Katie Holmes's Banged Bob: Love It or Hate It?

11/29/2007 at 03:32 PM ET

Miguel Villagran/AP

We loved it when Katie Holmes chopped off her long locks into a chic bob a few months back, but when she turned up at today’s German Bambi Awards with a ’20s-style do, complete with heavy straight bangs, our jaws almost dropped! The star looks so sophisticated and chic with her flapper-inspired look — check out her amazing eyes! — we almost didn’t recognize her in that sexy Monique Lhuillier gown. We love that Katie is trying out new looks, but we want to know what you think of it. Tell us: What do you think of Katie’s banged bob? Love it or hate it?

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jennifer3333 on

I think it’s the best look she’s had so far. Not totally a fan of it but not bad. No way would I wear that cut. It doesn’t work on everyone.

Denise on

Love it!!!!

Bea on

Totally love it!! She looks beautiful!

Meika on

OMG SO much better! She is no longer bland! Good Job Katie!

Jeanine on

I love it! But I guess my opinion is bias. I cut my hair like this 2 months ago

katie on

she lookes just like suri.
dunno, don’t think this looks that hot

Blondie on

Hate it, she looks old now. I liked her long hair way better. It’s hard to believe she is only in her twenties with this look!

jr on

love it! She looks very sophisticated, much more “adult” than 2 years ago. Growing up beautifully.

Tiffanie on

NO WAY!! Its way too old lady for her. YUCK!!

CAT on

Love it!!!

Cindy on

I think she looks stunning. She is one of the very few women who can pull off a cut like that.

Liz on

It’s FABUOLOUS!!!! Now we can see that Suri is just a tiny version of her.

amanda on

Is every1 high? Gross, the helmet look is out

Jaime on

I like it but… is she trying to be Victoria Beckham? She just reminds me of her more and more.

amanda on

sorry katie, this is ugly

Cindy on

I think she looks stunning. She is one of the few women who can pull off a cut like that. I think it is wonderful that she is willing to be bold and daring with her hair cuts.

teri on

SO Posh.

Tyler Jen on

She’s gorgeous! This is the best cut on her…she finally has that “sexy factor” goin on!

jarrett on

love it

Allana on

She looks totally cute & stylish. Chic & amazing. Maybe her best look. I love it.

jarrett on

love it!!!

Blondie on

Hate it! She looks too old with this style, hard to believe she is only in her twenties with this look. Liked her better with her longer hair, but styled nicely to reflect her age.

Shanna on

This is her best look yet!

Lisa on


LL on

I love it !!! How does she get it to shine like that?? Anybody out there know ??

Margaret on

I love it. I have always loved Katie, even in her Dawson days. Congrats on her life and may she enjoy all that she has been blessed with.

Michelle H. on

This is the best look ever for Katie. It’s very sexy and independent. This will be a trend that all women will want to try some variation of.

2:36 on


Lindsay on

HMMM, it rings of a certain Vogue editrix..Wintour I believe!

cb on

Um…can she look any MORE POSH..?! Stick w/being Katie holmes…Katie

laura on

It’s Heinous!! and kinda creepy that it’s exactly like her kid’s hair.

Liz on

Hahaha… She really does look like Suri with her new do. I’m not fond of it at all, but to each her own.

Nana T. 21 on


bella on

love it love it love it
beautiful and young

Chrissy on

I hate it…She looked better with the hair a little longer..Is she trying to look like Posh?

Anonymous on

It looks like a wig, absolutely hate it!

ModMom on

Love it. I think it’s totally 60s!

George on

She is a beauty , but is not original .Can you have your own haircut .

Wendy on

How sophisticated and sexy! She’s really coming into her own. Love it :)

Anonymous on

Totally a mess and she look so old for her age.

Anonymous on

It is absolutely awful!!! Hate it!

rmc19945 on

It works for her. I would never be able to pull it off. Nice look for her, though.

melissa on

loves it!!

Sharon on

Love it.

Marilyn on

Agree w/Jaime — too much like Victoria Beckham. I like the bob better.

Alla on

I love it.
I think she looks great.

BP on

LOVE IT! She looks GREAT! So much more mature than her what…26 years? Wish I could look that great!

Michelle on

It’s very different for her. I was suprised to see her with a haircut so trendy. I like it.

Cyn on

absolutely love it…she looks very sophisticated!

Nel on

LOVE this look!!!

JMC on

She looks great, but sorry to be the one to break the news that it is just a fashion wig, you can tell by looking at the part.

GM on

I think it’s a wig. You can’t see her scalp where the part is in her hair, a definite tell-tale sign that it’s a wig. It’s cute though.

lindsay on

i think someone has been watching top model

GM on

It’s a wig. Look at the part in her hair, you can’t see her scalp…a definite tell-tale sign it’s a wig.

anonymous on

i liked her hair when she cut it to a bob but im not liking the bangs right now. Sorry but im gonna have to say i hate it.


I actually like it.It makes her look more sophisticated and really pretty! It’s amazing on how much Suri resembles her. Too cute!! Not everyone can pull that kind of hair cut.

Anonymous on

That hair isn’t suitable on her.

Kristin on

I miss the old Katie Holmes…now its like she’s a completely different person than she used to be. She let someone else mold her into somethings she’s not.

RV on

Totally hot!

Bethany on

She looks great… But it almosts looks like a wig.

Sarah on

TOO CUTE! Looks really nice on her…. If only I could pull it off

Anonymous on

LOVE IT SOOO MUCH. very sopisticated and way better than any of the dime a dozen bob cuts out there today

Anonymous on

I think the cut is too Anna Wintour-ish

chelleebean on

it’s cute BUT she is trying too hard to look like Posh. Be yourself Katie.

Julie on

I like it, but I call wig!

Tia on

Love this look … She has never looked better.

Sarah on

Looks really cute on her. She can pull off anything though… its amazing how much that baby looks like her mamma

marion on


Jennifer on

Her and Tom look the same age now.

Birdie on

OMG…. I LOVE IT!!!! THis is her best look yet!!!! Makes me want to go out and do the same!!!!!

Jen on

It’s too harsh. She has soft glowing facial features and it looks like she just put on a stiff stark wig. She’s much prettier with a natural hair style.

Jacki on

She should have somthing fun and youthful. This look makes her look OLD. She is a beautiful woman. I hope this is a wig and she does somthing spikey and fun. She is a young, beautiful, mother not an old magazine editor.

Didina on

Okay so the look is cute, but I think Posh errr Katie is being a copy cat. Hopefully she doesn’t go single white female on her and end up with Posh’s alien-esque juggs.

JJ on

You can tell she’s been hanging out with Posh. That haircut is major.

Hazeleyez on

She does look even more like Suri now! :-) But i honestly do not like the do. I don’t think it’s a nice look for her. Her long hair looked better.

L on

LOVE IT – but take the sides away a little — she has a beautiful face!

Ange on

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !
Chic with a hint of drama ♥

Christine on

She looks like she is all hair. She looked so much better with it long, she is trying to look to old now.

laurie on

it looks like a wig to me..im sure she didnt cut her bangs..im a hairdresser and can spot a wig a mile away..regardless…it looks fabulous on her..she has gone from blah to wow in a couple short years

cjk05mum on

It does look like Suri, however I think Katie has pulled it off beautifully. I do wonder, however how this look would do in everyday clothes and without the beautiful makeup. Over all I like her last haircut best, but this is better than the long locks.

Paula on


Kristen on

ABHOR IT! Its just awful. She looks like she’s in her 40s – – in fact, there are women out there in their 40s who look better than she does.

Candy on

Love, love, love it…. so chic!

Kim v on

I HATE this look on her. It’s way too old for her. Not to mention… what is with the gold pinecones she’s wearing?

Karolina on

I actually like the cut, but not on Katie. Personally I think it makes her look older than she is.

sheri on

I Just love it, about time.

ty on

i think its cute and it look rigth on her

sheri on

I just love the new look, I think she is taking advice from Posh!

Glenys on

Love it! This is how I have my hair actually! I don’t like it on her much though. The last cut she had was more flattering on her.

Maria on

That look is for a more mature woman. Also, everyone else is sporting that, can you do something different? I’m sure Tom loves it though, cause is makes them look almost the same age and he is a whole lot OLDER than Katie! Isn’t he old enough to be her DAD??

tina on


Nicolle on

Totally chic!! I love it on her!!

Susan on


Sunny on

it looks horrible on her. I hate it!

Rachel on

I think Katie holmes can pull anything off, she looks beautiful in every dress and now every hair style. Kudo’s to Katie the style maker!!!!

Angie on

I love the haircut on her! It looks great! HOWEVER, she really needs to stop taking style and fashion advice from Victoria Beckham!!!!!!! Anyone think this looks a little bit like Victoria’s cut?

red on

I like it for everyone who is making negative comments then WHATEVER, she’s growing up and figuring out a style and this HOT!!!! DO WHAT YOU DO KATIE AND KEEP THEM HATIN!!!!! LOVE IT

Lrltree on

I think it is a wig. But she looks a bit trampy, like she is going to reprise Catherine Zeta Jones’ role in Chicago.

b on

don’t like it. she’s starting to look like posh

Kristin on

she thinks she’s anna wintour!

Adriana on

HORRIBLE! I don’t understand why so many people like this. It looks like a wig. Absolutely terrible, Katie.

Anissa on

It kinda makes her face look to small, and it reminds me too much of this cat.

Simply_devine on

Everysince she married Tom she has looked 30+ years old.

Tammy on

HATE IT!! She looks so much better with long hair!!

raelynn on

Looks Terrible! You really need to go easy on that eye make up too. You go from the 50 year old motherly look to the scare me away model look! Don’t you remember what a hot woman in her 20’s looks like?!

dianna on

I think it’s an improvement over the boy cut, but I still think she looked best with her long hair!

PH on

She has the same hair cut as her 2 year old. I don’t know. It is a little Velma Kelly from “Chicago” for me.

Carol on

I hate it. I liked her so much better with her long hair!

