Miley Cyrus Lightens Up! Love It or Hate It?

03/13/2008 at 10:34 AM ET

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We first got to know Miley Cyrus as blonde Hannah Montana and then as her own light brown color as she emerged as a singer in her own right. And a few months ago, she changed it all up and dyed her hair almost jet black! Well, Miley has gone back to her roots with a rich warm brown streaked with caramel highlights. We think the bubbly singer looks great with her newly lightened locks, but we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you like Miley Cyrus’s lighter look? Did you like the black hair better?

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kennedy on

i love this look on miley its so cute and she looks good with any hair color i like that she is staying ture to her natural roots too

Heather on

Love it! She looks so much better.

renaymoore on

I love it theres no need to hate it

Eve on

Love the hair, but I don’t like the eyebrows. They are too light

aubrey on

I think Miley looks great with both of her hair colors, but the color of her hair ^ in that pic is gorgeous! she is prettiful!..I would love to meet n hang with her in person!

Taryn and Nadia on

who cares about natural roots!

her outfit is cute

Allison on

I love her new hair i think its great she went back to her real hair color.

vanessa on

i liked the chestnut brown better. but she is young; she is trying out looks so I say let her have her transitional period, as long as she doesn’t dye her hair pink or something yucky!

Sacha on

She looks good, but did she dye her eyebrows too????


I’m just glad she got rid of those way over the top lenghty hair extensions!

But yea, she looks better going back to her routes.

I would love to see her with bangs!!!!!

Maybe even as a blond!!!!!

B on

I don’t know about the hair but I’m getting really sick of the peace sign. Find something new already! It looks so wannabe.

IDK on

Way to get back to the original. It looks GREAT!!

fashionexpert on

OH MY GOSH she dyed her eyebrows that looks bad

Alanna on

I AM SO GLAD SHE GOT LIGHTER HAIR!!!! the black hair was way too not miley for miley

Samantha on

I think Miley looks amazing no matter what hair color she has. The color looks awesome!
I would like to know where can I get that bag she is holding. It’s very cute! I think it is Marc Jacobs?

Jane on

I liked both hair colors but I like this best. She looks very pretty but her eyebrows are too light.

Meredith on

I love it! It looks so much better than her recent “black”. It brightens her face and makes her look more natural.

kake on

i think she should grow an afro.

Maggie on

I liked her with the darker hair better, but this look is okay too.

yo on

looks the same to me

lindsay on

why the hell is there news about some teenybops hair colour??? NO ONE CARES.

Kayla on

It doesn’t look bad, but she should stick to her natural color.

tina on

who really cares about what color people’s hair is? Its like omg no way she dyed her hair! I personally think she looks ugly no matter what

Amy on

I Hate her and her hair.

Danika on

Miley looks really good with her new hair colour, but why did she dye her eyebrows too?

Tammy on

I don’t think anything could be done to make her look good. There is nothing cute about her.

Not a Fan on

Her hair looks nice (but it would look nice if it was just a little darker), but her eyebrows disgust me. They look red.

Carrie on

She’s adorable no matter what she does! She’s a teen and this is a fun time for her to play with her “look”! God bless her! I hope no one ever asked the whole World to vote on my looks! Can you imagine?!

Jonathan Bodack on

Miley Cyrus’s lighter look was cute, but the black hair is nice, too, so I don’t really have a preference!

Amy on

Omg !!! i love her hair!!! She is so pretty!!! She is beatiful with that color hair! I also liked her hair lighter Too!!!! Im her biggest fan ! But i couldnt go to the concert ! But at least i saw the movie! o yah and peace to u too miley!!! love u!! and also u havent responded to my letter yet ! bye

Liz on

i think this is so much better than the dark….im glad shes going back to being herself

g on

i think that she looks way too old for her age with both of the do’s. she is growing up way to fast and i think that it is her doing and not the media. i think that she thinks that she will get more respect by looking older but i think that she just looks like a loser and something that i can not write cause this is going to the public.

