Would You Wear Beyonce's Rainbow Heels?

11/20/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Frank Micelotta/AMA/Getty

At Sunday night’s American Music Awards, Beyonce joined country music stars Sugarland onstage for a remix to her song “Irreplaceable” wearing some pretty unbelievable shoes. The ‘Closed Front Cage Sandals’ by Balenciaga go for $4,175 and feature a sneaker-like construction of red, yellow, green, and blue colors (and are available in all black). She’s not the first star to notice them, either. Last month, Kanye West even blogged about the shoes — giving them “The Illest Shoe Award”. They may be attention-getting, but we can’t help but be suprised that Beyonce would break with her normally classic style and pair these cutting edge heels with her J Brand jeans and patent jacket designed by mom Tina Knowles. Tell us: What do you think of Beyonce’s shoes? Would you wear these?

Click here to see the best of the night’s fashion.

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Anny on

OMG I don’t like them at all!

shar deniece on

as always B is a trendsetter….the whole look is sooo sharp on her. Yes i would wear those shoes and hope i could pull them off as well. keep representing southern style the way you do B!

Cristi on

ugh, yucky. Usually I like what she wears, but wow…

Lisa on

I think they’re cute and fun! I would wear them with jeans like Beyonce did. Hey, they’re a heck of a lot better than those hot pink/white stripper platform heels one of the Olsen twins wore!

Annie on

I wouldn’t pay $4 for these shoes, let alone over $4,000. People are going to praise the shoes because it’s Beyonce’s feet in them…but I will say that they are honestly hidious.

Andrea on

Those are one of the ugliest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen! Stay classic Beyoncé!

LB on

Ummm yeah. I would never wear those heels, they are not practical, no attractive and for $4,175. Come on people it’s the holiday season think of others and donate that money to one of our many food banks who are struggling this holiday season. Wasteful in my opinion….

billy on


billy on


sherri on

Beyonce ROCKS!!
She can make pretty much any designers clothes or shoes look great. Beyonce if you read this…my daughter and I would love to meet you or go to a concert of yours. Keep representin girl!!We are so proud of you.

laci on

no way those are really ugly!

Demaris on

vroom vroom

Whitney on

I am not a beyonce fan, but her shoes are on point for beating the winter blues. She incorperates the colors in the shoes, but anchors the colors with black. It is a thumbs up in my book.

Sheris on

Kanye was right! They are so tacky they are cool!

steph on

LOL! Well you are the ones who picked her as best dressed of the year People! So you’re reaping what you sow…

Lori on

I have no words.

lena on

I would wear these. They look really cute with her black jacket. It’s nice to see her taking some risks without all of the shiny, glittery mess that she usually favors.

Jennifer on

U-G-L-Y! UGLY. Not to mention that she will probably wear them once. Imagine how many poor children around the world $4,175 could feed. Appearantly, the only thing celebrities like Beyonce seem to care about are the revoltingly expensive clothes they show off in public. At the end of the day, do they think we really give a crap?!! Maybe she should take her $4,175 and invest it into a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia.
I’m not impressed…just disgusted.

Jones on

Those are hideous! Doesn’t she have a mirror?

Tanisha on

Beyonce Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,those shoes there gorgeous. Just Fabulous!!!!

Erock on

Beyonce’ wears things like someone with money for the first time. It’s all flash and trash. Remember that overly expensive hideous bag? She’s such a bore!

Elda on

I’m not really a beyonce fan but the shoes are groovey looking!!

Darcell on

I think they are different but cute I would wear them with a pair of skinny jeans, if you have style you can rock them

G-Los Mommy on

Those shoes are F.I.E.R.C.E….I love them. Bee’s such a trendsetter.

Fly girl on

She looks like a cheap ho with bad taste.

Melissa on

omg…they are HIDEOUS!!..I don’t know what else to say..

EChizzle on

They really are the illest. I would definately rock them with a pair of jeans and an understated top.

Rosetta Terry on

Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen, and $4000 is ridiculous. What’s the matter Beyonce’ can’t find anything to do with your money?

Que on

I think they are HOTT!! She is always so stylish!! I think it was a great look!

Annie on

“Normally classic style”? Whom are you referring to? Last I checked, Beyonce does not have a classic style.

Danielle on

omg those things are soooooo ugly idk what she was thining!!!!!1

Diva on

Wow… What a waste. all that money to look like a clown.

Diva on

Hey what a waste…. All that to look like a clown?

