Renee's New Do: Love It or Hate It?

10/26/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Whether it’s learning to dance for Chicago or packing on pounds to play Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger has proved that she’s willing to go the physical distance for a role. But the Oscar winner tends to be simply elegant in her off-duty time, so we had to look twice at her punky new hairdo at the premiere of The Bee Movie last night in New York. Sure, she’s still in classic Carolina Herrera, but check out that short style — it’s even shaved up in back! We love that Renee has gone for such a low maintenance look, but we can see how others would miss her longer locks. Tell us: What do you think of Renee Zellweger’s new haircut? Do you love it or hate it?

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Anonymous on

a hairstyle can still be pretty and low-maintenance. Rene cannot and should not pull that look off. grow it back!

marie on

I think I’d need to see the rest of her head to really judge. the front reminds me of Dennis the Menace.
But because the ‘do takes away from her femininity a little she should have upped the make up — bolder lipstick or eyes.

B on

I love short hair but I think she would look better if it was past her cheek bones. She looked cute with her short bob a few years ago but this puts too much emphasis on her wide jawbone. I respect the fact that she is willing to take chances with her look.

jackie vanvalkenburgh on

she does not need hair because she is such a beautiful woman.

cookie on

Love it!! But I feel like she morphing into a Naomi Watts look-alike!!
Looks a bit greasy too!!

Kristen on

Gross. Women with short hair are beautiful, but this cut just completely de-feminizes her. A different cut might work, so please change it… and quick!

Tricia on

I can’t imagine any hairstyle looking good on Renee as long as she has that sour-faced smile on constantly. Has she sucked on a lemon or is she in some kind of pain. Her bad smile is worse than the Olsen twins’.

lenora on

I love short hair, but not this cut. It does nothing for her. She is a cute girl. Maybe she should have went for the bob. That look is really hot right now.

Dorothy on

This look is not good for her it elongates the chin and puts the focus on the lips which are not her best attribute.Maybe a short asymmetric bob would have been much better. I am wondering what is going on with her skin-in past year it looks blotchy dull and very wrinkled-like she aged 5 years in one?

Candy Girl on

Pretty much hate it. She is so pretty but this style really doesn’t do anything for her.

jules on

her hair looks a day old and greasy.. plus her face looks like shes constipated. i like the do, but not on her. im not a fan of her.

Jenna on

Maybe it’s just the picture, but it’s not very flatering.

J on

This cut is awful on her. She is a beautiful woman but even she can not pull this look off.

jaz on

I think she needs to fix the front but i dont like this style for her, it doesnt do any thing for her

Lola on

Ugly! Makes her look old.

K on

Eww not flattering at all on her

Maria on

Renee is a beautiful woman but this style isn’t the best for her. :X

Elda on

It’s ok but i’d rather see her hair just a little bit longer.

Susie on

I don’t mind short hair, but this looks very harse on her and the front looks like it has no style.
It doesn’t help that it looks like she is covering up a bad chemical peel.

The Queen on

HATE IT! Looks realyl bad on her!

Sherry on

I think with her small frame and face that it looks good short. We women need to change things up a bit.

GAL on

I think it’s really a cute hair style, but she can pretty much carry off anything too. Hair styles are so temporary anyway…even if you don’t like it in a few months she’ll have changed it again.

shelly on

Not trying to be rude, but isn’t this a style normally worn by lesbian women. Is she?

Emily on

I love her haircut, it is adorable. You don’t need long hair to look sexy or cute.

Amanda on

I really do not like this hair cut on her. I like her hair long and simple. I think that looks the best. Hopefully, she will put in extensions while this cut grows out!

Amy on

I think it looks awful! It looks like she took a rolled out of bed, took a shower and saif F everything else! She has the money, she can afford to get her hair AND makeup done!

Amanda on

I think that she looks ridiculious. I have never understood her fashion sense.

JSP on

She would look great if she would put a bag over her head… she is by far one of the most un-attractive women in Hollywood. Woof.

bunny on

hate it she looks like a grapefruit…She needs to have a layered look with bangs that will soften her wide jawbone. I always hate her fake smile…

Caroline on

her new do is so ugly. she’s better off with long hair.

O'Wryly on

Her hairstyle makes no difference … she’s unattractive no matter what she attempts.

Sarah Lee on

Hate it!!!

ab on

This hair style does not fit the shape of her face. It makes her face look really awkward. Maybe shorter bangs, or a longer bob would look better.

ab on

Her forhead looks huge!

Heather on

I’m not one to bash..but man she is UGLY.