Sheri on

I LOVE Miley in brown hair. she looked like she was growing up to fast when she had the dark brown hair. But now she’s SOO pretty!

Amy on

I love her hair!! its adorable! Im her biggest fan! miley dont change yourself anymore , your already pretty!

jan on

I love the color..she’s very cute and innocent, hope she stays that way and doesn’t pull a Lohan

Hayley on

love ittt!!! she looked horrible with black hair.

rebecca on

i really like miley’s natural hAIR color. i thought the jet black was a little too goth for her. This new color looks like she’s trying to go back to her light brown locks but it just looks like a fake orange wig. The hair itself would be fine but those eyebrows just make her new look fake & not cute.

lindsey on

she is ugly. I hate her hair color.

lindsey on

I hate her hair color. why did she dye her eyebrows?

Lucy28 on

I think she looks a lot better with lighter hair. I mean, the dark color was nice, but i think that it was just to harsh for her face, since she has fair skin. but it looks nice! did she dye her eyebrows too?….

Jeanne on

who cares?!


i like it but i would like to see here have a dark brown color.

Ashlee on

HAte it and please stop making the peace sign in every single picture you are in

amber on

i love it and loved it the old way she is a beautiful girl=D

Kimberly on

I think that Mileys hair is sooo muchbetter now before I think that she looked goth

susan on

She is so stupid. She looks ugly in whatever hair color she has. did i mention SHE CANT SING… take some voice lessons and quick

A Mom on

I think she looks very cute with this color. It suits her. God must have known what He was doing when He gave her this color (then she helped with the caramel highlights). Great choice, Miley!

Debbie on

I like her natural color. My question is “Did she get her teeth done”? For some reason they look different.



Caroline on

I like this look better than the black hair. It is more stylish and less goth than the black hair.

Alyssa on

I like Miley’s hair the way it was before she did anything too it. But this is an improvment from the darker color.

yr cutee (: on

i think miley does look great with her lightt brown hair. she also inspiring. i lovee her (:


I love it.. she looks cute!!!

cici on

i luv the hair

paulina on

she lossks a lot more like her age she is very pretty

haydan on

love it or hate it but what i think is…i love it!

Jennifer on

I like the hair, however the eye brows do not look that great. I know they need to look close to the hair color to look natural but they look orange to me.



Courteney on

I think her hair looks better darker. I really don’t think this color flatters her skin tone.

Nicole on

I liked it better when it was brown. I think she looks too old now.

madaline on

I’m not sure if I like it, her eyebrows seem extremely orange… but it’s much better than what she had before

Mary on

Soooooooooo much better than the goth look! Which was horrible, by the way.

Bekkah on

Great color for spring! LOVE IT! Just beautiful



ryan on

miley’s is soooooooooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenaye on

who cares – I don’t see what the big deal is with her.

Whitney on

She’s cute no matter what, but this look definately better than the really dark stuff!

mackie on

She looks pretty all of the time but i love this hair the best on her

I love miley

HP on

I think the light brown is much more flattering!

kristen on

hate it!!! she looks like a mini Lindsey lohan!!! she needs to dye it back to black!

Kitty on

Yes, she looks much better with the lighter hair. The darker color was too harsh for her, but I also think she makes a very, pretty blonde.

Angie on

I love her hair lightened.It made her look too hard when it was dyed black.Now her real beauty shows, and she’s a very beautiful young lady.

jen on

i like miley wth lighter hair but her eyebrows seem lighter like more orangish and i dont really like that. but its alot cuter than her really dark look she was sporting.

blueberry on

she looks nice

becca on

i like that miley has gone back to her natural hair color. i think she looked too “adultish” for her age when it was darker.

Becca on

She looks like a child again. Excellent! The black made her look too grown up too fast.

Clara on

LUV IT!!!!!It looks really alot better!

alyssa on

Hi i really love the new color i like all of her colors well bye!!!!

bridget on

i like the light hair but i like the dark hair better!