Smita on

I love Balenciaga, but those shoes are definitely a Monet. They look good from a distance and a hot mess up close. Though I have to give B credit. She’s definitely rockin’ it the right way with the 80’s patent leather coat with multi-color zipper detail. The outfit works!

natalie on

Hell yeah I would wear them if I had the money. They look tight with what she’s wearing!
Thumbs up!

charlotte on

i would NEVER!!! wear these ugly beyonce needs to quit acting like she’s all that when she’s really NOT

mo on

Love B Hate the shoes!

Valencia on

2 thumbs down.
So Balenciaga designed a pair of ugly shoes and thought about a bright idea. Let’s get our princess Beyonce wearing them and everyone will want them. Hence, the deliberate pose in this pic. I bet my whole bank account on the fact that she didnt pay for them. If she didnt, why would I? I wouldnt even pay 41 cents for them, let alone 4100+. They are ugly!

Johana on

I love them they are hot and I bet everyone is going to have them any time by now….


joy on

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are differnet.

Valencia on

Oh yeah and I remember those 100,000 Balenciage pants/leggings too for her BET performance. Sure, she paid for those too… NOT! Shoes are HIDEOUS.

shoediva on

I am addicted to shoes….if I had the money, I’d buy these and wear with a simple white tee and jeans.

Sue on

I’m sorry, but she’s looking more and more like a caricature of herself and her style is just going downhill.

Nique on


marie on

She looks like she fell out of a crayon box — the entire outfit looks terrible. nothing’s wrong with color and fun but this outfit just looks cheap and temporary — not a style that’ll be referenced in the future or make her stand out (in a good way).

lynnn on

Those shoes are ugly!!! Somewhere out theres is a clown who’s lost his shoes.

Pam on

Love the shoes!!
ones who say that they are ugly or wouldn’t pay the price for them are jealous!!

Sharese on

I love those shoes! I am drawn to things that are different and bold,those shoes fit the bill. They’re are cute. I admire people who have the guts dress and be different. Anything that reflects individuality gets my vote!


I like them, they’re really funky!

megan on

well i really dont like them that much but what ever floats ur boat is fine for me… ya diggg?

hayley on

i think beyonce looks good, but her shoes are deff. a fashion dont . there a little wild for that outfit .

Les on

The shoes are hideous. Just like the rest of her clothes. I think she should make her mom stop clothing her. The things she wears tend to be tacky and flashy and they make her look ridiculous. She’s not a trend-setter to me. She’s just way out there. Way far out there.

SophieD on

Well, they look great with her ensemble. I can’t say they are ugly, because if I were Beyonce, I would totally wear them. Some fashion is reserved for celebrity status.

Angela R. on

Those shoes look like they were made out of tinker toys or legos!!

Canadian Eh? on

All things taken into consideration, i think she is rocking it. Would i wear it myself, i am not sure. But the pieces works fine on her…

Eva on

Love them! Anything she does is just amazing! Go Bee!

P on

i love anything beyonce wears! i wouldn’t wear these shoes (even if i could afford them), but i think she pulls off this look! i like that she isn’t afraid of what others thinks of her trend-setting style!

Shay on

I’d wear something similar, nothing that costs more than my car :)

jen on

they are amazing!!!

jen on

they are amazing!!! I love them!


Hell to the NO, I would not spend that much money on a pair of shoes just to wear them one time like B is gonna do.. send that money to the hungry or the homless shelters, that where your heart should be …….

Dorothy on

They look very groovy and the way she put together the outfit is just awesome.But LB is right she’d better donate those money.

Little L on

Those are some of the ugliest shoes ever!

dat girl on

Hell no!!!!!! I wouldn’t!!!!

liz on

so cute!!!! omg why u dissin them???

Rachel on

I love them!

Samantha on

An emphatic “No!”. I wouldn’t wear them. They look fab on her, though, as does everything she wears IMHO. And thats not to say I dislike them, just that my [fashion] context differs.

Jamilla on

Heck yeah – those are sick. I would wear them……

Pamela on

Those go great with the rest of her outfit…yes if I had that kind of money I would wear them…they are actually very cute with jeans.

Greer on

No thank you. All the rainbows around the world want their colors back. The shoes look like screws were drilled on the sides and the back. Why would anyone pay $4,000 for a pair of shoes that look like skates, minus the wheels.

To make matters worse, she’s just too matchy in my opinion. The earrings are colorful, the jacket and then the shoes. I like her jacket, but I don’t care for the red or yellow color for the pocket zippers, although I can live with the front blue zipper, I like that. Too much color for my liking. Beyonce would have looked great if she toned down the color, but that’s just me. I do love her J-brand jeans and her hair and make-up look terrific as usual.

