George Clooney's Girlfriend Hits the Runway -- in a Swimsuit!

03/14/2008 at 11:27 AM ET

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Sarah Larson has already made headlines for appearing on George Clooney‘s arm everywhere from premieres to the Oscars red carpet — and now she’s making waves modeling revealing swimsuits on the Ashley Paige runway at L.A. Fashion Week. The former Fear Factor winner strutted her stuff in two sexy one-piece suits like a pro. A rep for Ashley Paige tells PEOPLE, “She was our special guest model, and yes she was booked as a model two days before the show. Of course we knew it would be press-worthy, but more importantly she’s a fan of the label and she was a perfect fit for the show. She was a total delight to work with and she was professional. Just like any other model.” Sadly, Clooney was not present at the show to cheer on his girl, but we’re sure he would echo his Oscar night sentiments. “She looks good, huh?” he told PEOPLE.

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Michele on

Obviously no boob job for her. She should consider one.

Courtney on

Who is this girl? I mean how sad it is to only be known for who you date???

Courtney on

Who is this girl?? How sad to only be known for who you date…

nikki on

Actually the fact that she has not had a boob job is refreshing..

someone is bitter!

Erin on

Life isn’t about having big boobs. I think she looks great! She’s obviously happy with how she looks and kudos to her for that.

Anne on

Good lord! Way to knock being natural and liking what nature gave you. Why can’t people appreciate what they have instead of putting people down for what they consider flaws?

jackie on

what kind of loser are you? She looks beautiful…no boob job needed

Beverly on

Thanks Michele for your wonderful commentary. God forbid someone embrace their own natural beauty! I would rather see someone being who they are then some top-heavy idiot. Your mentality is what is wrong with society!!!

Sara on

I don’t think she needs a boob job, it’s nice to see a natural girl. And she’s beautiful. But, those shoes are hideous. Not her fault, but the designer’s shoe stylist should be fired.

MImi on

I, for one, am glad she is “natural”. I think boob jobs are way overrated and way overdone. She looks fantastic! Those legs are amazing.

Juliet on

Girl go eat something!

jane on

So then you can talk bad about her? People are NEVER satisfied when it comes to a celebrity. Sad Sad.

erin on

she doesn’t need a boob job! she looks great just the way she is.

Pamela on

Um, Michele, you’re quite the materialistic person arent you? She has no boobs, but that doesn’t matter. I would rather be real with no boobs than look like a fake bimbo.

Marcella on

See what dating a celebrity can do for your career?

I on

Seriously, why should she consider that? What’s wrong with just being satisfied with what you’ve got? We don’t all have to look the same, you know.

Ashley on

To Michele: That is ridiculous. She looks perfectly fine without fake boobs. And, she obviuosly does not need them to attract men as she is dating one of the world’s most beautiful men and eligible bachelors. It is a shame that you feel that way.

Alana on

She’s even stupider looking half naked then she does fully clothed. I didn’t think that was possible. And no, I’m not jealous that she’s dating George. I just don’t see why people would think that others would really care about her. George…yes. Sarah Larson, who?

Zoe on

Shame on you, Michele… and BRAVO to Sarah Larson for staying true to her true body. Sarah looks fantastic in her own skin WITHOUT any silcone “enhancements.”

dadamczyk_6486 on

maybe shes actually comfortable with herself the way she is

m on

Why should she get a boob job?? she looks great- you don’t need that fake sh*t to be beautiful..good for her!

Evie on

NOTE: Michele is a retard! Boob job is not necessary, you freak!

Kim v on

Why is she modeling? Who cares that she’s Clooney’s gf? Also, those shoes are horrendous.

CS on

RE: Get a boob job remark – as a woman with large boobs – they are totally overrated. Even though I am slim, I can’t wear a majority of clothing out there without looking a. frumpy or B. slutty. It can be very restrictive. Love your natural body and don’t judge others.

Sheila on

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it! It only reflects poorly on you.

Rae on

Boob jobs may be the hottest thing to some people but not all… she looks great in that bathing suit and highly doubt that if she had double D’s that she would have gotten booked for that show…
and boob jobs don’t always look good on everybody…

Michele:did you get a boob job to make yourself feel better about your image???

nac on

i don’t know, i think george clooney can do better. i wish he was dating someone that at least had a college degree or a real profession.

