Mariah Carey's New Signature Style: Love It or Hate It?

04/04/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Marc Susset-Lacroix/WireImage; Turgeon/Rocke/Splash News; Alex Jackson/WENN

You’ve got to admire a girl who knows what works for her — and sticks with it! While promoting her 18th Number One single, “Touch My Body,” everywhere from New York to London to Paris, Mariah Carey honed in on a solid combo — colored, cropped bomber jackets (from Gucci and Members Only), skintight black dresses and matching sky-high heels. We love Mariah’s simple plan of attack when packing for such an extensive promotion tour, but we’d get bored too quickly! Tell us: What do you think of Mariah’s new signature look? Do you love it or hate it?

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Anonymous on

Hate it I think her style looks awful and cheesey

vanessa on

i like it; it fits her and it’s classy as opposed to the stuff she used to wear.


Mariah needs to update her look. It appears she is stuck in a rut. We never see her in something new. She really needs a stylist!!!

céline on

I don’t like her look ; in fact, she does not have the body to wear the clothes she usually wears. she looks like nothing and I do not understand why her stylist does not say it to her.

Kim v on

I think the jackets look like bad 80s leftovers, but I’m glad she finally decided to cover up a little bit. (You have a bangin body, we get it…) I still miss the original Mariah, she was much prettier and classier back then.

alice on

Honestly, everything about this woman disgusts me. She looks ridiculous.

Meghan on

She is beautiful and talented. she has her own style and sticks to her basics…Black, jeans, stilletos, and clevage. i dont think there is any harm in any of that! she also explains where her “youthful” and “sexy” style comes from often. so people should stop judging.

amanda smith on

she a nightmare.
it’s not even like cool 80’s.

Ali on

I used to think she was a total bint! Then this morning I heard an interview with her on BBC Radio 1 and she was hilarious…I was having trouble driving to work for want of laughing out loud…I now love her and I think she looks great…OK yes she’s in a rut but there are worse things to be as a human being…take a look at Posh…what a waste of space that no talent nobody is…yeah Vic we get it…you’re thin…you’re a mum…but you still let your sorry ass of a husband cheat on you…more than once…now that is sad!! Idiot!

Ashley on

I hate it!!! I love Mariah and all but the way she dresses drives me crazy! She’s pushing 40, she needs to start dressing more like the successful arist she is than like some 20 year old newbie!

Kerri on

Boring, Boring, Boring.

Hallie on

I think showing up in the outfit once was enough. I’d really like to see Mariah wear a cute flowy dress or loose pants and blouse; something classier and not so skin-tight. She’s a pretty woman and looks like she’s trimmed down from a year ago but I don’t think she’s making the best of her assets.



???? on

She absolutely disgusts me with everything she is. From how she dresses to how she carries herself. She obviously thinks she’s Gods gift to this world and I will beg to differ!!!!!

Amanda on

Mariah is a beautiful woman with an amazing body for her age. But it’s just sad that she is dressing a bit like a tramp. It’s good that she’s covering up a bit more, so points for that, but I gotta deduct points since everything she wears is skin tight. And could her boobs get any higher? She needs a new stylist who can show her that you can look classy and funky at the same time without showing off your every asset.

Anonymous on


Emily on


jjsmom on

She still looks like a hooker.

tina on

to me the funny part is that those jackets have no chance of closing over her chest!

Cassie on

I love her look its awesome

MyOpinion on

I think Mariah Carey needs to dress for her body type – this look is for someone who is a lot smaller than her – it looks like she borrowed her little sisters clothes!

winie on

i hate it is ridiculus

Anonymous on

She’s beautiful, and talented, but she’s 38 years old. She needs to classify her look a little. I’m happy that’s she’s rocking the curves, though (excluding the fake boobs, of course).

alice on

The issue isn’t her size or her age, it is that she is tacky!!! This outfit wouldn’t look good on anybody. Not even a size 2 16 yr. old would look better. Bottom line is that mariah just has awful taste!!

Anonymous on

i don’t like this. she’s not 22 anymore so she needs to quit dressing like it. i love mariah, i just wish that her style were more sophisticated.

Dorothy on

What is signature about a look consisting of tight black skirt/pants, tight tank top and a bomber jacket that is appropriate attire between the age 16 to 19?
She should have grown out of this style long long time ago.

