Gwen Lightens Up Her Brows! Love It or Hate It?

11/13/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Neil J. Schutzer/RAMEY; FAME

Gwen Stefani may have experimented with her beauty routine back in the day — remember her pink hair and braces? — but lately, she’s stuck to a classic ’50s combo of platinum hair and red lips. But until she stepped out this weekend, we never realized how key another element was to her look — her eyebrows! On her way to Christina Aguilera‘s baby shower in Los Angeles, Gwen showed off totally bleached out brows (and another great plaid coat). We can’t believe how such a simple change can have such a huge difference — Gwen looks so different! Tell us: Which look do you like better for Gwen? Penciled arches or bleached brows?

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nicole on

hate it! she looks literally, eye- browless.

ozi on

She looks older now with the lightened brows. She should stick to the penciled ones instead.

sarah on

Like the old pencil brows better! Either way gwen is beautiful and such a fashion icon. Its good to make some changes.

bored? check out

Megna on

I think she looks terrible without her brows, although I think both of these pictures are quite unflattering.

v on

i like the darker ones. its more gwenish.

Irene on

Maybe she just forgot to draw them??????

Rachel on

Gwen, you look gorgeous no matter what!

liz on


Sarah on

Eeewww!!! What did she do??? She better dye them back, and fast!!!

Rachele on

I think it looks better wih darker brows.. but it osn’t shocking either…
I love gwen

Anonymous on

she looks horrible

ann on


iris on

oh my goodness. absolutely hate it! it ages her and is very unflattering.

Sarah Lee on

She could shave her head and she would still look awesome!!!

Bina on

I prefer penciled arches on Gwen. The bleached brows are making her as if she burned her face. Very ghost like! Not an attractive look

Erock on

I’m all for avant garde, but this just looks deranged.

Mel on

I usually hate blond hair with black eyebrows but the new eyebrows are not flattering on her. She is still beautiful but should have stayed with what was working for her.

Heather on

She is so pretty, but NO ONE can pull off the “no eyebrows” look. She should pencil them in again.

Chloe on

She looks about 10 years older with bleached brows.

L on

I love, love, love Gwen and her style, but I do think that having eyebrows is a positive thing and she should go back to her natural brow color. Everyone knows that she’s not blond and when you leave your brows their normal shade it’s more of a fashion statement anyway.

Pernille on

Wow that is a bad idea. I normally find her really classy but this is terrible. I am hoping it is for a shoot and not something she did because she thinks it looks good.

Lisa on

I absolutely HATE the bleached brows–it looks like she shaved off her eyebrows! She needs to go back to the way they were before.

Tara on

I love it! Smart move when you start aging abit..
Definately softens her look and takes away from some lines that may be creeping up on her..

stepanka on

Penciled all the way. Brows are such an important feature of the face, it just structures everything. She looks 10 years older, and totally washed out. Yuck, get your brows back girl !

Ejay on

The darker brows definitely look way better.

meg on

omg i cant belive she bleached her eyebrows it dosent even look like she has any now… shes so pretty to…. she needs to darken them back up right away!!

Laura on

I like the penciled in brows much better. She looks a little too washed out with no eyebrows at all. But she is still beautiful either way.

Anonymous on

I so totally like her with her penciled borws. She looked more human. If she’s trying to go for the whoopi goldberg look, with no eye brows, she needs to stop right there, make a bout face and get rid of the bleached eye brows.

Kim on

I don’t like her brows bleached, she’s one of the few who can pull off bleached hair and dark brows. She’s such a beautiful woman but the bleached brows do nothing for her.

Teresa on

I think she looks better with darker eyebrows. Maybe something in between what she did have and what she has now. Either way she is still striking.

Bobbie on

Sorry Gwen, thats a no no from me. It looks like they got scorched off by an oven or something. Bring the brown back ASAP!

Christa on

Hate the new lighter brows…makes her look majorly washed out…

Mary on

She looks more than a little alien! Her brows were/are a huge part of her look, adding a frame to her face. Bring them back, Gwen!

Leah on

Is that whoopie did too???

