Lindsay Lohan's New Role: Leggings Designer

03/14/2008 at 04:09 PM ET

Turgeon/Rocke/Splash News

As more and more celebrities take on design lines — today alone, it’s Rachel Bilson and Whitney Port! — we have to wonder what what qualifies Hollywood stars (who all have stylists) to be designers. But when we heard that Lindsay Lohan is designing a line of leggings, we knew she had the experience to do it. In fact, Lindsay has made the stretchy pants her her style signature — at one point, she was photographed in leggings for 21 days straight! Her rep confirms that Lindsay is doing the line, but no other details are available at this point. We’ll just have to keep watching Lindsay to see when she debuts the new line on herself. Tell us: Would you wear Lindsay’s leggings?

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Abbey on

i think theyll be good!

megan on


Rebecca on

Lindsay has repeatedly proven leggings are NOT flattering! No thank you.

Carol on

I think they would be GREAT!!
I love leggings and can’t find any in a variety of colors, I sure hope she does well with her designs.

Carol on

I think they would be great! Leggings are hard to find in a variety of colors and I look for them everytime I go shopping! You go girl!!

Anonymous on

Leggings are soooo outdated!! and uncomfortable too.

Lucretia on

The horror! The horror!

Tracey on

Now I understand why she wore those things everywhere. I don’t think they are a good substitue for pants, like she wears them.

Anonymous on

Not a chance…and haven’t they already been “designed”??? What is she going to do – invent a new material or pattern? (yawn)

gretchen on

Not a chance…they are hideous. What is there to design? They have been around forever – what can she do to them – besides make them look more unflattering. Has she seen her thighs? (yawn – she is so over)

gretchen on

I agree with Rebecca – they are hideous. What is she going to design? They have been around forever…(yawn – she is so over)

Debra on

Better to wear leggings than be flashing naked crotches!

Anne on

Even Lindsay should not wear Lindsay’s (or anyone else’s) leggings. She always manages to look low rent, slovenly, tacky, and damned ridiculous all at the same time!

Melissa on

Leggings should be left in the 80’s.

Brianna on

That style is terrible!!

stacey on

How do you design legging? Aren’t they just tight pants?

hello on

I would!! I think that she has got style and flare. Go Lindsay Lohan!!

Laura on

i have nothing against leggings- but let’s be honest they are going to be ridiculously overpriced.

Abby on

it really makes her legs look like tree trunks. i’m always surprised to see her in something besides leggings and realize she doesn’t weigh 200lbs.

rita on

Only if you are a size 2. They’re so out and need to say out!



Wendy on

i would buy them!! i think lindsay has great taste!

melanie on

you have got to be kidding. I thought this was a joke at first. does the world really need designer line of leggings?

chelsea on

i would most definetly wear them, but why would you only design leggings?…..kinda weird dont you think?

Beckie on

Id wear them they look cool with shorts with skirts and long tops and if Lindsay designs em with more style and variety then im sure theyd be a hit !

sophie on

yea they’d forsure be so good like tight in all the right places .. trust me i love leggings and if lindsay wore them 21 days in a row then she does too.. i think her leggings would be great…i hope so!

nana on

I heard she’s lost a lot of money due to her spending habits and not making any back from her movie roles because shes not getting any. maybe this is her last resort.

Stephanie on

I wouldn’t wear the legging’s. Not because Lindsay’s designing them, but because their ugly and tacky looking.

Elizabeth Mossman on

Leggings are FABULOUS~ So happy she is creating a line… that means i can justify them in my wardrobe for another year.

TY on

I love leggings and I think lindsay has an amazing fashion sense so I am psyched:-)

TY on

I think lindsay lohan has an amazing fashion sense and I love leggings, so I can’t wait:-)

Laura on

What’s the matter? She can no longer afford pants? Looks ridiculous.

ag on

absolutely not! leggings are ugly, unflattering, and have a trashy look to them. Lindsey has cheapened herself with her constant over use of that awful clothing item.

Christine on

I cannot possibly imagine anyone wanting to buy leggings…they are not flattering to any body type, let alone someone wanting to buy leggings from someone as dysfunctional and style-oblivious as Lyndsay Lohan!!!

M on

Honestly, how hard is it to design leggings? sounds like something anyone could do

mana on

hi i think they look just like pants so heck yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JC on

Love Lindsay and love leggings. Lindsay rocks the leggings like no other.

