Emma Watson's Grown-Up Look: Love It or Hate It?

12/06/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Richard Young/Startraks

Emma Watson performed magic worthy of her Harry Potter character Hermione Granger at a dinner in London last night to honor Chanel artistic director Karl Lagerfeld. The 17-year-old star seemed to magically grow up in before our eyes, in classic head-to-toe Chanel and sophisticated ruby lips. We love that Emma chose such an elegant ensemble for the event, but we want to know what you think. Tell us: Do you like Emma’s chic, adult look? Or would you prefer it if she dressed more like a teen?

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sandy on

i love it

Tara Leigh on

She looks so beautiful, grown-up and sophisticated! It’s so great that there’s finally an actress out there that’s more about style and class than showing her body to everyone. I love her look!

Jaclyn on

It is, indeed, a beautiful and sophisticated look… perhaps this is just a poor choice of photo, but she just needs to smile!!

Elle on

She looks stunning here – i think she’s grown up so well compared to a lot of other people her age in the media
Elle xx

audrie on

I think this look is far too old for her. At her age she has limitless options fashion wise and I feel this look would be so much better in about 20 years.

Martina on

I like the look but not for her. It makes her look much older. I think that look should be for someone like her mother and she could have worn Chanel but something more for her.

(I have her same age)

Shanna on

I like this look but not on her. She looks like she’s trying to play dress-up. I do commend her for NOT showing her entire body. She’s on the right track

Bonnie on

Usually, I love her style, but this is just… OMG!
This red lipstick is horrible… :(

Tamara on

I’m so happy there’s finally a beautiful young star who can keep her knees together and projects a classy image, rather than flashing her hoo-haw to the entire world. What a refreshing change!

Christine on

She looks gorgeous and classy! Such a nice change from other young celebrities who seem to think leggings and ugg boots are the epitome of style.

lauren on

I hate it! It looks like she is wearing her mothers clothrs & playing in her mothers makeup! I like her hair though!

clare on

I absolutely love it, but if i were to make one change iu would probably go without the tights.

Dorothy on

The way she dressed looks great on her but the red lipstick has to GO-very few people can pull this intense color off and on such a young girl it creates very unappropriate image.

lena on

She looks like someone’s grandmother. I’m 34 y/o, and I wouldn’t wear that outfit. She’s a beautiful, young lady. I think that she should have worn the dress without the jacket. If it’s a skirt, she should have worn a different top.

polly on

the outfit is gorgeous and would look great on her if she were a bit older. i love that she’s trying out a different, more sophisticated style, but she should just have fun being a teen for the moment.

jenks65 on

I’m so glad to see a young star not dressing in skimpy, stripper-like clothing! She looks very classy. I love it, and I think it sets a good example–girl or woman, you can look attractive without looking cheap. Good for her!

Amy on

I think the outfit is great, but the lipstick is a bit too severe (and thus makes her look to old), and though her hair looks great, this mature outfit, calls for a more fun, maybe slightly messy up-do and bare legs (skirt is long enough so that it’s not, you know…) to make her look a little bit more age appropriate. Still, a great style choice, a million times better than what other young stars are wearing these days.

gigi on

Someone should remind Emma that 16 doesn’t last forever. Why dress like a 40 year old before your time?

Gianella D. on

I like it. I don’t know why people are so critical of it, Mischa Barton basically rocked this look when she first became popular due to The O.C. in 2003, and she was 17. I think people have more of a problem because Emma looks younger than Mischa did at that age and we’ve seen her grow up in front of us more so than Mischa. But she looks cute and sophisticated.

Jan on

Your photo is bad; her body seems to hover.

She does look older. I kinda wish she’d wait to look older, but it is classy.

You spelled the last name wrong. “Granger”

Courtney on

HATE IT! Sorry Emma!

Carol MaryAnne on

Teenagers want to be and look older and yet they look at older women and are dismissive. These same teenagers…they reach a certain age and they’re bent on youth. Teenage girls…they’re nothing short of confusing, never mind the “raging hormones”.
A 17 year old needs to look more like a teenager unless she’s so mature she looks older than her years. On someone so young, bright red lipstick….ugh!! Even if retro red is in, what’s old is now new, doesn’t always look flattering on someone under 30, never mind a teenager who’s an actor (female for those who aren’t aware that in the SAG union, women and men are actors.)

Laura on

I’m not digging the red lips (but I don’t dig them on anyone but Gwen Stefani for some reason) and I wish we could see the entire ensemble. That said, I think this is a very classy look, quite the opposite of the sleazy nonsense we see most young starlets wearing these days.

Well done, Emma, but next time choose a more neutral lip color. That red is not doing it for me.

