Rumer Willis's New Long Locks: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

04/18/2008 at 09:40 AM ET

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

From pixie short to platinum blonde, Rumer Willis is clearly not afraid of experimenting with her hair. Last night, Rumer showed off some new lengthy locks in a pin-straight do for a Hollywood party. While this isn’t the first time Rumer has experimented with extensions, this seems to be a better style than most for the young starlet. Tell us: Do you like Rumer’s new longer hair? How do you think her hair looks best?

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confidential on

This girl is so unfortunate looking its a shame. Long short… doesn’t matter.

KK on

Nothing could make this girl look good. She only thinks she’s famous because of who her mommy, daddy & step daddy are.

Debbie Clark on

I like it. Much better than the past experiments.

Emily on

I’m suprised that two people as good looking as Demi and Bruce would produce something so unfortunate in the looks department. I do like the way she does her makeup, though… way to emphasize the positive… she has pretty eyes and lips.

angel on

her hairstyles usually makes her look so … um… well you know what i mean. but this one looks better than all i’ve seen so far.

Ashley on

Well she has a masculine looking face so longer hair does soften it. It would probably look better with soft waves though.

Amy Cutts on

I think she looks absolutely beautiful regardless of who her parents are. Also, she carries and presents herself quite well, unlike the majority of other young women with celebrity status.

Hallie on

Rumer’s new hair looks like an unflattering wig. It’s too dark and too straight. I preferred her pixie cut.

Dee on

All of the flaws from both Demi and Bruce seem to have been handed down to her. I don’t think a hairdo will change that. Poor baby!

kosmicblu on

Rumer Willis is another celebuspan.She hasn’t done anything in her own right which might explain appearing in print. I think more than her natural looks, her haute attitude makes her appear unattractive.

Kim v on

This is much more flattering on her than any of the short ‘dos I’ve seen. She should keep it long. (Her mom, on the other hand, is long overdue for a cut!)

poor thing on

I feel so sorry for’s as if she is trying to find her niche and every attempt has been a let down..I’m in her corner–keep your head up.

Vita on

I think that she is a pretty girl. she has a long face which is complimented more by longer locks. Her face is to long for the pixie cut. It emphasizes her jawl lines and makes her face look longer. The longer hair takes away from that. It should be a little thicker as well, with some body to it. Hair like her mother’s would look great on her!!

Emily on

This poor girl has the top half of her mom’s face and the bottom half of her dad’s. The hair really makes no difference… she’s just not attractive.

marilyne on

It looks better than the platinium short do! It may be a bit too straight but black hair is the right colour for her. And she has very beautiful eyes

Dorothy on

I wish she has chosen a different career path and I wish People magazine would stop promoting her. There are so many beautiful, talented and struggling actresses out there who can not get a break because of all mommy’s/daddy’s girls with money and fame but no talent.

Victoria on

I think she looks very good.New hair,new face.

cuter face then her on

She definately looks bette with longer hair she neds something to off wet that horribloe long horse face… with all the money they can’t do something to help the poor girl.

american girl on

long hair looks better on her. She has the weirdest, longest face.

Jane on

She has her moment when she really does look pretty and cute. Though for the most part… she looks very masculine. I do prefer her pixie cut. The long isn’t to bad but it does look a tad bit like a wig. Add some curl and it would be a lot better. She does have a very cute body though.

ps on

She always looks so bad. Its a shame, but just because her parents are who they are, won’t help her appearance. She should just lay low as should her younger sister.

lindsay on

Rumer will unfortunately has the worst features of both her parents. It’s hard to look at her. She reminds me of the way Tori Spelling looked before she was totally cosmetically made over. What’s most unfortunate is that she wants to be in “the business” and is going to be talked about in this way by others who will be many times more harsh.


Rumer Willis is a beautiful girl. People like you are what makes young girls go seek cosmetic surgery and become anorexic. Do you worry at all that you are damaging someone? You say these hurtful and awful things and I wonder if you care what kind of human being you are? I am ashamed of you and you should be too.

tasha on

any hair style that will cover her face would be best. it must be nice to be horrible looking, but since your parents are rich and famous, you are too. somone tell this girl to get a job or hobby or something.

