The Scoop on Miley Cyrus's Glam Grammy Look!

02/12/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

John Shearer/WireImage

You can’t help but notice that Miley Cyrus is turning into quite the fashionista these days. With her newly brunette hair and fabulous flirty dresses, the Hannah Montana star is conquering the red carpet as rapidly as the multiplex. We were so wowed by her Grammy look that we went to her stylist Tara Swennen for the inside scoop. Swennen tells us that her starting point was Miley’s new darker hair. “It’s still sort of a drastic change, especially from the blond Hannah Montana,” she says, “so we’re trying to lighten things up for her major red carpet events.” Hence the white Celine dress — and the mandatory sparkles. “Obviously she really likes sequins — she is still 15!” laughs Swennen. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t be trying more sophisticated looks. Swennen tells PEOPLE that Miley “likes to rock out and try new things,” and that we can expect to see more of an edge in her clothing choices, taking cues from style icons like Ashlee Simpson. “She’s a rock star, and that’s what we’re going to see a lot more of this year.”

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Heather on

Way to much makeup for a 15yr old!

Chloe on

She is 15!! This outfit makes her look 50!!

Sally on

She got some real bad comments from the Fashion Police on E yesterday. looking to grown up.

night on

I agree. Too much makeup for a 15 year old, and her hair is ratty and dirty looking. She is an adorable young girl, but the oufit, hair and makeup make her look awful.

k on

that dress looks like it’s made out of tissue paper like you would put in gift bags.

Caro on

Glam look??? She looks terrible, way too much makeup!! she’s only 15 trying to look 25.

Hilary on

Her extensions are way too long and wig-like and her hair color looks too dark and uniform for her complexion

Stacy on

She looks beautiful. Leave her alone. Aren’t happy unless you’re tearing someone down.

sarah on

I like her outfit, I think it’s pretty age appropriate…. but her makeup is NOT at all. She’s naturally a pretty girl and all that foundation just hides who she is. Way way way too much, no matter how old you are.

Trish on

Heather….Yup, I %150 agree with you. She looks way too much older than her age. She is 15! She should look it no matter where she is especially on the Red Carpet!

Marissa on

She’s gained a lot of weight..

Carly on

Ashlee Simpson is a “style icon”?

Anonymous on

i agree way too much makeup. she doesnt look 15!

kailin on

i tihnk she should start dressing her age. shes ONLY 15..she looks way too old.

hex on

Note to stylists – hairbrushes exist – USE them please!

crystal on

She is way to grown up looking for a 15 yr old. Why cant these kids just look ther age!

Anonymous on

She’s 15, she’s a disney star…not a rock star and since when is Ashlee Simpson a style icon????

Trasur on

waayyy to much make-up. Like they said, she is only 15. Besides I think she looks pretty with less make-up. Great personality, she seems like a lot of fun.

Susan on

I’m sorry, but Ashlee Simpson is a style icon??

TAS on

All of a sudden Hannah Montana has become a 30 year old. She needs to stay 15 as long as she can.

Colbie on

I totally agree with Heather. I love Miley as much as the next tween (I just happen to be 20 yrs young), but her stylist should be fired for making her look like she works the corners.Way to much make-up and too many extensions. Simplicity people learn it, love it, live it.

Anonymous on

i think she looked AWEFUL
shes a cool kid, but to put THAT much make up and THAT many hair extensions…
she looked trashy
shes 15, someone should keep that in mind

Marlie on

Her hair looks really bad. Her extensions LOOK like extensions. The curl is also really weird. I don’t know I liked the dress but the hair just took that away for me.

Eric on

Glam? I think they meant to say Trash Look. I thought i’d be hard to make this cute girl look trashy but Tara Sweenen sure did it. FIRE HER!

Ruby on

EWW…hair is way toooooo dark. and fake.

Lori on

Come on! She is not a rock star!!! Neither is Ashlee Simpson. She’s a 15 year old POP PRINCESS! Bon Jovi, Bono, Prince… They are ROCK STARS!!!

stpats on

I agree, WAY TOO MUCH makeup for a 15 year old girl. Her fan base probably has the average age of eleven. Her stylist should remember that (and her parents should say something too).

D on

Miley Cyrus is not a rock star. Give me a break!?! She has freaky hair and makeup. I’m tired of Disney rock. I fear for the youth of today:(

Anna on

Yes, she doesn’t look like a 15yr old which is not a positive thing. She is cute and sweet, but her look, just like many young girls these days is too provocative. I could see a 25yr old wearing this. She should be wearing something that covers more of her body. Still, she is not nearly as made up and revealing as most teenage celebrities.