Sissy on

She is so adorable she looks great no matter how she does her hair!!!!!!!!!

kelley on

thank you!!! her hair was WAY to dark and made her look alot older.. this is just right..

Heather on

I liked the extensions,her new hair look is weird, and now I don’t recognize her!! go back to your other hair!! Also I would LOVE to MEET her in PERSON!! that would be awsome!

tamia on

ehhh her eyebrows are orange

nikki on

i liked it darker!! it looked soo much better

Kaya on

I don’t care about looks (Taryn and Nadia) I think it looks fabulous in her new hair! It fits her perfectly!!!

tinacious on

i think she’s way too young to be coloring her hair.

Nicole on

i LOVE the new hair style it just fits her more but she did look good anyway

tinacious on

too young to be dying her hair.

Kate on

Her hair defiantly looks better light. The black was to harsh on her. It looks like she also got the hair extensions out too, thank goodness! She does not need hair extensions! She is pretty the way she is!

anonymous 2 on

Miley looks awesome!!!!! Lovin’ it, lovin’ it!

momma 2 on

lite is better please dont get bangs there so out

Anonymous on

I just got my hair done this EXACT color two days ago, and I LOVE to see she did the same! Mine is light brown with caramel highlights and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

It DOES look like she did the eyebrows though……..strange!

STILL sooo cute!

COn on

okay i love her hair and it looks really cute but miley your not Linday Lohan so really you should stop doing the peace sign….leave it lindsay

Hannah Miley on

Great look, Miley!!!!!

Bailey on

It’s good not horrible.

Isabella on

I love her natural brown hair color, and the caramel highlights makes her skin look better than ever. Miley rocks….

love on

ew, she looks weird and her eyebrows are way too thin. shes like 15 and has dyed her hair 50 times. also boring old peace sign her eyebrows look really bad. but at least she softened up

Anonymous on

My daughter loves Miley Cyrus. We have let her get a few highlights in her hair. This all seem to start right after she had seen Miley Cyrus hair

michelle leigh mammoccio on


Bryanna on

I liked it better black but she is pretty but i agree eyebrows to light


i LOVE it and i LOVE her

JustDezerts on

I love Miley’s hair color to tell you the truth, but I think that she should not dye her hair because she has so many young fans that now want to die their blond and brown and such. For instance, my sis Candice loves Miley and now wants to die her hair brown with caramel streaks just like Miley’s. So she got them done and she thinks she looks like Miley when she doesn’t. It is just dissapointing.

Gracie on

I think Miley looks cute, but the eyebrows are very unusual…it looks a little odd. She is still a really beautiful girl!!! i would love to see her in the current hair trend…Bangs!!!

lauren on

i like the darker hair but i want to see what her hair is like blond just like her other side hannah montana but without the wig


Hannah on

dosent look much different. but i have to say its 10 times better than that horrid dark (almost black) color.

Sylvia on

Ewww! Miley, keep your natural hair colour. . . PLEASE!!

Maria on

Like the hair, hate the eyebrows. She should have left those alone.

laurie on

i like her hair i think the eyebrows were a mistake but i actually dont like miley cyrus at all i dont think she has any talent and the only reason she is where she is, is because of her father make ur comments but thats my opinion and im entitled to it

heather on

if that’s suppose to be her natural hair color, why dye the eyebrows? they look ridiculous.

i think the black hair looked better.

Conti on

The hair looks great, but, the eyebrows are strange. She is young and beautiful and can wear either color. I like the chestnut a little bit better and her natural eyebrows MUCH better. :)

Carrie on

Am I the only one on the planet that thought she looked best with the super dark hair?

K on

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K on

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather on

I really liked her dark brown, i thought it looked really good on her

Maxxieblu on

She looks so much better now. She looks natural and pretty. Before she looked too goth-like. It was a horrible look for her with her pale skin. This look is much more becoming of her.