T on

I’m sorry, but this look is not sophisticated on her, because she is way too young for a classic Chanel suit! This looks like something a sophisticated woman of 55 or 60 wears not an 18 year old. Chanel is a classic, I’m sure she can find something a little younger and edgier than this!


It looks like the outfit made her sad. Clothes should not only be stylish but reflect the person/personality. not a good photograph, can’t see her feet/shoes.

Daisy on

I think she looks really bad! That shade of red does not compliment her! I don’t really know how old she is, but I know she’s young, and she looks like a little girl trying to look twenty-something. If her goal is to look modest but chic, I suggest her to lighten up! There are soo many options for her that are very girly, stylish, young, and discreet that would work better.

E on

I don’t know–I like this look but I’m not feeling it on her, the outfit is adoorable but the lipstick washes her out completely. She hasn’t missed in the past, but she sure does miss the mark here!

monica on

i hate it…. the lipstick it’s doesn’t look good… maybe something more naturallook better on her… because she is pretty

Lizzie on

Hi find this look very sophistocated, and I think she looks stunning. I think if she was to smile, she’d look loads better. But overall, I think she looks very beautiful. It’s so sad to see them grow up so fast!

Leah on

I really like it all but not necissarily the lipstick and outfit together. I thik she should’ve gone with a more natural lip color………………..but i love emma watson!!! harry potter’s amazing and i’m excited to see how she looks in Half Blood Prince in November 2008!!!! i cant wait to see her style in the movie and if it has changed!!!!!

lil on

i think she looks way to old in this like shes 16 or 17 she needs to look it once they start acting old they turn into lindsey lohen , they dress older therefore they act older but w.e. still luv ya em

Sarah on

Love it…although the red lipstick needs to go.


She looks great!

a on

I love it- she looks classy and doesn’t feel the need to show everything like most.

miriam on

she looks really old in her look i think she should loose it she looks so much better in harry potter character. she needs to loosen up.

Mandy on

I like the outfit on her, but the red lipstick is way too much, not too mention her hair looks limp. Not a bad look, but she needs some help with the details.

Jess on

It’s a very beautiful outfit and her hair looks great, I just think that the shade of lipstick was too bright and drowns out her skin tone.

Aurora on

I think she looks very pretty! She just needs to tone down the lips a little

Stephanie on

It is a very cute outfit and she looks great but it just seems a bit dated for her, shes so young. Wear the stuff in your teen years that you cant get away with later!

Cathi on

emma is a beautiful girl and i love her as hermione granger! she looks beautiful and all grown up in that outfit. it is kind of somber but i’m sure she has other dresses, too.

Edith on

she looks soooo beautiful , she’s pretty even without sophisticated clothes
i just love her style she is so perfect!!

mz on

i like the look but just not for her,
i mean she should have a little fun with her clothes she’s only 17

Betty on

It’s Granger, not Grainger. FYI.

Tina on

UGH! She looks so uncomfortable. She looks like she’s trying to be 40. And that red lipstick is awful!!!

Lexie on

How’s 17 year old a grown up??

Stephanie on

I think Emma looks great! I love that look. She’s very stylish, so I’m sure this is just fashion for this event. She’s not going to start running around looking like that all the time.

makenzie on

she should tone down the red lipstick. A little bit too grown [the look] for her age.

Kimberley on

I think she looks cool! And what is more teenlike? A little dress without a kicker?!
I think she rocks the chanel-look!!

Melissa on

I love her look here its very classy and sophisticated. Keep it up Emma.

Ebeth on

I thing she is the epitome of chic. It is nice to see a young girl without her panties showing or lack thereof.

Catherine on

Its definitely nice & classy. But somehow, she looks too grown-up. She’s only 17!

Mery on

Horrible…it looks like something that Charlotte York’s mother in law would wear….A 17 y.o. could have some more fun with fashion!!

Kim v on

Emma Watson can do no wrong! She is so gorgeous and sweet. She seems like a great role model for young girls, and I adore her.

Stephanie on

I agree, it is nice to see a young actress wearing something classy and elegant. I think she looks great, but the picture does not do her justice. Maybe another shot would have helped in this debate.

Lo on

I think she could look more grown up and more sophisticated in another way. I personally don’t find this outfit flattering for her. She is a very cute girl and could play it up in another way.

Jen on

She looks gorgeous and very classy, but the red lipstick is a little harsh for her…a different color lip would have made this look much more youthful, but still appropriate for the event!

fashionexpert on


Naomi on

i think that she looks gorgeous!!she is someone i don’t mind my daughter looking up too!!

sara on

I just love Emma. I adore her. (and even more I adore Harry Potter)

Adrian on

I wouldn’t mind if Miss Watson decided to look ‘grown-up’ per say, but this girl has bypassed the more sophisticated and gone straight to the matronly. I almost expect her pockets to be lined with mint-flavored candies for all of her great-nieces and nephews.

gracey on

I love it she looks classy, beautiful, and utterly British. Its a party for Karl Lagerfeld people! God forbid you show up to his dinner party looking like a CHILD!

