Mariah-O-Meter: Rate Her Vegas New Year's Look

01/03/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

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No one would ever accuse Mariah Carey of not knowing what she likes — especially when it comes to her wardrobe. Throughout 2007, the chart-topping diva showed off her very distinctive style, wearing everything from a short and lowcut LBD to an even shorter bright belted mini. And when it came time to ring in the new year at TAO Las Vegas, the pop princess stuck with what she knows and slipped into this extra-tight strapless micro-mini. While Mariah may be one of the few stars with the figure to pull off super-slinky looks, when it comes to this particular dress, we think that what happened in Vegas probably should have stayed in Vegas. But we want to know what you think. Tell us: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate Mariah’s New Year’s Eve look?

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Stephanie on

One to Ten?

One! Too bad zero is not an option.

Hoopey on

Ugh! How is that dress even staying up?? I can just hear the lycra breaking.

Jenny on

Mariah looks STUNNING!!!

Jenny on

Mariah looks stunning!

Elda on

Looking good Girlfriend, it feels good to show off hard work from working out!

Cucumber Eyes on

too much of her brest and legs at the same time… i think her brests are too big for her body, all in all this outfit screams i’m cheap…

Jenn on

This chick is just TACKY! It’s a shame that she has all that money and still dresses like a two dollar hooker. It probably wouldn’t hurt her to fork out some money on a stylist, for sure!

Susan on

She looks like a tramp, which is par for the course. I think we are all sick of seeing her boobs.

Kerry on

Mariah definitely needs a stylist. She is so top heavy, she looks like she is going to tip over and the way she dresses just accentuates it.

She needs a meeting with Stacy and Clinton! Get this woman some taste.

Jackie on

No matter what, she always looks trashy instead of classy. Classy is much more attractive.

alice on

The usual tackiness….

Lola on

Ugh! Totally trampy. She looks like a professional from Las Vegas, if you catch my drift.

–read my blog at

Mandy on

She is too beautiful of a woman to dress as cheap as she does.

paula S. on

it would be easy to say something bad, but in all honesty she looks hot and all the bad comments are by fat haters.
chubby girl who is honest,
Paula S.

LB on

I hate Maria Carey. Anything she wears is to tight for her body. She needs to get some new clothes that actually work for her body and stop trying to fit into clothes that would be better suited for Jessica Alba. I hate Maria Carey.

Ginny on

I would like to think she’d look at herself in a full length mirror before going out{the mirror
don’t lie}!

Heather on

I don’t think that the bad comments have anything to do with the weight of the commenter. Most people are commenting on how her top half is falling out, that has nothing to do with being fat or not. That has to do with having some self respect, and not letting your body just hang out. Mariah always dresses like this, if she covered up a little more I think people would not continue to call her trashy.

Jenn on

a few words that come to mind: thick, trashy, bustin out, apparently unaware of what she really looks like

Angela on

People like Mariah Carey make me angry. She’s such a beautiful woman, with such a flawless figure. Why does she have to show it to the world?? It would be worth so much more if she saved it for that special someone but no, she goes around in slutty dresses like this looking like a hooker off the Las Vegas sidewalk. She needs to step up, act like a responsible adult, and stop being such a bad role model.

alli on

she is too old to wear things like that…she looks disgusting and trashy…one wrong move and her saggy stretchd breasts would fly out…

Socialite Dreams on

it fits her “look”, that’s for sure….not bad

Susan on

She looks like a 0. Can anyone say hoochie? She needs to learn to dress for her age and her body type. Please cover up for 2008!!

ALY on

UGH i wish she would swear something appropriate to her age and body size for once

jasmin on

1 it is to reveling

AnnieJ on

Worse than usual – is trampalicious a word?

lenora on

Believe me I like Mariah, but her outfits I don’t.That is ashame she is a pretty women. She just needs to dress alittle classy. She also needs to get rid of that real long hair too. Too young for her that hair!

k on

She really is a beautiful woman, but she would look it if she decided to actually wear decent clothes once in a while!!!! GROSS

k on

trampalicious!!!! lolol im gonna remember that one!! thx AnnieJ

kelli on

are u kidding me mariah looks great all of you are just hating on her, Wishing you could look like her.

