Would You Wear Mary-Kate's Studded Jacket?

03/05/2008 at 01:00 PM ET


Leather jackets are definitely hot right now, and gold studs are always a great way to add edge to an outfit. But somehow, when we look at Mary-Kate Olsen‘s leather jacket that she wore to the Sonia Rykiel show in Paris, we can’t help but think it’s a little too much. Those studs look like they could be weapons if she moved her arms too quickly! But we know that Mary-Kate always has a quirky style that ends up being quite influential, so we want to know what you think about her look. Tell us: Would you wear Mary-Kate’s studded leather jacket? Do you like the look on her?

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bigwow on

The jacket is hideous and dumb-looking. The sunglasses look like gas stations cheapies (even though I’m sure they cost a small fortune). I love fashion but I don’t see why the Olsen twins are considered SO fashion relevant.

Kim v on

Um, no I would not wear it and no I don’t like it on her. Mary Kate is so pretty but she would look so much better with a natural hair color and none of the hokey fashion props like those crazy sunglasses or this jacket.

kaye on

Awful….just awful!

She looks like she is also taking drugs… ah hmmm did she give some to —– —— that was not prescribed by his doctors? Hmmm just wondering.

The S on

Ha Ha Ha! I can’t control my laughter right now. This is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Wow, people with too much money never sieze to amaze me.

Tamara on

Yikes, no thank you! To me this look is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Days and there are just some trends of the 80s that should stay there!

Dawn on

Ah No !!!!!!!!

CSA on

that’s almost as bad as heidi’s Video was

bonnie wood on

one word -no

heather on

this is a joke, right?

Leslie on

I think the jacket looks like a transformer! No way would I wear that!! It looks like she should turn into a soda machine at any second! Its hideous!

Mary on

I would prefer to wear this jacket as a weapon. Those sleeves look like studded maces. Just swing your arms and take someone out ;)

Stefanie on


What the? on

Maybe she is waiting for Luke Skywalker to beam her up and the jacket is the closest thing she could find so the “others” won’t be jealous of her. Oh, and the glasses are to keep the glare out of her eyes when she is picked up!

Jenna on

Why do we care about these girls? Seriously, I don’t know why. And the jacket is awful.

alison on

sorry, that looks like a transformer outfit.

ALY on

BLAAH!!!! the jacket looks like something she pulled out of space, as do the glasses

Bella on

The studs on the jacket are just a LITTLE big for me, if they were smaller, it would look absolutely chic! Mary-Kate missed the mark by a little…although everyone knows that what she wears always comes around-you’ll be dying for it within the next six months.

mahwah rep on

let me think about that NO you’d think with all that money, she’d actually try to look good. almost as bad as hearing hilary’s running for president.

Anonymous on

LOL …. Ewww!

Rachelle on

I think that this jacket is HIDEOUS!!! I love the fashion world and i don’t think anyone else would want to be caught wearing this jacket. The glasses look like something that you win at a bowling alley once you win soo many tickets! There is nothing pleasant about this look! Why are the Olsen twins considered sooo important to fashion?

WTF on

she must not own a mirror or she must not have anyone at home to tell her the truth….hideous!

Louis on

Who cares about the jacket? This chick needs to go away for good, and for God’s sake, take her sister with her.

holly on

This jacket is awful. You can’t even see her hands. It looks like a big joke. It’s interesting that a designer wasn’t mentioned. I wouldn’t want to claim that thing either.

ms. meg on

she does look like she’s on drugs..sunken in cheeks, glasses that are far-out and don’t match, and a weird/off beat attire. reminds me of my very own high school drug years. i would have worn that jacket a few years ago- but to me its one of many clues that drugs might be present.

Salmon on

Yuck……ugly, ugly, ugly. The twins have no style……they always look like bag ladies!

KLynn on

I’d wear that hideous jacket the same day I walk out of my house wearing those god awful sunglasses. I C K

alix on

She looks like something out of a kid’s show. Seriously, I could see a statue like that appearing in Legoland. It’s not nice at all.

♥ rosie on

Save the Hallowe’en costume for Hallowe’en, Mary-Kate! This outfit is a joke.

jen on

no I HATE this jacket!!!!!!!!

Meaghan Leavitt on

Wow! This jacket is awful! It looks like it was a rejected piece of a space costume from a bad ’80’s sci-fi flick!