Mother on

I think the real question is does Miley like it, because that is the only one that matters.

Eeyore on

She looks a lot like Lindsey Lohan to me but I do like it much better than the darker hair.

Hang in there kid! Don’t grow up too fast! Learn from other’s mistakes *insert various names here*.

mimi on

I Love It. It Rocks.

Laura on

She’s 15 years old, come on, she’s too young to be coloring her hair, highlights once in awhile is okay, but the whole color every couple of months is crazy, if she kepts this up all her hair will fall out by the time she’s 30.

kaylee on

i think she should just pick a frigin color. but i do like it.

margie on

she looks so much cuter and younger (her age) with the lighter hair. she needs to keep it this way.

alex on

I HATE IT SHE ACTS LIKE SHE 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marci Rivera on

I love Miley Cyrus. I think that her lighter hair is more atractive for her because she is very beautiful and I enjoy her very much. I thought she looked ugly with her dark hair.

Sam on

Hair looks super cute, I like it much better than the dark color. She’s so pretty!
I just wish she would stop with the peace signs…

allie on

I <3 (luv) this hair color on her! it looks really good! but the eyebrows are too light..

Dawn on

Love the color, but the eyebrows gotta go..!!!!!!!!!

Alexa on

her hair looks 1000 times better than that ugly black. i love the brown and caramel =) but the eyebrows look red…i’m not feeling them

Olivia bundson on

I think it looks good but with all the hair dyeing why can’t she just sedll on one color all the changeing is makeing it seems like she’s the new LINDSY LOHAN if you know what i mean …. you know the red the dyeing it’s so true i mean it just seem’s like that……………………………………………………………………………………

Kristeen on

Miley looks very gorgeous, I love her!! =]

Lauren on

I Love it!!! Totally matches her skin tone.

Shelley on

She looks a lot better lighter!

The dark hair made her look so old. This is a great look for her. I’m glad our children actually have a wholesome role model to look up to these days. Lets hope Hollywood doesnt corrupt her!

Courtney on

LOVE THE NEW LOOK!! She looks like herself with lighter hair!! She looks better with short hair too!!

karen on

I love the color! She looks more her own age now. What is it with these young girls trying to look older?

Krystal Elaine. on

Personaly, I love her hair the light Brown, she looks a little out dated in her Dark stages. Light is right for Miley Cyrus.
~Krystal Elaine

Damaris on

i loved the black on her better but she doesn’t look bad either.

Cati on

It looks great on her and is perfect!

maddie on

i love miley’s hair, but i don’t like it really dark.

Kelly on

I love it! She looks great!

Sherri on

Love it!!! Looks great on her

jklo on

I think that it’s a little weird on her. She needs to keep it one color (& a good one). I actually like the almost jet-black color on her. It made her skin stand out.

Maggie on

Love it! She looks so cute and it looks so much better than before!

Tiffany on

I love this new hair color on her! It makes her look more her age.

Rebecca on

I love it!! She looks so cute!

Monzica on

Miley Cyrus is totally chic. Her hair color never matters because she’s so fabulous. I love Miley Cyrus because she’s so young and accomplished so much. I wish i was her!

Hair is totally fabulous DUH!

kimberly on

i think it looks good lighter!!! when its dark it likes to goth xept the clothes some times

Jen on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Ashley on

I love it, it looks so natural, not too dark for her complexion but it doesn’t wash it out either! Very Nice!

Rachel on

I don’t really like it, I like her better with the blonde and auburn hair with high lights!!

Kelsi on

Tho I am a fan of hers,in this picture her hair looks really dry.
I think she just needs to stop coloring it & let her natural color grow out.

Donna Ward on

Love the color…much better than the nearly black..she is too young and too cute and fair complected to look right in black hair that is not natural.

makayla on

omg i just love you new hair.

