Spice Girls' New Costumes: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

12/03/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP/Getty

After months of anticipation, the Spice Girls played the first show of their sold-out concert tour to a thrilled audience of thousands, including Spice husband David Beckham. While we weren’t one of the lucky ones to see the concert, we’ve still fixating on their costumes — the ladies are all dressed by Roberto Cavalli in coordinating arrays of metallics, from bronzes to glittering platinum and white. We love seeing the Spice Girls in more fashionable and mature styles than in their ’90s heyday, but we can see how some of the more outrageous looks could be missed. We want to know what you think! Tell us: What do you think of the Spice Girls new costumes? Love their sophisticated new style or hate them and miss the gold old days?

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Jasmine on

I really think they are cute. I like them all except for Mel C’s fringy jacket. They look so great – even better than before!

bigwow on

Geri’s look is my favorite. The other girls all look good except for Victoria who looks like an android as usual. Her boobs are repulsive.

brandy on

I like Geri and Emma’s dresses but the other three? Not so much.

Neka on

They all have great bodies! So, anything they wear…they always rock it!


I Like Victoria’s & Geri’s Dresses.

Repeat Like, NOT LOVE!

Matching Costumes Is Kind Of Lame!!!!!!!

ez on

geri’s and emma’s outfits look good for a show but the others suck and how can posh breaths with this costume?

kate on

i love them. they look great, sophisticated and ready to re-enter fame. even after babies, they look amazing! great job girls!

Schedar on

I think they all look sexy and their outfits/costumes by Cavalli bring out their Spice personality. I think their outfits show the same Spice Girls we knew with an update in fashion.

Lisa on

They are ok, except of course for Victoria. She is still going for the mannikin look. Anything that accentuates those round balls on her chest should be avoided. What is up with that, will more surgery not fix that??????? It is awful!

Mary on

The costumes are fantastic! I can’t wait to see them in concert in San Jose TOMORROW!!!

stephanie on

Their style is still ridiculously over-the top, and I love them for it!!

enigma on

Posh…looks like a fem-bot from Austin Powers!

I am not a fan of theirs but, I like the overall look for the Spice girls, I hope their performance was shakin’ n’ bakin’ with the new spice!!


shan on

emma definately had the best costumes of the night, sooooo cute
all of them were awsome, they are cavalli afterall!
they matched wchof their own personalities perfectly!
it was a GREAT concert, wish i could see it again

Madeleine on

what in the world is wrong with posh? she looks t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e!

Rebecca on

I’m not a fan of the new costumes- Geri’s is the only one that’s really cute. If Victoria breathes too deeply, I’m afraid one of her breasts will burst!

Elizabeth on

Cavalli is an amazing designer. I love what he did for J Lo’s tour outfits. They were incredible. These girls on the other hand are way too fake and over the top in their design choices. I like Emma and Geri’s. Mel B & Mel C are kind of okay, but Victoria as always is repulsive. I agree with previous comments that she looks like a mannikan and her boobs are horrible. Once again, her waist is too small, her boobs are too fake and her smile is never there. She disgusts me.

Andrea on

I think they look great!!! I just wish Victoria would get to a healthy appearance, always thought she looked great when they first came out!!! GIRL POWER ROCKS!!!!!

Shauna on

Love everyones costumes. Mel B’s fits her well and I just love her anyways after Dancing w/ the stars…SHE was robbed!!! However Posh looks like an android. Gain some wieght, give the round xmas bulbs on ur chest a rest and might want to find a dress that doesnt make her look like humpty dumpty on the bottom. She is pretty in the face but the rest just needs rest!

Margaret on

Why does Victoria Beckham always have to look so fake? Does she ever smile? Other than that I like the costumes.

Jess on

I love them!! I think they still have a little bit of sass and they still stand out, but they look much more sophisticated and together now! :-)

Katie on

I love them! I think the coordinate well enough to say, “Hey, we’re all part of the same show!” but each is unique enough so they’re not too matchy. I don’t know that I really care for any of the outfits individually, but I think they look fabulous as a group!

Kelsey on

I love the outfits!
i think they all look great and match one anothers personalities
i went to the concert and anyone who is going will be amazed
it was probably one of the most energy filled concerts i have ever gone to
and its the spice girls who wouldn’t come out of there speachless
and i was right by david beckhams box soo i got to see him as well so that just topped of the night!!!

Alex on

I like them. It shows how much they’ve grown up.
But I do miss their old ones that defined their character.

Alex on

I like them. It shows how much they’ve grown.
But I do miss their old costumes and how they defined their character.

lisa on

Why does Posh always seem to push her implants up on her collarbones?? Her clothes would look so much better without that distraction.

kayce on

beautiful. think about it, there all in there 30’s… and kids!

