Posh's New Look: Love It or Hate It?

01/15/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Damien Meyer/Getty Images

We love watching Victoria Beckham change up her look — from platinum hair to all-pink outfits, what won’t she try? But when we first saw her on New Year’s Eve with a wide headband holding back her brunette bob, we assumed it was just a bad hair day. But when she wore the black band to the Roberto Cavalli fashion show in Milan, we knew it was here to stay! Add that to her severe (and severely plunging) black tuxedo, and it’s quite a new look for the normally girly star! Tell us: What do you think of Posh’s new look? Do you love it or hate it?

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Jo on

why on earth is she always striking a pose? she looks so fake and ridicules. she’s convinced she looks better than her bandmates but it’s exactly the other way round. could someone tell her, please?

Jenny on

She looks like an alien with this headband and her too exposed artificial boobs…

Anonymous on

To be honest I dont understand whats the big deal around victoria, she is not a good singer, she doesnt know how to act… nor is she that pretty, very ordinary. Her new look… no one really wants to see a mother showing all of her silicon breasts just out there… even here the surgery didnt go so welll, it looks like two tennis balls.

Jana V on

Victoria’s overall look on this picture is stylish, elegant and chic. The headband is interesting; however, it makes her appear older. Perhaps she is going for a more mature look? On the second thought, that cleavage sends other signals. Hmmmm…

In general, she most often has fantastic pieces of clothes on her, but rarely looks “effortlessly” stylish.

Cheers to all fashion lovers!

Jana V

Annick on

well..it’s better than her E.T outfits!!

Give the Girl a Cookie! on

I think we should all give Victoria Beckham a cookie — not as a symbolic gold star for her style, but because the poor little thing REALLY NEEDS SOME FOOD.

As gaunt and fake perma-tanned as she is, she is already morphing into a leathery walking mummy — I don’t see why she feels she needs to look more severe.

Her “I don’t smile” look appears to be because the only sustainance she receives is when she accidentally bites down too hard on her inner cheeks as she tries to pull them in, accentuating the cheekbones and angles of her face.

Honestly, when she softens it up a bit, she’s really a pretty girl . . . .
But for now, we’re watching her dwindle down to the only parts of Victoria
Beckham that won’t biodegrade — her boobs and her skin (which has been tanned and oiled so repeatedly that it resembles fine leather more than glowing skin.)

Katelyn on

Hate the hair, love the suit!

Kate on

Don’t like it. Like you said, she looks like she’s having a bad hair day and that’s not right for Posh is it?

almaha Al-Thani on

i love it it make her face nicer

nmj on

She looks good, descent..

Neka on

Love the suit..but hate the hair

LIz on

She’s a nice enough looking woman, but I think everyone makes way too much out of her fashions and looks. Without makeup and fashion she would just be another person on the streets.

MG on

LOVE IT!!! She is “something”.

MG on

LOVE IT !!!!!

Elizabeth on

She is absolutely disgusting. I agree with Mr. Blackwell or whatever his name is…she is definitely the worst dressed celebrity. Her boobs are gross and statue like and she never smiles! I can’t stand her. She’s un-human. What kind of woman refuses to smile for a photo???

AnnieJ on

It is a bit of an improvement. I could do without that severe plunge.

Anonymous on


ME! on

FIRST! haha
I LOVE this look, she looks really beautifull

Lisa on

Hate it.She looks like mommy dearest.

Elda on

I’m liking both chicas, they both look Super Hot!!

Lisa on

Hate it she looks like she is tring to play mommy dearest

Amber Janel on

It’s doesn’t have to be the same old bob and girly dress everyday. It’s fashion baby! You can be whomever you wish.

Worst dressed? Please! At least I’m not bored when I look at Victoria. Which is more than I can say for 99.9% of them AND us.

Beth on

I think she looks great.

Yulia on

She looks like an anorexic and well-maintained grandma in that scarf thing. Ouch.

Mindy on

I like her new look..The headband, her posture, her expression, she looks relaxed and confident.

omahagirly on


Rebecca on

TRYING TOO HARD perfectly describes Victoria.