Mary on

She looks like a tramp!

Pamela on

She has outdone herself, this is by far the most horrible get up by far…even for her. I am waiting for her arms to become transformers and turn into some sort of machine.

Andy on

Would I wear her jacket?

Not through airport security!

Sarah on

then olsen twins are “suppose” to be considered as trendsetters but i dont understand how someone could wear something that hideous and still get a good review. yes she is very rich and people think she has a quirky style but really she is trying to mix chloe sevigny with kate moss and that is so not possible! i think she is trying to hard to go for this extreme boho fashion icon look thats way beyond her age. she should really start dressing like a 21 year old because people are still mistaking her as dressing like a grandma! but ashley is first of all the much prettier olsen twin with a better sense of style but she too should start dressing age appropriate. for example kiera knightly — she is a year older then the olsens but she has such class on the red carpet and her day looks are still not to young or old for her appearance … way to go kiera. anyways i think mary-kate should lose the ” i haven’t taken a shower, eaten or gone to bed in days” look and maybe wear something thats not drowning you or to extreme boho!

Carla on

This child looks like a dofus!!!! Why is so much fashion credibility given to her and her wee sister? Are we all that desperate for something to read/look at?

karyn on

this is hideous, but then again, mary-kate’s clothes always look hideous.

Web on

The Olsens have alot of monie, butno tste

deddie on

That woman/child scares me because she looks synthetic. She’s a rich little robot who lacks all true humanoid traits, like intelligence, e.g.

toni santiago-ward on


denise on

this is bad- really bad oh my god

Lily on

i have no idea why she’s a fashion icon. i don’t see anybody copying her looks and yet all these magazines are claiming Mary-kate as stylish and influential in the fashion world. yeah right!

catherine on

love the sunglasses. the jacket could be cute if the studs weren’t on the sleeves. i think they look good on the lapels of the jacket, though.

charlene on

my goodness, she looks like she belongs in a transformer movie!

marilyne on

I guess I’m gonna have to say NO. and the glasses look ridiculous too

... on

i saw a pic where ash is wearing the jacket too

Kim on

Shame on the designer!! The leather jacket was very classy before adding all the gold crap. What a dissapointment to see such “tacky” adornments being added, then worn!

shoediva on

If it was just one line on each sleeve, that would be better….but this looks like too much for her…makes it look like popeyes arms….or cyborg….not a good look on someone so petite

Dorothy on

Ugh…give me a bucket!

gossip girl on

NO WAY!!!!!!!!
It looks like she borrowed it.

Sara on

you can’t possibly ask us if WE would ever wear this jacket. Because Mary-Kate has got this exeptionel sense of style that any of us NEVER will have. The jacket would look ridiculous on us, but mary-kate pulls it off. <3

washcomom on

Looks like she’s ready to be a gladiator! BEWARE! you can get Nailed by a backhand! the look is awful.

Anonymous on

That is just bad taste.

Kaitlin on

AHHHHHHHH i feel so stupid.. but i would wear that…but like alone.. with like dark jeans and a plain shirt… no jewelery… it’s freaky and over the top, but i would definitely wear it if everything else was plain.. i really like studs so hahahahaha i’ll bet i’m the first one to say YES

Kate on


Monica G. on

Not unless I was auditioning for “Edward Studdors Hands”!

silia on

obviously you guys don’t have ANY fashion sense she looks cool …but yer they designer went abit to far with the sleeves but the rest rocks.

Karen on

I acutally really love this look on MK. It’s original and it embraces her attitude about life and clothing. To be original and not care what others think about your style is a statement in and of itself.

dana on

Who says this scraggly looking two-some is stylish? No one I have ever heard except magazine hucksters likes their dirty ragged scrap look. Boho chic?!? Get real. Their look and their line is gimmicky and thoughtless. I don’t see why they continue to get so much press. They haven’t done anything noteworthy or interesing in years.

Anita on

Looks bad, very bad. I find myself wondering why such a lovely young woman, would go out of her way to look so tacky.
Some of these stars think they can pull off any look. So sad.

Rachel on

i love this jacket! mary kate has the greatest style ever!

kristin on

i love it!!! you all have NO style

abby on

I love it!

Dafina on

I love the jacket so so much, you guys have no sense of style..so sad…I love the whole rocker look, I dont like MK but the leather jacket is amazing…

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