Villa on

I agree, the make up is much, much to heavy for her. But the dress is cute:)

Annie on

Honestly, I don’t get what’s so special about this kid. And her outfit/hair/makeup isn’t pretty/glam at all.

Charrah on

Miley is gorgeous, and a great role model. I would much rather my daughter model herself after Miley than some of the other performers currently out there. Miley is great!

Audrie on

i agree with heather she has like 10 pounds of makeup on like come on she is only 15 yrs old but she looks like she is 25

*** on

..and the shoes… for a 15 yr old.. I think she should be wearing flats… thats hollywood I guess

Anonymous on

Its unfortunate that a 15 year old, who is looked up to by many young girls-looks about 30 years old here. This is the wrong message to send; fake hair, fake teeth, pounds of makeup, what happened to the natural look?,dress uptothere, stilettos? this is wrong in so many ways

jliz on

she looks terrible…what an awful message to send to little girls who look up to her. she is the next britney spears waiting to happen. her mother should be ashamed of herself.

Roanna on

Her makeup is there due to the extreme lighting conditions of red carpet and TV. In order for her to even look human, she has to be pretty well made up. Now, if she’s walking around Los Angeles looking like this at a mall, you have a point.

Megan on

that is a very cute dress. she looks great

Abby on

She looks really trashy! As a 13 year old, she is not someone I would look up to. Photo scandals, trashy outfits, how hard is it to behave? The sad thing is people want to be like her, she is not a good role model. She is praised for behaving–Thats sad, everyone should be able to behave themselves. I think these trashy looking outfits show us the real Miley. She looks horrible, she is not 25, she is 15, she needs to act her age. This is not sophisticated, its trashy. She needs to fire her stylist and make-up artist. I don’t know who let her out in this get-up but they need to be fired too.

Leanne on

I love her look! Still young but kinda flirty! It’s very cute and age appropriate…

Laurie on

The new makeup look is not a pretty one for this cute girl! The eye makeup makes her eyes look tiny and puffy; stick to the youthful, natural look of previous appearances, it is SO much more flattering! Cute dress for her.

Wendy on

Ashlee Simpson…a fashion icon?? Have I been missing something or living under a rock that I haven’t noticed that Ms. Simpson is now revered for her fashion forward thinking. Please! I don’t think it will do much for Miley’s persona…singing or dress sense…to be compared or to be following in Ashlee Simpson’s footsteps.

denise on

She’s so cute on the show, not so much here. Her face is way too made up, the hair ages her and her face looks chubby. Clothes are fine, face and make up, thumbs down.

Tee on

The dress was way too short, the shoes didn’t seem to fit her feet, too much fake hair and too much make-up. She’s 15 and there’s a way to dress classy and sophisticated without trying to look like your 25. Every 15 year old wants to look 25 but the stylist could have made her look rocker chic and still her age. Miley next time have your manager get in touch with Gwen Stefani and have her set you up with something from Lamb. If you want to do classy, rocker chic the only true source is Gwen. Tara Sweenen you hit all the wrong notes and everyone in the fashion world said so, so get your act together and remember the age of the person your dressing or move onto another client. We don’t need anymore Lindsay’s or Britney’s or Paris’s in this world.

chamsey on

I can’t believe anyone liked it, it looked very pornstar…….bad stylist.

tina on

As a middle school teacher and mom, I applaud Miley’s style. She’s demur and appropriate for her age. Any one who thinks this is “too much” hasn’t seen the way middle schoolers have come to their 8th grade dance for the last few years. I’m thrilled that Miley is their new style hero and that Brittany and Paris are waning!

Colleen on

Maybe I was an unusual 15 year old, but I hated sequins.

Kelly on

Way too much makeup and ugly hair extensions. She’s only 15, let her look like the happy, healthy teenager she seems to be.

Rebecca on

Miley’s dress is very pretty and appropriate, however she does have a ton of make-up on and that hair looks rather bushy and too long.

Bev on

Yes, she has too much makeup on. The last few dresses she has on are way too short too. Maybe just adding one inch would help. She looks like a hooker with all the makeup & shorter dresses. She looks great natural, with just a little makeup & more hip clothes. Not hooker clothes.

natasha on

She looks glam and gorgeous….as a 17 year old i would definitely wear something like that to the GRAMMYS!!

Stacy on

In response to Heather- There are 15 years old in this world that have children and some starting on their second one. So I dont see why a 15 year old can’t dress up a little on the red carpet and have a little fun, its just make-up!!!