The headband looks cheesy and old. The suit is a nice change from her usual too-tight outfits, but can she PLEASE cover up those silicone lumps on her chest. Ewwww. She could look so pretty.

Anne on

Hate it. She has a really nice body, but her face is not complimented at all with the headband.

Kim v on

Hate! It looks so contrived, and is really only a look for very old women. Want to wear a headband? Fine. Just do it like a normal person.

Darlene on

She needs to learn how to smile.

Katie on

I think she looks a lot like Madame the puppet (just without gray hair) from the Wayland Flowers and Madame Act.


she’s ugly, she knows she’s ugly and she will try anything to distract from the ugliness….fortunately the husband hasn’t noticed yet since he probably is stunned by the tennis balls attached to her chest. or her money…i know i know, he has plenty but as wallis simpson once said ” one can never be too rich or too thin ” and those two are refining that to the nth degree!

Laura on

She looks so stiff. I think that she is camera shy. I’ve seen her smile and she is quite cute. Beautiful? No but cute and tiny.

sar on

I LOVE HER!! she is the best SPICEGIRL!!

Janelle on

Why doesn’t she just go naked if she wants to reveal so much? Stupid.

joanne on

She’s only popular because of her husband. At least in this photo her boobs arent up to her neck.

Judy on

Love the outfit,the headband works for her but not sure if it goes with the look.

Kaitlyn on

I Hate it she is shpwing way to much of her breasts and as a motiher she should really dress better. also i don’t get why everyone is poshed out on her she is not very good looking she is just ordinary. also has anyone told her she need to gain some weight last time i check anorexia isn’t the new style healthy weight is the new style. so Posh here is a tip button your jacket lose the weird headband and gain some weight!

sandy on

She is always striking a pose. But thats what she does. Shes pretty hot and sexy even with the fake boobs. If you walked around here like that youd get laughed at, but I guess in thier starlett world, it works.

cathy on

She always looks so contrived to look stylish but ends up looking weird and cheap. She is not a good looking woman in the least, she is fake all over. Dont understand why she is a celeb on your list. Why is she a celeb on People’s List?? Is it because she knows the cruises?? Awful woman, she deserves the worst dressed of the year vote.

sally on

I love it.. it looks great on her

Debra on

The outfit is something I would wear (bottoned up a little more). The headband it a little over the top. I like her in blonde hair better, but a change is always good.

Allison K on

What I don’t understand, is even during ‘normal’ everyday things (like grocery shopping, going to the airport, playing w/ her kids) she is ALWAYS dressed up the 9’s. I wonder if David ever just wants a ‘normal’ wife to run around in shorts and a tshirt. I bet she doesn’t even own shorts and tshirts.

Finally! on

FINALLY!! I am so glad to hear there are other women out there that can’t stand her! I was thinking that everyone thought she was fabulous and I was the weird one. She is EVERYTHING against what we want our daughters to think is beautiful, and against the changes that are going on these days with body image. I know for the first time there is more emphasis on natural bodies and that CURVES are beautiful, so why does People worship her? She is an awful role model and is only a celebrity because she got un-washed up by her husband. She is totally gross!

cecilya on

very high fashion , like it

susann on

would someone please tell her she’s not attractive at all..she looks like she’s mad in every photo………….smile vic, you’ve got david

jguth on

SHE LOOKS GEORGEOUS, she very elegant and whatever she does just looks good on her because she has personality

k1237 on

i love posh. she can do no wrong.

Maria on

She is ugly, ugly person is ugly no matter what she puts on!

Jennifer on

Victoria looks as beautiful as she always does! For those of you not liking her it’s more then obvious you don’t know style. She has been more glamorous then most of the celebrities in Hollywood. Very classy women. On a day to day basis, she dresses with class as a person of with her money should, she carries herself in a respectable manner and always looks presentable! Love you Victoria and keep on shinning, there are many who would LOVE to see you fall but few that will.

