What Do You Think of Lindsay Lohan's Dark Look?

01/16/2008 at 02:13 PM ET

Jeff Steinberg/INF

We’ve seen Lindsay Lohan with dark hair before — and blonde and red! — but we still couldn’t help but take a closer look when she stepped out yesterday in Los Angeles with mysterious new dark hair (we’re guessing it’s a wig!). The shoulder-length cut, the sideswept bangs and the dark color add up to a style we just haven’t seen Lindsay try out before. Is it a look worth making permanent? We want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you like the shorter, darker hair on Lindsay? Or should she stick with the long blonde hair?

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Lola on

UGLY!!! just like her…. cant stand her and i am SOOO sick of hearing about her… her shopping WHOOOOOOPPpPpYYYYY!!! DOOO!!!

angelica on

Lindsay should have her long hair, It’s really nice and beautiful on her. But maybe she should go back to redhead or brunette… I don’t care, she fit’s in everything! :) <3

amanda on

she has such pretty hair why would she cover it?

Rebecca on

I don’t like it at all. It doesn’t go well with her skin tone. I prefer her as a red head.

Kari on

I don’t even know what I think about lindsay lohan in general let alone with a wig…

jj on


Marie on

I think that this look is very vogue, but I still think that Lindsay should go back to her red locks…she looked stunning!

rashundra on

i think she would look cute with bangs, but it’s a wig.

emmy on

i like it !! really cool with black hair !! wow !

adriennemills on

It looks better than her washed up over processed blond hair look!!

brian on

:You all are just full of crap. Lindsay Is a beautiful and talented girl. I really admire her. SHE LOOKS GEORGEOUS. this look is chic on her. she just never stops surprising me.

eby on

In my opinion I don’t like the wig, It doesnt fit her face shape. I like the blond better but she should def. go back to red.

AnnieJ on


raky on

That glasses are so UGLY!!!!!!

Mimi on

I like her with her natural long red hair

Pat on


Esther on

I think she looks good with dark hair, but I personally love her natural red hair color.
On a side note, where can I get her sunglasses?! I absolutely love those shades.

Shante on

Im not a fan of it at all it makes her look old i don’t kno if its the fact that it looks like a cheap wig or it’s just not for her whatever it is it’s awful.

Dani on

It makes her look a lot older and different. It like morphs her face or something. I barely even recognized her. Overall, not a good change. Maybe she should go natural color (red or whatever) and short.

DA on

I do not like her hair-It doesn’t make her look ugly. It just ages her. It makes her look too sophisticated. She should go back to being a redhead, just being natural. She should also get a different haircut. This one is too stiff and severe for her.

smith on

NO,no,no! i am sorry LL but this looks horrible on you, the color is a huge no, it looks god awful with that fake skin tone of yours. I hope its a wig.

Nat on

Lindsay… who ???

Jon Bodack on

I don’t really like Lindsay’s new look! It also reminds me of Britney Spears & Paris Hilton’s hair when they either dyed it or used a wig!

Jon Bodack on

Lindsay should just stick with blonde hair!

JD on

Who really cares? Is there nothing going on in the world than to worry about the color d Lindsay Lohan’s hair? please????

sandi on

I really think that to spend so much energy on thinking about one person’s hair color is totally frivolous and way out of the spectrum of importance in the overall scheme of things in the world today. Let’s get some persepective folks.

ALY on

It just makes her look fake. I love her natural color so much i really wish she would go back to that.

Anonymous on

The dark hair makes her skin look dirty. Why can’t she go back to the red that is her natural color? She looked better then.

MissSara on

I think Lindsay looks great in any color! My favorite color on her was the dark reddish one.. People can be so mean on here, sheesh..

Miss G. on

Don’t like the black hair. Lindsay looks better as a redhead.

♥ rosie on

I think she looks best with red hair

LiLoLoser on


Anonymous on

i think she should stick with RED hair.

Kerrigwen on

Hmm. I’m a huge fan of dark locks, it looks better than light hair on nearly everyone. This look is a definite step up from the “what’s-that-dead-animal?” blonde hair she sported for so long. The bangs are working, too, though the ridiculous sunglasses sort of hamper it. I’m with the others here though, that wish she’d try her natural red hair again – natural redheads are so rare and she looked at her peak with them.

More urgent than her hair, though – someone PLEASE hand the girl some real lipstick! I can’t stand these colourless puckers, it makes her look sick.

sophie on

i hate her. she’s ugly. i can’t understand why people find her fascinating at all.

erica on

she’s gross really, she should go back to red because that was the only thing vaguely interesting about her.

DashaB on


Pia on

If “everything old is new again,” then Lindsay’s fashion pulse’s still strong. She looks like Shannen Doherty. She still looks better a redhead.

Anon on

Dark colors do not work on her.
They make her look fake.

I think she looks best with her nautural red or blonde.

day on

OMG! It’s Brenda from 90210!

