Miley Debuts New Bangs: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

03/18/2008 at 04:04 PM ET


First Miley Cyrus lightens up her hair to a warm light brown — and now she’s cut bangs! The Hannah Montana star hit the streets of L.A. with mom Tish sporting a new long set of fringe. We think the new look is great on Miley, but we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you love Miley’s new bangs? Did you like her better with them?

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Jenny on

I think she looks absolutely atrocious.

Red hair, and now bangs?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Trish on

you know…i actually like this. she’s always dressing too old for her age and this seems to suit a 15 year old like her much better.

Brielle on

I think Miley’s bangs are very pretty, but i liked her better without them because i think that the bangs are too mature for her age. Other than that, i think they are rocking!!

Nicole on

ehh…she looks alright. Can she please stop going out everyday? She is Britney SPears.

Kaitlyn on

Her hair looks werid i like it better dark brown and with no bangs. the bangs are too much for her some people can handle them but she cant:)

sarah on

i LOVE them! i thought she looked pretty good with darer hair without bangs, but this is definitley an improvement. She looks more fun and less winter-y with lighter locks!

madaline on

oh no that looks bad bad bad

mendie on

I don’t like them they make her look younger.

becca on

it looks really bad… its really choppy lookign and way too short, she looks like a gynormous four year old

Sharon on

A good idea gone bad. The fringe is too wispy.

Rachel on

i think she should have left her hair the way it was…she shouldnt have died it the first place. it looked soo much better then

anonymous on

I think they look really cute-i don’t know what all you other people are talking about

Carol on

Such an ugly child…the bangs look awful but what does it matter, look at those TEETH!!!

niko on

i love it, i think it looks great on her, very pretty.

Wendy on

Just goes to show that you can’t please everyone. People are saying that the bangs make her look too old, too young, too choppy, too wispy, and she’s acting too old, too young. Poor girl can’t catch a break.

I think she looks great and she most definitely looks her age. The dark hair was too harsh for her coloring and she has returned to her natural hair color. Good for her.

Yes, I am tiring of seeing her out every single day, but is it her fault that she actually leaves her house? Why should she hole up just because we’re tired of seeing her picture plastered everywhere? She’s doing normal, natural things… in the presence of her mother and with all of her clothes on. Good for her!

emery on

i like it but i also liked the black hair better

Alex on

ewwww ewwww eewwww i hate her

Tessa on

Her hairstyle makes her look soooo bad, and she is the worst possible singer!!!!

Sara on

I love her new look… I love the color and the bangs…. it looks very good

jasmine on

is she ok???
i abseloutely hate it! and i am starting to hate her! she is startin to get annoyin

Kate on

The bangs look okay but not great. They could have been a different style of bangs or something. It was a good attempt. I am so happy her hair is lighter! It looks so much better!! However, what is up with her neck? It is like 2 different colors. I might just be seeing things though. Idk.

Hannah on

OMG! I thinked I just barfed all over myself. She looks like a little kid!What the heck has been wrong with her hair lately.

Hannah on

You guys are being so rude. shes not an ugly child and im sure she looks 10 times better than you. sure she ain’t looking so hot but im sure theres been days when you have looked like crap too!

lisa on

I know she is very young, but they make her look even younger. I don’t like them, but she isn’t ugly. I don’t understand why people judge her, she is not ugly.

Arabella on

I think Miley is a cute girl and (as for now) a good role model for tween girls…as for the hair…ehhh, she could to better.

sarah on

i am a mother of a miley fan and i think she looks great! she acts her age and looks her age and might i add has a great wardrobe!!

Taylor on

Hey I think that miley looks fine. She is omly a 15 year old and still growing up. She’s trying new things. Relax take it easy!!!!!

Anonymous on

she looksugly with bangs i hate them on her

Anonymous on

i hate her bang ill she looks ugly

Kerry on

she looks gorgeous. with or without bangs.

Jim on

did everyone forget she’s still a kid. she looks fantastic, just the way a teenager should.

Michelle on

She looks fugly with the bangs. I liked the way her hair ORIGINALLY looked before she died it goth color, lightened it up, blah blah blah. Hopefully I won’t have to see another haircut gone bad on her again.

brandi on

i liked her bangs before
the bangs that she has now is like
so out of style ..

Briana on

Ewwww….her hair looks so ugly and i don’t see why people thinks she so cute she’s NOT.!