Anonymous on

I think she looks great, LIKE ALWAYS! I love her style! I wish I always looked that good!I think everyone always talking negative about her is just JEALOUS!!!

Sheris on

Is that a picture from Madame Trousseau’s?

fauzia on

I saw the documentary of when she arrived in America, and I thought she was quite funny, and ironic. Unfortunately, she DOES try too hard, it must be exhausting to have to play that role constantly. As a person who has lived in England, I can tell you that her accent is not posh at all, it’s really middle class…
As for her look, I’ve seen worse, and I don’t like her body at all, she was much sexier when she started. Those boobs! Long live real women like Sofia Loren, who is famous for saying that all we see of her is thanks to pasta and virgin olive oil.

mya on

i like it.. she looks good..why would anyone assume she has the headband bc of a bad hair day.. she prob. has stylists..so thats a stupid assumption.. and shes always striking a pose …bc ppl are always takin pix of her..duhhh i would do the same.. and if she doesnt want to eat…thats her business.. oh by the way some ppl are born skinny and no matter how much they eat ..they always stay skinny … it doesnt have to mean shes sick.. maybe these ppl sayin she should eat a cookie…should stop eatin so many cookies. hahah

Holly on

Posh has always been ugly.
She may be stylish, but she is way too rail thin, and this is not the type of role model I want young girls to look up to.
There is a difference between being thin, and being unhealthy and thin.
For as much money as they have, they could hire a chef and trainer that keeps her healthy, not anorexic.

Tammy on

She is for the most part a pretty lady. Beautiful, no. Pretty,yes when she doesn’t look like this. I think the head band needs to go. Get back to trying to look pretty not a sex thing. How old is she?? She is starting to look very old.

Kelsey on

Kinda makes you wonder why SHE is the one married to the soccer hottie.

Jordan on

uhh…its alright. she is still pretty!

Janny D on


Jess on

Like most of you, I don’t get the headband. It looks weird and unflattering. But, I do think her outfit looks good. The pants are a nice change from her too tight dresses that push her fake boobs up to her clavicle. Overall, I would say this look is an improvement.

Esther on

I HATE it! she looks awful,old, kida like an alien too! she looked better before with her brunnette bob! why did she change it?

Yitzhak on

I really didn’t like it at all………
I would say she looks like Britney ….. That piece of hairband holding her wig. No Posh that is so a don’t for U….
Omg ^^

a on

hate it geri looks good though

Light on

This chick looks like she’s made of wax! Careful with the lights!

I don’t know what the big deal with her is… If it weren’t for her fine ass husband, she would be a nobody!

Loosen up, honey… It’s not that serious!

kansas girl on

Sorry, I’m not into fake and standoffish. She needs to smile and do something about that awful botched boob job. I’ve read that she can be a really nice person, I guess I have yet to see it. And for goodness sakes, she’s someone’s mother. Someone please button up her shirt.

Lisa on

This woman needs to take smiling classes. She thinks she looks sexier by not smiling? you’re wrong victoria. She’s always serious. Take it easy. Life is fun and please smile.

Nancy on

Smiling isn’t that difficult. Just try to abducts the corner of your mouth and then elevate them. See it’s easy.

G on

She looks great! Haters, stop HATING!!!!

Lulabelle on

What a joke…she should go back to England.

taylore on


Sandra on

I think she looks FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous on

That’s one horribly insecure female.

Susan on

She needs a new face… she should have been scary spice.

Le GiGi on

I Love the GRRL!!! However, I must agree with many who have commented about always “Striking a Pose” and looking so Plastic and Fake. Whatever happened to the REAL Victoria Beckham? She no longer is the humble and simple women that once was introduced to the world. Honestly, all that beauty and make-up will all go to waste one day. All she is proving to the world is that she is insecure and not really beautiful!

Lucy Lui on

Whats up with the possing?!!! By the way hate the new style…IK!!! her boob is popping out too!!!