Lesley on

This is a gorgeoous cut, I love her hair so much. I want that bob.

Lennie on

Wow and Adult Suri Cruise this is sad I hope it is a wig cute on Suri not so cute on Momma Katie

Jersey Girl on

It looks like a wig

Bobby Napoli on

I love it!becase she’s looks so pretty that she looks so attractive.

Emily on

It’s a wig

Christy on

I love it she looks beautiful!

Tiffany Carter on

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. It fits her face so perfect.

Lesley on

I don’t like it, you can barely see her beautiful features.

marissa on

I don’t know…The bangs are a little much.

Robin on

Classy & sophisticated, 2 traits I can say are greatly lacking in a lot of other stars out there these days. Good for her.



Julie Smith on

I liked her short cut before… classic, played up her cheekbones and amazing jawline. Now she looks like a third-rate player in “Cabaret.”

kp on


Melanie on

Is it me or she following the footsteps of Victoria Beckham? Next thing you know, she’s gonna go blonde. I really prefer her in long, luscious locks.

Mandy on

Oh man this is great! Love it!

wendy on

Hate it!!!

Kendall on

Looks like a wig!!!

jenna on

She looks like she’s TRYING to look like her kid.

Chey on

I hope it’s a wig, because it’s far too heavy a look for her. All these changes appear to be because Katie has absolutely no idea who she is, so she’s desperately trying to do things to her physical appearance in the hopes of getting positive accolades from somewhere.

ann on

Another Spice…………..?

twenty8twenty on

I love it.

JM on

i love it. she looks better everyday. kudos to her stylist and hairdresser! makeup, hair, & clothing can make such a big difference!

lauren on


Mimi on

I do like it. It looks like a wig. A cute alternate look.

Katerine on

LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTT, She looks sooo much better like that, Tom must be soooo proud of having a hot looking wife!

Leslie on

Don’t like it at all

Spring on

Now her head looks like an oval. Something’s gotta be wrong when she is constantly trying to vye for the attention in the couple. Maybe she will become more famous than him and he will then divorce her like he did Nicole…

einat on

ot looks like she is wearing a wig!

Tutie on

She looks so much older with this…I don’t like it. I like her prevoius do better. The short wavy look was great. Granted, there is no question Suri is her daughter (not that there ever was!)…they look alot more alike now!

KMW on

I think we need to revisit the gold pine cones. Absolutely dislike the hair, but that ‘thing’ resting on her shoulders isn’t helping.

Kim on

Love it! She is so beautiful!

Diane on

It does age her a bit, but I think she looks beautiful. It’s a lot better than what she had before. I like it!

Grace on

It’s very cute! Its much cuter!

chelsea on

i hate it. it totally covers her beautiful face.

Shelby on

Don’t like it, liked her previous hair style A LOT better

Tina on

No, i don’t like it all. I liked it long better. It makes her look old! I didn’t even recognize her with him.

Kaycee on

I didn’t even recognize her when I first saw this picture. She looks totally different…and a lot older.

Annie on

Hate it. She looks like she has a wig.

Tiffanie on

I like the haircut and it looks good on her, but I think she is trying to look older because of Tom. I personally liked it long.

Jaymi on


Tina on

No i don’t like it. I liked it longer. She is too young for this cut. She looks old. Didn’t even recognize her with him.

Anonymous on

Do not like it at all!!!!

Leza on

Are you sure that isn’t a wig?

Jd on

Well, since shes married to such an ugly man, no doubt some of his hair fashion sense would rub off on her. FATBOY TOM!!!!

Jaymi on


Tina on

I do not like it. She looks much older now…

Colleen on

totally love it; sophisticated; sassy; grownup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R on

I LOVE IT!! She looks so BEAUTIFUL!

Shirley on

Its a beautiful cut but it makes her look old but I would think that’s what the old man wants in some ways. Its too bad she has gone this route for this guy who will probably dumb her in 9 1/2 years. He’s such an aXX

Drae on

Do you have a mind of your own? I like the cut, but for criss sakes, stop letting Tom turn you into a Posh Wanna-Be

Jessica on

Loved it before the bangs.

Bellwether on

I think she looks great – but she also bears a striking resemblance to Anna Wintour – the editor of Vogue.

Aneli on

LOVE IT!!! Very modern, sophisticated, fun, beautiful look for her!!!

J on

Had to do a double take—she looks sexy. She also looks like she could walk into an audition for the next Austin Powers movie and nail the lead fem-bot role.

Tiffany on

I love it! It’s cute, it’s fun and it fits her face.

T on


Tina on

I do think that she’s trying to be like Victoria Beckham too.

renee on

I love her hair style. She looks stunning with short hair and now with the bangs, it’s just as great!!!!!

kayleigh on

i think the cut is fantastic. it flatters her face

Kate on

I think Katie looked a lot better before her TomKat days. She is too over done now…

I think she looked a lot better with the longer hair, and just regular jeans.

Looks like she is trying to play dress up half the time.

JustMe on

its too bad she’s looking so much older then she really is. Wait a few and he’ll dumb her also. He always wants someone young to make him look young, but he’s just an old man and getting older by the minute. Why doesn’t he just disappear.

dianne on

guess she has to look like her bff, posh. get real. whats next, blonde hair?

Jilly on

that is a wig

JustMe on

thats who she is, POSH in disguise.

Jana V on

Katie looks very sophisticated with her new haircut. However, it perhaps hides her cute face too much.

nichols on

The word hate comes to mind

Rachel on

Love the hair. HATE the outfit- as usual. Why does she dress like a fabulously rich 60 year old?

Gemma on

better than theat wierd thing she had just before this but not as good as long hair

MC on

Finally!! She’s starting to dress and look her age. She actually looks great, and I haven’t been able to say that about her since she started seeing Tom. I think she’s been a bit lost when it comes to how she wants to look, but, I think she’s finally found it – the happy medium between a stylish, edgy, fashion forward 28 yr. old, and a sophisticated, mature woman. Congrats, Katie!

Lauren on

i love this style on Katie. It’s so chic, I wanna try it now!

morgan on

i like it alot for her i don’t know if i cold rock it but she looks lovely

beth on

love love love it! so chic! does make her look older but its hot… with the long hair she looked like a baby next to tom. posh’s influence is nice!!!

Brenda on

It’s bad! Her original Jackie O short cut was perfect. It inspired me to cut mine off. This however, is not a good look for our young Katie.

LS on

I think it looks okay, but is she trying to turn herself into Victoria Beckham? She needs to be herself!

Shana on

Ummm… I believe she’s wearing a wig. Soo yeah the wig looks real nice

JenB on

Yuck! That cut is very unflattering.

mra on

Just what is he trying to make her into – his own little “Barbie Doll”??? It seems like he’s trying to make her look as old as he is!!!

JoAnn on

“Hi! I’m a Posh-Spice wannabe with my hairstyle!” Yuck – it’s too overpowering for her face. It actually looks like a wig – you can’t see her part, which is how wigs usually look.

ejfm on

I LOVE it, she looks HOT. She has such a pretty face, she can pull a severe look like that off.

Susan on

Love it! In fact, I might need to copy it.

Wendy Sue on

Hate it!! Why does she want to look like Victoria Beckham so much? Is she THAT jealous that she has to take her haircut, too? What’s next, is Katie gonna go after her man???

Inar on

It’s perfect! Thank God she decided to change her look! She was like a 40-years old lady!


Omg Thats Exactly Like My Haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Her Hair But Her Dress Is Terrible!!!

& I Thought She Had Navy Eyes Not Hazel!!!

Stacy on

Stop trying to look like Victoria Beckman!!!

JT on

I honestly thought it was Kelly Osbourne at first – same haircut. Katie looks beautiful with the bob, and this is a great look, but something that I think won’t last very long…

sd on

It’s too old for her. She reminds me of Victoria Principal.

kat on

Hate it!! She looks like a poor man’s Posh!! She’s a follower!

Karen on

Are you sure she got it cut? Looks like a wig to me, like Madonna wore in Japan….

Elizabeth on

Looks Great!!

lioness on




Rebecca on

I LOVE IT! She’s so classy looking!

Anar on

Don’t like it. she has a beautiful jaw line and a ling neck which is totally hidden in this cut. and sophistication comes from within…this just makes her at least 5 years older.

Cherish on

Whatever…that is such a wig.

Andrea on

This is her best look ever! She looks gorgeous. I usually dont like katie but she is stunning with this new hair look

valerie on

loveeeee it! her style has definitely improved and continues to more and more. she looks amazing! :D

Lauren on

Love, love, love! Cutting your hair is liberating beyond belief. Ladies, take Katie’s cue – just becaue your hair isn’t as long as Gwyenth’s doesn’t mean you’re less of a babe.

Angela on

Well it seems to me as if she’s trying a little to hard to look like a bad girl. She looks like she’s trying to look like her buddy Victoria!!

blech on

she looks like a drag queen. She’s in her late 20’s and I think that she is being made to look older so her hobbit..i mean husband looks younger.

Plus, it’s scary that they look like a stepford family.

Lisa Marie Williams on

First 4 things that popped in my head bang,bang,bang,bang (excuse the pun) #1-Hooker! #2-Prostitute! #3-Way too old for her. #4-What the hell was she thinking?

Marta on

Love it!!!!

Rebecca on

Eh, it’s okay, but makes her look older- too old. I think she looked fresher before the bangs and hopefully they’re fake. :- )

Michelle on

I hate it!.. She looks so old!.. I am almost 40ty and she looks older then I do. It is so not her. She is trying to hard to fit in.

blech on

She looks like Victoria Principal from Dallas, but how she looks now at 60+ years old.

HeatherJane on

uhhh where is her face?

Kelley on

I love it! It looks great on her very mature.

Luz on

Love it! I didnt recognize her-she is a doll and their daughter Suri is amazingly beautiful! You go girl!!!

Divi on

I like it……..but is that her hair? It looks like a wig.
Anyway she looks really pretty.

Lisa on

LOVE it!!!