S on

She looks very unfortunate, but I think this style looks better on her than that horrible blonde pixie cut. The only reason she thinks she is famous and that people care is because of her parents.

confidential on

YIKES – she is SOOOOOOO unattractive…look at that jaw nothing is giong to make her look good – but the blonde short hair was the absolute worst.

Tonya on

I think she is pretty but the hair looks as if it is wet still drying… her hair long is nice but if it looked more natural and less like it got attacked with product her hair would look better.

Tim on

She has such a strong face…Much better with hair not trying to hide it. I’ve always thought of her as an extremely interesting beauty. Although i do see too much of Bruce in her.

Misty on

The long black locks look MUCH better than anything else she’s tried to date. I agree that she could use more volume though, and some soft waves would be nice.

It is a pity she looks so much like her dad though… she’s just not pretty and there’s no helping that.

Boom on

Long or short, nothing could help the looks of this poor girl. She still looks like a man with makeup on.

marie on

Does not matter what kind of hair she has- she is the strangest looking woman I have ever seen in my life. She has no facial definition, Poor thing. I love Demi- beautiful woman. But, damn all 3 of her kids are butt ugly. AT LEAST DEMI WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HER YOUNG HUSBAND MAKING ANY PASSES ON HER KIDS- LOL

PS- why is her picture in the magazine again???
The girl has never done anything to merit being called a celebrity

Ji on

She looks great. Maybe fuller and longer hair would make her look even better.
She is beautiful, perhaps not the typical beauty, but she definitely calls atention.

lise on

poor potato head… This look adds nothing to her.

ginger on

I don’t think anything would help. She is so masculine looking and the dark hair makes her look so hard.

Nina on

I agree… too bad she didn’t get her mother’s looks. The long locks are an improvement though… I think…


This girl lacks in the looks department, but the long hair does make her look more feminine!

tk on

She looks beautiful now!!! Much better than the short on her. Very very nice!!!

Nayomé on

The poor child, she can NEVER GET ANYTHING right. She tried the blonde colour, obviously that didn’t work. The extensions are not working either…

is it safe to say that Scout and Tallulah Belle look better than their sister and Rumer took after Freddy Moore (Demi’s first hubs)?

What she needs to do is get that hair kit to see which hairstyle would suit her better.

Heather on

Much better than the pixie cut. More flattering with the shape of her face.

anonymous on

she looks MUCH better with this hair

Christine on

What has this girl done to end up being promoted in the media? Besides being born to two mediocre actors, her biggest accomplishments to date seem to be shopping and posing for pictures. She’s done nothing to deserve fame – as far as I can tell, she has no talent, and is painfully unattractive. Can’t she crawl back under the bridge that she came from and leave us alone?

Brenda on

What is wrong with you people?? ALL of the negative comments here are the exact reason that young women have the issues that they do with their bodies and appearance. I’m sure that NONE of you have any flaws to speak of since you can be so judgemental and brutal, right?? She’s perfectly lovely and I think you all need to lay off!!

Lauren on

It’s doesn’t matter whether her hair is long or short. She’s just not that attractive either way.

Janet on

With all her mommy and daddy’s money, she should get a nose job so that people aren’t drawn to the insides of her nostrils. However, I don’t think anything she does cosmetically will ever make her pretty.

jonalisa on

Um, I have to agree with most of what is said here. Maybe, maybe some plastic surgery might help? I feel bad for her. She should stay out of the limelight and just find happiness from within.

fearless on

i think she should develop some real skills to be taken seriously otherwise she will be nothing more than or not even a “paris” /”kimberley” type a emtpy headed publicity seeker…

Kim on

Go back to short…do away with the ext…and go natural…if your going to have long hair grow it yourself and then flaunt it.

Anonymous on

Her head looks like a potato!!!

Pam on

I like this much better than her previous short dos but it needs some curl or some fullness to soften her features.

Jolly on

What nasty comments. She is a beautiful person. Being born to celebrity parents, and what looks she inherited from them is not something she has a say in. However what she doeswith her life is within her control. I am so proud of this young person who has not been featured in the magazines for being drunk, for DUI, erratic relationships or bad behavior. It is the media who covers her for her celebrity child status, not her.
lighten up people..

