsey on

Remember Boys Don’t Cry? She was SUPPOSED to look like a boy when her hair was cut similarly then. She’s a beautiful woman but this is not flattering and should be reserved only for artistic roles!

Pamela on


DJ on

It makes her look so much older. Young girls should have SOME hair.

RayRay83 on

I’m pretty sure this is for her role. I think when she’s done shooting, she’ll probably darken up and add some edge to the cut to make it sexier.

allenma43 on

Color’s okay. I think the cut’s the problem.

Ashley on

horrible she looks so OLD! she needs extentions ASAP!

HeyJude on

The haircut is okay, but the blonde color makes her look washed out in the face. Stick to being a brunette Hilary, as blondes DO NOT have more fun! lol

Kelly on

This new haircut and color makes her look much older and does nothing for her!

Valerie on

She aged about 20 years with this cut
does she not have a stylist?? If she does, fire that person and if she doesn’t – get one FAST!!!

barb on

Looks OLD. What stylist let her do this to herself?

Julie on

It’s so kicky! I love it!

LP on

I honestly think it’s the style itself and not necessarily the cut. If she swept the bangs over and added darker tones, she’d look much younger. I’ve had haircuts that aged me, but with the right color and styling products, it can make you look hot. This style doesn’t suit her; the cut could. Has potential.

erin on

um… no.. not for her… hate it….she already has serious man like qualities… this cut just makes it look so much worse

marilyne on

This haircut is a disaster on hilary! it makes her look old.

danniegurl4388 on

I hate it!
Don’t like it at all.
I think she looks better with a medium to long hair style.

It’s very similar to her hair cut in the movie “Boys don’t cry”.

Sunshine on

Not her color. She looks like a washed out soccer mom. Girl, its not even daring..dye it blue, let your crazy side show. Do you have one, cause this ain’t it.

Claire on

Definitly hate it! She looks so old!

Emily on

Yikes. She looks like a bad version of Matt Damon!

Sophie on

The Worst ever, I agree she looks 50 yrs old now, and on top of that more liek a man then ever, she doesn’t have the sofest features to begin with, she needed the hair, the longer the better!!!

Dannielle on

The color softens, fills out, brightens her face some, which removes some of the sharp angles. The color is different for her, but it is a plus. I do think the cut could be changed a bit for her, but then again, if it’s for her movie, to reflect a now time would not work for a then time.

bobby on

i love hilary swank but this hairdo is awful! she needs to go dark

kasia on

she looks like a different person- i would never say that’s her

Laurie on

It’s not the right cut or color for her and she needs to put some meat on her bones because that’s really unappealing as well.

Evona on

She look so old!!!!!!!!!!!!

money lover on

ok well her hair ok i got a lot to say i perfure it brown i hote it blond. she looks way to old when she was a burrnet she look vary vary vary vary young and i dont like the new hair hilary sorry. but just go back to brown and we all will he happy!! lol i was just joking

Boogie on

i thought this was a pic of her from the 80s

casie on


Liselle on

Makes her look ages older, not a good look.

betina on

Hate It,she looks older!

Anonymous on


Christina on

Oh, no. She looked way better in dark hair, and that hair cut needs to shorter and choppier or it won’t work very well. I hate it.

Eves on

Oh my gosh, it’s so severe. It makes her look really uptight.

angela on

she man…

July on

It SUCKS. why would she do that

Kate on

What was she thinking??? Maybe she doing it for an movie role??? Playing an older woman???
I do not like that style on her at all.

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