Heather J on

Yeah I’m sure we’d all love to look like her..she’s pretty, thats a given. But would we dress like her? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Dorothy on

I would give her -1 because these where the scale for trashy/hooker-like looking starts! She is totally delusional that she knows how to dress-hire a stylist!

shelly on

Ugh…she gets a “1”. Her style is pathetic. If she’d cover the twins up a little, she’d look much more classy.

jojo on

Does this woman own a turtleneck? I’ll bet not…

Pamela on

All that money, a voice like an angel, and always looks like a call girl…can’t buy class

night on

I give her a negative 5. She looks like a cheap hooker.

Natalie on

I give Mariah a big fat goose egg, a ZERO! Mariah is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful voice and there’s no denying she’s got a beautiful full body, but I just don’t understand why she continues to dress like a hooker? Did she look in the mirror before she left the house? The dress is too tight and her breasts are popping out. She not only looks trampy, but she looks funny looking. She looks like she’s trying to suck her stomach in too. She needs a stylist ASAP. She needs to wear clothes that still show off her desire to be sexy, which she is, but she needs to do it in a classy way, not a trashy way. I see plenty of older, beautiful women in Hollywood that dress to what fits their age and body, and still look beautiful and sexy. Mariah needs a lesson from them.

Paula S., get a grip. This has nothing to do with whether the commentor is over weight or not. Its called stating the truth, and the truth is, Mariah doesn’t look “hot,” she looks trashy. Her boobs are practically falling out and the dress is way too tight. She’s a beautiful woman, with a beautiful voice and she’s got a beautiful body, but she doesn’t need to dress like this. If you can’t see what she’s wearing, perhaps you’re delusional. Also for the commentor, if you’re older, you don’t have to cut your hair. She not too old for long hair, get a grip, that’s such a dumb statement.

Joyce on

Something is not right with her shape. She reminds me of a knock off or a wanna be. Although a beautiful girl, she is lacking in style. Nothing wrong with dressing like hooker but have some style.

jen on

i like the dress justt not on her! she should get a breast reduction she would loook less porn starish!!!

sophieb on

Such an awful outfit. Please dress your age your nearly 40. The outfits too short and skimpy and just looks plain tacky.

Bella on

I think the yes, mariah looks great. In all of her outfits, but some, generally a select few, just like this one, is too much. She looks in shape and toned, but that shows too much of herself. But then again, she can do what she wants, and probably doesn’t care what we think with our observations. And uhh, Miss Jackie, who said that she always looks trashy, hay, guess what, back off. I don’t see you with amazing talent, and with 18 number one hits. And are you one of the best selling female artists with a record of having a 5 OCTIVE RANGE , THE LARGEST VOCAL RANGE IN HISTORY. So, you don’t have room to talk!!!! BACK OFF!!! Oh yah, she writes ALL HER MUsic!! Oh yah to you cucumber eyes, she DOES NOT LOOK CHEAP!

Rachel on

For 1 to 5 I’d give her a 3.

Rachel on

It’s nice but her boobs need to be a little smaller for it to look right.

Michigan on

FABULOUS! Work it hunnie!

Kasey Ann on

i think mariah looks beautiful the way she is and no one has the right to judge her that way

Luna on

All you girls writing smack about Mariah are just jealous. You wish you could look like her. I bet your boyfriends wish you were her. Stop hating!

anna on

ok there she goes again…flaunting all her assets…ok girl we know you got curves. You really need to hook up with a stylist…you’re showing too much…look at Heidi Klum she is very sexy and knows how to dress…she always wears short dresses aswell, but the difference is she doesn’t show everything at once (boobs)…no girl leave it up to the imagination…you look cheap! I don’t care how much weight you lost!

christina on

we all know she has amazing curves, so why does she feel the need to prove it agian and again by over exposing herself. it just looks trashy.

Jess on

Not to be rude but she does need to dress a little more her age

Becky on

The dress might be cute, but it looks horrible on Mariah… sorry, but she has the most badly proportioned body I think.^^

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