Sar on

How exactly does one “design” leggings? The fit is pretty much impossible to screw up. Doesn’t make them any less offensive than Uggs or Crocs, though.

Jessica on

I’d totally wear em

Angela on

What’s there to design? They’re just LEGGINGS.

R on

Leggings are not pants.
Leggings are not pants.
Leggings are not pants.
Leggings are not pants.
Leggings are not pants.
Leggings are not pants.

I’ll say that 21 more times if I have to.

Yvette on

i must have missed why that would be a great idea!

Cindy on

What’s going to be so unique about her leggings that she’s going to need to make a whole line? I mean, what else are you gonna do with leggings, add some sequins and glitter? Yes, that’s a real original idea, Lindsay. Bottom line – I would NOT wear her leggings.

Danniella on

i dont really wear leggings but i think its great that shes doing something with her life (or trying to at least).

megggg on

wht do they like have the crotch burt off?

jenn on

I’m still trying to block out the memory of the FIRST time leggings were popular.

Maybe its not she’s actually designing them. Maybe she’s just trying to clean out her closet after seeing UMPTEEN unflattering pictures of her in what are really nothing more than tight-fitting sweatpants.

Christa on

Not only are leggings the most ridiculous item of clothing, it wouldn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to design them. It doesn’t surprise me that *this* is what she is choosing to design…I’m sure she doesn’t have enough brain cells to come up with something different and original.

charlene on

Lame. Why bother? Leggings are everywhere now from Forever 21, H&M, American Apparel, to Target. What a waste of time and money for whoever is helping to distribute her legging’s.

Aj on

There is only ONE word to describe those leggings. AWFUL! I will never be caught dead in it!! NEVER! What is it? Five cent each foot long farbic? Then she sells it for millions. Doesn’t make any sense. UGH! Madonna wore them better than she would ever!

Jonathan Bodack on

I’m a boy, so, no. If I were a girl, eh,? I don’t think so either, but thanks for the offer Linds!

Jonathan Bodack on


Jen on

Lindsay is probably the only person I’ve seen wearing these horrible things. Why create a whole line of them? They’re awful!

Tracy on

Tell Lindsay that the 80s called – they want their leggings back

Sandra on

Yes i’ll buy and wear them. She’s a fashion icon herself so we shouldnt doubt her ability. She looks good on those. it will be a breakthrough in her career.

manduh on

rock on, grrl<3

samma ramma on

ew .

samma ramma on

never ever ever .

amanda on

NEVER! They belong in the 80s, forever remembered but the same mistake not repeated again!

manduh on

rock on grrl!

she can pull off tights.
but i don’t think ANYONE can pull off Marilyn.
…especially Lohan.

v on


Jennifer on

I like they will be fine

Kyleigh Peterson on

Wow, that’s hilarious! I think that everyone could see this coming! It would be nice if she would lay off the leggings and try something creative in the way of pants or skirts.

Jess on


K on

Absolutely not.

Caitlyn on

I think they will work.

mncthankful on

The picture reminds me way a lot of the 80’s. If it works for her hey…that’s good and if not, well…things happen.

Am praying for ya Lindsay

Sarah on

Aren’t leggings a recipe for camel toe disaster? I always thought leggings were the female equivalent to Zubaz. I can’t wait to see those bad boys come back with a vengeance!

Janelle on

How much ‘designing’ is really required for leggings?

Jen on

it annoys me how all these non-designers are coming out with clothes lines.

let’s leave the designing to the designers.

Jessie on

It’s a wonder why someone would market something as their “signature” style when it’s so unflattering and dated..and not just on her.

Lori on

Why is this news?

christ on

do you people have any sense of style!!! when you wear them the right way leggings are the best most comfortable things ever!

Leeloo on

Agreed: if leggings make me resemble Lindsay Lohan in any way, NO THANK YOU.

She still is, and will always be, a joke to the media. Girl needs to take herself OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT. SERIOUSLY!

karrie on

I’m afraid to ask what more can be done with leggings to merit an entire line?

Leggings belong at the gym, or maybe casually worn around the house or to run down the street and grab a coffee, if you’re a 92 pound dancer on a break between rehearsals, or if you’re an Olsen twin out walking her dog.

Dressed up and worn as an alternative to pants, they flatter no one. Lindsey included.