Roxanne on

She needs to have eyebrows, but not so dark – maybe light brown. Also I don’t like her red lips – she needs to wear a lighter shade so she doesn’t bring so much attention to her teeth especially her gums.

Jessi on

Gwen has fabulous style but, her lightened brows are aging her!

zsa zsa on

I bet she got distracted by her son and forgot to do them and Gavin didn’t tell her before they left the house. She can’t possibly think it’s a good look.

Jaime on

She looks creepy!

Anon on

Gwen is such a fashion icon but this look is not helping her at all. It makes her look old and dead and paired with that coat (which is nice if her face had color), reminds me of my grandma. Put back the colored brows!

Heather on

I like her better with lighter brows…it looks more natural with super blonde hair. Definately hate the dark ones! Maybe she should try a medium between the both?!?

R on

Just like Christina, her hair is too light. The light brows really look bad. The lipstick is too red and the liner too thick.

Anonymous on

her face looks bald eww


I think it’s an improvement, but the bright red lipstick has got to go!

Kim v on

She looks unnatural with the blonde brows. I definitely prefer them in the ‘before’ pic.

eliza on

hate it,, it’s very ugly…

Ashley on

She looks significantly older – go back to the dark side!

Annie on

she looks freaky, scary. i liked before she lightened them.

Angela on

I think Gwen is a beautiful woman, no matter what, but the darker brows are way more flattering.

anonymous on

She looks better with her dark brows…they define her face. Her face looks washed out and a older with them bleached. I hope she goes back to her normal brows ASAP!

Elda on

Her darker eyebrows look way better then the lighter ones, they make her look old.

t on

I hate it.

ashley on

I like looks like she has natural blonde hair now.

Ligia!!!! on

I hadnĀ“t noticed it jajajaj anyway she looks great but i prefer is more natural!!!! overall..i prefer no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

O'Wryly on

A little more brow … a little less gums … but at least the coat looks nice.

Brittany on

Her face looks too plain now. I mean she is still gorgeous & all, but it is a very bland look. The darker brows give her face more definition.

Stephanie on

What ever she wants to do, it’s none of my biz.

Stephanie on

who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrisie on

I have been a Gwen fan for years and I LOVE HER!!! I love how to has her own unique style with clothes and her hair. However, this eyebrow thing is not happening for her at all. It just makes her look like she has none, so she will need to darken them back to where they were anyway. But I still love her!!

lucy on

You have to have eyebrows to frame your face. She needs some color & contour to them.

Chrisie on

Love Gwen and have for years!! However, the eyebrows do no look good at all. It almost looks like she has none at all.

Mal on

Whoopi? Is that you?

Brooke on

HIDEOUS!!! Amazing how such a little element that I personally could never pull off is absolutely KEY to Gwen’s sophistocated, yet retro-ie look! Please, please, Gwen…..go back to the brown, girl!!!

Kirsten on

I actually like it a lot better. I think that she looks younger, sportier and her face looks more natural!

Lisa on

I think its awful! Its like she shaved them off so she can have a HUGE forehead.

tannie on

HATE IT, she looks so much older and also looks like she has NO eyebrows

Grace on

I hate the brows!!! eww! It looks like she shaved them off! But I still love you Gwen!

JC on


Blondie on

I think she looks GREAT! But Gwen is a beauty, no matter what!!!

Sonja on


Libby on

Gwen can do whatever she wants….she is always 50 steps ahead of the rest of us and she is always so beautiful!

Rock your brows, Gwen!

ann on

Why would she do the blonde eyebrows? I think it looks very weird. They always say that, rule of thumb, you don’t dye or bleach your eyebrows…no matter what color your hair is.

It makes her look like she just doesn’t HAVE any eyebrows. Strange.

maria almeida on

No with a captial N. Put them back dark, trust me you’ll look better

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Donna on

Her eyebrows, or should I say non-existent eyebrows make her face look like something is missing

TiiFANY. on

Dark, DUH!!!!!!!!!!

Cause Of Her Dark Eyes!
The Eyebrows Always Have To Match The Eyes!
But Hair Doent Have To Be!

Me on


Laurel on

I think they are too light but the others are too dark. She needs to find a happy medium.