1234 on

horrible so ugly

Alexis on

I liked her better without bangs……….It makes her look way older than 15

Ariel on

she looks fab, but tell me one thing, has the media completely lost its taste for news (as if it had any to begin with) that their headlining story is about some chicks BANGS?!?!?! now that, dear people of america, is SAD, S-A-D!!!! I hate Miley to begin with, but these new bangs are fine, and who cares, really? have you people no lives?!?!?!

Avery on

Why do I get the feeling that a large majority of the people commenting on this page are 13 year old girls? Give the girl a break. Sure she might be annoying and self-centered, I would have no idea seeing that I’ve never met her. I’m guessing none of you have either. Until then stop passing judgement and start worrying about yourselves. i think the bangs look fine, though they are a little thin. But I think she looks very cute and age appropriate

angie on

i think she’s had bangs for a little while now, but she’s never worn them to the front, they’re always to the side. they’re okay, nothing special. i have side bangs as well to have the option of wearing them to the side or more to the front.

besides which, what was up with the comment about her “going out” everyday? hey, guess what? most people go outside everyday. the difference between me going to a restaurant, church, shopping with my friends and family and her doing it is that the paparazzi takes pictures of her, not me.

like someone said, you can’t please everyone. some people say it makes her look too young and some too old.

as a side note, i feel like people forget she’s 15 because of the things she’s done, as well as the fact that she looks older due to her height and face. but if you look at the average high school (not t.v. high school, REAL high school) and collected every single 15 year old, some would look a lot older, some a lot younger.

i’m 21 and i’ve been told i look as young as 16. it’s as much my fault as it is miley’s that she looks older…meaning no fault at all. some days she’s seen with a lot of make-up and people post comments like, “so much make-up for a young girl.” some days she’s seen with none and people post comments like, “ugh, she looks ugly.” like most teenage girls she’s figuring out what works for her and what doesn’t.

shelby on

i think that sh elooks great i love the new hair style

Ruxandra on

Excuse me for saying this, but didn’t she look in the mirror? She looks like she is going bold, at least in this picture. I’ve never seen her look worse.

Carrie on

I don’t think it’s a bad look, I just think this is a terrible picture. It’s hard to judge it since this picture is so not flattering.

Alyssa on

Bleh! For the amount of money she makes she could have gotten a better stylist! Whats the hype about anyways?

SW on

hard to tell how they look in this windswept picture – i think they look cute

she really needs some lessons in how to get her picture taken (ie. stand still, don’t pull faces) – she’s always goofing around and looking funky as a result

Dianne on

She is cute but her hair is awful.

Kim v on

The bangs look too wispy – like her hair is unhealthy. Also, I’m sorry but could you have picked a more unflattering picture?

KAT on


amy on

better with darker hair and no bangs.

Patty on

She looks so cute. I like the lighter alburn color

anne on

Thank goodness! The dark hair looked awful…now she looks her age, less severe, and the bangs are a great touch.

rachael on

Im 16 and i think that no matter what way milez has put her hair she always luks rlli gud! giv her a break.. theres teens gtin hairstyles much worse. if milez lyks her hair lyk tht its her problem!

rachael on

i lyk mileys nu style and IM 16
milez is a teen. theres other teens with worse styles bt if they lyk their style they lyk it! they dont get exposure to paps so they dont hav 2 gt the insults from ppl hu r jealous!! giv miley ray cyrus a break.. just cuz shes exposed to the paps doesnt mean she has to stik 2 styles tht are approved off by the public!

Angie on

I think that Miley looks cute with her new color and bangs, It makes her look more her age.

Anoymous on

i think it looks so much better dark and no bangs…she looks soo bad now!

Deb on

As a mom of a teen girl, I have been concerned of late that Miley is growing up too fast. This is a return to the right age and look. I’m glad she put the brakes on.

anna on

i hate her bangs..but i love the color on her..

BT on

Looks great! The jet black was definitely not working for her… so I like this much better. Looks her age and goes better with her skin tone. :)

Deb on

I think the warm red hair color and the bangs really soften her looks and are more age appropriate!! I think she looks very pretty and can look very classy when dressed up!!

Way to go Miley!

kat on

love it.

Emily and Hannah on

We love her bangs. It makes her look like her real age, 15, not 23. She looks hot.

Anna :b on

OMG i think u look PRETTY but you look better with your dark long hair!!!!!!!!!!

Mary on

Maybe if these were Nicole Richie bangs, I would like the style. But these seem a little too young and elementary for such a talented star.

