J. Lo's Maternity-Wear Philosophy: Glam Gowns, No Sweats!

02/06/2008 at 07:13 PM ET

Anthony Dixon/WENN

With all the stars making the rounds for N.Y.C. Fashion Week, the fashion flock is getting even more jaded than usual. But despite the dazzling gowns at Marchesa, all eyes were definitely on nine-months-pregnant (with twins!) Jennifer Lopez, looking as gorgeous as any of the models in her own silky teal Marchesa dress that highlighted off her growing belly. Sure, she looks fantastic, but how’s pregnancy really treating her? “I’m feeling good,” the almost-due singer tells PEOPLE of her decision to check out the new collection along with husband Marc Anthony. “I haven’t gone out a lot for the past few months”, she admits, “but Marchesa has been incredibly good to me. They are just amazing!” And while most moms-to-be stick to comfort wear, the always-glam Jennifer says sweats are not an option. “People make fun of me because when I do have them over to my house I do have a dress on,” she laughs. “I don’t like the way the sweats look with the extra weight. I like to feel good about myself even at home.” And while the singer won’t be able to wear any of Marchesa’s red carpet confections anytime soon, she does have her eye on a few special looks. But, Lopez admits “Right now the best thing I can do for myself, for my body is to keep resting which is not easy for me. I like keeping busy and it is very hard because if they say ‘be off your feet for four hours a day’, I’m like ‘oh, God!’ It’s hard.” If she looks this good at nine months, we can’t wait to see her back in action!

Take a look back at J. Lo’s maternity style by clicking here!

Reporting by Jeffrey Slonim

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jackie on

I’ve liked her dresses…except this one!! Makes her look frumpy and it’s too wrinkled! And the shoes are not delicate and are pretty bad too.

Halle has set the maternity fashion bar very high! She’s the momma to beat in the fashion dept!!

Erin on

She looks small to be carrying twins. I am an ultrasonographer and I have seen many people who are carrying twins, and they don’t look nearly this small at 9 mnths. I hope everything turns out well for her..

heather on

I can’t believe it looks like she’s earing stilettos..at this stage of pregnancy…….. I hope someone was there to hold her hand while she walked!…

Nikki on

From this angle she doesn’t ever look pregnant! She looks great! I’m very happy for her.

Rachel on

That dress is horrible on her.

And so are the shoes.

Angela on

Wow! She’s nine months pregnant with TWINS?? She looks sooo great!

christian on

I love Jennifer Lopez and i’m so glad for her , she always looks beautiful !

Lynn on

I think Ms. Lopez looks very pretty. I wish her and her husband Mr. Anthony the best of luck with their upcoming delivery, may thier babies be healthy, happy and bring them much joy.

Leigha on

I have a feeling that if she turned to the side she would look WAY bigger. It seems she made sure to not be photographed from the side. All of her pictures are from the front.

nan on

ummmmm the knees, yikes

amanda on

I agree the dress looks horrible as do the shoes….Gwen Stefani as rocked the pregnancy/look fashion the best!!

Kim on

I think J-LO looks gorgeous. Right, she doesn’t even look like she’s having twins. Exsquisite and beautiful.

Samantha on

her face has completely changed! it’s so wide. she doesn’t look like the same person.

D3* on

Wow…J. Lo looks “Soon-to-be Mommy” pretty. But other than that NO…. She doing too much. Especially to be pregnant with twins, she should not have on those stilettos. And yes I can tell like most “mommies to be” there is a boy baby in the oven because her nose spread. She looks uncomfortable though, but she is still a pretty woman. Its going to be amazing to see her bounce back in shape.

Alisha on

I carried my twins to only 31 1/2 weeks and I was bigger than her (I’m 5’6″). Maybe she’s taller and it’s spread out or something but she looks way too small to be “almost due” with twins.

Lisa Huss on

Dress: not flattering. The shoes do absolutely nothing to elongate her legs. She could do waaaaaay better. She actually looks sloppy!

Jon Bodack on

J-Lo looks good for somebody who’s about to have twins! You go girl!

Pengy on

I agree with others–she looks really small to be 9 pregnant with twins!

dartha on

it,s normal for a pregnant woman to put on weight,but in J-LO,S case she has been able to control that despite the fact that she is expecting a set of twins,she is a role model to other pregnant women,she looks perfectly cute in her blue gown and and beautiful shoes,no one should hate on her,i think they are only being jealous of her.

Melanie on

The dress does nothing for her.