Lola on

She looks insanely lovely. I hate that everybody thinks that all teens should wear jeans or super-short minis or leggings. My daughter’s 14, and she dresses stylishly. Classic, beautiful clothes can work on anyone, no matter what their age. And the red lip is simply gorgeous- does anyone have any ideas about a lipstick that would achieve the same look?

Saliesha on

I love love love Emma, she’s such a down-to-earth girl! But I think this is a little bit too old for her; too much lipstick, too much makeup, and her dress is a little too old for her… but other than that she looks great! Yay Emma!!!

Jenna on

Are you guys BLIND! The girl looks like a discusting excuise fer a barbie doll. Pahhh-lease! this girl is not “grown-up” in fact, she is far away from it. Her parents must hate her if they let her live the house like that! *barf*

Jenna on

and whom ever took this photo should be fired right this secound!

ks on

i think she looks gorgeous! especially compared to the skanky outfits of other celebs her age…she looks very classy and sophisticated, and doesn’t demean herself sexually at all — she’s dressing like the confident woman all women should want society to see

rashundra on

she doesnt look grown up, she looks prudish

J on

A fully clothed young star a rare breed these days!

Jules on

A fully clothed young star a refreshing rare breed these days!

Anna on

OMG, she is so different. Last year she used clothes more younger, but i love it

jen on

she is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!

faith on

<3 it

Cassandra on

they spelled her character’s name wrong!!! lol well she looks a little too serious but she still looks pretty, she should have more fun (i’m younger than her and i now that)

ihsan on

i love her style i love it

raquel on

She looks like Rachel Mcadams

elise on

I love emma to bits shes amazing :]

And I love her look.. however she looks =]
Very pretty

niall on

very nice but go easy on de lipstick emma!!

Taylor on

I like the fact that she’s 17 yrs. old and acting mature and classy, but you can dress younger and still be those things. If Emma keeps dressing like this, she’ll be in her 30’s and wanna dress young, all because she skipped that part in her life, I won’t mention any Hollywood starlets names who are older and dress like a 21 yr. old.

I like the black tights on her, that’s very chic and hip, and I also like the skirt, however that jacket has got to go. The jacket is nice, but looks more meant for a 30-something yr. old woman. The red lips are too much on her. A pale glossy lip would have looked great. I think her hair would have looked better up in a ponytail or in a messy-do. Also, I don’t really care for the color of her hair, I think her hair would look better darker.

Erin on

It looks rediculous. she’s still a teenager some rich 40 year old!

Chaya on

she always looks good!!! i like this outfit but i think a paler gloss wouldve been better than dark red bec that is too mature for her!!

Taylore on

Hate it. Way too old for her

Tatiana on

i think that the lipstiack is way too much along with the blazer. no one under the age of 20 should really wear that lipstick and no one under the age of 40 should wear that jacket unless your goingto have tea with the queen, which i doubt she’s heading.

Michelle on

kids will grow up…and i think she looks great!

CBG on

she will shine , this one!

Elena on

I believe that Emma should dress more like her age. I think that so much black is as if she’s going to a funeral. I think that an outfit with a bit more color would be better for her. Plus that red lipstick would be better if she hadn’t add that extra gloss. Overall, though this type of Chanel may look really nice on a 25 year old it’s not ideal for a 17 year old girl like Emma Watson. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Kimberly Grace on

She looks great! I think she is such a sweetheart!

emma on

…she’s gorgeous but she needs to dress her age!!

me on

I am not that big a fan of the lip stick color but I’m sure in real life it looks wonderful. Love the outfit but she looks good in casual teen clothes too.

Robin on

She absolutely looks great! It is nice to see a real skin tone (compared to a fake skin tone) and the lips make her look classy. You have to remember, ever since she was a pre-teen she has been around adults, why not present yourself like one? She obviously wants to be treated like one. I give her props for wearing this and who cares how young/old she is? It is just a number right?

Ashley on

I think she looks great! Very sophisticated.

sanaya on

grown up? there is no need to look grown up! shes 17 not 40!!! get some jeans or a mini dress!!

Piper on

Big no. The look itself is elegant and classy but big big no for her. She’s 17 after all, where’s the young and bright Emma?

Danielle on

She looks so good.

Isabel on

I really like her clothes, but I dislike her red lipstick. She ‘s too pale for lipstick.

Veronica on

I think she still looks 11. The outfit is a bit like something that would be in a British private school.

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