Abigail Grey on

it will be much better without the headband

Emily on

She’s fabulous, and always looks it.

candy on

She looks no worst than the rest of them – Scarey Spice is certainly playing her role

Peg on

I’m tired of her just like I am tired of Britney

Rebecca on

I think that the headbands looks terrible. They are too tight on her face and it looks just awful.

Kaitlin on

I think she is plum ugly. Fake. She looks more like a mannequin than human. The others are so much more beautiful especially Ginger. Now she looks natural. I even think Mr. Beckman is ugly, too. At least the boys are cute but fear what they will grow up to look like!

pr on

If only she could manage a smile every now and then I think people would like her more. She comes off as a cold, uppity, too good for the room, person. She doesn’t exude warmth or kindness, just this robotic look of hers whether she has her hair in a headband or not.

Tia on

I don’t like it.
she always poses and she looks stupid
she should smile more she doesn’t have much to complain about or look mad. she needs to get a life. she’s got to kids-the way she is dressed would be embarassing

Allie on

time to cover the twins Victoria.

Amber D. Williams on

I agree with the comment below, Jo. She always looks fake and tries wayyyy to hard to strike a pose. And cover up your fake breasts for crying out loud! For the rest of the girls…they look great. :)

Sherry on

I’m so tired of seeing her fake cleavage! That’s the worst boob job I’ve ever seen. It looks like two blobs of play dough rolled into balls and stuck to her chest. Why the hell is she so proud of those things?

Anonymous on


Shelley E. on

I don’t care for the hair style. It doesn’t add anything to her. As for the clothes. It’s not that far off from what she normally wears. She likes to show off her chest and slim figure. I personally think she needs more meat on her frame to carry the implants. Maybe with a little more weight on her frame they wouldn’t look like two implants stuck under her skin. If mine looked like that I would go back and have them redone but maybe it’s the weight issue? She’s not ugly or tacky. Just a little too slender for the implants and style of clothes she prefers to show them off.

beans on

she’s a fox. plain & simple. american women are too fat from mcdonald’s

Julie on

She looks RIDICULOUS. Why she has that superior pout on her face is beyond me.

Anonymous on

There is not a single person that could honestly say that Posh is not the hottest girl in the group. She always looks her best!

Angela on

FAKEEEE IS THE WORD…goshhh its so annoying!!

Danger Doll on

She’s a mannequin of a women. There is no personality behind her “looks” just a women emulating a stiff model in a window. She’s filthy rich housewife that has based her entire existence on her superficial worth. She’s about as sexy as a rigid Catholic nun and her facial expressions are as warm as Nurse Ratchet’s from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Fashionista? I don’t think so! More like Fashingrotesqa…

sammy on

i love it.
love the hair and the suit.
she always looks fantastic.

Yikes on


lolo on

“Im ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille…”

Nat on

I don’t understand why of all beautiful women outhere, Posh gets so much media attention??? Why?? There are plenty of talented beautiful actresses, singers, etc. with a real taste for fashion and Posh is not one of them… The only thing i find cute about her is her British accent.. :)

Maria on

Victoria wears chic clothing, but she is not, by far, a trendsetter. A lot of the clothes she wears would look good on others, but not her. Too bad she is NOT pretty, that would help. Face it, she average looking and her clothes does little to help that. Basically, she is OVERRATED.

stacy on

Hate It! I would be absulutely humiliated if my mother dressed like that. Furthermore I agree with Elizabeth. VB is absolutely nothing to look at and was never heard of before she married David. She’s not all that.

Alexia on

I have previously not been a fan of Victoria Beckham however after seeing her and the other Spice Girls in concert recently i can say she doesnt think she is better than her bandmates, if anything she more shy than them on stage. She can sing! Which i didnt think was possible and it was live. Stop the Beckham bashing!