Lisa on

Miley, you were beautiful the way you were. The black hair made you look like you were 20+ years old. Don’t go the route of other young stars who do too much too soon. You’ll grow up soon enough. Enjoy your young years. You’ll never get them back again.

Stephanie on

I love it!!

Deanna on

i dont like it!!! darker looks better!

Michelle on

I don’t think it looks so different! She looks fine :)

Brown Chris on

I think she is cute with brown hair but i myself have blonde hair and i dyed it black and everyone h8d it but its blond again so i wanna say to myley U GO GURL!

maca, rose , stefanie on

Rose: Her hair looks GREAT!

Stefanie: I love her hair. I wish I had that look

Maca: Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!

samantha on

RULE NUMBER WHATEVVER : never dye eyebrows :[ they should just remain the same no matter what! it looks more natural that wayyyyy . oh well her hair is cute tho! the dark roots before made her look to pale.

Vivian C. on

not bad, but it really doesnt look like much of a difference now, does it? o.O

emmka on

Eyebrows are too light or matchy matchy looking. My eyes keep getting drawn to the color of her eyebrows instead of her face.

katnipkisses on

Um, the eyebrows are awful, but the haircolor is nice…good for the spring. But the eyebrows…yikes.


love you your so hot


super sexy

nick on

Miley is just a cutie!!!!! But she is prettier with lighter hair.

Olivia on

hate it.
she never looks good no matter what hair color she has.

bonnie on

i dont think it looks that different. she looks like a sweetheart no matter what.

Anonymous on

it is super duper ugly

Madison on

I love Miley’s lighter hair. She looks bright and beautiful. Such a beautiful girl – the very dark hair took away from her bright smile and personality.

Emily on

I would love to see her with bangs, as well.
But as Miley’s biggest fan, I have to say…I love whatever she does with her hair!

love ya miley!

Maci on

So far i have liked her hair at every color!!! I dont care for the eyebrows though!! She is changing her hair a lot lately!!! I hope she decides to stick with this color for a while!!!

kathy on

I agree with Taylor i would love to see her as a blonde, and i realy dont like that color..

Tatiana on

I think her hair color looks good, but her eyebrows are way too thin!

kelley on

I think she looks good with any color hair..She is such a cutie. I hope she keeps the good girl image, because my daughter loves her.

valerie on

This hair color is the best I’ve ever seen. She should keep it.

Anonymous on

like her hair but not the eyebrows

oreo on

she should have keept her hair the same color becase i don’t like it

deb on

does this chick do anything else but flash the peace sign???????? lindsay lohan redux

jennifer on

really it. better than before.<3

naruto on


Kristen on

I think the light brown or caramel looks more better plus it makes her look greater then the black cause she didn’t look good with that black she look pale & sick to me. I am glad that she went back to the light brown or caramel to me. Looks a lot better NOW keep it this way.

MARIE!!! on

like the color, but not the eyebrows

Jeeves on

She should spend some of her $$$$ on some new teeth; quiting the butts would be a good idea too. She has a voice like an old wino.

Ryley on

I love her either way.

eesha on

She 15 yrs old who cares! People change hair colors everuday,so what! Do we really need to comment on people who can do whaytever they want! She looks fine.

jasmine luvs andrew on

omg she looks disasteress
she looks so bad
she should go back to her natural colour
like eww

elle on

Her hair looks great, too bad her face is distroyed.

Diana on

Yeahh her hair is nice…
I kind of liked it dark brown-black. However, this colour makes her look her own age.

frida on

it suxs
i hate miley she is wayyyyy 2 yung 2 dye her hair!!!

Stephanie on

Love it lighter!! I didn’t like her w/black hair at all :)


I think she looks so much better than with the dark hair….made her look too old. The eyebrows need to be darker than the hair though.

hair whatever on

If she could only stop doing those Lohanesque peace signs. Does she wanna become a mini Lohan?

