Is David Beckham Stylish or a Little Over-Styled?

11/02/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Debbie VanStory/iPhoto

We love that David Beckham is never afraid to experiment with his style, whether it be his famously evolving hair or bold fashion statements. And true to form, Becks made a fashionable appearance at the Lions for Lambs premiere in Los Angeles last night, but he almost looked too stylish for our taste. It’s the artfully half-tucked in shirt with perfectly shrunken cardigan that makes us pause — don’t get us wrong, this soccer star looks good no matter what’s he wears. We just can’t help wishing his outfit was just a little less studied. . .but we want to know what you think! Tell us: Does David Beckham look perfectly stylish or a little over-styled to you?

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Tara Leigh on

I think any guy who cares that much about fashion (the half-tucked in shirt?WTF?!?!) is WAY too much of a girly man. He should stick more to his rough-and-tumble soccer image.

Heather on

I don’t think there is any other man who could pull off this look but him. He’s just gorgeous!

Sandra on

He looks very fine. Men in Europe generally care much more about their appearance and dress more up than here in the States. I think he looks great and I say good for him that he still pays attention to his looks inspite of all the sweat and sports gear of his sport…..

Mary on

I really love what Nicole has on in the picture posted today (11/2/07) with Benny Medina, is it a dress or a coat? And where can i get that!?? Please let me know!



Kara on

Why didn’t Posh stop him before he walked out the door!? Heh. And don’t you think that jacket is a little too small for him? And what’s up with the untucked shirt? He is one of the hottest men alive, why didn’t he show it? He looks frumpy!

t on

The man can do no wrong.

b on

He is trying way too hard. It’s so very much “deliberately casual”. Celebrities talk about wanting to be “normal”, “regular people”, “treated like everyone else”, “-insert comment here-” but this is not ordinary. I get uncomfortable around people who look too styled.

O'Wryly on

He forgot to pose with a pipe in his hand to complete the rumpled professor look he was apparently striving for. I think he looks rather asinine … very reminiscent of an unmade bed. Forgive me, ladies, but I personally have never seen what’s so special about him (OR his emaciated spouse for that matter!)



Kristina on

No matter what Beckham does he is hot. I love this look. He looks well put together and like a previous statement, men in Europe take care of themselves better. Why not appreciate a man who likes to do that? I wouldn’t mind going shopping with him. HE IS HOT!!

J on

He looks fab!

Kim v on

Aside from the loose shirttail, I think he looks nice. It wouldn’t hurt for guys to make a little more effort – if we have to, they should too. :)

Josie on

I’m sorry I think he looks absolutely fabulous this picture though isn’t as good as the one you have of him on the star tracks that picture is just gorgeous he can do no wrong! Girly man or not he still looks damn good =)!

Sher on

Yes – it is way too forced. His stylist (because we know he didn’t dress himself) tried a little too hard with this outfit!

Monique on

I think he looks amazing! The outfit is perfect and I think there are tons of guys who can pull this look off! I think his wife dresses him! ;)

Jenna on

I think it’s a little over styled. He is a nice looking guy, but that outfit doesn’t work.

Kristen on

He is sexy no matter what he wears…or doesn’t wear!

Kirsten on

Maybe he just forgot to tuck his shirt in.

Liz on

He looks DELISH. I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of this, mm mm mm.

Daisy on

He is perfect! Very handsome and sharp looking, however, I would ask him to pay more attention to his soccer career instead of fashion! ‘Cause it might be going down the drain!!! Ouch!!!

Elizabeth on

Trying WAAAY too hard. Apparently taking too many fashion tips from his always-too-over-the-top wife. Why not try to look like a normal human being that dresses nice, not fake? Seriously, who dresses like that? It desperately screams “fashion magazines, look at me!” The half way tucked in look makes me gag on anyone, but the shrunken sweater was what put this over the edge. He can’t even see the edge of fashion anymore–he’s too far passed it.

Rebecca on

Becks might have pulled it off if he had left off that silly sweater, but he looks a bit too styled with it.

Rebecca on

Becks almost pulled it off, but that silly sweater makes his look a bit too styled.

Anonymous on

It’s David Beckham. He can wear whatever he wants!! Always hot!

Susanna on

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Rachel on

he honestly looks like he doesn’t have a single thought inside his pretty little head

amber on

He could wear a damn garbage bag, and still look supa fly! I love it, he’s hot, and more men should take note! Hey, we do our best to look good for the guys,right? Why not them return the favor? MAJOR props to you Becks…mmm hmmm…

AZ on

Saying he is over-styled is an under-statement.

I think if I met him I would start giggling at how ridiculously he tries to NOT try.

But who am I kidding, I treat the street like my personal catwalk sometimes too.

Jordan on

i looked at this earlier and was thinking how much i’d love to wear that

kay on

it looks like he shops at J Crew

Frida on

Are you guys crazy? he looks hot and fashionable =)Perhaps american guys don’t dress like this but europeans surely do.

Tori on

Ya um he is a delicious looking man. Dont put down his image because his shirt isn’t tucked in all the way. Maybe he ate a cheeseburger and needed to let his belly loose?

josh on

ok, he is really hot, but like, he looks GAY! seriously. i mean dont get me wrong, im gay but like, i want a MAN when i date, and we all know he could not put this together by him self, he cant even do his sons math homework!!!!!!!!!