Susieq on

I wish I looked half as good as she does. She must have something special to have kept George’s attention for so long. He could have pretty much any woman he wanted. The pairing isn’t hurting her career any, is it? :) She’s come a long way from her waitress days! Good for her….

Seriously? on

Alana – “even stupider” ? Stupid is a word used in reference to intelligence, not appearance based upon what one is wearing. Proper grammar on the other hand is often reflective of the intelligence of the person forming the sentence….

jennifer on

I think it says a lot for both George and Sarah!
For him – because he bucks the trend of men only wanting superficial blonde & big boobs..
for her – because she is who she is & that’s how she expects to be accepted

bill on

Thank God for women with real breasts. I knew someone on here was gonna comment on her breast size. I would much rather see small, real breast than some fake oversized water balloons anyday.

claudia on

I think she is a pretty girl, she deosn’t need a boob job, people need to start appreciating natural beauty.

Katie on


Raven on

YAY! How GREAT that she DIDN’T run out to get a boob job?!?!

I am happy that she isn’t falling for the societal pressures of plastic surgery. Otherwise, everyone would be a 34D…how boring!

…and how sad that one should think that getting [buying] breasts via plastic surgery makes you a better person.

Obviously, some haven’t learned that what makes a person special is NOT all about physical appearance and attributes.


Lauren on

I don’t think she needs a boob job, but she needs to add a couple pounds. She’s way too skinny! And it is sad that someone gets these kind of opportunities solely because they’re dating George Clooney. There are too many others out there who have busted their butts for that chance, without dating a celebrity.

Angela on

Wow Courtney and Michele! Jealous much?? She’s beautiful and she does not need a boob job!

Jasmine on

I think she is a stunning lady. And I agree with several posts regarding the “enhancement”…comments like that are what makes girls so insecure! She is gorgeous and doesn’t need fake boobies!!!!

Jill on

I honestly think George Clooney can do better than her.

Cara on

I am still puzzled why George Clooney finds this chick attractive. She is so homely and unattractive, even makeup cant help. Georgie boy has been with some GORGEOUS women…what the hell happened?? was he drunk?

coco on

she looks amazing and i’m so jealous thta she es dating that irresitible clooney.
Im glad that he likes natural looking girls and not fake boob jobs. probably she’s really fun and smart and thats why he’s with her.

her legs are well toned and shaoed and she doesnt look anorexic.

where do i sign up to become a cocktail waitress, LOL!!! how about a hooker (NY goosip???)

it seems that nowadays the rich and famous gorgeous gentleman are fallin for uneducated waitreses!
makes me wonder why did I get a PhD?

Kina on

obviously michelle is about looking plastc, not everyone wants to look like she came out of a MATTEL factory. She looks good and who cares how she got the hook up, she is doing something constructive besides getting drunk and high, which many of us narrowminded people glorify. DO NOT GET ME STARTED!

Kim on

WOW! She looks amazing. It’s not her fault she is famous b/c of who she dates. And not every women is blessed with boobs. I think she looks great!!

c. st. on

she looks young and beautiful…i am 65 now and women should appreciate health and beauty at all ages.

Emma on

I think Sarah is beautiful and seems very down to earth. She and George make a great couple and I wish them all the best. It’s great that she is getting attention for her work. She is a natural beauty and obviously many people recognize that.

ME on

I don’t think she is that pretty. Her face is cute but kind of odd looking. She was known to be a wild, party girl in Vegas. Her body isn’t even that hot & she has a birthmark on her stomach and

Claudia on

I am sorry I do not find her attractive at all and honestly I am not a George Clooney fan either but I agree it is sad that she gets these opportunities while others out there are busting their humps to fulfill their dreams.

Leigh on

Ya’ll I think Michelle just made that comment to get everyone fired up. And she got exactly what she wanted. Let’s just ignore ignorant comments like hers!

Sherri on

I don’t have breasts and I am quite happy without them! My chest is sexy as is. Get real.