Lauren on

Lindsay’s continuous appearances in leggings have made me grown tired of what was originally an extremely cute trend. I would absolutely not buy her leggings. She’s just another celebrity who wants to jump on the ‘designer’ train, when she really doesn’t have a reason to. I mean what can she really do with leggings? You can already get them nearly everywhere and in virtually every color. She should just stick to clubbing and leave the ‘designing’ to the professionals.

Krista on

Yes leggings are very trendy right now and not many designers make them. I personally love them with a short dress! So if they are priced reasonable I will buy them,if not Danskin will always be making them.

Teejay Jay on

I thought this was some kind of joke… leggings are not complex at alll. I mean, how can you “design” leggings? Make them different colors? Good job Lindz, that’s innovative!

Krista on

Yes I personaly love leggings with a short dress! And I find that not many designers are making them. If they are priced reasonable I will buy them, otherwise there will always be Danskin.

kari on

Maybe around the house, but not for going out in

Krystina on

Well, I think it’s nice that she is doing something more than just acting and singing, but leggings? Well, I guess it makes sense, they ARE her signature….

BArbara on

No I cannot wear leggings, they are too tight looking. Why cant she design something else that is more flattering for all ages. I am in my 40’s and never in my life did I like leggings.

kring on

Remember when designers studied at Parsons, FIT, learned to sew? Multi-tasking now seems to mean celebrities lend their names to companies who employ ghost workers.

Amy on

No I would never wear them. I think that the business venture will be a flop.

natalie on

i think they look cute

Aileen on


SW on

sorry but tights on anyone are ugly – and on Lindsay they look really bad! i think it’s because she choose bad material and she pairs them with tacky 80’s leather and super minis – her body is not one that i look at and say “yeah tights!”

tiffany on

I will, leggings are flattering and im glad that someone’s trying to put a spin to the oh-so-regular black

woofruff on

Is it 1984 Lindsey? Nobody wants to wear leggings let alone your gross tight pants.

KBayy on

Yes, I would wear them…to bed!

angelina on

yes I will wear them.

adraine on

i am so tired of hearing about lindsey,britney,and paris.let’s hear about beyonce beyonce beyonce.people with real talent.thank you.

Charlie on

OMG! How stupid is the American consumer (specifically the American teenager?
Would someone tell Lindsey that it is okay not to be in the headlines every week? It is okay to have a real life…

Nina on

From watching Lindsay in all of her leggings, I am sure my thighs would look just as unflattering as hers do in them, so no, I would not wear them.

A on

I laughed out loud when I read this! She would be the one to come out with her own line of leggings.

Andreea Sinziana on

NO NO NO!! They’re unflattering and not stylish at all. They should, at most, be worn by 13 year old girls, with skirts over them.

Patty on

Haven’t we had enough of leggings? In my opinion, they shouldn’t be a substitute for pants…and how many different kinds of leggings can a person possibly have?

Maia on

I wouldn’t buy leggings regardless. I’m not a leggings girl. Even if I were, I would not buy any product made, produced or endorsed by Lohan.

Anonymous on

you old hags know nothing about fashion.

JCR on

good idea if it’ll keep her away from alcohol. i don’t like leggings either, but at least they’re fun to look at (or make fun of).

Good luck, Lindsay!

Anonymous on

thank god shes becoming NORMAL again.

Christine on

I don’t think the leggings are attractive, either. Especially the shine. It’s awful. It makes her legs look big and obnoxious. I think a black hipster pant would look much better. Leggings just don’t seem very clean. OK for the house before the late morning shower, or for working out…but oooo yuck for general wear.
I think nice low rise pants and heels would look so much better on her, she has alot of beauty.

AnnieJ on

With those legs? This is the last thing the world of fashion needs.

smith on

why would you want leggings to be your signature style…?!

they might be intresting, but i bet they will be overpriced as well.

no thanks legging are not pants, nor should they be worn with shorts, i will except them with dresses however.

