Get a Sneak Peek at Jenna Bush's Bridal Party Style

04/23/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

Courtesy Lela Rose; Diane Bondareff/AP

Jenna Bush’s May 10th wedding date may be fast approaching, but there’s one detail she no longer needs to worry about: her bridesmaids’ dresses. The First Daughter looked to designer — and fellow Texan — Lela Rose to create the custom styles for her nuptials, USA Today reports. And from the look of the designer’s sketches, Jenna’s 14 attendants will walk the aisle in style, dressed in muted hues inspired by native Texas wildflowers. The above-the-knee gowns come in a variety of cuts, including boat neck, spaghetti-strap, and halter. “With a group that big,” explains the designer, one “should not be limited to one style.” The dresses also incorporate an unexpected detail: hidden pockets. “All (the Bush dresses) have them,” Rose says. “It’s another way of having a casual, sportswear feel but still geared to a fancier setting. And it’s a place to put your lip gloss or rest your hands.” Click here for more on Jenna’s gowns — and a few of Lela Rose’s bridal tips and trends.

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milagro on

These are amazing, and the best part is that you can wear them anywhere since they are not your tipical wedding dresses. i love them.

Stef on

Very cool idea! With that many attendants, it would be rather boring to see everyone in the same dress! I hope will get some pictures of the big day so we can see how they all turned out!

Mary on

I know Jenna is from Texas and they like to do things big there, but FOURTEEN attendants? That just seems way too excessive!

Lisa on

What a wonderful idea! These will definitely be worn more than once!

dt on

My daughter got married in January and had six attendants. They wore the same color, but different cuts suited to their body type. It was beautiful.

J9 on

Those are really nice designs, much better than the average pseudo-prom dresses for bridesmaids. Love the color palette also.

Jonathan Bodack on

The gowns are pretty!

Erin on

14 attendants is really over the top, but I do like the idea of having the dresses in various shades that all compliment each other. Hope the tax payers are not contributing to these nuptuals.

E on


jms on

we are in a war over bush and his fortune in oil and his daughter is so out of touch with reality, she thinks it’s acceptable to have 14 attendants. think about that when you’re spending $65 every time you fill up your gas tank.

noni on

with so many young americans whose lives are in jeopardy by her father’s arrogant mistake in going to war, here she is enjoying the freedom that these young men and women have given their lives. i just wonder does she ever think about these people even just a little bit.

Wendy on

After going through the wedding planning with many friends, it may also be reflective of the fact she has a large circle of friends and would struggle to single some out for a more “acceptable” number.

Maybe it is a Texas thing, but her wedding is going to be large with just the families alone. Some rules of etiquette would say you have a bridesmaid for every 25 to 50 guests. It’s possible that for her, her 14 is the magic number.

Dianne Jones on

Any of this coming out of taxpayers pockets??

Claudia on

I absolutely love this idea! The way the colors blend into each other and shy away from typical wedding colors and styles is genius! Congrats Jenna!

Maria on

They have family wealth, unlike the Clinton’s, who use our money (tax money) to get rich…while telling you that you need to be taxed more…

Amy on

Erin, you’re a moron. The Bush’s have plenty of money to pay for Jenna’s wedding.

TB on

The designs and colors are Absolutely Beautiful. Wish I thought of that idea! But geez haters, it’s Jenna’s day and she can do whatever she wants to do.

Lulu on

I agree! Way Way too many attendants. But the color scheme is beautifull

Jennifer on

I hope us taxpayers are not paying for part of this lavish wedding, and that they are paying for the whole thing!!!

Dawn on

let’s all be happy for Jenna and her wedding – if her family can afford the 14 beautiful bridesmaids that is wonderful – you know it’s not really coming out of the tax$$ or some excessive wage we pay our presidents (
congrats Jenna! best wishes :)

~e~ on

Such a cute Idea…Oh and to those who think everyone does things big in Texas is waaay off… Thats a bit steryotypical on your part…

AmandaA on

The dresses are very pretty. And she can have as many attendents as she wants, it is free country and people do that all of the time. The Bush family has alot of money in the family and obviously are not spending tax dollars on this. The wedding is not even taking place in the white house. you haters are just jealous.