RON on


nicole on

michele i don’t think she needs a boob job. She is a rel woman that appreciates her own body.

Cindy on

I think Sarah and George are very lucky to have found each other, Kudo’s for both of them. I hope it lasts.

Kevin on

She’s cute but I don’t like the swimsuit. Maybe something else.
maintainwealth dot blogspot dot com

cm on

wow – people amaze me. Judge much?
Kudos to Sarah for staying natural despite being thrown into the spotlight overnight.
It isn’t her fault George asked her out, and he obviously likes who she is as a person based on the length of the relationship.
And why shouldn’t she take opportunities now open to her? Opportunities most often arise thru networking, and she has a wide open network now. Modeling 2 suits months and months after first making headlines doesn’t seem to be taking advantage of new-found fame.
In everything the media has shown so far she seems genuine, which should speak louder than who her boyfriend is or how she looks.

sandy on

She’d have boobs if she wasn’t so emaciated

Patti on

Definitely no Carmen Elektra here.

Tara on

Although she is flat chested she doesn’t need to get a boob job.
One day she’s a escort call girl flashing her butt and boobs for random men and now she’s a runway model. I wonder how she landed this gig. Being with George clearly has it’s benefits.

A Dude on

Just a guy’s opinion: She’s hot. ‘Nough said.

N on

what the hell kind of runway model has had a boob job or needs one for that matter. do u know what runway is?

carla on

i agree with michelle…this woman needs some boobs…she’s flatter than a 2 x 4
which makes me think…what’s she padding herself with when she’s out with George.

Jennifer on

I am SUPER happy that she DOESN”T have a boob job. She has a GREAT body without one! Obviously some woman think a boob job makes a woman look better-you’ve got it all wrong! At least she is comfortable sporting something so reveiling without a boob job….you go girl!!! Make REAL women proud!!!

Trish on

In my opinion, she’s one lucky girl. She obviously has enough going for her to attract & keep the attention of George Clooney, who many consider one sexy man. She’s pretty & who cares if she doesn’t have a big rack. It is just fat or silicone after all. You go Sara!

Jennifer on

This is why woman can’t get along with eachother. Some women just don’t think before they say anything, and others are so judgemental. Who cares who George Clooney is dating!?! Wouldn’t it be better to say, I hope he is happy and good for him. Just because he is famous, everyone has something cleaver to say. Get off of it. She is beautiful and most of you woman would be so lucky to have someone like him or her for that matter!

sharon on

Its pretty darn clear she’s the REAL deal and George love it!

Cassandra on

Lets not get carried away. Have you seen her hair color!! Her boobs maybe natural, but her hair certainly isn’t. She is too young to have such an unnatural hair color. And who ever invented extensions for white people should be shot!!

Karen on

Michele! Sounds like you need a brain enhancement. Get over yourself. I wouldn’t mind spending time with her myself.

Francine on

A boob job? Why? She is happy with who she is? Obviously you aren’t to be so judgemental!!

Peggy on

Thumbs up to George for yet again he is real and chooses real women who are fake but yet so beautiful.

Lori on

Maybe now, she’ll be able to afford a boob job. Most men don’t tip waitress’s enough in order to afford plastic surgery. I feel it’s the men that are making the woman feel insecure about their own bodies. I don’t see gay women feeling like they need plastic surgery…do you?

luvhmb on

Boobs aside. She’s okay…just average. She would be less than average if she was not dating Clooney. But that bathing suit must go!! Looks like a remnant from a prom dress at Salvation Army!! It does absoluting nada for her figure. What’s with the hairdo? Yikes!!

Embarrassed Reader on

I can’t believe what I have read. First off she is beautiful as is. Second, who are we to say George deserves better?! It’s his life, and we don’t even know the man! Third, she might have been a waitress, but how do we know if she is uneducated! Fourth, if she has to put up with all of these comments and paparrazi photos, why can’t she benefit from who she is dating?! Really, who do we think we are??

Vanessa Horace on

How did she go from being a waitress to walking the runway? Wow. I guess dating George Clooney really does opens doors for you.

luvhmb on

She’s average..would be less than average if not dating Clooney. But c’mon, boobs aside..what’s with the bathing suit? Yikes…looks like a remnant from an old prom dress from the Salvation Army… And puhleeezee…the hairdo has to go….totally a very bad “do”….