Jan on

I wear leggings with big sweaters sometimes, for a comfy look on a cold blustery day. Keeps all the drafts out. It’s also a very athletic look paired with a sporty fleece hoodie. But very important, is to keep it to dark tones and solids. And nothing shiny! I would definitely avoid doing leggings in light colors or prints, as that may make even a fit person look chunky. Tall and super thin would be the only type to NOT look chunky in print or light leggings, but forget that, because why accentuate sticks?

heather on

what does it take to “design” a line of leggings? they’ve been around since the 80’s. what hasn’t been done already?

curious on

I’m just curious… how do you “design” leggings exactly? Aren’t they all just stretchy, spandex-y material leg coverings that are thicker than tights? Maybe I’m just that fashion-ignorant… good luck to her.

zpjsmom on

I think it’s brilliant from an economic standpoint. Folks in the celebrity spotlight find ways to augment their fame and their wealth through clothing lines, or putting their names on shoes or handbags not to mention a myriad of multi-million dollar endorsements deals. Good for them.

becca on

i think that leggings on lindsay look terrible, but they might look good on other people.

Chris on

Leggins are alot better than leg warmers!!!!

Jailynn on

I would DEFFFFFFFFF. wear her leggings! This girl is one of the best dressers in Hollywood, n i would wear anything she designs! not to mention i live in leggings so i think this will be a great line of clothing for L.L to put out!

Molly on

I love leggings… I’m excited for her line

jodi on

stylists are sayin leggins are out anyway (not that they should have been in) lol

Chantal on

I wore leggings when I was a little girl. That’s where they should stay!

meghan on

Absoutly!!!! I think she always looks cute in them and I also love to wear them!!!

Kathleen Webb on

I love leggings, maybe she will improve them in some way. I’m willing to give her a chance.

Charlotte on

personally i loveee leggings
i new york, they are a signature style
i wear them all the time
if they were not completely ugly, i would deff. wear lindsays leggings =]

Erin on

I might wear them if they look good…but they probably won’t! I just can’t beleive Lindsay Lohan is designing LEGGINGS!!

MLW on

Wow, this is big news . . . Does anybody really care about this?

Maddie on

Only some people can pull them off and you have to have the right things to where with them.

Maddie on

how can you come out with a line of leggings?

Beatrice on

This has got 2 be the funniest thing i’ve heard today….someone please tell me exactly how much talent it takes to “DESIGN” leggings?!! Oh wait…slap Lindsay’s name on them & that’ll make them soooo much different than all the other black leggings that are out there!

Emily on

Leggings rock. If hers are cute I would deffinately by them. I think people who say are unflattering are talking about themselves not the rest of the world. Just cause they look bad on you doesn’t mean they look bad on everyone.

Anonymous on

Good for you Lindsay! Stay out of trouble!! You seem to be doing just wonderful!

marga on

why doesnt lindsey try to work on her acting before she turns her focus to leggings.. loser

sabrina on

to be honest…i hate leggings…but even if i did like them…i wouldn’t buy them just because they have a celebrity name associated with them…

pinkie1127 on

at least someone in hollywood is attempting to cover their va jay jay.

Pacho on

Very unflattering. They look ridiculous on her. Her legs are too fat. It’s not the 80’s!!!

mari on

hi everyone! have a nice day! =)

Angela on

I think leggings can be totally cute. It will be interesting to see what Lohan comes up with.

Anonymous on

why are they her “thing” Leggings have been around forever.

Mary on

who on earth wears leggings.she needs to go to rehab, stop drinking and partying so hard and get her head straight.

person on

I would wear her leggings. THey would be cute, if she really wears them a lot. She has a cute sense of style.

Becca on

would not wear. I find them to not be very flattering in the least and utterly lacking in creativity.

Meghan on

Although I LOVE leggings, I would definitely not wear Lindsay Lohans.

patrick miller on

What is there to design here?

Angie on

All I can say is… “Yuck!”

echospeaks on

this whole attempt at a retro 80’s thing with leggings is absolutely abominable i saw this chick show up about 3 three years ago at the Delano Hotel’s lobby wearing leg warmers and all i could think was “if it didn’t work then, why the heck should it work now?” Leggings? i just don’t get it. i’m a chick, the answer is Nooooo!

Andrea on

Leggings are a thing of the past! Get with the times.

Tina on

There’s a REASON leggings went out of style in the first place! I’m guessing you might have to be sober to remember that though, which might explain why LiLo thinks this will work.

kaley on

I’m hoping this is another episode of Punk’d….

cyndi on

Leggings are NOT pants. They are glorified tights. Lindsay – put some pants on.

kirsten on

what’s “awefull” is that you don’t know how to spell.

Amanda on

Alright. I love leggings and everything but WHY would someone come out with a whole line of leggings? It really doesnt make sense to me.

Anonymous on

What is awful is people who cannot spell AWFUL. I think her new line will be great!!