Betty on

She looks like Smara from the movie, “The Ring”. She looke MUCH better with short hair.

Clara on

It is impossible that Bruce Willis’ strong jaw line would ever look decent on a girl. She has changed hair style so many times, I assume she is still trying to discover herself. Although I personally think she looks a little better with long hair, it just feels as though she is trying to blend with the rest of hollywoods pretty-girls. Maybe her short crops suit better her personality.

new cajun on

I’m very sorry but there is no way for her to do her hair to make her look good. This poor girl(as stated by another poster) was not blessed in the looks department. But this look is better then her others

rbirdy on

I think this style looks very good on her, people should not be so mean, she is very unique and pretty in her own right.


Um, she looks a slight bit better with the long hair, but let’s face it, she’s no Demi Moore

Emily on

It makes her look a lot prettier. It makes her look less dirty.

Ayzlin on

Not bad…..but I liked her short hair b4 the extensions better.

Bella on

I think this has been my favorite look on her thus far! The longer hair does seem to be much more flattering for her face shape. I think it would look even better if it was a little softer, and not so pin-straight. Smart hair change, Rumer!

Judy on

If her last name wasn’t Will Willis, we wouldn’t be seeing her ugly face. As far as the hair, it at least, makes her look less butch. It looks like she has lost weight, and now for a complete facial reconstruction, and she won’t be so bad.

Jenn on

I have to agree with a lot of other posters. I’m not sure what this person has done to deserve “fame” other than she has famous parents. Bless her heart she is NOT attractive either. It’s sad I hope she has personality to make up for it. Hairstyle alone will not help her.

JM on

I worked with her on her upcoming movie House Bunny and she had her nose so far in the air and acted like she was such a goody goody. She is nobody and no offense but everyone is right….. All the bad chromosomes from her parents ended up in her. No matter her attitude or hair she is FUGLY

MC on

The long hair only emphasizes her long face. not a very attractive lass. she has flawless skin though.

Liz on

She’ll grow into her own, sooner than later?

BabyGirl on

I would cry is my parents were so hot and I was so NOT

eww on

she is UGLY! her sisters are way prettier. and her mom is smokin

Orpah on

I agree with “confidential”…She is just so ugly anyway…It doesn’t matter what her hair looks like

srp on

She just is not a preaty girl! And is only famous because of who her parents are!!!!! Long, short, black, blond, BLAH!!!!!

maggie on

She has nice eyes, but her bone structure is really large…they make her eyes look sunken and her whole face just look terrible, horse like almost.
I feel sorry for her.

Aubre on

I think she needs a look that will accentuate her cheek bones. It would make her face look more proportionate.

Nat on

It’s Bruce Willis with Demi Moores hair. But what looks like an unfortunate mix of her parents faces now, will become incredibly beautiful as she gets older.

Julie on

Hand her a comb…and a clue. Being the offspring celebrity doesn’t automaticaly make you beautiful.

Bumper on

I have to say…she really is an unattractive young lady. It’s hard to say what would make her look better, since she really does not have any of the attractive qualities of either of her parents. Perhaps she should really tone down the “I want to be a star” bit, when she really hasn’t shown WHY she should be a star other than the good fortune of being born to famous parents. Sorry, Rumer…

Leslie on

I don’t understand how her father is reasonably attractive and her mother is a knockout and Rumer looks so strange. Hair won’t save her.

lola on

she is so ugly. i almost cant even look at her ugh

Liz on

I cannot believe how mean people are. Just because this young woman does not ascribe to the traditional hollywood bleach blonde, plastic surgery standards does not mean she is ugly. She has very interesting and striking looks.

hmmmm on

actually, i met a woman who is a producer for People, and she said that while Rumer doesn’t seem to photograph well, in person she’s really very stunning and very sweet. I don’t photograph well either, so i’m not throwing any stones!!

melissa on

MUCH better long. I am a hairstylist. TRUST ME. KEEP IT LONG.