Gugu on

Her new hair-do does make her look a bit older, other than that, she’s gorgeous!!!

Kristen H. on

Lindsey has beautiful red hair. This picture makes her look like a Michael Jackson impersonator. Please learn form him, when you start messing with natural beauty, you end up looking like a freak!

Lari on

She looks like one of the Charmed…..
i really dont like it, she looks better in her original hair color!

Elda on

it looks horrible, she looks all used up already.

Jenny on

WOW!! I don’t like that look,at all. I always liked her natural red hair. This is just too much of a change. This color just isn’t right for her!!!


goddie on

She’s one of those people who looks good
in every hair colour.

KD on

It looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the blonde hair. I think she should go for this look.

rashundra on

omg, JD, if you want to blog about WORLDY isssues, go to a WORLDY blog, not a fashion blog, duh!

Lucy on

she was a good actor back when she did movies like the parent trap and freaky friday now shes just crazy. she should go back to redhead it looks a LOT better on her.

ssckatt on

Definitely does not go with her skin color. Plus it’s just flat and parted down the middle. I hope it’s a wig. She’s not that cute as it is, just a big freckle with bad skin tone, so there is really nothing I think that she does that will ever make her truly beautiful in a classy way, she will always look like she has been out partying all night.

omahagirly on


monica on

one word! HORRIBLE. it looks like a wig….. probably is… but still go natural!

Nikki on

She really looks much mature, smart and healthier with that darker look… Nothing looked really positive with that blonde hair. Way to go Linds! :)

Jessica on

I like this alot better than the blonde she has been sporting. I really like her as a redhead, more natural, it just looks so much better on her.

Jodi on

I dont like that look on her. She looks better with the long loose curls. Im not fond of the blonde though, I would like to see her back in a light brown or a deep brownish red.

Heather on

I don’t like the dark color, but it’s one hundred times better than that horrible blonde. if you ask me, she should go back to her natural color. she’s absolutely gorgeous as a redhead.

Meagan on

Ew. She looks much better as a redhead or blonde.. I’m over her too…oy

Glenys on

Lindsay looks best as a blonde or a redhead. I don’t care for this darker do at all.

nt on

Has someone been beating her with the ugly stick lately? Is is just me or has she totally lost whatever prettiness she had before?

Beth on

She looks like Shannon Daughtery, from 90210

Jessica on

I like it. =]



jessie on

She looks so old with black hair! Sort of like those old ladies who are getting grey hair, and overcompensate by dying their hair similarly!

Gale on

she ugly @ so is her hair.

Hazeleyez21 on

I honestly do not like it. Then again i don’t really like the other colors on her either. I haven’t seen one yet that actually goes well with her. I don’t really even think she is all that pretty naturally.

Katie on

She looks better as a red head!

Chris on

Her red hair set her apart from other actresses. Why she started experimenting with other colors is beyond me. They just dont’ look natural…and take away from her natural beauty rather than enhance it.

Coco on

Don’t like it at all! I truly think she looked the best with her auburn hair!

Dawn on

She should stick with red for so many reasons. 1. it looks the best, 2. it makes her stand out in a town full of blondes, 3. OK, maybe just 2 reasons, but there are both good! I remember when she was in Mean Girls and I thought, wow there is a girl who stands out, she’s not blonde, she’s not skinny, she doesn’t have the sex appeal of a 12 year old boy. My husband said she had the best legs he’d seen in a while in the Hollywood crowd, not skinny at all, very shapely. Why she tries so hard to be like the others is beyond me and I really think as she gets a little older she will embrace her uniqueness.

Gaby on

btw its ugly!

jliep on

It looks good only if she is trying to look like Shannon Daughtery.

april on

why does she always look like she needs a shower?

Britney on

Shes so Gross…

kat on

the cut doesnt fit her the color we can bear but even worse then that dred full hair would be her complection come on shes tanned herself to a freckle. but i guess if you cant bake go fake.

Lisa Gillespie on

I am not keen on her hair dark in general and the wig doesn’t exactly help! Go back to Red hair please – it suits her face more than the in your face Blondes and Blacks!

Anonymous on

She looks like Britneys mom

cc on

She looks like Shannon Doherty!

Jessica on

I like her hair long and blonde. It is pretty.

Dream on

Lindsey looks so much better with blonde hair,here even her tan looks fake. This picture shows that she is the poster child for fake and bake. At this rate even the fake queen herself Paris Hilton look natural.

laura on

I love her red hair -thats my favorite, its her natural look. red heads are very sassy!!

laura on

I love her red HAIR, its her natural look, and red heads are sassy , she needs to show her true self! looks good with her eyes

laura on

I love her red hair! i also loved the blond and red streaks together. its her natural color! goes well with her eyes.

Lis on

I prefered her long red hair to be honest <3

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Sastry on

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