Rihanna's New Short 'Do: Love It or Hate It?

01/28/2008 at 06:00 AM ET


Rihanna is earning quite a reputation as a platinum artist — and as a style chameleon! We can barely admire her newest haircut or makeup look before she tries another equally stunning option. No wonder she’s our StyleWatch cover girl this month! The singer debuted another ‘do this weekend at the NRJ awards in France — this time, a short pixie cut with long jagged bangs. We think Rihanna looks amazing no matter what her style is, but we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you love Rihanna’s new short look? Or did you like it more with another style like her trend-setting bob?

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Tara on

Not a huge fan of short hair in general. It looks okay, but there’s really nothing to be done with hair that short. But hey, whatever tickles her fancy. :)

kelli on

Love it…and love Jagged Edge. She’s amazing with the short look!!!

SJL on

I LOVE Rihanna’s new ‘Do! It looks fabulous on her! I wish it didn’t hang in her eyes quite so much, but besides that, it’s great to see a female celebrity who doesn’t look like a carbon copy of every other female celebrity.

Cudo’s to you Rihanna for having the guts to go against the grain, and come out a winner!!!

Theresa on

Love it!

Joana on

I love it, I love the new do on her! It’s Spring-Summer 08 ready.

Helen on

Her hair looks like a combover that the wind blew out of place. My science teacher is balding and sports a combover, when he goes out and the wind blows it out of position it looks just like her Bad haircut.

msrobinz on

Love it, next I think she should go platinum (with her hair)

TC on

Love it!

Kiki on

Love it!!! She can sport any hair cut and still look good!!!

Chrisie on

She is so gorgeous, this just adds to it! She looks great!

Christine on

She looks gorgeous! I love that she is confident enough to wear short hair… I’m so bored of all the celebrities who have long, boring, flat-ironed hair. She’s a breath of fresh air!

sasha on

Rihanna looks amazing. The cut empasises the beauty of her face. She really looks like a doll as claimed by one reporter in the Sunday Times UK. When she had her long hair I thought she was a pretty girl but by cutting her hair short you could see that she is more than pretty. she is a beautiful and stunning young lady. I personally take style cues from her. I love Beyonce but I think Beyonce could do well and take a few style cues from Rihanna the number one being stop allowing her mom to dress her and change the hair!

Back to rihanna: She may not be the best singer or performer in the world but has shown steady improvement since she came out through hard work and dedication. She has won me over with this attitude!

She says she wants to become the black madonna. With her steadily evolving looks and her smart choices in packaging herself she could be well on her way there!

Love Her!

shannique on

I love her hair she is just so beautiful and can do no wrong for me

Alex on

This girl can do no harm! Everything looks great on her!!

Kate on

Seems like Rihanna is one of those rare people who can pull off any look. She looks stunning here, as usual!

Tam on

I think it’s cute. Please provide pics of the back or more pics so I can see if I REALLY like it. :0)

Elle on

I love that she went shorter when a lot of African American stars are adding extensions to achieve length. I looks good on her!

Christina on

I think her new hair looks great! It shows off her face, and really makes her look fresh and young. I liked her longer hair too, but it aged her a bit more. Both are really great, and she seems to be able to pull a lot of different looks off!

Rebecca on

I sort of have mixed feeling about Rihanna’s hair. Everyone in Hollywood was starting to have the same angled bob has Rihanna, but now she has changed her hair again to be different, which is good. But, has for the style? I’m not quite sure.

Sarah on

It’s not something I would wear considering it would look horrible, however, it looks really good on her.

Lynn on

I love this cut on her! She has such a versatile face, that make is easy for her to wear most hair styles! I absolutely love this look on her!

Aks on

I love it!
But I swear that woman gets the same hair due with me.
I got exact the same hair cut about 2 month ago. Before I used to have asymmetric bob- about a year ago, and then she gets that, then I got bob with straight bang- she gets that!
Not that she know who I am or anything…just such a funny coincidence.


i absolutely love it. she is an amazing fashionista. she can get away with alot of things because she’s young

Kim v on

I’m not a huge fan of short hair but Rihanna is so gorgeous, she can really pull it off. I loved her edgy bob but I think the new cut is really flattering and sexy.


LOVE it…

BAP Barbie on

I love it. I think it looks better than the bob!! She looks flawless!!!

Nicci on

I love her with short hair but tell you the truth her hair looks the same as it was just a little shorter.

Milly on

I don’t like short hair..doesn’t look good on me…but this looks great on her…Love it!

Xiomara on

Love it, best look ever! Keep it, Rihanna!

tt on

makes her look old

tt on

it makes her look much older than she is.

Rebecca on

The short pixie cut looks nice on her, but those bangs are irritating.

Glenys on

What is wrong with this girl? She had a perfectly good hair ‘do before. Not that this one doesn’t look fabulous on her as well, she always looks great no matter what, but why does she has to change her hair so much?

Ela on

She’s young and having fun experimenting. It’s cute!

morgan on

hate it..

Jessi on

HATE IT! Short hair is soooo boring! You can’t do a whole lot with it.

Rana on

ii d0nt really liike it i liked the 0th3r 0n3 but she’s still BEAUTIFUL!! ;p

Rana on


Shilah on

I like the cut…it just makes her look WAY older than she really is….maybe around Hallie Berry’s age…..but its still REALLY cute

Tracey on

She’s really cute so I can’t image any cut looking bad on her.

Lisa Bush on

She is such a beautiful girl. If she went bald, she would still be a knockout….just like Halle, Beyonce, and Angelina.

