Posh's Jeans Blues: Sales Disappoint on dVb Line

04/14/2008 at 11:50 AM ET

David Dyson/Camera Press/ Retna

The blogosphere has been buzzing with reports that Victoria Beckham‘s dVb denim line is being dropped from several top retailers, including L.A.’s famous Fred Segal and Kitson boutiques. Turns out that while the line isn’t dropped from Kitson, it’s definitely not performing up to expectation — and that’s being attributed to Posh’s laissez-faire attitude. Kitson owner Fraser Ross tells PEOPLE, “She’s not supporting the line. It’s not good for her brand and not good for her endorsements. In a tough economy, you need to be in partnership with the people that are selling your line to your fans. That’s the bottom line.” And it’s not like she’s not nearby. Ross tells PEOPLE that “Victoria lives fifteen minutes from the store. That’s just bad business.” But, he hasn’t given up hope in reviving the line and is in talks with her people to prop up the ailing sales. “We haven’t dumped it. Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution.” If you want to boost dVb’s sales, click here to check out the line at shopkitson.com.

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Jess on

Uhh…could it be that the jeans cost $275??

Laurie on

Maybe if she looked like she enjoyed wearing them we would be a bit more inspired to try them ourselves. I wouldn’t want to wear anything that is going to make me look like a sour, menopausel woman all the time! She may be a big star in England, but no one around her cares for her.

Anna on

She clearly just wants to make money off this line without having to do a stitch (no pun intended) of work. She should be out there promoting her jeans and talking about the quality (if it is good) – there’s plenty of good denim available at all price points so what is so special about her products?


i feel sorry for her. She never smiles, how can anyone that small size be really happy! Stop eating your frozend grapes. Eat something. Are her jeans only size 0?

louise on

There way to expensive, the should retail at 150-190 max

Lia on

WHY would any normal person buy the crap that she’s selling? Especially in a down economy? Obviously she and her husband DO NOT have the “star” power they would like all of us to think they have… Go Back to the UK- your time here is done!

Kim v on

I’m sure Posh and David are in no danger of being – eww – poor. I think it’s kind of funny that people aren’t running out to buy her jeans like she thought they would.

KeShaJo on

Maybe she has a ploy to design for Victoria’s Secret?! LOL!

yipeiokyay on

I’m sure the insane prices have nothing to do with poor sales! $290 for a pair of jeans? You have got to be kidding me!

yipeiokyay on

I am sure that the insane prices have nothing to do with the poor sales. $290 for a pair of jeans? They must be crazy!

Lori on

Wow! First of all I am sorry if I sound like a hater, but those jeans are hideous! For $250 a pop? You couldn’t pay me that to wear those. I don’t understand how Posh (gag) even has fans, she has a crappy attitude (or at least it seems) and I am not really a huge fan of the Spice Girls so…… I figure if you are as rich as she is it doesn’t really matter or cross her mind to go out and support her product. Aren’t there assistants to do that???? LOL

Courtney on

I could design better jeans than Posh. I collect designer denim and her line had cheap hardware, cheap feeling denim, the pockets were boring, and overall lacking creativity.

If I am going to spend around $300 CDN on jeans, it will be a pair of True Religion Super T’s, which at least has resale value.

Fashion Watcher on

If I were a buyer/owner of Kitson……get out now. Nothing she does/doesn’t do will affect the sale-ability of those jeans……they will end up in TJ Maxx for $29.99 without a doubt!

KK on

uhh…well…heres a, a whacky thought….. LOWER YOUR PRICES! like who would buy a pair of regular jeans when you can buy those exact same ones for like under $100

Nadia on

I really would not mind spending $300 on jeans, as long as they are worth it; hers are simply not worth it.

jag on

I agree with the others.The jeans and the price are horrible. If the jeans in the above picture are from her line it’s easy to see why they aren’t selling.UGLY,UGLY,UGLY!!



deb on

“If you want to boost dVb’s sales, click here to check out the line at shopkitson.com.”

Are you kidding me? Boosting dVb sales should be my problem? I couldn’t afford the zipper!


Danielle on

They’re JEANS! Not gold honey! Maybe if you came down off the $300 price tag, you might see a better response…just a thought.

tocca4a on

uger who cares. like really! like hello! uger.

S. Kim on

there’s honestly nothing compelling about her jeans, or her. even though she is a celebrity, her figure is so freakishly small and weird looking that she’s not really a style icon to me. i don’t know anyone who aspired to look like her or dress like her.

Allegra on

Three reasons for lagging sales:

1). Price – costs way too much.

2). Ugly – not a style anyone would wear.

3). Size – not everyone is a size 0 – 2. Maybe if she made the jeans a litle larger, more women would buy them.