Alethia on

Yes she looks great, But she isn’t 9months, if she is those are some very small babies! Most celebs opt to have an ELECTIVE c-section at 8 months to reduce stretch marks, I just hope she’s putting her children before her vanity :)

Nancy on

I can understand wanting to look your best even if your pregnant but there are other alternatives than sweats. A lot of designers make great pregnancy clothes and with the bank account she has she wouldn’t have a problem getting the best. I think the dress makes her look as if she is trying not to look pregnant , she should embrace her pregnant belly and should have worn something more flattering. The shoes are really bad too. She looks uncomfortable.

bclark88 on

I agree with jackie the shoes and dress are pretty bad. But other than this dress Jennifer has looked amazing throughout her pregnancy.

Ranna on

She’s so beautiful.I’m so happy that she has found the man she’s meant to be with and is being blessed with babies.

Kim on

The dress is not very flatering but for those of you who are saying she looks too small (and maybe she is). I can tell you from someone who has had triplets, that looking at her straight on is way different than a belly side profile (and this is much closer to straight on.) I had such a torpedo belly but straight on or from the back I didn’t look nearly as “full” as I was.

Ana on

Jennifer always looks amazing. Amazing is her middle name! Congrats on the twins!

Lydia on

I know it is important to feel good about oneself during pregnancy and I do wish her a beautiful pregnancy and delivery. However, when I saw this picture my heart dropped as I saw those high heels. It is known that high heels throw off the natural alignment of the spine, causing sever discomfort. I just think it is so very sad to choose vanity over the obvious safety and comfort during one’s pregnancy…that is very dangerous. Unbelievable.

Gretchen Weiners on

If she’s 9 mos. pregnant then I highly doubt she’s carrying twins. She’s way too small and twins usually don’t go to full term!

Nicole on

She looks like she’s just wearing a loose dress. She doesn’t look big at all. She doesn’t look 9 months pregnant at all. I had a friend, who was very petite and went into labor at just over 6 months along and she was about the same size. When I get pregnant even with just one baby, I will be happy if I look half as good as she does.

Livvie on

Jennifer looks amazing, especially if it’s twins (I’ve been there), but one thing that irks me is her father trying to say his side of the family has twins. Twins are genetically from the mom’s side, so his side has no bearing on her heredity. If Jen had IVF, there is no shame in that and she should be more honest about it. Cindy Margolis just had an interview in People about this…she said there are many celebs who have done IVF and won’t admit to it, and it shouldn’t be that way.

Stephanie on

Like Erin said…

I don’t think that she’s 9 months… with twins.

Not true for a minute…She probably wants to let us believe that.



Anonymous on

is it just me or does her belly look lumpy, not pregnant??

Michelle on

I too think she looks good, however, she’s a bit small for twins.

Kim on

J Lo is VERY small for carrying twins at 9 months in gestation. I was her size with 1 baby. I have a feeling her babies are small.

Jana on

Ugly dress…ugly shoes….who cares? She is glowing and gorgeous and happy… and I am thrilled for her and Marc!

Sarah ..... on

Ya umm Halle Berry is the number 1 on pregnancy fashion…Jen doesn’t look that good in this dress…the white one she wore was better….

Sarah ..... on

I don’t think she needs to be wearing stilletos at nin months…she needs to take care of herself and those babies…ya she does look kinda small for nine months…Lord help her I like her…she just needs to relax a lil…so she won’t hurt her self

Chantale on

I am happy for her, at this age to have twins. That dress on her looks awful, as i can see she needs lots of exercise to get back in shape. Congratulations J-Lo hope to see you back on screen.

A on


Jillian C Diaz on

EW. THe dress is awful. She looks like she rolled outa bed.

Stephanie on

She looks so amazing. She is even fashionable when pregnant. I wish her the best.

kim on

that dress is horrible and the shoes are worse …..makes her knees look like some knot on a tree!

Reese on

She looked far bigger couple of weeks ago at her baby shower. Has she had the babies and is she trying to fake out the paparazzi?

Annonomus on

How do we know that J-Lo is nine months pregnant? To my knowledge, she has never said when she is due, and neither has her rep or anyone else close to her (her parents, Mark, etc.). Another poster mentioned that she looks small to be nine months pregnant with twins. Perhaps that’s because she’s really eight months pregnant, or even just seven months pregnant.

Dee on

Wow, Rachel. You’re a beyotch!

Tina on

I’ve had two sets of twins and it looks like her babies are going to come out very small perhaps unhealthy.

Tina on

I think it stupid to put yourself at risk by wearing high heels as much as she does when she is out. Also, her fashion for her pregnancy I think has been god awful. I have yet to see her in nice outfit that has complimented her pregnancy and those dresses, my god she has one in every color.