Shari on

She is so cute and such a good role model for our kids…keep up the great work and stay true to yourself…

AKF on

I love it. Much better than previously

Kennedy S. on

I love this hair color on Miley! It fits better with her style and great personality. I would give it a 4 thumbs up, but I only have 2 thumbs! Haha!

Dela on

I personally think that this “almost black” color suited her better . Miley looked cleaner, more sophisticated with darker hair. Now she looks just average.

PJ on

What happened to her father? No say any more. The kid is much too young to have dyed hair anyway. The eye brows are awful! She was so cute naturally. What if she’s bald at 20? Hope we don’t have another Britney!!!

chris on

If it aint broke dont fix it!!!
I preffered her choco-locks and what is up with her eyebrows? I didnt know Sharpies came in orange…..

Reenee on

The hair looks good, but what’s up with the eye brows?!

Quline Morris on

I love her new hair colour; the darker shade was too dramatic for her cute face.

Kailee on

miley looked better with her natural hair



britni on

I love this new look for her, it is nice to see her stay true to her natural roots

Nicole on

Miley looks great no matter what her hair looks like. I like her hair black, and this light brown color!

concerned on

Why do teenagers feel the need to change their appearances, such as coloring their hair instead of embracing their natural beauty?

Lulu on

I love miley…and her hair. it looks very nice on her. miley ur a good girl stay like that. luv ya. <3

katlyn on

i love it it looks great

katlyn on


Abby on

i love it! anycolor looks great on her. she is so pretty

Bella on

what was her old color?

Melissa on

From reading through the first couple of pages of comments, I think I will be in the minority in saying that I preferred her as a blonde (she was blonde before she went with black hair). Normally I’m not a big fan of any young girl altering her hair color, but I thought blonde complemented her skin tone, etc. I really didn’t like the black hair, so this is an improvement.

And after all the hair colors she’s had, who knows what her ‘natural’ color really is?

vanessa on

i think that i looks even uglier than b4…i hate this little girl…she acts like shez so innocent but everyone knows that shes NASTY with a capital n

Angela on

I love her hair color, actually i like her hair any color. I also think she is such a greal role model for children, she’s my daughters favorite singer and i’m glad because at least she wears decent clothes (she’s not half naked) and is a great singer.

Just A Thought on

I like her going back to her roots.

heather on

how can it be her natural hair color when it’s dyed?
and if it is in fact, her “natural” color, why did she dye her eyebrows to match?

more importantly, why is she even famous?

girlie on

she’s a dog either way.

D on

Ehhh– it’s okay. She’s still in her cute stage, so either way she looks nice, but not stunning.


Miley can wear any color. the new lighter is closer to her Natural beauty,-this one fits perfect!!!!YAY FOR MILEY!!!!!

eve on

this little chick is awesome. i love her hair, no need to hate it. any color works for her!

Samantha on

Thank goodness someone had the sense to change that AWFUL black hair back to something softer! She’s a young girl and that obvious black dye made her look hard and cheap…which is something Miley is definitley NOT!!

Patti on

Looks better blonde – sorry!

tiffany on

Love the color, but the eyebrows are a little much…the should look a little more natural. She still looks great!

A on

What i dont understand is why a child is allowed to dye her beautiful/natural hair. Although she looks beautiful, I don’t agree with her constantly changing her locks. Do her parents understand the danger in doing this? I mean later on in her life she will regret it just like my friend has. She is bald and all due to dying her hair. Hopefully she will keep this beautiful color.

amanda on

i like it alot!

Kelly on

Did she dye her eye brows too? It looks like she did and that does not look good. The hair I do like though!

sheena shante on

i love the new look!!!!!!!

edy on

she looks great! I loved her hair before she dyed it black and am happy to see she has gone back to a more natural look. now she looks her age and not so “hard”.

Bret on

Love it lighter – the dark was a bit harsh on her face. However, the matching eyebrows are not so good. Maybe needs to go a bit darker.
Miley is such a cutie though – she could wear a trash bag and still look adorbale!

Julie on

Miley looks great with her natural hair color! she should keep it that color.

