Rumer Willis Goes Long: Love It or Hate It?

12/12/2007 at 02:20 PM ET


We’ve already seen Rumer Willis experiment with her hair color and cut — but we’ve never seen her with such long hair! The soon-to-be Miss Golden Globes showed off lengthy locks while out on the town in L.A. last night. We think Rumer looks great with the ‘new do, but we want to know what you think! Tell us: What do you think of Rumer’s new long hair? Love it or hate it?

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jt on

They don’t get much more homely then Rumer. I feel bad for her!

Angelique on

EDDIE VEDDER? Is that you?

Lisa on

she looks like a drag queen!!! sweetie needs to do something with that mop!!

R on

She needs the long locks to camo her strong features.. good choice Rumer!

gozde on

love it!! deffnetly love it !!

Sheila on

I love the hair longer! Softer look.

sylvia on

alittle to long…………

DK on

I don’t normally bash celeb. styles, but this is awful. Just really ugly.

confidential on

I’m sorry but she is just not a cute girl and doesn’t do much to help herself

Kim v on

Really don’t care either way. She has done nothing worthy of being a celebrity except having famous parents.

jamie on

poor kid. too much bruce, too little demi. on another note, if you’re going to have hair mechanically attached to your head, why not go for gorgeous smooth shiny hair as opposd to these manky wavy things she’s got?

Billy on

It doesn’t matter what she does she is ugly..almost to the point of making me sick to my stomach.

Jodi on

Boy, it’s sad how far off the mark she is. What is up with this girl? Doesn’t she have access to any stylists?

felicia thompson on

She looks like straight trailor trash

Susan on

This person is down right UGLY. She is only famous because of her parents, and is a perfect example of nepitism gone bad. Demi is no beauty queen, but at least puts an effort to look decent, Rummy is just plan awful.

liz on

she and Britney Spears should join a Hair Extension Club.

Christine on

Why is she famous? Who cares. She’s ugly, and hasn’t done anything to make herself worthy of being famous.

Gilda on

Rumer is not attractive and does not have any fashion sense. The long wavy locks do not look good on her. Other than being the child of two movie stars, she has nothing going for herself. She should get a college/university education and develop a career and give up trying to be part of the celebrity rat race.

Kimber on

she looks like Bruce with a wig on!!!!!

Anonymous on

she looks bad either way… now if only she did something about that chip on her shoulder

Paula on

I think that this girl does not have the attention she needs from her parents, It must be sure that her parents know about all the awful comment everybody makes about her, they should help her, she needs someone to tell her what is good and what is not good for her.

Also, it is not her fault not to be pretty, pleople is really cruel.

Jennifer on

She looks like those men from the 80’s. With the long stringy hair and the flannel. She is such a man. She should just get a sex change!!!!

Whitney on


cat on

it doesnt matter if she has short hair or long hair…she needs to actually put some effort into her look!

Bella Boo on

I like it longer much better. It softens her face, which obviously has some strong features to it. I think a softer wave might be an even better option.

Yikes on

She is truly one of the least attractive people I’ve seen, celebrity or not. She has the worst features of Bruce and Demi. Every photo I see of her, she looks uglier! Please spare us, she doesn’t do anything to make her worthy of coverage. The fact that her has-been parents successfully copulated isn’t her accomplishment. Doesn’t help that her little sister smiles like The Joker.

Thecla on

I once watched “Detriot Rock City” She looks like the stoner guy from the movie.

Angel on

OMG!!! I usually do not comment on stars looks but that hair. Thank goodness she has the parents she does because if it was not for that she would not be where she is at. She is the strangest looking person.

m0 on

she is just plain jane…hugh face and ug hair

Victoria on

Who cares about her hair, she needs to get that chin chizzled down!…Pronto!

Kris on

I’m sorry to say this, but no matter what she does with her hair, her face stays the same. She is just sooooo UGLY!

Tyrone on

That has got to be Bruce Willis with a wig on. I can’t believe a girl could be THAT UGLY.

Mary on

It really doesn’t matter what she does to herself she is one of the homeliest poeple I have ever seen. Her sisters came out ok, I don’t know how this girl stayed so ugly. And she needs to do something noteworthy, why is she even in the news?