I really DON’T like that dress….. but heres the odd thig, it almost looks like she already gave birth. It’s how you look after the 1st week, espesially after carry twins. She dosn’t look right for a nine month mom to be.

SunSun on

she looks wonderful as usual…i’ll be ecstatic if i look half as good as her when i get that pregnant

emma on

I am sorry, but I have seen Jen looking much much better. This dress is really awful reminding me a hotel uniform. And those shoes!!! They are neither pretty nor comfortable. Hope she won´t slip. She should think more of your babies´safety than her looks this time. Emma

Agnieszka on

She looks awful in this dress. But who cares she has the money and the glam to wear whatever at anytime. However she doesnt look 9 months preggo with twins no way. She needs to eat something.

céline on

I agree, she looks small… I was like that at 6 months pregnant, for one child … but she is beautiful and this dress too

Megan on

She is so tiny! She’ll be another celeb to have a rockin body very soon after the babies are born.

Adrianne on

Erin, I carried healthy twins to 40 weeks and was told “but you’re so small” every step of the way. The way one looks in pregnancy has less to do with how well the babies are doing and more to do with genes.

As far as the fashion part…give the girl some credit. Month 9 of a twin pregnancy is uncomfortable, to say the least! :)

cindy on

she’s pregnant with twins people…stop being so negative, she looks great!

Diva on

That girl should be at home resting…especially if she’s carrying twins.

Jean on

Wow~this is what I looked like at 6 months, and I was only carrying one! I don’t like the idea of heels on a pregnant person, but I guess, fashion has changed. She is a beautiful lady and it shows~best of luck to her!

Aly on

If you are so familiar with twin pregancies, you would know that not all women gain the same weight. I was pregnant with twins and gained less pounds then someone pregnant with just one.
I’m sure Jennifer has the best medical care and her babies are doing great.
I hope you don’t make comments like this one in the office you work, you would get a lot of women worried.

feefee on

I think she looks great…. She doesn’t even look big to be nine months

Carrie on

I agree with Erin. She does not look like she is carrying twins. Wonder if she has a surrogate to carry the babies, and this is just a front?

Nuvia on

Dam! dats a trip!!! 9 months preg. She dont even look like she is 9 months…. 4 real Congrats J.Lo!! You look so cute but not to b messed up i dnt like that dress on u it doesnt look good sorry if im tellin you this but yea nyways…. Good Luck!!! SOON 2 B MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!

Ana on

I hope she is eating not that she is starving herself because of fear of gaining too much weight because she looks really small to be having twins and at nine months are feet are too swollen to be wearing high heel shoes!!!

Cecilia on

I have twins myself and there is no way she is 9 months pregnant with twins, maybe 7-8 months pregnant. Most twins arrive at 37 weeks and if they don’t they induce you.
She looks beautiful as always.

Rachel on

she looks beautiful..hello guys…she’s 9 months pregnant!!!!

Portia on

I think the press must have it wrong — there is NO WAY JLO is 9 months preggers with twins. No way. I’m thinking she may be 6 or 7 mos.

I think the dress and shoes are probably the worst things I’ve ever seen her wear. And what a dumb pose.

Katie on

I think she looks great for almost giving birth and in the last month of pregnancy to pull off ANY dress is pretty amazing. Ugly ir not! Kudos to J Lo and many Congrats on her babies.


She looks good, the color of the dress is nice on her. The angle of the pic is why she looks so small, because if you have seen her in other pictures at different angles she looks big, huge even. I wish her luck and God bless her and her family. Must be tough to walk in those shoes pregnant!

Truth on

There is no way she’s nine months pregnant with twins. 99% of twins aren’t carried to term and we’re suppose to believe that Mrs. Lopez is able to do so in heels. Compare here bump to other celebrities caring only one baby – it’s too small. I’m not buying it . . . .

anon on

I find it hard to believe she’s nine months. She looks too small.

Maurine Atkinson on

I think she looks fabulous!

Amber on

WOW! Nine months pregnant with Twins! I was Bigger than that with my first daughter at nine months…and that was one baby! She usually looks gorgeous but i dont like this dress either, it doesnt hang right…maybe thats why she doesnt look very big. maybe its just the dress…and those shoes are aweful….

lyn on

I am 5’4″ and am Latina so I have the hips and butt – my normal size is 168 lbs and when I was pregnant with my twins (IVF) I gained a total of 25lbs. I ate a ton but didn’t do ANY junkfood and I was all baby – my babies were born at 38 weeks and 2 days. Their weights were 5 lbs 7 oz and 6 lbs 4 oz.