Angela Putman on

He looks terrible. I want to laugh about the fact that he actually tried to get this look. Whaaaaat?!?

Madelyn on

I think Beck’s always looks great. I like him dressed up and I like him in his casual wear.

It looks like he was trying too hard to add both dressed up and casual wear. I love the pants and shoes, but he could either loose the tie, or keep the tie with the shirt and get rid of the jacket, also it would have been better to just leave all of his shirt untucked, instead one side tucked and the other side untucked. His style sorta reminds me of a Justin Timberlake style and I love how Justin dresses. Beck’s is so handsome no matter what he wears.

VIR on

NO MaTtEr WhAt He WeArS He Is ThE hOtTeSt MaN.~!
EVEN if he was to wear the ugliest thing on this planet he could make it look gorgeous….. BECAUSE THATS JUST WHAT HE IS A TOTAL HOOTIE.*-.!

Sara on

I think it’s a little odd, but then again, men in Europe do care more about their appearance then American men.

ab on

This look is not even appropriate for a Hollywood premiere! A nice suit would have been better. He is trying way too hard to look casual, when he should have been more dressed up and put together.

Victoria on

He’s always looking way to pretentious for his own good.

MsCarla on

I don’t know, he looks pretty dayum good to me. I’m just lookin though, I don’t have to live (or share a mirror) with him.

stacy on

he looks beautiful!

justine on

I think David looks sexy as usual and I dont think hes too stylish at all. He looks like he definately put some thought into his outfit but that just makes him even sexier. A gorgeous man that can dress HIMSELF ..what more can u ask for

Crikey Crikeson on

Who cares about his style? Last time I checked, he was a soccer player…

Andy D on

I love his style, and I love how he plans it down to the tee.

I think girls are just jealous because he goes home to Victoria every night.

Katrijn on

I think he lookds hoT!!! He’s European, trust me, European guys dress like this, way better…no baggy pants falling off, no too big sweatshirts and shirts…and it is not gay but it looks great…

He’s not too chic, but he knows he looks really good!

palminster on

Ouch to the letter-writers! That photo should be transferred to the “What’s Was He Thinking?” section. At the “Lions for Lambs” premiere, the shirt color was too loud in a tight cardigan & a pair of straight-cut jeans as if he ran cross-country through the woods & over the river. His clothes look shrunken, people, like Sting’s physique.

Kay on

It’s too much. I bet that it’s Vic idea.

julie on

Beckham can pull off the “studied look” because he has a great bod!


he looks manlier now

Jennifer on

He is way too over-styled. If the button down would have been all the way out, he would have looked much more relaxed and not as over-styled.

sasha on

He looks yummy!

Kate on

it would be hotter if it didn’t look like the sweater is so tight that he can’t lift his arms.
but really, with a body like that, do we really care what he wears?

r on

either tuck the shirt in or lose the cardigan… one or the other!!! I don’t know where some of you are from, but around here we call that taboo… we all knew he got brawns, but I didn’k know he was so lacking in the brains department!!!


He and Posh try to hard to look good. They are always traying new outfits but looks like they cant find their own style.

Long hair, blonde, dark, they both look very insecure to me with all these changes.

sasha on

He still looks very yummy!

sonja on

beautiful..simply beautiful

Milly on

Damn…He always looks good!!…Everything looks great on him…He can walk out with PJ’s on and rock them…He’s gorgeous!!..Love the way he dresses

mia on

i think it´d be soo much hotter if he’d actually forgotten to tuck that shirt in. but something about that half-raised eyebrow tells me he didn’t..

Elda on

No matter what he wears, he still looks hot!!

Marz on

GUY IS HOT…. levae him alone

kaye on

HE IS A EUROPEAN so that means he is very stylish, haute couture or avant garde. American people are a bit conservative and afraid to experiment and play around with their clothes. Becks knows that he can pull off this outfit and so are other European men! Americans, open your eyes! No wonder Anna Wintour is British…

Val on

He looks great. Very trendy, sharp and the way a guy should look.
Unfortunately, American men dont know how to dress.
They wear baggy clothes and t -shirts and sweats and call that fashion.
Europeans know what to put on without any effort and that’s all there is to it I’m afraid.



cathy on

Just like his wife, trying too hard. Of course, hoping that this will have every man in America running to the shops to buy this outfit to look like him. Wot a Wus. Much too effiminate. Get a life Beckham, play soccer and leave fashion to the ladies.

cathy on

Val, why put down American men? They dress to be comfortable, not to look like some effiminate mincer. I like American men. I would hate to have a man compete with me on the dressing stakes, and I can imagine Victoria and David looking at the mirror to see who looked better. GIVE ME AN AMERICAN MAN ANY DAY. AND NOT ALL EUROPEAN MEN ARE MINCERS.

peschii on

He just looks messy and untidy

Sarah Marie on

I agree! I don’t think anyone else would be able to pull off this style. HE IS JUST TOO FINE!!

Kym on

david beckham get’s my vote for sexiest man alive!
matt who?

Nicholas King on

David Beckham is my idol and i wish that i was as good as him in the game of football.:*-

Katie Patel on

i heard that David Beckham is also suffering from OCD.:`,

Isabelle White on

Beckham is probably one of the best players of Football, i love every game that he play~:*

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