RJ on

She has such strong features. I think this new hairstyle makes her seem more feminine, more soft. Much better long than short, I believe.

JH on

While Rumer Willis isn’t what you’d call a classic beauty, she is beautiful in her own right. As of late, we’ve seen her starting to come into her own, and I think she will only get more beautiful as she grows older. As for the longer hair, I do believe she carries off short hairstyles much easier than the long ‘do.

Ms. Moon on

Doesn’t really matter, this girl is just not attractive. And unfortunately she inherited her parents’ poor acting abilities too (did you see her on MisGuided?).

Babsie on

Does not matter..she is very unattractive and I wish she would stop thinking of herself as a celebirty..she has done Nothing to warrent having her photo taken other than be born to famous parents. Rumer, stop kidding yourself..your are NOT attractive, amyby you are pretty inside though.

Lisa on

She looks much better with the longer locks. She is unusual looking. She is the perfect embodiment of both her parents blending into one person. Definitely her mother’s eyes.

observer on

I always thought I was the only one who thought Rumer was odd looking (um, polite way of saying oh my, not pretty at all); but I can see that I am not the only one! I also do not get how two somewhat attractive parents produced a most un-attractive daughter. Poor thing.

Leeza on

The hair looks great….I did not like it short or blond. This is really flattering on her face.

mare on

The trouble with Rumor’s looks doesn’t have much to do with how she wears her hair. I have always thought she needed to get some work done on her chin, which is too wide and long. None of the Willis/Moore girls are very pretty.

someone on

i think she looks WAY better in short hair. Long makes her look unattrative

someone on

i think she should have thick, long locks. other hair cuts like pixie cut and straight thin hair don’t look good on her.

jazzy g on

i want to like this look because i know she’s young and still trying to find her way, but no!!! she looks a lot like her dad and that ain’t good when your a girl!!

cat on

Rumer is pretty and the new do looks good on her.
She is a naturally pretty girl..

aj on

if she is going to have extentions the should look beautiful not stringy.

Tenna on

I liked it better short. All the comments on her appearance I find unnescessary.

Jenn on

This girl is not attractive at all she has the weirdest looks I have ever seen. No matter what she does she will always look like an oddball her looks are just to weird.

JM on

Rumor Willis looks the best she has ever looked. Forget the pixie. It does nothing for her!

Elly on

Rumer’s look is distinctive and individual. It’s not about her hair, it’s about confidence. She’s a beauty who will grow into her looks – like Anjelica Huston, or Sofia Coppola.

Erin on

She’s very “odd” looking. The hair is hedious.

Alex on

Liked it better short!! But hey what ever makes them happy!

Catherine on

SOOO much better the short hair just brought too much attention to the shape of her head! The longer hair looks 100% better

Susan on

Gosh, she is so unattractive. She THINKS she is Demi Moore and she is not. She acts like she is cool and gorgeous, but she is far from that. She really has a very, very nasty face.

Holly on

I feel bad for her.. Evreyone shouldn’t be so rude about her looks tho.. she isn’t that bad looking

Claire on

I think some of the comments that people have posted are pretty outrageous. This is a popular sight and she might read what everyone has posted. I don’t think that her looks should be under such intense scrutiny. Regardless if you think she’s pretty or not right now, she was an adorable child and who among us hasn’t had awkward stages? I certainly wouldn’t want a photo of myself at age 18 (or however old she is) to be compared to my superstar parents.

Lainn on

I Like The Hair….However..This POOOOOR Girl!! OMG..Her mom & dad are incredibly good looking so I really don’t understand how she ended up looking so ‘unfortunate’. Her looks remind me of when Conan O’Brien does that ‘What if they made it’ part of his show.

anna on

this is the best style she’s had so far. maybe some soft curls would soften it a bit more.

Christine on

Uh… she’s so unattractive, her hair doesn’t even matter anymore.