R on

I’m a bit more interested in the girl behind her. She has such skinny arms and legs.

jac on

Your right Michele, she would look so much better with 2 big perfectly round melons on her chest! What was she thinking going without a boob job!? Your attitude is what is wrong with society these days!

Cindy on

nac, why does it matter to you who he is dating? And how do you know what type of person she is? You don’t need a college education to make you a great person

luvhmb on

To: Embarrassed Reader: You need to chill….don’t get so emotional. People are entitled to their opinion. We all agree to disagree…Right???

Lorraine on

My husband for one, and many men we know, are not into fake boobs. They like them natural instead, and size does not matter. Only insecure or overly vain women end up with boob jobs.

Lila on

Agree with no need for a “boob” job. She is in proportion and does look elegant. However, maybe she should gain a little weight and just look healthier!

jen on

To hell with who she’s dating and what she looks like. What the hell kind of a bathing suit is that?

melissa on

What is wrong with girls today? Everyone is so judgmental. Not that I care, but I think Sara is so pretty and natural. Not a ton of makeup, just simple and very pretty. And coming from a girl with tiny breasts, I think small breasts are attractive. I can wear anything, I don’t always have to wear a bra, and I love to run, and thankfully, my boobs don’t bounce up and down.

Janell on

I feel sorry for her , who whouldn’t want to have a little boobies and butt. not a feminine looking body at all. poor girl her shoulders look bigger than her hips

Carol on

Natural is best, besides suit could be deceiving. I’m sure the designer would not have booked her if she wasn’t able to do the runway. Enviable girl no? ..catching the eye of a guy like Clooney while slugging beer, getting designer dresses, and being booked to do model work! GO SARAH!! Proof shows you need not be rich nor famous to get these things. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If I was Sarah, I’d be saying “eat your heart out ladies”

Lisa on

I think she looks fantastic! A very refreshing change from all the plastic surgery out there.

And for anyone considering a boob job, think about this–years ago I thought about getting implants. I was taking karate at the time, and I asked the men who were attending the karate school their opinion. Every single one of the guys said NO, do not get a boob job! They preferred natural, even if it was on the small side, to silicone any day.

Plastic surgery is way overrated, and I’m glad I didn’t go through with it.

Janell on

I feel sorry for her

Dorothy on

My guess is her next step will be either creating her own fashion line or making an album :)

Carol on

what is the suit for? who wears these things? the shoes? people in the real world would break a neck wearing those babies!! EE YUCK!

Anonymous on

She looks fabulous…go girl

kim on

Courtney… sounds like jealousy to me that you’re not known at all….lol

Lisa on

Everybody seems to be talking more about Michele then whoever this flat chested woman is in the ugly bathing suit! LOL Let me just say, I once had a chest like that and now that I have implants I am not ashamed to take off my top in front of my man. I am more confident and I look and feel more like a woman and less like a child. They are the perfect size for my body and they do NOT look fake.

lane on

George has lost his eye-sight

Jen on

Enough with the boobs already people, she looks fabulous. Also the hair is part of the show, to the smarty pants that commented that the “do” has to go. She doesn’t get to decide anything when she’s on the runway. Same for the bathing suit. And if anyone saw pictures of fashion shows these days you’d see that most models are stick skinny and small chested, which designers like. I think that models should look healthier though, a lot are WAY too skinny. And I’m a petite girl myself, but heck I like my french fries! I like that Sarah has an athletic build. No wonder she won fear factor.

Marie on

She’s ugly and she does need more boobs, I agree with Michelle. He has dated far more prettier women and no I’m not jealous so don’t even start about that. Just because people post their opinion and don’t go along with everyone else doesn’t mean they are jealous. And what is with you people using the word “kudos?” Are we in junior high or something? It’s so stupid. The words kudos, baby bump, baby daddy and many other words should be banned from the english language.

Heather on

I think she looks pretty. I don’t think most of you know but she did some modeling before she met George. While dating him probably has helped her out a bit, why should it matter? You can’t tell me if any of us “average” people were dating a celeb and an opportunity came up we wouldn’t take it?!?