I don’t like it, it looks like a wig! She should have left her hair long. I liked it better long.

Amanda on

I’m actually shocked. The last cut I hated but this one is great. Very suprised!

Darcy on

I think It is about time she starts up staging him. That look is so bueitiful in it. And she has a glow to her face. She even knows how good she looks. I wish I looked that good.

Rebecca on

Suits her..but i guess she’s going for that old sophisticated look of someone who could be married to Tom Cruise. But i personally don’t love it- as i think she looks way to old…and she looked much better with her long locks. But if this is who she thinks she has to be and what she aims to be, then i’m happy because she seems happy. But personally i think her and Tom Cruise look very strange, like they are trying to hard to be and look like hollwood a-listers- follow the likes of Brad Pitt and angelina Jolie, or Will Smith and Jada Pinkett- they look much better and do the a-list ting with style, because they seem to embrace who they are.

Swan City Babe on

It scares me!!!!!!

liza on

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! She looks stunning! Her hair is unbelievably healthy, the gown is spectacular, and honestly, I think the new bangs make her look young and sexy again. The cut she just had before that was short and to the side made her look matronly. This look is fresh and young and fabulous!



rayne on

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE IT!!!! she looks amazingly chic!!

Liza7298 on

She looks adorable!!! This is her most attractive adult style yet…and she’s goes to bed next to Tom Cruise everynight! You go girl!

irma on

Oh my goodness! She looks beautiful. She keeps looking better and better.

Miss G. on

Love it.

Anonymous on

Absolutely love it. Very hot and rockin what is “in”!!! Very stylish.

Jen on

looks great, but I think it’s a wig. she wears it well.

Alan S on

I cannot stress this enough. She looks disgusting. Not that I ever thought she was any beauty queen by any means, but plain out yuck.

nicole on

I am surprised I actually think it’s her best look yet. But I wouldn’t do it

Joy on

I really think that Katie had beautiful long hair. I have not liked any of her styles since. She really should let her hair grow again. She was so beautiful with long hair. What a shame!

Karina on

I think she looks Glamorous!!!!!

Carrie B on

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Pink on

Love it! She is going to be the next style icon, just wait and see.

krista on

now she & suri look just alike! i think its cute. she looks more mature.

marina on

looove it!

sunny az on

she probably got her bangs cut because tom told her too…what a shame =(

sandra on

I love it!!! about time!

iggy on

It’s a WIG!!!!! There is no question. I can’t believe how into it people are getting. This is not a “new haircut.” IT’S A VERY OBVIOUS WIG!!!!!!

teresa on

Look close. Its a wig.

Katie Kahn on

Her hair was pretty with long.
Now short and now got bang it got worst…
Hate It don’t the style

leah on

Love it!

Deb on

Absolutely Love it! She looks fabulous…

leslie on

hate it

Kay on

She and Suri are twins!
This is what Suri is going to look like when she grows up!

Yolanda on

I love the short hair, but hate the bangs!!

Amy on

LOVE IT!!! It looks great on her.

Angie on

Love Love Love it!!!

Kiti on

The hair looks like a wig and the makup’s plastered. She’s too pretty to have to go that route.

Scarlett on

Cute…Makes her look like Suri a whole lot…But I think it’s a wig…I won’t believe it’s real ’til I see her go through a wind tunnel LoL

TAG on


Jena on

Hat it. She looks live Victoria Principal circa 1990.

Colette on

I absoultly HATE it!! She looks hooorrrrrrrriiaaaabbbllllleee!!!

Karen on

Love it!! See looks beautiful and happy!!

Lisa on

She’s definitely biting off of Rhianna. That girl took the bob to a new level. Katie’s just trying to earn cool points from other trendsetters.

nikki on

hate it…makes her look older

anonymous on

I love it on her! She looks exotic and classy.

Anonymous on

I need a barf bag!

Ree on

HATE IT!!! I loved her last look, but this one is awful. Tom needed the new ‘do, not Katie.

Ranna on

Love it! She looks so classy and glamorous! Not a fan of Tom Cruise, but he has certainly helped her come into her own. If only the other girls her age would take a cue from her and improve their looks!!

donner on

Yuck!!!!! I hate it!!! I think she’s losing track of who she is. She’s not cute any more. I think Tom is ‘conforming’ her to what he wants. Notice her smiles are even different….more of a pasted-on smile. Not anything like the cheerful teeth-baring smile she used to have. She used to look happier. Now she just looks like she’s trying to be someone she’s not and her smiles look like the smirk that sour puss Victoria Beckham has all the time. I don’t see any positive changes with her since she got married.

amanda on

HATE IT! HATE IT! it makes her look like cleopatra

Steph on

Love it!!! She is too adorable!!! go katie!

Debbie on

She would be beautiful with any hair or none at all.
LOVE IT!!!!!

Dee on

I think it looks ridiculous… I agree with everyone that says it makes her look like an old woman. Within a year she has aged 10.

N on

Her (Tom’s) stylists are trying too hard.

Sarah on

It looks great on her!

Brenda on

I think Katie is darling with her short hair, but I hope she doesn’t think she has to keep up with Victoria Beckham.

Tarchia on

I HATE IT.. She looks GOD Awful… She need to go back to long hair quick and leave the bobs for her best friend Victoria Beckham.

garry on

love it the young lady gets prettier everytime isee her i was in love with her the first time i saw her on dawson’s creek lovely lady.

Tara on

It’s ok, it isn’t the worst haircut I’ve ever seen, I personally like the other way but short like it is now. I don’t really care for the bangs though, she looks better a week ago but with no bangs. I don’t think everyone can do the bang do very well. But it’s not the worst she’s ever done!

Hannah on

She looks beautiful in all of her looks; however, she is young and I would like to her with her long hair again-

laurie on

She looks great very classy…luv it

Anonymous on

It looks like a cheap porn star wig! How horrible, her sleek bob that she came from looked much more classy!

Laurie on

Actually sorry Katie, but don’t really think it’s your best look, short hair without bangs was nice but the banged bob not for you!!!!

Anonymous on

Love it
looks better than how it did before w/o bangs

Marge on

She looks like a blow-up doll. yuck!

Robin Ashby on

Sorry, but no tomato. Loved the way it was before this cut. This cute makes her look very old and vampish and I don’t like that as she’s a gorgeous young girl and should look like a gorgeous young girl.

Kathy on


Cassandra on

She looks so much better, so much younger, and so much … well, not herself, but good!!

Stef on

Posh Spice Jr…

Amanda on

I like it. She’s come such a long way from Dawson’s Creek. She’s a hot mom. Looks good. At least it’s not bald.

Jon Bodack on

It’s an interesting hairdo! She does look just like her daughter, Suri!

Rae on

I think she’s been spending too much time with Mrs. Beckham,… its a very similar (though more conservative) version of the bob Posh has. Nothing new, but its cute.

Mrswindycity on

I think she looks fabolous! Her hair cut and makeup makes her look grown and sexy. Much better than the previous cut and dare I say better than Victoria Beckham’s cut/color?

Teech on

Oh yuck….the first pic made me think she was doing the baby doll look and trying to twin it with Suri.

ab on

I’m so tired of hearing about and seeing every little thing she does. I still think they are an odd couple. I especially get irritated when he leads her around like she is some sort of royalty.

Chris on

I hate it…she looks like a cloned stepford wife…much older, no personality, no face…

Sandra on

I LOVE it. It’s so fun and young. I am not sure why people say this is too old for her. I don’t see any 40 year olds pulling off anything like that. She looks young and fun, kind of funky. It’s absolutely stunning!!! Makes me want to chop mine off as well….

totopoodle on

Looks awful !!



Lovely on

EW! All together now….YUCK! She now looks like she’s 45! Good Job Tom, now you both look the same age!

LeighLeigh on

It looks fantastic! It just shows you what money can do for your looks!

jessie on

she looks sooooooooo fantastic! i’m so glad she’s not frumpy anymore

Sydney on

I love it! One of her best looks yet!

amy on

Sorry this looks like a wig.

laura on


Kelly on

I think that looks really good on her!! I love it!

MaryUtah on

Fantastic look for her. I think she has the ability to look young, then turn around and look sophisticated and not a cookie cut-out of everyone else – way to go Katie!

Lisa86409 on

I think that she is either obessesed with that Spice Girl chic that Tom and her are hanging around or TOM is wanting that Creepy looking wannabe Barbie Girl looking singer (cant think of her name, hated the spice girls then and that chic is doing nothing but making me want to throw her a big mac!) and is trying to turn Katie into a younger version.

Lisa86409 on

But I think she looks good!

Keleigh on

I love the cut but not on her. She looks like she is 40 with the cut. She is in her 20’s. It’s far too old for her. Than again, what do you expect from someone who is in their mid-20’s who marries someone in their mid-40’s.

Lori on

It looks like she copied Suri’s haircut….

Pogue Mahone on

I think it looks ok and she’s glammed it up; the make-up’s too heavy for my own personal taste but she wears it well and can pull it off.I think she looks more sophisticated, but not like her usual self, which causes me to wonder if she’s being “made over” or “created” by Tom; turning her into the woman HE wants; I see less and less of her all the time; it’s sadly like she’s almost “lost” who she used to be.She no longer even looks like herself anymore.

teddybear on

she is very pretty and young older and shape sportives

melly on

love itttt~!!!!!!!

stefanie on

I think she is trying to look more like her friend Victoria Beckham.

Cait on

I hate it. she looks like an old lady. she used to look young and sophisticated, this look just isn’t cutting it.

Amy on

Love it! She is beautiful no matter the hair style, but this looks great on her!

pharmgirl on


EJB on

HATE IT!!! Looks like she’s got a helmet on.

Ali on

Not a big fan of this do. Looks a little too heavy for her.

Grace on

umm… hate it. by far her worst cut yet.

Mbo on

Looks like a wig to me???