Shanna on

That is just freaky! She doesn’t look human!!!

Amy on

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have eyebrows now neither does Gwen…and tell me the truth who wants to be compared to whoopi??

marion on


Rebecca on

Oh no! Bring the brows back!

Kayla on

Absolutely ridiculous. She looks like her eyebrows are shaved off.

line on

Whaaat?! You can’t even see them! No doubt: muck better before.

christina on

it looks like she waxed them off!!!
gwen needs to stick with her classic look to keep making a statement.

Bianca on

she looks hideous!

Vonnie on

that was a horrific mistake…her brows were always beautiful before

Jessica on

she looks like a white condaleeza.

Sabrina on

your eyebrows are supposed to be darker than your hair…. its just natural

Amanda on

I personally don’t like brows that are a different color from the hair, however Gwen can pull it off quite nicely. I think she is beautiful either way, but I am leaning towards the bleached ones…I think it really shows off her face.

Denise Corrigan on

LOVE GWEN!!! but you need the brows babe! Rockin style,sometimes you have to leave FANTASTC alone:-)

Maddy on

Gwen is the only one in Hollywood, in my opinion, who could get away with the dark eyebrows and the platinum blonde hair. I guess her face and style is just unique to be able to pull of something like that, however I’m not digging the light eyebrows. I think eyebrows bring definition to your face, believe me I should no, LOL. Jokes were being done between my friends and myself and they shaved off one of my eyebrows, so naturally I had to shave the other one {I was upset}, but looking at myself without eyebrows really creeped me out, especially when I smiled, LOL, when I smiled it didn’t look sincere, but spooky looking, my friends said I looked evil, LOL. I think Gwen should find a happy medium, not too dark, not too light, just right in the middle. Regardless, Gwen is such a beauty with such a unique style, a beautiful baby, handsome husband, a fabulous career with endless endeavors, and I just LOVE her clothes. She wears these crazy outfits that only Gwen could pull off. She’s great.

k on

she looks terrifying

Nicole on

OMG!poor Gwen I LUV her but hate her new look…it ages her and does NOT flatter her @ all…..: (

Kat on

I love Gwen, but I am NOT a big fan of the dyed brows: they make her look at least 20 years older. She has such a fantastic style, but this is a big fashion blooper. Go back to the dark brows, Gwen! But I do LOVE the plaid coat.

Haley on

Love the bleached brows. Adds continuity.

Milly on

Love Gwen!!…but not her with those eyebrows

Cucumber Eyes on

tell me why tell me why oh please…
hate it :'(

Anonymous on

Her gums are a little too gummy. She should try vaneers or lumineers to raise her gumline. Dark brows are better. She’s still very attractive.

Erica on

I think she looks like a chemo patient. Gross.

Cece on

Gwen looks like my Cuban auntie who shaved her eyebrows in the 50’s. It completely washes out her face and makes her forhead look huge.

Matt on

OMG!!!! I am a huge Gwen Stefani fan i mean she is my life. but bleaching her eyebrows takes all of the color away from her face she does look eyebrowless. so i didn’t think i would ever say this but Gwen i am sort of hating the new eyebrows… :-(

Jen on

hate it! why would anyone WANT their eyebrows that light?? mine are naturally that light and without eyebrows my face looks funny. She looks funny now rather than her normal gorgeous self

Anonymous on

she looks God awful w/o eyebrowns. and downright scary.

deeee. on

what the…
it looks like she just shaved ’em.

Kathryn on

Gwen rocks, and can pretty much always do no wrong… she looks gorgeous as always, even is she is “eyebrow-less”… ;)

Sana on

i almost started crying when I saw that picture. It was that scary.

Anonymous on

disgusting! She look hella janky in the second photo.

Valentina on

Althought they are severe, I think that the bleached brows give her a more youthful look. She would look fantastic if she chose a medium between the two: not too dark and thick, but also not bleached. She is gorgeous!

Beatriz on

I hate it!
she looks like a ghost

Angel on

Die them back!

Amber on

Definitely better with the dark brows… I think the bleached brows make her look older. And scary.

anonymous on

She looks amazing either way.

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