Tina on

just horrible! nothing sexy about her to me. just way to skinny and fake

DMR on

Her Face looks like a chipmunk

Anaya on

I think this is a hit! She looks wonderful! Very well put together – Though…when I look at her face and expression…I am reminded of David Bowie…

Laura on

I think she looks beautiful and fabulous. Any look she tries and daring and she can pull it off. We each have our individual style and obviously hers is a bit out there and usually stuff that any other person wouldn’t even try on. I commend her for trying new things and always having the highest confidence with the clothes she wears. And so what if her boobs are fake … what about Jordan and her ridiculous boobs. Jordans big boobs make her known and Victoria’s fashion make her known … leave Victoria alone.

Barbara Ann on

Gosh, she is gross. And I know what you are going to say… oh, you are just jealous. Who wouldn’t be envious of everything she has, materially-wise anyway. I still think she looks like an alien – fake boobs, fake tan and someone please feed this girl a sandwich. She looks like she is about 45 years old. In 10 years, she’s going to look like she’s 60, believe it!

Maxxieblu on

HATE IT!!! she looks so horrible. like a mannequin…FAKE

Bryanna on

OMG i think her hair looks good!




andrea on

Ive always loved Victoria Beckham’s approach to fashion and I love her look here. She can make ANY outfit work!

andrea on

aww and shes smiling…vicky! <3

Anonymous on

I think she is giving Celine Dion a run for her money…

Sofia on

Katie Holmes did the tux look already and she looked great. But i do not see nobody saying she copy her. What i was thinking all along and mr blackwell is right worst dress .she is the one who needs pointer from Katie

Alia on

I think its pretty pathetic how you sit and criticize Victoria Beckham when she looks absolutely stunning. Why waste your time sitting infront of a computer making nasty comments about other people, when people could clearly make them about you. She looks flawless..and if ur saying that a Hollywood star, with a make up and hair stylist looks bad..wat do you look like

KK on

can’t she smile for once…and she looks awful in this pic

sidddd on

she looks like my grandma! and her hair looks like it was cut with a saw by the headband. i prefered her other looks

Wendy on

Posh isn’t that ‘posh’ anymore. She is changing her look again because it seems her bandmates are looking better than she is. At least this time she is COVERED up, unlike other photos in the past where EVERYTHING is hanging out!

Joana on

ok she is not just famous cuz of David, i mean she is a spice girl everybody knew them!!!…and i agree that everybody has their own fashion!!!…i mean come on sometimes the designers where the ugliest things ever but those are the ppl that make the big bucks!!…shes not beautiful but she is STYLISH and knows how to show off!!….She was FASHIONISTA OF THE YEAR for a reason!!!!

Penney on

What kind of man would let the woman he loves be seen in public like that?

jen on

umm let me think…..EWWWWW!!!!!!!

anonymous on

she needs to get rid of the headband she looks awful with it..

Cherry Rose on

hmm… very interesting. the hair is aweful! A mix of grandma and mullet but the suit is a nice change from her usual array of trampy frocks and corsets! The pose is a little masculine and certainly fake and overall the outfit is bland and ugly. Sorry Posh…

Deborah on

I am from Europe and I am glad she is out of the picture over here.
I always thought she should have been named scary spice instead of beautiful Melanie Brown.

Good luck America

Kerrigwen on

It might be okay now and then, but hopefully she won’t keep the hairband for long. She’s got quite sharp angles on her face, so having loose hair framing her cheeks and jaws softens the look a bit, and is more flattering for her.

Rofl @ all the haters. Just let her be.

roselyn campisi on

to be honest, people wear outfits that look real nice on them, then again some outfits just don;t make it. i personaly don’t like this outfit. another thing i am so glad about, is no golden globes!! thank god, i am so sick of this red carpetstuff. i don;t watch tv. you always hear this on the news, i know for some people it is a big deal. but not for me, also magazines are a bit much on how to please your husband or sex secrets i really don;t want to know that . i;d rather read a good book!!!!