I think she looks wonderful – I don’t agree with the heels but as paparazzi are so fickle if she had worn something more casual they would criticize her for being dumpy frumpy.

I think the dress hides a lot as it’s baggy but I think she’s doing really well. What’s more is that I saw her in Orlando in November and she was about 4-5 months already so she is definitely due any time soon.

Jen on

J Lo looks great and I can’t believe she’s pregnant with twins. Good for her! I can’t wait to see what she names the babies.

beth on

She is pregnant with twins she’s probably all baby though just leave her alone you dont sound happy for her just let her have her babies in peace i am very happy for her and the twins.

jackie on

halle is also not 9 months pregnant. she looks great – better than any of us would look anyways.

Livvie on

Until you’ve been pregnant with twins, you can’t judge. I only gained 35 pounds with my twins (and I am tall and naturally thin, thank God!), who were born 5 1/2 pounds when born at 38 weeks.

That said, I definitely agree with the comments she shouldn’t be wearing those heels…it’s dangerous for the babies and bad for her own back which is bearing the weight of the babies. I lived in flat sandals and flip flops the summer I delivered.

Tina on

Her belly looks very small to be 9 months pregnant with twins. I too hope everything is alright with the babies. And she’s wearing HIGH heels at that stage of her pregnancy. Not good. I wish her the best.

maria on

Ummmmm…people are commenting about how “wide her face is” her knees etc. She’s pregnant and her body is changing. Women should know this. I guess sometimes we would rather hate than just be happy for someone. She looks great!

Valerie on

I think she is should stay away from the camera. She doesn’t seem like a genuine person and is a fake! I hope she ditches the sweet girl act and becomes a good mother.

B.J. on

I am shocked at how critical everyone is of this beautiful woman. Nine mos. pregnant and everyone is griping about this and that. Has anyone out there been pregnant? The last part is the hardest physically. Leave her alone. Go pick on that freak show Britney Spears-who deserves it!

Allison on

I could only hope to look so good being 9 months pregnant with TWINS!!!! She looks amazing-Keep it up J Lo….

Cat on

When I was pregnant with twins, I was told by my doctors to have total bed rest the last 2 months of the pregnancy because multiples are almost always too early at birth. I could barely get out of a chair without help and walking was so uncomfortable. I don’t know how J. Lo does it…in high heels no less! She’d do well by her doctor’s orders by getting off her feet and resting as much as possible!

Pam on

I too am happy for Jennifer. Being a Mother is very rewarding, and I think every Woman who has the desire should try it at least once! But, most readers are correct. Why in the world would she risk hers and her baby/ies life by wearing those very High heels? Is she that insecure with her looks now? She shouldn’t be. She is beautiful. You can be fashionable and pregnant. But really..what’s more important? It’s okay to maybe wear 2″ or 1 1/2″ heels when going out, but to wear those shoes, it doesn’t go well with outfit either. Her body looks twisted, with the angle that she took the picture, her babies are still high, but she still might deliver early. Best of luck, love, and peace to her and her family.

Karen on

Im sorry but I had twins 10 months ago and there was NO WAY I was wearing high heals at nine months pregnant. I couldnt even stand up half the time because of the weight of my babies.
Are we sure shes nine months and having twins??!!??

I do like the dress though, very pretty

Sally on

She’s no Gwen that’s for sure, sorry but she looks sloppy from head to toe.

meghan on

I love the color of the dress and the dress itself and she looks fab .

Myrna on

She is gorgeous, no matter what!!!

cindy on

I had a chance to meet J-lo and Marc backstage their concert. I always liked J-lo but when I met her she was very Rude and so not the jenny from the block. However, Marc is the nicest and most geniune person. I really hope motherhood will teach J-lo kindness.

Jenny on

you all must not have seen her in the other dress she wore while at Fashion Week its a brown one, and in the pic is her and her hubby and she looks HUGE(for all you saying she looks small) trust me you can tell its twins!! this dress hides it really well, i think she looks GREAT for 9 months!

angel on


KES on

god, what a mess. she always looks like she is playing dress up… badly, too. That outfi is not at all cute. UGLY shoes.

Joanne on

I would just like to say that J.LO looks beutiful. You go girl, I have always loved you and am very happy that god has blessed you with pleasure of becoming a mom. I am a Puerto Rican mom and my kids are my world. You do not know what love is until you see your babies. May god bless you and your family!! And for all of those that are haten it’s expected, you can’t take it that she still looks good even pregnant.

victoria on

She finally got pregnant after all these years of trying and now she not only getting one she having 2!!!! Babies I’m soo happy for her cuz now she has everything she’s ever wanted …. An husband and kids Congrats JLO!!

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