Shannon on

LOVE IT!!! My jaw dropped too, and I immediately wondered if I’d be able to pull off that style. She looks amazing!

ann on

think she looks great!! The syle has lots of versatility potential…

Gabbo on

i think she should let her hair grow but keep the bangs and she would look better the bob thing isn’t for her and her age

PghAnnie on

Hate it…makes her look much older and too much like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Lauren on

Looks like a wig. I think she looked the best when she first cut her hair short.

Angel on

I love it, and it works for her… As long as she likes it that is what matters.. But other than that,

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

laura on

can we…ugggh! katie is a beautiful lady, but i’m just not diggin’ this style. it makes her look 15 years older than she really is!! grow it out katie!

Kelly on

I love it! I think Katie looks like she just walked off a runway. It does make her look older, but I think that’s a good thing :D

The bangs are a big improvement from the “frizzies” around her scalp she seemed to have when she didn’t have bangs.

Jill on

OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! This cut is definately for her!

Lucky Red Hen on

Thought she was Catherine Zeta Jones at first, but I ADORE her new look (though, her previous one was great too)!

Deb on

That’s Hot ! No really it’s far better than the Beckham copy cat do she had. I think Katie looks good in long or short hair and with bangs coming back into fashion big time I think she looks amazing. It makes we want to go get bangs.

kandiss on

She’s 29 and a wife and mother. It’s time for her to look like a grown up. She IS a grown up. Very classy look for her.

Shorty on

Not her best look! I think the cut she just had was sophisticated, yet still sweet. This definitely ages her.

Deb on

I don’t think it’s a Beckham style at all, Bechkam has NEVER had bangs. And let her grown up a bit, she’s now married with a kid, she’s probably tired of being considered a girl. I think we can upgrade her to woman now….. a hot one at that.

Kelly on

I like it a lot, but it looks fake to me for some reason! But still a great look.

PK on

It’s a wig. Love it though.

Christine on

I have no idea how this “woman” (and I use that term loosely) became a star. She isn’t all that good looking, and for gosh sakes, when she’s walking with what’s-his-name, she looks like a giant. And speaking of what’s-his-name, he’s a no-talent hack that couldn’t act his way out of a paper sack. Anyway- back to the hair cut – totally unflattering – makes her head look like a chocolate covered creampuff. She needs “What Not To Wear”‘s NICK to come in and save her from who ever it is that keeps putting her in these God-Awful styles. SHE NEEDS HELP!



Jenner on

I don’t like it at all. She isn’t even 30 yet. Tom has turned her into a Stepford wife. ICK!

Carolyn Hines on

I think she looks wonderful. Enough said!

carla on


Ciji on

I think she looks ridiculous. Not to mention when you see her standing next to Tom, it adds at least 3 inches to the already exaggerated height difference. You think Posh Spice had anything do do with it? She should have stopped at the first cut!

C on

Her face is too pretty to cover up with all that hair.

Lisa on

Just looking at the picture, I’d think she was in her 40’s. Harsh, overly dramatic. Doesn’t make her look good at all.

Lisa on

I think it’s very beautiful on her. If some of you are thinking she looks old for her age… I don’t thik it’s the hair I think it’s the way she dresses at times.



Valencia on

Poor Katie. She tries so hard to copy Posh Spice. I dont like the style either way. I bet she has been working hard on perfecting her pout/frown and will debut that soon.

rachel on

UGH! It really ages her and covers up way too much of her face. HATE IT

mnan on

I think it looks so cute on her. She looks pretty.

G on

She looks like Catherine Zeta Jones.

BMc on

It’s a cute cut for a child. The worst thing about it is the expression on her face which appears very self conscious.

JM on

she looks like velma from scooby doo.

jane on

Absolutely adorable and very flattering to her face shape. Perfectly practical for a young mother. In true Jackie O style. Love it.

db on

Love it! This REALLY makes you realize how much Suri looks like her mom! Wow ~ Katie has transformed into one of the most glamorous women in the world!

x-salt on

Think either she’s wearing a wig or she’s got a really big forehead.

Kat on

I love it!!!! She has just a gorgeous face…luv it!

tatpookie777 on

i like katie, but why she trying to look like posh spice? are they really that close? bff’s forever huh?

tomifer on

I think Katie is totally gorgeous but this new haircut is not flaterring. Agree with someone else’s comment that it makes her look old.

roshanna on

It looks like a wig. Is it??

cj on

Loved her LAST hairdo, it was so fresh, young & hip! this new ‘bob’ along with toooooooo much makeup, has her looking like a ‘working’ girl if you get my drift.

LadyDi on

She Looks FAB-ulous! You Go Girl!

Heidi on

She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! The cut really accentuates her beautifyl eyes and fabulous cheek bones.

Tara on

HATE IT, but luckily it seems like it’s just a wig. Loved the long hair better on her!!

Toni on

It looks as though she’s wearing a wig. It’s ok, but I liked her hair longer better.

Lynn on

I love it, but I am wondering how will this look everyday. It does look a little bit like a wig, perhaps it is? Either way, I think Katie Holmes is one of, if not THE most beautiful women in the world [no matter how she wears her hair] and I am still in awe of her marathon success, 10K is the longest I have done, go Katie!!!

Toni on

That’s funny that we said the same exact thing!!! LOL

stephie on


gloria on

OMG she looks like her buddy posh spice, get a haircut of your own. beautiful girl to severe for such a sweet girl.

E-Rock on

Katie looks great!!!

Anonymous on


Peg S. on

Katie! The makeup and cut are way too harsh for you. You’re such a natural beauty, it saddens me to see you like this. It looks as though you’ve become a Stepford wife with heavy war paint. Please say it isn’t so!!!!!!

Lauren Wheeler on

HATE IT! It’s just not cute.

marthac on

She looks great !!!!!! the most beautiful and sophisticated woman in the world!!!!.

Elly on

I love it! Just loev it! I bet you she does too…and Tom.
She has now set this new look up for Christmas and New Year parties.
I think there will be a lot of new “Catie Cuts” out and about pretty soon.
Love it!
Just what she needed to do…start a new sophisticated hair trend…and she has just done that.

Anonymous on

Hair is OK, but the heavy eye make-up is horrible!

Ses on

Love it! She looks classy. Nice to see bangs coming back!

Latoria on

Great look for Katie, those of you who thinks she looks like Posh needs to look at a picture of her again or buy glasses. It’s perfect!

Julie on

Hate it. She is trying to mimic Posh with every passing day. The gold shrug is throwing me off, too.

Anonymous on

Way too much eye liner!! Looks like Halloween!! Scary.

sade on

She looks awesome … no longer bland and blah!!!!!

Anna on

Now, this is what I call, a Trophy Wife! Good job girl!

kathy on

Looks like Tom hired her for the night. Not a fan at all!

Ann on

She looks amazing. I love it on her.

Leslie on


Courtney on

Oh Katie, no! She is so beautiful…why does she do this to herself? She had such gorgeous long, wavy hair! The short haircut before was cute, but over the past few weeks it looked as though she was growing it out…Oh well, no dice.

Jen on

I was praying it was a wig when I first saw it. She looks like she’s 40 years old. Tom changed her into an older woman nearly overnight. Poor thing, bless her heart!

stephysteez on

I love it! It has to be the most polished look she has ever had and makes her face look amazing!

theGMONI on

she looks totally fierce!

Lula on

I think I looks great, but do you think Posh minds that Katie stole her haircut??

Anonymous on

hate it

Jen on

I LOVE IT! Her best look yet!

pinky cornel on

now, she looks very much like victoria beckham! i don’t like it! bff’s ok, but posh’ twin? or clone? eeew!



Lori Mitchell on

Katie,looks great. I couldn’t decide who baby Suri looks like and now it’s clear she looks like mummy!

Katie, there is only one thing to do leave Tom and find someone you can truly be happy with!

Kristin on

YIKES! The lines are way too harsh and abrupt for such a pleasant face. It makes her chin look three miles long.

Erika on

Absolutely love it. So sleek, stylish and complimentary. Her adorable nose, gorgeous eyes and smile are much more pronounced now with the heavy bangs.

Jay on

I think she’s becoming more like Victoria Beckham but I love it.

payton34 on

I don’t like it. I liked her a lot better with long hair. This hair style hides most of her beautiful face.

Kathy H on

First, it’s not a wig. You can’t see her “part” because she doesn’t have a part! The hair is all going forward, look more closely.

Second, I did not care for her bob cut at all, so this is an improvement over that. It’s very sophisticated, but it doesn’t strike me as a practical “every day” look.

Third, she looks mature, not old. She’s a wife and mother and I think she’s trying out looks that are more reflective of her new roles in life. The longer hair, the straight long hair in particular, is so indicitive of young and single and I just imagine she’s trying to mature her look to match her more mature role in life.

Fourth – Katie honey, get out before you are totally brainwashed by that man. You’re beautiful, young, and vibrant but you come across as a hypnotic shell of your former self!

I do, however, LOVE the eyes! Those peepers are stunning!

Kara on

Hate, hate, HATE it. Looks like a wig. A bad wig.

Anonymous on

OMG wat haters!!….if Victoria Beckham wasn’t there for her she wouldn’t be as stylish as she is right now and there’s other people having that Bob style rihanna paris hilton….SHE LOOKS SEXY AND GORGEOUS!!!

Diana on

Now,tell me is she trying to acheive the same look as Victoria Beckman….. She looks like someone in their 40’s. Guess she is trying to appear as old as Tom………..

amy on

Looks like a wig. Too stiff. She looks better with a softer look. Should not try to look like Posh Spice who is not attractive at all.

Goldie on

I think she finally looks grown up and sexy looking. She’s now in control of herself and her confidence shows in her dressing. Bravo for her! It is about time.

Gen on

Ugh, I like her soft casual waves much better, this look is just too harsh for her face and personality.

Also, the hard eyebrow covering bangs trend with stars? Most of them look absolutely horrible in it and it’s making most of them look old, and from the 80’s, and I don’t know of many people who want to repeat anything from the 80’s.