Anonymous on

How anyone thinks she is so pretty is beyond me! She has her moments but this is not one of them. She seems like a sweet person but “pretty” is stetching it.

Jenn on

I can’t really tell whether I like it or not because you can’t really see the style of the cut. But judging from the front, it looks like she’s got a bit of a caulick (or however you spell that) going on on the right side.

Kimberly on

I think the hair looks awful. If you’re a millionaire like her, why would you pay someone to ruin your hair? Renee is quite odd looking. She’s a wonderful actor, but I’ve never understood her appeal. She has those squinty eyes, puffy mouth and puffy face, and little skinny stick figure body. She seems like a strange person, but she is a good actor.

Elizabeth on

Ugh! This is terrible! This cut looks like a boy and I totally agree with Tricia, she looks like she just sucked a lemon. I hate how she always has that look on her face. It’s awful. And her skin looks bad too. I’ve never thought she was an attractive woman because that bad expression she’s always sporting, but this just confirms it. HORRIBLE!!

Horse Girl on

I don’t like it. Most women look better with longer hair, and this includes her.

Rebecca on

Renee’s new ‘do is not very flattering for her and looks especially undone and sad with such a pretty dress.

Gemma on

Just looks like shes got out the shower and done nothing to that awful hair cut! :\

Alicia on

I am not a fan of the new hair! She has a very round face, and looks better with long hair. She looked her very best in The Bachelor with long gorgeous curly locks!

red on

I think to have short hair one needs to have the right face, which she doesn’t have.

Carol Greene on

Rene Zellweger is an attractive woman and I’ve always liked her various hairstyles. She guested on Oprah Winfrey show, debuting her new short do and I really like it.

yuckcut on

Awful cut, is it me or does her skin looks very damaged?

here to help on

She needs some lipgloss and moisturizer or better yet a chemical skin peel!

sugardaisy on

She has a nice enough face shape for a short hairstyle…but not THIS short hairstyle. That cowlick is out of control.

C on

It looks horrible. She looks like the Lady Elaine puppet from Mr. Rogers.

sugardaisy on

My comments are not posting again…anway, what I said was that she has a nice enough shaped face for short hair but that particular style is NOT good…especially with that huuuge cowlick!

Cucumber Eyes on

BAD BAD BAD… i makes her face look like a butt.. :(

Annette on

I think Renee looks beautiful, she can put a paper bag over her head, and she still looks beautiful!

SanD on

It’s cute but I don’t think she’s any great beauty anyway. Pretty mean to be saying these things but I like her hair better long. Her hair falls nicely.

Mary Lou on

I don’t think it’s flattering on her at all. I saw her on the Today show where they got a good shot of the back and I thought WOW, that cut really doesn’t work for her. She’s such a tiny woman, yet the cut makes her face look heavy. I give her credit, though, for taking a risk! Good thing about hair is it will forgive and grow back.

asdlfj on

definately do not like it at all. grow it back renee!

Andy on

It doensn’t flatter her at all. Please change it soon!!!!

Kim on

I don’t think this is flattering on her.

dawn on

If you like the guy look!! UGH its horriable looking on her she looks like the marshallow man. And she needs to shave the peach fuzz on her face.

Shawny on

She suits short hair, but this style is a slicked back greaser look. Plus, what is up with her skin?

KF on

Too messy. She looked so cute a while ago with a very short clean cut that had all hair off her face. Like someone else mentioned, showed off her cheekbones very well! This style looks haphazard to me!

Madelyn on

You know, this cut doesn’t look half bad on Renee, however, the way her hair is styled is horrible. If her stylist did this, they did an awful job. The back and sides seem nice, but the way the front is styled looks like something a punk rock kid would do {no offense}. I think her stylist should have side-swepted her bangs, to make her look more softer.

I think every woman should do something different with their hair on occasion. I think that Renee would have also looked great with a cut that fell just below her chin, with some soft graduated layers, especially to highlight her cheekbones. I do like her hair short like above in the photo, but I think she should create wispy and tapered styles to the end of her hair. I think she would also look nice with shaggy brow-skimming bangs side-swept.

Renee has short hair here back in May 2007, and I love her hair this way. I think her hair is a little shorter in the photo above, compared to this photo. Check this photo out. I think Renee looks great with her hair short and styled this way. Her features look much more softer as well:

nofirstnameneeded on

I never ever thought Renee was pretty and this picture proves. All women should have long hair not this ugly short hair cut. Not flattering in any way at all. Yes, I really do think women should all have long hair. I HATE short hair…it makes women look manly…most of of them. Renee should never talk either. I have heard her speak a few times on late night talk shows, she sounds so ridiculous with that horrific accent of hers and her words make her sound like she has no schooling. She is a stupid girl and horrible actress. I think I pretty much ripped her apart…good for me, I am so proud of myself.

