Heidi Hits the Red Carpet in the Same Dress Twice in One Week!

12/12/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Andy Fossum/Startraks; Karl Larsen/INF

Who doesn’t have a favorite dress that makes her feel fantastic the second she slips it on? We think we’ve figured out The Hills’ Heidi Montag’s favorite — she wore this sequined LaROK dress to major red carpet events twice in only four days! First, the reality star donned her sparkling dress for the Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Vegas on Friday and turned up to Monday night’s Hills finale party in the exact same frock! Even her black pumps and long blonde curls looked exactly the same at both events. We all love to re-wear our favorite party dresses, but we usually try and space them out if we can. Tell us: What do you think of Heidi wearing the same dress twice in four days? Do you re-wear your dresses that often?

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SC on

She should have definitely spaced it out, at least a week! Wearing the same dress in front of cameras within four days is not a smart idea, esp. when she has the money to buy another dress…oh heidi and your fake boobs….and nose lol

Anonymous on

She need to tell O boy to get her a new dress.. Haha..

Anonymous on

She need to tell O boy to get her a new dress.. Haha..
Sad very sad.

Hallie on

When you’re in the spotlight and designers are giving their clothes away, why would you wear the same dress twice? In your lifetime let alone in one week.

Michelle on

She looks so fake, maybe she’s low on cash.

allison on

That dress makes her look like a hooker.

Heather S. on

It’s one thing to wear a basic black dress with completely different accessories twice in one week, you can almost make it look like a totally different dress. But not a dress that has that much going on. Did she think people would forget? Although I wish we could forget her all together, she is really starting to be annoying.

Heather S. on

Not to mention she didn’t even change her hair…

Elda on

she is a pretty girl but her twins look to fake and to big for her body image.

Tina on

She’s a hag!!! She needs to give it up!!

tld on

She looks really trashy. Too much leg and boobs (which look super fake) at once… If you are going to wear the same thing over at least it should be worth the wear. This looks like something you wear to bed.

polly on

i would definately wear a dress more than once, though im not an actress with loads of money who can afford to wear different clothes for each different event. she should have at least spaced it out, or changed the accessories so that the look wasnt as similar.

bigwow on

Fake boobs! When will this craze die off? She went from flat (her description) to grapefruits bolted on for her self-esteem? Oh brother. It certainly wouldn’t make me feel that great if guys were suddenly paying attention to me because I have big boobs. That’s such a weird sad way of thinking. Recent article in Details about the fake boob trend is that the majority of men are tired of it too and that they don’t like the way they feel. Sure you’ll always have the contingent of guys that love ’em. Men are so dumb for boobs.
The dress is cute. So what if she wore it twice. This aspect of her appears normal. It’s the fake boobs that ruin it.

lala on

This dress is from Nordstrom, she bought this with her own dough. Times must be tough. The money is probably going towards her new busom check ups.

coco on

I’m sure she did it on purpose because something like this will put you an a magazine or blog…even if its bad publicity, it is publicity. She’s playing the media becasue she knows that her 15 min of fame are coming to an end soon.
what is up with those fake boobs!!!!! they look like two giant grapefruits stuck on with velcro…bad-bad!!

it’s a stunt my friends!!!

Dorothy on

Despite the fact that I probably earn 1/10 of what she does when it comes to major events I try not to wear the same outfit especially if I am hanging out with people who have already seen me in it.As for her-I dont get it-the rack looks horibly fake and inflated, the dress looks kind of cheap and obviously her fashion taste is very poor.

lily on

Nothing wrong with wearing the same dress twice in a week if you will be seeing different people….However, when you are in the spotlight (why this person is, is beyond me) it is stupid.
I have seen hookers that have looked more appealing than this idiot. Those boobs look glued on and are either going to fall off or explode. Her face is ugly…..why are we even talking about this no-talent bimbo?????

Anonymous on

she┬┤s boring, just boring!!

Bella Boo on

I’m sure I don’t make a quarter of what Heidi does… but I try to space my outfits out by a week if I can help it. And I have to agree about the implants… I’ve heard it can take a year for them to “settle” so hopefully for her, this very pronounced bust look will go away.

DM on

She looks terrible, she needs to gain some weight and quit with the bleached blonde look. It makes her face look bad

Pamela on

Good Lord those fake breasts look horrible….and the same dress…she looks like a porn star that can’t afford new clothes.

