Miley Cyrus Sounds off on Her Style, Shoes and Splurges!

01/18/2008 at 10:45 AM ET

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

As if selling out tours and releasing a 3-D movie isn’t enought, Miley Cyrus has to also been quickly attaining style icon status — and not just for her legions of screaming fans. The star turned up to the premiere of Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds in a totally chic Alberta Ferretti dress and described her style to PEOPLE as “rock, glamour, Hollywood. I think that’s kind of what I like.” While she admits to loving J Brand jeans, her big obsession is Christian Louboutin shoes. “For the AMAs, I had Christian Louboutin shoes, which I love. I love their sparkles.” But they don’t exactly pass muster with mom and dad. “I could never put my credit card down and be like, ‘Alright I’m going to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes’, like no way.” But luckily, she’s been able to pick up a few luxe items while on the road like her Prada purse, purchased in London. Miley told PEOPLE, “It was in London and I was like, ‘I don’t think I’ll get it,’ and then five minutes later I was like, ‘Oh, who am I kidding? I’m just buying it!’ ” But maybe Miley’s too good a friend to keep splurging — she doesn’t even have her Prada bag anymore because “I let like so many people borrow it that I have no idea where it is!” We bet there’s more where that came from for this emerging fashionista!

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liz on


mariposafeliz on

i love Miley Cyrus… she seems like a really happy and down to earth girl- while still letting herself have some luxuries we all would die for!!!

CM on

Bit too much cleavage showing for her age….

Stephanie on

She should first spend money fixing her teeth and then on purses.

Francesca on

Right on Stephanie – her teeth are horrendous!

But I’m sure mommy and daddy don’t want her to lose sight of what REALLY matters . . . like Prada handbags.

stacy on

Staphanie did you not notice that she DID get them fixed?

Anonymous on

she is a teenager…most don’t have perfect teeth at that age. give me a break she is a kid. stop saying mean things about her. she needs to have investments made before she splurges on such expensive items.

CJ on

Goodness, do all of us really care about style and wants from a 15 year old? She is dressing way too old for her age anyway. Is this suppose to hit your target demographic? I mean really!

Steph on

If you look close you’l see that she did get her teeth fixed. Looks like she got some nice veneers.

Sarah on

If you listen to her talk, it sounds like she’s already wearing some kind of retainer to fix her teeth.

I think that she’s a pretty decent role model for the tween set.

mmp on

Miley needs to get over herself and learn how to speak without using phrases “I”m like” “be like” or just plain stop using the word “like”. Maybe she could spend some of her money to give away tickets to her shows to kids who can’t afford the $500 per ticket price.

SharonLea on

Give the GIRL a break, she is only 15 and living life how she is supposed to be doing it!! I see the only thing in life you “NEGETIVE” girls/women can find to do is make ugly comments about a girl who is making millions. GET A LIFE!!

linda on

Her teeth aren’t that bad, she looks normal not like the rest of Hollywood with their bright white fake smile. I’d like to have her life even the teeth.

emily on

I’m 16 and I’m personally not a fan of Miley…I do however, love that dress! At least she’s starting to have some sense of style.

meredith on

i saw her show.
she’s amazing.
stop the miley haters.
what has she ever done to you?

Anonymous on

I think Miley is a great role model, especially when you compare her with her peers. Have you ever read her interviews? She’s really grounded and has a good head on her shoulders. Her family is supportive and loving, and keeps her on the straight and narrow. So what if she bought a Prada bag!?! Is it any different than any other teenage girl buying something to splurge on? No, most girls her age can’t afford soemthing like that but then again, most girls her age don’t have her income. It’s all relative. You should all put your claws back and give her a break. She’s not in rehab, she’s not pregnant, nude pics of her aren’t showing up anywhere, and for goodness sakes, she even quotes the Bible!!

Marissa on

She’s young. And is a good role model. And were your teeth PERFECT when you were 15?? Stop criticizing every little thing. She has a very successful career going on right now and I’m sure buying ONE prada bag isn’t that big of a deal. She’s not like the rest of young hollywood seen out shopping every single day! And her tickets are not 500 bucks a pop. That would be the low-life ticket scalpers giving you those prices…

smith on

she needs to look her age and not older than me, she looks good but i dont like seeing kids acting and looking older than they are

Lucky on

I really like her sense of style-not much else- but she’s only fifteen for God’s sake! She dresses far too old for only being fifteen..