Anna :b on

i think you are very pretty but you look better with dark long hair!!!!!!!! :b

Candice on

I STILL don’t get the hype over this girl…who cares what her hair looks like! She’s 15 for crying out loud.

Laura on

I think Miley is trying to look older than what she really is. She should just enjoy being a teenager and not try to be anything else. The bangs seem like a regular teen ‘do but I don’t like the colour!

who wants to know on


ashley on

i absolutley love this look for her!

mad on

i think that she shoud just stick with long wavy brown hair not black of the bags there not my favorite

maddie on

she looks cute. i love the color. the reason girls are screwing up their lives right now is becasue of critical people like these on here saying she looks so uglyy. shes 15 chill out. she looks great all the time

major.TAYLOR on


Ashley on

i love her new hair color and her bangs lol !!!!!

Cassie on

You people are really cruel. She looks great. She is 15 years old for Gods sake.

This is why Britney Spears is so insane i’m sure.

Sarah on

I think she looks cute!

smith on

she still looks cute, but i dont know, they seem a little mature for her age… i forget shes only 15.

Vanessa on

She looks like a 15 year old girl should!

Katie on

i think she looks horible with red hair and bangs godd…
Cant she ever get it right..

Stina on

I love her bangs! In my opinion they look much better on her than Rachel Bilson’s bangs.

Ashley on

Way to look 7 Miley…

Veronica on

I love Miley & the new shade but I prefer her without the new bangs. It’s her decision and she’ll look great regardless!

Nicola on

She finally looks somewhat like her age for a change.
Why isn’t this girl in school? :/

jamie on

mily is 13 years old, she is dressing her age, she looks and dresses like a 13 year old, anyways, y r we talking about her, can we please talk about someone that actually matters, and isn’t on disney channel, so not one of those fake “stars!”

Fashionista on

I like the color but the bangs make her face look round and kind of chubby. Maybe if she had her hair down, it would look better.

bridget on

I dont really like the hair but its hers not mine so who cares i really like her sweatshirt! <3

Becky on

I love ’em!

rose on

she looks like crap! i liked her better with the very dark hair! (even if it did make her look about 8 years older than she is)

Hayley on

She reminds me of the Wendys girl!

Annie on

I hate them. She looked really good with her long brown hair. This is even worse than the black!

juicy on

ew, i think she looks so weird with those bangs and that color of hair.

she should stick to her real hair color.
and no bangs.


D B L on

I’m sorry I honestly think Miley is very adverage not attractive at all.. These bangs make her look even worse… No idea why this little girl is famouse!

claudia on

JOHNNY DEPP THE BEST OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danielle on

i like it but i dont think it is her sort

kasia on

i’m surprised someone said bangs are for adults only- i had them as a kid and teenager -i got rid of them when i turned nineteen

Melanie on

Without the red maybe

Katy on

She looks really horrible! Her old hair makes her look like a movie star. This just makes her look ugly.

RyanMarie on

As one of her biggest fans, I think she looks great. I think I am going to get some bangs too!

As the mother of one of her biggest fans – she is 15 – let her be a kid and experiment with different styles – to be young, confident and feel beautiful in our own skin- don’t we all wish that for our kids?

marissa on

i think they make her look like a little kid

jen on

at her age i think we all experiment with our hair and i think she looks great

amelie on

i think they are precious

Caitlin on

I love the new color, the dark hair made her look washed out. But I don’t really like the bangs. They’re okay, but she looked better before.

Danz on

Not the best look but I’m just glad she looks like a 15 year old and not part of the cast of Desperate Housewives.

alex on

I think it looks great on her.=]

Leslie on

ewwww they look reallllllyyyy bad :( dark brown looks way better and more natural!

Natasha on

I think it looks weird and she should be more with her family then hanging out on the streets with the cameras all day. I think she is to young for all this.

Giselle on

I hate it, A real show off! She doesn’t deserve to be famous. She has a really ugly smile in this picture of her. DISGUSTING!

Lauren on

hmmm. i like her old hair SOOOOOO much better.
even though it was fake.

Anonymous on

I love her new bangs, Now her hair looks just like mine, I just got bangs today!!!

Brittani on

I love her new look!!! I just got bangs today too. Now her hair looks just like mine…

Danielle on

i like them they are very cute on her

erin on

she looks to old now, like not old old but too old for her age

ashley on

well at least its better then the black hair.
its cute

Vanesa on

I think her hair suits her better. She looks 15 now. She is young she cna pull of any color. Let her be a kid and experiment

Helen on

i think she looks better lyk that than before cos she looked 2 dark and scary it didnt look nice on her at only 15! the dark brown or black hair looks better on a 20 year old rather than her. i saw a pic of her with red hair she does it more than any other celeb in HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

miranda on

she looks soooooooooooo! good keep it Miley Cyrus!

celia on

She looks beautiful no matter what miley does she will alway be beautiful, so deffinately Yes i LOVE them!!!

