Heidi Montag Rocks the Same Outfit Twice in One Week!

04/28/2008 at 01:44 PM ET

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage; Richard Young/Startraks

Everyone has a favorite dress that they love to wear over and over again — but to two major events in one week? Heidi Montag hit Kitson to promote her new clothing line Heidiwood in a Chloe dress and matching shoes, only to wear the exact same outfit days later to the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. There is definitely nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice, but maybe give it a little bit more space? This is clearly becoming a habit for Heidi. Tell us: Would you wear the same outfit twice in one week knowing you’d be photographed both times?

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Kim v on

I definitely wouldn’t do it, especially if one of those appearances was at the White House!! Especially if I claimed to be a designer! Yet another reason these Laguna Beach/Hills chicks shouldn’t be considered celebrities.

B on

i guess its another way for her to get the media talking…
she could’ve at least switch the shoes!

junior on

I still can’t understand why people care what this attention starved girl wears.

Marrissa on

haha wow that is not good i like lauren’s clothing line better it is way cuter

Marrissa on

eww.. i hate heidi’s outfit i love lauren’s clothing line so much more it is so cute

Mary on

Absolutely not. I wouldn’t wear the same outfit in a week, even if I wasn’t being photographed.

She has some horrible posture. Would it kill her to at least stand up straighter?



alice on

This isn’t the first time she wore the same outfit twice in 1 week to 2 different publicized events. She is so low class its not even funny.

Sam on

Being a public figure requires you to have impeccable taste. In the entertainment world, you can’t wear things twice (which is ridiculous – but then again, who would want to see a celebrity wearing the same outfit again and again?)
If this was an absolutely AMAZING and timeless outfit, I can totally understand the need to re-wear it. However, Heidi’s outfit looks ridiculous with her terrible posture.
Since she IS a public figure (whether we like her or not,) she needs to recognize that she is being photographed. x.x;

Celeste Peterson on

No, I would definitely not wear the same outfit twice in one week. The outfit is cute, but I’m sure she has other outfits she could have chosen from.

Anonymous on

Are you serious? Have we really reached a point where we’re condemning people who wear the same outfit twice in a week? I do that all the time! Just because they’re celebrities and get photographed doesn’t mean they can’t do that. It’s all about being practical AND saving money. And it’s a good message too: I don’t think children should grow up thinking that wearing a new outfit every day of the year should be a way to live one’s life.

Jess on

Another reason why this girl is the laughing stock of Hollywood. Is her 15 minutes almost up?!

Becky on

I wouldn`t be caught dead wearing that outfit two times in one week! But if the outfit was cute, definitly! Bring on the carmeras.

Cindy on

She always do this last time she wear the sliver and grey dress twice in one week now she’s wearing this. I like Heidi but what’s wrong with here? Is she that poor?

r on

great outfit…but def not sumthing to wear wen you meet the president…especially with those shoes…atleast sum metallic strappy sandals or sumthing to make it look a bit sophisticated and not like your goin dancing

Anon2 on

Rock on Anonymous! Can’t believe people think this is such a travesty. What’s wrong with this celebrity acting a little more normal for once? I for one repeat outfits all the time and she looks great. Have I rebutted all the inanity?

Rebecca on

If she’s on a budget and isn’t a spoiled like Lauren, then she’ll need to repeat the outfit! Don’t you?

lisa on

I don’t think her outfit is exactly “black tie.” It’s a White House dinner not another Hollywood get together. Lauren’s dress looks way better. What was Hedi thinking….o what she can’t think, she doesn’t have a brain!!

alanna on

its only wrong in everyone eye’s coz they are so vain and she is just trying to be normal..

nicole on

Uh…Marrissa, I think you should know that what heidi is wearing is not from her own line. the dress and shoes are from chloe. the bag is balenciaga. its a real joke if you say those clothes are worst than lauren’s line.

Cucumber eyes on

so what? it’s not the end of the world :S

Milly on

Definately not!!…I dont do that now..imagine if i were a celebrity and all eyes are on me…I would wear the outfit again but not in the same week..and the next time i wore it i would definately change the accessories..to make it look different….How embarassing for her…maybe its done on purpose…who knows??….lol

Kim R on

I don’t even wear the same outfit in the same week…perhaps black pants if I’m behind on laundry…at least I change up the top and accessories and even my hairstyle…but the exact same outfit??