Marissa on

Those that have posted insults about Miley’s teeth should be ashamed of yourselves! She’s a kid people, I mean talk about jelous! She’s beautiful and a total sweetheart. I think she’s made enough money to treat herself to a Prada purse, just because you all would have to sale your cars to afford one does not mean you have the right to bash her!!

sherry on


Jen on

I like Miley. I would much rather my daughter, 12, look up to someone like her than Paris or Lindsay or Britney!!!! I think she is much more ‘grounded’ than most stars her age.
She’s a kid and still needs to find herself. I guarantee you that if my daughter could dress the way Miley dresses, she would!!! I think it’s cute, but not for every day. She dresses like any normal teenager when she’s not “working”.
I think the kid has a lot going for her!! JMO

carolyn on

If I am going to take the time to comment on stars, I am at least going to say something positive. She looks great and has a fresh style. I think she brings a different character to Hollywood – someone real, outgoing, and confidently goofy. :)

Anonymous on

Dont be hatin on a 15 year old Geez are you jelious or what! Poser hummmm no what a judgementle person you are!

Andrea on

You guys need to get a life and realize she is making more than you ever will, she has never been caught drinking or doing drugs. She is a great romodel and you all are just looking for the worst out of her! That is seriously ridiculous and I feel sorry for yal! So what is if she has a little cleavage when you were 15 you wanted clevage to so stop dissing on her for no reason and get a life!!!

Anonymous on

She is a teenager who is doing what she loves, the negativity that pulsates throughout comments on sites like this is sad. Petty, negative people will always find something ugly to say about someone else; people please “Get a Life” and maybe you too can be successful at doing something you love.

Hannah on

how could you afford to lose a prada bag!!!

ShelbyLynn on

Ok…. I am really sick and tired of reading all the comments on these sites and seeing all the bashing that goes on. This is just a girl, like comeon. She has her head on straight, her parents are always with her and i have seen several interviews with her and her dad and he is not going to let crap get involved in her life. I am a longtime fan of his as well and he is too down to earth and focused to see her fall. When people go off about things like teeth and purchases these kids make it is a joke, don’t tell me if you had there money you wouldn’t have the same. Every hater needds to back off, the comments reflect you not them. You are the ones that look bad saying it so why bother. Oh ya attention! Thats all haters ever want, Get Over yourselfs and stop picking on Kids.

Hannah on

how can you afford to lose a prada bag!!

Natalie on

My God people give this girl a break!! She is 15 years old! Let her be a kid,so what if she likes to buy purses and shoes,what girl doesn’t! She works really hard for her money and if she wants to splurge a little let her. And making comments about her teeth, come on how low are you people! I am thankful that there are some wholesome role models like her for young girls.

Nana on

You ppl are the worst. Stop criticizing..this is why all these teen stars become anorexic and insane..because of ppl like you!! Be proud that shes is doing great for herself instead of hating all the time damn time!

curious shopper on

where did she get her dress???

weezie on

I agree, I think she is a really good roll model for young girls. I mean it’s not like she is pregnant at 16! My two girls love her and they don’t have any concern with what she wears to premiers.

cate on

It’s a cute outfit, but I think it should be worn by somebody with a little more body fat or muscles. I don’t particularly like the “skinny” look

Misty on

I do know that I would never allow my 15 year old daughter to go anywhere looking like that. Yes, the dress is beautiful but not for a 15 year old. She is a very talented artist and has a great career ahead of her. Lets all just hope she doesnt turn out like another Brittany.

Renee on

Miley is a beautiful 15 year old girl. I see nothing wrong with her. No drugs, no driking, no being pregnant, just to name a few. Having a daughter the same age, I know that having a couple of name brand things for them makes them feel good. There are worse things for Miley to do other than buy a Prada bag, just read around. Praise to her parents.

MLE on

she is way too young to be wearing something like that. even though girls today don’t really cover up, i just don’t think she should have picked this choice. this makes her look a lot older then she is. I thought she’d be a better role model.

maggie on

She really does have a FANTASTIC voice…

Eileen on

She has gotten her teeth fixed.I agree; she is a great role model for the tween set. The TV show is just as corny as some of the crap we used to watch as kids. (For all of you children of the ’80’s. Dukes of Hazzard…need I say anymore?)Keep it up Miley!! Stay the way you are!!!

Kiki on

Hey you all I think she is a good role model for preteens and young teenagers. I like watching her show and she seems like a girl who has a good head on her shoulders. Seriously don’t get mad about what she is wearing when some of your kids are wearing the same thing.

Lola on

Can you all stop talking about her teeth? i mean, who cares!!??

cd on

We don’t know if she had made wise investments or not, assuming though with her dad being in the biz, she has. When I saw that age I would have loved to splurged on something like that. I do agree that she does need to dress her own age, she has years ahead to dress like that. PS, it should be her parents responsibility to fix her teeth.