Becky on

This girl, unfortunately, is one of the most unattractive people probably ON EARTH. She is completely blind to it and everybody around her (family) is blind to it. There is no guidance concerning a different haircut that will help her features, nothing. The only remarkable thing about this girl is that she has never addressed the hurtful comments about her looks and even announced not long ago that she is “famous” or a “celebrity.” Obviously no one cares to guide her.

Kate on

I think she looks best with the short blonde hair she used to have. But seriously, could you not find any more unflattering picture of her? In this one she looks like Eddie Vadder on crack!

Cucumber Eyes on

long or short no matter this gril is unattractive anyway… her beautiful mum should give her some advice…

Elda on

It’s different but i kinda like it better then her short hair style.

TJL on

She’s just butt ugly and way you look at it.

reality on

Adding extensions is like putting lipstick on a pig. Doesn’t make it attractive, it just makes it a pig with lipstick on.

Sasha on

This poor girl. She does not seem to have much fashion sense. The girl needs a stylist and a great hairdresser. Obviously, she has neither.

lili on

UGLY she’s not pretty but her DAd YEAH!!!!!!

Georgina on

I have never seen anyone as UGLY as this person, I imagine she could break a mirror at half glare.

Pumpkin on

Anything that covers her face is an improvement.

Jade on

I agree with almost everyone else that Rumer Willis is not attractive at all. So… short, long, curly, straight, it doesn’t matter if the face being framed by that hair looks like her. She always seems to be squinting her eyes, and that weird nose! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like it. An, dare I mention that chin! I really don’t think Scout looks much better, but the youngest one, Tululah, she’s the one that got the looks in the family.

Lynners on

The longer the hair, the better! More hair looks better with her facial features.

Christine on

All I am going to say is Thank GOD I am not the only one that thinks she really is ugly. Surprisingly UGLY!!!!! Bruce Willis HOT HOT HOT!!!!! Demi Moore HOT HOT HOT!!!! Rumer Willis NOT NOT NOT!!!! This is just proof that great looking people CAN make an ugly kid. She looks better with long hair because with her hair short her face stands out WAY TOO much and that makes her look worse. Sorry that I am harsh, but I just don’t understand what the big hype about her is!!!!

Ashley on

Now she looks like a man in drag lol

claudia on

People don’t be cruel, she is not an attractive person but that’s not her fault, would you like if someone makes comments like that about you kids at list the girl does not do stupid things like paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, etc but every one adores them why only becouse they are
“pretty and good looking” give the girl a break.

alisha on

This poor girl… is not her only problem. For the love of God, do SOMETHING with all that money and fix her up!

scoobydoo3665 on

How could Demi make such a ugly child? I really feel sorry for her and she tries so hard to be like all the other celeb-retards and be so trendy. The hair is gross..the color doesn’t even match and she looks like she just arrived from a acid flashback!! with all the money she has access to,she should look so much better!

MaggieMay on

Could someone please tell me why this girl is a celebrity? What have I missed?
She’s about as homely as they come, no matter what she does with her hair.

kt on

i didnt know nirvana was reuninting and looking for a new lead singer…

Donna on

she’ll look gross no matter what her hair looks like… sorry

Anonymous on

Some of these comments are just downright cruel.
This blog is meant to comment on what her new hair style looks like to you.
Not if you think she’s pretty or not.

Just imagine if you were her and you saw these comments.
Do you know how bad that would make you feel?
You guys would feel awful and you know it.

Grow up and stop being so downright awful.
Maybe you’ll learn something.

Personally, I think Rumer looks great.
She has very distinct features.
Yes she looks like her dad, but she isn’t ugly.
She’s just unique.

jae on

At this point I don’t anything but a good plastic surgeon can do much.

amanda on

Nothing will help her look good…it’s too bad she didn’t get any genes from her mom.

steph on

unfortunately, i thinks she looks horrible. it looks way too fake.

Corinne on

I like her in short hair. She looks so weird and awkward.

Georgina on

How in the world did this brutally ugly person become Miss Golden Globe. I nominate her for Miss Ugliest Person in Hollywood. The prize an EXTREME MAKEOVER.

nikki on

she really is very ugly. how do two hot people make such an ugly kid.

ha on

I wish she WOULD read this blog and go into hiding…move to South Dakota or something.

Pamela on

She could be very attractive if she worked on it…Remember ugly Chelsea Clinton…She really transformed herself…granted no swan, but a vast improvement. Rumor just needs to work on it a little more…the extensions may have been an lets just shape and flat iron that fake hair., put on some trendy…CUTE clothes and a little make up …Bingo

Kerri on

She isn’t a classic beauty, but most of these comments are just plain rude, mean and classless.