Carla on


lawgroup on

I love it — I used to have my hair like that and its a great look so long as you keep it trimmed –really easy to keep up.
It really wouldn’t surprise me, though, if it was a wig,unless her hair grows really fast.
Actually, its very Victoria Beckham! And it looks much better on Katie — She’s taken on adult responsibilities — its perfectly ok for her to have an adult hair cut.


Stacey on

Don’t care for it. It ages her.

MJ McGee on

HATE it!

She looks 50!

Look YOUNG while you’re young, Katie.

catherine on

Loved her hair before, not so much now. Makes her look older then what she is, who want’s that? Not me! Still a beautiful looking woman, but I don’t think this look is one of her best ones.

salliegirls on


crystalanne12021971 on

I like her hair this way. It makes her look so polished and sophisticated….very flattering to her face shape and lovely facial features.

lizik02 on

At least this way she looks within his age range…shes cute but theres no need to prematurely age yourself!!!

Deb on

Looks like the Posh Spice transformation program is working. Just need to work on that pout, Katie.

Kathy on

It make her face look to severe.

Erin on

At first glance, I thought the picture of her and Tom was Tom Cruise with Kelly Osbourne…

Vonnie on

looks amazing…but i feel that she’s just trying to gain some hotness by copying Rhianna and Posh…but it DOES look good


Lee on

She looks like Bai Ling!

Staci on

Yeah… too posh spice! It’s looks good, but originality would go so much further….. no points for the carbon copy style from her friend posh….

redchick on

Hate it!! She looks like a drag queen.

ashleigh on

Katie looks AMAZING! She looks happy and confident and no longer the girl next door but the strong business woman that walks downtown manhattan. Super sexy.

Stephanie on

I don’t think it looks good at all. She’s trying to hard to be like Victoria Beckham. I liked the bob she had before this one. I thought that was the best look she’s ever had.

AJ on

Love It!!! its a new look for her.. she looks like Cleopatra, wow!

Cassie on

Looks like she is copying Suri’s hairstyle!

ana on

I think its a wig…maybe LOL. I like the look though.

Anonymous on

looks like britney spears! yuck!!!

yolanda on

I hate it! Who is that? She looks like an old lady!

joyce williams on

I love your new style. It’s totally cool.

Alley on

Katie is looking sexier than ever. She can pull off this look and she looks fabulous. I totally love it!

azuresunsets on

Looks like a wig to me. Honestly, it has to be a wig! It’s okay for a temporary look but it’s quite extreme.

Kara on

I think she looks fantastic!! Almost has an oriental look to her. Katie is such a beautiful woman that it doesn’t really matter how her hair looks, she will always look amazing!

Michelle on

LOVE IT!!!! I think it looks really great on her!

rose on

i love it!! wow she looks really really cute!

Sonya on

Love love love it!!!!!!!!!

Harriet on

Very classy…..looking like doll face Suri.

dori on

looks like a wig to me!! don’t like the heavy bangs.

tootsie on

Beautiful and im getting this style.

Maria on

I love it and I have it myself!

harry on

She looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Hope she won’t listen to much to Mrs – no-taste-posh.

Erica on

I love it! She looks very pretty and sophisticated, not just “cute” any more!

Michelle on

I think it looks sassy and sophisticated. It works great on her. She’s maturing!

Sara on

Don’t like it at all. It seems like she is trying to be just like her friend Victoria B.

LJ on

Katie’s new hairstyle is great. The cut really suits her. She looks very sophisticated.

Dennis on

i am not fan of her but i think she look much better now!

Faye on


lisa on

Would not have recognized her….truly makes her look older.

laurie on

can you spell Stepford Wife? Its just a wig, but it’s creepy what’s happening to her. She should act her age! What a shame she met him.

poppin on

If it were on a 40 yr old, I would love it. Katie looks old. Tom is definitely controlling her and trying to get her to look HIS age.
She’s a mom…not a grandma.

melissa on

I think she is gorgeous without the gobs of makeup, it makes her look older. I would like to see the hairstyle , with less makeup. Until then I withhold my opinion.

Regina on

She looks like she’s wearing a wig. It’s atrocious! She looks like she’s trying to match up to Tom’s age.

Susan on

ugh..do not like it at all. Covers way too much of her face and looks just like Suri’s haircut. The first bob cut was very nice; this one is way too much for her face.

sus on

just love it she looks cute

Lydia on

Katie’s hair looks like a wig……a Suri wig!

Leonie on

I absolutely love it!

tanyalin on

She is a copy cat! Hello am I the only one that see’s this. She has been slowly copying her BFF!

yeojah on

Don’t like the short bangs.

Anonymous on

Ugh, she looks like a bobble head doll.

Lelani on

That looks like a cheap wig off a late night infomercial.

ajay on

Looks like she’s channeling Catherine Zeta Jones in “Chicago”. It was a good style for a movie, but looks awful on Katie.

Girlunordinary on

Hate it, Hate it, Hate it. Although Tom’s hair cut is terribly aweful – match made in Hollywood.

ena on

me like it :)))

Deen on

Katie Holmes has grown-up to be a very sexy sophisticated demure but yet still sweet and approachable lady. One thing is for sure, money can buy “just ALMOST” everything.

Holly on

She’s trying to copy her pal Victoria Beckham

jo on


diana on

i love it she looks good with her new sleek do

codee on

Love it. She looks cute and sexy!

Maria on


Michelle on


marshmallowtreats on

wow it totally changes her whole look.
Do you think she was inspired by her friend Victoria Beckham again????

maggie on

Looks like a wig…hard to believe her hair could grow that much in a couple of weeks.

Sharper1 on

She looks absolutely gorgous!!!!

crazeegirl19 on

seems like she’s becoming more and more like her pal Victoria – famous for nothing!!!! pathetic!

raven on

although i think she’s taken a page from Posh’s hairstyles ~ i think it is very cute. it looks great on her ..

Kim on

I think that Katie’s haircut is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonja on

For the first time she looks beautiful. Great hair, love it!!

PAT on

I don’t like it. It looks like a wig. I liked her original bob.

beth on

I hate this look it is not for her

Chip on

Finally great hair to go with the great clothes!

Janet on

Seems to me she is being influenced by her new BFF “Posh” Beckham who has been wearing that look for a long time.

Sharon on

Horrible old fashioned hair do.
Why does she suddenly need to hide behind her hair.
More odd behaviour from the tomkat camp.
Gorgeous young lady like that should be showing herself not hiding behind heavy hair.

Anonymous on

She is not sophisticated enough for it!

jojo on

hate it! she looks so old!

liz on

eyeeeeeeeeeew! You can totally see the hairpiece on the top of her head! Bad weave job! Not only that, it isn’t too versatile! She does look just like Suri…was that what she was shooting for?

Patti on

She looks fabulous! She has so much style and it shows.

marie on

she looks like lizza minelli in cabaret

JJ on

She looks like she is in her 40’s instead of her 20’s.

Michelle on

Absolutely Love It! It really brings out her eyes and it’s very cutting edge.

keanna on

Somehow it looks like she’s wearing a wig. Am curious how she will appear in public next time?!

London on

I absolutely love it! it is so chic on her. someone said that it makes her look old…i don’t think so at all. she looks more sophisticated. She is married to a man in his 40’s. her long hair made her look like a 14 year old with a crush on Tom instead of his wife who is nearing 30. She now looks like she can handle a 40+ year old man…without looking a like a 40+ year old woman. Nice work Katie (and stylist!)

Sofia Isabel on

Gorgeous – – it’s the absolute BEST she’s ever looked and that woman is already beautiful.

Erica on

I think that she looks amazing!!! The bangs really bring out her beautiful eyes and the color suits her perfectly. I think I might get this haircut now!!!

niddy b on

she looks like a madame!

Sarah on

I don’t like it, it looks like she has a WIG. The previous haircut was cute though and made her look more grown up. This one-too old.

Buuuuut Katie is still a great person so it doesn’t matter what her hair looks like I suppose. :o)

Kim on

I absolutely love it! She looks beautiful. It is sophisticated, yet fun and spunky!

Jill on

It’s a wig.

nili on

sorry katie, but – hate it!

Diane on

It looks like she’s wearing a wig.

Krystle on

One word – Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katmar on

she looks like anna wintour!!!!!!!!!

and it looks awful

Yulia on

i think this cut looks ridiculous on anyone. reminds a cat wearring a space helmet http://cityrag.blogs.com/main/2007/09/christina-ricci.html

Amy on

She’s gorgeous. Love it!

Katherine on

She looks amazing. This cut totally suits her.

Lindi on

I think she really looks gorgeous – best look on her so far!!!!

Laura on

I love everything she does. She is such a class act. Gorgeous! The Britney’s of the world could learn a thing or two from her.

Deb on

She looked MUCH better 2 years ago with long hair. Didn’t like the first cut and this is 2x worse. She is trying to look like Posh and it doesn’t work for her. Just be yourself!! She was cute before, now she just looks old.

Anon on

I think it looks great on her!

Vixter on

Exotic looking!

luc on

She is trying to look too old for her age.
Her long hair was the best.

Janna on

I love it!!!
She looks better than she ever has!!!

Bj28 on

I absolutely love it. I think she looks very hot and it really sets off her eyes! I still think she looks young :)

rj on

We all should have as much fun playing with new styles. I know that the real and beautiful person is still there, but she looks more like a characature now … especially dressed up. Am looking forward to seeing the less formal, dressed down person … and hoping she looks more real — its one of her best assets.

omahagirly on

she looks too old w/ this cut. bleh.

Lorna on

It’s an okay look for her. What I really want to know is what that thing around her neck and shoulders is??

sheradin on

its okay i spose… way better then before lol she lookd lyk a train wreck before.
luv yas xox

guatbaa on

I like the do. I think her BFF Posh has inspired her looks lately. Don’t you think?

Letty on


Kayla on

This hairstyle looks wonderful on her. She is supposed to look grown up. She is married and has a child: she can’t be a child herself anymore.

lucylou on

Love it! She is too cute no matter the haircut but this one is very appealing on her.

christina on

This look makes her look completely OLD!