Trisha on

Hopefully she hits her peak and gets out of the business. Takes her money or her parents take her money and invest. She set 4 life.

astoreri on

She looks good, but does she look like she is 15? No, she looks much older. For a 15 year old girl that dress is too short and low cut, the heels are way to high and she is wearing too much makeup.

M on

What’s wrong with you people??? DO you have to down talk a person because you feel so little about yourself. Leave her teeth alone…Leave what she is wearing alone and the purse she is carrying.

♥ rosie on

Not a fan of Miley.

Maria on

Im sorry but Miley Cyrus looks way to ugly… she shows to much cleavage in every dress she wears and has horrible fashion. Just look at this pic and the whole outfit is a disaster!!! She doesn’t even look excited to be there with that face and jacked up teeth!

Kelly on

I cannot believe the catty things that are being said about the girl’s teeth. Don’t teenagers have enough insecurities. No wonder our teens have such distorted body images. I hope Miss Cyrus doesn’t “fix” anything. I applaud her for looking like a real girl!

ALB on

Ok have any of you walked into a high school lately? This is what teenages look like. They dress this way, they don’t have perfect teeth.

kandra on

a 15 year old buying a prada bag and then losing it!! SINFULL!!

LunaChiXXX on

Let me first start by saying I only wish I was like her at 15 instead I was off screwing around and I realize how much it held me back, she seems like a totally ground young lady with a good sense of family values. No one is perfect and its so hard to constantly question yourself whether your doing the right thing and hope that you live up to everyones expectations. No ones perfect, Mileys got that right and I think she should just keep doing what shes doing. To the people out there bashing her you should try to take a look at YOUR lives a little closer and fix yourselves. Are you perfect??? I didnt think so.

Tabitha on

Yet people complained to high heaven when Hilary Duff got veneers…..if that’s the worse thing these girls have going, leave them alone.

Molly on

I really dislike her… at first i just thought she was an awful actress but then I saw her at the mall and she was totally high matinance.

Joegrl on

I like Miley and everything, but she’s showing off a little. She’s a Disney Channel star, so, she sould set a good example for kids who love her!!!!

anaschild on

Personally, I’m sick of this overpaid kid. Who cares what a 15 wears anyway??

ALY on

I don’t like the dress at all and why is she stanading so akwardly? I agree that she is too young to be showng cleavage like that and I don’t like how she died her hair so dark.

tom Myers on

She is soo hotttt

podge on

“don’t worry
about a thing
cause every little thing
gonna be alright
dont worry
about a thing
cause every little thing
gonna be alright
wake up in the mornin
rise with the shining sun
3 little birds
by my doorstep
singin sweet songs
of melodies pure and sweet
this is my message to you-u-u
don’t worry
about a thing
cause every little thing
gonna be alright”
-Bob Marley

Jenny on

She’s still so young. Her teeth look fine. Why is it everyone has to bash this young girl? She’s an excellant role model for young kids. I think it’s just good that she still has boundaries. What’s wrong with splurging on one purse? Atleast she does’nt go blow all her money. That’s pretty responsible for a 15 yr. old in Hollywood!!

Rachel on

Miley Cyrus is REALLY pretty, but she looked so much better with her natural lighter hair. I think she is the perfect roll model for girls, and I think that because she was able to make her own money, not just spend her fathers, she should be able to buy herself a nice bag and shoes

Bride of Chucky AKA Tiffany on


Anonymous on

I don’t usually like her style but her dress is really cute here. I just think that people should get over being mean to her she’s just living her life. i wish i could have her life…it’s great!

AmandaS on

i like her outfit and she has a great voice but she looks like a ghost with her dark brown hair. ughh!

Liz on

I think Miley is growing up way to fast, what happened to not even wearing heels til you are like 18 she looks to old for her age

:@ ) on

ok I love miley and not too be rude but i was just wandering y you poeple care about the way mileys
teeth look ? there her teeth not yours and so what if there a little off who really care

Julia on

liz no shes not you dont know her you cant say that

shelby:] on

no one should treat her bad
i mean yall don’t cameras
in your faces all the time
part of growing is making
mistakes she dosen’t even
get to make mistakes
without it being in every
mag out there!!
p.s the pics are
not even bad she
dosen’t show anything
and whats the diffrence
in the vanity fair pics
and wearing a one piece
bathing suit??
yeah answer that!!:]

Craig on

Miley Cyrus is such a babe! Tons of cleavage and she’s wicked hot for her age! I’m her age and I would totally love to have her!

That would be awesome!

John on

Nice shoes

tinker on

stop complain about miley teeth.well…she is beautiful

tinker on

i have saw miley cyrus live.she is not tall byt she is cool i like her.i like her song if we were a movie

ashley on

i love miley cyrus soooo much

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