Anonymous on


Jess on

sporty- ewww, im sorry she is just not cute at all.

posh- love her but those tight things are ugly.

ginger- reminds me of zenon.

scary- she doesn’t look so scary anymore!

baby- whats not to love about her?! her outfit is the best in my opinion.

Vonnie on

I’m all for it, sans Mrs. Beckham’s leggings…ewww


elizabeth on

Emma looks fantastic…best in the photo for sure. Mel B looks great too and I like what Geri’s wearing also. I don’t like the other two girls’ outfits at all!

jen on

they all look good except for posh’s she looks terrible!~!1

Kimber Hall on

I think that Ginger and Baby’s dresses are cute and sexy. Sporty and Scary’s pant outfits…NOT sexy or cute, and Posh..well she’d be okay if her ugly fake BOOBS weren’t just popping out..not sexy they’re just freaky.

Joana on

i liked geri’s and emma’s the other i didnt like that much…and i dk wat happened wit victoria i mean she was fashionista of the year!!..and sometimes she dresses so GOOD!

Pamela on

I grew up loving the Spice Girls! I’m 23 now and I still like them. Victoria is my all time favorite celebrity for the past 10 years but her costume is a whole separate issue! The others look Fab!

Bella Boo on

Aw, is anyone cuter than Emma??

Shayla on

I’ll just start by saying I LOVE the Spice Girls. Geri, Mel B. and Emma definately look the best. Not sure about Mel C’s costume. And Victoria’s would be better if it didnt make her boobs look so fake, her dress is really cute tho! Cant wait for Spice Girls Chicago!!!

ab on

Everyone looks great except for Victoria, who looks like a space cadet. Her outfit is so small for her that she is popping out all over the place. Not appropriate for young girls to see.

Melanie aka Scary Spice Rocks!!! on

Umm…what is the deal with Victoria Beckham, she is soooooooooooo artificial…I love Mealanie aka Scary Spice costumes, soooooo classy. I just don’t get Victoria, no facial expression, she is always looking so sour…darn..girl smile have some personality…The other girls are ok…

Vicky on

Do I actually see a little grin on Posh’s face?? Now THIS is surprising!

V. Brush on

I like all of their outfits but the “Lost in Space” Posh suit just doesn’t do it for me.

g. on

Does anyone else think they look a little tacky (cheap even)? Baby Spice is the only one who looks like a star … but Geri in general looks amazing. Fit without looking hungry (Victoria).

SpiceRULZ on

LOVE THEM! They are always too HOT!

Jessica on

Emma’ dress has to be my favorite out of them all. Geri’s is cute to!! I do think that Mel B should have showed off her HOT DANCERS Body! She deserves to! But Victoria’s leggings kidna killed her outfit and Mel C’s is just not cute what so ever!

Andrea on

the best singer, the most beautiful,down to earth… is MEL C, and i think that she’s not getting the importance that she really deserves,she’s amazing as person and as singer with an exceptional carrer by herself (search about her) so roverto cavalli, producers,and whoever, pls do a better job 4 Mel C.
She’s the one…=)besides we love ya Spice Girls all of you.

Anonymous on

love em

laurie on

they are beautiful clothes, but they need more color for the stage

mona on

sporty spice – lose the jacket and it would look good
posh – ick ick – her head is huge on that stick body of hers..
ginger – it’s okay – not great – but okay
scary spice – not bad
baby spice – not bad

Valencia on

Why are these girls famous again? And Victoria Beckham should be ashamed of thsoe comments she made about someone not being a real fan unless they faint. What a self-obsessed, unattractive woman?

jennifer on

i think they are totally cool for their performances and they make all the girls look really sexy. I think it is amazing they are all mothers!

Valencia on

They did not need Cavalli for these outfits. I could have found them at the Korean store for them.

meleesa on

all the costumes were amazing

ab on

Can Victoria please wear some clothes that actually fit, and don’t cause her to expose her ridiculous looking chest!

Lynn on

Hate them!Posh looks rediculous!

Not gonna say on

I have to say that I have never listened to the Spice Girls before Mel was on Dancing With the Stars. Why doesn’t Posh EVER smile? She has a problem and(as said before)she looks like a manequinn. She needs to gain some weight and wear something a little less prvacative. I mean she is a mom for goodness sake and she should dress a little more like it. As for the others Spices I love their outfits ecpecially Scary and Baby. However Posh really needs to realize that the world doesn’t need to see hoe skinny she is or more than half of her boobs.

Sara on

i like the look overall but Mel B’s and Emma’s are by far my favorites

Shannon on

I was at their concert opening night in Vancouver and not only was the concert AMAZING, but so were the costumes….they changed 8 times and all looked stunning each time!!!

Rose on

Poor Vickie! Perhaps she hasn’t recovered yet from being in the audience at DWTS. The other girls were all cheering for Mel B. and she kept poker-faced and looking limp, like it was an effort to even clap. Maybe she thinks barely covering her boobs will make up for her lack of personality. Like Mel B.’s outfit and Emma’s is cute. I think the others could look better.

nancy on

its cute…very holiday season..