Jenna on

I like the dresses, they are so beautiful!
~little Jenna, age 4 1/2

essielisa on

Beautiful….just like her!

susan on

The war and gas prices has nothing to do with President’s daughter’s wedding. This is her special day and people choose what they want for there own weddings. The dresses are beautiful and I’m sure it will be a beautiful wedding.

hstntx on

Regarding the number of attendants: here in Texas, 14 is not unusual at all, no matter what.

mimi on

Just because she has that many attendants doesn’t mean a thing. The wedding is at the ranch in Texas-they are rich. I have heard from all over the media-that the question is ‘why not a White House Wedding?’ If it was there you haters would definently be saying that the government is picking up the bill. Just leave her alone and let her have her day. Of course she thinks about the people fighting for her freedom as well as ours. Just because she is the President’s daughter doesn’t mean she should not get married during a war. Remember she did not send them there- her dad the President did-whatever his reasons.

Beuatiful dresses and I hope your wedding is everything you dreamed of and more!

bianca on

i think the dresses are cute. you go jenna, it is you day enjoy it. to all the haters if she wants to have 50 bridesmaids it is her choice. i have had friends who have had 10-12 bridemaid, there is nothing wrong with that.

maybe you hate her and her family because you didn’t get an invitation to the wedding. as for all of you people who say things about having this wedding with our troops at war. i have a question; have you stopped living, going to parties, going to wedding, etc. bacause of the war? i think my answer is no.

Mimi on

All the people who are saying that 14 bridesmaids is too much and that you hope taxpayer money isn’t paying for the lavish wedding, well you are just jealous! People who complain about others are usually jealous of them.

I think Jenna’s wedding will be beautiful! Cute dresses!

Connie Dean on

When I read some of these comments my thought is why can’t some of these people get a life and quit being so negative. If the girl wants 14 attendants at her wedding more power to her. I think it is a lovely idea for anyone that wants to do it. It is a shame people worry about someone elses wedding and if they would find something to concentrate on that is worth while and beautiful then their life wouldn’t be so negative. People get a life and quit worrying about her wedding your not paying for it. Sincerely, C. Dean

Anonymous on

love it…she is just darling!!

Wendy on

Totally unacceptable to have 14 attendants when we are at war because of her father and people are losing jobs, gas is up, the housing market is in the toilet. What a show of arrogance! Get him out of office!!!!

Shel on

I love the styles and colors. Very chic! Perfect for a spring wedding. Not to mention, very practical that the bridesmaids will be able to wear them again. I have been in several weddings with bridesmaids dresses that I could never wear again.

TO JMS: What do the number of Jenna’s bridesmaids have to do with the war and the price of gas?? This is her day, and she can have as many bridesmaids as she wants! 14 bridesmaids probably seems a little excessive to “average,” middle-class people (although, I have had middle-class friends who had 9 or 10 bridesmaids)….but like Wendy said, Jenna probably has a large circle of friends that made it difficult to narrow down to smaller than the 14 she chose. I had 6 bridesmaids and approximately 200 guests at my wedding. If Jenna is having a larger than “normal” number of guests (500+) at her wedding, then it is pretty normal that her bridal party also be larger than “normal.”

TO NONI: I agree that the War in Iraq is an unfortunate occurrence (to say the least). However, Jenna is not responsible for her father’s decisions, and those decisions have nothing to do with her wedding. As for the “freedom she is enjoying” – what about the rest of us Americans (and brides) who are enjoying our freedom? Just because we are at war in Iraq, does that mean that the rest of us here at home, including the President’s daughter, should stop enjoying life?! And when we are enjoying our freedom, should we feel guilty for it? As for your comment about wondering if she ever thinks about those people. Why would you assume that she doesn’t? Just because she is having a big, lavish wedding does not mean that she doesn’t have compassion for our soldiers, and their families, in Iraq!