Shawn on

I think it’s cute. She’s got the nice little shape and face to pull it off.

M on

I don’t think she attractive at all and this hair style does not make it any better. This hair style just makes her look dirty.

BW on


shellie on

I love it, I too have short hair and I think she looks great. You do not need all that hair to look and feel good. You go girl, I wish others would cut their hair short, and bring short back into fashion!!!

sam on

I don’t think it suits her. All I notice now is her unhappy smile and her squinting eyes! :(

Cathi on

I kinda like it. It’s edgy.

jen on


A on

Perfect for her!

She looks fresher, younger, lighter!

jen on


marigen on

Renee needs to look herself in the mirrow and see if she can soften her features, otherwise, she will never look relax and or natural with any haircut. Her actual haircut is cute, but it is too short on the back and makes her jaw look wide and bony. Relax Renee….. actually I know Renee from Katy, Tx. She used to take Drama in high school with my kids.

julie on

She looks horrible!! The hair is too short and shaggy. The work she had done on her face is too much. Her cheek bones are touching her eyes. And her face is blotchy….Horrible!!

aortega on

EWWWWWW looks real bad.her skin doesnt look good either

s on

The front goes nice with her Carolina Herrera style dress. With flower designs on her dress, her hair looks like golden leaves hanging on her forehead. It complements the floral patterns on her dress very nicely in this picture (especially when highlighted).

One needs to step back and use some imagination …

jen on

um NO !!!!!!!!

susan on

love it love it I think it is reajjy cute and i think it is great when you do not hide behind hair.

Tas on

I love Renee, but she looks terrible in this picture. I don’t like the cut; I think a little longer bob would be better. I do prefer her in longer hair. Also, her complexion looks very ruddy, and she needs a bit more makeup for an event like a premier.

Anonymous on

OHH MYYY GOD this woman is hideous! disgusting get a damn tan

Lynsee on

Hate it! She looks like she’s trying to copy Posh’s hair but is failing miserably! It ages her way too much and a more feminine cut would have looked better.

crystal on

Hate IT! She looks like a dike

topshop*rox on

sorry but this looks terrible. she looks much better with longer hair.

georgie on

whatever. she always looks awful.

Chloe on

Hate it! But she is really pretty

Susan on

This is proof that you do not have to be pretty or talented to be a celebrity. She looks like fat Elvis from his last days with this look. Buy some shampoo and go to the bathroom to lose the constipated look. She always has a very sour look on her face, like she sucks a lemon every morning when she wakes up.

sweetness12 on

quite frankly…her style absolutely sucks…u might not agree,but she honestly shouldnt think that she could pull this look off.
firstly it makes her look bigger than she is…her face looks wider and chubbier
secondly…it takes away her natural beauty…and makes it look like she never trys…
thirdly…she looks like a guy..this hairdo gives her a very hard look…maybe with abit more make up and a hairwash it could work,but so far…NOT AT ALL

Roxanne on

She looks like Shemp from the 3 Stooges, please tell me this is a halloween wig and not her real hair.

Socialite Dreams on

I personally think she looks fug with that hairdo…not a fan….she has had much better looks

Melly on

I think it doesn’t look good on her, I especially hate that fake looking smile of hers

mimi on

hm..someone needs to change their hairstylist ..
she cant pull off that look goz she aint Linda the shape of her face doesnt match the hair at all!!

J on

She looks like a man trying to look like a woman. I do not like this look on her.


amy on

hate it! what happened to her cute little chin length bob?

Kim on

This cut is so unflattering on her. It makes her look very masculine. On another subject, her skin looks like it is in pretty bad shape. She looks weathered and old. What happened?????

kerrigwen on

This woman’s not ugly but isn’t, and never has been, classically ‘beautiful’. There’s just something wrong with her mouth – too tight? – her smiles always looked forced and uncomfortable; and her cheeks/facial skin just always look too tight and plastic, instead of soft and natural.

This new ‘do is just awful. Her hair’s really what made her face look-able, and now it’s all gone. And it’s so limp here, and you can see her dark roots. What happened to her stylist/hairdresser? She could have at least done something to improve her face with make-up.

Andrea on

Hate it!

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