Valene on

She’s beautiful, her body is perfect, and if I looked like her I would wear anything.

B C on

I’m glad she isnt a size zero and she looks great without being all anorexic and skeletal like alot of the older stars. Keep doing what you like ignore the haters without more #1s than Elvis.

claire on

Mariah needs to learn a little class. She is a wealthy lady but she dresses like a cheap tramp 90% of the time.

crispy daisy on

Whenever I see a photo of Mariah Carey, all I can think is how hard she’s trying to be sexy. No matter what she wears, she looks like she’s standing on a corner selling $5 bjs. It’s not just the clothes that make her look like a hooker; it’s her poses. I think she would probably look like a streetwalker even in a Chanel suit. She’s obviously very talented, she’s funny and seems like a nice person, but it’s really hard to get past her appearance. I keep hoping that, as she matures, she’ll find a little dignity and style. I shudder to think what she’ll look like in 30 years.

lucy on

i never like her. she is so trying hard. ewwwwww!!!!!

tulip on

Leather jackets are so 80’s.
I like brown bombers better.
Mariah should try a flowing gypsy/ flower print/ greek goddess look because it suits her long hair and lenght bod.

Janet on

Yes, Mariah is in a fashion rut. She is so beautiful and has a killer bod but needs to update her look Pronto!.

Tessa on

EWwwwww, I hate it!!! She has got to stop wearing that American Apparel miniskirt, its waaayy to short for someone her age!!!! And she looks all bling-bling, and tacky. Please get some class.

Smith on

Don’t hate…she looks like it’s all about her and she knows it.

Trisha on

HATE IT. Mariah needs to shed the Long Island Lolita look. She is the BEST example of being able to take the girl out of the ghetto but never the ghetto out of the girl! Mariah! YOUR LOOK IS TIRED.

globalglamour on

God, it’s so the same!!! Change woman you’re not getting any younger!


Sofia on

I think she’s trying too hard. She is struggling with her identity. I love her voice, but I never thought she dressed well. Hey,her family and friends need to call Stacey and Clinton from “what not to wear.”, for a makeover.

♥ rosie on

Hate it! What’s attractive about that.. umm let me think, NOTHING!

honey on

She looks FIERCE!!!! she’s so hott..and her outfits are sexy and classic…so get off her..becase she looks FAB

charlyy on

i hate her clothesss!!! she looks so dumb. shes almost 40…why would she dress like that…? AND she has the totally wrong body type for those thingsss!!! EW EW EW EW EW!
and, nobody likes a complete DIVAAAA like her!

anonymous on

I think this woman needs to get over herself..shes very annoying and she has no sense of style..i hate this look..its ugly..boring..i hate her..shes ugly..she needs to go get lost..

Grace on

She looks ridiculous. Dare I say it? She looks like a streetwalker.

Chardonnay Nicole Thomas on

I love anything that Mariah does!!! She is amazing and she has the voice of an angel. There will never be another like her. She has an amazing penthouse that I saw on MTV’s Cribs and I would love to have her closet; it looks like a department store. She has great style and I love her shoe collection! Come on, this woman is in her late 30s and she looks incredible. I am only 25, but when I am her age, I can only hope to look that great. Anyone who has anything negative to say about Mariah is just hating on her. She’s rich, gorgeous, and on top of that, talented. Mariah, make your haters your motivators!!!

Shopoholic on

In my opinion, i don’t really like her “signature syle.” Their just basics with a splash of color, its really nothing special.

Anonymous on

hate it!!! She dresses like a teenager instead of a beautiful, successful woman.

Nancy on

I think Mariah is sooo stuck up…but you know what she has it going on and she can honestly sing…so everyone out there..stop hating…She’s just got it…she can’t help it…and she looks great..after all she’s been through, just like she said, in something I read, “Everyone has a story” as she does, what she has, she earned it!!!!!!

Erin on

Absolutely hideous. I wish she would wear something that flattered her body. I think she would be much more attractive if she wore a simple pair of dark jeans once in a while.

Mallory on

I love the bomber jackets, but she needs to get some more clothes!

stephanie f on

Eh..nahh. Wouldn’t buy it. And I don’t like the look of it anyway.