Lynn on

Hate it! Not even a new style in fashion terms, but totally copied from the stick insect that is ‘Posh’ spice. If youre going to copy anyones style, try and pick someone more fashionable than the person who won worst dressed of 2007!

pelon1 on

i love it she can rock anything

Sharese on

I love Rihanna’s new cut. It’s sexy and sophisticated. Very chic!

DeAndrea Wheeler on

It is super sharp. I love it, it makes her forhead not look so huge.

Christine on

Rihanna looks absolutely amazing with this cut! It shows off all her delicate features! She makes a short cut look truly GLAM!

Majic on

She looks older with the new haircut but still very attractive.

BuBBie on

I hate it she looks much older

Anonymous on

Not a fan, only because it makes her look much older. The bob was a lot more funky & suited for her age.

Jenny on

This girl is BLEEPING GORGEOUS!!!! Her style game has definitely picked over the past year and I love it!!! Another hit!

Kitty on

I love the new look. Everything about her screams. FABULOUS!..I love her style. GO Rih Rih. It’s your world baby girl.

Brittany on


Christina on

LOVE IT!! nothing more to say.!

gabby on

I really don’t like it but if she does i guess thats all that matters! Personally i thought she looked a lot prettier with longer light hair but either way she is really pretty and i love her music

beth on

love love love it! i just got my hair cut like her last style- i’m jealous!

Kristen H. on

This hair do is a breathe of fresh air for celebrities period! Everyone thinks its got to be long all the time. Rhianna sent a S.O.S for a removal of the extensions!

Dee on

i love Rihanna’s new ‘do. she’s definately a trendsetter cuz I can see young women flockin to their hairstylists with this pic becuz it’s HOT!!

zn on

Posh had the same haircut last year.I think she looks like a boy.

mandy on

dont like her
dont like her music
now i dont like her hair

jen on

I like it but i liked it better a little longer!

jen on

I like it but i liked it better a little longer! but it looks good short tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whendy on

she can do anything and still look gorgeous, i love it, she’s daring not boring!

jackie on

she looks amazing! for the comments on not being able to do much with short hair…you’re not supposed to!! I doubt she envies girls who can tie their hair into sloppy ponytails or buns! this look actually stands out and is edgy!

Michelle on

Rihanna is gorgeous;I can’t imagine any hair style that would not look good on her!

Ewa on

Love it!

Susan on

I love this look. I think Rhianna always has the most gorgeous hair. She is so chic and on the cutting edge (excuse the pun) of style. I think she looks fantastic.

Margo on

She is adorable and her hair is too..suits her perfectly.

Julie on

Love it!!! I wish that her bangs weren’t so long/in her face. I love how her hair is so different compared to the other celebs.

paula campbell on

This is a really cute haircut, that must be done by a professional, it suits her well

shilpa on

i like it/ hate it

Spike on

I cannot believe this style is the work of a professional hairdresser. I teach kindergarten and ocassionally one of the 5 year olds will cut their own bangs, the end result looks like Rihanna. Whoever gave her this reverse mullet has a good sense of humuor. She might want to get a hat until it grows out though.

Susan on

Her hair is so short she is nearly bald. What is good about short hair, nothing. You can’t style it, no up do’s, no braids, no buns. Just a mess a little ends that are good for nothing. Virtually all guys like long hair, just look at any calendar or mechanics tool box. Short butch styles are not where it’s at.

Socialite Dreams on

she looks great! a pop version of linda evangelista with all of her hair changes


Kay Black on

Love it!!! HOT!!!! She is gorgeous.

Joyce on

I think the cut looks good on her. It’s nice to see a black woman that doesn’t feel like she needs to have long hair to look beautiful. Hopefully one day I’ll be that brave.

sara on

she looks emo….

Paige on

Personally, I think she should of stuck with the angled bob.

pink star on

shes beautiful, no matter what. i love her hair longer or shorter, but i love her unique style for sure!!

LaSandra on

I think this look is really sexy on her!!!! She’s a true ROCK STAR!!!!!

K-Bell on

I’m sorry but she looks old with this haircut :P
I loved her hair when it was long and brown :)

Natalie on

i love the short due she has the right face structure

katelyn on

i HATE it

katelyn on

worst hair cut ever

Jessica on

She looks Awesome!!! She is sooo cute, she can pull off anything! I am a Hair stylist and can say, not too many people can pull that style off….And she totally ROCKS it!!!!

sara on

yeah, i definately love it ,it suit her well i think i might do that. even if i know i’ll never look like her

Tamara on

Rhianna has a nice look a times but she looks so weird at times she looks like a drama queen.she needs to tone down a bit on the makeup

Melissa on

LOVE IT!! Rihanna’s style is so fab! The girl always looks hot! Never boring.

jan on

Love her new cut!! As always, she is right on target!!

Lon on

I love Rhianna’s new do. She reminds me when Naomi came out with the bangs looking equally as fabulous. Now other models are even sporting the look.

marks on

i really dnt like it. i liked her hair better wen it was long n even wen she cut it in the bob

RoRiLivv on

Love it!! she looks great and younger (with this hairstyle compared to some of these others) she looks even more gorgeous, she wears it well indeed, she’s is really amazing…i agree, a great chameleon she is, no one but lil’miss sunshine ;) Wishing her a Happy Belated 20th Birthday and a continous great life continuing on the straight road.

Bethany on

I love Rihanna’s new do. This isn’t a great picture of it, but it is really just awesome, and I love it. Hopefully, she won’t change it for a while, because it’s great:)

Bethany on

Love it, period.

Jen on

Hate her hair! I know artists like to reinvent themselves to get attention but she was popular anyway when she had long hair! i absolutely loved her hair when it was long now shes completely ruined it. The darkness of it looks so unnatural.:(

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