Monica on

I hate Beyonce, love the shoes.
But then again, I wouldn’t spend $4,000 on em…

MAC on

I have to say, these shoes are really cool, but I wouldn’t pay over 4000 on them. And I am sure they are definitely not worth that much money. Maybe only $4. As always, B has no style. All she does is to buy super expensive stuff like the LV limited edition bag she had. Those things (the bag and the shoes) are only for runway and contemporary art museum, but not for everyday.

Kate on

I would never wear those shoes, but Beyonce looks hot in them. Those are the kind of clothing that any “normal” person could never pull off. Those shoes are way too expensive thou. Maybe she could sell some of her stuff and give the money to charity? Like that (not so cool) $50,000 LV bag for instance.

Beyoncé con las sandalias de Balenciaga on

[…] Vía | People […]

yk on

one more time beyonce looks cheap i say no with all her money can’t she dress better? she needs a stylist and these shoes are the ugliest i’ve ever seen

*** on

I like the entire outfit, it looks goo don Beyonce.
However, i do not think that i could pull that look off xD.

gracey on

I saw those shoes in a magazine and i thought they were A-mazin’! They’re so avant garde and trendy. I totally agree with Kanye West, they are the illest shoes. Whoever disagrees are like, 56 year old women any way.

Badria on

no way…too ugly.

who cares on

ya, but only b/c i luv nething crazy and rainbowic

Quiana on

Beautiful, lovely. I love it!!

Lina M on

Everything isn’t for everybody…She definitely wears them well..

topshop*rox on

those shoes are disgusting and beyonce doesn’t pull them off well at all. someone with more individual styling like sienna miller or marykate olsen might be able to do it, but they aren’t nice at all.

unknown on

i LikE TheM ThEy aRe stYlisH

sara on

they r cute ,but not 2 wrare in public u know what i am saying it like she got them from a glass window

No Name on

I really like these shoes if i was wearing a black shirt and jeans. But not with leather!

whitney on

wow thoes shoes are ugly
i would never were them

kona on

Horrible !

Mandy on

its not gonna look nice on everyone..
but she looks nice with things tat are like shocking, or every eye catching…

Megan on

Heck yes they are freakin awesome!!

Rachel on

They’re like skittle shoes. Feel the rainbow!

lea on

they are cooooooool. i love this style…the shoes rocks so do beyonce<3

sasha on

These are HOT!
Obviously not just anyone can pull them off!
Beyonce has the body, the face, and the personality to pull anything off!

Dianca on

Man this was one of the best outfits “B” has wore. Now i want a pair….I LOVE IT…and i also lOVED tha performance that night

Dianca on


quita on

those shoes are off the chain. i would so rock those. hell yeah

Nicole on

I love them, I would definetly wear them but not for that price.

Mrs. Jeter on

Those sandles are HOT!!!!!

Alenda on

Rock dem B!!!

Usually it’s people with no style that would not like them.

taishae on

I love dem, really do! I got one, too! I cant wait to wear it at school!

sharee on

them are little cute but shyt beyonce can wear da ugly’s thing and pull it off and make them look cute i like the whole outfit but i would wear the heels cuzz i dont wear heel but they are cute

Fashionesta on

Only someone really up with fashion can appreciate such a phenominal pair of heels. I know a few other outfits they would go with. When you have classic beauty like B you can pull anything off. KUDOS B!!!!

TE on

You know, most people would probably say they love these shoes cuz wel, Beyonce’s got dem on, bt honestly dey r hot!!!!…saw a similar 1 in a shop…..n luvd it BEFORE seein it on Beyonce…..Still think its hot…….where can I get them??????????????? N i dont mean the $4000 one’s, something a lot less….

gayb on

i think these shoes are sooo cute and beyonce looks so cute in them..work it be

DBE on

That outfit is bad!!! I think fashion is stepping out of the box…if EVERYONE wore the same thing it would be boring. Not everyone can pull this off but it looks very good on her and YES I would soooo wear that whole outfit right along with them shoes. Either you like it or Love it! In this case I love it and Beyonce is still very classy. As for the comment about needing to donate to the food bank…”What make you think that she does not”. As soon as people see a price on something some people automatically assume celebrities (the wealthy) is not sharing there wealth. And even if they weren’t that is there business because they’ve earned it…they don’t have to share a dime. It may not be right but that is left up to the man upstairs to decide how he will handle that person. Anyways, sorry for getting off subject I just get a little infuriated when people assume stuff like that like they know that person personally.
Once again, that outfit is BAD!

Barbie on

yes ihava dese shoes on 2dae !

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