Anonymous on

A bunch of haters. Mariah is beautiful talented and very successuful. If she were so boorriingg and tacky as some of you put it, then why are you looking at her? Let’s keep it real most people wear what they can afford and the same cloths maybe twice a week and for those that say that she needs to dress a little more mature, well people have been trying to imortal themselves since the belief of the fountain of youth. Tacky boring well the fact that she’s also worth millions is a sure sign that people adore her and she’s here to stay for a very longtime to come.

Jenna on

I think that Mariah needs a stylist that will make her look classy not trashy like she always seems to look these days. I personally think she’s a hot mess!

Jenna on

I think she needs a stylist/ or a new stylist. Because she looks like a trashy hot-@ss mess

Courtney on

Honestly, it’s fugly.

Stacy on

Hate it

Jennifer on

I like it she looks really good, it shows off her legs!

Kim on

My opinion, HATE IT!!! Mariah the no.8 represents “NEW BEGINNINGS”. It is 2008 and time to get it”STRIGHT”. Yes you’re beautiful, yes you got the banging body and yes most of all, you got a many of dollarS. Yoooouuu know its time to do “something ELSE with that HAIR and DRESS(s).

Elda on

She may be 40 but she sure looks alot better then alot of ordinary 20 year olds!! You Go Mariah!! Keep working it girl because i’m right behind you and we both still look good!!

Gabriela on

Mariah is a beautiful woman, but to me she always look uncomfortable and insecure. These clothes don’t suite her at all.

Shay on

I love it.. gotta love the bomber jackets! theyre cute as hell…

Carlina on

I do not like clothes seems cheap even if it Gucci
Not sure highlight the best of your body

Dianna on

Hate it. It’s like she is trying to look much younger than she is.

Crystal on

-hate it

MammaBear on

She’s such a beautiful & talented woman but I don’t understand why she wants to wear things that look like she got them at a fire sale at Members Only. She’s got to leave the 80’s behind. Todays styles would look wonderful on her. She’s got a fabulous body and can wear anything well. She’s just got to update her look.

rika on

isn’t this the same gucci bomber that madonna wore during her promo for “confessions on the dancefloor” two years ago?

claudia on

She looks terrible and trashy, that lady needs to realize that she is over 35 and she needs to wear
age appropiate clothes.

Mary on

I hate it. There is nothing classy about it and she needs to get back with her old ex-husband. At least he made sure that she remained classy!

bella on

I think Mariah has an ugly style and I´m not just talking about this one i mean every single one!!!

Jess on

Mariah needs to get over herself and hire a stylist. Her mentality of mini dresses and tight clothes to show off her beautiful body is backwards. She needs to step it up a notch in the class department!

Nicol on


mc’s BIGGEST fan

me on

I totally agree with Crispy Daisy’s comment. Although I’ve never been a fan of Mariah’s music at all, I do think she’s very talented and has the potential to be a stunning lady. The cheap hooker appearance really needs to go, but whatever, she still looks way better than I ever will.

Angelica on

I love Mariah Careys new style…she is very stylish.

Shelly on

I love Mariah Carey her voice is uncompatabe like Christina Aguileras. But I must admit Mimi loves her 80s look, back in the day when she was in her early 20s. I think she should wow her fans with a classy look like the diva she is i expect her too. Marrying someone younger, she just might stick with her young look.

vic on

Love her Voie and looks but she needs some help with the dressing how can you have so much money and get it so wrong.

anna on

I think she’s trying too hard to compete with all these young artist like…Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rhianna, etc…but yet some of these mentioned girls are very classy for example when Beyonce shows a bit of her clevage that’s all she shoes nothing else is out there…or if Beyonce wants to show leg her clevege isn’t all out there. That’s what makes a women sexy…not no hood rat hoochie mama!!! Mariah always shows too much…she either has a small dress showing a lot of leg and her clevage, if you notice in every show, premeire, performance etc…I miss the old sophisticated Mariah…and when she goes to Aspen for the snow season she’s always has 4 of her buttons undone so she can flaunt her boobs…women its cold. We know you have cuves…we know you have boobs…its ok you can cover up!

Jordan on

luv it but she kinda looks like hannah montana or hannah montana is looking like her ?!

Sue on

Looks good on her. She has the figure to wear it well.

Steph D on

she’s gorgeous, the most beautiful woman ever. you’re just haters.

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