Daisy on

It’s just too sad to look at! Really, I think what could be sadder is the ridiculously fake and cheap boob job!!! Please go away!!!

lauren on

that dress looked horrible on her the first time she wore it. why wear it again it doesnt fit any better than it did the first time?

platinum on

oh heidi…you must need money. with that chest you could strip in a club, but with the face you might not make too much money. the dress is cute, but she is so fake.

CF on

She’s just doing it for more publicity! Shameless….

claudia on

Why wamen do that to them selves, those boobs are to big fake too much for her little body

Jon Bodack on

Since I’m a guy, I don’t wear dresses, but if I were a girl, I don’t think I’d wear the same dress a couple of days later!

Heather on

Who cares! You people are so shallow. Please don’t sit there and tell me that when you find a dress or top you love you don’t wear it every chance you get. I know that you do. She is not loaded. Her daddy is.

scoobydoo3665 on

Those boobs look SO FAKE!! She needs to disappear…her 15 minutes of fame are over,so take spencer and go BYE BYE!!

kels on

omg… her boobs look terrible! and what was she thinking wearin the same dress.

breanna on

Hi. Give her a break. Who really cares that she wore the same dress. MAybe she can’t afford a new one, or maybe she just loves this dress. If I looked like her-she is pretty-I would flaunt my boods-fake or real.
And plus her and Lauren are still best friends. I live in CA. And actually I saw them shopping together in Hollywood. And Heidi is really pretty in real life. And I love Lauren tooo. Lauren you better get after Brody. He is HOTTTTT.

pranks on

why would she wear that thing even once?

Liger5678 on

This is ridiculous! It is a beautiful dress and she looks great in it….who cares how much she wears it?!

Elizabeth on

I used to not like her because her and spencers relationship was petty. Now I kind of feel bad for her because everyone picks on her.
She might make alot of money, but who cares about her cloths. And if she wants a boob job, oh well its her body. If thats what she wants its not our place to judge her. We don’t even know her!

CeCe on

who cares….it’s a dress. wear it, love it, flaunt it, move on people.

Solache on

I mean yea she did make it kind of obvious that she wore the same exact thing however we normal people do that to and thats just human to put on the same thing just because your famous doesn’t mean you have to sail or throw away all of your only worn once outfits thats just ridiculous i don’t like her that much but big deal she wore the same thing again

Gemma on

she should have spaced it out better and downsized the boobs a bit

Anonymous on

this makes me laugh, it’s also the same exact pose.

Carlagc on

maybe she just loves that dress… haha

Quynh on

We are all repeat offenders but seriously, twice in a mere four days.. she definitely could’ve given it some more time. On another note- with the same shoes? I believe the hair and makeup is no different either. Is she running out of money? Maybe if she didn’t spend it all on those boobs (which, by the way aren’t all that flattering on her)

Jenna on

wow has she looked in the mirror, gawd! look at her fake nose, and boobs. im discusted!

Jenna on


ALY on

It’s a great dress but I wouldn’t have worn it twice in such a short time period!

d on

she looks really stupid with her fake boobs

drea on

my gosh, why couldnt she change her dress?
did she think we wouldnt notice or somethin…. not true. I personally dont like this dress on her anyways.

guess who on

The dress isn’t bad, but her breasts look very fake and she is standing in that same Tinsley pose in both pics. Ugh! I think she should have spaced her wearings of the dress by at least a couple of weeks.

gracey on

AHHH! I cant get over how fake her boobs are!

Grace on

I think that the dress does not look very good on her. It really brings out her chest, but not in a good way. :(

Cocoloco on

who agrees with me here that heidi montag is prettiest much the dumbest person in the world? she desperatly needs to dump spencer. also, i think anyone who gets a boob job is a little messed up in the head. sure its great to have big boobs, but common. heidi should give a thought to the fact that that dress was probably made in China by way-too-low paid children. as for wearing it twice in a week, i dont see how it hurts anybody.

Sarah on

Come on, Heidi! With your bajillion dollar salary, you can’t afford to just buy another dress? And to be honest, the dress is not BEAUTIFUL on her. Just OK. I mean, you don’t see Lauren, or Audrina, or Whitney doing this! Snap out of this Heidi! Don’t get caught doing it again.

erin on

there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same thing twice! i do it with my favorite dresses too.. but thats like wearing the same thing to school twice in one week. it would be a little weird.

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