I’m more concerned about why all the magazines think it is so important to show her, Paris, Britney and everyone else with their new glued-on hair. It’s not like they had to made a commitment to cut it in the first place. All they have to do is go buy a new look. It’s lame and a true waste of money with the number of times they change it during a year.

Kate on

I have to say I think the comments about her ugliness are really shallow. I mean, let’s face it, not everyone can look like a Victoria’s Secret model and shouldn’t do either. At least she’s not one of those 14 in a dozen girls with the plastic nose, plastic chin and plastic boobs! I think she’s a million times more beautiful than that Heidi Montag for instance. And also, you on people never publish that unflattering pics of anyone, so what is it with this one? I’m sure you could have found a nicer shot of her so give the girl a break.

alice on

I can’t believe so many of you would pick on a young girl like that. Thats really pathetic. And for all you who keep asking why she is famous- She is famous people keep posting her pics on celebrity blogs so others can make fun of her. Do you think that was her idea? Doubt it.

Jenny on

She definitely looks better with long hair but she is still ugly. I mean really, is it just me? or is she one of the ugliest girls out there

Charmaine on

Unflattering picture ? She is Ugly beyond words, any picture is going to be an Unflattering picture, unless its so dark you can not she her.

Blake on

It is true this girl can’t help being this ugly, and she is very UGLY. However she looks like she has not seen soap and hot water in sometime, this is an item she can do something about, no surgery required. Also if she put on some womens clothes and grew her hair so she would not require that hairpiece she has sewn to her head. These are both also items that require no surgery. One final item, I have never seen her smile, this could also brighten her appearance, unless she looks like Joker when she smiles like her sister does.

ALY on

It definitely looks better long than it does short. When it was short she looked like a boy. I think something more like a bob, a chic, girly. bob would work best for her

d on

“Gilda December 12th, 2007

Rumer is not attractive and does not have any fashion sense. The long wavy locks do not look good on her. Other than being the child of two movie stars, she has nothing going for herself. She should get a college/university education and develop a career and give up trying to be part of the celebrity rat race.”

EXACTLY that’s what i wanted to say she should go to college i think her parents can afford the best education for their daughter or if she really loves acting go to an acting school and choose plays instead of movies.

Spike on

This is a man dressed like a woman right ? There is no way a healthy young women should look this bad. She has no fashion sense, and looks like she has not washed in at least 3 days, and I am told on top of every thing else wrong that is fake hair woven to that pumkin of a head, unbelieveably Bad. A guy I know named his kids Scotcher and Ginner, I guess when you’re drunk naming your kid you get a name like that eh RUMer.

Sharon on

This poor girl cannot help it that her parents named her after hard liquor, maybe they thought it was funny like the song “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash.



Susan on

Rumer’s new long hair ? You mean Rumer’s Wig. Fake hair is fake hair. It is ridiculous that a perfectly healthy young woman in her prime would require a wig/extensions. This is on her ugly head for one reason, she is too Lazy/Stupid to maintain her own natural hair.



Barbara on


Helen on

This must be a gag picture of Bruce Willis dressed in drag.
Rum-er ? This can’t be her real name, it’s a nick name because she is at the bar too much, right ? Might as well name your kid Tequila-er, or Vodka-er.

Kim on

Sooooo much nicer than the fuzzy bleach hack!

Rumer’s features are too masculine (that Bruce chin!) to carry a pixie cut, and the duck-yellow tint was horrid against her pale pink skin.

The brown lengths are beautiful and they soften her face.

PHOTO: Rumer Willis Dyes Her Hair Black | Screw Cable on

[…] a lot in recent years: there was her big chop in 2007, followed by a platinum period and then, wavy extensions. The next year, she straightened her hair and went black, trying red (and then black again) in […]

See Rumer Willis's New Black (and Blue!) Hair – | Showbizflash | Showbizflash on

[…] a lot in recent years: there was her big chop in 2007, followed by a platinum period and then, wavy extensions. The next year, she straightened her hair and went black, trying red (and then black again) in […]

Hbib on

Edno vreme kato malak si zapisvah kointturksee nindja na video kaseti i mislq 4e gi pazq, 100 % sam siguren 4e q imam taq reklama na nqkoq video kaseta 6te se opitam da pomogna

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