TO DAWN: “If her family can afford the 14 bridesmaids….” FYI – wedding tradition and etiquette is that bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. Of course, this sometimes varies with the wealthy – sometimes, brides from wealthy families will pay for their bridesmaids’ dresses, especially for those who cannot afford it. But don’t just assume that her family is paying for all 14 of them.

jane on

NEWSFLASH: Just because the wedding is in Texas does not mean there has to be a huge bridal party. I am a Texan–born & bred and I had 4 bridesmaids at my wedding. Stop the Texan-bashing and let the girl have her day . . . every bride deserves that, including the President’s daughter

Shel on

I love the styles and colors. Very chic! Perfect for a spring wedding. Not to mention, very practical that the bridesmaids will be able to wear them again. I have been in several weddings with bridesmaids dresses that I could never wear again.

TO JMS: What do the number of Jenna’s bridesmaids have to do with the war and the price of gas?? This is her day, and she can have as many bridesmaids as she wants! 14 bridesmaids probably seems a little excessive to “average,” middle-class people (although, I have had middle-class friends who had 9 or 10 bridesmaids)….but like Wendy said, Jenna probably has a large circle of friends that made it difficult to narrow down to smaller than the 14 she chose. I had 6 bridesmaids and approximately 200 guests at my wedding. If Jenna is having a larger than “normal” number of guests (500+) at her wedding, then it is pretty normal that her bridal party also be larger than “normal.”

Jennifer on

Why not have 14 attendants? They are family and friends and sharing the moment with her. Why not have the wedding of her dreams? It isn’t being paid for by the public. Jenna has turned into a remarkable young woman, just as her sister has. They are both doing a wonderful job forging their own way and serving the community.

grace on

can’t believe the amount of hater-comments over this! seeing as how it’s her wedding, she’s entitled to do whatever the heck she wants! i don’t see it as her being wasteful and careless in light of the war going on. have you ever seen an episode of “platinum weddings” or “bridezilas”? THOSE are women who need to take it down and by a whole lot. snarky jabs about her family using tax dollars to fund her wedding are immsture. the bushes are wealthy on their own. quit hating.

Kathryn on

The audacity when we have troops at WAR!!!!

They make me sick!

Cat on

Wendy, you are an idiot.

Very pretty dresses!!!

amy on

I’m from Texas and in every wedding I’ve ever participated in as a bridesmaid, I paid for my own dress, my own travel expenses and my own hotel accommodations. It was an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but understood that I was footing the bill myself. I would imagine that the Bridesmaids are footing the bill for their expenses themselves, not the Bushes nor the taxpayers. Isn’t this the way it’s done in other states????

Jennifer on

I think it is perfectly okay for her to have 14 attendants. Many rich, well-known, connected people have 7+ attendants in their wedddings, and this is the president’s daughter. It’s a large ceremony, and I am sure Jenna has made many close friends, not to mention she has a close, extended family. The dresses are gorgeous, the hues reflecting wildflowers are genius, and let her enjoy her day! You cannot blame her and degrade this huge moment in her life because of how you feel about her father.

Shel on

I love the styles and colors. Very chic! Perfect for a spring wedding. Not to mention, very practical that the bridesmaids will be able to wear them again. I have been in several weddings with bridesmaids dresses that I could never wear again.

GW on

Give the girl a break. How much time did she spend in Jamaica teaching the impoverished without her pupils knowing who she was? I think she understands a bit more about humanity than a lot of us who haven’t left our comfortable, middle class living rooms.

I hope she enjoys and treasures her wedding day. Every girl should–even the President’s daughter!

Shel on

Testing, testing….

Leslie on

All of you Bush-bashers really need to get a grip. Remember, Jenna is just a girl who’s getting married. She deserves to celebrate her special day however she wants and she’s got the right to have as many attendants as she wants. She’s getting the wedding of her dreams! That’s awesome!!! Isn’t that what we all want?!?!

Congratulations Jenna. Enjoy your special day!

DonnaSue on

I am praying that all goes well for you, Jenna. You are a beautiful young lady and just don’t listen to the ones that are being ugly about all of this. I know that your parents are paying for this as you may be as well. Those who think us, the taxpayers, are going to front the buck on this are just jelious that they didn’t or don’t have 14 attendants…. God Bless Your Marrage!