Ashleigh on

Why would someone make a whole line of just leggings?? It’s so random! If she made other clothing to go with them, maybe I would consider it. But by themselves, NO THANKS!

Ashleigh on

Why would someone make a whole line of just leggings?? It’s so random! If she had other clothing to go with them I would consider it. But by themselves, NO THANKS!

Fode on

Would I wear Lindsay’s leggings? Not unless they’d been fumigated first…

Christine on

I think LiLo is one of the few people still wearing this dying trend. Leggings are horrible, especially how she wears them, in place of pants. I’d definitely never wear her leggings line.

lily on

ummmm megan….
u need so fashion advice….
if you dont like them…
then YOU dont wear them….
but to be jealous…
come on!

Jennifer on

Seriously? Come on, she should forget the leggings and write a self help book or an auto biography. I would be much more interested in that….
Who ever said that was a good idea should be fired.


Leggings look cool depending on what you are wearing it with, and who is wearing them. Always use the mirror when deciding on what would look best on you, from your available choices.

Tiffany on

ABSOLUTELY! I love leggings, being an eternal 80’s girl as I am! I live in leggings and stretchy jeans, so I’ll definitely be looking for them!! I think they’re totally comfy and look great IMPO, so I say GO FOR IT GIRL!

gardner on

i wouldn’t wear anything that lindsay wears.

Nathan on

Lindsay has proved to us on many occasions that leggings are just not the go, not with skirts, dresses, short shorts, or nothing….

But people do tell you to do what you do best…. and she is good at wearing them….

bethelducky on

I would totally wear them. All my friends make fun of me for wearing leggings so much too. I love them and now that I have dark red hair even my mother thinks of me as her little Lilo. they’re so damn cute and comfortable. Rock on.

eb on

this whole lindsey designing leggings, is a total spoof…

marssa on

i hate leggings. they show all your muscle-or lack there of in my case.

Kiki on

At least they cover up the private bits with no chance of slippage. So for her, yes. Keep wearing them, Lindsey. We’ll all move on to current-century fashion choices, thanks.

Lola on

Too bad all the fashion mags are saying that leggings are soooo over!

Shelby on

I’d probably wear them but knowing her they’ll be really expensive!
But she’s cute in leggings and if I can afford them I’ll get a pair.

Tangel101 on

This is one fashion fad that shouldn’t of come back, ever…

Anonymous on

How exactly do you design leggings? They’re pants..that stretch…end of story. They don’t have flattering necklines or short hems or require and serious thought. So whatever, she’s coming out with a line of leggings in different colors or with lacy cuffs (God help us) or little marilyn monroes crocheted in the pattern, but let’s not stroll into the realm of hyperbole. She ain’t no designer.

jameilla on

It won’t be the irst time Lindsays done a cheap and common line,… or had to get herself out of something nasty for that matter.

Anonymous on

I will wear them and they are very nice

Mo Yoon on

I don’t think leggings are very flattering, even on Lindsay. It’s a no.

RSM on

It’s time that we ALL wear leggings. As someone who offers another place to get leggings – – I say, “More power to Lindsay.” The more that people wear leggings as everyday casual wear, the sooner leggings will just be another apparel choice. Get over the fashionista and body image constraints and just wear them. You know you want to, you know they’ll be more comfortable than the constrictive clothes you wear now. Go for it. Enjoy the fit, feel and look of leggings – just wear them. Everyone looks good in leggings and some look great. Choose a well made pair – not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but a high tech fiber that retains its shape. Go for the comfort and support. Leggings that go to the ankle have a greater positive visual aesthetic than capri style that chop the leg. Plus the full length leggings support you from your ankle to your waist and give you an energetic lift. Check out
UnJeans leggings – clothes of the future – and the future just started.

alan mealer on

i definitely would.

swharmifz jitovu on

fyjlvn emiy xjscbh thqmg okdifn ruqasp ufcrq

rudy on

Leggings look just plain tacky and taboo! Plus they can cause blood clots in the legs! (think about that one for a moment!) Plus I hear that congress is getting ready to pass a law that would make wearing leggings (and any other sleazy clothes) against the law to wear in public, too! (Thank god!)

rudy on

And for those people above who said that they like wearing leggings, you’re insane! And for those who want to wear leggings, please reconsider and please don’t wear leggings for the sake of god!

loco73 on

She looks f**king hot!

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