Jessica on

Can’t stand it and can’t stand her either. She’s just a rude,spoiled little brat.

kiley on

it is so fab.

LJ on

Blonde is my favorite on her, but brown looks pretty too. I didn’t like the black hair, it didn’t go well with her skin tone.

hailley on

way better than black!!

LJ on

Blonde looked the best on her. I like the brown too though. The black didn’t go well with her skin tone.

numba1mileyfan!!!! on

OMGGGG I LOOOOOVE MILEY!!!! she’s actually the kewlest girl in the universe!!! I wish she would come to Oklahoma and have a concert!!!!! Her hair is absolutly gourg!!!!!!MILEY IF YOU ARE READING THIS

Sarah on

I LOVE her hair as like a darker brown, but I HATE the jet black! The color of her hair right now looks good, but I don’t like the way she’s wearing it.

Candice on

Her hair looks fine but I don’t get all the hype over this girl.

Val on

Trash. Natural is always better, this looks too fake. Eyebrows are scary.

Amy on

I love her hair so much better now. She’s a very cute girl and the dark hair made her look a lot older. I think this is the color I am going to get.

nat on

I like the hair it looks really good with her skin tone.

nat on

I like her new hair color it looks great with her skin tone.

Nic on

eww orange glow brass

Lacey on

i think miley looks good no matter what color her hair is! she is beautiful!!

Mackenzie on

its a good color but what happend to her brows?
i am alarmed.

Clarice on

Miley looks much better and age appropriate with lighter hair. Her dark hair was not a good match for her age and facial features. Whatever stylist suggested the darker hair should be fired. She looked “hard” with dark hair. Enjoy your youth – it will be gone before you know it!!

joe on

she does look better now. her hair looked bad before.

becky on

I love It . it suites way !!!

Becky on

I love this look in Miley :) . it also look amazing on her wen she did the 1st seriez ov Hannah Montana . Sort of a dark blond . She is my idol . i am trying 2 keep up with her hair colours . I am dying my hair like her how she had it on the ‘Hannah Montana’ TV Series ( dark brown , ish ) . Miley is an inspiration to us all . Shes not exactly shaving her head or hitching her skirt up . She’s The – ‘Perfect Role Model’ . But I wish that I could meet her one day . But that will probably never happen . Because I live in England . And that obviously makes it even impossible to go to one of her concerts :( .

Hannah on

I love Miley’s style…
The bold strips and orange jumper really make her look cute. She has good clean style.

EMiLY on

I think it looks a ton better! I hated her as a blackie!

Maichelle on

I think the black hair looked better with her skin, and she needs to get a new coloring stylist, cause I swear it looks like she dyed her eyebrows by herself :0

Megan on

much better!
I like her hair like this!
much cuter too! <3

Miley Debuts New Bangs: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em? : Celebrity Gossip ,Pictures, Celebrity News, on on

[…] Miley Cyrus lightens up her hair to a warm light brown — and now she’s cut bangs! The Hannah Montana star hit the streets of […]

Cooper & Emily on

It makes her look a lot less washed out than her blackish-dark brown color she has now, and it makes her look softer and cuter!


miley cyrus looks gaert with with that hiar coul she looks nince with it you people are cazry too say that miley cyrus she looks fine with it she should keep it


miley curus fine with it she nince i love it i wish my hiar could was that i like it a lot i love it too

joanna on

ewww why did she do that to her eyebrows..but the hair is ok i liked it more when it was darker

Connie on

i think mileys dark hair washes out her face. she needs to add more blush. all you see if her nose and her eyes with her hair that dark

Letty on

I really liked her “almost black” hair. It made her look very bold and older, now she looks like another pop princess by keeping it plain. But thats just my opinion.

Amanda on

when she had black hair she looked goth. I dont like her at all shes spoiled!!!!