Anonymous on

dont look like at 15 years old to me

Louise on

Her eye make-up doesn’t make her look like a “rock star” but rather a 30 year old! Way over-done!!!

Hallie on

I hope that dark hair is extensions that can be removed because they look awful.

Kerri on

I love the dress but she has way too much eye makeup on. She looks Asian (not that there is anything wrong with being Asian) but she’s not. Very cute girl – She shouldn’t cover it up with so much makeup!!

Sylvia Weston on

I agree she looked too old for her years. She’s a 15 year old girl for heaven’s sake; let her look 15. Isn’t that the problem in Hollywood? Young girls grow up too fast and parents need to take more control than stylists, make-up and hair people. I think her hair looked ratty and unclean. Come on Mom and Dad, take control.

Cassie on

I think she looks absolutly great…take a look around at what todays 15 year olds are wearing…then take another look at her…she looks much more like a 15 year old then most running around….at least she’s not showing her thong above her jeans….quit being jealous and give her props for being beautiful….

ana on

i so agree with stacy. stop tearing her down. shes beautiful both natural and while being glam. if you dont like her outfit/makeup, too bad!

shannom on

i think she is beautifal

i love her so leave her alone

i agree with stacy :)

Pam on

I thought her mom was with her all the time? I wouldn’t let my 15 year old look like that. Especially if she is an influence to young girls.

amanda on

u people NEVER STOP hating!!!!…she looks fine…she does’nt look “waayyy too old”…shes growing up…GET OVER URSELFS

Jennifer on

She’s at the GRAMMYS! Are people forgetting it’s a red carpet event? Like Stacy said, it’s just make up. She’s having fun and playing glam for a day. I’ve seen plenty of candid pictures of her where she looks like any other ordinary 15 year old. Her body is covered and she looks like she’s having fun. The poor girl probably felt pretty awesome about herself that night until she came on this board. Apparently wearing a full face of make-up for one special night makes someone a bad role model.

kasia on

her face looks different than on her show- seems swollen or something. this dress isn’t very pretty, looks a bit tacky, but i guess she wanted to show off her legs which are fabulous

Cindy on

I agree, she is just perfect with that make up on! Let her have some fun! Every girl at her age would love to put on make up everyday and wear all that fabulous clothes everyday, it’s like a dream come true, it’s like a fairytale! So let her play with her hair!
It’s her very special night, so let her again feel like the real rockstar she is!
Everybody at her age would have loved to play with fashion and make up as she does!
So don’t be jealous, and allow her to feel like the very very very celebrity she is! on

I don’t like seeing tons of makeup on children but I’m sure for Miley it is just like “dress up” and it is a fancy event. Sort of like how even young ballerina’s wear makeup to complement the stage

amanda on

jennifer….u could’nt have said it better


Way too much makeup for a little girl! Is it just me or does she remind you guys of Linda Blaire from The Exorcist? I think young starletts try a little to hard to look more grown up. Too much makeup seems trashy to me. I like the au natural look myself.

Aimee on

Ashlee Simpson should be the last person Miley is trying to imulate!

chickadee on

She is absolutely repulsive. Her lack of singing talent, red-neck accent and cheesy clothing make me sad about the current choices of Disney channel.

Sarah on

The extensions are GROSS! she needs to tone it down and look like 15 years old! She is WAYYYY to glammed up. I know it is Hollywood but they are turning her inot someone i dont think she be!!!

Mary on

Kerri, I’m Asian, I would know if someone looked “Asian”, and she most certainly does NOT. Having slightly “slanty” eyes does not an Asian make.

I don’t understand all the negative comments about how Miley is dressing much older for her age, and how she should dress like a 15 year old. Have ANY of you even considered the fact that Miley is NOT your typical 15-year-old? How many 15-year-olds do you know have a hit TV show, or have a sold-out concert tour?

And this is the GRAMMYS. What was everyone else expecting, some lame and boring dress and no makeup? This is a huge event for any person, let alone a 15-year-old girl.

Claudia on

her dress is really pretty, but her face looks fake! She has way to much makeup on, you can’t even see her eyes, and her hair looks fake.

Jenny on

i lovee Miley Cyrus, and I love this look, but i think she just has a little too much makeup for being 15, but i like her anyways!!

Emily on

the dress, shoes, and clutch are adorable
but that hair is just gross and her cheeks looks swollen and her lips look like they got plumped and she doesn’t look 15. i love miley cyrus but not with the new hair color and new style

Tory on

omg she is NOT NOT NOT a rockstar. lenny kravitz is a rockstar NOT miley cyrus
she is a pop princess

june on

I think her makeup and outfit are tolerable. The BIG problem is her face. Why does it look so puffy bloated and scary? She doesnt look like Miley to me. Its like she had surgery/botox done all over her face. Cant u guys notice that???