Lynn on

I don’t really understand her look, first it is very girly girl and then like a dude with boobs. I understand the hype with being skinny or thin in Hollywood but she looks very unhealthy and I think if she wants to be a role model for the little girls out there she needs to gain a bit of weight. She has a pretty face but once you bake your skin so many times it really starts to age and look old before it’s time like jerky or really bad leather but I would guess the belief would be more plastic surgery? Just be real just be yourself and for God sake eat something. If your having a bad hair day put on a hat, the head band idea works once then it gets old. Have some respect if not for yourself then for your children or your husband and keep your boobies you know the fake ones hidden under a shirt that fits, not everyone wants to see your goodies, the candy should not be free.

lilnubia on

She looks horrid. The chick needs a plate of food. She never looks effortless, tries to hard but still always look like crap. I always felt like she should’ve asked for a refund from her surgeon……the breast eecckk. Husband is hot though.

Anonymous on

I like it! She really expresses her mood with fashion and this is different and sophisticated. Remember in the 60’s all the fashion changes on Hepburn, Bardot, etc….they wore wigs, false eyelashes, mod often times weird clothes, but it was so cool! Give her a break, she has worn the look two times, it’s like wearing jeans or khakis…and her fake boobs look better than saggy boobs, so it’s a type of look. Looks good and she can do it…no one says you have to be beautiful to have style.

Anonymous on

Oh, and I do think she is beautiful in a sassy way…there are different beautifuls in reference to not having to be beautiful to have style. I think she does beautiful and sexy in a twiggy with fake boobs kind of way!

Morgana on

When a plain person stands next to an ugly person, the plain person looks better by comparison. Looks like that could have been what Geri had in mind. Geri looks far better than Posh by comparison.

joyyyy on

victoria beckham needs to cover up her boobs and she needs to stop striking that pose!

Rachelle on

I love VB.
She has a strong face.

I don’t think she’s that skinny anyway, isn’t Lindsay thinner previously? (Uglyyyyyyyyy.)

Still loving VB!

Anonymous on

She is way too thin! I Do not like how much of her is showing, and the hair isn’t to good looking, but i am so glad the spice girls are back!!

Missy on

Why does she always look so angry??

AJ332 on

I think she looked alot better with longer hair and she wasn’t always striking the pose. She used to look like she was having fun and now she looks like she trying to be serious.

Chechi on

She looks chic and elegant . I Love it ;)

Natty on

It’s all because she’s married to one of the hottest guys on the planet and he makes more money than God. It has nothing to do with her as a person.

chelsea on

posh has a very unique sense of style. any look is pulled off by her in that its soo different. i love it!

julia on

love it… its fashion at its finest….love love love

Dollface on

I think this is a great look for her. Finally she is starting to look sophisticated.

Laura on

Posh looks like a wax person, never smiles, fake boobs, striking that pose…YUCK!! And she really isn’t pretty….YUCK!!

maria on

shes beautiful and she look very nice she has everything nice body a perfect husband and tres andsome and healthy kids. an also she look always with style and chic she the numeber one for me.

luna on

If I look very closely and squint at the picture a bit, I think that I spy the buttons of a black blouse peeking out from the edge of the jacket. Now, Posh, all you need to do is take of the gigantic gold necklace, BUTTON THE SHIRT (I understand that it might be hard for you to button it all the way, so I’ll allow you a couple buttons undone at the top), and, if you’re really attached to the necklace, put it back on or replace it with the downsized version. Then take off the headband and allow your bob to do its crisp and snappy thing, giving you a normal hairline and complementing your now-snappy clothing. Finally, LEARN TO SMILE. Please? Just a bit? Human-Posh is ever so much prettier and more approachable than Robot-Posh. Bonus points come for taking out the implants and/or attaining a healthy weight.

pasquale on

The reason she doesn’t smile is that she looks awful doing it. she has the most horrible smile ever and even she knows it. whehn she accidentally laughs in interviews she is quick to put her hand to her mouth to hide the offensive teeth. there is nothing natural about this woman at all!

bri on

I don’t enjoy the headband, but other than that it’s a nice look. maybe one more button on the top would be nice, but come on, if you had that body wouldn’t you show it off? She doesn’t look slutty, it’s classy and sexy. And too thin? She is naturaly small and therefore thin works fine. she doesn’t look anorexic, she looks toned. She either works very hard to have that body or she’s very lucky. It used to be that people said you had to be thin to be fashionable, now (because the majority of the population is overweight) it’s all about curves and loving what you have. I’m sorry, it should be about being in the best physical condition you can be and not going past it to where it’s unhealthy. For some people that’s gonna be a size 10 and for some a size 0. Unless you are 6′ tall there is no non-medical related reason to be more than that, and unless under 5′ tall no reason to be less.