And finally, we do not care about Posh. She needs to go back to England.

donna on

Those are some of the UGLIEST jeans I have ever seen…where is the flare? where is the originality? 290 AMERICAN DOLLARS!!! WTF were they thinking? oh wait, they weren’t thinking which is why the sales are in the toliet!!!

natsy on

Please don’t send her back to us in the UK, we were delighted to see the back of this dreadful woman.

Sarah on

I looked at the line and it’s all trendy in one week out the other jeans. If I’m going to invest that kinda money in jeans I would want to be able to wear them for years to come, not till next week.
Plus it may just be the models but they don’t even look like they fit well.

Sheila on

Sorry, I’m not spending almost $300.00 on a pair of jeans. That’s crazy! The average person’s not going to waste their money on that. Plus, she comes off as being very full of herself. She never looks happy. I can’t tell if she’s arrogant, unhappy or bitchy.

Raine on

Not only are they are expensive they look very cheap.

adrienne day on

I’m sure Kitson was banking on the fact that Victoria Beckham really upped the sales for Rock and Republic when she did a line for them. I still see people walking around with those jeans. However, Victoria is not a deigner, just a celebrity. I totally agree that her line of jeans are hideous and overpriced. The denim market is so oversaturated at this point. I just stick to the brands i know and like these days like seven and citizens. VB is not relatable for most women. She does not have a realistic or desirable figure. She’s just uneducated British trash. She may have the funds to buy couture, but her fashion sense is horribe.

Dorothy on

No surprise with a 300$ price tag!

CKSam on

Maybe if normal people could afford to buy her jeans she might be able to sell some. I would never pay that kind of money on a pair of jeans. SJP’s line is all under $20 and those are the jeans I live in….

qagirl614 on

I agree with everyone’s comments about the jeans..the are overpriced and not very attractive. I haven’t seen them first-hand so I couldn’t comment on the quality. But many of the comments shared about her just are unnecessary. Seriously? Do they really need to be made? How does overpriced jeans have to do with making personal attacks on this person? I don’t have an opinion in favor or against her, but stomping on someone that you don’t know personally doesn’t speak well of you. If someone was trash talking any of us…i’m sure it wouldn’t sit well. Do unto others.

Ashley on

I loved a pair of the jeans and was even willing to pay the price until I realized how small they run. I am normally a 28 and was going to have to buy a 31 in them… way to make people feel bad about the pants they are buying and turn customers off!!

claudia on

No wonder those jeans are not selling there is nothing special obout them, jeans at the Limited & NY and co. look way better than those for a lot less.

Leslie on

After seeing her new line of jeans, $250 is definetly not wortht it! I don’t know what she is thinking she is obvioulsy not an entrepreneur. I would rather buy two pairs of seven jeans.

lily on

She doesn’t even wear/promote her own jeans! You would have to be crazy to buy anything that she “designs” or has anything to do with. What a rip off! She is overstaying her 15 minutes of fame…Pleas be gone soon! I am so fed up seeing her ugly, bored face and scrawny pathetic body. Be gone!

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J on

Eek! So I checked out the inventory and was utterly shocked. Not cute. Not trendy. Not hot. Not flattering. Not sexy. There are not enough words to describe how wretchedly awful these denims are! Even if these pants were $19.99 I wouldn’t buy them. Sorry Posh. Yes you’re a fashion diva, but you are no designer. Leave that game to the big boys and girls who know what they’re doing. Meow!

Jeffrey on

Maybe they are all made in her size negative zero. Nobody is a skinny as this spice girl. And for god sake smile once in a while, you have nothing to be pissed off about!!

Carol on

I think it is probably due to the prices, her “better than thou” attitude, and her own lack of enthusiasm. I agree with Laurie, in that “she may be a big star in England, but no one around here cares for her”.

Kris on

i dont agree with what a lot of you guys say about posh. i definitely think that her and her husband are like the sexiest couple alive! however, its pretty much only stars that can afford to go out and buy her line and thats probably a lot of the reason for the line not doing so good. if the jeans werent 300 bucks, and only in california, id definitely rock em. she should have gone with nordstroms or something…

Corinne on

if her jeans weren’t so damn expensive, i’ll buy them.

angel on

$300 just because it’s got her name behind it? no way!

angel on

there isn’t even anything outstanding about her jeans!

Amerikan Angel on

The jeans, ridiculous. V looks hungry. Maybe if she has a little more room in her pants, she could eat!

chels on

why is she forever frowning? maybe someone would buy her clothes if she looked happy while wearing them. and i’m sure not paying 200 dollars for a pair of jeans!

Jordan on

and that suprises you why ???? i mean look at her

pamela on

She doesn’t smile because she Forever has a camera in her face…how annoying that must be everyday..every where…Do you walk around with a grin on your face when you ARE TRYING TO IGNORE the cameras???

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