Dianne on

Sadly, Katie is starting to look more like her daughter, than the other way around. Her pretty face is lost in hair – the cut belongs on a child.

cat on

Let’s see what it looks like in a few days when it’s not ironed into submission. This is a difficult hairstyle to maintain and looks like she’s trying too hard to be “cutting edge”.

lucylou on

Love it! Katie is one of those rare creatures that is beautiful anyway she wears her hair.

K on

Love it!!

DK on

Yuck! She is beautiful, but not a flattering look at all!

Maria on

Love ittt so much!!!!

Maria on

loveeeeeeeeee it soooo much!!!!!!!!!! she looks great anyway!!

S on

Love it, she looks young and sophisticated. This is the best cut she has had so far. FAB!

Sue on

She looks older that she really is. Too much makeup. She has a natural beauty and she is covering it up with all that paint.

Tonya on

I love it. She looks like a grown up now.

is it just me? on

Is is just me, or does she look more and more like Posh Spice every time we see her? Identity crisis anyone?

Christine on

Hate it. This cut does nothing for her.

guess who on

This cut is not flattering. How can it accentuate her eyes and cheekbones when it is practically covering them up? COME ON, people. She looks like she’s hiding behind a heavy mane of hair. She’s too pretty to do that.

Victoria on

I know everyone else loves it, but i have to say she cant pull off the bob, she has the perfect face to wear long hair

farrah on

She has no personality of her own…she is such a Victoria Beckham wannabe. Next will be her copying Victoria’s sourpuss look!! Wait!! She has almost mastered that too, no????

Eileen Kessler on

Katie has such a wonderful personality and an inner glow that she is gorgeous no matter what. I love the new look on her and she glows with such happiness.

You ROCK Katie!!

Kellygirl on

It very cute…. bhut it looks to me like she is just trying to be another Victoria Beckham!!

pauline rothman on

If i had HIS money, i´d do the same……..

michelle on

Hate it!!

allison on

it’s too severe…she is beautiful, so she could basically shave her head and still look gorgeous, but this look is a little too fierce for my taste. I liked the softer bob…but she can pull this off. She’s Katie Holmes — she can do anything and still look incredible.

-gayle on

She looks like she’s had a Victoria Beckham makeover! Is that good? I don’t know!

Maia on

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! She looks absolutly great!!!Beatifull make up, beatifull gown… nothing to add

liz on

Katie – Nice

Katie’s hair – ick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J on

Is she is still trying to emulate Victoria (Beckham) once again? This haircut does make her look quite a bit older (closer to Tom’s age so he probably likes it).

liz on

Just because her husbnad is in his 40’s doesn’t mean she has to try and look like she id too. Katie is beautiful, but that style makes her look too and and it’s too severe.

amy on

hate it.

polly on

what a great style. when she cut off her long hair i wasnt very impressed with the ‘pob’ she was sporting, but this is chic and dramatic – perfect!

honeyb on

LOVE IT!!! She looks gorgeous!!! She used to always look so boring and girl next door to me…very plain. Now she’s stunning!

melissa on


Melissa on

I love it…. She looks so sophisticated and beautiful. Way to go Katie…

Lola on

Her new do looks amazing! Now she just needs to dump Tom and she’s all set!

mgb on

Love it – but folks its a wig.

sarahp on

She looks incredible. It gives her an edgier, sexier look.

Tina on

I love the hairpiece (’cause that’s what that is on top). But it looks much much better than the the previous chopped-off bob that did nothing for her. This one, gets a thumbs up.

Mellow on

I don’t like it at all. It looks like she is wearing a helmet.

I like the way she had it before the bangs, etc.

gb on

She’s in her twenties?????? Her latest looks make her look sooooooo much older. Her new bob looks like a wig. She looked really nice when she had long hair with loose waves.

Tara on

Love it!!!!!

E. on

She looks amazing! Definitely her best cut yet.

Bea on

I hate it. It is very unflattering.

sharon on

love it, love it

Marie on

Looks nice, but hides her face too much! Cut would be better without the bangs.

Inge Diodati on

Katie’s do looks so Parisienne! Here in America we always equate short hair with old lady. Not so in Europe. Très chic, Katie!

Sherry on

Adorable, Fashionable, Chic. Keep it up Katie!

Swt Melissa on

I just love it. I dont think it makes her look old at all, in fact it really highlights her beautiful eyes

Kavid on

O.M.G.! Holy Hotness…no longer the Dawson Creek Girl. Welcome to the real world Katie!

ss on

it’s a little too cute. makes her look like a cartoon character.

Beth on

Love it, but she seems to be morphing into Victoria Beckham!

J. Lee on

It is gorgeous. So original. Not many can pull this off. Anyone can pull off long hair with soft curls like everyone has!

obar022 on

This hair would suit her maybe 20 years from now..she looks like shes 40! She should stick to a younger more hip cut..definitely not this!!

Domque on

I hate the look is it that Tom wants her to look as old as him, ugly, ugly style, please go back to long hair, fits you better.

Alison on

It looks like a wig to me…..

r.jeanine on

it’s cute for a night out….makes her look too old.

mere on

I think it looks like an Anna Wintour wig. It ages her way too much.

Diane on

I think the bangs definitely a bit more sophistication to Katie’s bob and I think she looks great!

kristin on

hate it! i think it’s a wig…?

Suzanne on

I definitely love it!!! I had this hairdo back in the late 60’s and loved it. It is very becoming on her and accents the radiance of her eyes. Good job!!!!

No-name on

She looks more and more like Posh Beckham. She should develop her own individual style..

Luiza on

Love it!

Lucy on

Totally nice


To be honest her best look will always be her long hair, she is so much more mature looking with the short hair though. It crowds her face.

Desiree on

love it much better than any other hair style she has ever had!!! way to go katie i know tom gonna be lovin it!!!!

Patty on

The haircut is awesome! I disagree that the cut makes her look older – the problem is the foundation she seems to be wearing. It looks really heavy and uncomfortable, and ages her about 20 years! Kate would do much better by wearing a super light foundation and soft colors.

Ally on

gorgeous! love, love love it! but, yeah, now her and suri have matching cuts — just a little tooo cute, imo.

tasha on

This is a great look for her! I no longer see the little girl we watched grow up, she has finally found a grownup cut!

46 on

yuck. I wouldn’t like that hairstyle on anyone. she looks too matronly.

Jude on

Absolutely classic do…you go Katie.

Giselle on

She is absolutely beautiful, Tom’s so lucky!

Lana on


cathy on

love katie holmes but now i think that shes trying to be a posh lookalike….katie be your own person already!!!

Cristine H on

I think it looks so phony. I think she is doing a copycat of her best friend…Victora Beckham

lmspurlock on

i think she looks like a member of the adam’s family

Ellie on

Love the new do! She looks sophisticated in this new bob. Kudos to Katie for being daring and taking risks!

Dana on

Are we sure it’s not a wig? I thought her hair was shorter than that. I think it’s very cute tough.

kandi on

I think Katie is beautiful, and I loved the earlier bob. This is a little too much for me, though. I think she should grow out the bangs and continue with the sophisticated look she pulls off so well!

Moku on

i love this new look of katie. She is beautiful and now she looks more than beautiful.Tom is lucky to have her in his side. They have a beautiful daughter ,too.

Christine on

I know various versions of the “bob” have been around for years but it’s always nice to see anyone debut a style that fits them so well.I think this is Katies most lovely look. I wish I could find a style that I could own as well as she does this one!

hope on


kate on

not a fan of katie holmes at all but this looks good. different from her ‘cute look’

Denise on

I really don’t like this look on her. You can’t see her face, it’s not age-appropriate, and it looks like she’s trying too hard to make up the age difference between her and Tom. It seems like she just can’t find herself–she’s always changing her look and it looks more and more unnatural each time.

Nichole on

Loves it!

Anonymous on

Love it

Jennifer B. on

I think her cut/style previous to this one is the best that she has looked. It brought her from adolescence into adulthood. This cut, however, puts her back into grade school or, conversely into the Roaring 20’s. Now all she needs is an extra long cigarette holder with a filterless smoke on the end. Thumbs down for this one.

Crystal on

I love it! Hopefully this will help bring bangs back. I’m tired of the bulging foreheads on everyone – like myself. Some of us have high foreheads and could use bangs to help soften our faces, plus it looks more youthful…not older. Lookin’ good Kate :)

Grace on

I think she’s always adorable, but she’s trying a little too hard to look like her new best friend, Posh. I thinks he looked better with long hair – more natural.

Natalie on

How can anyone say this makes her look old? She looks amazing! She needed a change. I think it looks great!

Nidya on

i love it!!! She looks glamorous, elegant and chic

Lala on

Its gorgeous and I think this is the best that she has ever looked!!

LL on

Absolutely love it! She looks like a million dollars buck. Wait a minute…she is worth a million bucks!

LL on

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! She looks like a million bucks. Wait a minute…she is worth a million bucks+.

anynoymous on

don’t like her hair at all–too old looking for her. She needs to be more like the old Katie

vdog on

its perty cute but way too posh! ya i think she should just stick with being herself and not get into the worlds fashions

Anonymous on

She looks awful!

Hunter on

Love it! She looks fabulous!

mary on

yuck. didn’t even recognize her at first. go back to the other short style. it was so much better.

Helena on

Im picking up my jaw off the floor. WOW!!!!!

Jeanine on

I hate it. It covers too much of her face and looks like half her face is gone. Her last hair style was the best she has had and I hope she loses the bangs fast. It is great for Suri, but when you are 2, you can get away with not having a lot of “style.”

Leigh on

Actually, it’s the exact cut I wanted, but my stylist told me to grow out my sides more. It’s really cute on her though. She’s a doll!

Star on

Isn’t this Posh Beckhams haircut?

jennifer on

too vampy. she could never look bad..she is too pretty, but this look is not her best.

janet on

love it

Analia on


She´s so so beatiful now!!! GO KATIE!!!!