Anonymous on

She looks older with the headband overall she looks good.

Chandni on

I think that she looks older with the headband but overall the look is good.

Tiffany de Leon on

i love victoria, she looks great! not at all ridiculous… to me she is AWESOME!!!

S on

You can all say what you want to say about Victoria, but this woman will always look gorgeous. She doesn’t need anyone’s permission to look good. Fashion is her middle name. Leave her alone! Go Posh!!

Tonya on

She is ugly no matter what she wears.

Demet on

She must do something about her life, incl. marriage..it´s making her so unstable.

Poor girl.

Bella on

I think Victoria tries to hard and ends up looking very fake. I think she has a great body but I don’t think that she is pretty at all. She has an ugly nose and bad skin. If she would allow herself to be more natural looking and stop playing dress up every day and showing off her fake boobs, she would look nicer.

art on

she loooks hot no matter what shes classy and elegant!!

sarah on

she looks like a plastic surgery and unattractive sorry to say that.I do not understand why so much focus is on her when there are so many beautiful stars need to be seen and recognized more ofen..

Koko on

I don’t think she has any fashion sence.

Anonymous on

She looks like if she has a headache with that thing around her head….

Anonymous on

What is her deal? She looks ridiculous and those fake boobs look like 2 tennis balls sticking out of her chest! Not sexy at all!!!

Kym on

I have never like Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham. She seems so pretencious and fake and she she certainly is not an attractive woman either. I don’t like her new look, old look or anything in between. I can’t even believe she’s famous. Can’t we focus on someone more deserving of this kind of attention??

Jessi on

Not a good look, she looks like the puppet Madame!!

Trisha on

You guys are mean, and jealous! She looks hot so stop hating!

jessica on

she looks like my friends mom when we were little.

jsauce on

Out of all the Spice Girls, she actually looks the WORST!

Sofia on

I think she looks ok.But she looks really good with her rocker bob and even better with long hair!

Susan on

Why are people so harsh towards Posh? I agree that she might look expressionless most of the time, but she does have class. She has European style and class and something I think most Americans don’t understand. Why so harsh? Jealousy perhaps.

kristen on

Omg! no affence but seriousley she is way too old to be dressing like that , shes a mom, not some 18 years old

juggadear on

She is copying Annie Lennox…she want’s shorn orange hair, but hasn’t yet committed to it yet.

zoe on

lovin’ it!

Betty on

She’s butt ugly anyway you look at it. How’d she bag that hot, hot husband? She needs to loose the fake bake, cover up the fake boobs and smile!

Vicky on

Love it love it love it!!!! I think she looks great.

Horse Girl on

I agree with almost everyone, she’s fake, her boobs do look like tennis balls out there, she’s not pretty, she does need to eat, she sets ver bad standards for young girls who think they out to look like her. What are girls learning these days anyway? Starve yourself, stick foreign objects in your body so you will have boobs that most men don’t prefer anyway, and by the way, did I mention men prefer natural boobs?

brelinj on

I think Posh is great. She dresses very cute, and after having 3 kids, you know what she’s got a dang good body, surgury or no surgury. And she must be doin something right to have a HOTTIE for a hubby. Her headband is ok, it will probably grow on everyone soon.

Alek on

Yes you can use them to write checks get cash etc. BUT it is a huge mitksae!Rip the checks up ASAP they give you 6 months with 0% interest but charge you a fee to cash the check and they know you can’t pay it all off in 6 months. They will get thier money from you don’t fall into this credit trap!Live debt free! It is a wonderful feeling.

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