Anonymous on

I mean she’s modeling.. she’s with George Clooney.. if I were her I’d be laughing at people like Courtney and Michele.. who are YOU is the real question.. she’s gorgeous and doing good obviously yall hatin isnt gonna make a difference

Fan on

She looks lovely. I think that it is refreshing that she is a natural beauty (sans boob job). I would assume that George loves her the way she is, and not only loves her for her looks, but also loves her for her personality.

LunaChiXXX on

I think she looks great, obviusly a lot of people agree. Bet You feel like a dumbass now dont you Michele, its obvious you have poor self esteem.

Terri on

It is kind of sad that she was nothing before until she started dating George Clooney. It is nice that she has had no boob job but I bet within the next few years she will.

R.C. on

This kind of cutting up and criticizing of other women only holds us back and probably turns guys off. She has a skinny model body like everyone out in Hollywood. So what? There are many different ways to be beautiful and many different body types that men like-be proud, don’t cut someone up. From what I’ve seen, men like any woman with any body at all. What’s up with the shoes?

Rachel on

The comment Michele made about the poor girl needing a boob job, was wrong. She is a pretty girl, and who are you to say she needs a boob job. Shame on you!

Rachel on

Marie you are asking the rest of us if we’re in Jr. High? You are acting like a first grader “She’s ugly” you are rude and probably have very low self esteem. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Didn’t your mother teach you that?

lisy on

I was just noticing how lovely it was to see a model looking HEALTHY!!! She has nice color, great tone in her legs and arms and looks to be happy w/her man. U girls with all the negative feedback need to get a life!!! So what if she doesn’t have big boobs???? She looks pretty confident in her appearance….don’t you think?

Joanne on

She is a perfect shape for a model and I think she looks great

dragonfly on

Of course…. if one likes bones and flesh he is very well served!! When will be the day that those so called “fashion” show will show REAL life??? Aren’t we living in the era of “reality shows”???? That would be nice and wonderful to see “real” people with breasts, butt, legs… curves…. not a toothpick!!!

amy on

What is wrong with having tiny boobs?- someone is jealous. i think she is very pretty and would people just stop picking on people who have celeb girl/boyfriends.

Amy on

I think she looks wonderful…and she filled out the pretty frock she wore to the Oscar’s perfectly. Boobs have nothing to do with beauty, Michelle.
Big boobs are a pain. I would LOVE a reduction.
Clothes look much more elegant on smaller-boobed women.

brigitte on

I don’t think she looks very pretty. Killer legs, but her face is rather blahhh

Pam on

Can we talk about the suit? Ew!!! Who would wear that to the beach? NO ONE!!!!

Julez on

I think she looks stunning, except for the shoes. I am happy she’s doing something to improve her life as an individual because it’s easy to forget career progress when dating a man that seems to have everything, and can afford to give anything. In case something should go wrong with her and Clooney, at least she has a back up in progress. I embrace self fulfillment.

Nannette on

I think that she is a very beautiful woman and does not need ANY kind of plastic surgery. The ones who say she does are the ones who probably need it the most. George, don’t encourage her to change anything about herself. She is perfect the way she is! Good Luck in her career. She looks great and no I am not a lesbian. My plane does not fly that way! (ha ha). I wish George could hook me up with one of his friends!

Kristina on

No boobs required when you look like that. Besides, if a woman is sure of herself she won’t feel the need to desecrate herself with two bags of silicone.

lau on

She’s a knockout. I don’t know how anyone can call her homely or ugly. I’d love to see the people that are calling her that. As far as George being able to do better, I bet she could too! Obviously they really like each other. He’s a bit old for her, but that doesn’t matter nowadays. Some of the people that post here obviously live in trailer parks.

Jenny O on

I don’t think she is that pretty. She is average looking. George could do better than this woman.