Jelena on

I like the costumes. They really look amazing!

RoSs on

Great costumes! I love the Spice Girls esp. Posh! It’s awesome to see them once again! Girl power!

Emma on

I LOVE Emma Dress did she really just have a baby????? Victoria’s OMG that is the ugly thing I’ve ever seen why on earth would you want to wear that?? it God aweful!!!

Anonymous on

i just hate Melanie C’s jacket and the whole look. the rest of the group is kinda cute

Chloe on

I don’t like the way Scary (mel B) looks. they really down played her look. She is the sexiest of them all!!!! We know this from dancing with the stars. back in the day, she was ok, but they made her look so horrible. You would never know she was an actual stunner!!!

Grace on


The Mac Mom on

I don’t think Posh smiles because she has summer teeth!! Some are here some are there!! (??)

Julie on

I’m scared Posh’s boobs are gonna come and take over the world. Ginger and Sporty look but as always. The other 3 look like aliens :( Sorry Posh

ann on

I think Mel C has looked ridiculous in every picture I’ve seen so far. Her hair is bad, her clothing is ugly. She just doesn’t fit in!

Alison on

I like Geri, Emma, and Mel B’s outfits. Victoria’s is hideous and I don’t care for Mel C’s jacket.

lindsay on

i love them. almost all of them are mothers now and the days of crazy outfits are in the past. this shows a more classy grown-up side to them which i respect. even though i am going to miss those crazy outfits.

mo on

They are too cute but Mel C’s outfit sucks!!!You know she was never really ladylike!

KL on

There comes a time to call it quits girls. It’s hard to find fashion for women that are not too old and not to young. I am 45 and like to dress sexy now and then. I say go for it if you want. But one of those dresses is way to short for your age and other’s cover up too much. And what is it with emphasizing the water balloon boobs on you know who? Try to camouflage them a bit and make them look classy,not like they would deflate if you poked them with a pin. Who was that plastic surgeon anyway? I know the designers are looking for diversity here, but these missed the mark. I wish them well.

Christine on

Geri’s is to short, Mel B’s makes her look old, Posh looks like a robot but I like Emma’s and Mel C’s.

Victoria on

I love them. All of their styles have evolved since the ’90s. Their look is so much more grown up and some might even say sophisticated, but its a really positive change for them,

cassie on

I think that they all look great, but Posh does need help. Why oh why must she always look as if her breasts are gonna fall out of every single thing that she puts on!?!?! And SMILE girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cassie on

I think that they all look great, but Posh does need help. Why oh why must she always look as if her breasts are gonna fall out of every single thing that she puts on!?!?! And SMILE girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca on

Absolutly love their costumes!!! And I’m so completely jealoud of everyone who is going to see them in concert! I saw them 10 years ago and it was amazing!!!!

Colleen on

All look wonderful because they are all connected but show each girl’s personality. Nix on Posh’s leggings and Sporty’s jacket…those don’t mix well.

ALY on

I only like the whie dress on the end

Bernie on

Whta is up with Posh’s outfit. All that money and no taste!!

rawand on

okay wtf is wrong with posh??? man why doesnt she ever smile, if i woke up to david everyday id have a grin up to my ears:))) and i love babys dress soo cute, except for sporty, wtf???

lauren on

baby spices dress is so cute, I could do without mel b and cs shirts

Candy on

I soo wish I looked like Posh. All the ladies look beautiful.

Leah on

Well, I like them. Matching has always been their style, so why change? I love the outfits! (yay Roberto Cavalli!) My only complaint: Posch (Victoria) looks a bit like some kind of modern alien.

Mandy on

I think they look OKAY with their costumes, but it doesn’t look that nice on them.

Becca on

Why does Victoria Beckham never smile?



Jane on

The girls all look wonderful! I really only like Geri and Emma’s outfits. The others are a bit different.

Elina on

I like Emma & Mel B.

Kayla on

I think posh looks like a robot or android as well. And yeah, the fringe on the jacket has seriuosly got to go. The other girls look fantanstic.

maya on

i like geris and emmas oufits, but wat happend to all the other ones! kinda funny looking! but hey these Girls Rock!!!

Erin on

I think their costumes are great, and as for all of the Posh bashing, I think its terrible. She is no skinnier than Geri or Mel B. And as far as the “Android Look” goes, her name is Posh Spice, her job is to look Posh, elegant, no relaxing, just standing still and looking as perfect as she can, which translates into mannequin :) And her boobs are fake, its not like shes trying to hide it…she’s proud of them! Power to her! I think they all have made an excellent comeback!

Sheerilee on

I love the Spice Girls new look. Looks like a little modesty.
Victoria Beckham has a stance , a walk, a look of a model. She is so cute.

marina on


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