Danielle on

NO Taxpayer money would be used for the wedding!
The Bush family are millionaires many times over before “W” became president, unlike the Clinton Clan.

And, YES, the Bush family (including Jenna) has visited with troops and their family members dozens of times in the past few years, including attending Easter Sunday services at the military chapels of Ft. Hood, TX which is near their ranch in Crawford.

And, 14 bridesmaids is NOT outrageous in the South. Families in Atlanta routinely have 15 to 20 bridesmaids, since it is customary to include cousins and other family members as well as close friends.

kw on

I’ve seen plenty of “ordinary” brides with big wedding parties. What’s the big deal? She’s a GREAT role model for young girls…she is not pregnant, in rehab, or partying her life away….i do not care for her dad’s politics but i have no problem with her having the wedding she wants….ivana is WAY over the top….congrats to jenna bush.

yo on

The dresses are beautiful!

No, morons, the wedding is not going to be paid out of taxpayer funds. Some people love to complain about everything.

To the ppl saying she shouldn’t be marrying while troops are in Iraq: Are we going to place a moratorium on all weddings across the US until the war is over? NO. Ridiculous.

You can’t reason with the unreasonable. Sigh…

IbsenGirl on

What I find interesting about the negative comments are those that question the judgment of Jenna Bush, a hardworking, educated woman who is makiing the world a better place by promoting education and by getting involved in various charitable projects.

The problems with the economy are not due to a young woman having fourteen bridesmaids. The problems are due to the fact that most people do not live within their financial means, do not act responsibly with their opportunities or education, and have come to believe that just because they live in America that they are entitled to a Hollywood version of middle-class life.

Also, while I do not believe that with Bismarck that “[w]ar is the natural state of man,” mankind’s existence has been marred by inhumane acts, whether or not they are governmentally sanctioned. This current war is just an extension of that hatred.

Jenna, the dresses are lovely. It is wonderful that you have fourteen close friends who consider
it a privilege to be part of your special day.

Jane on

Jenna’s wedding has NOTHING to do with being at war or gas prices. The fact that she’s having an outdoor wedding at the family ranch shows her down to earth attitude. If she were having a big white house wedding, it would seem extravagant. President Lyndon Johnston’s daughter had a lavish white house wedding during the Vietnam War, and then got divorced. Why don’t you ponder that!

Krista Berggren on

It’s SO nice to see that at least someone is benefiting from Daddy Bush being in office. After everything her father has done to the working people of this country, I’d hate to have to see her with only 5 or 10 atttendants. God-and Daddy Bush-forbid!

Lynn on

Let’s not politicize the wedding people. She is not a politician, the gov’t is not paying for the wedding and don’t Catholic weddings historically have a large number of bridesmaids? Stop criticizing just because it isn’t something you have. The price of gas in this country has absolutely nothing to do with Jenna Bush’s wedding so let it go and just be happy for the girl.

Sandra on

I’m from TX, and only had 5 bridesmaids, so quite the TX bashing.
Also, her father is the idiot- she shouldn’t have to cut out everything because of his choices. Imagine what it must be like to have him as a dad. Give her a break.
And knowing that they are from a very wealthy, social family, I would say a wedding at their ranch is toning it down quite a bit.
Beautiful dresses . . .

barry on

Jms – please elaborate on how jenna bush having 14 bridesmaids affects gas prices. I think the dresses are gorgeous and if she wants to have 100 bridesmaids, good for her.

Susan on

Get over yourselves. The family and extended family has been in business and politics for decades and it is a large group to invite. 14 attendants. My SIL had 8 for her wedding in ’86. No taxpayers are not paying for it. Some people just are incapable of getting off their high horses in order and have to be ugly about anything the Bush family does. Let’s agree that none of them will ever do anything that will please you and you can go away.