Katie on

I LOVE MILEY CYRUS… and she looks great. It is a new look, takes time to get used to, but I love it.

Elizabeth on

FIRE the stylist NOW!

Anonymous on


sally on


Jennifer on

First of all, way too much make-up for a 15 year old. The dress is very ugly, in my opinion and it makes Miley look like she is 40’s!

patty on

i think….;miley cyrus is too young to be wearing any of that including that heavy looks ridiculous!i dont hate her thats just wat i think!!!

Jake on

I think ya’ll are jealous… So does my sister…

Lola on

shes 15! she has waaaaaaaaaaayyyy to much make up on!! and that dress is just UGLY..i agree w/ K, it looks like TISSUE PAPER!! and i am jsut so sick of hearing about hannah montana..shes a sellout now..shes everywhere!! its getting really annoying!! and her hair is way to dark for her complexion…the lighter brown looked alot better!

anna on

ok-her extensions look awful and she is wearing like 50 pounds of makeup. fashion police were right when they said she looks like she will be posing for playboy tomorrow

avery on

im so sick of people saying that she looks SOOO grown up and SOOO old! SHE DOESNT!! shes 15 and she looks……15. i think she looks fine but she is pretty and she doesnt need to do those weird faces like shes trying to be all sexy

Ellie on

Miley, What did you do with Hannah Montana and please bring her back…old lady!

mamabear on

“taking cues from style icons like Ashlee Simpson”

HA! Someone needs to reign her in. She’s dressing too provocatively and too maturely for a young girl her age, and I think she could use some more structure in her life to keep her from heading down a bad road that so many young stars take.

anne on

ok guys she does look 15! she is beautiful! the outfit, the makeup, the hairdo and the bag are all age appropiate. the reason she has so much foundation and makeup is because she appears on tv and cameras. It changes everything!So stop saying bad stuff. Miley u look GREAT!! like any 15 year old.

rachel on


taylor on

Love Miley! She is a great role model for young girls. This blog was great and I loved how it portrays her desire to dress cute but not too old!

rilee on

i think she looks great. must we all be so cruel?

Alice on

Miley is a very pretty girl, but pesonally I think her new look is a bit to harsh for her super light skin tone. And Her eye liner makes her eyes swollen or something. She needs to stick with warmer colors including her hair.

fghjyui on

shut up guys.
she’s gorgeous!
Stop trashing her!!

lauren on

that dress is nice and u can never have to much make up and miley can do what eva she wants and no one can tell her what to do she is a young ladie who is makeing something off life so back off and live her to do what she is doing

Rachel Newman on

Okay, ive read 3 pages with 30 comments and basically all of this you people are writing is trash. She’s a person and has feelings like everyone else. Think if you were her and that was your picture and people posted horrible comments about you. Its alot of crap you have to take. Miley chooses to wear it, so be it. And i bet all of you girl have been accused for a little to much makeup to, we all have or not enough or bad style or something. Shes beautiful, smart, inspiring, has good style and isnt the clique hollywood girl. For 15, she has come so far to get to where she is. Even if her dad helped her she had to work, okay. THer is nothing wrong with her. She looks good adn whoever left she looks “50” comment, btw a 50 year old wouldnt wear this. Society really needs to get a hold on how they say things and the way we all perceive celebrities, thinking as most of them to be trashy, shallow and vain, when we dont even know this. For everyone reading this, im only 14 year old.

aby on

I think Miley Cyrus is a great person

T T on

I think people are way to jealous thats why they are making those mean comments. Miley is Miley and that is who she is, if you cant accept that then dont say anything. She is a nice person and can handle what life throws at her. She is a nice person and accept her for who she is. People accept you and me. :)

Maria on

I read on TMZ Miley uses Coonobabe makeup. I went to their site, and wanted to know if anyone knows what lipstick/glosses she buys from them? Thanks…Maria.

Brooke on

Everybody who is sayin way too much make up for a 15 yr old obviously hasnt woken up to tha new world!!!!!!. Miley is 16 now. And she is also a celebrity and she owned that red carpet. Miley came to dress to impress and the make up is beautiful!!! Not too much for a 15 yr old… U ppl need to put the shut to the up. She looks gorgous in this picture and yall just jealous cuz u cant look that hot! So ha!

evy on

let her do her thing , you girls are just jalous

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