ALI on

i hate it!! she was already ugly and this looks worse.

Hannah on

I think her bangs look great! That with the red hair make her look her age and make her look more realistic and normal, and no like she is trying to be 20.

Bammi on

i actually luv it!!!!! u people have NO TASTE!

jess on

no its just not her . sorry

lydia on

i think she looks little weird. but cute!

Anynomonus on

The bangs enhance her ugliness. She looked better without them.

lindsay on

they look bad im sorry but she looks like a bad hair day with wind blowing her bangs in her face and its just a mess!

Laura on

She looked gross before. I liked her original hair… and eyebrows. They look awful now. Does she have to change her hair color once a month?

amanda on

yea I agree with Trish She does always dress olderfr her age and this is better for her

sssiiii on

i think she very pretty with her bang.

Kwame on

She might be the American version of Princess Diana!

With Billy Ray Cyrus as her bodyguard!!!

sabel on


Denise on

Don’t like the new color and the bangs are ehh… Makes her look like your typical wal-mart shopper… not that there is anything wrong with that… :S

Linz on

I think they make her look kinda like a dude!!! Have to agree with Jenny…wrong wrong WRONG!

MAM on

Why is miley trying to act/look so grown up? Shes 15, not 25. She should stop wearing loads of make-up, stop dying her naturally pretty hair, and definetly stop acting so grown up!!!!!

I liked it in the beginning of 2007 when she actually acted her age and looked pretty, not fake.

Anonymous on

She looks awesome i like it both ways!!

Elle on

I absolutely do not like the bangs. they make her look like she is a twelve year old or something . i liked her hair her original color and style.

cassie on

miley looks gorgeous with or without the fringe! luv it :)

Kimberly on

I think she looks her age now. Her dark hair always made her look too severe and the bangs help to soften her look.

joanna on

i hate them she should just die her hair brown and have no bangs

sabra on

i think that they are okay but somtimes they can look ugly. i mean its not the best hair cut in the world

amanda on

i think miley looks gorgeous with bangs! she looked pretty with out them too but i think she looks better with them! miley will be pretty no matter how her hair is. she could dye it purple and probably still be pretty!

Ashley on

Hate them! ALOT! go back 2 your old self your better that way! and don’t do anymore pic’s like the ones you did. (you know what ones!) your supposed 2 be a disney channel star and a good role model so be one!

samantha on

i think they look cute i got my bangs cut 3 months ago and now they growing out. I am also 15 like miley and lots of people say they make me look older but i think teens wanna look older.

linsey on

i think she looks adorable :D

Kaylee on

I think if you’re going to go for a fringe, go all the way. Don’t have that wispy nonsense on your forehead. What – are there ten strands of hair total? Make them thick and bold, or else don’t have them at all.

lauren on

i like the bangs. i think she looks more her age and she doesnt look like shes trying too hard

juliette on

mileys bangs……… welll……… there ok. not tooo great but i think i want something kind of like that. but not really. you know???? just a little bang that i can swipe to the side or leave down.

I have no idea on


Shana on

omg i like them ,but she should have gotten them a little bit more fuller

Emmalina on

I think the bangs are pretty cute. I just think they look a little messy though!

sara on

jenny…are you color blind..or can you not read?

anyway, love them.

Haylie on

I think Miley’s new bangs look great on her, they make her look more mature. Im even getting bangs like hers. :)

joejonasluver on

i like her better when her hair wuz darker and for the bangs….. well i guess it’s ok!

lola on

she is beautiful but i don’t like yhis picture

amanda on

she has her hair tied back its not short and it is a good hair cut it is able to be turned into a side fringe and is casual but can be worn in a formal way i love it.

muridiukash on

miley you are bed girl eveybory hehc you

Kate! on

Omg! Luv the jacket

Lady on

She is ridiculous if side fringes were still in she would have a side fringe.

She’s like a sheep.

And I had a full fringe before they were popular and she had a side fringe.

I hate her.

allie on

she shouldn’t be allowed to wear a harajuku shirt!

i hate her.

12345 on

i think ariel and avery are right she is just a teenager with too much money and power so u should just let it go

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