But come to think of it, why do we care about her again? What contributions has she made? Why is she considered a celebrity?

A on

That dress is probably borrowed – in fact I would bet most of her outfits for events would be borrowed, she doesn’t have the celeb power that others do, so she would need to duplicate the looks.

Dorothy on

This is yet another prove how imagination-castrated are all of those “stars” from The Hills when it comes to fashion and clothes. Despite that fact half of them made expensive, boring clothing lines and the other half are in the works of “creating” one?!

Anonymous on

What do you expect from someone who is as tacky as Heidi is?

Crystal on

-i dont really care -cuz i wear the same pants twice or so in a week
-but i can say -im not digging the dress to much -but it could be worse
-so shes fine

E on

I HATE HIEDI MONTAG!!!and eww… she’s rich and famous, (sadly) why would she have two wear the same outfit twice in 1 week!!! :( LOVE THE OUTFIT THOUGH!! (just not on her

ry on

Ew, no. Its the white house dinner and she has the disrespect to wear a outfit shes already worn! NO! + the dress is ugly!

jennifer on

What I want to know is why on EARTH was she at the White House???

Vivian on

Wow, if you were a nobody, it’d probably be fine, but knowing that you’d be photographed, not a good idea. And the outfit isn’t that cute anyways… (or maybe it’s cute and my anti-Heidi instincts are kicking in.) Yeah, but Lauren’s designs are so much cuter (:

Jena on

I don’t like this outfit period and would definitely not wear it in the same week… i believe in wearing things over but she needed to spead it out and wear it later to another event.

Kelly Ann on

I wouldnt.
sorry but if i had the money like she did, and knew i was going to be photographed, i def wouldnt. and the shoes look weird with that dress, she could have realized that before she wore the same ensemble a second time..

Amy on

Give her a break…if I paid as much as she did for that outfit, I would wear it twice in one week too!

Julia on

I would not be caught dead in that dress and shoes, she does not look that great, I can’t believe she wore that dress to the white house dinner. Bad Choice Heidi.

Cindy on

The outfit looks too sloppy to be whoring around in DC with anyway!

Meg on

Regardless of whether she wore it twice in one week – c’mon, we’ve all done it – the outfit is completely inappropriate for a White House event, even though it was held at the Washington Hilton. The girl lacks taste and class. Period.

DB on

Maybe it would be ok if it were cute. This is ugly, ugly, ugly. Just proves her questionable judgement!!!

lola on

More important question–what the heck is she doing at the White House Correspondence dinner? Is this what this administration has come down to?

Corissa on

Who cares what horse face wears.

whatever on

Here is the real question…What the HELL was Heidi Montag doing at the White House Correspondents Dinner? Can she even read?

P on

All I have to say is I saw this outfit, in person, on her stick of a body, and it should never have been worn in the first place. Before I ever noticed it was her, I noticed that God-awful, pinned-up patterned dress and those moon shoes that she thinks give her style. It didn’t look good on her, to say the least, but I doubt it’d look good on anyone.

Sandi on

Maybe there are no designers throwing there clothes at her and just maybe she doesnt have money to go out and buy new dresses for every event she attends. I mean why else is she working the press so hard with those ummm “candid” pix of her and Spencer, who doesnt work and probably cannot afford a dress for her. I mean, can we say sleeping on his sisters couch? Anyhow at least she is sporting a fake bake for the second pic. Her slouching could attribute to carrying too much weight up front that a small frame was not made for. She really is kinda pathetic and I feel sorry for someone like her who is so desperate for attention.

Sharon on

Looks like her head is having hard time staying on her body…nice blue bag though.

Michelle on

I’m not photographed twice in probably a month, but I still wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice in the same month. But then again, I’m not Heidi. I’m sure she came in contact with Spencer Pratt at some point while she wore the outfit the first time, (because let’s face it, the both of them are publicity whores); after that, if you have any taste, you’d throw your clothes away. But then again, I would never go near someone like Spencer, much less date him.

tatum on

No Way

im going to 2 weddings 2 weeks apart and not wearing the same thing because some of the same people may be there

ps the dress is ugly

tatum on

GINETH April 28th, 2008


Nope Different Dates Different Places the 2nd pic is in washington dc at a black tie event and the 1st pic is her out shopping

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