Courtney on

I think she needs to do something with her bangs…

nina Roman on

no matter wat she wears or wats on her head she will alwyas look ugly sorry

Michele on

In a word: gross. Go back to the pixie cut, Rumor. That’s the best cut for your face shape.

ashlee on

well, nothing she does to her hair will help her appearence anyway

Babsie on

Mabey alot of us are making nasty comments because we are tired of unatractive nobodies shoved down our throats all the time because of who they know, or who thier parents are…I too worked with her once, she is the nastiest person I have ever met and only “nice” to people who can do something foe her. All the surgery in the world cannot help a ugly personality no matter who your parents are. And belive me,she like all the other ugly nobodies will be shoved down our throats until the day we die, and to the blogger that said she may read this and get hurt feelings, GOOD! Maybe she will rethink herself and stay home!

Pepper on

The longer hair looks much better. It makes her chin look shorter. She should really think about having her jaw and chin fixed when she gets a little older.

trinster on

DANG! This is one FUGLY girl. how did she get so unfortunate looking with such gorgeous parents….some bad gene apparently. Doesn’t matter if her hair is long, short or if she had none at all, it’s not going to help.

Jenna on

Long short doesn’t matter she still looks like a man or a trans.


All of Demi’s girls are strange looking. It’s almost odd. The younger 2 look like bruce and this one looks like demi but her head is bruces shape and her chin is wierd. That girl might be able to fix her looks with some surgury. =( I hate to say that but she’ll always be less than average looking to me. I do however like short hair on her. Long just gives her jay leno chin.

Margarita on

Wow….there sure are a bunch of hateful people in the world. How good-looking were all of you at 18? Maybe she’ll grow into her features. Personally, I was cute at 18 but I definitely think I’m much prettier now at 41, so give the girl a break. If she is mean and hateful to people, then yes, that ugliness will always show through. If that is the case, then shame on her mom and dad for not teaching her to be humble.

Rose on

I like it, lot better than the pixie, stop the hate, did u ever saw her mom when was young? it was not that amazing beauty… girl is not ugly, has really nice skin, eyes and lips… thank God is a natural mouth not like some other pillow mouths over there…

AW on

Rumer has nice skin and eyes, and emphasize her strong features. We all have things we might not like about ourselves. Imagine if we cared what other people thought. She doesn’t seem to care what the masses think. Rumer could care less… good for her.

Everyone is focused on appearances. I think Demi did a great job at raising strong, confident daughters (which is a quality that every parent would want for their daughters… and not some weak-willed, superficial ditzes that make stupid mistakes [over and over]like drinking, drugs, choose wrong type of men, get pregnant and be irresponsible parents etc.).

Beauty and youth could only get you so far, having grace and confidence… it’s a beautiful quality. Lasts a lifetime.

Knitty on

She has a strong chin and jawline, and the long hair gives her face balance, softens it. I like it better than the short (or blond) look. C’mon people… she’s experimenting with hairstyles, makeup, clothes like any young adult would. Except that she’s a child of famous parents, and constantly scrutinized. She’s trying to find that certain something or another that would be her trademark or style (that je nais se quoi). Give her time, she’ll find it.

Sue Miller on

Mayer – LOVE IT!


Sandy on

Rumer is definitely not ugly like so many people seem to think. No, she isn’t her mother, but I bet she looks better than the people that have posted how awful she looks! I’d love to have her eyes. Imagine how hard it is to be raised in the shadow of your parents!

Jenni on

Well, long or short doesn’t really matter at this point especially when you have a face like that. At least her parents can afford surgery. I would rather be poor and look like me then be rich and look like her..

Rach on

God some people are so farking shallow.. maybe just pathetically jealous of other peoples success??!! Today’s society is so hung up on looks.. how ridiculously vain.. what a waste of good energy.. waste of life!!

Billiam on

yama hama its frightnight

secret on

You should have seen her at school in interlochen when she shaved her head…

liz steenbeeke on

I feel sorry for Rumer Willis. She has an attractive Mom and attractive Dad, but unfortunately didn’t get attractiveness from either one. That is a definite NO NO in Hollywood. I can only imagine what her auditions are like. If I were her, I would look into producing, writing or directing.

Eze on

You can try. my hair so thinned out after my baby. I used super thick hair and now it is meuidm thick, but I feel like it is getting thinner and thinner. I hope it works for you

Julioo on

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