Amy Eddins on

Love it!!! Very sophisticated and pretty on her!


Cindy on

Katie is a gorgeous woman no matter how her hair is styled. Is it only me, or is she getting to be more of a Beckham clone everyday. Do your own thing Katie, you don’t have to copy other’s, you stand out amazingly without cloning.

Cat on

Hate it….freaky
when will she die it blond to look just like the spice girl

Tami on

hate it, makes her look way too old!

fhayer on

Preferred her spice look. Why cover up a face like hers.

amanda on

I love her new style. I only saw this hair cut in my history book last year. I never thought someone would ever bring it back and look very nice but katie is.

Sabrina on

I totally hate Katie Holmes but i must say she looks beautiful with the new look!

merci on

i think katie holmes looks absolutely amazing with her new cut. she has really grown into her look and i’m loving it!!

SS on

She looks amazing. The best she’s ever looked!

Andrea on

It doesn’t work for her…. she seems a huge pumpking head…. and it hides her beautifull face!!

dazee on


Liz on

She looks more mature and attractive.

Mary on

Looks so beautiful.. I think she has that look, any style would look great.

paige on

It is awful & she has WAY too much makeup on. Also, I hate Tom.

Ira on


Gigi on

I love her new haircut, she looks so mature and sexy.

Bev on

Flawless and a real beauty in today’s generation in Hollywood. Everyone is buzzing about Katie.

paige on

mind you, Rihanna had it first.
At least she’s got a bit of style now.

Jasmine on

I think she looks really hot – but I could never pull that off. The bangs would aggrevate me and give me a headache. But Katie looks great!

Marisol on

I love it!!!

Paige on

Hate it

Mindy on

Love it..It brings out her eyes and makes her look beautiful..

Sophia on

It looked GREAT – I think she looks gorgeous!

Linda on

Love it……..I see Suri in her.

Anon on

It’s not the hair that’s bad, it’s that silly smile.

ArtzWorx on


goozylucy on

Looks just like that Victoria Beckham. Can’t she think for herself?

Alicia on

It looks like a wig…

bethy on

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, Katie is such a beautiful young woman, and the hair and make up in this photo just step it up for her.

Mauricio on

I sort of liked it, however she looks like a 40 yo woman, she should be using a hairdo according to her age!!!!

Susan on

HATE IT! what is up with the three of them (tom, kaite, and suri)always having the same hair cuts?

Mauricio on

The first moment i saw the pic i thought it was Kelly Osbourne!!!!!

keisha on

love it! she looks so sexy and vampy now…WOW!!

tss on

don’t like it much.

emma on

eeewww – looks like a wig!

molly on


Tina on

I think it looks very nice but it seems like she is copying Posh…a little….

Meredith on

Katie looks gorgeous! Not everyone can carry off this kind of cut–you have to have the right face shape, and hair color and skin tone play a big part too. She looks fabulous. Definitely her best look yet. She’s not Joey Potter anymore!

Daphne on

WHat’s not to love?

Jen on

I thought she was wearing a wig… I don’t think it’s flattering at all, covers up most of her face. Of course, I didn’t like her last cut, either. It looked like she slept with wet hair every night.

Cindy on

Looks good on her. Looks a lot like Victoria Beckham’s style!!

lisa on

Don’t like it, its too much like her Spice girl pal. She doesnt need fancy hair to be beautiful.

Anonymous on


Toni on

I like it. Looks good on her- did Victoria have anything to do with this. Let’s pray she doesn’t go blonde!

Chelsea on


Esther on

Im getting this look by Monday. GO KATIE!

Lisa on

She should have left it hoe it was. Not a good look.

Maria Skierski on

Yuk – it looks terrible – is she trying to look like she’s from the 50’s?

Kathleen Anderzunas on

I love Katie’s new hair do! She is a beautiful girl but her hair brings out all her features and makes her look like a Model.

Sisilia on

undoubtedly GORGEOUS!

princess on

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fg on

She looks great. Love her new hair bob.

anonymous on

she’s gorgeous who cares what who she’s trying to look like,

Shari on

I love it!

Jessica on

She looks so sexy,so hot!!!

wendy on

I like the shorter hair on her. She looks very sophisicated, however I dont like that much of a bang.

Sara on

umm…can we say Anna Wintour here? Anna’s going to flip a lid when she sees this!

Corinne on

She looks sophisticated cute, hella love it =)

Paige on

Move over Angelina Jolie…..

Marie on

I don’t know, i don’t really like it.

Jackie on

I think it looks great but at the same time she also looks like she could be Victoria Beckham’s twin sister. She just reminds me of her more and more.

liz on

Is it real or a wig?

Katie looks best as the girl (woman) next door. Leave the sophisticated bob for people who can carry it off like Victoria Beckham.

If it’s real, it’s just hair and several hundred $$$ and some good extensions can change it.

Sassy on

I think it looks awful. It covers up her beautiful facial features. It looks just like a bad flapper wig I wore on Halloween.

Brenda on

Looks like a wig to me, but I like the look on her. Although she looks more and more like Posh every week.

Kamille on

My personal opinion is, Tom Cruise is turning Katie Holmes into his own personal Stepford house wife. I think he should have married the Robot posh. Katie used to be so sweet and pretty, now she looks like a bot.

Marissa on

Katie looks great!

YSL on


Nataliya on

Love it! Want the same one, but I am blonde.. I will never be the same!:((

BW on

Now, get a new husband!

Darrah on

I love it!!! She looks gorgeous.

i on

me encanta…..i love it

ME on

me encanta…i love it

C Cottrell on

Now we have two posh’s (spice girl city) she and Victoria are looking more a like than ever.
If you’re gonna cut your hair, be origianl and make the look your own!!!!!

Mary on

Umm, hello????!!! It’s a wig!!!!

mia on

Katie love the new cut. You look fabulous!!!

Shannon on

I want this haircut too but Im afraid I will look weird. Ughhh Im jealous of Katie.

Liz on

I’m on the fence…I can’t decide if looking like Cleopatra is a good thing or a bad thing!

Megan on

It’s ALL wrong! It looks like a bad wig. And the strapless gowns don’t suite her.

But the saddest thing is it looks like she´s been crying… The heavy make up doesn’t hide it. Her eyes aren’t smiling.

me on

i think it looks like a wig

marissa on

ew she looks like shes 45! she looked way better without those ugly ass bangs! shes ugly anyway.

marissa on

EW!!!! she looks like shes 45! what is wrong with her?? BLAH

tracey on

I like Katie’s shorter hair. I don’t like the bangs though. It makes her look too old. I think that she has come a long way though. Don’t much care for the hubby….she could do alot better.

JJ on

I think she is turning to be like her BFF Posh spice…I more like the old sweet Katie.

Laci on

It’s absolutely stunning. She looks great.

jaslyn reyes on

i think this pic is ok and she looks verry difrent and very new and fabulous

Anonymous on

It looks like a wig, too puffy and unatural looking!

Rona on

This is what a real Batman leading lady should look like. Classy in every way not like Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Melody on

I think she looks very chic and sophisticated.

catch 22 on

Katie is really enchanting. Im officially a Katie copycat when I admit into following her clothes,purse,shoes,makeup and hair. I want her in the movies now.

Deidra on

It’s cute but so wig like…I think it’s a wig!

Deidra on

It’s cute but very wig like…I think it’s a wig..

Shayna on

I don’t like it at all. I think it looks hideous on here. Makes her look too old.



h on

FABULOUS!!!! she looks chic and sophisticated, a step up form her recent mommy-on-the-go hair do. this cut would be hard for many to pull of, but I think it’s fabulous

Cassie on

either her and Suri got a 2 for 1 deal at the salon or she’s trying to channel Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago

not a fan!

Eves on

It looks like a good-looking helmet.

Helen on

I like this a lot more than her previous bob haircut – the bangs are gorgeous. She is such a beautiful lady.

bANNAna on

I totally love katie’s new look, now she doesn’t look plain when she is with victoria. She was obviously inpired by her friend posh. she is like a young version of jackie o.

Susan on

Katie is a beautiful woman, but I think this new haircut is not the greatest for her. It looks like a wig. Her former haircut really is great for her!

neener on

LOVE it! She looks chic and sophisticated, not too old. The make-up is a bit too heavy, but the hair is beautiful.

Tiffany on

We already know the bob is HOT! But the bangs look good with her face and it makes her look young and sexy! GO KATIE!!!

Debi on

Love it!!!

Lea on

Really don’t like it. It’s like Anna Wintour but she’s old… the long hair is so much younger and more refreshing!

Anonymous on

love it!!! totally works 4 her

Gracie G on

Love that she can wear her hair so many ways. This look is a home run. I liked seeing a close-up of the shoulder wrap — gold spangles sculpted to look like roses? Wow. Work of art.

Chris on

It looks a little odd. Like she’s wearing a wig.

milie on


anonymous on

i liked her bob without the bangs. the bangs make her look older and her eyes look better without bangs.

clare on

Katie looks great with this new style. She is a very beautiful woman and not many people could pull this one off, but she has!!!! Go Katie!!!!

cinny on

i think it makes her look a lot older then she is. haircut ages her.

Sherry H on

Posh has worn this style out, Little Suri looks like she is at least 10 years old and now Katie looks 40! Cute little Katie has become Grandma Katie, go back to what made you so cute in the first place, nothing wrong with looking your age.

Ruby on

Hi, her hair covers her face alot with this look, her heavy bangs and the rest of it weighs down on her. She looks more like an uptight older mother. It’s great when you can see a woman’s face with her hair overpowering it. I like Monique designs for the most part but the golden part looks cheap and overdone. She looked better with the last haircut, mature and sleek and actually still youthful. This haircut actually annoys me. But she still has a cute face.

kristin on

I LOVE her new look,it looks so chic and sophisticated,it makes her eyes look so pretty!

Cate on

I’m not a huge katie holmes fan, but I think she looks amazing! Love the color, and the cut makes her eyes stand out!