The colors look amazing and it’s wonderful that they have a good chance to be worn again. I’ve seen bridesmaid dresses once that could be worn again. Can’t wait to see pics of it.

pbw on

You people do realize that the attendants usually pay for their outfits.. so what exactly is the deal about the cost of dresses? It is a wedding, has absolutely nothing to do with the state of our country. It is a girl, marrying a guy. She just happens to have famous parents. Big deal..

Hannah Miley on

I agree with jms! Don’t you people see what’s going on here? The Bush’s are throwing their daughter a wedding just to get it publicized, when there are more important things to worry about, like a war that Bush started. And you’re still filling up your gas tanks and nothing is being done or said. Geez!

Taylor on

I give it 6 months!!

Jennifer on

I wonder how many people on here are just bitter about their own lives and need to bash this poor girl to make them feel more important about themselves. This is her wedding day a day she will remember for the rest of her life, she didn’t ask to be the daughter of the president. I’m sure she just wants what we all want growing up a Beautiful Wedding. Get lives people, stop putting this poor girl down.

margie on

gorgeous! they are so beautiful and totally different!

Mel on

Anyone who honestly thinks that taxpayers will be paying for a presidents daughters wedding are the people who are “out of touch” with reality….

Dana on

Wendy-How is this a show of arrogance? How is it unacceptable to have 14 bridesmaids? Jenna is getting married. It’s her special day. Every bride deserves to have the wedding she desires. Some people have big families and a lot of close friends. It’s hard to choose your bridesmaids and having to worry about hurting someone’s feelings. When I had my wedding, I had 10 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls and 175 guests. I really doubt that taxpayers are paying for this wedding. The Bush family has money. I think they can afford to pay for a beautiful wedding. Some of the people on here need to get over the jealousy and grow up!

Pat on

You all that are flipping out about this girl having 14 attendants,The Donalds X just had a huge wedding down here at his big place in Palm Beach and it was her “4th” and she had 50 attendants, so back off the kid.

Erika on

I can’t believe some of the things people are saying! It’s her wedding! She can have as many bridesmaids as she wants!

denise on

ARe you kidding me yeah 14 is way to much i mean come on she’s gonna be divorcoed in at least 5 years i don’t care what anyone says. and the color palette is not cool. the blues and greens are find but what’s with the burgundy thrown in there. very bland and blah.

Sarah on

I saw an interview with Jenna earlier this week. She choose not to get married at the White House because she wanted to have it be more about family and friends than her dad being president.

michelle on

how nice… i wish i could get married someday but seeing as though i’m a homosexual i don’t know if that’s ever going to be able to happen because of the fact small minded hateful bigoted morons like her fater are running this country right now… good for her though

linda on

it’s not jenna’s fault gas is high, it’s her wedding don’t spoil it with poltics

VG on

IF you read the interview that has been done with Jenna Bush and her mother in Vogue, they say that the White House would have been the easy option with everyone there to help arrange it. Surely that would have been a waste of taxpayers money (staff wages, location, additional security) so good on them for making it about family and the happy couple.

Wendy on

With the economy in the tank, it is very bad taste for the President’s daughter to have such a BIG wedding…fourteen attendants, fourteen groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, etc. The President and his family should set an example of moderation, but then the Bush’s never did what was the right thing, just THEIR thing.

Judy on

She is not a moron. The tax payers pay for the Secret Service that all will be out there guarding
the guests and the Royal family and all 40 of her bridal party. SO who is the moron now?

Jan Lindholm on

Why is this happening?

Sara on

Wendy, darling… You aren’t paying for this wedding. Do you honestly think that because her father is president and we happen to be at war that that should ruin one of the biggest days of her life? Get a grip!!!

Lindsay on

As a military family member – boo to all of you who think her life should stop because we are at war. Has yours? The soldiers want us to remember them, and continue to live our lives as free Americans. And as for the comments attempting to link her wedding decisions with the price of gas, etc. – take an economics class, fast. I’m scared to think that your ignorance drives your voting decisions.

Sal on

Poor thing looks just like her Dad! Yikes!