Audra on

uh its ok i guess i got a pic with her and i liked her hair more then i love dark hair and blonde it has to be blonde or dark brown to get a good imput from me

Layla on


Barbie on

well i think for some reason
she looks good in all the
color shes had.. but my fav is
the black

mersina on

i actually like her darker hair better, but shes beautiful the way she is in any color.

sarah on

NO WAY, NOT blonde she is a natural brunett, i do like this hair on her, but i loved it BROWN! thats just my opinion though.i love her anyway, she rocks.

sarah on

well i saw one comment that said, “maybe she should go blond” NO WAY! she is a natural brunett, and that is BEAUTIFUL!!! i do like her hair in this pic, but i DONT THINK SHE SHOULD GO BLONDE!!!!!!! but i love her anyway, i love every one of her songs!:)

Laurenn on

I think it looks great, it’s a nice soft color to match her sweet face. I don’t think the black was her color so much, i think she looked like she was trying to grow up fast, and with a lighter color it makes it seem like she’s calming down. I like when stars just go, soft and BAM is pretty nice, but when you just change it, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

Jacqueline on

OMG! Miley Cyrus is supposed to be a role model to young girls. Changing herself for beauty? Does that send a good message to young girls out there? Plus it looks cheap and fake. I used to adore Miley but after all these scandels about her and rumors… she’s just not the person I thought and hoped she was. In one way it’s dissapointing and I just sort of want her gone, she’s fairly new to show biz and if she just got here and is already a paris clone party trouble maker, go back to tennesse or where ever you came from. Did you just come here to party?

Jessica on

I like her normal hair color

I also like her style

I’m also a huge fan of miley cyrus

ashley robertson on

I love miley’s style

I’m a huge fan of hannah montana and miley cyrus I know they are the same people

Jaclyn on

it looks bad but she looks bad in everything

gina on

i love miley hair jet black but i hate the new hair color and her eyebrows

Ben on

Bangs r ok. The black, smoky look….what was she thinking!!!
I think this might B a little 2 red. And what happened 2 her eyebrows!? She looks like a clown, and she should stick 2 acting cus she can’t sing.

Taryn on

she looks better





Schmika on

The reason Miley dyed it a dark color was because she broke up with Nick Jonas cause she was mad and when they were dating he wanted her to get highlights so she did, but then when the broke up she got mad and wanted to rebel against everything he wanted, but then she relized that she still needs to be herself so she got over it and dyed her hair back regular!! That’s what she said in the interview article in Seventeen!! Google it!!! Just put miley admits she dated nick jonas!!

Hannah Montana on

Milye Is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so coollllll.

She Has a good voice.

hannah on

omg i luv it now! she dyed her hair black because she broke up with nick jonas.

Monica on

Am I the only one who liked the black hair? lol Although, I wasn’t too fond of the eyeliner she chose to wear with the black hair, but still. I may be biased though, since I have a love affair with black hair. haha

Raveena on

I hate miley and hannah montana. she is just so annoying. the jonas brothers even said they dont like her on the ellen show. selens gomez and demi lovato are so much better than her.

abbie on

i think miley looks soo much better with her lighter hair it fits her better she just looks so washed out with darker hair.

Bob on

I like Miley’s hair when it is dark becuase it brings out her eye color better. This look looks fine ,but I like the dark better:)

heather on

i hate it and i like it i love the black curly bangs but i also love the chestnut brown and seriously did she dye her brow??????

Ossama on

I truely loves her she is the best girl in the world and i think about her all the time dreaming if we were a couple becouse she is a real girl come out with her real look-this is my point of view as a teenage boy dreaming to date the perfect girl in almost everything-who is miley

lin on

i think whatever miley’s hair she looks great..ah except whne shes doesnt fit her…but the point shes really pretty..

Miley Cyrus Takes Five Inches Off Her Hair « Breaking News | Latest News | Current News on

[…] major cut was in June of 2010 — she has played color chameleon over the years, going super dark (and then light again) in 2008. (She cut bangs that year, […]

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