Jean on

I think she looks gorgeous! She looks much more sophisticated in this cut as it frames her face perfectly.

Terre on

I love Katie’s new look! I believe it makes her look sexier than ever!

Megan on

Hate it

Foo foo on

It is SO high-maintenance. Totally indicative of the more upscale, high-end life she’s in now. I don’t know that it is a wig, but it sure looks like one! I think it’s glam and of course she looks hot, but I am interested in seeing how this look works on, say, a random Monday morning.

Anonymous on

i think it’s adorable!

Catherine on

She looks absolutely gorgeous!

Debbie on

Hate it. She doesn’t even look like herself anymore, she’s trying so hard to become Victoria Beckham #2!!! The hair cut is so NOT hers.

Michelle on

Why is she imitating her toddlers haircut??? Has anyone noticed this besides me? Suri and katie have idntical haircuts…it hides her face too. I would get tired of all that hair being in my face. I know she is trying to look sharp, but first she looked like Posh, now she looks like her kid. She needs a look of her own…seriously.

Cindy on

I like the hair cut. It’s a little heavy on top for her style but since having a child it looks like she might be trying to compensate for those long nights staying up. Short hair is much more easy to manage and I don’t blame her for taking that initiative, if that’s what she’s doing. That’s my take on it for convenience sake but for attractiveness…..I’d say it looks a little egg shaped for her.

Carlina on

Love it!!! Se ve muy bien!!!

kathy on

The hair is creepy, the makeup is creepy, the dress is creepy. ELVIRA, is that you?

Jamie on

I think it’s adorb and makes her look younger, not older! She looks sooo pretty, I love bangs in general but she looks extraordinary with them

casey on

OMG, she looks like she’s wearing a football helmet! I loved her short bob, but the bangs are too much. (And I’m a lifetime bangs wearer.)

Anonymous on

On the foto it’s nice, but it wouldn’t work without the (pretty heavy) make up. So, nice for the night, but to wear every day, I think it’ll look too old. It’s hard to ‘funk up’ without lots of effort.

Misty on

She looks like Tootie from the Facts of Life with this cut. This cut manages to make her look like a high-school student from an old sitcom and like a much older woman at the same time.

Tara on

Hate it! And that dress is hideous. I have no idea what’s going on with her style. I think Tom has a hand in all media outlets and forces people to say she looks great cuz her over priced granny clothes and granny hair are really getting on my nerves!

Shana on

cute good color… I think it might be a wig

Grace on

I think that Katie Holmes now looks way too much like Suri, and that the cut is sort of bland.

But, this is just my opinion.

Cathy on

It’s a flatering style but it’s aged her by at least ten years, she looks to be in her 30’s or 40’s now but perhaps she would like to project a mature woman’s image, interesting how a hairstyle can add so many years

Beth on

Hideous! Only ugly people hide their face like that. I think she has issues.

Sydney on

i think she looks more mature!

Shanell on

I think she looks great! I love her new sophisticated look and she makes a beautiful mother and wife!

Kristen on

I love it! She looks gorgeous!!!!

lindsay on

EWWWWWWW!!! i hate it. she is a mini version of suri. How creepy? Suri is cute, but she looks weird.

zoe on

I actually think it looks good but is she trying to look like her Spice Girl friend????

Monica on

I think she looks gorgeous! When a woman is trying to change herself the first change done is to the hair — makes me wonder if she is trying to gain independence from Tom. My other concern is that I hope she’s not morphing into a Victoria clone.

Ema on

yuck…i don`t like it at all…her last look was way better….

karla on

I am not a fan of her but I think she looks better than ever!!!

Jessica on

I liked her first Bob better, I don’t like the blunt bangs; but Short hair does not equal old or make you look older then you are, who says all young people have to have long hair.

boo on

looks ridiculous!!!

Bella Boo on

I think it looks beautiful! Her eyes pop like nobody’s business with those bangs. Such a pretty woman!

Erin on

I wish I can pull off a haircut like that. Love it!

Emperors New Clothes on

Love it. Pray tell tho, how does one get that poufy look at the tippy top? Or is that a wiglet? aka hair piece

René on

Hate it, makes her face look so hard and old.

René on

Hate it, makes her face look so hard and old.

Carla on

Katie is going to look good no matter what hairstyle she wears, however, I think she should just be herself vs. trying to please the industry. Katie, find a look that you love and don’t care what anyone else thinks!

psc on

Looks good on her.I like it.

Anonymous on


brandys121 on

I LOVE IT!!! Katie has gone from a girl to a woman!!! Finally!!!

Jessica on

I love the look!!! It makes her look more sexy and stylish…gotta love it :)

susie on

ummm she looks like she’s wearing either a helmet or has a coconut on her head. the bangs just aren’t wide enough and it closes up her face. the posh spice cut was much better

aljan05 on

it’s not that this look doesn’t suit her but I prefer long hair. She pulls this off very well.

bclark88 on

I liked her initial bob cut. Not a fan of the cut…. she looks like suri… and the hair cut looks better on suri than it does on katie

nana on


Rachel on

Wow! I love it! I want to do my hair like hers. She looks absolutely beautiful and striking! Just gorgeous! A real head turner! This hairdo really flatters her.

toi on

i love it … she has become such a beauty. Love how she is keeping us on our toes… You go grl !!

Georeen on

She finally looks grown up! She’s a styling mom!

Maria on

I like it. It does however make her look a bit older. Perhaps that is what she was going for.
I think being an actress/model in your twenties you can get away with almost any thing and it will look teriffic.

t.wald on

hate it. she does not “carry” the hairstyle…the hairstyle carries her.

Nevaeh on


jen on

it looks cute but i hate her !!! she is so wierd!!

elizabeth on

Love it! I think she can probably pull off just about any hair cut and still look fabulous! It’s tres glamorous!

Danielle on

I can’t stand that Katie is trying to be like “pal” (and certainly more stylish) Victoria Beckham. She is such a wannabe Victoria!! OH MY GOSH KATIE YOU ARE NOT VICTORIA BECKHAM AND SHE DOES THE BOB WAYYY BETTER THAN YOU!! I HATE this look ESPECIALLY on Katie Holmes

Meena on

Hi! This hairdo looks like a barrage of upkeep! It seems like Katie is trying to project a certain look rather than her regular self.

Frankly, the hairdo reminds me of Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue) and I hope that Katie will go back to longer locks.

Katie, unlike many celebrities, has a natural beauty and does not need “hairdo-drama” or 6 heavy layers of make-up to get her picture in the beauty section of a magazine.

Pamela on

She looks Amazing! Keep up the good work Katie!

V. Brush on

It’s cute, but I’m not into the Posh thing. If only Katie had established her own look, it would be so much more appreciated. I guess Victoria’s influence is heavy, so I’ll just wait to see Katie come up with something original sometime down the road.

jessie on

Love it !

Kuma on

Yikes! She looks like a drag queen. That has to be a wig!

every day HK on

It’s a little too “posh spice” for me.

Tushita on

I totally adore it !!! like mother like daughter!!!!! wil cal this style suri bob!!!! tres tres chic!!!!!

susi on

i hate it…..it needs work

Hate the Cut on

HATE IT! The good news is she is looking more like Tom’s age w/the cut. She is such a wannabe. Hey Stepford Wife, I really miss your Dawson’s Creek style.

windstar on

This looks horrible on her she looks so old now.

chris on

no. way. too flat. too drab. but i admire that she adheres to her natural color.

Sandra on

The picture looks great, perfect look, but I saw the Bambi show on German television, and if she´s not smiling, it seems a bit strange!
I like short cuts, but it´s not so simple to style in another way. It may seem boring after a while. And I have to admit that I loved her long wavy hair. She looked better the Dawsons Creek days! Anyway, I adore her!!!

jenny on

i hate it hate it hate so much it is the uglyest thing i have ever seen >can you spell UGLY

Lindsay on

She looks super cute. Now Suri & her both look like overseas imports. When you have a gorgeous face like she does, you can be bold and try different looks.

A Currence on

Hate it. This look makes Katie look 10 years older. When she married Tom she has a fresh girl next door look, now she looks as though she wants to be closer to Tom’s age.

Marcy on

I love it. It’s sophisticated and fresh. It goes to show you don’t have to have long hair to be sexy and beautiful.

JJ on

Not a big fan of the new cut, liked the previous one much better!!!

Anonymous on

Love it!!! Very Sexy

pooh on

I think she looks just like Posh…ew

susi on

Nice – but i think she is trying too hard to be sophisticated!!!!! kinda looks like she is trying to look like her “bff” Posh!

BigFish on

I love it!

Deedee on

Eh, it’s cute on some ladies, but on her? No way. Makes her head look huge and her face really small.

Jessica on

I really like it. It makes her look more grown up not the teenager she played in so many movies.

lili on

i love it!!! she’s so beautiful and all her family too!!!

trudy on

Katie looks reaaly good.
She has to present herself in so much ways and is forever having her picture taken. Now she stands as high as Posh.

DianeCintron on

Her hair looks great! Its a classic look only “old school” can understand. okayyyy!

Diana on

wow i cant believe someone said this looks GRANDMA what kind of grandma do you have because mine would never even try this i think its hot and really different though it wouldn’t work on me i love it

ginny on

I hate it. The hairdo makes her look like she is in the 1960’s

laurie on

She looks like someone who is in their 50’s trying to look like they are in their 20’s. She looks too old.

Belle on

Awful on her…….perhaps in a few yrs. maybe? Is she trying to be a “mini” Victoria???

Anonymous on


Jill on


kelley on

idk it looks ok but I like the locks way better it looks younger and makes her and tom look better together

kelley on

idk the locks look younger and make her and Tom look better to gether.= ) = >

Darlene on


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Princes on

She is very cute!!!!Have to disagree with the press. The frzeny surrounding the JP’s and their family is out of control, they are definitely the family that everyone is crazy about. They were cheered when they left a NY store last week.There doesn’t seem to be hordes of paps around Katie at all.

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