Allison on

Personally I believe fourteen bridesmaids is way too many. Why can’t people keep it down to just a few? No one really wants to be one and they serve no real purpose, except the maid of honor. The only reasons she is not having it at the White House is because the Bush family knows that it would be frowned upon. Too many people would think that the White House is picking up the tab. Jenna just doesn’t understand though that us middle class people don’t enjoy weddings like her, which are complete wastes of money. What person really wants to hear about her wedding, she is not God. There are only two reasons why we know her. One because of her family and two because of the underage drinking she was caught doing. I just wish that political families like the Bushes would understand our economy right now and not decide to have extravagant parties for themselves.

Mary on

I can’t believe the number of people here who are calling people like me “jealous” or a “hater” simply because we think having 14 attendants is excessive. How does thinking so equate to being jealous or a hater? Yeesh, get off your high horse.

I would never want to have that many attendants at my own wedding, no matter how many guests are coming. There is simply no need to have that many bridesmaids–5 is plenty, even for a large wedding which Jenna will most certainly have.

I imagine, however, that many of Jenna’s friends and family were clamoring for bridesmaid spots (I mean, this is THE president’s daughter’s wedding, possibly the biggest wedding event of the year), and Jenna didn’t have the will to turn any of them down. It probably would have caused some bad publicity, although having 14 attendants isn’t exactly good publicity either, in these times.

Jenna on

Why is everyone so obsessed with the fact that she is having 14 attendants? What is the big deal? I once went to a wedding with 26 yes that is right 26 attendants. The bride had a big family and so did the groom. There is no law that says you can only have 4 and that’s it.
Grow up people!!!

erin on

you are ignorant.
bush isn’t paying for the war, our government is. we the taxpayers are paying for that war. so there is no reason that she shouldn’t be entitled to the same thing that every other rich girl gets. how about complaining about the fact that NBA players are paid millions of dollars to dribble a ball for dumb entertainment.. but fire fighters, surgeons, and doctors are all paid crap. THAT is what is ridiculous

Rudy on


First, you are so rude to say that “no one really wants to be [a bridesmaid] and they serve no real purpose, except the maid of honor.” The purpose of being a bridesmaid is being a good friend, to be there for her special day. She can’t always do it by herself. For me, personally, I have no problem helping the bride organize the wedding, buy my own dress, etc. It’s an honor and a privledge.

Second, I actually agree with you that there are only a few reasons why we know Jenna, and that as well as other media outlets are not doing anything for this poor child by talking about her on national tv, radio, and the Internet. But DO NOT bring in the fact that she was caught drinking underage. I definitely don’t promote it, but everyone makes mistakes. The media just happened to catch a whiff of that one, and because she’s the president’s daughter, the news exploded with it.

Finally, to quote you again: “Jenna just doesn’t understand though that us middle class people don’t enjoy weddings like her, which are complete wastes of money…” Excuse me, but that’s quite a generalization. I’m happily situated in middle class, and I LOVE weddings, big or small. Don’t assume, please. Let us make our own opinions.

Jenna, dear: No matter if you’re the president’s daughter or mine, I would want to give you what you would like, to the best of my ability. It’s your day, sweetie, and no one can take that from you. And just to keep with the original question – not only are your bridesmaids’ dresses gorgeous, but they are a downright awesome idea. If only more brides would think in the way you do…aka, to let us buy dresses that can be worn again!

E. J. Jackson on

So what if Jenna has 14 attendants???? Ivana Trump (who is 60 yr. and on her 4th marriage) had a recent wedding with 25 attendants. Everyone has a choice and I’m wishing Jenna the best. It will be a beautiful wedding.

Kay on

Pretty dresses. In response to Erin, rest assured taxpayers are not paying for the wedding. In fact, Jenna Bush wanted to keep it out of the White House to keep us taxpayers from picking up the tab. As for the comment about ‘gas prices’–give me a break. It’s not the appropriate message board to vent about the economy. Make your vote be heard in November at the polls. Geez relax. She appears very down to earth and its her wedding day. She can do what she wants to do, like a regular bride.

Kim on

The gowns sound amazing and the color palette looks great. What a fun and beautiful wedding party she will have.

bridal party on

I this is one of the best way to have fabulous apparel on wedding party.

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