Barb on

You go girl. you look fantastic. From what I’ve heard about you, you’re the real deal. Congrats



sarah on

Courtney what are you known for?

smith on

she looks good, but to bad she is only known for dating someone famous

elizabeth on

Michelle is probably a MICHAEL!
DUH… what kind of woman would berate another woman for NOT caving to the pressure to be another dresser with the top shelf pulled out?!
IF it Michelle is a woman, oh I mean GIRL, she’s just J-E-A-L-O-U-S and had to find something in this beauty is the only way her ego can cope.

jodi on

glad to see a woman flaunting the girls she was born with & not the ones she bought !! & good for George for keepin it real!!!!

Kyra on

Thunder thighs

Emily on

She looks good, no boob job needed. But I HATE the bathing suit, I wish they would have put her in a better bathing suit.

patrick miller on

Runway models dont do boob-jobs you retards.

S on

If she had large breasts (real or fake) she couldn’t wear this kind of plunging neckline – at least not without looking distasteful and cheap. The same could be said for Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Charlize Theron, and many more women – famous or not. Who are you to decide that she should have cosmetic surgery? Since when does one body type mean beautiful? Women should be cheering each other on, not judging them and pushing them into insecurities about their bodies, eating disorders and unnecessary surgeries. People come in all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties. The sooner more people learn and accept that, the better.

Dee Dee on

Remember ladies she was a Fear Factor Winner before she became George Clooneys girlfriend! and so what if she has no boobs. Don’t hate her ’cause she’s beautiful.

Lina on

I found out that most of the superstars are either ugly or very ordinary looking there is no longer an element of beauty!!!!! its the makeup and the designers that make them look prettier than what they are. Which is very disappointing especially when u see ur fave star without makeup. So they’d better be damn good and talented to be superstars!!

Elissa on

She’s pretty and has the Cindy Crawford look. Why so obsessed with boobs? It’s the natural look so you negative posters need to get use to it. She looks good the way she is and she’s laughing all the way to George’s bank account and we’re here posting these commments. Ha ha!!

Elissa on

She’s pretty and has the Cindy Crawford look. Why so obsessed with her boobs as I read these commments? It’s called the “natural look” so you negative posters need to get use to it. She looks good the way she is and she’s laughing all the way to George’s bank account and we’re here posting these commments.

Sela on

George Clooney is a grown man and knows who is good for him. Like it or not Sarah Larson is that woman.I dont think he gives a crap about what you people think of her.

Ken on

She looks good to me ; )

collinz gurl on

she looks like a man

joe on

it really does suck that you’re only known by who your b/f is. and she does need a boob job. if ou’re gonna go on a runway wearing something like that, there should be something there.

claudia on

she may not have big,ridiclous fake boobs but she has george clooney, that saids a lot.

C on

Boobs equal fat. Skinny girls with butts don’t have big boobs. Get over yourself. She looks great.

cupronickel1 on

It’s great how people of all ages and races can date and marry and have kids and find [Mr. be with me and I’ll change your life]. Then you just leave it and your former boyfriend all behind and become a star or whatever and never have a serious worry again, except for what to wear and what color to paint your nails and tint your hair. Aint’ life great as long as men keep thinking with their you know what!

giddyjen on

Honestly, it seems like a case of being at the right place at the right time — and she would not be modeling on that runway without knowing the right people (AKA George) She will have to prove herself as not just a gold digger because people feel like it was handed to her, not earned through hard work.

Also her story about George looking for her ?? George is not a guy that chases, please . . When he’s on talk show, he’s an extrovert, likes to joke, talk about all kinds of things he’s involved with and politics. Interestingly enough even though he’s been dating Sarah a year, he never talks about her in detail, no stories about her, and every interview he confirms he’s not getting “married”. Is it just me who thinks that is a bit weird?? George is very politically active and intellectual, Sarah hangs onto his arm like a live Barbie doll and never says a word . .

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Lola on

What bother’s me the most is that Sarah Larson has a new label by the media as “Model”…. give me a break… If not for George she would be serving drinks in Las Vegas, perpahs waiting for another old dude to pick her up. Maybe waiting to join the second edition of Fear Factor where she could showcase how to eat something nasty on TV for 50K. I think George is taken as much as possible, enjoying her youth until she can make something of herself, or plain simple he finds the next fresh face to satisfy his needs… Oh, well Sarah Larson, make sure you get that career going before you get the kick out of George’s life.

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